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ASM0332 2013 Miami Beach Election Collection, 2013Add to your cart.
The 2013 Miami Beach Election Collection contains ephemera relating to the many candidates who ran for mayor or city commissioner in the 2013 Miami Beach election. Major issues of the campaigns included the proposed redevelopment of the Miami Beach Convention Center, ongoing flooding issues on the island, as well as more general issues such as corruption and traffic. The collection also includes ephemera relating to a bond referendum for the Jackson Health System, a charter amendment regarding the redevelopment of the Miami Beach Convention Center, sample ballots, and newspaper articles.
ASM0012 Franklin O. Adams papers, n.d., 1868-1944Add to your cart.
The Franklin O. Adams Papers consist primarily of speeches and papers delivered to various organizations, such as The Tampa Art Institute (1929), The Florida Federation of Garden Clubs (1930), the Gargoyle Club at the University of Florida School Of Architecture (1938), and the Florida Savings, Building and Loan League (1940).  The papers are arranged in chronological order and also include correspondence.
ASM0444 Lemuel Adams papers, 1790-1826Add to your cart.
The Lemuel Adams Papers contains a ledger belonging to Lemuel Adams. There are logged transactions from 1792 to 1804, mostly from Hartford, Connecticut; however, the ledger also contains letters written by Adams, a genealogy of the Adams family, and a few dozen poems by Adams with titles ranging from "On Life" to "Description of the Tea Party."
ASM0004 Walter Adams collection, 1674-1786Add to your cart.
The Walter Adams Collection contains letters, deeds, notes, property records, and receipts from the years 1674 to 1786, in the Massachusetts area.
ASM0184 Africana Pamphlet Collection, 1903-1980Add to your cart.
This collection contains several pamphlets that address socio-political issues among the Africana  communities and focus on a range of topics that have affected the community, such as desegregation, discrimination, poor education, social and political injustice, the concepts of black nationalism and black socialism, Marxism, and the Civil Rights Movement. Notable pamphlet authors include George Bretiman, Kelly Miller, Margaret Price, Carey McWilliams, Tony Bogues, C.L.R. James, George Novack, and Langston Hughes.
ASM0005 Agencia Latinoamericana records, 1948-1986Add to your cart.

The papers of the ALA (Agencia Latinoamericana) are divided in 3 major categories: the articles written by the contributors to the ALA (collected during almost 40 years), their correspondence, and the newspaper clippings of those articles.

The writers are mainly from Latin American countries and Spain, but with a few American and British writers also included, such as Waldo Frank and Hugh Thomas. The articles provide information on literature, journalism, sociology, economics and political history of the major powers of the world of that period, and in many cases relating to the Latin American countries.

The bulk of the collection is comprised of contributions from Víctor Alba, Marco A. Almazán, Luis Araquistain, Paul Andrade, Germán Arciniegas, Carlos Alberto Montaner, Ramón Gómez de la Serna, Julian Marias, Cristina Martin, Alberto Luis Sanchez, Salvador de Madariaga, Ramón Sender and Arturo Uslar Pietri. There are also articles by other distinguished authors, such as Miguel Angel Asturias, Alberto Baeza Flores, Alejandro Casona, Pablo Neruda and Alfonso Reyes.

Included among the ALA papers are articles written by Joaquín Maurín, who used the pen names of W.K. Mayo and Félix R. Anderson. He also wrote under the pen names of John Andersen and Julio A. Roy, but these articles ore not included in this collection. When signing correspondence, he used his own name, Joaquín Maurín, as well as J.M. Juliá and Ray Campbell. Joaquín Maurín's son, Mario, wrote some articles under the same pen name as his father, John Andersen.

ASM0467 Leonard Albasi/Gill Family collection, 1937Add to your cart.
The Leonard Albasi/Gill Family Collection contains eight copy negatives and ten copy prints of 1937 photographs of American pilot Amelia Earhart at an unidentified airfield, probably Miami's Municipal Field. In 1937, Earhart made her second attempt at flying solo around the world. Her preparations included a stop between March 22nd and 31st, at Miami's Municipal Field near today's Opa-Locka Airport. After leaving New Guinea on July 2, 1937, Earhart disappeared over the Pacific Ocean.
ASM0443 James Horace Alderman collection, 1929Add to your cart.
The James Horace Alderman Collection consists of the typescript of "The Life Story of James Horace Alderman." Horace Alderman (ca. 1882-1929) was a Prohibition-era smuggler and rum runner who in 1927 killed three Coast Guard agents and was hung two years later in Fort Lauderdale.
ASM0434 Bertha Aldrich papers, 1935Add to your cart.
The Bertha Aldrich collection contains 2 letters and a manuscript of a book entitled " Florida Sea Shells," published by Norman S. Berg in 1936. The text offers scientific information and practical advice for the study of marine life, the identification of seashells along Florida beaches, and caring for shell collections.
ASM0007 Richard Lewis Aldrich papers, n.d., 1930-1965Add to your cart.

The Richard Lewis Aldrich Papers contain the manuscript of his book Style in Mexican Architecture, published by the University of Miami Press in 1968, as well as a number of essays written by Aldrich during his graduate study.

The files also include classroom notes and exams, bibliographies, research notes, personal correspondence, five student term papers dated 1936-62, poetry records concerning his employment at the University of Miami and newspaper clippings on a Miami Beach gallery showing of his watercolor works.

Additional files contain domestic and foreign newspaper clippings, as well as a photograph, of a glider plane developed in 1922 by Edmund Allen. In correspondence, Aldrich mentions Allen indicating that the glider constructor/pilot, who was probably a close friend, assisted Aldrich and enabled him to complete his many years of study.

ASM0009 Abner T. Allen papers, 1832-1896Add to your cart.

The Abner T. Allen Papers consist primarily of Allen's correspondence with family in New England during the mid- to late-1800s.

The papers of Abner T. Allen reflect his life as a farmer and merchant in the state of Ohio during the 1800's. The correspondence is typical of this period as the letter itself is folded to form the envelope, the address is printed on the outside, and the fold sealed with a wax seal. The majority of the correspondence was to Abner T. Allen from his parents, brothers and sister. These letters concerned all aspects of family affairs and travel between Chagrin Falls, Ohio, South and Western Warren, Massachusetts and New Hartford, Connecticut, where each of the families resided. The collection includes the following documents: leaf of cash transactions, booklet of expenses and revenues, an award. and two Last Will and Testaments; also included are invitations to social affairs.

ASM0011 Hervey Allen collection, 1919-1979Add to your cart.

Hervey Allen was a literature professor, poet, World War I veteran, and Trustee of the University of Miami from 1936 until 1949, the year that he died. Allen had a formative influence on the "Friends of the University" organization, as well as on Latin American studies at the University.

The collection consists of letters both by Allen and about Allen after his passing away, clippings about Allen and his writings, photographs, photocopies and typescripts of Allen's writings, and obituaries including an official University of Miami memorial.

ASM0008 John Allen collection, 1959Add to your cart.
The John Allen collection contains three rolls of tape document events celebrating the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's Birth. The first roll covers a Joint Session of Congress on February 12, 1959. The second and third roll cover a second highlight event at the Lincoln Museum.
ASM0002 American Association of University Women records, 1928-1991Add to your cart.
The American Association of University Women Records contains the records of the Florida Division from the years 1928 to 1991, in the form of minutes, reports, correspondence, press releases, charters, scrapbooks, and other documentation.
ASM0212 American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born records, 1964-1992Add to your cart.
Correspondence, broadsides, fact sheets, notices and publications pertaining to the advocacy work of the American Committee for the Protection of Foreign Born from 1964 to 1992. The documents reflect a concern for the rights of immigrants through letters of appeal and thanks, narratives of individual cases of deportation, invitations to rallies and educational conference on the “Bill of Rights” and the status of immigrants, permanent residents and naturalized citizens living in the United States. The organization’s literature also includes information on pertinent legislation such as the Walter-McCarran Act (no time limits on deportation and denaturalization), the Internal Security Act, the Kennedy-Feighan Bills (a time limit on deportation and denaturalization), the Nixon-Rodino Bill and the legal implications of “dragnet raids” of Latin Americans.  Finally, the records from the 1970s also document the status of Mexican farm workers,  issues of political refugees, and asylum rights of Haitians.
ASM0006 American Play Company collectionAdd to your cart.

The American Play Company Collection includes approximately two thousand and five hundred (2,500) play scripts from the American Play Company of New York City. The files include published and unpublished plays from the nineteenth century through the 1950s. The collection is a donation of Sheldon Abend, President of the American Play Company. Playwrights represented in this gift include sir James M. Barrie, David Belasco, Clare Boothe, George M. Cohan, John Colton, Clyde Fitch, John Galsworthy, Ruth Gordon, Oscar Hammerstein, Moss Hart, Ben Hecht, George S. Kaufman and many others.

The play scripts include original typescripts, carbon copies of typescripts, and printed texts of plays. Many scripts contain handwritten annotations such as dialogue insertions, corrections, and deletions. The play scripts includes productions of all genre and type, for a period of approximately one hundred and fifty years. Scripts contain production annotations for stage, lighting, sound, and casting purposes. The collection offers scholars and students the opportunity to examine play scripts with the personal annotations of production personnel, facts that provide unique information on the original production of plays. Notations for costumes, sets, and stage props offer insights to production styles and techniques, information not generally available in many published versions of plays.

ASM0016 Herbet Aptheker collection, 1966Add to your cart.
The Herbert Aptheker collection contains one audiotape of a lecture given by Aptheker on April 20, 1966 at the University of Miami Student Union.
ASM0017 Constantin and Georgeta Aramescu papersAdd to your cart.

The papers of Romanian artists Ticu Aramescu and his sister, Gigi Aramescu Anderson, contain exhibit programs, newspaper clippings, photographs of Gigi's paintings and of Ticu's sculptures. Newspaper clippings from Crónica, The Miami News, and Romanian newspapers, dated 1966-1981, cover exhibitions of the artists' works.

Exhibition programs from the Norton Gallery and Miami Museum of Modern Art document individual and joint showings. The papers also contain photographs of Ticu Aramescu's sculptures and of Gigi's paintings. Photographs also include several of Gigi Aramescu's presentation at Drury College in Springfield, New Jersey as well as sculpture and paintings from her home. Titles identify most of the photographed artworks.

ASM0453 Archives and History of the Coconut Grove Arts Festival, 1963-2012Add to your cart.

In October, 1963, Charles Cinnamon, public relations director of the Coconut Grove Playhouse, organized a “Left Bank” art show to publicize the opening of Irma La Douce at the Playhouse. The art show was a success and shortly thereafter the Coconut Grove Association was formed to put on an annual art festival.

In the early days, the whole community got involved, and Festival activities included an antique car parade, coconut smashing contest, concerts, and a children’s art exhibit. The Chamber of Commerce and Grove House artists helped in putting on the festival.

This juried arts festival has repeatedly been selected as the top outdoor fine arts festival in the United States, displaying the work of artists from around the world and attracting families and connoisseurs alike.

The collection contains a variety of material including correspondence, newspaper clippings, publications, press releases, administrative files, photographs, ephemera and posters from the Coconut Grove Art Festival 1963 to 2012.

ASM0013 Roger W. and Frances S. Arnold papers, 1945-1976Add to your cart.
This collection contains the papers of Dr. Roger W. and Frances S. Arnold. Dr. Roger W. Arnold was a doctor who practiced Naprapathy and massage, an active member of the First Presbyterian Church of Miami, and a World War II air warden. Frances S. Arnold was a soprano soloist in churches, programs, and music clubs, an editor of the Florida Teacher Magazine, member of the Florida Historical Society, and 1948 president of the Mothers of Sigma Chi Coral Gables Chapter. She was active in the research and development program of the University of Miami, and in local music clubs. The papers document their activity in all of the above, and also contain materials (i.e. brochures, directories, pamphlets, photographs) on the University of Miami, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, and Miami at large.
ASM0664 Art in Action Oral Histories Project, 2009-2010Add to your cart.

enFAMILIA, Inc., the organization behind Art in Action, was created to provide Art education and Educational programs to help improve and preserve family life. Since its incorporation in 2000, enFAMILIA has worked in collaboration with forty-two (42) groups that include faith-based organizations, social service agencies, academic and art institutions. These partnerships have allowed enFAMILIA to provide over 240 school children with art education annually, as well as 1,500 adults with marriage and family education training.

Professional artists who have graduated or are attending universities throughout the United States such as, Juilliard, University of Miami, and New York University, among others, come to Homestead for two months in the summer and volunteer as teachers for the Art in Action summer camp. The camp is intended to recognize and foster local young talented children by opening up opportunities for their future, providing avenues of self-expression, and stimulating thoughts about issues of social impact. The Camp encompasses a diverse and intense curriculum of Music, Dance, Poetry, Visual Arts, Drama, Film and Photography.

The collection includes oral histories from Directors and Founders of local community organizations, students in the Arts in Action program, as well as immigrants to South Florida.

ASM0535 Art in Miami Collection, 1996-2016Add to your cart.
The Art in Miami Collection contains brochures, flyers, exhibit catalogs, pamphlets, handouts and other ephemera documenting art and art-related activities in Miami, with material going as far back as 1996. Included are items from galleries, such as the Alejandra von Hartz Gallery, the Miami International Airport Gallery, and Lowe Art Museum Gallery, as well as various other local museums, art fairs, shows, and the Wynwood Arts District. The collection also includes brochures, programs, maps, handouts, and other ephemera from the Art Basel show in Miami Beach, beginning with Art Basel 2009.
ASM0291 Frederic H. Ashe papersAdd to your cart.
Frederic H. Ashe was the nephew of the first University of Miami President Bowman Foster Ashe. Frederic H. Ashe was a composer and student of the school of music at the University of Miami. The Frederic H. Ashe collection consists of sheet music written by Frederic H. Ashe.
ASM0019 Joseph Auslander and Audrey Wurdemann papers, 1916-1957Add to your cart.
The Joseph Auslander and Audrey Wurdemann Collection consists predominantly of correspondence, programs, and scripts relating to their involvement with the CBS radio program Housewives' Protective League. The Housewives' Protectice League, airing from 1948 to 1962, was a daily CBS radio feature which explored a variety of issues from childrearing and health to fidelity and marriage troubles. The letters are either from publishers confirming the Auslander's permission to review or discuss their books on air, or from CBS executives discussing their scripts. Included also are several scripts not by Auslander or Wurdemann, and an untitled typescript. Finally, the collection contains a leasing agreement from the Auslanders for a house in New York City. several periodicals, 15 research notebooks, and 28 photographs (with French inscriptions) depicting trench warfare in Belgium during World War I.
ASM0149 Aviation Ephemera Collection, 1919-1945Add to your cart.
The Aviation Ephemera Collection contains posters, reports, postcards, brochures, programs, pamphlets and other ephemera from all parts of the globe relating to the subject of aviation and its vast history.
ASM0020 Mary McDougal Axelson papersAdd to your cart.
The Axelson Papers document the family life and professional careers of several  members of the McDougal and Axelson families. Materials relating to Mary McDougal Axelson document her life as a political activist and writer. A leader and organizer of political, literary, and women's groups, Axelson participated in the women's club movement, women's suffrage activities, democratic party politics, health reform, and the world peace campaign. She gained a national and international reputation for her work "Life Begins" which appeared in the form of a novel, play and film. Files also document the accomplishments of family members including her parents, Daniel Archibald and Myrtle McDougal, her sister Violet, husband Ivar Axelson and daughter Mary Ivonne Axelson.
ASM0399 William C. Baggs papers, 1950-1968Add to your cart.
The William Calhoun “Bill” Baggs Papers includes thirty-one boxes of correspondence, memoranda, clippings, photographs, diaries and other materials relating to the professional career of Baggs, a newspaper journalist, editor, and political commentator from the 1940s until his death in 1969. As a columnist and editor for the Miami Daily News, Baggs developed relationships with many prominent figures. The Baggs Papers, arranged in six series, totals thirteen cubic feet of materials. In addition to incoming correspondence, the files include hundreds of carbon copies of outgoing correspondence from Baggs to a variety of local, regional, state, national, and international politicians, journalists, and others.
ASM0022 José Agustín Balseiro papers, 1917-1976Add to your cart.

Dr. José Agustín Balseiro (1900-1991) was an award-winning author, poet, and scholar of Latin American Studies and Hispanic literature. He was professor of Hispanic Literature at the University of Miami from 1946 to 1967.

Throughout his career, Dr. Balseiro exhibited a strong interest in Latin American and Hispanic-American studies, Latin American and Spanish literature, and Puerto Rican history and literature. His papers, donated to the University of Miami, reflect all of these interests and range in date from his earliest activities as a writer in Spain to his final days working as a consultant to the University of Miami Libraries starting in 1974. Much of the content consists of correspondence, clippings, typescripts, and periodicals in which Balseiro’s writings were featured.

Also included is sheet music belonging to his father, Rafael Balseiro who was a Puerto Rican composer.

Of special notice are three bronze medallions: (1) from the Instituto de Cultura Puertorriquena, commemorating el primer Centenario del Natalicio de Luiz Muñoz Rivera (the centennial of the birth of Luiz Muñoz Rivera); (2) from the Instituto de Cultura Puertorriquena, commemorating el Centenario de la Abolición de la Esclavidud in Puerto Rico (the centennial of the abolition of slavery in Puerto Rico); and (3) from the University of Panama commemorating the first 25 years of the University’s existence.

ASM0023 Virgil Barker papers, 1899-1964Add to your cart.
The Virgil Barker Papers document the career of an influential critic and historian, and provide a interesting record of American art history from 1920-60.  The papers contain Barker's writings on art history, American culture, literature, his own life and critical perspective, the post-World War I generation and other topics.  In addition to Barker's writings and correspondence, programs from European and American art exhibitions, newspaper and magazine clippings, prints, sketches and other materials appear among the papers.
ASM0041 J. Carlton Barnette papersAdd to your cart.
The J. Carlton Barnette Papers include two book-length manuscripts, two notebooks with research material, five short manuscripts with accompanying photographs, the contents of a photo album, and various other loose photographs, all related to Peru. The photographs in the manuscripts and those found loose in the collection are appendixed at the end. Those photographs in the photo album were not appendixed due to their organization in the album.
ASM0293 E. G. Barnhill papersAdd to your cart.
The E. G. Barnhill Collection contains negatives of Florida homes and birds, as well as glass plate negatives of Florida scenes. The collection also contains hand-colored postcards by Barnhill depicting Florida scenes (ca. 1910s-1930s), early Florida ephemera,  several biographical pages and scrapbooks put together by Barnhill with many resourceful historical clippings from the early half of the 20th century on pirates, Native Americans, archaeological exploits, early technology, and treasure hunting.
ASM0292 Barrett, John Photograph collection, 1913-1920Add to your cart.
John Barrett (1866 – 1938) was a United States diplomat and journalist and one of the early directors general of the Pan American Union (currently known as the Organization of American States). This collection consists of photographs of Latin American delegates to the Pan American Union.
ASM0200 Basil Rowe Papers, 1940-1950Add to your cart.
This collection consists of the personal papers of Captain Basil Rowe. Rowe flew for the airline West Indian Aerial Express (WIAX) before being hired by Pan American World Airways, Inc. His papers include: correspondence, news clippings, short stories, reocords of nomination into the aiviaton hall of fame, operations bulletins, photographs, a cockpit checklist, an examination on keeping fit for flying, maintenance bulletins, Martin M-130 information, instructions for the use of the Boeing 247-D Circular Balance Computer, and memoranda concerning emergency landings.
ASM0025 Harold Bauer papers, 1925-1976Add to your cart.

The Harold Bauer Papers consist primarily of correspondence between the University of Miami School of Music and Bauer regarding his master piano classes. The letters are primarily between Bauer and Bertha Foster, Dean of the School of Music until 1944, and Joseph Tarpley, School of Music Secretary from 1944 to 1951 and Assistant Dean until 1967. Correspondence files also include memoranda amongst University administration regarding Bauer's classes as well as with prospective students.

The collection also contains a few photographs, concert programs, and clippings.

ASM0322 James Baxter collection, 1883-1967Add to your cart.
The James Baxter collection contains Florida related materials. Included are a deed of sale and title of a house in Flagler; theater publications from the Coconut Grove Playhouse, the Miami Summer Star Theater, and the Dade County Auditorium Playgoer; postcards from Key West, Ft. Lauderdale, Port Everglades, Fort Myers, Palm Beach, and Miami Beach; a series of photographs of historic sites in Florida, largely lighthouses; a 1903 periodical titled "Liberty Boys of '76: The Liberty Boys in Florida, 1903"; an 1883  Vol XIX issue of Dime Beadle's New York Library, subtitled "Alligator Ike; or The Secret of the Everglade. A Tale of the Outlaws of the Okeechobee"; and a photocopy of the latter periodical.
ASM0435 Jack Beeson papersAdd to your cart.
A copy of American composer Jack Beeson's sheet music with corrections for the opera, "Hello out there" (1953). The papers also include  a letter from the composer.
ASM0026 Ross Beiler papers, 1958-1979Add to your cart.
The Ross Beiler papers include published studies and research files on politics in south Florida, 1958-68.  The papers, which include polls, articles and papers, newspaper clippings, political advertisements, correspondence, course outlines, and other materials, consist of five series.
ASM0028 John W. Bennett collection, 1948-1980Add to your cart.
The John W. Bennett collection contains two audiocassettes titled "Alistair Cook speaks of H. L. Mencken from the tape of Mrs. R. R. Bennett, 6/15/80" and "Conversation - H. L. Mencken and Dr. Donald Kirkley. June 30, 1948," two newspaper clippings on H. L. Mencken, and a photocopy of a book titled "Roosevelt and the Republic" by John W. Bennett.
M0559 Berke, Judith PapersAdd to your cart.

A local poet who grew up in Manhattan and resided in Miami Beach, Florida for the latter years of her life, Judith Anne Berke (Sep 9, 1931 - Jul 24, 2013) wrote and published several works that embody the spirit of Florida, its unique history and its people. She attended Smith college in her youth and began writing when she was 49 years of age then published her first book in 1989. Outside of writing, she studied painting at l'Academie de la Grande Chaumiere in Paris and was a skilled scuptor. She also studied acting, designed puppets, and sang in the Opera Guild of Greater Miami, demonstrating a huge breadth of talent that spanned many disciplines.

Her papers include her manuscripts, drafts, and poems either in notebooks or in typescripts. Also included are some of her scrapbooks and a sculpted bust.

ASM0375 Charles Bicking papers, 1930-1988Add to your cart.

Dr. Charles A. Bicking was an award-winning mechanical engineer active in the fields of Industrial Engineering, Industrial Statistics, Engineering Statistics, Operations Research, and Quality Control. A graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Techology, Bicking has held numerous posts as an engineer, consultant, and lecturer in a number of countries. Bicking also published and presented dozens papers in the above fields. Bicking was an official U.S.A. delegate for the 1953 session of the International Statistical Institute in Rome. He won the ASTM Award of Merit in 1962. Some of the organizations, corporations, and associations that Bicking worked with include the American Society for Quality Control, the American Statistical Assocation, A.S.Q.C., Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry, White Sands Missile Range, Carborundum Company, Hercules Powder Company, NASA, Nashua Corporation, Tracor Jitco, the American Society for Testing and Materials, and the Control Data Corporation.

The Charles Bicking Papers contains documents spanning across the entirety of Dr. Bicking's career, as described above.

ASM9980 Biltmore Hotel blueprints, 1924-2002Add to your cart.
This collection contains the original 1924-1925 blueprints used by Schultze & Weaver to design the Coral Gables Biltmore Hotel, as well as a 1981 reconstruction blueprint. Also included is an essay by Andrew E. Colsky titled "The History of the Miami Biltmore Hotel and Country Club," a 1989 report titled "The Biltmore Hotel, Coral Gables, Florida, Operating Results 1989 January Through September & Full Year Outlook, 1990 - 1993 Projection," and a 2002 Biltmore News bulletin.
ASM0029 Dr. John Bitter collection, 1923-1971Add to your cart.
The Dr. John Bitter collection contains materials documenting Bitter's career as a conductor and composer. The collection includes sheet music for several compositions by Bitter, as well as publications about the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami and a 1953 photograph of the University of Miami Orchestra at the Miami Beach Auditorium. Also included are numerous programs from the 1940s-1960s, including ones from the UM Symphony Orchestra, the Greater Miami Philharmonic, and the Berlin Philharmonic.
ASM0030 Mabel Blake papers, n.d., 1967-1972Add to your cart.
The Mabel Blake Papers document the activities of Mabel Blake, a member of the National Council of Negro Women from 1967-1972. The papers include copies of the NCNW constitution of 1967, correspondence, pamphlets and programs, materials from a regional conference, and notes and clippings. Financial records, membership lists, and information on the founder of the NCNW, Mary McLeod Bethune are also arranged in these files.
ASM0031 Ruth Blanch papers, 1965-1976Add to your cart.
The Ruth Blanch Papers contains photographic slides, some purchased and some original, depicting a number of major cities in Europe as well as some in the United States and Mexico. Particularly represented in the collection are Italian cities and provinces, such as Rome, Venice, Caserta, Pompei, Naples, Padova, Milan, as well as the Vatican. Interspersed are purchased slides of famous European artworks and personal family slides.
ASM0405 W.A. Blount papers, 1910-1911Add to your cart.
The W.A. Blount Papers consist of the correspondence of 1910 and 1911 between W.A. Blount of the Pensacola, Florida, law firm of Blount, Blount and Carter and R.E. Hall, superintendent of the Department of Public Instruction of Dade County, Florida. Blount's law firm was retained to review the Dade County school board's warrants issue of 1910.
ASM0034 Theodore Bolton papers, 1861-1977Add to your cart.

The Theodore Bolton Papers contains materials that span from across the entirety of Bolton's life. Bolton was active as a book illustrator and as an art historian, and so there are typescripts, manuscripts, reprints, and periodicals, as well as sketches, prints, drawings, engravings, and sketchbooks.

Bolton's sketches are primarily illustrations for books or Christmas Card designs. Also among the sketches are several done by other illustrators. These include an original illustration by Timothy Cole, as well as a number of original sketches by James Daugherty. Many of these sketches are on Christmas cards sent to Theodore Bolton and Helen, his wife.

Beside his manuscripts and illustrations, of special notice are travel journals by Bolton spanning across several decades, each of which contain illustrations of the places that he visited, and 20 Confederate States of America Banknotes.

ASM0035 Natale Bongiovanni papers, 1950-1952Add to your cart.
Natale Bongiovanni was a Field Captain with the U.S. Army. The Natale Bongiovanni Papers contains six notebooks in which Bongiovanni defines and provides context and etymology for every word of President Harry Truman's State of the Union Address to Congress on January 4, 1950.
ASM0374 Books Are Nice collection, 2013-2014Add to your cart.
This collection documents Book Are Nice, and the organization's involvement in the literary culture of Miami. The collection currently includes materials from two editions of Pages & Spreads, a series of pop-up reading room events that Books Are Nice has helped organize.
ASM0003 John G. Borger papers, 1929-1984Add to your cart.
This collection consists of the technical files and papers of John G. Borger, Pan American World Airways, Inc. Vice President and Chief Engineer. The materials document the development of: the Boeing aircraft, including the 707 and 747; Pratt and Whitney and Rolls Royce engines, inlcuding the JT9D; supersonic transport aircraft; and Dassault Aviation, Lockheed and Airbus aircraft. Types of records in the collection include: pamphlets, studies, evaluation reports, and manuals.
ASM0037 Mark F. Boyd collection, 1493-1953Add to your cart.
The Mark F. Boyd Collection contains materials relating to Florida and United States history as well as to natural history and medicine.  The collection, arranged in six series, includes maps, newspapers, prints, photographs, pamphlets, original documents, copies of historical documents, reprints of articles and other materials.
ASM0039 Florence Brigham papers, 1791-1957Add to your cart.

The Florence Brigham Papers consist of four boxes of material totalling two cubic feet of files.  The Papers include research materials Brigham compiled from numerous primary and secondary sources including articles and books, diaries, notes and other materials.  Brigham also conducted interviews with early Keys residents, including many employees of the Federal East Coast Railroad Company.  Newspaper clippings dated 1935-69 detail local history, "pioneers," hurricanes and other topics.  In addition to these records, the files include correspondence with a number ofarchives and libraries, and photostats of original documents and maps.  Brigham also collected prints of Marathon dated 1906-1960.

The Papers include notes on Keys deer, birds, reptiles and other animals, as well as clippings and notes on schools, churches, fishing, libraries and other institutions and activities in the Keys.  Historical material includes copies of early maps, records tracing the title of Keys lands, and materials documenting the construction of the "Overseas Railroad" and the development of Marathon.

ASM0042 British and American Social History Pamphlet collection, 1686-1860Add to your cart.
The pamphlets, published in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, consist of political essays, economic commentaries, treatises on the poor, religious sermons, speeches on current events of the time, reports to government, notes on history, almanacs, plays, music and literature.
ASM0217 Phil Brodatz Photogrammetry papers, 1988Add to your cart.
The Phil Brodatz Photogrammetry papers consist of photographs of historic Miami buildings with the geometric and architectural properties of the buildings described on the photographs, a practice known as photogrammetry. The collection includes photographs of well known landmarks such as the Freedom Tower and Dade County Courthouse, with the geometric and architectural measurements used to help in historic preservation and architectural restoration.
ASM0018 Dr. John O. and Marie Faulkner Brown papers, 1950-2000Add to your cart.
The papers consists of correspondence, photographs, clippings, publications, awards, certificates and medals, speeches and various other materials documenting the life and work of Dr. John O. Brown, first African American Ophthalmologist in Florida and the first African American President of the American Medical  Association. The collection also includes clippings, sermons, speeches and photos of African American folklorist, Rev. William Faulkner.
ASM0483 Franklin Q. Brown papers, 1898Add to your cart.
The Franklin Q. Brown Papers consist primarily of letters written by railroad executive Brown in 1898 while he served as colonel of the Florida State Militia during the Spanish-American War. The collection also contains clippings, photographs, and a dinner menu.
ASM0363 J. H. Brown papers, 1940sAdd to your cart.
The J. H. Brown Papers contains eight photographs of pilots training at the University of Miami during World War II.
ASM0534 Burrows Family papers, 1822-1842Add to your cart.
Correspondence between the Burrows family of Key West and Charleston.
ASM0033 Gregory Bush Florida Community Studies Oral HistoriesAdd to your cart.

Professor Gregory Bush (History Department) and the Institute for Public History (IPH) have recorded a series of interviews around the issue of public spaces in South Florida. Participants, who are representative of the diverse cultural milieu of the region, reflect and provide insights on migration, gentrification, the history of individual neighborhoods, housing, and community services.

These voices help to articulate the ongoing discourse on public space as it applies to South Florida’s History of development. The recordings and accompanying transcripts of the oral history collection document the unique experiences of the region’s inhabitants. In addition, the collection serves as a repository of primary source materials for students, faculty and the general public.

ASM0491 Canary Islands collection, 1582-1584Add to your cart.

This collection contains 26 bound and paginated 16th-century manuscripts describing contemporary conditions and military operations in the Canary Islands. It consists of a series of letters (15 items) and an assortment of other official documents (11 items). Twelve letters bear the imprimatur of King Philip II of Spain.

Primarily, the collection documents the administration of Lázaro Moreno de León, who served as governor of the islands of Tenerife and La Palma for two years (1582-1584). The last two items in the collection mark the end of Moreno de León's tenure and reference his successor, Juan Núñez de la Fuente, who served until 1589. Moreno de León appears in 18 of the items in the collection, either as subject or recipient (in the case of correspondence). However, the collection includes only one item bearing his signature: Item 18, authored by Diego de Ayala y Rojas, conde de la Gomera, and signed by Moreno de León as a witness.

During Moreno de León's tenure, an epidemic broke out on the island of Tenerife, causing considerable loss of life (documented at length in Item 22). The collection also reflects historical events following Spain's conquest of Portugal. During the dynastic crisis that followed the death of Portugal's King Sebastian in 1578, the throne was claimed by António, Prior of Crato, who was defeated by Philip II in 1580. By 1582, António had relocated to the Azores, where he attempted to establish a government in exile with the support of France. Item 3 provides a set of instructions for a dispatch boat that was sent to the Canary Islands that same year, after word of a possible attack by António. In early 1583, ships loyal to António did attempt an attack on the island of Gomera, but were repelled by local forces under the command of Ayala y Rojas and Moreno de León (documented in Items 18 and 19).

ASM0520 Caribbean & Latin American Zine collectionAdd to your cart.
An ongoing collection of comics and zines added to the holdings of the University of Miami Libraries Special Collections, with a focus on zines produced in and/or about the Caribbean and Latin America, including diaspora communities. Zines are typically independent and self published booklets popular in underground subcultures. The first zines were fanzines, started in the early 20th century by science fiction fans documenting the genre. The format truly took off with the punk rock movement of the 1970s, as a do-it-yourself spirit inspired legions of underground punk fans to start raw but vibrant journals documenting the nascent music scenes in their communities. Zine topics would broaden throughout the 1980s and 1990s to cover a variety of subject areas, from comics to anarchist politics to women’s rights, to more mundane subjects like dumpster diving, alternative fashions, tattoo art, and much more. Despite the expansion of topics, the format usually remained the same—self-published booklets printed in limited editions and typically produced with a photocopy machine.
ASM0001 Caribbean and South American Ephemera CollectionAdd to your cart.
The collection of fragmentary texts and images documents cultural expressions from the Caribbean and South America. The items consist of many of the transistory materials grouped under ephemera such as posters, postcards, leaflets, tracts, special editions, programs and menus published in countries such as the Bahamas, Brasil, Cuba, Curaçao Grenada, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Puerto Rico and Trinidad and Tobago.
ASM0344 Caribbean Diaspora Oral History collection, 2015-2016Add to your cart.

Thanks to a grant sponsored in part by the Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, The Florida Council of Arts and Culture  and the State of Florida, The University of Miami Special Collections conducted interviews with individual of Caribbean ancestry now living in Florida.

The Caribbean Diaspora Oral History Collection documents and makes accessible  the contributions of people of Caribbean ancestry who share stories of migration to the United States and the challenges inherent in such displacements. The 20 interviewees are from various countries from the Caribbean basin such as Columbia, Cuba, Ecuador, Haiti, Jamaica, Nicaragua, and Puerto Rico.

ASM0570 Caribbean Documents Collection, 1542-1959Add to your cart.
The collection consists of correspondence and documents (ex. property transactions including slave registers) from the various islands of the Caribbean such as Jamaica, Antigua, St. Kitts, St. Christopher, Trinidad and Tobago from the 16th to the 19th century. The collection is further enhanced by the acquisition of antique maps from cartographers such as Linschoten and Sanson.
ASM0530 Michael L. Carlebach Photography collection, 1971-2008Add to your cart.

University of Miami Professor Emeritus Michael L. Carlebach’s photojournalism career began in New York and Washington DC. Upon coming to Florida, he worked briefly as staff photographer for the Miami Herald. In 1973, he began teaching at the University of Miami, which launched a thirty-year career in higher education. Dr. Carlebach taught photojournalism in the School of Communication, reestablished the program in American Studies, and chaired the Department of Art & Art History.


Throughout his life he remained a sought-after photojournalist with a discerning eye for the subtleties of the human condition and the comic aspects of everyday life. His photographs have been published in Time, People, The Miami Herald, The Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel, and The New York Times. His books include thorough scholarly histories of photography, such as The Origins of Photojournalism in America, and American Photojournalism Comes of Age, both published by Smithsonian Institution Press.  He remains active as a photographer, scholar and writer. His latest book, Sunny Land, showcases his startling, humorous black and white images of the lesser documented “margins” of South Florida society.  He is especially interested in illuminating the lives of people outside the glare of contemporary media, and in finding and memorializing extraordinary moments that would otherwise be lost.


The Michael L. Carlebach Photography Collection consists primarily of black and white photographic prints taken and personally hand developed by Professor Michael L. Carlebach.  In general, the images are thematically grouped around journalistic pieces published in newspapers, or artistic topics such as portraits and landscapes. The collection also includes pieces shown in various exhibits as well as photographs made for special assignments like the George McGovern 1972 presidential campaign and the exclusive insider’s look at the Krome Avenue Detention Center for refugees in South Florida. Another highlight of the collection includes photographs dealing with the medical profession, especially children in hospital settings. In addition to photographing using 35mm black and white film, Carlebach shot color slides, vividly portraying the flora and fauna of the Everglades, historic structures such as Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, and news stories dealing with the environment. The entire collection consists of over 5,000 silver prints, color slides, and publications. Currently over 2,000 items are digitized and made available online.

ASM0058 Virginia Spencer Carr collection, 1913-1984Add to your cart.

The Virginia Spencer Carr Collection contains correspondence, research notes, interviews (transcripts and audio tapes), photographs, manuscript drafts of publications and other materials compiled and created by Virginia Spencer Carr in the course of her research and writing of John Dos Passos: A Life. John Dos Passos, a noted American literary figure of the "lost generation," published a number of important works, including the trilogy U.S.A.

Among important materials in the collection are the personal reminisces of family members, colleagues and contemporary figures of Dos Passos (notably, letters by Simone de Beauvoir, William F. Buckley, William Slater Brown, Frances Scott Fitzgerald, and family members of both Ernest Hemingway and John Steinbeck are included). The collection also includes extensive research files on the life and publications of Dos Passos and family members.

ASM0288 James M. Carson papers, 1915-1916Add to your cart.
The Carson papers contain correspondence, newspaper clippings, outlines and drafts of campaign speeches.  The materials, dated 1915-16, document Carson's efforts to enlist a candidate in support of drainage of the Everglades, his efforts on behalf of the Farris campaign, and his views on the drainage issue.  Correspondence also provides information on the activities of other groups supporting the Farris campaign, including the Everglade Drainage and Development League, "the Commercial Bodies of Miami and Ft. Lauderdale" and the Boards of Trade of Dania and Pompano.  Additional letters and newspaper clippings provide supporting documentation on the role of the drainage issue in the 1916 gubernatorial campaign.
ASM0230 Catalyst Miami Records, 1995-2014Add to your cart.

Founded in 1995 as the Human Services Coalition by Daniella Levine, Catalyst Miami is a non-profit community activist group. Utilizing a vast network of partner organizations and numerous initiatives, Catalyst seeks to equip the socially disadvantaged with financial and healthcare information, public benefits, and educational and economic opportunities. Through programs such as the Prosperity Campaign and Public Allies, Catalyst Miami promotes self-sufficiency, participation in civic life, organizational strength and respect.

This collection contains seven series including: Administrative Files, Initiatives, Conference Materials, Audiovisual Materials, and more. Within these series are various forms of correspondence, training materials, schedules and agendas, promotional materials, newspaper articles and photographs. The documents help reveal the social activist nature of the organization and shed light on some of the many accomplishments it has made through the years.

ASM0417 Hal M. Caudle papersAdd to your cart.
Typescript of "And Then There Were Five" by Hal M. Caudle Sr. The text describes the 1927 shooting aboard Coast Guard Boat 249. Caudle's correspondence makes references to Horace J. Alderman.
ASM0628 Civic Theater of Greater Miami records, 1926-1973Add to your cart.
The Civil Theatre of Greater Miami Records contains materials regarding the now defunct Miami Civic Theatre and the performances that were held there.
ASM0398 Civil War Photograph Album collection, 1860Add to your cart.
The Civil War Photograph Album Collection contains one photographic album with portraits of famous Confederate and Union statesmen and army officials from the Civil War era, including President Abraham Lincoln, Union Army General and President Ulysses Grant, Confederate President Jefferson Davis, W. F. Cody or "Buffalo Bill," Whig Party politician Edward Everett, Confederate Army General A. P. Hill, Confederate Army General J. E. B. Stuart, Union Army General and Senator Ambrose Everett Burnside, Union General George Meade, and Union General John McClernand.
ASM0394 Clipper Pioneers collectionAdd to your cart.
Clipper Pioneers is an organization of former Pan Am pilots and flight crew.  This collection includes Pan Am records such as memoranda, flight manuals, and accident reports as well as clippings, log books, pilot files, scrapbooks and photographs.
ASM0240 Lady Harriet Clive collectionAdd to your cart.
The Lady Harriet Clive Collection contains a bound manuscript entitled "Spanish Songs," consisting of sheet music and lyrics for Spanish folk songs.
ASM0047 Kenneth Close collection, 1828-1940Add to your cart.
The Kenneth Close Collection contains a number of prints from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and elsewhere, sheet music for "The Death of Minnehaha" by Longfellow and Ch. C. Converse, and several insurance policies from the 19th century (some which are photocopied).
ASM0373 Cochran Distribution Co. records, 1938-1979Add to your cart.
Photographs and records of the Miami food distribution company, 1938-1970s.
ASM0666 Coco Plum Woman's Club Records, 1920's-1990'sAdd to your cart.
Founded in 1912, the Coco Plum Woman's Club is one of the oldest community service organizations in Dade County and a long-standing member of the General Federation of Women's Clubs (GFWC), and this collection documents their commitment over the past century to making improvements and enriching local neighborhoods through vigorous fundraising and other various projects, such as implementing a library that remained open for 56 years and aiding war efforts during World War I and World War II . Their clubhouse on Sunset Road is now a government-designated historical landmark in order to preserve the rich history of the club and to honor their dedication to improving the community at large. Contents within the collection include newspaper clippings, photographs, legal documents, ephemera, scrapbooks, and other miscellaneous documents pertaining to the club's activities since its inception.
ASM0674 Community Justice Project Records, 1990-2011Add to your cart.
The records contain legal cases, research files and trial notebooks from the Miami Community Justice Project. Topics covered include development for low income housing, public housing and privately run detention centers. Power U Center for Social Change and Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC) are often reffered to in the legal files.
ASM0324 Confederate Imprints collection, 1861-1865Add to your cart.
The short-lived Confederate States of America produced more than 7,000 books, pamphlets, broadsides, maps, pieces of sheet music, pictures, and periodicals. These publications are known as Confederate imprints. The University of Miami Libraries holds over 700 individual imprints, most of which are legislative acts, political pamphlets, bills, reports, and military documents.
ASM0150 Contortionists Photograph collection, n.d.Add to your cart.
A comprehensive and eclectic collection of contortionist images. Subjects include contortionists performing before audiences; child contortionists; twin contortionists; families of contortionists; contortionists posing privately in apparent studio settings; in costume; in various states of undress; indoors and outdoors; etc.
ASM0048 Julian D. Corrington papers, 1917-1963Add to your cart.

The Julian Corrington Papers contain teaching and academic files concerning the University of Miami in addition to materials on scientific research and literature. Class records and course materials, dated 1944-63, include syllabi, memos, lecture notes, book lists, lists of research topics, correspondence with students and student recommendations. Other correspondence and memos, relating to the Biology Department discuss such topics as the curriculum, course requirements, faculty meetings and building plans. University of Miami "faculty notices," and "university memoranda" cover announcements of library news, information on education, and the Science Department. The records also contain publications such as "Self Portrait of a University," and a program from the 1962 dedication of the Otto G. Richter Library. Correspondence with faculty of other universities discusses the merits of general introductory science courses versus more specialized instruction.

Several files contain manuscripts and correspondence dealing with publications. Other files include materials on the electron microscope and include photographs taken through the microscope, reprints of articles and news clippings relating to the microscope. "Field Check Lists," dated 1917-21, and field trip reports record observations on the sea coast at Georgetown University. Photographs document trips led by Corrington. Reprints and publications on various scientific topics as well as and bulletins, newsletters, and programs from various scientific and scholarly organizations are included in files. Additional files of particular interest contain newspaper clippings and literature from various organizations on eugenics, genetics and the teaching of evolution. Corrington collected these materials, dated 1920-44, for inclusion in class lectures.

ASM0661 Council for Statehood RecordsAdd to your cart.
Contains typescripts and photocopies of open letters to the governors and representatives of the sovereign states from early to mid 1960s (letter numbers 2-40, 60, 63). All letters are penned by Mary Davison. Topics range from race relations to right-wing views on American history.
ASM0049 Charles Creighton collection, 1731-1815Add to your cart.

The Charles Creighton Collection contains an illuminated manuscript on parchment, signed by Charles VI, last of the house of Habsburg, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia and Hungary-Croatia. It was the property of Prince Max of Baden until the end of the first World War.

The 33-page manuscript measures 8 by 11 inches, with illuminated borders in red, blue, and gold, and an artistically designed title in black and gold of royal insignia surrounded by implements of war and the crown of the king. The manuscript is bound in a gilded hand-embroidered binding of decorative design with ornamental ribbon ties and tinsel fringes. It is attached with a gold braided cord is the Royal Seal of Charles VI, measuring 4 1/4 inches in diameter with the inscription "Carolus VI Romanorum Imperator S. A. Hispaniarum et utriusque Siciliae Rex." The seal is enclosed in a decorated silver case which is intended to rest in a circular compartment in the center of a tooled Viennese leather binding in which the manuscript reposes. The manuscript is written entirely in Latin and confers the title of Marquis on Honuphrium Ianno Ernandes Arias for "Militiaque multa suae Fides, Constantia Sapienta, ac Fortitudinis Specima edidissent..." (translation: In long military service he displayed Faith, Constancy, Prudence, and Courage...) To legalize the document, it is signed in the autograph of King Charles VI "Yo el Rey," below which are the signatures of noblemen and dignitaries of state.

Included also are 15 separate pages of manuscript written in Latin. These pages also refer to the Marquis and are dated in May of 1731. An unsigned manuscript by one of the Ianno family consists of 5 lines and is written in French.

The Charles Creighton Collection also contains high quality facsimiles of several historical predominantly French documents from the 17th and 18th century. These are: a letter pleading for a 3 day postponement of Louis XIV's execution by Louis XIV dated January 20, 1793; two letters informing French generals of the Waterloo victory by the Duke of Wellington, dated June 14 and June 20, 1815; Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson's unfinished letter to Lady Hamilton, dated October 19, 1805; Napoleon's appeal to England for protection after his defeat at Waterloo, dated July 13, 1815; a note written by Marie Antoinette written just before her execution in 1793; and the last letter written by Robespierre, unfinished due to his being shot, with bloodstains at the bottom of the letter, dated July 27, 1794.

ASM0447 Alan Crockwell collection, 1873-1996Add to your cart.
The Alan Crockwell Collection contains a variety of materials from different sources that document the history of Miami, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, and greater Miami-Dade County. Much of the content is related to Ralph Middleton Munroe and his family. Topically, the papers also address criminal history in Miami-Dade County, historic buildings in Coconut Grove including the Barnacle and the Coconut Grove Library, the history of the University of Miami, and the early settling of Miami-Dade County. The dates of items range from 1873 into the 1970s.
ASM0050 Cronin papersAdd to your cart.
The Cronin papers consists primarily of Spanish poetry in manuscript form. However, there is also a notebook with personal reflections, a catalog of "Teatro del Siglo XVI" (or 16th century theater), a list of authors and poems, cards with authors and poems, and a piece of sheet music.
ASM0051 Allison B. Curry collection, 1944-1954Add to your cart.

Allison B. Curry, Jr. served as Director of Public Service for Coral Gables from 1934 to 1939. Between 1939 to 1942 he was promoted to city manager. In 1942 he left to hold this same post for the city of Miami. From 1946 to the end of his career he was Director of the Dade County Port Authority as well as of the Miami International Airport.

The Allison B. Curry collection contains diplomas, photographs, a brochure on the metric system, two metric rulers (one in a leather sleeve with his name in ink), metric converters, a lighter with his initials engraved and a case, and a cartoon of Curry signed by city employees.

ASM0052 R. A. Cushman papers, 1917-1963Add to your cart.
The R. A.  Cushman Papers contain the following items: (1) a U.S. flag, and letters from Arthur R. De Reyes, from the American Expeditionary Forces, to his mother written in 1917 and 1918; (2) three photographic prints from the U.S. Signal Corps; (3) 46 folders of reports, essays, transcripts, bibliographies, and pamphlets largely concerned with American foreign policy, touching on topics such as foreign trade, foreign concessions, foreign aid, U.S. exports, foreign banking, and immigration.
ASM0045 Cutler Ridge Woman's Club records, 1955-2010Add to your cart.
The Cutler Ridge Woman’s Club Records document the club’s founding and history, in addition to its civic, community, and social activities from 1956-2010. The records include minutes for 1956-2008; annual reports for 1956-2005; club histories for 1956-2010;  financial records for 1956-2009; charter and by-laws; newsletters; yearbooks; and guest books, as well as clippings, certificates, letters, and other documentation relating to club activities. Also included is one folder of materials relating to the club’s predecessor, the Welcome Wagon Club. Oversize materials include proclamations and a map of Cutler Ridge used for a street light campaign in 1970.
ASM0647 Dade County Commission papers, 1957-1965Add to your cart.
The Dade County Commission Papers contains minutes of the Dade County Board of Commissioners from October 1957 to July 1965.
ASM0648 Karl Dahlberg papers, 1927Add to your cart.
This collection contain 5 poems written by Karl Dahlberg, who received an honorary degree in Science from the University of Miami.
ASM0053 Dante Festival collectionAdd to your cart.
This collection contains a sound reel of the Dante Festival program celebrating the 7th centenary of writer Dante Alighieri. The program was held in Brockway Hall of the Otto G. Richter Library.
ASM0450 Das Furlines Punk Collection, 1985-1988Add to your cart.

"An archive containing material around the 1980s all-girl "punk-polka" band, Das Furlines, from New York. The lineup included Wendy Wild, Liz Luv, Holly Hemlock, Deb O'Nair (also of the Fuzztones), and Rachel Amodeo. Dubbed as an 'all-female quintet from N.Y.C. that derives their sound from a frothy blend of polka, bohemia, psychedelia, and dementia.' They released their debut album, Das Furlines Go Hog Wild, in 1985 on their own label, Palooka Records. During this time, they were also featured on Entertainment tonight and Andy Warhol's 15 Minutes.

Das Furlines garnered a reputation for sexually charged shows and their second album, The Angry Years, released in 1988 was 'an erotic concept album inspired by the self-help book Women Who Love Too Much.' They claimed to be 'healthier than slam dancing, sexier than a surf party, quicker than Schopenhauer.' The archive features professional photo shoot contact sheet and four 8"x10"  prints showing the women of the band posed presumably for cover art and publicity images. One of these photos has women posing with Frank Zappa. A smaller 5"x7" photo shows a close up of an androgynous woman in sunglasses singing. Also included is a zine entitiled "Das Furlines Cookbook" and includes "Das Furlines Data Sheers" with information about each member as well as recipes for the food and drink that each woman liked. One of the flyers advertises a Das Furlines show at the legendart punk venue, CBGBs, where they played alongside Vernon Reid's Living Colour, Rod & Cones, and the Wild Stares. In an article featured on a flyer maquette Wild says 'most of the time we wear these elaborate headdresses that we made with Viking horns on them, of a bunch of snakes like a Medusa crown, so we have our arts and crafts side to the band. And we wear a lot of fur and frilly Alpine beerhall maid type of things, like braids in our hair and that.' She continues, 'it's a real yuk 'em up kind of show, you know, like drinking down steins of beer and polkaing onstage. It's really flipped-out garage polka music... the grandparents will love it, the kids will scream, and the teens will go berserk.' The band disbanded in 1988 but reunited in 1996 as a benefit for Wendy Wild's medical bills during her battle with breast cancer which she ultimately lost later that year." -Between the Covers Rare Books

ASM0325 Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.) Coral Gables Chapter records, 1926-2000Add to your cart.
The Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.) Coral Gables Chapter Records consists of scrapbooks, correspondence, photographs, clippings, awards, certificates, yearbooks, periodicals, and other documents pertaining to the chapter, ranging from 1926 to 2000. The scrapbooks document the affairs and activities of the chapter primarily by means of photographs and clippings, but often a contextual or historical narrative is added as well. A few materials, largely yearbooks of other chapters or conference proceedings, not specifically from the Coral Gables chapter are also included.
ASM0390 David Rike Science Fiction Fanzine collection, 1944-2005Add to your cart.

A collection of zines acquired by underground science-fiction artist, David Rike, who did cover work and illustrations for Variant World, co-edited the zine, Innuendo, and provided contributions to other zines, such as Science Fiction Five-Yearly and The Incompleat Burbee. Many of these zines document the rise of science-fiction fandom in the United States from as early as 1944.

The collection is currently organized into two series, with Series I containing all of the fanzines he collected over the years and arranged alphabetically and Series II containing a box of drawings, correspondence, and ephemera that belonged to him.

ASM0056 Thomas de Valcourt and Michael Lerner collection, 1864-1947Add to your cart.

The Thomas de Valcourt and Michael Lerner collection contains materials concerning 19th century New England poets and authors, most prominently Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, but also Henry David Thoreau, Washington Irving, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Walt Whitman, and minor figures. Much of the materials - which predominantly consists of prints, photographs, clippings, photocopies, newspapers, periodicals, postcards, reprints, poetry, and other formats - concerns their famous New England homes and their families' homes, and other literary landmarks in the vicinity. Most of the materials date from the late 19th and early 20th century.

Also included are a scrapbook of clippings of poetry, a 1962 plaster cast bust of Henry David Thoreau by Melvina Hoffman, an 1864 ceramic bust of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow by M. Milmore, two paperweights with depictions of the Longfellow house, a brick noted as "being used by Thoreau when adding to the family house on Virginia Road in Concord," and one copper ashtray.

ASM0506 G. Dearborn diary, 1836-1841Add to your cart.
Diary of G. Dearborn from 1836 to 1841. The papers also include a letter with an envelop addressed to [B]? G. Dearborn, 1st. Infantry, Fort Pleasant, Via Tallahassee, Florida.
ASM0055 Charles Deering collection, 1883-1926Add to your cart.
Charles Deering was a collector of art and a friend to many notable artists including John Sargeant and Augustus St. Gaudens. Painting, scrulpture, prints, rugs and many other items combined to decorate and furnish the Deering Estate in Florida.  He collected a wide range of artwork, and the Print Department of the Art Institute of Chicago received his fine collection.
M0136 Designer collectionAdd to your cart.
This collection contains information about and writings of designers from fashion design as well as interior design. Included is the typescript of "Nobody's Fault but My Own, Unlimited", a memoir of Dora Sarin's memoirs of her Post-World War II New York fashion business, and 14 pieces of correspondence from interior designer David Hicks as well as 12 pieces of press clippings about Hicks, his work and family. The collection also contains ephemera from Suzanne Caygill's life, including six color swatches, a personal notebook, lecture hand-outs, and one booklet entitled "Everyone is talking about Suzanne."
ASM0252 Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator records, 1996-2013Add to your cart.
Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator was created to promote, nurture, and cultivate the vision and diverse talents of emerging artists from the Caribbean and the Latin American Diaspora through exhibitions,  artists in residence programs, international exchange, and education and outreach activities that celebrate Miami-Dade's rich cultural and social fabric. Diaspora Vibe is the 2013 Andy Warhol Initiative Grant Recepient.The Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator Records include the gallery's organizational records, artists' information, programs, invitations, slides, catalogs, photographs, tapes, notes, and ephemera.
ASM0057 Bailey Diffie papers, 1941-1977Add to your cart.
The Bailey Diffie Papers include manuscripts, notes, copies, correspondence, classroom materials, bibliographies and other materials related to Diffie's research, teaching and publications on Latin America and the Caribbean.
ASM0059 Edward C. Dougherty papers, 1957-1960Add to your cart.
Edward C. Dougherty was a Government Administrator and United Nations Expert in taxation for Latin America, as well as a private practitioner of law in the Miami area, specializing in Latin American matters. His papers consists predominantly of materials concerning real estate in Brazil, in the form of letters, maps, notes, photocopies, clippings, photographs, pamphlets, and reports.
ASM0158 Marjory Stoneman Douglas collection, 1964-2006Add to your cart.
This collection consists of archival materials acquired that relate back to Marjory Stoneman Douglas, the well known environmentalist who was a major force in the fight to preserve the Everglades.
ASM0060 Marjory Stoneman Douglas papers, 1890-1998Add to your cart.
The Papers consist primarily of  typescripts, correspondence, photographs, diaries, scrapbooks, clippings and other primary source materials documenting the life and career of Marjory Stoneman Douglas.
ASM0245 Dr. Eileen Ramsaran Papers, 2013-2014Add to your cart.

This collection contains the personal papers of Dr. Eileen Ramsaran, a medical doctor who, from 2000 to the present, has been working as the Chief Exectuive Officer and Medical Director at the North Miami Beach Medical Center, a facility which provides quality medical services at no cost to adults and children from low-income backgrounds and who have no health insurance. The facility primarily serves as a cost-effective alternative to hospitals, and Dr. Ramsaran's papers detail much of her research and initiatives when it comes to providing good health care to those who cannot afford it. To honor her work and dedication to those of the community, she was awarded various accolades, including the "Physician of the Year" Award for 2006-2007 and the "President's Call to Service" Award in 2014, and her clinic also received the "Health Service Provider of the Year" Award from the State of Florida in 2005.

Dr. Eileen Ramsaan was a Pan Amercan World Airway (Pan Am) flight attendant from 1978 to 1991. She completed her premedical studies while still flying for Pan Am.

ASM0061 Carrie Dunlap papers, 1907-1959Add to your cart.

The Ruth Bryan Owen letters are intimate personal letters to a lifelong woman friend.  Within the group there are different signatures and/or letterheads 1) Mrs.  Ruth Bryan Leavitt 2) R with B imposed upon the R within a circle 3) Ruth within a circle 4) Daniel 5) Ruth (Daniel) 6) Dan.  The letters signed "Daniel"contain much information on the life and career of Ruth Bryan Owen.

There is much on the lectures, the film she wrote, financed and produced in Miami, and its promotion and distribution, her family, etc., but with William jennings Bryan mentioned only indirectly most of the time. 


Among these letters are examples of the postmark for Cocoanut Grove with the "a" Oct. 27, 1919 and without the "a" Jan. 12, 1925. The last part of the collection are the personal papers of  Carrie Dunlap.  Most deal with her academic background, others with her retirement years.

ASM0556 Gareth and Janet Dunleavy collection, 1892-1991Add to your cart.

Gareth and Janet Dunleavy were historians of Irish literature and culture. The Gareth and Janet Dunleavy Collection was donated by Gareth and Janet Dunleavy in memory of Bernard Benstock, a colleague who served the University of Miami in many capacities.

The collection contains typescripts and articles by Gareth and Janet Dunleavy, as well as research materials for projects by both authors. Prominently featured are research materials on Mary Lavin, an Irish short story and novella writer who died in 1996. Of special interest among these research materials are copies of Lavin's working manuscripts, obtained by Professor Janet Dunleavy in the 1970s with the permission of Mary Lavin. Janet Dunleavy had planned a critical study of Lavin's work based on these materials, but had abandoned the idea. The collection also contains notes, letters, and other documents assembled during Gareth and Janet Dunleavy's preparation of their Douglas Hyde: A Maker of Modern Ireland (1991) and O'Connor Papers (1977).

ASM0439 Frederick Charles Dyer papers, 1965Add to your cart.
The Frederick Charles Dyer Papers contains a manuscript and galley proofs for the 1965 book Bureaucracy vs. Creativity, co-authored with John M. Dyer.
ASM0334 Eugene Dynner collection, 1960-1977Add to your cart.

The Eugene Dynner collection contains photograph albums, photographs, slides, negatives, and prints depicting historical Mayan sites such as the Altun Ha ruins in Belize, the Copán ruins in Honduras, the Quiriguá archeological site in Guatemala, various sites in the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. The focus is on the sculpture and architecture found at these sites. Also depicted are the landscape, cities, and people of those countries in general.

Along with the photographic materials are a typescript by Eugene Dynner titled "Chinese Elements in Maya Art," and two issues of a periodical titled Muse News containing essays by Dynner.

ASM0571 L. J. Easterbrook papers, 1948-1978Add to your cart.
The L. J. Easterbrook Papers contains Pan American World Airways, Inc. aerospace engineering manuals. Subjects include flight controls, hydraulic and landing gear systems, and maintenance. Personal accident insurance pamphlets are also included.
ASM0239 Eaton, Amos B. diary, 1837-1838Add to your cart.
The diary of Amos Beebe Eaton begins on July 31, 1837 and concludes on August 24, 1838. This handwritten journal chronicles an extraordinary year in the life of a young lieutenant who served in the Second Seminole War. The diary contains personal observations, detailed reports on military activities, occasional sketches and drawings, and extensive  commentary on the Seminole Indians and life in Florida. All notations are in Eaton's hand, including the transcription of letters and military documents.
ASM0498 Burton E. Eaton papers, 1948-1953Add to your cart.
An autobiographical manuscript by Burton E. Eaton regarding his experience in the Korean War entitled: "A Survivor's Guide to War."
ASM0062 Phanor James Eder papers, 1644-1971Add to your cart.

The Phanor James Eder collection consists mainly of correspondence.  The letters are from the mid 1800's to the early 1900's.  The bulk of the correspondence is addressed to Santiago M. Eder, Dr. Eder's father.  These letters are divided into local and foreign correspondence and are addressed to Santiago M. Eder by businessmen who bought or sold some sort of merchandise to  him. Most of the letters deal with the sugar mills and other farm plantations owned by Santiago Eder. Although most of the correspondence belongs to Santiago M. Eder, there is some correspondence belonging to James Eder, Phanor's son and Charles (Chaz) and Henry J. Eder, Phanor's brothers. They all had a part in the Cauca Valley Agricultural Company. In this collection we also find correspondence dealing with the Cauca Valley Agricultural Company, a sugar mill owned by the Eder family.  Just a small portion of the correspondence deals with the Eder family's personal matters.

Two microfilms, manuscripts and ledgers are included in the collection.  The film and manuscripts are agriculturally related, dealing with the land of Colombia. The ledgers are records of businesses owned by the Eders.

The Eder Collection is primarily business related, but also has material which deals with the government of Colombia and some which deals with court cases in which Santiago M. Eder was one of the lawyers involved. The collection includes brochures and pamphlets about Colombia, which describe the land and the people. They seem to be commercially oriented. There are photocopies of material belonging to the United States National Archives which deal with legal matters. Most of these photocopies belong to group 59 of the National Archives in Washington, D.C.

The collection also includes a substantial number of maps, mainly of Colombia and the Caribbean/West Indies including one from a 16th Century atlas. The maps are housed separately from the rest of the collection.

ASM0064 Clark Mixon Emery papers, 1939-1981Add to your cart.

The Clark Mixon Emery Papers consists of materials regarding the 20th century modernist expatriate American poet Ezra Pound (1885-1972).

A total of 53 letters and postcards by Ezra Pound addressed mostly to Emery written from September 4th, 1951 to August 1st, 1959 are held in this collection, predominantly written during Pound's stay in the St. Elizabeth Hospital where he was treated for mental illness until 1958. Some letters by his wife Dorothy are included as well. Most of the letters are typed, and about half are signed. Many of the letters concern Emery's work on his 1958 monograph Ideas Into Action; A Study of Pound's Cantos. In others Pound writes about his complacency in the hospital and his eagerness to depart, and discusses the work of Emery's student Ronald Perry. In addition to the letters the envelopes are preserved as well. Photocopies of the letters and envelopes are included in the collection.

Other correspondence held in the collection concerns Ezra Pound and his Cantos. These include letters from Pound's daughter, Mary de Rachewitz, to Emery; letters from Sheri Martinelli and Ronald Perry, also 20th century American poets, to Emery; a letter from Walton Brooks McDaniel, former teacher and friend of Pound, to Archie McNeal, former university librarian of the University of Miami Libraries, regarding Emery's work on Pound; and photocopies of other letters by Pound not addressed to Emery. Some of Ronald Perry's poetry, and two photographs of Sherri Martinelli's paintings of Ezra Pound, are included as well.

The other materials in the collection are as follows: essays by and about Pound from the 1950s; transcripts of broadcasts by Pound from December 7, 1941 to June 28, 1942; The Analyst, "A Guide to Ezra's Cantos"; a January 1948 issue of "Four Pages," regarding Pound's poetry; an "Ezra Pound for President" pamphlet; The Pound newsletter #1-#10 from January 1954 to April 1956; Strike periodical #1-3, #5-6, #8-10 from June 1955 to June 1956; Amagogic & Paideuminic Review #5-6 and an October 1959 issue; a 1952 typescript titled "Die Pisaner Gesänge" by Rainer M. Gerhardt; and other periodicals, newspapers, and clippings.

ASM0408 Cesare Emiliani papers, 1957-1993Add to your cart.
The Cesare Emiliani Papers contains Dr. Emiliani's documents from his time spent at the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, from 1957 until his retirement in 1993. The documents consists of correspondence, memorandums, reports, proposals, typescripts, periodicals, photocopies, minutes, newspapers, and a scrapbook of photographs.
ASM0318 English Manuscripts collection, 1835-1907Add to your cart.
The English Manuscript Collection contains 19th century official documents on vellum parchment. Included are 21 indentures, 7 last will and testaments, and 7 documents granting privileges to women in name of the 1833 "Act for the Abolition of Fines and Recoveries, and for the Substitution of more simple Modes of Assurance."
ASM0305 Thomas G. Ennis papers, 1828-1910Add to your cart.
The Thomas G. Ennis collection contains 41 letters written to George Thompson from 1834 to 1838, largely concerned with business matters pertaining to iron forges; a 1929 Pennsylvania court record for John Kiner, sentenced for horse theft; a 1828 copy of appropriation for state penitentiary, Philadephia; several 19th century almanacs; and a number of 19th century newspapers, including one replica of the Saturday April 15, 1865 issue of the New York Herald, the day Abraham Lincoln's assassination was announced.
ASM0066 John Erskine collectionAdd to your cart.
The John Erskine Collection contains a lecture given by Erskine on Don Quixote, at the University of Miami Winter Institute of Literature on February 16, 1940.
ASM0044 Walter Etling papers, 1943-2001Add to your cart.

The Walter Etling Papers include documents, clippings, and photographs related to Etling’s student years at the University of Miami, as well as his professional and community activities in Miami from the 1950s through the 1970s.

The bulk of the collection consists of photographs, clippings, documents, letters, programs, advertisements, brochures, and ephemera that Etling compiled into albums documenting his student years, professional activities, community service, and personal life.  The collection also contains loose personal papers, photographs, clippings, and other materials related to Etling’s student, business, community, and alumni activities, and personal life.

Business related materials, such as advertisements, brochures, statistics, and other papers, document Etling’s work as a real estate agent for the Allen Morris Company, the Keyes Company, and Walter Etling Company. Examples include brochures for the Keys Company and the Walter Etling Company, as well as the sale of the Flamingo Hotel. The collection also contains photographs and ephemera related to Etling’s involvement in establishing a Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise in Spain, and letters and documents regarding his service on the board of Key Biscayne Bank.

Community service related materials include letters, certificates, clippings, photographs, and other materials primarily related to Etling’s service to the Miami Science Museum, and also his involvement with Kiwanis International and the Dade County Grand Jury.

The collection also contains materials related to Etling’s extensive involvement with the University of Miami. Class assignments, notes, photographs, clippings, and other materials document his student years. Also included are letters, programs, photographs, clippings, and ephemera regarding his service for the Alumni Association and the Board of Trustees. In addition, the collection contains materials relating to class reunions and university athletics, as well as artistic studies Etling prepared when creating the painting that is on the cover of the University of Miami’s 75th anniversary book, Rendezvous with Greatness. 

Personal materials document family vacations, such as photographs of a trip to the 1976 Winter Olympics. Also included are materials related to his hobby of selling memorabilia, and programs and clippings that document the activities of his children while attending the University of Miami.

ASM0067 Lester L. Evans collection, 1938-1945Add to your cart.
The Lester L. Evans Collection contains U.S. newspaper clippings of cartoons and caricatures published during World War II. Many of the clippings are from the Chicago Sun-Times, the Times Herald,  the Times-Picayune from New Orleans, the Kansas City Star, the Detroit News, the Washington Post, the New York Times, the New York Post, and the Los Angeles Times.
ASM0068 Lloyd T. Everett papers, 1833-1950Add to your cart.
Lloyd T. Everett practiced law and researched, wrote and lectured on Confederate history from a legal standpoint.  His papers contain manuscript copies of articles and books as well as published works. Articles include manuscript copies of "Abolition, Slavery and the Year 1833," of "Pro-Tariff Et. Al." and "Anti-Slavery," and copies of "Federal Initiative and Referendum" published in the South Atlantic Quarterly in 1912. The following essays and articles, published in pamphlet form, also appear among the papers: "Patrick R. Cleburne, Prophet," (1946) "Was It Anti-Slavery," (1916) and "Davis, Lincoln, and the Kaiser: Some Comparisons Compared" (1917). Among the books are manuscript copies of Dixie's Story and of A Titan's War, a study of the nullification crisis and the debates of 1830 and 1833. A copy of a Revolutionary War recruiting broadside is included in the remaining papers.
ASM0069 David Ewen collectionAdd to your cart.

The David Ewen Collection consists of materials which pertain to several aspects of music, ranging from composers to opera houses and festivals, as well as his personal life and work. The papers follow the original order established by David Ewen.

The bulk of the collection contains information and some correspondence pertaining to American and foreign composers and serious and popular performers such as George Gershwin, Charles Ives, Igor Stravinsky, Gustav Mahler, Maria Callas, Bing Crosby, and other notable 20th century composers and performers.

ASM0678 Exhibit Catalog CollectionAdd to your cart.
This collection contains several contemporary exhibit catalogs from other universities around the United States with concentrations in their libraries and Special Collections departments.
ASM0275 David Fairchild papersAdd to your cart.
The David Fairchild Papers contains an undated and corrected typescript of Fairchild's autobiographical book The World was My Garden; Travels of a Plant Explorer.
ASM0169 Fanny Kemble Playbill Collection, 1829-1832Add to your cart.
"The Fanny Kemble Playbill Collection is a collection of 28 playbills from 1829-1832, comprising of her years on the English stage and including her first performance on any stage. Fanny Kemble (Frances Ann Kemble, 1809-1893), the daughter of the actors Charles and Marie Kemble, was born in London on November 27, 1809. She made her first appearance on the stage when she appeared as Juliet in her father's production of "Romeo and Juliet" on October 5, 1829. Fanny was a great success, and this role was followed by several others in her father's Covent-Garden Theatre. She played all the principal women's parts, notably Portia, Beatrice, and Lady Teazle. Most of the performances were at Theatre Royal Covent-Garden with a few few performances at Theatre Royal Edinburgh where she performed with her brother on a tour in June of 1830." -Golden Legend, Inc.
ASM0361 Dante B. Fascell congressional papers, 1955-1993Add to your cart.
The Dante B. Fascell Congressional Papers document 38 years of one man's involvement in United States politics. The collection also represents a unique resource for study and research relating to the history of South Florida from 1955-1993. Topics of research include American legislative history, Dante B. Fascell committee assignments, Florida projects, the growth and development of South Florida, the impact of foreign affairs and international relations on the United States, and United States relations with Cuba, Haiti and Nicaragua. The Dante B. Fascell congressional papers contain over 1200 boxes of correspondence, photographs, film, video tape, sound recordings, and memorabilia.
ASM0330 Fashion Project Collection, 2015-2016Add to your cart.
Fashion Project is a curatorial initiative situated in Bal Harbour, Florida, dedicated to creating exhibits where fashion is displayed as art pieces for spectactors to appreciate the varied elements of design from modern couture to historical gowns and costumes. This collection currently contains pamphlets, flyers, programs, and catalogs created by Fashion Project for their events and exhibits.
ASM0197 Faulty Products Record Company Collection, 1978-1980Add to your cart.
FAULTY PRODUCTS 1978-80. Small archive of official records from the Independent Label, "Faulty Products." Various concert fliers, correspondence between owners of the record company, and newspaper articles from different sources on the bands signed by the label. This label was established by Miles Copeland intially to distribute a welter of new musical talent that emerged in 1977, in the period of "punk rock," via its three in-house record labels, Illegal Records, Step Forward Records, and Deptford Fun City Records.
ASM0071 Charles Feinberg collection, 1872-1984Add to your cart.
Charles E. Feinberg was an editor Emeritus of the Walt Whitman Quarterly Review. The collection consists of Walt Whitman related materials; predominantly framed and unframed prints, but also leaves from periodicals and leaves advertising Whitman reissues, a Whitman poetry broadside, a Romanian Institute of Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries catalog for a Walt Whitman Exhibit, and other Whitman memorabilia.
ASM0072 Henry Field papers, 1943-1974Add to your cart.

The Henry Field Papers include the page proofs of the "M" project for FDR, a study of world population, migration and settlement undertaken to provide data for shaping post-war relocation strategies.  The "M" Project papers contain the 666 studies done under the name as well as the history of the project.  Franklin D. Roosevelt conceived the "M" project in 1940.  The president believed that " the Paris Peace Conference decisions were made without adequate basic information," and intended the "M" Project studies to assist in relocating displaced groups after World War II in order to help prevent future conflicts. 

Each of the "M" project studies originally included a brief summary, a longer summary with conclusions and a complete text. Six series including Reports, Translations, Memoranda, Administrative and Special Studies, comprised the final project report.

In the Report Series of the publication, Field includes summaries of reports which deal with population and settlement studies in specific areas as well as more general studies such as "Displacements of Population in Europe" concerning refugee problems created by World War I. (R-53, p. 41) The Translation Series, translated mainly from Russian and Japanese, concerns agriculture, colonization, population, industry and immigration in Russia, Japan and other countries. The Memorandum Series contains data on specific issues; many involve the Jewish population of European countries and others relate to the Palestine and Transjordan areas.The Lecture Series contains lectures given in New York City in 1944 on modern migrations (L1-L6), on immigration laws and policies (L7-L17) and Jewish migration agencies and organizations. Field states that the Administrative Series related primarily to the problems of Nazi Germany and included a section on "Women in Nazi Germany."  He identifies the authors, Dr. and Mrs. Kempner, and explains that he did not write summaries for the studies "Since this series is completely out of date..."(p. 325)  The summaries of only two studies appear in the Special Series.  Both concern immigration problems in Russia.  President Truman terminated the "M" Project before the completion of this series.

The Field papers also include manuscripts for three of the Field Research Reports.  The first, an "Archaeological Report on North Arabian Desert Flint Implements" relates to a Peabody Field Museum expedition of 1928 and includes numerous prints of expedition photographs.  The remaining manuscripts include an introduction to "Contributions to the Ancient History of the USSR..." reporting on a Peabody Museum expedition of 1960 and Field's "Mongolian Tour: A Personal Diary" published as a field research report in 1974.

ASM0295 Gerald Fink collection, 1926Add to your cart.
The Gerald Fink Collection contains 32 photographs of the damage done to the city of Miami by the 1926 Miami Hurricane (or Great Miami Hurricane). Three of the photographs are panoramic and are by Verne O. Williams.
ASM0148 Firefly Zine collectionAdd to your cart.

The Firefly Zine collection is a collection of zines donated to the University of Miami Libraries by former residents of the Firefly, a local Miami collective house and important part of Miami's punk rock and activist subcultures. There are over 2,000 zines held in the collection.

Zines are typically independent and self published booklets popular in underground subcultures. The first zines were fanzines, started in the early 20th century by science fiction fans documenting the genre. The format truly took off with the punk rock movement of the 1970s, as a do-it-yourself spirit inspired legions of underground punk fans to start raw but vibrant journals documenting the nascent music scenes in their communities. Zine topics would broaden throughout the 1980s and 1990s to cover a variety of subject areas, from comics to anarchist politics to women’s rights, to more mundane subjects like dumpster diving, alternative fashions, tattoo art, and much more. Despite the expansion of topics, the format usually remained the same—self-published booklets printed in limited editions and typically produced with a photocopy machine.

The Firefly Zine collection in particular is significant for its materials documenting political beliefs and causes such as anarchism, direct action, women's rights, lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender (LGBT) rights and environmentalism. There are also many zines about the punk rock music scene and subculture, the rights of indigenous peoples, and alternative forms of transportation such as bicycles. As with many zine libraries, there is also a strong collection of zines that are of a more personal nature. Zines about South Florida, Latin America and the Caribbean regions—important collection areas of University of Miami Special Collections—are also significant in number.

ASM0263 Jay Fish papers, 1983Add to your cart.
Jay Fish was president of the Miami Geological Society, Inc. The Jay Fish Papers consist of documents pertaining to a 1983 symposium held by the Miami Geological Society, titled "Geology of South Florida." Many of the documents are letters, typescripts, maps, photographs, and essays sent to Fish by scientists wishing to present at the symposium. However, several periodicals on geology are included as well.
ASM0657 Granville Fisher collection, 1939-1979Add to your cart.
Dr. Granville Fisher was the head of the Psychology department at the University of Miami, and an independent artist. He founded the Granville Galleries on Ponce de Leon and Bird Road in 1959. The Granville Fisher Collection contains materials documenting his work as a psychologist and as an artist. The collection holds two scrapbooks as well as periodicals, pamphlets, programs, certificates, awards, letters, postcards, photographs, negatives, clippings, and one illustration with poetry dedicated to his son.
ASM0073 Florida Audubon Society records, 1900-1910Add to your cart.
The Florida Audubon Society Records contains photocopies of minutes from 1900 to 1910, as well as original leaflets published by the society from the same time period.
ASM0074 Florida Corporations records, 1955-1978Add to your cart.
The Florida Corporations Records contains annual and quarterly reports, statements of conditions, and other documents from various Florida corporations from 1955 to 1978. Particularly represented are the Florida Gas Company, Florida National Banks of Florida, Gulf Life Insurance Company, Keller Industries Incorporated, Sikes Corporation, Storer Broadcasting Corporation, Tropigas (Tropical Gas Co.), United States Sugar Corporation, and Wometco Enterprises.
ASM0179 Florida Culinary History Collection, 1911-2016Add to your cart.
The Florida Culinary History Collection contains a wide range of materials related to Florida's rich history of food, its unique restaurants and dishes, and its domestic food production. Items within the collection include pamphlets, flyers, ephemera, periodicals, and other memoribilia originating from Florida.
ASM0567 Florida Documents collection, 1777-1979Add to your cart.

The Florida Documents Collection contains correspondence, diaries, military orders, invoices, receipts, and other documents related to various aspects of Florida history dating from 1777-1979.  Topics covered include, but are not limited to the Seminole Wars, the Civil War, Fort Dallas, the Indian Key Massacre, Alachua County, the Cape Florida Lighthouse, the Cape San Blas Lighthouse, politics, land, and travel.

The collection also contains six diaries on 19th century community development in Florida authored by town developer, carpenter, handyman, and Civil War veteran Capt. Rufus W. Beaujean of Melbourne Beach in Brevard County, Florida. The diaries provide details of the many aspects of his work to develop his new community, repairing the boats of named neighbors, and socializing with, and executing chores for, named male and female residents.

ASM0668 Florida Ephemera CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Florida Ephemera collection contains posters, political tracts, programs, pamphlets and other ephemera relating to the history of Florida.
ASM0133 Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC) recordsAdd to your cart.
The collection contains a variety of materials about Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC), a grassroots organization working for immigrant rights in Florida. The records  include press releases, announcements and events from FLIC's Facebook page (and its linked websites) and pro-immigration ephemera.
ASM0231 Florida LGBTQ History Collection, 1979-1991Add to your cart.
This collection contains various materials documenting the rich history of LGBTQ (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Questioning) culture in Florida and its many decades of political and social activism. Included within are periodicals, ephemera, political tracts, general documents, and adverisements pertaining to the LGBTQ lifestyle and hailing from both earlier and contemporary eras. The contents of this collection will continue to grow as more materials are purchased and collected.
ASM0246 Florida Menu Collection, 1936-2016Add to your cart.
The Florida Menu Collection comprises of both vintange and contemporary menus originating from restaurants all around Florida, depicting a unique part of its culinary, agricultural, and commercial history. Origins of these menus currently include Miami, Miami Beach, Bradenton, Brandon, Coral Gables, Key West, Pembroke Pines, Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa, Hallandale, Kissimmee, and Jacksonville. New menus will be added periodicially to the collection as they are acquired.
ASM0078 Florida Philharmonic, Inc. records, 1965-1982Add to your cart.
The Florida Philharmonic, Inc. Records contain financial records, administrative files and scrapbooks of the Greater Miami Philharmonic, which later became known as the Florida Philharmonic under conductor Brian Priestman.
ASM0286 Florida Photograph Album collection, 1884-1970Add to your cart.
The Florida Photograph Album Collection collects assorted photograph albums in which the content predominantly depicts Florida. The photographs range from the 1880s into the 1970s, and depict St. Augustine, Palm Beach, the Everglades, Miami, Nassau, Key West, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Lake Worth, Pensacola, Coconut Grove, and Palatka. Several photographs were taken in Havana, Cuba as well.
ASM0300 Florida Photograph Collection, 1886-2000Add to your cart.
The Florida Photograph Collection contains a series of photographs and negatives depicting the state from 1886 to 1950. The content of these includes people, scenery, nature, infrastructure, historic areas and landmarks, housing, commerce, tourism, and aerial views. Cities photographed include, but are not limited to, Miami, Miami Beach, Coconut Grove, St. Augustine, Key West, Coral Gables. Also of particular notice are photographs of Seminole Indians and villages, and historic photographs by Ed Romer from the 1940s of lower income African-American housing from the Sign Company and Gulf State Properties, Inc. in Overtown (Miami).
ASM0299 Florida Postcard CollectionAdd to your cart.
Florida has long been a prime tourist destination, with its tropical environment, natural beauty, and numerous attractions. Postcards are a colorful way to advertise the wonders of Florida and promote tourism. The Florida Postcard Collection includes postcards from throughout the state, capturing both the natural landscape and the built environment.
ASM0079 Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) Newspaper Clippings collection, 1926-1946Add to your cart.
The Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) Newspaper Clippings Collection contains newspaper clippings gathered from Florida newspapers that discuss FPL affairs and activities, ranging from 1926 to 1946.
ASM0250 Florida Promotional Materials collection, 1886-Add to your cart.
The Florida Promotional Materials (1886 to present) consists of a variety of advertising literature used by governmental and private organizations to depict the region as an ideal vacation destination. The collection includes various richly illustrated printed brochures, maps and flyers that provide information on public safety, tourism, art, horticulture, recreation, sport, education, as well as Florida’s famous hotels and rich wildlife, parks and national monuments. The collection also documents the growth of Florida’s cities to attract tourists and residents alike.
ASM0389 Florida Riverboat Trip collectionAdd to your cart.
Contains 53 glass negatives and prints of "First boat trip across Florida by inland waterways, Jacksonville to Punta Gorda."
ASM0319 Florida Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) records, 1936-1940Add to your cart.

The Florida Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) Records document activities at the University of Miami in the Rare Books Project, a statewide effort initiated by the W.P.A. in 1940 to provide every library in the state with copies of rare books pertaining to Florida.

The Florida W.P.A. Records contain correspondence and transcribed copies of 13 monographs prepared by W.P.A. personnel.  Most of the typewritten manuscripts bear the name of the W.P.A. worker that transcribed the monograph, along with information on the source library or sponsor.  Some books that are represented in this collection may have been given to the University of Miami Library by the source library in exchange for books the University made available to the Rare Books Project. The collection includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, bibliographies, reports, transcripts, and public records.

ASM0679 Fonte, Henry PapersAdd to your cart.

A collection of material from acclaimed theater director, Henry Fonte, who served as the producing artistic director at the Jerry Herman Ring Theatre and the Director of Conservatory Programs in University of Miami for five years. He received his initial education from the University of Florida, earning both a Bachelor of Arts in 1973 and a Master of Arts in teaching in 1976. His acting career began in New York City where he was a founding member of the Pearl Theatre Company. He later founded the New Works Development Program at the Hartt School at the University of Hartford in Connecticut.

The collection is primarily comprised of playscripts, production notes, playbills, and programs but also contains audio-visual materials, posters, photographs, clippings, correspondence, theater set models, and various related items and ephemera from Henry Fonte.

ASM0080 Richard Forbes papers, 1943-1979Add to your cart.

The Richard Forbes Papers contains research documents for Richard Forbes's 1984 University of Miami dissertation titled Arya Samaj in Trinidad: An Historical Study of Hindu Organizational Process in Acculturative Conditions. The description of the dissertation is as follows: "Arya Samaj is a democratic Hindu reform movement founded in 1875. Though reflecting Western and Christian methods, it aims to revive ancient Vedic ideals. Brought to Trinidad after 1910 by Indian Missionaries, the Samaj spearheaded a Hindu renaissance and socio-religious reforms while also provoking an orthodox counter-reformation in the 1930s. While retarding assimilation of Hindus into the dominant Trinidad culture, the Samaj promoted inter-communal dialogue and was an effective and unified pressure group. Yet, despite emphasis on constitutional rule, the "Aryas" eventually suffered the same factionalism as other Hindus. Differential acculturation between competing groups within the movement was found to be the immediate source of conflict. Opposing factions differed significantly in their members' average educational level, exposure to Christianity, proximity to urban centers and acceptance of secular values."

Contained in the collection are a number of audio cassettes (and corresponding transcripts) of interviews with members of the Arya-Samaj, articles, typescripts, manuscripts, notebooks, reports, bibliographies, pamphlets, and photocopies.

ASM0081 Sydney Fox collection, 1967-1978Add to your cart.

Dr. Sidney Walter Fox (1912-1998) was a biochemist known for discoveries in the autosynthesis of protocells. Fox served as director of the Institute for Molecular and Cellular Evolution (IMCE) at the University of Miami.

The Sidney Fox Collection contains 9 NASA reports concerning the NASA Surveyor Program which took place from 1966 to 1968. The Surveyor Program was a NASA program that sent seven robotic spacecraft to the surface of the Moon, with the intent of demonstrating the possibility of soft landings on the Moon.

Also included is a 1978 interview with Russian-American inventor and engineer Dr. Vladimir Zworykin.

ASM0598 Evelyn Frink Scrapbook, 1946-1963Add to your cart.
The Evelyn Frink Scrapbook documents the activities of the Miami Beach garden clubs that led to the construction of the Miami Beach Garden Center and Conservatory. The clippings, photographs, reports, speeches and correspondence capture Mrs. Frink’s work as chairman of the Garden Center Committee from its inception to the inauguration of the garden center and conservatory.
ASM0082 Robert Frost collection, 1959Add to your cart.
This collection contains one sound reel of Robert Frost speaking at Plymouth Congregational Church, Coconut Grove, Florida, March 3, 1959.  It was recorded from a radio replay broadcast by a local radio station.
ASM0451 Hy Gardner papers, 1952-1990Add to your cart.
Hy Gardner was a longtime Broadway and gossip columnist who worked for the New York Tribune, hosted a television show Glad You Asked That, and appeared as a panelist on To Tell the Truth. The collection consists of various documents from his work in the above ventures, correspondence, interview transcripts and cassettes, photographs, publicity, articles, memorabilia, and other miscellanea.
M0663 Edwina Glenn Garfield and Dora F. Welti Correspondence Collection, 1947-1959Add to your cart.

This collection consists of around 1000 letters, pamphlets, and documents pertaining to 1950's conservative activism. Garfield and Welti lived in South Florida and corresponded via letter, newspaper clippings, and self-produced pamphlets to conservative extremists around the country. The collection reflects anti-Communist, anti-African American, anti-mental health, and anti-semitic sentiment and activism.

The combination of personal letters, newsletters, newspaper clippings and magazine articles in the collection presents an incredibly well-rounded representation of the day to day lives the Americans who resisted the Civil Rights Movement and lived in fear of Communism and the U.S.S.R. The many newsletters and political tracts within the collection are invaluable research materials, while the personal letters create an intimate, nuanced picture of the lives of the writers in 1950s America.

ASM0433 J. Garner papers, 1900-1901Add to your cart.

The J. Garner Collection contains a 1900-1901 daily travel diary written by Dr. J. Garner. In the diary, J. Garner describes his experiences with British army Major H. H. (Herbert Henry) Austin's expedition that traveled from Cairo, Egypt to Zeila, Somalia via Lake Rudolf. In Major Austin's "Through the Sudan to Mombasa via Lake Rudolf" (published in Scottish Geographical Magazine, Vol. XVIII, 1902), Austin notes that a Dr. J. Garner joined the expedition in Cairo around the 7th of December - a few days prior to the beginning entry of Garner's travel diary - and mentions Garner throughout.

Garner's diary begins on December 14, 1900 and ends on September 6, 1901. At the end of the diary, Garner kept a list of deaths of members of the expedition, the reasons for which include "exhaustion," "shot for killing donkey," "heat apoplexy," and "speared by natives." Throughout the entries, Garner describes the condition of the men's health, the reasons why they fell ill and died, his own illnesses, the geography and climate of the land, and the social life and customs of the people that were encountered. There are several illustrations of the camp set-up as well.

ASM0432 Benito Gaudier papersAdd to your cart.
This collection contains a manuscript written by Benito Gaudier entitled "Manual de la Pronunciación Inglesa," or Manual for English Pronunciation.
ASM0032 Theodore R. Gibson Family papers, 1955-1996Add to your cart.

The Theodore R. Gibson Family Papers document the life and work of Reverend Gibson, longtime Miami Commissioner during the 1970s and 1980s, and champion of Black Coconut Grove. The collection also contains materials documenting the civic activities and interests of Reverend Gibson’s wife, Thelma Gibson.

The collection includes albums that document Reverend Gibson’s family life, as well as his church, community, and political activities. The albums include photographs, letters of commendation, invitations, programs, biographical information, and numerous clippings.

The subject files provide evidence of the activities and interests of Reverend and Thelma Gibson, dating from the 1950s to the 1990s. Included are programs for services and events at Christ Episcopal Church and other area churches; speeches and invocations written by Reverend Gibson; letters received; and materials concerning the NAACP.

The clippings document the interests of Reverend and Thelma Gibson and highlight their work and accomplishments. A majority of the clippings are arranged chronologically and date from 1981-1990. Clippings arranged by subject document the activities of Reverend Gibson and his family, as well as other topics, and date from the 1960s to the1990s.

ASM0492 Daniel O. Graham papers, 1967-1991Add to your cart.
The Daniel O. Graham papers contains a variety of materials from Graham's military career and his work in United States intelligence and defense. Included are Westmoreland vs. CBS trial papers, documents on Arlington politics, a series of drafts about Project High Frontier, materials on Soviet-American relations, materials on the Strategic Defense Initiative and the CIA, personal and official correspondence, press clippings and newspapers, manuscripts, articles, essays, awards, and other materials.
ASM0629 Greater Miami Opera collection, 1953-1991Add to your cart.
The Greater Miami Opera Collection contains programs, brochures, and seasonal periodicals from the Greater Miami Opera Association and the Opera Guild of Greater Miami, ranging from 1953 to 1991. Among the operas featured are Madame Butterfly, The Barber of Seville, The Marriage of Figaro, Romeo and Juliet, Othello, La Boheme, Faust, Cavalleria Rusticana, The Flying Dutchman, Turandot, Rigoletto, Carmen, Tosca, and Die Fledermaus.
ASM0088 Juanita Green papers, 1970Add to your cart.
Juanita Greene was a Miami Herald reporter and South Florida environmentalist. The collection consists of letters sent to Juanita Greene in response to a 1970 column in the Miami Herald requesting readers' thoughts on the current status of the Miami Metropolitan Transportation Services. The letters are subdivided into folders by topic, ranging thematically from complaints about smoking to inefficient service to the behavior of other ethnic and cultural groups on the buses.
ASM0087 Jerry Greene collection, 1962-1969Add to your cart.
Jerome Greene was a commissioner and later vice-chairman of the board of the Urban Renewal Agency for Dade County, Florida, as well as the chairman of the Save Urban Renewal Committee of 1964. His papers concern his involvement with the above.
ASM0089 Oliver Griswold papers, 1955-1962Add to your cart.

The Oliver Griswold Papers consist of four boxes of material totalling two cubic feet of files. The Papers contain several of his manuscripts and copies of articles, in addition to correspondence concerning these publications. Scripts of University of Miami television programs and files relating to the Radio and Television Department document his university activities during the 1950's.

Topics for television programs vary widely. One "historical" file contains background research and the script of a program on Dr. Henry Perrine and Charles A. Howe, two prominent figures in South Florida history. Correspondence with Howe's son, R.H. Howe, documents the experience of Howe and the Perrine family on the land known as the Perrine Grant. Several other program scripts based on bi-annual expeditions to Latin American countries documents the University of Miami's interest in this region.

ASM0187 Guy Stoms Properties, Inc. records, 1925-1926Add to your cart.
The Guy Stoms Properties, Inc. Records contains documents from the Guy Stoms Properties, Inc.  real estate corporation, in the form of stock certificates, minutes, and certificates. The collection also contains a Bootleggers & Booze-heisters Union Order of Demerit for Guy Storms.
ASM0085 Haitian Diaspora Oral History collection, 2010-2013Add to your cart.
The Haitian Diaspora Oral History collection includes videos and selected transcripts of oral history interviews conducted with individuals of Haitian ancestry that are well-renowned in the world of the arts, community activism, civic leadership, and many professional organizations. The interviews were conducted by Kevin Mason, Lucrèce Louisdhon-Louinis and Béatrice Colastin Skokan.
ASM0189 Haitian Grey Literature Collection, 1981-2012Add to your cart.

A collection of several informally published papers, reports, bulletins, directories, brochures, articles and other documents, surrounding the Haitian culture both in and outside of the United States. Topics of interest include reports on the Haitian diasporic communities in South Florida and their economic situations, the history of Haitian refugees and detainees, and documents discussing Haitian civil rights in the United States.

The collection also contains a selection of materials from the Sant La Haitian Neighborhood Center, located in Miami, Florida. Their organization is dedicated to providing a voice for the Haitian-American community in South Florida and assisting Haitian-Americans with any needs they may have in the following areas: social services, education, economic self-sufficiency, and access to health care.

ASM0214 Haitian Women of Miami (FANM) records, 1991-2011Add to your cart.

Haitian Women of Miami-Fanm Ayisyen Nan Miyami (FANM) was founded in 1991 to work for the "social and political empowerment" of Haitian women and their families. FANM is an advocacy and social service agency in Little Haiti and serves the needs of low income women and their families as well as victims of abuse, neglect, violence, discrimination and racism.

The records include correspondence, flyers, posters and educational publications as well as photographs of rallies and events from the Haitian Women of Miami.  Scrapbooks and newspapers from Haiti and the diaspora- such as "Le Floridien" and "The Haitian Times"- document political events and ongoing activism of women organizations, immigrant activists as well as local community happenings. The collection also includes substantial documentation of the activism of one of the organization's most notable activists, Marleine Bastien.

ASM0568 Basil Hall papersAdd to your cart.
A 12 page manuscript entitled: The Bahama Island" by Capt. Basil Hall (1788-1844) of the Royal Navy.
ASM0607 Philippe Halsman collection, 1944-1975Add to your cart.

9 black and white photographs by Philippe Halsman (27.8 x 35.4 cm)

3 black and white photographs by Berenice Abbott (25.3 x 20.2 cm) matted.

5 black and white photograhs with an unlegible signature

ASM0296 William Halstead papers, 1934-1950Add to your cart.
William P. Halstead was a Professor of the University of Miami English Department. The collection contains manuscripts, essays, reprinted articles from periodicals, notebooks, and photographs.
ASM0307 Jason Handelsman collectionAdd to your cart.
Jason Handelsman is a writer/journalist based in Miami. This collection consists of zines and zine originals for his project, "Untitled Rough Manuscript for the President's Reality Show", and two undated journals written by Handelsman.
ASM0091 Handleman Holocaust collection, 1942-1982Add to your cart.
The contents of this collection, made possible by an endowment by philanthropist Joseph Handleman, were selected and arranged by Dr. Helen Fagin, director of the Judaic Studies program at the university. The collection includes assorted materials pertaining to the Third Reich, the Holocaust, and the history of anti-Semitism in general, including among others: the original transcript of the trial of Adolf Eichmann; a set of reports, letters, minutes, and other official documents concerning Third Reich occupation and war crimes in the Baltic states of Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania; documents by Heinrich Himmler; an original yellow star; as well as several pieces of anti-Semitic literature.
ASM0289 V. Hansen papers, 1899Add to your cart.
This collection contains a manuscript of over 11000 words on 72 pages regarding service in the Spanish-American War. Written by V. Hansen of Company A, 13th Infantry Regiment, the account begins by detailing the organization of the Fifth army and the Rough Riders in Tampa Bay, Florida. Hansen tells of encountering Colonel Roosevelt and refers to the Rough Riders several times during battle descriptions. Hansen describes the rough sea trip on the transport ship "Saratoga," the preliminary naval maneuvers, and the uneventful landing at Sibonay. Numerous stories are told of the various fighting men, included one of a Cuban soldier who killed his horse to feed his starving family, upon which he was tortured and executed as military punishment.
ASM0092 Jeanne Perkins Harman papers, 1956-1963Add to your cart.
Jeanne Perkins Harmans was a journalist and writer residing in the Virgin Islands of the United States. The collection consists of materials from and regarding the Virgin Islands on a wide range of issues in the late 1950s and early 1960s, including political conditions and controversies, tourism, description of the islands, and race and sexuality concerns on the islands. Many of the items consist of correspondence with and type-written notes by Harmans, or clippings from newspaper articles by Harmans and others; but there are also reports, periodicals, brochures, bibliographies, and maps. Some of the correspondence concerns Harmans's publishing activities, including that of a 1691 book titled "The Virgins: Magic Islands." A signed copy of this book was contained in the collection, but later separated out and housed with the Special Collections monographs.
ASM0532 Ralph Harris papers, 193-1962Add to your cart.
Dr. Ralph Harris was a University of Miami carillonneur and member of the Iron Arrow Honor Society. His papers consist of awards, certificates, letters, reports, a commemorative plate, press releases, notebooks, and programs of his carillon performances.
ASM0093 L.G. Hartwell collection, 1934-1979Add to your cart.
Leola G. Hartwell was an architect who resided in New Jersey and Miami. The L. G. Hartwell Collection consists of materials documenting her architectural design work primarily in the greater Miami area, but also some in other parts of the state and the country at large. Among projects that Hartwell worked on include the construction of Miami Dade Community College South Campus, a number of different constructions for the City of Miami, and an Opa-Locka neighborhood facility project.
ASM0440 Gerhart Hauptmann papersAdd to your cart.
A handwritten and handdrawn manuscript entitled "Die versunkene glocke" (The sunken bell). Painted plates are by Maria L. Schwendt.
ASM0094 Edgar Hay papers, 1920-1977Add to your cart.
The Edgar Hay Papers contain articles, short stories and other writings, correspondence, photographs and scrapbooks with clippings of the column "Show Folks" which he wrote for the Miami Herald.
ASM0619 Louis J. Hector papers, 1957-2000Add to your cart.
The collection contains the personal papers of Louis J. Hector, in the form of clippings, invitations, letters, memorandum, notebooks, photographs, and reports. Prominently represented are files pertaining to the University of Miami, the Southeast Banking Corporation, Pan American World Airways, Inc., the Civil Aeronautics Board, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Gallery, the National Humanities Center, and the Academy of Arts and Sciences.
ASM0441 William Monroe Heine papersAdd to your cart.
The William Monroe Heine Papers contains a typescript by William Monroe Heine titled "A Remnant of the Seminoles," as well as a photocopy of that typescript.
ASM0416 Charles A. Hentz collection, 1911-1970Add to your cart.
Charles Arnould Hentz (1827-1894) was a physician practicing in the rural South in the years leading up to and through the Civil War. Dr. Hentz is famously known for his diary that he kept for more than twenty years, which depicts the demanding work of a physician in an age before medicine could reliably cure patients. The collection contains a two-volume carbon typescript of his autobiography that he penned at the end of his life. Also included is a pamphlet titled "Le Conventionnel Hentz Depute de la Moselle," translated into English, about Nicolas Hentz, a député of the Moselle to the French National Convention.
ASM0442 Johann Heinrich Hesse papers, 1791Add to your cart.
The Johann Heinrich Hesse Papers contains a 1791 manuscript of Johann Heinrich Hesse (1712-1778)'s "Anweisung zum General-Baß," or "Guide to Thorough-Bass."
ASM0438 William Georges Heuson papersAdd to your cart.
The William Georges Heuson Papers contains a 571 page typescript by William Georges Heuson titled "A Tax and Revenue History of the State of Florida."
ASM0376 Samuel Hirsch papers, 1932-1963Add to your cart.
Samuel Hirsch was a theater professor, producer, and theorist who produced a number of plays in the Miami area. The collection consists of many photographs, clippings, programs, and correspondence of various plays that Hirsch produced from the 1940s to 1960s. The collection also contains a scrapbook with clippings, cards, and programs regarding the Musicomedy Series of theater productions directed by Hirsch, which was held in Miami in 1957. Included is an issue of the English Leaflet, Winter 1964, Vol. LXIII, No. 4 which contains an article by Samuel Hirsch titled "The Theatre of the Absurd," and an audiotape titled "Prof Samuel Hirsch, 'Some Thoughts on the Theatre of the Absurd,' the English Lunch Club, 3/14/1964."
ASM0152 Historic Black Churches Oral History Film Project, 2010-2014Add to your cart.

"The Historic Black Church Oral History Film Project represents an unprecedented campus-community partnership intended to preserve the rich cultural and social history  of faith-based communities of color in South Florida, support university-wide interdisciplinary collaboration, and educate a new generation of high school, college, and graduate students about the crucial leadership role of Historic Black Churches in Afro-Caribbean-American communities." -UM Law School Center for Ethics and Public Service (CEPS).

This collection includes DVDs of the "Historic Black Church Oral History" films, publications documenting the project, flyers, ephemera, and invitations for community screenings.

ASM0566 Historical Documents collection, 1642-1977Add to your cart.

The Historical Documents Collection includes letters, deeds, bonds, receipts, orders, position appointments, writings, and other documents that are individual in nature and do not belong to any particular collection. The materials represent a number of prominent figures in the areas of art, literature, music, science, scholarship, business, law, military, politics, diplomacy, and religion. The items range in date from 1642-1977, but the bulk date from the 1760s through the 1920s. Most of the materials are American in origin, although some are from Mexico and Europe, particularly Great Britain.

Individuals represented in the collection include, but are not limited to:  Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Samuel Langhorne Clemens (Mark Twain), Charles Dickens, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Washington Irving, Aldous Huxley, Rudyard Kipling, Ezra Pound, John Muir, Sigmund Freud, and Igor Stravinsky, Benjamin Butler, James Longstreet, Edmund Gaines Pendleton, Matthew Perry, William Tecumseh Sherman, Friedrich Wilhelm August Heinrich Ferdinand von Steuben, John Quincy Adams, Napoleon Bonaparte, Aaron Burr, Alexander Hamilton, Jefferson Davis, Ulysses Simpson Grant, Sam Houston, Andrew Jackson, James Madison, James Oglethorpe, William Howard Taft, Herbert Hoover, Thomas Paine, Woodrow Wilson, and King Louis XVIII.

ASM0096 L. A. Hodson papers, 1933-1948Add to your cart.

Dr. L. A. Hodson was a Miami ophthamologist who had a strong interest in zoology. Dr. Hodson, a friend of professor of zoology and University of Miami president Jay F. Pearson, ventured on a number of trips to the Bahamas (a few times with Pearson) where he discovered a number of new species and collected hard to find species. These he donated to the University of Miami.

The L. A. Hodson collection contains clippings about these expeditions; correspondence; much of which concerns the securing of his visit, the donation, and an exhibit on the Cat Turtle that was set up at Tufts College Medical School; a photograph of Hodson taken by Pearson, and two typescripts: "The Discovery of the Cat Turtle," and "Notes on the Discovery and Biology of Two Bahaman Fresh-water Turtles of the Genus Pseudemys," the latter of which was co-written by Pearson.

ASM0636 Richard B. Hoit Photograph collection, 1834-1973Add to your cart.
Photographer Richard Hoit came to Miami in 1914 when he was 27. Already an experienced movie and aerial photographer, his collection of photographs includes landscapes from diverse regions including Massachusetts, Vermont and Florida in the United States. In addition, Hoit traveled extensively in South America in the early nineteen hundreds. The images resulting from these travels are of people and scenery from Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru.  Finally, the Richard Hoit Collection contains Hoit family photographs that span the period 1834 through 1973.
ASM0533 Holsum Bakery records, 1913-1994Add to your cart.
The Fuchs Baking Co. bakery in Miami, colloquially known as the Holsum Bakery, was founded in 1913 and closed in 1994. The Holsum Bakery Collection contains reports, minutes, certificates, brochures, appraisal reports, and other official files, documents, and memorabilia pertaining to the bakery.
ASM0097 Nathaniel Hooper collection, 1896-1904Add to your cart.
The Nathaniel Hooper Collection contains one visitors' book from the Chateau Malet in France.
ASM0098 Augustus Seymour Houghton collection, 1905-1948Add to your cart.

The papers of A.S. Houghton (1866-1948) numbering approximately 4500 items consist of articles, printed matter, newspaper clippings, by-laws, legislative matter, and pamphlets. The material extends from 1905 to 1948 with the bulk of the papers falling within the period of 1929 to 1948.

The papers deal primarily with Augustus Houghton's work as a conservationist.  The material is broken down into the different organizations with which he was involved.  There is a large section of material dealing with the American Game Association, the Association for the Protection of the Adirondacks, and the

Camp Fire Club of America but they are not a major part of the collection because Houghton corresponded and kept files on a diverse number of conservation and wildlife organizations.

The correspondence to and from August S. Houghton is varied and he had several principal correspondents, all of whom shared with him their interest in conservation.  His principal correspondents were: John B. Burnham, President of the American Game Protective Association, which later became the American Game Association; Carlos Avery, President of the American Game Association; Seth Gordon, President of the American Game Association; William Greely, leading member of the American Game Association; Erl Roman, Fishing Editor of the Miami Herald; Merlin Mitchell, Executive Secretary, Florida State Fish and Game Association and later secretary of the Florida Wildlife Federation; Jay N. (Ding) Darling, famous cartoonist and leading Florida conservationist; Dr. W.T. Hornaday, Zoological Gardens, N.Y.; Lithgow Osborne, Conservation Commissioner, State of New York; Raymond Torrey, Camp Fire Club of America; and Karl Frederick, President of the New York State Conservation Council.  Houghton also corresponded with F.G. Walton Smith, Director of the University of Miami's Marine Laboratory (now the Rosentiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences) and with Spessard L. Holland, Governor of Florida in the early 1940's.

ASM0600 William C. House papersAdd to your cart.
The William C. House Papers includes Pan American World Airways, Inc. posters, personal correspondence with Norman Rockwell, photographs of House and Rockwell from their around the world trip aboard Pan American World Airways, Inc., and World War II (WWII, WW2) propaganda material. William House was an executive with the advertising firm, J. Walter Thompson.
ASM0221 Howard Davis-Artifacts Artist Group collection, 1979-2008Add to your cart.
A collection of papers, photographs, scrapbooks, ephemera and other objects that document various cultural scenes in Miami from the 1980s to the present, with an emphasis on the art, nightclub and drag subcultures.
ASM0099 Willard Hubbell papers, 1928-1950Add to your cart.
Willard Hubbell was a South Florida architect and playwright. His collection contains several plays, clippings regarding and programs of the plays, architectural documents and correspondence, a blueprint titled "Cloth House No. 1," four issues of The American Eagle newspaper, a typescript titled "F. W. Munson - (Questionaire about Merritt Island)," a document titled "History of the Koreshan Unity" by A. H. Andrews, and other items.
ASM0701 Robert Huff collection, 1983-2004Add to your cart.
The Robert Huff Collection contains exhibit catalogs,  postcards, flyers, gallery guides, and other ephemera documenting South Florida artists and art-related events in Miami, beginning in 1983. It includes materials from the Gloria Luria Gallery, the National Gallery of Sciences, and the Gallery of 24, as well as museums, and the Miami Book Fair. The collection also includes many documentations of South Florida scuplture and sculptors, along with many items relating to the work of South-Florida artist Robert Huff. The collection includes an oversized Raushenberg Tropic cover, signed "Bob".
ASM0100 H.L. Hunley Submarine collection, 1887-1957Add to your cart.
This collection contains typescripts, photocopies and photographs regarding the history of the confederate submarine H. L. Hunley.
ASM0610 Hurricane Andrew collection, 1992-1997Add to your cart.

The Hurricane Andrew collection contains two different series of materials regarding the 1992 hurricane.

Series I consists of photographs, writings, and artwork made by children representing their Hurricane Andrew experience. The majority of the materials are photographs, negatives, prints, photographic slides, writings about those photographs, and administrative documents from a project done at Southwood Middle School titled "The Eye of the Storm through the Eye of the Child." Administered and organized by Colette Stemple, a photography teacher at the school, the photographs depict damage done to their homes and their neighborhoods, and have accompanying text written by the children as well. The project was eventually on display in the Miami Art Museum one year after the landfall of Andrew, under the same name. Also included are drawings, poems, a bound volume titled "Hands On: The Day the Winds Came... Migrant Children Write About the Effects of Hurricane Andrew," reflections written by Caribbean Elementary School students, and a folder scrapbook on Hurricane Andrew's effects titled "In the Wake of Andrew."

Series II contains historic Miami Herald newspapers chronicling the Hurricane's impending landfall in South Florida, the actual landfall, and several weeks of the aftermath.

ASM0528 W. H. H. Hutton collection, 1869Add to your cart.
The W. H. H. Hutton Collection contains two letters written by W. H. H. Hutton. In one, dated march 14, 1869, Hutton writes to a "Doctor" about his or her experiences in traveling to Fort Jefferson, Florida. In the other, dated October 6, 1869, Hutton writes to a "Doctor" about maladies at the Fort.
ASM0248 International AIDS Poster Collection, 1997-2002Add to your cart.
This collection features several posters documenting the AIDs movement from the 80's to the present to educate people about the HIV/AIDs epidemic and prevent its spread in various countries of the world. Nations currently represented in the collection are Brazil, Germany, United States, and South Africa.
M0143 International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 487 Records, 1911-2012Add to your cart.
Minutes and ByLaws of the union from 1911 to the present (2012 at the time of receipt)
ASM0101 Charles Ives Centennial Festival records, 1960-1989Add to your cart.
This collection contains the records of the Charles Ives Centennial Festival that took place in Miami in 1974, celebrating the composer's 100th birthday. The collection includes correspondence that documents the planning process, programs for events celebrating Ives in Miami and elsewhere, articles and reviews, photographs, and official documentation.
ASM0170 Vincent A. Jablon papers, 1925-1965Add to your cart.
Dr. Vincent A. Jablon was a podiatrist and professor of Roentgenology, who received from the University of Miami in 1931. While at the University of Miami, he worked for the Curtiss Airplane and Motor Company and was part of the Omicron Phi fraternity, which was based on the interest in aviation. The Vincent A. Jabon papers contain materials pertaining to these topics, in the form of scrapbooks of Omicron Phi activities, photographs of Curtiss airplanes, clippings, Jabon's mechanic identity card, letters, photocopies, Jabon's 1930 class schedule, and his jacket, goggles, and pilot hat.
ASM0320 Jamaica Manuscripts collection, 1774-1950Add to your cart.
The Jamaica Manuscripts Collection contains 20 documents, most of which concern Jamaica in a variety of ways (others are regarding the British West Indies at large). Included, among other things, are plantation records, correspondence, journals, official documents such as power of attorney documents and affidavits, notes on the climate of Jamaica, and Spanish reports on English possessions.  Some of these are originals, where others are later 20th century documents about Jamaica or typescripts of letters.
ASM0280 James Merrick Smith and Hal F. B. Birchfield Collection, 1948-2017Add to your cart.

The James Merrick Smith and Hal F. B. Birchfield Collection contains images, letters, news articles, DVDs and a CDs highlighting the stellar lives, careers and involvement of James Merrick Smith and Hal Birchfield in their personal, professional and civic activities.

With his vision of design becoming much more than the up-market selling of merchandise, James Merrick Smith set about the machinery of change that would make interior design a legitimate and accredited profession.   This progression would require the development of education, testing, administration and implementation and then onward to governmental accreditation. James Merrick Smith was the person that not only had the vision but the guts and the charisma and good fortune to find others to help fulfill this dream of professionalization of the field of interior design. Life partner Hal Birchfield would also be a part of this much involved process. And among other facets of their lives was the matter of the highly respected professional work the office of James Merrick Smith and Hal Birchfield achieved, setting high professional standards for interior design excellence.

ASM0277 Hurford Janes papers, 1959-1970Add to your cart.
The Hurford Janes papers contain about 200 pages letters to and from Hurford Janes for his proposed biography of James A. M. Whistler, the American painter. The collection also contains several newspapers, photocopies of old letters, postcards, pages of poetry, and two manuscripts: one of the biography and one titled "The Whistler Mystery."
ASM0606 Felix Jay papersAdd to your cart.
The Felix Jay Papers consist of the manuscripts of over 40 unpublished research papers by Dr. Jay on Latin American history and culture, with an emphasis on the Spanish presence in the New World. The folder numbers used by Dr. Jay are retained here.
ASM0569 Thomas Jefferson collection, 1790-1823Add to your cart.

Thomas Jefferson (1742-1826) was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence (1776), Governor of Virginia (1779-1781), the first Secretary of State (1790-1793), second Vice-President of the United Sates (1797-1801), the third President of the United States (1801–1809), the founder of the University of Virginia (1819), and one of the most influential Founding Fathers.

The Thomas Jefferson collection includes four letters by Thomas Jefferson, three official documents, an entry of merchandise, a biography, and twenty-six printed portraits.

ASM0105 Gertrude Jobes papersAdd to your cart.

Gertrude Jobes was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. in 1907, and is the author of a number of books including One Happy Family; Dictionary of Mythology, Folklore and Symbols; Outer Space; and The Motion Picture Empire. She often contributed her poetry to anthologies and avant-garde journals. She lated resided in Miami, Florida.

The Gertrude Jobes Collection contains typescripts and manuscripts by Gertrude Jobes. Included is an undated and unpublished 91 page typescript titled The Patriot and the Traitor: a tragi-comedy in three acts, an undated and unpublished typescript titled Tigers in the Bamboo Grove, assorted prose writings, and assorted poetry. Also included is biographical and genealogical data on Jobes, a sketch of Jobes,  and correspondence from the years 1965-1969, chiefly on the subject of the illness and death of her husband James A. Jobes.

ASM0249 Ramm, John Milton Collection, 1930-1932Add to your cart.
"Original artwork, including penciled sketches and watercolor mock-ups of small posters, created by this California artist for the San Francisco-based shipping line, The Grace Line (working here through a local advertising agency). The bulk of Ramm's art and papers were donated to the Smithsonian's Archives of American Art in 1994; subsequently, little of Ramm's work has appeared on the market. The group of work for a specific advertising campaign in 1931-1932 includes four watercolor mock-ups of posters/store cards from the Grace Line's 'Havana and Return' cruise; watercolor mock-up of poster for Grace Line's 'California to Victoria and Seattle cruise;' watercolor painting of an untitled cruise ship sailing along a rock coast; Ramm's scrapbook for art created for Grace Line menu cards; plus nine different sketches on tissue paper, being Ramm's rough drawings for menu card ideas." -Marc Selvaggio, Bookseller, A.B.A.A.
ASM0529 Johnson, Josephine papers, 1965-2007Add to your cart.

Dr. Josephine Johnson is Professor Emeritus of the University of Miami School of Communication, former Chair of the Department of Communications, and alumna of the University. Her scholarship extends from W. B. Yeats to post-modern British poets. She is a recognized solo performer throughout the country.

Josephine Johnson's papers contains documents pertaining to her work in organizing a number of poetry events in the Miami area, including the Richter Library Poetry Series and poetry recitals in Beaumont Hall presented by the University of Miami Chamber Theatre, as well as personal research materials.

The collection contains videocassettes, DVDs, film reels, clippings, letters, reports, certificates, sheet music, photos, programs, manuscripts.

ASM0395 William H. Johnson papers, 1863-1864Add to your cart.
The William H. Johnson Papers contains six letters written by William H. Johnson, a soldier for the Union during the United States Civil War, who was stationed nearby Fernadina, Florida. The first letter is dated January 18th, 1863, and the last one April 4th, 1864.
ASM0153 Middlebrooks, Joseph  PapersAdd to your cart.

Joseph Middlebrooks is an award-wining architect who created his own firm here in Miami, Florida by the name of Joseph Middlebrooks and Associates, Inc. and taught at the University of Miami as Professor of Architecture & Planning from 1970 to 2011. He earned a Master of Architecture degree from Yale University in 1969, a Master of City Planning from Yale University in 1970, and a Bachelor of Architecture from Howard University in 1969. He was also the first African-American registered architect in Florida and received many accolades over the years for his work, including the Miami-Dade County MDCC Business of the Year; The Miami Herald Pacesetters Award; a commendation plaque from the city of Opa-Locka for outstanding design of a state-owned multi-service center located in that city; a commendation plaque from the Opa-Locka Community Development Corporation forestoration of the Opa-Locka Historic Train Station and a 2nd place design competition award for the Florida Memorial College theater. Over the years, his firm specialized in many areas, including: airport/aviation, banking/financial, child care facilities, classrooms, clubhouses, colleges & universities, community centers, conference centers, cultural facilities, entertainment facilities, food service/cafeteria, government buildings, government offices, hospitals, libraries, and religious facilities.

His collection currently includes much of his research documents, administrative files, plaques, awards, drafts, development plans, architectural drawings, urban and development reports, portfolios, clippings, correspondence, and other materials related to his life's work.

ASM0036 James Joyce sheet music collectionAdd to your cart.
This collection consists of sheet music based on James Joyce's writings.
ASM0237 Jumbo's Restaurant collection, 1985-2014Add to your cart.
The Jumbo's Restaurant collection documents the history of the Liberty City restaurant. The collection consists of menus, coupons, a coffee mug, a box for food, and newspaper clippings and articles. Many of the newspaper materials are taped onto poster boards or are framed. The majority of the materials date from 1999-2014, although certain ephemeral items are undated.
ASM0106 Richard A. Kahn papers, 1932-1957Add to your cart.

Richard A. Kahn was a lawyer and economist who taught

economics and business law courses, published numerous articles and held a variety of positions in the United States government. The Richard A. Kahn Papers, arranged in three series, contain correspondence, newspaper clippings, book manuscripts, copies of published articles, and marketing research. Much of the content of this collection concerns his work with various fishery institutions, such as the U.S. Branch of Commercial Fisheries and the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute.

ASM0309 Louis C. Karpinski map collection, 1694-1938Add to your cart.
The Karpinski Map Collection contains maps from the Caribbean, the Southeast of the United States, the Mediterranean, Central America, and South America.
ASM0199 Katy Sorenson papers, 1993-2006Add to your cart.
The Katy Sorenson papers document the career of Kathryn “Katy” Sorenson, a former Miami-Dade County Commissioner (District 8) for 16 years, from 1994–2010. As commissioner she was concerned with human rights, the environment, child welfare and the arts.  After leaving the County Commission, Sorenson founded the Good Government Initiative at the University of Miami, to cultivate strong political leaders in South Florida. The collection consists primarily of campaign files, along with a number of scrapbooks and government and other documents relating to Sorenson’s terms as commissioner.
ASM0108 Kauffman Collection of Mississippi papersAdd to your cart.

The Kauffman Collection, comprised of the Mississippi papers, pertains to three generations of plantation families in southwestern Mississippi.  The papers were first received in four wrapped bundles, or packages.

The first package of documents are those of Dr. John F. Carmichael produced from 1800 to 1845.  The majority of these manuscripts date from the 1820s, but there is a good distribution of items from 1800 to 1837, the year Carmichael died.  The  last dated item, produced in 1845, is the distribution of Carmichael's own estate, as written by his nephew John Carmichael Jenkins.

These papers give a limited view of life in early Mississippi when it was part of West Florida, the Mississippi Territory, and after it became a state.  As there is not much lengthy correspondence involved, it is difficult to obtain a deep understanding of activities around that time.  The papers do, however, show that the early settlers in Mississippi were in rather dangerous and isolated territory; floods and disease were quite common, and food was simple and not in ample supply.  The numerous receipts are effective in demonstrating the lifestyle of the people; what was bought and sold in the area indicates the degree of comfort in which the residents lived.

The quality of the materials themselves runs from fair to poor.  Many items have pages missing or are torn, holed, brittle, and stained, some beyond easy identification.  Most of the papers are small, single-paged items, but the legal documents and manifests are usually oversized and lengthy.

The second package in this collection is related to Dr. John Carmichael Jenkins, the nephew of the aforementioned John Carmichael.  The materials were produced from 1827- to 1869.  The bulk of these papers were written between 1835 and 1855, the years Jenkins lived in Mississippi.  There are, however, two items which date from his years in Pennsylvania, and a copy of a sharecroppers' lease in 1869 for the Beverly Plantation, which apparently was in the control of Dr. Jenkins' elder son, John Jenkins, Jr.

These manuscripts are useful in understanding the business and social climate of the expansive and antebellum periods in Mississippi. They are more diverse and detailed than the letters to Carmichael.  They show the lifestyle one would experience as a middle-class Southern farmer of the 1840s and 1850s.

The condition of the material is fair to good; most of the items are intact and only slightly faded.  Colored paper is still in good shape, but the handwriting becomes harder to decipher than on the yellowed white paper generally used.  Occasionally there is a page missing from a long letter, but almost everything is complete.

The third package of the Kauffman Collection contains those papers relating  to Judge  Josiah Winchester.  These papers were produced from 1849 to 1893.  There are many unsigned and undated drafts of letters, mostly dealing with Chinese labor immigration and miscellaneous notes and accountings.

These items were produced mostly from 1856 to 1888, with a thinning of the material from 1860 to 1865, during the Civil War, and again from 1874 to 1880. The earlier papers were probably left with this collection as received, the more important documents relating to wartime being removed.  A single document from 1849 was received in this package, but it concerns lands belonging to the Bank of the United Sate (Pennsylvania) and probably not relative to Winchester.  There are also a printed map of Adams County, Mississippi, and a length typewritten draft of a proposal sent to Congress concerning levee construction along the Mississippi, and a lengthy typewritten draft of a proposal sent to Congress concerning levee construction along the Mississippi River.  These date from around 1893, five years after all documents with Winchester's name ceased to appear.

These documents are somewhat helpful in understanding legal procedure and domestic law during the 1860s and 1870s.  Many of the receipts and bills are printed with handwritten inserts; the stationary shows some the flair of the period with its lettertype and occasional engravings.

The condition of the material is in a quite good state of preservation.  There are few holed or brittle papers, and the ink quality has been retained.  Unfortunately there are some incomplete letters and documents, some unsigned, and many undated.

The fourth and final package in this collection is the most fragmented. Here are papers and documents that are in disarray, belonging mostly to six groups.  The papers of S.J. Hoggatt all relate to Judge Winchester: Winchester was Hoggatt's attorney.  When the collection was received, however, these papers were separate from the rest of Winchester's correspondence.  Most of Hoggatt's papers are letters to Winchester or bills received and paid through an account with the attorney. The period covered runs from 1870 to 1888.

The letters of the Dunbar family total seven items, running from 1799 to 1850.  These probably belonged to Annis Dunbar Jenkins, but they too were separated from the Jenkins package when received.  The Morgan Company and Morgan family papers, and an inventory concerning a lawsuit between family members over the ownership and distribution of George Morgan's estate.

The United States Bank at New Orleans seems to have been a part of the Bank of the United States in Pennsylvania; several of the tax receipts in the Jenkins collection belong with these papers concerning land deals and business transactions in Mississippi.  Most of these items are business letters for the secretary for the bank trustees in Philadelphia to their agent, A. C. Ferguson, in Natchez.  The time covered is from 1837 to 1866, but the majority of these papers were produced in the late 1850s.

The final group in the package consists of miscellaneous material relative to Mississippi.  They run from 1803 to 1869, and some actually belong in Carmichael's, Jenkins', or Winchester's papers, but for some reason they were placed in this package when received.  Other items in this group are single letters or unidentified notes which have nothing to do with the principle persons in this collection.

These papers are generally useful in understanding the activities of specific groups on a smaller scale.  The Harris family letters give insight into the way of life experienced by poorer Mississippians after the Civil War.  The Morgan family legal case demonstrates the greed and desperation for wealth after the collapse of the Southern economy during Reconstruction.

The material is in good condition except for the oldest of the papers, those being the Dunbar letters and a few of the miscellaneous papers from the early 1800s.

ASM0306 Andrew Kaufman Photography collection, 2012Add to your cart.
The Andrew Kaufman Photography collection includes a box set of two hand made books created by the photographer that document the graffiti and street art in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami. Also included in the collection is a folder of ephemera advertising Kaufman's photography business.
ASM0651 Roy Keeler collection, 1915-1981Add to your cart.
Roy Keeler was a Miami-based long-term captain and pioneering flying boat pilot with the Pan American World Airways. The Roy Keeler Collection consists of documents from or pertaining to his time with the Pan American World Airways, in the form of correspondence, notes, telegrams, bulletins, passenger manifests, clippings, photos, receipts, handbooks, manuals, maps, charts, plans, certificates, and identification cards (including ones from Canada and Cuba).
ASM0112 Joseph Kelleher collectionAdd to your cart.
Materials related to Treasure Cay and Abaco Islands of the Bahamas; maps of Florida and Arkansas
ASM0113 Joseph Spencer Kennard papers, 1902-1939Add to your cart.
The Joseph Spencer Kennard Papers includes correspondence, a scrapbook, and the manuscript of A Literary History of the Italian People (1940) by Joseph Spencer Kennard (1859-1944), author of several books about Italian literature and theater.
ASM0114 Key West Trip collectionAdd to your cart.
This collection contains three sound reels titled "Key West Trip."
ASM0274 Lee Kjelson papersAdd to your cart.

Dr. Lee Kjelson, a longtime Coral Gables resident, was director of choral activities at the University of Miami from 1967 until 1993, when he became professor emeritus. He also founded the Civic Chorale of Greater Miami in 1970, and served twice as its conductor.

The collection contains one phonographic record titled "Miami Beach Rhumba," assorted sheet music and lyrics, a document titled "Decreto Supremo No. 21060" by Victor Paz Estenssoro, former president of Bolivia, and an article titled "Les Marranes Espagnols et Portugais Les Communautes Juives Issues du Marranisme dans L'Historiographie Recente (1960-1975)" from Revue des Etudes Juives, vol. 136, regarding Jews in Latin America.

ASM0116 Effie Knowles papers, 1949-1977Add to your cart.
This collection contains 1949-1950 case records for the "Before the Indian Claims Commission, Docket No. 73, Seminole Indians of Florida Versus the United States." Also included is a pamphlet containing the lyrics for a song by William D. Knowles titled "You'll Never Know."
ASM0117 Fred Koch collection, 1823-1944Add to your cart.

The personal papers of Frederick H. Koch, dramatist and educator, were donated to the University of Miami Archives by his son Fred H. Koch Jr., a Professor in Drama here at the University of Miami from 1939 to 1977.  The collection was received in the early 1950's.  Frederick H. Koch was a famous dramatist and gained fame from the founding of two major college theatre troupes as well as through his involvement in the production of native American folk drama.

The Frederick H. Koch Collection contains the personal papers of Frederick H. Koch and material he collected throughout his lifetime.  The material extends from 1823 to 1947, with the bulk of the material concentrated in the period of time between 1905 and 1944.  The bulk of the collection is composed of theatre programs collected by Koch.  These come mainly from New York but there is a good selection of theatre programs from other parts of the United States.  Many of these programs date prior to Koch's birth.

The personal papers are composed mainly of material from Koch's work as an English and drama professor at the University of North Dakota (1905-1918) and the University of North Carolina (1918-1944), including a large number of folk plays written by his students.

The correspondence in the collection is mainly correspondence within the Koch family, including many letters between Koch and his four sons: Robert, Fred Jr., Bill, and George.

Of special interest to the University of Miami is a folder containing material related to the University and the University of Miami Playmakers founded by Fred H. Koch Jr. in the 1940's.

ASM0608 A.W. Kopp Autograph collection, 1784-1921Add to your cart.
The A. W. Kopp Autograph Collection contains three books of autographs and various loose autographs. One book is dated 1909 to 1910 and contains an autograph of Gustav Mahler and Sergei Rachmaninoff (with an accompanying musical quote), one is dated 1914 to 1917 and contains an autograph of U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt, and one is dated 1917 to 1921 and contains an autograph of Harry Houdini, Edgar Lee Hay, and Marjory Stoneman Douglas. Among the loose autographs, there are ones of Daniel Webster and Oliver Wendell Holmes. Also included are a book of receipts from New York dated 1784 to 1786, a book of poetry from residents of Danzig dated 1833 to 1853.
ASM0466 B. Kursunoglu papers, 1967-1978Add to your cart.

Dr. Behram Kursunoglu was the Chairman of the Board for the Center for Theoretical Studies at the University of Miami. The papers consist of letters of communication between Kursunoglu and the professors that lectured at the Center to faculty and students, research plans, video-cassettes and audio-cassettes of the lectures, and publications containing the text of the lectures. Many of the lectures concerned high energy physics, theoretical chemistry, neurosciences, nuclear physics, and issues pertaining to energy problems. Among notable participants were the physicists and Nobel Laureates Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman, Robert Oppenheimer, Francis Crick, and Murray Gell-Mann; the member of the Florida House of Representatives Dante Fascell; and Richard Kennedy, the U.S. Ambassador At Large for Nuclear Energy.

The following is a list of visiting professors that are represented in the collection:

(*=Nobel Laureate

The numbers after the names signify the number of files. )

*Nikolai Basov, Russian Academy of Sciences, Lebedev Institute

*Hans A. Bethe, Cornell University

Gregory Breit, Yale University

Nikolai Bogolubov, Soviety Academy of Sciences, Moscow University

*Walter H. Brattain, Columbia University

Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Cambridge University

H.B.G. Casimir, Phillips, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Britton Chance, University of Pennsylvania

*Leon Cooper, Brown University

Jean Couture, Former Sec. of Energy for France

*Francis H.C. Crick, Salk Institute

Richard Dalitz, Oxford University

*Hans G. Dehmelt, University of Washington

*Max Delbruck, of California Tech

*P.A.M. Dirac (16), Cambridge University

Freeman Dyson (2), Institute for Advance Studies, Princeton

*John C. Eccles, University of Buffalo

*Gerald Edelman, Rockefeller University, NY

*Manfred Eigen, Max Planck Institute Gottingen

*Albert Einstein (2), Institue for Advance Studies, Princeton

*Richard Feynman, of California Tech

*Paul Flory, Stanford University

*Murray Gell-Mann, of California Tech.

*Donald Glaser, Berkeley, UniversityCal

Thomas Gold, Cornell University

Marvin Goldberger, Princeton University

Gerson Goldhaber, Berkeley, University of California

Maurice Goldhaber, Berkeley, University of California

*Gerhard Herberg, NRC of Canada

*Robert Hofstadter, Stanford University

Fred Hoyle, Cambridge University

Erdal Inonu, Ankaro University, Turkey, Currently Foreign Minister of Turkey

Leopold Infeld, Warsaw, Poland

D. Ivanenko, Moscow University

Max Jammer, Bar Ilan University, Israel

Nicolas Kemmer, University Edinburgh

Richard Kennedy, US Ambassador At Large for Nuclear Energy

*Tjallinq Koopmans, Yale University

Alan D. Krisch, University of Michigan

*Willis Lamb, Jr. (2), Yale University

Joseph E. Lannutti, Fla. State University

*Leon Lederman, Ferni Laboratory

Benjamin W. Lee, Ferni Laboratory

J.G. Linhart, ISKRA, Italy

Bernard Lipman (2), Harvard University

Franklin Long, Yale University

Sydney Meshkov, US Bureau of Standards

Elliott Montroll, Rochester University, NY

*Robert S. Mulliken, University of Chicago

Yoichiro Nambu, University of Chicago

*Louis Neel, Grenoble University, France

Kazuhiko Nishijima, Chuo University, Japan

*Lars Onsager, Yale University

Robert Oppenheimer, Former Director of Institute for Advance Studies, and principal architect of the first US atomic bomb

Henry Primakoff(2), University of Pennsylvania

*A.M. Prokhorov, Russian Academy of Sciences, Lebedev Institute

*Theodore I. Rabi, Columbia University

George Rathjens, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

*Norman F. Ramsey, Harvard University

Dixie Lee Ray, Former Governor of the State of Washington, former Chairman of U.S. Atomic Energy Commission

Frederick Reines, University of California, Irvine

Tullio Regge, University Torino, Italy

*Abdus Salam (3), Director, Int'l Center for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy

Edwin E. Salpeter, Cornell University

*Arthur Shavlow, Stanford University

*Julian Schwinger (2), Harvard University

Dennis W. Sciama, Cambridge University

*Glenn T. Seaborg, Former Chairman of US Atomic Energy Commission

Frederick Seitz, Rockafellar University, Former President of the National Academy of Sciences

Robert Serber, Colombia University

Lord Charles P. Snow (4), distinguished author, London

E.C.G. Sudarshan, University of Texas

Edward Teller (4), Known as the father of the hydrogen bomb

*Charles H. Townes, University ofCalifornia at Berkeley

Stanislav Ulam, University Colorado

Georges A.Vendryes, One of the principal architects of the Nuclear Energy Program for France

*George Wald, Harvard University

*Steven Weinberg, University of Texas

Victor F. Weisskopf, Massachusetts Institue of Technology

John A. Wheeler, Princeton University

*Eugene P. Wigner (3), Princeton University

*Kenneth Wilson, Cornell University

Lord Solly Zuckerman, former Chief Scientist to British Government, and distinguished zoologist

Vladimir Zworykin (3), Inventor of TV picture tub, Honorary Vice President of RCA

ASM0609 Irma Goebel Labastille collection, 1927-1943Add to your cart.
Irma Goebel Labastille was a composer and writer interested in Latin American folk music. Her work culminated in a series of scores titled Recuerdo Latino-Americano. The Irma Goebel Labastille collection consists primarily of sheet music, notebooks of sheet music, clippings, poetry, photographs, notes, and manuscripts.
ASM0446 John Laroner papers, 1790-1799Add to your cart.
A manuscript of financial entries for tenants' rent payments for residences in London.
ASM0256 Larry Thompson Collection, 1956-1973Add to your cart.
Larry Thompson was a humorist and columnist who wrote and reported for the Miami Herald for 28 years. His column, "Life with Larry," tackled topics such as politics, daily life, local history, and events. This collection contains clippings of his work written by him from 1956-1973, all arranged chronologically.
ASM0119 Jean Lee Latham papers, 1958-1974Add to your cart.
The papers consist of typescripts and hand drawn maps for her biographical work on telegraph innovator Cyrus W. Field, stage actor Joseph Jefferson, the pirate Sir Francis Drake, U.S. governor Sam Houston and civil war officer David Glasgow Farragut to name a few.
ASM0460 Latin America Documents collection, 1420-1981Add to your cart.
This collection brings together a variety of historical documents that are topically related to Latin America, including manuscripts, correspondence, and illustrations. The documents range from 1420 to 1981 in date, and originate from Mexico, New Granada, Panama, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, and other parts of Latin America.
ASM0304 Latin American and Caribbean Photograph collection, 1880-1950Add to your cart.
The Latin American and Caribbean Photography Collection brings together various photographic materials owned by the University of Miami that depict these two regions. Currently, the collection holds a 1929 photograph album of the Bahamas made by Dr. and Adelande Dolley; a 1913 photograph album of Costa Rica, Panama, and Jamaica; a two-volume photograph album set of the Roxana Petroleum Corporation's activities in Mexico, dated 1920-1923; a set of 88 photographs of various parts of the Dominican Republic; and a collection of 739 photographs (most of which are in two photograph albums) from 1925 to the 1940s documenting the family and social life of Mr. & Mrs. E. W. Monroe and their three children while living in suburban Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1925 to 1929, and subsequently back at the family homestead in Monticello, Indiana.
ASM0107 Laura Kalpakian papers, 1975-1988Add to your cart.

Author Laura Kalpakian, described by some critics as one of the "most unheralded, brightest talents" in the country, has published several novels and short story collections, novellas, short stories, essays and interviews for magazines and newspapers including Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, McCall's, Los Angeles Times, Miami Herald, and Hawaii Review. 

The Laura Kalpakian Papers contain manuscripts and drafts of stories, novels, and speeches. Correspondence relates to the creation and publication of several works. Writings are arranged in chronological order within three series: Novels, Short Stories and Other Writings, and Short Story Collections.

ASM0124 Laurence Donovan papers, 1945-2001Add to your cart.

The Laurence Donovan Papers include correspondence, poetry, artwork, book reviews, writings, subject files, and other documents concerning the life and career of Laurence Donovan, an English professor at the University of Miami.

The correspondence dates from 1945-2001, and includes letters from Donovan’s family, friends, and professional associates. It provides insight into Donovan’s personal life, in addition to documenting his writing, artwork, and teaching. Most of the letters are incoming, but the series does contain some outgoing letters.

The collection also contains poetry, artwork, and writings by Donovan. The poetry includes typescripts and published poems. The typescripts are undated, and some have handwritten revisions. The artwork includes a small selection of Donovan’s published illustrations. The writings include typescripts and photocopies of book reviews that Donovan wrote for the Miami Herald, as well as papers and other materials.

The subject files include materials related to Donovan’s teaching and work at the University of Miami, as well as his poetry and artwork. Also included are articles and other materials about literary figures and works; programs and flyers for exhibitions, readings, shows, and other events; and writings and other materials by and about his friends and colleagues.

ASM0121 Lewis Leary collection, 1923-1941Add to your cart.
Lewis was professor of English at the University of Miami from March 1934 to August 1941.  This collection consists of manuscript poems by authors Edward Davidson, Eunice Tietjins, and Genevieve Taggard, as well as lecture notes by Jesse Stuart for his February 21, 1941 speech to the Winter Institute of Literature at the University of Miami.
ASM0122 William F. Lee papers, 1959-1964Add to your cart.
Dr. William F. Lee was Dean of the School of Music at the University of Miami. The William F. Lee papers consists manuscripts of sheet music by Dean Lee.
04-ASM0654 Leila Miccolis Brazilian Alternative Press collection, 1960-2002Add to your cart.

The Leila Míccolis Brazilian Alternative Press Collection consists primarily of political and countercultural pamphlets and periodicals, concrete poetry, neo-concrete poetry and other vanguard/avant-garde artistic experimentation, fanzines, film reviews, university publications, theater, and musical pieces.

As opposed to the commercial and widely-circulated press of "official" Brazilian governmental venues, the publications contained in the collection especially treat stigmatized or marginalized groups, such as Afro-Brazilians, women, sexual minorities. It accomplishes this goal by utilizing various mediums including literary pieces, editorial cartoons, political comics, sociopolitical critiques of "Brazilianness," humor, and the promotion of ecological and environmental awareness. The collection also contains a large variety of materials from the 1970s Marginália movement, a term used to describe a series of underground publications which circulated during the military dictatorship.

The collection was painstakingly accumulated over the course of forty-five years by Míccolis who decided to place the archive in a North American university so as to assure the preservation of the collection, as well as to prevent its censorship.

ASM0326 Lenny Kaye Science Fiction Fanzine collection, 1941-1971Add to your cart.
The Lenny Kaye Science Fiction Fanzine collection holds a significant number of sci-fi zines from the 1940s-1970s. Zines are typically independent and self published booklets popular in underground subcultures. The first zines were fanzines, started in the early 20th century by science fiction fans documenting the genre. This collection contains fanzines from the mid-20th century, collected by the musician Lenny Kaye. The fanzines document the active subculture surrounding science fiction, including fan fiction, convention news, and fan clubs. The collection holds zines produced as part of a number of amateur press associations, including the Spectator Amateur Press Society (SAPS), the Neffer Amateur Press Alliance (N'APA), and the Fantasy Amateur Press Association (FAPA). The collection is truly international in scope, with zines produced in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Japan and several European countries present.
ASM0141 Irving A. Leonard papers, 1867-1978Add to your cart.
The Irving A. Leonard collection contains materials related to Kirk Munroe (1850-1930), a writer of children's stories and a journalist who lived for approximately forty years in Coconut Grove. Much of the collection consists of typed copies or photocopies of letters, diary entries, bibliographies, essays, and newspaper articles, but some unique photographs and correspondence with family members of Munroe is included as well.
ASM0095 Leslie Harris photographs, undatedAdd to your cart.

The collection contains 15 photographs of “The Fair”, 1 photograph of the Commodore Ralph Munroe Marine Stadium, 28 photographs depicting scenes and people in Miami and Key West, 1 photograph shot in Copenhagen, Denmark, 1 photograph shot in Greece, and 1 photograph shot in Santa Cruz, California .

“The Fair” is a collection of fifteen 9 x 12 inch prints depicting scenes from a fair. According to a description that accompanies the images, they embody “a sense of the dark, unknown, pockets of foreboding within the happy arena of a fair. It is a look into the dark recesses, the fake walls, the grungy barkers, the dangerous looking men that strap you into a ride.”  Scenes include rides, games, and food stands, as well as an aerial view of a fair. The images are printed on acid free paper using Epson Ultrachrome inks.

The image of the Commodore Ralph Munroe Marine Stadium is a 17 x 22 inch color print depicting grandstand seating overlooking the water. The stadium was constructed on Virginia Key in the 1964 and was initially used for powerboat racing. The stadium closed in 1992 following Hurricane Andrew.

ASM0123 Jean P. Lesperance papers, 1948-1967Add to your cart.
The Jean P. Lesperance Papers consist of correspondence, articles, book manuscripts, and newspaper clippings relating to the merging field of management studies. Lesperance joined the University of Miami faculty in 1947and taught management courses. He later served as the director of the Time and Motion Study Laboratory.
ASM0557 Lester, Valerie PapersAdd to your cart.
Oral history tapes and transcripts of interviews with Pan Am flight attendants
ASM0315 Robert M. Levine papers, 1876-1992Add to your cart.

Dr. Robert M. Levine (1941-2003) was the Gabelli Senior Scholar in the Arts and Sciences, Director of Latin American Studies, and professor of history at the University of Miami. Throughout his career, Dr. Levine exhibited a strong interest in Brazilian cultural and political history, Jewish Diasporas in Latin America, Cuban history, and Latin American history in general. His papers, donated to the University of Miami, reflect all of these interests in the form of video cassettes, periodicals, clippings, photographs, photocopies, notebooks, microfilm, microfiche, articles, and other materials.

Included in the collection are photocopies of a collection of records from the Jewish community of Curaçao in the 18th century; production materials and photographs pertaining to Dr. Levine's "Hotel Cuba" documentary on the Jewish Diaspora in Cuba; a dozen reels of microfilms of Brazilian newspapers from the 1930s; notes, photographs, and documentation from Dr. Levine's research on the Vargas period in Brazil; and two large, hand-drawn maps indicating Jewish establishments in the major commercial district of Old Havana during the pre-1959 period.

ASM0278 Randy Liebermann collection, 1929-1989Add to your cart.
The Randy Liebermann Collection contains five photo albums and one scrapbook of Pan American World Airways materials. The materials primarily concern the Latin American Division, but also airplane models and company policy at large. The Scrapbook contains newsletters, pamphlets, clippings, certificates, letters, envelopes, stickers, postcards, stamps, and other materials.
ASM0328 Althea "Gerry" Lister papers, 1935-1977Add to your cart.
This collection consists of the papers of Althea “Gerry” Lister from 1935 to 1997. It contains: biographical information pertaining to Lister’s 45 year career at Pan American World Airways; “Along Air Avenues,” an unpublished manuscript that provides a detailed account of Pan Am’s maintenance and safety operations; a list of survey and inaugural flights created by Lister; a list of McCoy print purchasers and prices created by Lister; and a chronology of Pan Am’s aircraft fleet created by Lister. The papers include certificates, correspondence, photographs, and press clippings.
ASM0140 Little Palm Island Collection, 2013Add to your cart.
The Little Palm Island Collection consists of a promotional packet from the Little Palm Island Resort & Spa, containing ephemera such as brochures and hotel restaurant menus. The island resort, located three miles offshore in the Atlantic Ocean and 28 miles east of Key West, has its own unique history. Well known visitors have included President Harry Truman and his wife, John Foster Dulles, and Admiral Bull Halsey. The island was also the setting of the 1962 Warner Brothers production, "PT 109", a biographical war film about John F. Kennedy's naval service during World War II.
ASM0445 Henry H. Lloyd papersAdd to your cart.
A handwritten bound pamphlet by General Lloyd entitled:  "A rhapsody on the present system of French politics on the projected invasion and the means to defeat it." The papers also include diagrams and maps.
ASM0204 Louines Louinis Haitian Dance Theatre CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Louines Louinis Haitian Dance Theatre Collection contains photographs, pamphlets, programs and other ephemera documenting the history of the theatre and its founder, Louines Louinis.
ASM0449 Erica Dawn Lyle papers, 1991-2010Add to your cart.
The Erica Dawn Lyle papers offer a rich history of Miami’s countercultural art and music scenes and grassroots political activity from the 1990’s to the present. Writing under the name Iggy Scam, Lyle has produced a series of classic underground fanzines, called SCAM, that are known internationally in the punk rock scene. Lyle’s writing and archive also provides a fascinating back story to some of the political activity Miami is now known for. With the current wave of home foreclosures that has spread across South Florida, has come a resurgent wave of housing activism. The most well-known activist group in Miami today is Take Back The Land, a group that has gained national media attention for their tactics in helping homeless families move into and squat homes that have been foreclosed across Miami. The Lyle papers show a pre-history of an equally militant though far less organized and coherent group of South Florida squatters and anti-gentrification activists who were attempting similar tactics a generation ago. The papers also document the formation of the city’s first Food Not Bombs, a group that is still active today. The collection of zines, journals, sketchbooks, ephemera and original art work depict contemporary social history as well as Greater Miami’s issues of urban planning, property and housing rights and the responsibility and role of art. Also well documented are Lyle's travels through unconventional methods such as hitchhiking and train hopping.
ASM0125 Lyn MacCorkle papers, 1975-1983Add to your cart.
The Lyn MacCorkle papers consists of research materials for two bibliographies that MacCorkle published in the 1980s: Cubans In The United States: A Bibliography For Research In The Social And Behavioral Sciences , 1960-1983 (1984) and Faculty Publications, University Of Miami (1986). The papers contain bibliographies, articles, drafts, resumes, essays, reports, and letters.
ASM0419 Magic City Lumber Co. recordsAdd to your cart.
Stock certificates of the Magic City Lumber Company in Miami, Florida.
ASM0128 Edison Marshall papers, 1956-1963Add to your cart.

Edison Marshall was an American adventure and fiction writer active during the 1920s to the 1960s.

The Edison Marshall collection contains six typescripts and an undated photograph inscribed to Dr. Archie McNeal, former dean of the University of Miami Libraries. The typescripts are as follows: A publisher's copy of The Conqueror (1962), a publisher's copy of Cortez and Marina (1963), an original and corrected copy of Cortez and Marina which is titled "The Serpent and the Sword," a publisher's copy of The Heart and the Hunter (1956), a publisher's copy of The Inevitable Hour (1957), and a publisher's copy of Princess Sophia (1958).

ASM0519 Marshall, Nathalie papersAdd to your cart.
The Nathalie Marshall Papers consists of selections of personal writings, dream journals, notebooks, poetry and correspondence by the artist reflecting thirty years of her creative process.
ASM0063 Senator Mel Martinez papers, 1998-2009Add to your cart.
The Senator Mel Martinez Papers, donated to the University of Miami in 2010, consist primarily of records created during Martinez’s service as a United States Senator for Florida from 2005 to 2009.  Comprised of 89 boxes, the collection includes legislative and committee files, schedules and appointments, correspondence with constituents and colleagues, speeches and floor statements, media coverage, casework files, campaign files, and administrative office records.  The collection also includes photographs, audiovisual materials, and electronic records that date primarily from 1998 to 2009, but also includes scans of photographs and memorabilia relating to Martinez’s childhood in Cuba and immigration to the United States.  Topics of research include American legislative history, Mel Martinez’s committee assignments, Florida projects, immigration, United States relations with Cuba, services for the elderly, and Florida’s environment, including issues relating to offshore oil drilling.
ASM0216 Finlay B. Matheson CollectionAdd to your cart.

The Finlay B. Matheson collection include more than 2,411 photographs; 112 maps, surveys, and architectural plans; and 13 books related to William John Matheson and his immediate family.

Drawings, postcards, and some of the first aerial view photographs of Key Biscayne, Coconut Grove, the Miami River, and the Florida Keys are represented in the collection. The materials give a glimpse into the burgeoning social life of early inhabitants who gathered at the Biscayne Bay Yacht Club. The Florida landscape is captured throughout the various albums and scrapbooks and attests to a more leisurely lifestyle before the advent of skyscrapers and multi-lane highways.

ASM0229 Michael J. Maxwell papers, 1985-1988Add to your cart.

Michael J. Maxwell was an architectural consultant whose firm, Michael Maxwell Associates, Inc., consulted the city of Opa-locka in the mid-80s on appraisal and restoration matters. This culminated in a Master Plan for the Restoration of Historic Opa-Locka City Hall, and a Nomination Proposal of several historical sites in Opa-Locka to the National Register of Historic Places. These two documents, as well as the planning materials, are held in the Michael J. Maxwell collection.

The collection also contains other Opa-locka related materials. Included are 1926-1927 Opa-locka price lists, a 1953 charter, copies of the Opa-locka Times from 1926 and 1927, letters including a 1926 letter petitioning for the establishment of a Post Office at Opa-locka, a history of Opa-locka brochure and preparation materials for the brochure, and other items.

ASM0129 Mayerson, Evelyn Wilde papers, 1983-1996Add to your cart.
Evelyn Wilde Mayerson was an associate professor of English at the University of Miami and the director of its English composition program. She was also a published novelist and playwright. Her papers consists primarily of typescripts, galleys and research files.
ASM0143 William McEvoy papers, circa 1936-1950sAdd to your cart.
William J. McEvoy worked as a government liaison for Pan American Airlines for over thirty years.  The William McEvoy Papers include his unpublished memoir, Presidents Who Have Flown with Me, which focuses on President Truman’s trip to Wake Island in 1950. The collection also contains photographs from President Roosevelt’s trip to South America in 1936 and Vice President Henry Wallace’s trip to South America in 1943, as well as approximately 1200 slides from McEvoy’s travels around the world in the 1950s.
ASM0310 McFadden Aerial photograph collection, 1955-1977Add to your cart.
Aerial photographs of Miami-Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach counties in Florida.
ASM0165 Melanie Rosborough papers, 1940-1983Add to your cart.
Dr. Melanie Rosborough was a language professor and administrator for the University of Miami from the time she joined the faculty as Professor of German in 1927. The MelanieRosborough Papers document her academic career, activities with professional academic organizations, and University of Miami religious organizations and activities.
ASM0021 Dolores Pla Menocal photograph collectionsAdd to your cart.
25 black and white photographs featuring Pan American World Airways.
ASM0411 Merrick, Richard L. CollectionAdd to your cart.
Photographs, negatives, sides, sketches, drawings, etchings, watercolor and oil works, correspondence, clippings, exhibition programs and catalogs, and other related materials created and collected by artist Richard Merrick (1903-1986) and the Merrick family.
ASM0599 Miami Beach Jaycees scrapbook, 1952-1954Add to your cart.

The Miami Beach Jaycees is a Florida chapter of the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycees for short). The not-for profit organization was founded in 1920 and has provided opportunities for men and women between the ages of 18 to 40 to develop leadership skills through community service. The Junior Chamber of Commerce International Headquarters was moved to Miami Beach in 1955.

The Miami Beach Jaycees Scrapbook documents the civic activities of the Miami Beach Junior Chamber of Commerce form 1952-1954. The collection consists primarily of photographs of conventions and social activities of the organization as well as newspaper clippings, documents, and a 1952-1953 yearbook of Miami Beach Jaycee.

ASM0524 Miami Centennial Commission collection, 1996Add to your cart.
The Miami Centennial Commission Collection contains two plate dishes from the Hotel Royal Palm commemorating the February 24, 1996 Miami Centennial Ball, three different kinds of postcards inviting guests to the Miami Centennial Ball, tickets to the July 28, 1996 AT&T Miami Centennial Birthday Extravaganza at Bayfront Park, and an April, June, and September issue of the News of the Century: A Miami Centennial '96 Update newsletter.
ASM0043 Miami Woman's Club records, 1903-2004Add to your cart.
The Miami Woman’s Club Records document the club’s history, as well as its civic, community, and social activities from 1903-2004.The records include minutes from 1903-1914, 1921-1929, 1936-1939, and 1959-1967. The collection also includes yearbooks from 1907-2004, as well as correspondence (correspondents include: Judge Edith M. Atkinson, Louise Austin, Alice Johnston, Anne Stevenson Brown, Katherine B. Trippetts, Katherine S. Fitts, and Eva J. Lewis), financial reports, programs, photographs, and other documentation. Also included are over 50 scrapbooks documenting club activities, membership, and events dating from 1919-1979.
ASM0220 Michelsen and Havens Family papers, 1925-1950Add to your cart.

"Archive of letters between members of the Michelsen and Havens family, including correspondence from Kate C. Havens, a prominent female theosophist from Miami, Florida and Cloudland, Geogia. Approximately 75 letters plus newspaper clippings, ephemera, and a sketch book containing costume designs by Cleo Michelsen. The majority of these letters are addressed to Cleo Michelsen, a young lady, who is interested in the arts and would eventually marry Auriel Bessemer, a noted muralist of the New Deal. Cleo came from a well-established family from Miami. The letters are written from her brothers, sisters, parents, and grandparents. The family is well-educated, and the letters are articulate and well-written.

However, with the Depression looming over the country, her family is is in the midst of a crisis. Cleo's father has seen his business fortunes plummet, and he and Cleo's mother have separated. Her father eventually moves to Cuba where he attempts to revive his holding company. Her mother stays in Florida but is in terrible financial straits. One of Cleo's sisters writes regarding the lack of money and her mother's impoverished state - one which forces her to go days without eating.

In addition, as mentioned above, Cleo has been courted by Auriel Bessemer, who she meets in art school. A promising artist himself, they go on to marry in 1935. During the New Deal, Auriel was commissioned by the Treasury Department to create seven murals - "Historical and Industrial Scenes - Sketches of Virginia," for the first federal building in Arlington. The murals were conserved in 2007, and today, they remain in their permanent home in the U.S. Post Office Building in Arlington.

Most importantly, in this collection are a series of letters from Cleo's grandmother, Kate C. Havens, who splits her time between her home in Miami, Florida and a mountain retreat in Cloudland, Georgia. Mrs. Havens originally hailed from Chicago and was a prominent voice in the Theosophy movement of the time, delivering lectures, writing articles and becoming acquainted other notable theorists, including Anne Besant and Max Heindel. In Miami, she continued her involvement with Theosophy becoming the president of the newly formed Theosophical Society there in 1919. She was a free and very liberal thinker and also became heavily involved in the Women's suffrage movement, eventually becoming an officer on the legal status of women in the Florida State League of Women Voters.

Havens has a great affection for Cleo and writes her interesting heartfelt letters, which are mostly always infused with a Theosophical bent, injecting her views on spirituality and orientalism, providing her opinions on important theosophical readings, reporting upon her lectures given to the Theosophical Society in Miami, and giving accounts of two fascinating meetings with Pearl Buck and Dr. Alvin Kuhns." -Denning House Antiquarian Books & Manuscripts

ASM0134 Michener, James A. Papers, 1985-1989Add to your cart.

The James A. Michener Papers consist of correspondence, notes, research materials and drafts of manuscripts created and compiled by best-selling author James A. Michener (1907-1997) in the course of his work on the novel Caribbean (1989).

Correspondence and memoranda found within the files provides information concerning the intellectual preparation required to compose an historical novel that spans more than four hundred years. Michener chose to preserve the results of his research and editorial efforts  "... so that aspiring writers can see what work lies ahead for them if they finally succeed. Stated better, what work they will have to do if they want to succeed." Exchanges with editorial staff members throughout the stages of manuscript preparation, and the concurrent suggestions, recommendations and revisions to the manuscript noted on various "copies" of the manuscript illuminate the internal aspects of the modern publishing industry.

The author includes notes and correspondence concerning the logistical, financial and personal decisions that influence the creative process. The pervasive degree of experimentation, discovery and change inherent in the process of creative writing appears throughout the stages of this manuscript. The very title

of the novel, Caribbean, is a reflection of this evolutionary process, for the author first conceived on calling the volume Lost in the Sun.

ASM0536 E. Morton Miller papers, 1930-1949Add to your cart.
The papers consists primarily of photographs, including an album, of various University of Miami field classes in botany, zoology and marine biology. The collection also includes newspaper clippings featuring Dr. E.M. Miller, Head of the zoology department at the University of Miami.
ASM0421 Lou E. W. Miller papersAdd to your cart.
The Lou E. W. Miller Papers contains a University of Miami thesis written by Lou E. W. Miller titled "Florida in Fiction," written under the sponsorship of William Hudson Rogers.
ASM0547 Dorothy E. Mills Flight Attendant papers, 1945-1997Add to your cart.

The Dorothy E. Mills Flight Attendant papers contains materials related to her tenure as a stewardess of the Latin American Division and later chief stewardess of the Atlantic Division for the Pan American World Airways in the 1940s. Held in the collection are the following items:

Four letters by Mills to William Brown, Head of Special Collections in 1997, discussing the materials donated to the collection and her history with the Pan American World Airways.

An acceptance letter, an award letter (written and signed by founder Juan Trippe), and a resignation letter from Pan American World Airways.

23 8" x 10" photographs of Pan American World Airways flight attendants, with accompanying descriptions.

A scrapbook of clippings, photographs, and other materials by Mills about her life as a Pan American World Airways flight attendant

Two issues (including two duplicates) of Clipper Magazine, both containing articles about Mills.

Six newspaper clippings about Pan American World Airways.

ASM0135 M.S. Mishler collection, 1897-1950Add to your cart.
The M.S. Mishler Collection consists of two account books of Mr. M.S. Mishler and one account book of the Little River Mutual Telephone Co. of Little River, Florida. Mr. Mishler and his family moved in 1899 from Chicago to Little River, an area south of Opa-Locka and east of Hialeah in Miami-Dade County. The account books also contain notes and clippings regarding South Florida weather and the hurricane of 1926.
ASM0075 Model Land Company records, 1907-1967Add to your cart.
American petroleum baron and founder of the Florida East Cost Railroad, Henry Flagler (1830-1913) created the Model Land Company (MLC) in 1896 to manage his rapidly expanding real estate holdings in the state of Florida. The Model Land Company Records do not represent the comprehensive records of the MLC but does constitute a large portion of the surviving records. The files consist of the administrative and financial records of the MLC's Miami-based land agent, Frederick S. Morse, and those agencies that followed Morse: Pepper and Potter; Pepper and Coffrin, Inc.; Frank J. Pepper and Son, Inc.; and Frank J. Pepper, Inc.
ASM0481 George Moore collection, 1906-1929Add to your cart.

George Augustus Moore (1852–1933) was an Irish novelist, short-story writer, poet, art critic, memoirist and dramatist.

The George Moore Collection contains correspondence, an undated manuscript titled "Scenario," the galley proofs with corrections for his 1885 novel Mummer's Wife, and a typescript for his 1894 novel Esther Waters.

The correspondence consists of a series of letters and telegraphs between Moore and New York playwright and writer Edward Knoblauch (1874-1945), a letter from Moore to a "Nachey," several letters without a recipient name, two letters from D. M. Beth at Riverside Press Unlimited, a book printer from Edinburgh, discussing corrections on Moore's 1921 novel Heloise and Abelard.

ASM0138 Charles Lewis Morgan papers, 1954-1970Add to your cart.
The Charles Lewis Morgan Papers consist on one box of materials and total on-half cubic foot of files. The Papers contain copies of several poems, as well as "In Memorium," and correspondence dated 1969-70. "In Memorium" includes addresses given by faculty during a memorial service for Morgan in addition to a selection of Morgan's poems. Correspondence discusses the possible publication of Morgan's works and contributions to the memorial service.
ASM0139 Morton, Julia PapersAdd to your cart.
This collection consists of archival materials acquired that relate back to American author and biologist Julia Francis McHugh Morton. Julia F. Morton was Research Professor of Biology and Director of the Morton Collectanea at University of Miami, a research and information center devoted to economic botany. She was an internationally recognized authority on economic plants, particularly ornamental, edible, medicinal and toxic species. She was the author of 10 books and co-author of or contributor to 12 others; she wrote 94 scientific papers and co-authored 27 others.
ASM0382 John Moultrie papers, 1772-1786Add to your cart.

The John Moultrie Collection contains the following three items:

(1) A sales report titled "Copy of Sales of Effects of Estate of John Moultrie" dated 1772. The commodities sold range from a plantation titled Goose Creek to slaves to "bush corn & peas."

(2) A 1786 letter addressed to a Lord Hawke. In this, Moultrie apologizes for having to leave London early and missing an engagement with Hawke, and asserts his gratitude to Hawke on behalf of the people of East Florida.

(3) A leaf excerpt of a letter, chronicling the fate of the British people living in East Florida after the American revolution. The leaf begins: "...about the time or just before the revolt of the Americas the governor of East Florida secured the Kings order restraining him from any further grants of land in the usual manner and terms, and ordering all the vacant lands in the province to be surveyed, advertised, & laid out in certain tracts and to sell them at public sale at certain periods - giving public notice thereof. This of course could not accommodate with lands those unfortunate people who were obliged to fly from their homes in the neighboring colonies on behalf of their attachment to Great Britain, into East Florida held out as a place of refuge by proclamation in consequence of his Majesties instructions to his governor."

The collection also contains typescripts of these documents, and a photocopy of an image of Moultrie.

ASM0471 Helen Muir Papers, 1934-1995Add to your cart.

The Helen Muir Papers include correspondence, drafts of writings, research notes, topical files, publications, photographs, clippings, materials relating to Robert Frost, and other items documenting Muir’s life, career, and service.

The correspondence dates from 1927-1995, and includes both personal and professional correspondence. Intermixed with the correspondence are notes, clippings, writings and other materials relating to the correspondent. Noteworthy files include Marjory Stoneman Douglas, former Florida governor Bob Graham, Richard and George Merrick, Eunice Peacock, and Janet Reno.

The collection also contains drafts of Muir’s articles and columns, research notes, and several magazines containing published articles. Also included are notes for her book The Biltmore: A Beacon for Miami, and extensive notes and chapter drafts for her book Miami, U.S.A.

In addition, the collection contains topical files on various subjects, including libraries, awards, photographs, and speaking engagements. Also included are scrapbooks documenting Muir’s life and career, as well as her 1929 class yearbook.

ASM0655 Bernhardt E. Muller Collection, 1925-1960Add to your cart.

The Bernhardt E. Muller Collection is a compendium of newspapers, architectural drawings, renderings, and photographs related to the design and construction of Opa-locka, Florida, the nation’s largest concentration of Moorish Revival architecture. The city, incorporated in 1926, was the third Florida suburban real estate development of Glenn H. Curtiss, aviation pioneer and millionaire developer. Opa-Locka is the only known city in the United States that used Moorish Revival architecture as its original theme.

The contents of the Muller Collection fall into two distinct groups: architectural materials related directly to buildings designed by Muller and his staff; and supporting materials presumably collected by Muller that pertain to his work and the city of Opa-Locka. The vast majority of these materials are directly concerned with Muller’s work in the Opa-Locka and Miami area between 1925 and 1928. Supporting materials, including magazine extracts, brochures, and newspapers, date mostly from 1926 and 1927, with a few items from 1928, 1930, 1959, and 1960.

The Muller Collection’s importance concerns its detailed documentation of the progress of Opa-Locka from a developer’s dream to a constructed city. Opa-Locka was designed according to a specific theme: a combination of Arabic, Persian, and Moorish architectural styles. It is also the first known instance of a town developed from interpretations of a literary work, The One Thousand and One Tales of the Arabian Nights.

The collection contains construction documents, sketches, renderings, and photographs of Opa-Locka’s first buildings. Extensive material exists on the designs of the Opa-Locka Company’s administration building, now the City Hall, as well as plans for seventeen institutional and public projects, including the Archery Club, Bathing Casino, and Observation Tower, with unbuilt designs for a Golf Club, school, and Mid-Winter Southern States Exposition.

Eighteen commercial buildings are found in the Muller Collection, including many stores and apartments, as well as an unbuilt Chinese hotel. Sixty-three private residences of various sizes and designs are included in these drawings. It is probably that most of the work Bernhardt Muller ever did for Opa-Locka is contained in the collection. The majority of these drawings and materials date from 1926 to 1927, with only three drawings dated later than 1927.

The Muller Collection is significant for its documentation of the history and development of South Florida. The volume of work designed and media contents demonstrate and describe the magnitude of the Florida Land Boom, which peaked early in 1926, just as construction began on Opa-Locka.

The Muller Collection contains newspaper articles describing the hurricane that struck South Florida on September 17 and 18, 1926. The storm’s direct effect was a loss of 372 lives and $159 million in propery, but its long-term results included the onset of the land “bust” and an economic decline that preceded the Great Depression of the 1930’s.  There are numerous articles and photographs of the hurricane's destruction.

ASM0409 Munroe Family Papers, 1903-1979Add to your cart.
The collection includes correspondence, logbooks, photographs albums, slides,  and diaries pertaining to various members of the Munroe Family who settled in Coconut Grove, Florida.
ASM0015 Ralph M. Munroe Family Papers, 1882-1995Add to your cart.
Ralph Middleton Munroe (1851-1933) settled in Florida in 1891, drawn by its lush tropical landscapes and beautiful seashores. An avid yachtsman and photographer, the Commodore traveled the South Florida coast capturing images of its pristine wilderness and the early inhabitants. Munroe’s photographs provide a unique visual record of South Florida history before its rapid urbanization. The Ralph M. Munroe Family Papers contain a rich assortment of photographs, albums, postcards, correspondence, clippings and manuscripts that document the frontier life in Coconut Grove.
ASM0258 Virginia Murray collectionAdd to your cart.
The Virginia Murray collection contains civil war ballads from newspaper clippings, some of which are contained in a scrapbook. There are some photocopies of these clippings as well.
ASM0142 Murrell, Ethel E. Papers, 1946-1953Add to your cart.

The Ethel E. Murrell Papers document the activities of the National Woman's Party (NWP) under her leadership from 1952-53. The files include correspondence, newsletters and other materials with other women's organizations including the General Federation of Women's Clubs, the World Woman's Party, the American Woman's Foundation, and the American Woman's Council. The papers document the cooperative efforts of these groups in working for the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment, including articles written from 1938 to 1953 publicizing the Amendment.

Charters, minutes, speeches, press releases, resolutions, and correspondence dated 1946-53 detail Murrell's efforts as a lawyer, writer and political organizer. The files also highlight NWP attempts to promote its agenda. The papers are significant as a record of activity during the 1940's and 1950's, years considered by many as a period of decline between the two larger feminist movements of the early twentieth century and the 1960's. The records also include references to cold war anticommunism. One letter of resignation, for example, dated June 17, 1953 expressed a sentiment characteristic of several members: "...I wondered...if the 'pinkos' had not taken over. I certainly do not want to be connected with any organization that does not stand for good Americanism."

ASM0281 Margaret J. Mustard papersAdd to your cart.
Margaret J. Mustard is renowned for her research and publications regarding tropical plants, specifically the mango.  She was a researcher in the University of Miami’s Tropical Food Research Laboratories.
ASM0144 Paul Nagel collection, 1951-1999Add to your cart.

Paul Nagel was a professor at the School of Communication at the University of Miami, as well as a writer, producer, director, and actor in non-theatrical "sponsored films."

The collection includes University of Miami radio tapes and video cassettes, scripts, and publications including Tempo, UM Bulletin, UM School of Music, UM Ballet, UM School of Communication; a series of historical photographs depicting students at work in the Radio, Television and Motion Pictures department of the School of Communication; and clippings, scripts, playbills and programs from the Coconut Grove Playhouse, Parker Playhouse, the Ring Theatre, Players State Theatre, the Cannes Film Festival, Mayfair Theatre, and the Carillon Hotel.

M0458 National Airlines CollectionAdd to your cart.

National Airlines was founded by George T. Baker in 1934 and used the Miami International Airport as its base of operations from 1934 to 1980. It began offering local flights within the United States, flying almost daily from coast to coast, and quickly expanded to offer passenger flights to Europe in the 1970s. Eventually, National Airlines sold its shares to Pan American World Airways, ceding control of most of its planes and air routes through the acquisition.

This collection currently contains advertisements, ephemera, pamphlets, scrapbooks, and graphic materials.

ASM0422 Frank Nelson papersAdd to your cart.
A bound typescript of 193 pages for "Broad Arrow" by Frank Nelson.
ASM0126 Nicaragua collection, 1933-1997Add to your cart.

The Nicaragua Collection documents the Nicaraguan diaspora living in Miami during the 1980s, and the political and social conditions in Nicaragua from the 1979 Sandinista revolution onwards until their loss of power in 1990.

Many of the materials falling into the latter category are from the United States in origin, such as anti-Soviet propaganda endorsing the anti-Sandinista "Contra" Freedom Fighters, pamphlets that describe the Sandinista government and Central America in general from an American perspective, and periodicals and reports about Nicaragua written to an American audience. The materials that document the Nicaraguan diaspora are mostly fliers, menus, calendars, brochures, and other genres that were from local Nicaraguan businesses, restaurants, clubs, and other organizations. Some of the materials transcend these two categories, as many that concern the political conditions are addressed to or produced by Nicaraguan exiles.

A large part of the collection consists of photocopies of news articles.

Writers that are especially represented by the collection include Ruben Dario, Esteban Duque-Estrada, and Luis Mejia Gonzalez. Associations and organizations that are especially represented include Alanzia Revolucionaria Democrática (ARDE), American Defense Foundation, American Defense Lobby. Asociación Nicaragüenses en el Exilio, Asociación Nicaragüense pro Derechos Humanos, Bloque Opositor del Sur (B.O.S.), Council for Interamerican Security, Fundación Ruben Dario, Nicaraguan American Solidarity (NICAS), Nicaraguan Freedom Fighters, Partido Conservador de Nicaragua, Partido Socialcristiano de Nicaragua en el Exilio, Resistencia Nicaragüense, and Unidad Nicaragüense Opositora (UNO). Materials from some of these were grouped together in a series titled "Assocations."

Also of notice are brochures advertising tourism to Nicaragua during the Sandinista regime, and memorabilia such as a handmade Nicaraguan crest, Nicaraguan paper money from the Sandinista era, and a pin that says "If you like Cuba you'll love Nicaragua."

ASM0502 James F. O'Boyle papers, 1985-1995Add to your cart.
The James F. O'Boyle Papers contains two manuscripts, one titled "The Coke Twins" and dated 1985, and other titled "Black Night, Black Dawn" and dated 1995.
ASM0145 George W. O'Connor papers, 1970-1973Add to your cart.

Dr. George W. O'Connor was a criminal justice professor at the University of Miami, also active with the Center for Urban Studies. He also served as director of the Professional Standards Division of the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

The George W. O'Connor Papers consist of documents pertaining to his work in both academia and in the public sector. Many of the papers are concerned with criminal justice, firearms control, court structure and operation, local Floridian court systems, and correctional institutions.

ASM0424 Liam O'Flaherty papersAdd to your cart.
Liam O'Flaherty (1896 – 1984) was an Irish novelist and short story writer and a major figure in the Irish Renaissance. The Liam O'Flaherty Papers contains one unpublished and undated 7-page typescript by O'Flaherty titled "Morals." The typescript contains hand-written corrections and marginalia. The typescript comes in a hardcover folder titled "Liam O'Flaherty Typescript of The Moralist (Unpublished)."
ASM0233 O'Reilly, F. Warren papers, 1922-2001Add to your cart.

Frank Warren O'Reilly was a former music critic for the Miami News and founding president of the Miami-based Chopin Foundation.

The F. Warren O'Reilly Papers consist of newspaper clippings of articles written by O'Reilly, correspondence and photographs.

ASM0266 O, Miami collection, 2009-2014Add to your cart.
The O, Miami collection holds memorabilia associated with the literary organization and their events and publications. The materials document many of the inventive techniques used to promote poetry during their annual O, Miami Poetry Festival, including poetry parking tickets and poems in the form of lottery scratch off tickets. Other events documented include the organization's visiting writers series, and their collaborations with Pages and Spreads, another local literary organization. The collection also includes chapbooks/zines that collect poems and writings from local Miami writers.
ASM0425 Willy Ottmann papersAdd to your cart.

A bound typescript of "Der II Weltkrieg Inhaltsangabe" by Willy Ottmann presented to Dr. Grover A. J. Noetzel, a University of Miami professor. The papers also include hand drawn maps.

The translated title is : "World War II - Prisoners and Prisons"

ASM0341 Pan American World Airways, Inc. records, 1902-2005Add to your cart.

The records of Pan American World Airways Inc. begin with the company's founding in 1927 and document the 64 year lifespan of a pioneer airline and international symbol of adventure and romance. The 1,500 linear foot collection contains evidence of Pan Am’s long list of accomplishments, which includes being: the first American airline to operate a permanent international air service, the first American airline to use radio communications, the first American airline to develop an airport and airways traffic control system, the first American airline to employ cabin attendants and serve meals aloft, the first American airline to develop a complete aviation weather service, the first airline in the world to offer scheduled transpacific passenger and mail service, the first airline in the world to offer scheduled transatlantic passenger and mail service, and the first airline to operate jets within the continental United States.

Among the many divisions, departments, offices and individuals that contributed to the daily operations of Pan Am reflected in this collection are: the Alaska Division, the Atlantic Division, the Latin American Division, China National Aviation Corporation (CNAC), Pan American Grace Airways (Panagra), the Technical Assistance Program, the legal department, the library, and the offices of: Pan Am Founder and Chief Executive Officer Juan T. Trippe, Andre Priester, C. Edward Acker, Charles Vaughn, Erwin Balluder, Everette M. Goulard, Franklin Gledhill, G. Erskine Rice, George Rihl, H. Preston Morris, Harold Bixby, Harold E. Gray, Humphrey Toomey, John C. Leslie, John C. Pirie, Karl Lueder, Kathy Babl, Najeeb E. Halaby, Mike Clark, Peter Paul von Bauer Chlumecky, Robert G. Thach, Russel L. Ray, Jr., Samuel Pryor, Sergio Bettancourt, Thomas G. Plaskett, William Langhorne Bond, William Mallory, William T. Seawell, William Van Dusen, and Willis Player.

The types of records contained in the collection include: administrative reports, clippings (newspapers, magazines, etc.), contracts (agreements, legal instruments, etc.), corporate minutes, correspondence (letters, memos, telegraphs, telexes, etc.), financial records (financial statements, bonds, expense accounts, taxation, etc.), legal records (trial and arbitral proceedings, dockets, applications for court orders, exhibits, etc.), logbooks, manuals, pamphlets (booklets, brochures, etc.), periodicals, press kits, press releases, sales records (purchase agreements, invoices, etc.), and timetables. Additionally, the collection contains audiovisual material, graphic material and over 2,000 folders of photographs.

Among the noteworthy people referenced in the collection are: famed aviator and technical assistant to Pan Am, Charles Lindbergh; Haitian writer Pradel Pompilus; famed navigator and aviation pioneer Frederick “Fred” Noonan; the Beatles; Raquel Welch; former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill; former Presidents Franklin Roosevelt, Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Ronald Reagan; and former First Ladies Eleanor Roosevelt and Mamie Eisenhower.

Collection highlights include: correspondence between Charles A. Lindbergh and Juan Trippe from 1933 regarding the establishment of a transatlantic air route, many internal publications containing detailed accounts of everything from the operations of company divisions to biweekly memoranda from Juan Trippe to top executives regarding changes to corporate structure, hundreds of files documenting the vital role Pan Am played in World War II, and the records of National Airlines obtained during the Pan Am/National Airlines merger in 1980.

Absent from the collection are employee medical and personnel records. These were retained by Pan Am during bankruptcy proceedings. Their disposition is unknown.

ASM0147 Panama Canal collection, 1913-1978Add to your cart.
This collection contains six stereographs (stereo-view photographs) of the construction of the Panama Canal dated 1912-1913, and three cassette tapes of news commentary regarding the 1977 Panama Canal Treaty between Panama and the United States of America.
ASM0241 Papal Visit collection, 1987Add to your cart.
This collection contains materials documenting Pope John Paul II's visit to Miami, September 10-11, 1987. It includes photographs, memorabilia, newspaper clippings, special edition periodicals, and posters. The collection was compiled with donations from various people working at the University of Miami's Otto G. Richter Library. The photographs in this collection were taken by members of the Otto G. Richter Library staff during the Papal visit. They were donated by Georgina Golik, Ana Rosa Núñez, and Blanca Herrera Torres.
ASM0151 Parker Printing Company records, 1924-1931Add to your cart.
The collection contains a single account book for the Parker Printing Company, documenting sales from 1924 to 1931. George E. Merrick was a regular customer of the company in the earlier years.
ASM0573 Theodore Parker collection, 1485-1572Add to your cart.
Twelve original leaves of rare books.
ASM0464 Arva Moore Parks collection, 1896-2005Add to your cart.

Research material from noted author and historian, Arva Moore Parks. Born in Miami, Florida, Arva has written countless books on Florida's ecclectic history, including The Forgotten Frontier: Florida through the Lens of Ralph Middleton Munroe, Miami, the Magic City, and George Merrick, Son of the South Wind: Visionary Creator of Coral Gables. She also served as chief curator, interim director, and chair of the Coral Gables Museum.

This collection contains a large assortment of archival material: booklets, books, magazines, posters, photographs, pamphlets, post cards, maps, ephemera, and guides about Miami and other notable cities and famous people related to South Florida.

ASM0118 Pataphysics collection, 1957-1978Add to your cart.

An archive of letters sent by Stanley Chapman (London) to Juan Esteban Fassio (Buenos Aires-Argentina). The collection  contains 254 manuscript and typewritten letters, all signed by Stanley Chapman, addressed to Juan Esteban Fassio between March 5, 1957 and May 24, 1978. Three letters mention the visit of Jorge Luis Borges to London in 1971. The papers also include 95 photographs, many with handwritten commentaries by Chapman on the reverse.

The letter archive reflects a writing relationship of over twenty years between two persons who had in common a Pataphysical vision of the world around them, to the point that Chapman employed pataphysical language in the majority of his letters.

ASM0343 Nicholas Patricios collection, 1887-1960Add to your cart.
A collection of negatives of South Florida buildings and maps including Plymouth Church in Coconut Grove, the Everglades, Miami Beach hotels and Vizcaya Museum.
ASM0410 Lillian Frow Peacock and Eunice Peacock Merrick collection, 1860-1946Add to your cart.
The Lillian Frow Peacock & Eunice Peacock Photograph Collection primarily depicts the earliest settlers of Coconut Grove and Miami. The collection includes portraits of the Peacocks, the Frows, and other families, as well as historically notable places such as the Peacock Inn and the Coconut Grove School. Box 2 includes a handcrafted menu from the first Biscayne Bay Yacht Club dinner at the Peacock Inn in 1891. The photograph album in box 4 includes portraits of the Peacock's English relations as well as a few of their Coconut Grove and Miami neighbors.
ASM0512 Juan Domingo Perón collection, 1944-1974Add to your cart.

The majority of the collection consists of official publications documenting a variety of facets of Perón's political career, including his involvement in the 1943-1946 military government,  his first two presidential terms (1946-1955) and his third (1973-1974). Most of these official publications are reports on his policies and political activities, his own writings, or transcripts of speeches. Several of these record conjoined efforts by Perón and Eva, his well-known first wife, as well as with Chilean president Carlos Ibáñez Del Campo.

Also contained in the collection are pamphlets and other materials which treat Peronism (or Justicialism) and its critics; two series of satirical pro-Peronist periodicals called "Alpargatas Humorísticas" (6 issues) and "Descamisada" (31 issues); 8 postcards which depict aspects of Eva Perón's social work; two paper masks of Juan Domingo Perón and Eva Perón; two autographed photographs of Juan Domingo Perón and Eva Perón; and other ephemera.

ASM0631 Ronald Perry Poetry collection, 1956-1982Add to your cart.
Ronald Lee Perry was a Miami poet and University of Miami alumnus. The Ronald Perry Poetry collection consists of books of his poetry, periodicals containing reviews of or essays about his writings, manuscripts, correspondence, and miscellaneous materials.
M0302 Peter Jefferson Architectural Plans, 1956-2004Add to your cart.

Originally born in West Virginia, Jefferson attended Washington & Jefferson College in Washington, Pennsylvania and studied architecture and industrial design at the University of Michigan. Afterwards, he worked with the Army Corps where he taught aerial photography then supported himself by working as a laborer on various construction sites. He eventually came to Miami in 1954 where he apprenticed under architects, Thomas Madden and Alfred Browning Parker. He ended up establishing his own private architecture firm in Miami in 1959 and dedicated himself to creating plans for residential, commerical, and public buildings. Later, he moved his firm to Stewart, Florida in 1968 and continued to provide the same services.

He also served as a Fellow in the American Institute of Architects and was certified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, and was registered with the National Trust for Historic Preservation. His accolades include several architecture awards and international exhibits as well as having his works featured in magazines, such as Architectural Record, House Beautiful, Better Homes and Gardens, Southern Living, Sports Illustrated, Palm Beach Life, American Homes, and L'Architecture D'Anjourd'hui.

This collection contains approximately 191 large format architectural plans and renderings from noted Florida architect, Peter Jefferson. The first 33 plans of his collection have been flattened and placed into map cases while the others remain in their original rolled up state.

ASM0327 W.R. Peters Pan Am photographs, 1942-1977Add to your cart.

The bulk of this collection consists of photographs taken and developed by W.R. Peters between 1942 and 1955 while working for Pan Am. It also includes: a Miami and Latin American Division pilot and cabin service personnel directory, a pilot seniority list, a grievance conciliation and agreement list, and some photographs that were not taken by Mr. Peters that were acquired at antique stores.

The collection candidly depicts the working lives of Pan Am flight attendants and pilots, including excellent images of insignia, aircraft, and architecture. Photographs not by Peters include images taken during the 747SP “New Horizons” speed record breaking around the world flight in 1977, the Orange Bowl Parade, and flight attendant class photos from the 36th Street flight academy.

ASM0255 P. A. Phillips collection, 1989-1991Add to your cart.

Dr. P. A. Phillips was a history professor at the University of Miami.

The P. A. Phillips Collection contains materials from three of his history courses - two undergraduate and one graduate - where students were asked to interview a World War II veteran and compose an oral history report based on that interview. The materials include essays, transcripts, audio recordings, and videocassettes.

ASM0637 Phillips, William Lyman Papers, 1929-1964Add to your cart.

The material from the  William Lyman Phillips Papers (1885-1966) ranges from 1929 to 1964. The collection mainly consists of Phillips' landscape work; it is made up of originals, brown-line and blue prints, and photographs. Among this collection are complete sets of working drawings and landscape work designed by other architects and engineers.

The Mountain Lake Corporation makes up a large portion of the collection. Phillips was leading the project for the Boston-based Olmstead Bros. Landscape Architecture firm which he worked for. Phillips worked on the revision of state road no. 20 as well as the entrance for the capital in Tallahassee. Woodlawn Cemetery and the Indian Creek Club, both of which are located in Miami, also contitute large portions of  this collection. Phillips completed design work for the University of Miami as well as various parks including Greynolds, Redland, Phipps, Matheson Hammock and Fairchild Tropical Gardens. While Phillips worked for the government, he designed plans for several of the keys and the overseas toll bridge. The Phillips collection contains working drawings and two low rent housing projects: one located in Tampa and the other in Bradenton. The rest of the work in the collection consists of residences and churches in the south Florida area.

ASM0463 Port Washington Public Library oral history collection, 1981, 1993Add to your cart.
Transcripts of two interviews of Pan Am employees : Armen Dildilian (1993) and William Masland (1981) in two parts.
ASM0154 Power U Center for Social Change Records, 1997-2012Add to your cart.
The Power U Center for Social Change Records document the history and actions of the local grassroots organization. Power U was co-founded by Denise Perry, a long-time community organizer who has focused on developing grassroots leaders and supporting local community organizations throughout her career. Since its founding, Power U has been involved in securing and defending the rights of low income, inner city residents. Campaigns have been organized to achieve a number of goals, with a focus on South Florida. The group has been a major force for anti-gentrification activism in the Overtown area of Miami, while also seeking to improve the quality of life for residents in Overtown and other inner city neighborhoods. Major campaigns have included efforts to fight discrimination against students of color in Miami-Dade County Public Schools, organizing to raise awareness of environmental health issues in Miami's inner city neighborhoods, and ensuring the rights for all citizens to find affordable housing.
ASM0396 Price, Leo collection, 1932-1936Add to your cart.

The Leo Price Collection contains a single scrapbook compiled by Leo Price which chronicles the story of the Bonus Expeditionary Forces, an assemblage of approximately 43,000 protesters - some 17,000 of which were World War I veterans and their families - who marched on Washington in 1932 under the encouragement of retired U.S.M.C. Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler. The veterans, many of whom had been out of work since the beginning of the Great Depression, demanded immediate cash payment of Service Certificates granted to them eight years earlier via the Adjusted Service Certificate Law of 1924. The march was suppressed by the U.S. army under the leadership of Douglas MacArthur and George S. Patton.

The scrapbook tells the story by means of newspaper clippings, photographs, and a piece of fabric.

ASM0572 Provenzo, Eugene collection, 1978-1994Add to your cart.

Jesse Wooley was a professional photographer from New York who visited Florida in 1896. Wooley used his trip to create a stereopticon or lantern-slide lecture about Florida. Several of these lantern slides were colored.

The Eugene Provenzo Collection contains a manuscript by Provenzo and William E. Brown titled "From Ice to Snow to Flowers and Fruit: Jesse Wooley's 1896 Tour of Florida." The manuscript by Provenzo and Brown aimed to reproduce this lantern-slide lecture with the original lecture notes, as well as to provide a historical analysis of lantern slide lectures and a biographical essay on Jesse Wooley. The collection also contains correspondence regarding the manuscript, duplicate pages of the manuscript, research documents and notebooks, photographs and photographic slides taken of the surviving lantern slides, clippings, articles, and other documents.

ASM0235 Purdy, Helen C. Map collection, 1700-1800Add to your cart.
The late Helen C. Purdy, professor emeritus and former head of the Archives and Special Collections Department, donated a variety of library materials following her retirement in 1991. This collection consists of maps of Florida and the West Indies.
ASM0166 Queer Studies Poster Project Collection, 2008-2013Add to your cart.
The posters in this collection were created by students for a project answering the question "What is Queer?" The project was part of Dr. Steve Butterman's Queer Studies class at the University of Miami. The posters in the collection present a variety of visual and textual representation of the students' interpretations of what it means to be queer, ranging in focus from familial concerns and sexual health/HIV to media representation, politics and fashion. Many of the posters discuss the history of the use of  the term "queer" and question the idea of a single definition of queer.
ASM0014 Jack Clement Quigley plans, 1959-1973Add to your cart.
The Jack Clement Quigley Plans contains architectural plans of predominantly South Florida residences and buildings drawn by Mr. Quigley.
ASM0084 Max Rameau Papers, 1992-2011Add to your cart.
The Max Rameau papers (1992-2010) document his extensive activism for the homeless and the poor within the South Florida communities of the African diaspora. The collection  will be of interest to scholars and students of movements such as the Umoja Village, the Scott-Carver Tenant Council, Miami Dade Election Reform and Take Back the Land. The materials document advocacy work on behalf of people displaced from their homes as a result of  low income housing policies, gentrification, and the U.S. foreclosure crisis at the beginning of the 21st century.  The Max Rameau papers also point to connections between activist groups promoting the economic rights of the diverse constituency  of the African diaspora which reside in Liberty City and Little Haiti. Finally, the collection serves as a record of Mr. Rameau's work with organizations such as Brothers of the Same Mind,  the Haitian American Grassroots Coalition and the Center for Pan African Development.
ASM0155 Rand Interviews in Vietnam collection, 1964-1968Add to your cart.

Between August 1964 and December 1968, the Rand Corporation, under contract to the U.S. Department of Defense, conducted approximately 2,400 interviews with Vietnamese who were familiar with activities of the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese Army. Reports of these interviews, totalizing approximately 62,000 pages, constitute a rich source of information about political and military upheaval in a developing country, Vietnamese rural life, the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese armed forces and many related subjects. The documents describe conversations with prisoners captured by South Vietnamese or U.S. forces, defectors who voluntarily left the Viet Cong or the North Vietnamese Army as well as refugees from battle areas.  Many of the reports have a poignant, human quality; nearly all are informative about conditions in Vietnam. In December 1971, action was initiated to make these interview reports available to the public. The decision to provide access to these documents entailed a scrupulous double reading of all the reports and blocking out of information that might enable identification of the respondents.

The University of Miami holds approximate 1,780 (48,000 pages) out of the 2,400 interviews conducted under this study.

ASM0156 Polly Redford collection, 1970Add to your cart.
This collection contains audio cassettes and sound reels with transcripts of interviews of South Florida personalities by Polly Redford for her book The Billion-Dollar Sandbar: A Biography of Miami Beach (1970).
ASM0436 Alfred Reed papers, 1966-1984Add to your cart.
Alfred Reed was a composer and conductor who later became a professor and music director at the University of Miami. The Alfred Reed Papers contains condensed scores, full scores, conductor and scores of J. S. Bach's music, all by Alfred Reed. Also included is an autographed score by Brazilian composer Hector Villa-Lobos.
ASM0243 Reggae Fanzine collection, 1975-2001Add to your cart.
A collection of fanzines dedicated to reggae music, and the culture and fanbase surrounding the genre. The titles range from small-run, independently published zines, to glossy commercial magazines and tabloids. The wide range of publishing locations, including the United Kingdom, New York and South Florida, indicate the international popularity of reggae, a musical genre born on the island of Jamaica. Some of the fanzines extend their coverage to other Caribbean musical genres such as ska and soca. The music scenes in Africa are covered as well. In addition to the music, many of the fanzines explore the Rastafari movement and other Afrocentric ideologies that have historically been linked to reggae.
ASM0497 Henry Reich, Jr. papers, 1921-1940Add to your cart.

Henry Reich, Jr. was a poet and author, member of the American Literary League, a previous New York secretary of the Rebel Poets, and a frequent contributor to newspapers and magazines. The collection predominantly consists of Reich's correspondence, and his poetry and articles. The form of these poems and articles range include manuscripts, typescripts, clippings, scrapbook compilations, and periodicals and books in which Reich's poetry appeared. Notably, four issues of The Jewish Forum from 1927 in which Reich was published are included.

Also included are several photographs of Reich.

ASM0563 William T. Reich papersAdd to your cart.
Two fragile codices. One is written in English and the other in Latin. The English codex is labled "MS Codex 47" and is missing the front cover. The Latin codex is labeled "MS Codex 48" and "MS Codex 40" with "Bernard Lourner" inscribed on the inside front cover.
ASM0226 Arnold Reiner collection, 1974-1991Add to your cart.
The Arnold Reiner collection contains materials related to flight safety operations for Pan American World Airways. The collection includes issues of Flight Ops, a publication of Pan Am's Flight Safety Department; a copy of Pan Am's accident summary from 1959-1991; a 1974 report relating to Pan Am safety and operational concerns.
ASM0159 I. A. Richards collection, 1929-1997Add to your cart.

Dr. I. A. Richards (1893-1979) was an influential English literary critic and rhetorician. His books on literary criticism, especially The Meaning of Meaning, Principles of Literary Criticism, Practical Criticism, and The Philosophy of Rhetoric, are taken to be founding influences for the New Criticism. Richards is also considered one of the founders of the contemporary study of literature in English.

The I. A. Richards Collection at the Special Collections department contains a large selection of Richards' work in language learning and literacy, in the form of textbooks, workbooks, brochures, audio-visual materials, index cards, phonograph records, and slides.

ASM0161 Fidelia Righi papers, 1922Add to your cart.
The Fidelia Righi papers contains a notebook of poetry, a series of handwritten pages on architecture with accompanying architectural sketches, six photographs from the Intercollegiate Cosmopolitan Club of the City of New York, a 1922 address by Harry E. Edmonds to the club called "The Ideals of International House," and a 1922 program for "European Night" held at the club.
ASM0157 Rinhart, Floyd and Marion Photograph Collection, 1836-1840, 1857, 1860-1892, 1900-1907, 1924-1935Add to your cart.
The Floyd and Marion Rinhart Photograph Collection consists of rare and historical photographs and images of Florida.
ASM0560 Leon Robbin papers, 1798Add to your cart.
The Leon Robbin Collection contains two full-color prints of two similar engravings from the work Marriage À-La-Mode by William Hogarth. The prints are designed by William Hogarth and engraved by Thomas Cook. They are dated February 1st and October 1st, 1978, and are noted to be published by G. G. & J. Robinson, Pater-noster Row. They are sized 17 x 22 inches. Each is noted as being "fine original impression, proof before the title."
ASM0475 Robinson, James CollectionAdd to your cart.
ASM0370 Andre Rodgers papers, 1918-1941Add to your cart.
A typescript by Rudi Franke in which he narrates the journey  to France of a German infantry during World War II. The document also includes photographs, maps and hand drawn sketches.
ASM0423 Donald C. Rogers papers, 1977-1978Add to your cart.
Two typescripts by Donald Rogers : "Comments from the Diary of a Stoic" (1977) and "Above the Gods" (1978).
ASM0164 Erl Roman papers, 1935-1964Add to your cart.
The papers of Erl Roman, well known sport fisherman and skilled writer and publicist, provide information about the sport of angling and about the University of Miami's early years. The records, dated 1935-64, are divided into four series. SERIES I: CORRESPONDENCE and SERIES IV: SCRAP BOOKS, document Roman's fishing career as well as laws and events influencing the sport. SERIES II: TOPICAL FILES relate to fishing and to Roman's involvement with the University of Miami. SERIES III: PRESS RELEASES contains the press releases issued by Roman for the University of Miami Office of Public Information.
ASM0038 Aldemaro Romero Archive, 1945-2007Add to your cart.
The Aldemaro Romero Archive is comprised of the artistic and intellectual production of the Venezuelan composer from 1945 to his death in 2007. His collection is divided in two sections: concert and popular music. Aldemaro Romero's concert collection is made of one hundred original manuscripts and copies of scores with works for symphonic orchestra, chorus and orchestra, solo concerts for wind and string instruments with orchestra, and chamber music. The popular music collection contains 126 songs and 31 instrumental works (vol. 1 and vol. 20), manuscripts and copies of the lead sheets and/or lyrics and recordings.
ASM0311 N.B.T. Roney map collection, 1644-1860Add to your cart.
N.B.T. Roney moved to Miami Beach in 1918 and went on to become one of the largest builders in Beach history. Two of his most important developments are the Roney Plaza Hotel and Española Way. His map collection consists of 28 pre-20th century maps of the West Indies or Florida, and include works by famous cartographers such as Blaeu, Sanson, Popple, and Homanno.
ASM0355 H.C. Roome papersAdd to your cart.
Small diary of the President of the Miami Electric Railway.
ASM0168 Ross, Malcolm PapersAdd to your cart.
Manuscripts, clippings, pamphlets and correspondence of author and University of Miami Press editor Malcolm Ross.
ASM0260 Joaquín Roy papers, 1973-1993Add to your cart.

Joaquín Roy is Jean Monnet Professor of European Integration at the University of Miami and Co-Director of the European Union Center of Excellence, Miami. The collection consists of personal materials and documents from organizations or programs in which Dr. Roy was personally involved.

Series I contains typescripts, books, and publications from the Letras de Oro program organized by the North-South Center at the University of Miami. This program awarded prizes and published novels, poetry, theater plays, essays, and literary criticism in the Spanish language.

Series II contains newspapers, periodicals, brochures, pamphlets, publications, reports, letters, clippings from the Florida Catalan Society.

Series III contains personal materials from Dr. Joaquín Roy, including typescripts and manuscripts, lecture notes, periodicals, letters, clippings, bibliographies, and other materials. Included among the typescripts are ones for Julio Cortázar Ante Su Sociedad, ALA : Periodismo y Literatura, and Lecturas De Prensa.

ASM0403 Royal Poinciana Festival records, 1940-1989Add to your cart.
The Royal Poinciana Festival is a South Floridian festival that celebrates the royal poinciana tree's blooming in May. The Royal Poinciana Festival Records Collection holds materials pertaining to the festival, in the form of clippings, records, letters, notes, photocopies, photographs, and programs.
ASM0604 F. Charles Ruegg papers, 1940-1980Add to your cart.
The F. Charles Ruegg Papers consists primarily of correspondence, photographs and notes from Ruegg’s employment with Pan American World Airways from 1940 to 1951. These materials primarily document his experience with Pan Am in Africa (PAA Africa) during World War II.
ASM0603 Carl Ruggles collectionAdd to your cart.
A typescript of : "Carl Ruggles a Memoir by a Former Student, Ralph Nelson." The Collection also includes a copy of "Carl Ruggles : composer, painter and storyteller." by Marilyn J. Ziffrin.
ASM0656 Seymour Samet papers, 1944-1995Add to your cart.
The Seymour Samet Papers document primarily Mr. Samet’s civil rights work for the American Jewish Committee (AJC), the Dade County Community Relations Board and the U.S. Department of Justice Community Relations Service from the 1960s to the 1980s. The correspondence, speeches, writings, articles and newspaper clippings articulate issues of discrimination, desegregation and general human relations from various group and geographical perspectives.
ASM0173 Dr. Murray Sanders papers, 1947-1957Add to your cart.
Dr. Murray Sanders was a physician and medical researcher with the University of Miami and Variety Children's Hospital. He was the former chairman of the Department of Medical Research of the University of Miami. His papers consist of correspondence, periodicals, essays, photocopies of articles and essays, and newspaper clippings regarding medical research. Also included are photographs and prints of Dr. Sanders, as well as a biography and a curriculum vitae.
ASM0601 Sandra Riley and Peggy Hall CollectionAdd to your cart.
This collection contains personal papers from local historian, playwright, director, and teacher, Sandra Riley, and poet, teacher, and musician, Peggy C. Hall. The materials currently include manuscripts, research notes, journals, interviews, drafts, playscripts, and other papers from their life's work and writings.
ASM0313 Carlos Sanz map collection, 1482-1598Add to your cart.
Carlos Sanz was the author of several articles and books dealing with cartography and the discovery of the New World. The Sanz map Collection includes 19 reproductions of maps and charts originally published between 1482 and 1598 by well known cartographers such as Mercator, Juan de la Cosa, Contarini, and Ptolemy. These maps form part of 50 items reproduced and published with a commentary by Sanz in his two volume work entitled Mapas antiguos del mundo: (siglos XV-XVI) (Madrid, 1962).
ASM0507 Werner M. Sauer collection, 1948Add to your cart.
The Werner M. Sauer contains a bound typescript by Werner M. Sauer detailing his experiences during the Holocaust.
ASM0265 Save the Alhambra Water Tower Committee records, 1921-2012Add to your cart.

The records of the Save the Alhambra Water Tower Committee document the successful mission of a local historic preservation organization to protect the Alhambra Water Tower, a Coral Gables landmark. The collection includes scrapbooks, committee records, financial documents, photographs, and minutes of meetings.

The Alhambra Water Tower, once a functional part of the Coral Gables water system, has survived time and weathering to remain an architectural symbol of the community. The Save the Alhambra Water Tower Committee raised money and awareness to contribute to the refurbishment and preservation of the historic structure.

ASM0175 Abraham Schwaczkin collection, 1885-1953Add to your cart.

The Abraham Schwazkin collection consists primarily of Jewish cantorial sheet music and lyrics.

Also included are a birth certificate and marriage certificates of Schwazkin, a 1953 copy of the B'nai B'rith messenger newspaper, a catalog, several yearbooks from Jewish congregations, a photograph, and a series of letters between Schwazkin and a Mrs. Morrison from 1940.

ASM0480 Scott-Carver Housing History collection, 1982-2016Add to your cart.
The Scott Carver Housing History collection includes photographs, clippings, reports and oral history interviews that document the advocacyy work of Scott Carver Miami residents and activists for the resistitution of the demolished Scott Carver homes.
ASM0402 Kimball J. Scribner collectionAdd to your cart.
Video cassettes, films and audio cassettes relating to Pan Am and aviation donated by former Pan Am pilot Kimball J. Scribner.
ASM0562 Sidney Serebreny papersAdd to your cart.
Sidney Serebreny was a technical supervisor from 1941 to 1960 for the Pacific Alaska Division for the Pan American World Airways, Inc. The Sidney Serebreny Papers contains a typescript by Serebreny titled "Tailwind."
ASM0456 R. A. Seymour papers, 1941-1993Add to your cart.
R. A. Seymour was a Wing Commander from the Royal Air Force. The collection contains photographs and memoirs Seymour's training at the Pan American Training Academy at the University of Miami during World War II.
ASM0457 Shaw Family papers, 1917Add to your cart.
The Shaw Family Papers contains one photograph album containing photographs from More Shaw, Eleanor Shaw, and their mother's trip to Florida from February 16, 1917 to March 15, 1917. The trip was part of an organized tour called "Season of 1917: A Tour to Florida, East and West Coasts," of which a pamphlet is included in the album. The photographs are of Jacksonville, Ocala, Orlando, Tampa, Palm Beach, and Miami.
ASM0383 Calvin Shedd papers, 1862-1863Add to your cart.

The Calvin Shedd Papers consists of approximately fifty letters and documents of a Civil War soldier stationed in Florida from 1862-1863. Calvin Shedd served with Company A and Company C of the 7th New Hampshire Regiment. Shedd and his family, a wife and three daughters, were frequent correspondents. The documents consist only of Calvin Shedd's letters, with no responses from family members available. The letters comprise a fascinating, thoughtful summary of one man's experiences during this tragic era of American history. The lengthy, detailed letters offer an insightful view of Shedd's military activities, observations on life in Florida, and his concerns for the wife and three daughters he left behind in New Hampshire.

The Seventh Regiment left New Hampshire on January 14, 1862, and traveled to New York where soldiers passed a month of relative inactivity. On February 13, 1862, orders directed the troops to the Dry Tortugas in Florida. Six companies under the command of Colonel Putnam embarked on the S.R. Mallory, and four companies under the direction of Lieutenant Colonel Abbott left on the barque, Tycoon. The Tycoon reached the Dry Tortugas in sixteen days, the S. R. Mallory arrived six days later. Two men died of an outbreak of yellow fever on the Tycoon, a sampling of things to come in the weeks and months ahead.

The Dry Tortugas, located at the far end of the Florida Keys, served as a principal depot for the distribution of rations and munitions to union forts and military posts in the area. The Seventh Regiment was stationed at Fort Jefferson, where "good quarters were arranged and other preparations made for the comfort of officers and men." Primary duties for soldiers consisted of garrison and fatigue duty, with military drill in infantry and heavy artillery.

On June 16, 1862, the regiment embarked for Port Royal, South Carolina, and arrived safely on July 22, 1862. Troops remained here, engaged primarily in picket and guard duty, until a September 15, 1862, re-assignment to st. Augustine, Florida. In st. Augustine the major effort was on recruitment, as the regiment lost some two hundred men to death and discharge since leaving New Hampshire. The regiment remained in st. Augustine until May, 1863, when it was ordered to Fernandia, Florida, to relieve the Seventh Connecticut Regiment, and then to Hilton Head, South Carolina, in preparation for efforts to attack Charleston. ln June, 1863, fortified with approximately one hundred new recruits, the regiment headed to Folly Island, to prepare the batteries that would support the landing of forces.

The unsuccessful assault on Fort Wagner cost more than two hundred lives, including many important officers. The regiment remained stationed on Morris Island for five months of intensely warm weather, serving duty in trenches, on picket and in fatigue. On December 20, 1863, the regiment left Morris Island, and prepared for a return trip to Florida.

ASM0180 Shikes, Ralph E. Papers, 1800-1900Add to your cart.

The Ralph E. Shikes papers consists primarily of letters to and from Camille Pissarro, a French-Danish Impressionist painter. In addition, the papers contain Mr. Pissarro's will.

The papers also contains papers and letters from other artisits, such as Vincent Van Gogh, as well as various photographs, negatives, postcards, and a thesis written by Alexander Seltzer covering the topics of anarchism, antisemitism, the press and the Dreyfus affair.

ASM0650 Bob Simms collection, 1907-2006Add to your cart.
The Bob Simms Collection documents the life and activities of Robert H. Simms in the black communities in Coconut Grove and Miami and reflects his work with the Community Relations Board and the Defense Race Relations Institute. The Collection also contains  campaign materials from Leah Simms, the first African American female judge in the state of Florida, and the "Glory in the Grove" photographs of people and events at the George Washington Carver elementary and high schools in Coconut Grove before desegregation. A final component of the collection includes photographs, correspondence and clippings of General "Chappie" James and his family. General James was the first four star African American General and married Dorothy Watkins.
ASM0054 Simón Daro Dawidowicz Bolivarian collection, 1937-1990Add to your cart.

Simón Daro Dawidowicz was a businessman and art collector who resided in Miami, Florida. A long-time resident of Colombia, Dawidowicz had a strong interest in Latin American liberator Simón Bolívar and his lasting influence on Latin America. Dawidowicz was a member of several Bolivarian societies, president of the Bolavarian Review, and founded the non-profit organization Darien Action Committee, which sought to promote the completion of the Panamerican Highway from Panama to Colombia. Dawidowicz had strong connections with several prominent Latin American artists including Leopoldo Richter and David Manzur. He was a curator as well as a collector of their and others' work, and donated a number of their pieces to museums and institutions including the University of Miami. A mural titled "Bolívar and Humboldt" by Leopoldo Richter was donated by Dawidowicz to the University, and currently stands in front of the Otto G. Richter Library.

The Simón Daro Dawidowicz Bolivarian collection contains items pertaining to all of the above pursuits and interests. Much of it is correspondence and official records, or newspapers clippings and photographs that document his activities. There are a number of audiocassettes and film reels, and a single videocassette as well.

Of particular interest are a bust of Simón Bolívar that Dawidowicz had commissioned as a gift for former President Lyndon Johnson, as well as a box containing photographs, photographic prints, brochures, periodicals, and other forms of material depicting the works of a number of Latin American artists. These include David Manzur, Leopoldo Richter, German Tessarolo, Marlene Hoffman, Enrique Grau, Edgar Silva, Armando Villegas, Patricia Tavera, Ràmon Carulla, and Miguel Rojas Niño. Some of these items are signed by the artists.

Two family members of Dawidowicz, Miriam and Sylvia, were curators and donors of Latin American art as well, and several documents detailing their efforts are held within the collection.

Finally, the collection contains assorted personal photographs and several short stories written by Dawidowicz.

ASM0279 Charles T. Simpson papers, 1886-1943Add to your cart.
The Charles T. Simpson collection contains photographs, account statements, letters, minutes, contracts, typescripts, articles, certificates, membership cards, manuscripts, notes, photocopies, and a plant specimen, which document the lengthy botanical and zoological career of the early 20th century naturalist.
ASM0264 Isaac Bashevis Singer papers, 1970-1994Add to your cart.

The Isaac Bashevis Singer Collection consists predominantly of correspondence written to Singer during the years 1978 to 1982. The correspondence is divided topically into the following categories: agent correspondence, autograph and photograph requests, fan mail, financial papers, Hebrew and Yiddish correspondence, legal affairs, miscellaneous, "new writer" requests (letters from authors asking Singer to read their work), personal, protocol, publicity, publisher and producer correspondence, requests for information, requests for money, and requests for interviews or speaking engagements.

Also included are manuscripts by Singer, periodicals, brochures, photocopies, and clippings with content from or about Singer, and writings by other authors.

ASM0182 Edwin M. Singleton papers, 1930-1948Add to your cart.
Contains one phonograph of Eisenhower presidential campaign spots and newspaper clippings regarding World War II.
ASM0181 Slave Documents collection, 1793-1866Add to your cart.
A growing collection of documents pertaining to the capture, purchase, bargaining, and freedom of slaves in North and South America during the 1700s and 1800s. The collection contains a variety of petitions, contracts, estate settlements, and ephemera that record the activities of slaves during that era and illustrate the relationship between slaves and their owners as well as local government policy regarding slave ownership in various parts of the Americas.
ASM0635 Smathers, Senator George A. Photograph collection, 1942-1996Add to your cart.
George A. Smathers (1913–2007) was an American lawyer and member of the Democratic Party who represented Florida in the United States Senate from 1951 until 1969. The collection contains original photographs of Senator Smathers with friends, family, and colleagues.
ASM0477 Snider, Trudy papers, 1960, 1961 and 1995Add to your cart.
Manuscript and research files of : "1961, The Year of the Refugee" a narrative of life in Cuba by Trudy Snider.
ASM0207 Social Movements Collection, 1964-1985Add to your cart.
A collection of periodicals, pamphlets, brochures, tracts, leaflets, broadsides, and assorted materials, focusing on social movements across the globe from different periods of time. The collection presently includes material from various organizations, mostly French, Iranian, African-American groups fighting for social rights and liberties, pro-environmentalist/anti-capitalist groups, and socialist groups, and the collection will continue to expand as materials are collected.
ASM0618 South Florida Playbills CollectionAdd to your cart.
The collection consists primarily of playbills of various theatrical performances in South Florida from 1920 to 2006.
ASM0638 South Florida Regional Planning Council Records, 1978-1979, 1985-1994, 1998Add to your cart.
The collection consists primarily of draft agendas from the South Florida public policy agency.
ASM0508 Southern States Property Records, 1917-1921Add to your cart.
The Southern States Property Records contains a photo-album of photographs of South Florida from the 1920s, predominantly of the Southern States plantations and crops. Most of the photographs are of the West Palm Beach, St. Lucie, and Lake Okeechobee areas.
ASM0379 Southwood Middle School Photograph Collection, 1992Add to your cart.
Photographs and negatives of Hurricane Andrew
ASM0065 Spec's Music Inc. Records, 1975-2008Add to your cart.
Martin Spector founded Spec's Music in 1948. Spector's first store, located in Coral Gables, featured Big Band Melodies on records and later included electronics and household appliances. In the 1960's with the popularity of Rock ‘n Roll, Spector decided to focus primarily on the sale of music. In 1980, the leadership of the company was transferred to his daughter Ann Spector Lieff.  Competition among music retailers in the late 1990s led to a merger with Camelot Music.  The Spec's Music Collection Records is comprised of press releases in the form of newspaper and magazine clippings, business records, photographs, store memorabilia, and framed music posters, and plaques acquired during Ann Lieff's tenure.
ASM0244 Spencer Family papers, 1929-1976Add to your cart.
The Spencer Family papers contains a number of personal items pertaining to various members of the Spencer family, in the form of books, clippings, journals, manuscripts, memorandums, news bulletins,  newspapers, notebooks, pamphlets, periodicals, photographs, poetry, postcards, reports, and scrapbooks.
ASM0242 Spencer, Donald PapersAdd to your cart.
Donald Edward Spencer was an archivist and historian who served as the head of the American prosecution document room at the Nuremburg Trials following World War II. This collection includes primary sources he used to assemble a biography of Hitler's Deputy, Rudolf Hess, as well as a manuscript of said biography.
ASM0185 Theodore Spicer-Simson collection, 1906-1979Add to your cart.

The Theodore Spicer-Simson Collection contains the Spicer-Simson medallions as well as photographs, correspondence, typescripts and other related material.

The bulk of the collection consists of the Spicer-Simson medallions. These are portrait medallions cast in bronze of major world and literary figures from Spicer-Simson's lifetime. All of these were sculpted from life. Notable among these are David Fairchild, Padraic Colum, Henry Ford, Sir Ernest Rutherford, Sherwood Anderson, Theodore Dreiser, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and other important figures in addition to person friends and family members of Spicer-Simson.

The collection contains many other examples of Spicer-Simson medals in the form of medals, awards, and sculptings that Spicer-Simson created. Included in these are medals sculpted for the National Academy of Sciences, Princeton University, the Guggenheim Foundation, and the U.S. Congress. The collection also contains clay and plaster molds of medallions, including some small pieces of sculpture. In addition to all his sculpture and medallions, the collection contains examples of Spicer-Simson's other artwork in the form of sketches, drawings, and bookplates.

Spicer-Simson's autobiography, A Collector of Characters is held in the collection, along with the typescripts of the book. The collection's correspondence includes correspondence from Hervey Allen, Padraic Colum, H.L. Mencken, Eleanor Roosevelt, Sir Ernest Rutherford, and Marjory Stoneman Douglas. The photographs include mostly photographs of medallions and sculpture, including some not in the collection, but also contain many photos of Spicer-Simson's subjects, some of these mounted and autographed.

ASM0612 Spohrer, B. F. collection, 1810-1876Add to your cart.
Contains ten issues of Mexican, Honduran, and Argentinian newspapers from the 19th century, and one cache of Mexican letters from the 19th century, including one signed by Porfirio Díaz, the President of Mexico from 1876 to 1880 and from 1884 to 1911.
ASM0430 Clark Stearns papersAdd to your cart.
The Clark Stearns Collection contains an undated, unpublished typescript by Clark Daniel Stearns, U.S. Naval Officer and former Governor of the American Samoa. The typescript is titled American Samoa.
ASM0218 Maggie Steber Photography collection, 1986-2010Add to your cart.
The Maggie Steber Photography Collection contains thirty-three signed and dated 11x14 inch color prints on art paper and eleven large framed (33 1/4" x 43 3/4") prints. The collection documents photojournalist Maggie Steber's work in Haiti from 1986 to 2010.
ASM0611 Stephen Stein Retablos CollectionAdd to your cart.
This collection contains research notes, reports, documents, pamphlets, and 3D objects from Stephen Stein, a history professor at the University of Miami. The Peruvian retablos are from the master retablo maker, Nicario Jimenez Quispe, who inherited his skills from a long line of retablo makers in Alcamenca in Ayacucho, Peru, which is located in the Andes. Most of his research captures the history, traditional, and political climate of South America in the 20th century with a focus on Peru as a center of study.
ASM0186 Helen S. Sternfels papers, 1864-1942Add to your cart.

The Helen S. Sternfels Papers contains the following items:

A number of turn of the century programs and playbills from New York playhouses such as 14th Street Theatre, Academy of Music,  American Theatre, Broadway Theatre, Criterion Theatre, Grand Opera House, Harlem Opera House, Manhattan Opera House, Manhattan Theatre, and others.

A series of issues from the Puck and Judge humor  and satire magazines, from the late 19th century.

Several souvenir books and song books.

An issue of the New York Times Jubilee Number, September 18, 1901, an issue of the New York Daily Times, September 18, 1851, a souvenir issue of The World Paper, 1903, celebrating the construction of the Williamsburg Bridge, and an issue of Harper's Weekly Journal of Civilization, April 2, 1864, an April Fool's issue on the Civil War with cartoons by Thomas Nast .

ASM0429 Alvan Stewart diaryAdd to your cart.
The Alvan Stewart diary contains approximately 200 handwritten pages of a diary by New York lawyer and abolitionist Alvan Stewart (1790-1849). The diary chronicles Stewart's travels from May to September 1831, including a sea voyage from New York to Liverpool, his travels through England and France, and the return voyage.
ASM0427 Irving Stone papers, 1944Add to your cart.
Irving Stone (July 14, 1903 – August 26, 1989) was an American writer known for his biographical novels of famous historical personalities. The papers contain a 1944 manuscript for his book Immortal Wife, the Biographical Novel of Jessie Benton Fremont.
ASM0700 StoryCorps-Warmamas Community Archive, 2013-2015Add to your cart.
The StoryCorps-Warmamas Community Archive (2013-2015) is a collection of interviews with enlisted men and women, veterans, their family and friends. The collaboration between StoryCorps and Warmamas is part of StoryCorps' Military Voices Initiative which serves as a platform to allow military families to share their experiences.  Warmamas also places a special emphasis on intervieweing women whose children were deployed  to serve in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. As a repository for personal reflections on the ramifications  of war, the collection includes individual testimonies and helps to document American history.
ASM0665 Students Toward a New Democracy- S.T.A.N.D. Records, 2011-2012Add to your cart.
Promotional materials, club guidelines, and news clippings relating to Students Toward a New Democracy. Includes newspapers with articles relevant to Overtown and labor campaigns.
ASM0420 Joan Sturhahn papers, 1970sAdd to your cart.

The Joan Sturhahn Papers contains a typescript with corrections of her 1976 work Carvalho, Artist-Photographer-Adventurer-Patriot: Portrait of a Forgotten American. This typescript, however, is titled "Solomon Nunes Carvalho, Recorder of History with Brush and Lens, 19th Century American Scene."

Also included is a note from Sturhahn to Dr. Charlton Tebeau that accompanied the typescript sent to him.

ASM0384 Carlos Surinach Collection, 1993Add to your cart.
The Carlos Surinach Collection contains a bound, autographed photocopy of the score to Symphonic Melismas by composer Carlos Surinach. Symphonic Melismas had its world premiere at the Festival Miami of 1993, sponsored by the University of Miami School of Music. Also included is a photograph of Surinach, two copies of the 1993 program, and a photocopy of a biography of Surinach.
ASM0605 Sweat Records Collection, 1997-2015Add to your cart.

Sweat Records began as a local independent music store in Miami in 2005, conceived by DJ and club promoter, Lauren (Lolo) Reskin and by former WVUM DJ and public defense attorney, Sara Yousuf. It served as not only a record store but a public event space and coffee shop, catering to the eclectic music scene in South Florida. The store was forced to temporarily relocate to the back of Churchill's pub in 2005 after the destruction caused from Hurricane Wilma and eventually moved to its new permanent location near Little Haiti. Sara Yousuf also left her role as co-owner to pursue a full-time career as a public defense attorney in 2006 and was replaced by Jason Jimenez., who came onboard as Lolo's new partner in 2007. Sweat Records continues to this day to offer a wide variety performances and events featuring both budding local artists and veteran rock bands and contribute heavily to Miami's thriving music culture.

The Sweat Records collection contains archival material documenting the history of the record store, including newspaper articles, magazines, ephemera, pamphlets company records, administrative files, personal papers from Lolo Reskin, and audio-visual material. Items are arranged categorically by series and material type.

ASM0188 Walter Tennyson Swingle collection, 1586-1952Add to your cart.

The Walter Tennyson Swingle Collection contains research material and correspondence of Walter T. Swingle as well as translations and correspondence of Michael J. Hagerty. The Swingle portion of the collection is comprised of his articles, manuscripts, diaries, and most of Swingle's correspondence between 1885 and 1951.

The correspondence gives an overview of his botanical and plant introduction work as well as his personal life and travels. The bulk of the correspondence are letters from distinguished colleagues such as Herbert J. Webber, Dr. Beverly T. Galloway, W.A. Kellerman and others from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Also included in this group are correspondence between Swingle and David G. Fairchild, noted Florida naturalist and one of the men who conceived of a sub-tropical garden in Florida and for who Fairchild Tropical Garden in Miami, Florida is named. Their correspondence details an account of their collaborative work and friendship.

Swingle's research material includes notes, notebooks, and large number of first accounts of citrus in the Original Citrus Literature, containing a number of articles by Carolus Linnaeus.

Of special interest to the University of Miami is material dealing with Swingle's tenure as Consultant in Tropical Botany at the University, as well as some interesting material dealing with his U.S.D.A. work in Brazil in the 1930's.

The Hagerty portion of the collection consists most importantly of translations made by Hagerty of Chinese accounts on botany for the Swingle's work in the Department of Agriculture. It includes a very large translation of the Chinese accounts of citrus from the Chinese Imperial Encyclopedia which is over 500 pages long and very important to Swingle's study of citrus. Also in this portion are found a very large amount of correspondence between Hagerty and Swingle which details most of their work together for the U.S.D.A.

ASM0478 Tamiami Trail collection, 1924-1925Add to your cart.
This collection contains 73 photographs taken in 1924-1925, during the construction of the east-west portion of the Tamiami Trail that runs through the Everglades in southern Florida. Some of the photographs were taken by J.F. Jaudon.
ASM0190 O. J. Tanner collection, 1743-1930Add to your cart.
The O. J. Tanner collection contains the following items: a scrapbook with various portraits of historical figures, a diary with notes on wills, an autograph scrapbook (including an autograph from President Ulysses Grant), a photostat copy of a letter by George Washington, an 1822 watercolor sketchbook, two photographs, a catalog and receipt from the Coral Gables Godspeed Bookshop, a 1743 pamphlet titled "Relation de la victorie Remporteé sur les Imperiaux, par les troupes du Roy, & celles du Roy de Serdaigne, dans la Bataille donneé prés de Guastalla, le 19 du mois dernier," and other pamphlets, clippings, programs, and prints.
ASM0426 Aaron Thomas papers, 1798-1799Add to your cart.
The journal of Aaron Thomas is a 374 page leather-bound volume containing approximately 367 pages of handwritten material. The journal begins on June 15, 1798 and concludes on October 26, 1799, and chronicles the experiences and adventures of a British seaman serving in the Royal Navy aboard HMS Lapwing in the West Indies during the French Revolutionary wars. The journal contains insightful, first-hand accounts of naval operations, customs of the day, and humorous, detailed anecdotes involving shipmates and superiors. Thomas, who joined the navy in 1793, includes entries regarding the health and punishment of the men aboard ship, as well as his personal views on slavery, religion, and morality. With the exception of the final three pages, all entries are written in Thomas's hand.
ASM0615 Dorothy Brannen Thomas collection, 1942-1948Add to your cart.
The Dorothy Brannen Thomas Collection contains a scrapbook collecting letters, photographs, clippings, and other documents pertaining to cadets from the Royal Air Force who trained at the Pan American Training Academy at the University of Miami prior to World War II. Also included are letters from some of the cadets stationed there.
ASM0290 Frank M. Thomas Jr. Diary, 1956-1957Add to your cart.
The Frank M. Thomas Jr. Diary collection contains two bound daily record diaries of the activities of Frank M. Thomas Jr., an investigator for the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau in Jacksonville, Florida. His diary provides a daily record of his activities with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, including typed inventories of "known and unknown" seizures.
ASM0659 Donald Thomson papers, 1932-1976Add to your cart.
Donald W. Thomson worked for Pan American World Airways from 1932 to 1976 when he retired as the company's treasurer.  His papers include corporate records, memoranda, reports, memorabilia and photographs.  Bound volumes of annual reports and books were separated from the collection for cataloging.
ASM0461 Thorson, Milton Z. papersAdd to your cart.
14 color photographs of a fishing trip to the Florida Keys.
ASM0658 Humphrey W. Toomey Papers, 1929-1961Add to your cart.
This collection includes documents, photographs, correspondence, clippings and other materials related to Toomey's employment with the New York, Rio and Buenos Aires Airline, Panair do Brasil, and Pan American World Airways from 1929-1961.
ASM0086 César Trasobares Papers, 1983-2002Add to your cart.
Ephemera, exhibition catalogs, newsletters, and books related to Miami's contemporary art scene. Items featured in the collection document much of César Trasobares' personal life work as a local Cuban-American artist whose pieces often illustrate ties to his heritage as well as touching upon various topics, such as poverty, homosexuality, religion, social issues, and personal expression.
n/a University of Miami Desegregation [website]Add to your cart.

The digital exhibit "University of Miami Desegregation” was created by librarians and staff of the Otto G. Richter Library to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the desegregation at the University.

It highlights the pivotal moments of desegregation at the University of Miami with photographs, newspaper clippings and various documents from the Special Collections and the University Archives that trace tentative explorations from the 1950s to the early 1970s.

ASM0675 University of Puerto Rico Student Movement collection, 2010-2011Add to your cart.
The University of Puerto Rico Student Movement Collection (2010-2011) documents through digital photographs and ephemera (30,061 KB) the student led stike to protest austerity and tuition measures announced by University of Puerto Rico adminstrators.
ASM0198 Verbinnen, Henri papers, 1910-1941Add to your cart.
Henri Verbinnen was a diplomat at the Belgian consulate in New York, supervisor for the Florida Works Progress Administration (WPA), and independent essayist. During the years after the Great Depression, he wrote a number of essays and letters on New Deal unemployment and relief policies. The collection contains letters, notebooks, drafts, essays, reports, memorandums, statistical reports, sketches, photographs and clippings.
ASM0162 George L. Vergara collection, 1908-1909Add to your cart.
The George L. Vergara collection contains microfilms and photocopies of the Bulletin of the Aerial Experiment Association between 1908-1909.
ASM9997 Albert Veri papers, 1960-1974Add to your cart.
Albert R. Veri was a Florida environmental planner and designer, and associate director of the Division of Applied Ecology of the Center for Urban Studies at the University of Miami. The Albert Veri papers consists of documents pertaining to these affairs and others, in the form of correspondence, memorandums, minutes, bibliographies, essays, maps, notebooks, notes, periodicals, photocopies, and typescripts.
ASM0677 Vintage Greeting Card Collection, ca. 1920s-1980sAdd to your cart.
A collection of vintage greeting cards, which currently features a unique selection of cards acquired by an unknown collector over thirty years. Thematically, the greeting cards showcase the ubiquitous view of traditional gender roles that permeated different eras, with the earliest cards dating to the 1920s. Though the cards are meant to be colorful, playful, and sentimental, they highlight the evolution of the depiction of both genders and their interactions as a couple over time, and in some cases, even prove to be subversive of traditional gender norms.
M0706 Vintage Scrapbook CollectionAdd to your cart.

This collection features an array of home-made scrapbooks from the early to mid-1900s, most of which feature antiquated forms of advertising and fashion. The creators are all unknowns or names without renown, but these scrapbooks highlight their personal tastes and interests, offering some unique insight into their lives.

There are currently four small scrapbooks in the collection, and more will be added periodically.

ASM0454 ArtSpace Virginia Miller Gallery Collection, 1991-2016Add to your cart.
Located in the heart of Coral Gables, ArtSpace Virginia Miller Galleries have served as a launching pad for budding young artists in South Florida and Latin America for over 44 years. This collection contains several publications and gallery catalogs that discuss many of the exhibits Virginia Miller and her colleagues have helped pioneer as well as showcase famous local artists, providing rich context for their unique exhibits.
ASU0315 Voices of Andrew [website], 1992-1993Add to your cart.

The website "Voices of Andrew" provides an online archive of 66 oral history interviews with people who lived through Hurricane Andrew and experienced the subsequent recovery process in the first months after the storm.

The interviews were conducted by undergraduate and graduate students of the University of Miami under the supervision of Professor Eugene F. Provenzo, Jr., Department of Teaching and Learning, School of Education. The web site lists 66 names of the interviewees as well as 63 transcripts and 41 audio recordings of the interviews available online.

The website was developed in collaboration with the Otto G. Richter Library.

ASM0257 Arnold Volpe papers, 1967Add to your cart.
The Arnold Volpe Papers contains sheet music and scores composed by University of Miami professor Arnold Volpe.
ASM0428 Jay A. Weber papers, 1921-1923Add to your cart.
The Jay A. Weber Papers contains two notebooks on the collection of birds, as well as some other animals, in Florida and in Cuba.
ASM0362 James Wendler collectionAdd to your cart.
Photographs of Pan Am aircraft at Dinner Key terminal in Miami, Florida.
ASM0201 A. Curtis Wilgus papers, 1901-1981Add to your cart.
The A. Curtis Wilgus Papers document the pioneering efforts by historian and author A. Curtis Wilgus (1898-1981) in the area of Latin American studies and the emergence of "Pan Americanism." The correspondence, writings, research files, photographs and other materials also document the evolution of a trend in higher education during the 1920's and the 1970's, an increase in global awareness reflected in the introduction of "area studies" programs at many universities.
ASM0202 H. Franklin Williams papers, 1956-1971Add to your cart.
The H. Franklin Williams Papers provide an extensive record of the activities of the Economic Opportunity Program, Inc. (EOPI), a non-profit corporation established to provide "through governmental or private means economic opportunity for the citizens and residents of Dade County, Florida and to further assist in the war against poverty...". The program coordinated governmental units and local agencies involved in implementing the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964. Williams was a professor of history and administrator at the University of Miami from 1939 to 1972.
ASM0431 J. Clifton Williams papersAdd to your cart.

Bound folio and a loose sheet of music of "Trilogy from the Song of Solomon," consisting of the songs:

1. "I am my beloved"

2. "I called him"

3. "The voice of my beloved"

ASM0673 Patricia K. Williams Collection, 1951-1953Add to your cart.
A small collection of documents, photographs and ephemeral items that relate to Patricia Williams' period of employment at Pan Americal World Airways. This archive contains financial records, editions of the Pan American "Clipper" newspaper, work-related correspondence between Williams and the management at PAA, information about the insurance benefits provided to PAA employees, and other related items.
ASM0203 Minnie Moore Willson papers, 1888-1949Add to your cart.

The Minnie Moore Willson Papers document the life and career of a noted Florida writer and advocate for the Seminole Indians of Florida. The Papers also include materials related to her husband James Mallory Willson, a prominent Kissimmee businessman and a defender of Seminole Indian rights. The Papers were purchased by the University of Miami in the late 1940s from the Elizabeth Aultman Cantrell Historical Museum in Kissimmee, Florida. Selected materials from the Papers, including books, maps, pamphlets and some periodicals were removed from the collection and sent to the appropriate areas in the Library.

The collection includes material from Minnie Moore Willson as well as material from her husband James Mallory Willson. The Minnie Moore Willson Collection consists of correspondence with individuals including Florida Senator Duncan Fletcher and Florida Representative Ruth Bryan Owen.  Correspondence files also include letters with Seminole Indians such as Billy Bowlegs, Tony Tommie and other prominent Seminole Indian chiefs. The collection contains a number of manuscripts by M.M. Willson related to the Seminole Indians and such issues as the equality of blacks and Southern politics. Additional material relates to the creation of a bird sanctuary in Kissimmee, Florida.

James M. Willson's papers contain business records including correspondence, abstract of titles (original and copies) scrapbooks, and financial records from the 1880's to the 1930's (in the latter years Minnie Moore Willson handled the business correspondence due to illness). Correspondence deals with Mr. Willson's real estate and insurance business in the Kissimmee area. The files also contain manuscripts, correspondence and material collected or written by Elizabeth Cantrell, niece of James Mallory Willson. Correspondence to and from S.B. Aultman (Elizabeth Cantrell's father and brother-in-law of J.M. Willson)and letters with Dr. Howard Kelly, a family friend and widely known surgeon are also organized in these files.

The collection also includes several newspaper clippings from the late 1800's through the 1930's. The majority of these clippings are from Florida-based newspapers. Several maps of Florida have been removed from the collection and placed with Map Collection.

Also included are photographs of the Willsons, Seminole Indians, plants, and animals. The collection also includes postcards depicting scenes from Florida and the United States.

ASM0206 Ruth Danenhower Wilson papersAdd to your cart.
The Ruth Wilson Papers predominantly consists of a series of lecture notes and typescripts on Japanese culture, history, and language. The other series to be found in the collection is a typescript, titled "Cruising for a Florida State Park," detailing an expedition into Volusia country taken with the aim of discovering historic sites in the county, with accompanying photographs of said sites. Also included is a typescript of an article by John James Audubon titled "A Naturalist's Excursion in Florida."
ASM0462 William C. Wimberley papers, c.1830Add to your cart.

William Clark Wimberley is known for his published 1832 drama The Death Summons; Or, The Rock of Martos.

William C. Wimberley papers contains an unpublished manuscript of a play titled Atala. Wimberley took as his theme the story of Atala, the half-Seminole Christian daughter of a Seminole chieftain, created by François-René de Chateaubriand in his 1801 novel that bears the same name. Wimberley's play is divided into four scenes, with seven characters.

ASM0400 Woman's Club of Coconut Grove records, 1891-1991Add to your cart.
The collection documents the civic and social activities of the Woman's Club of Coconut Grove - formerly called the Housekeepers' Club. The records include minutes, committee and financial reports as well as membership files, scrapbooks, narratives, publications, photographs and architectural plans. The topical files contain information about the history and development of Coconut Grove depicted with maps, event flyers, local organization by-laws, newspaper clippings and local publications.
ASM0253 Women's March Collection, 2017-2017Add to your cart.
A collection of ephemera, promotional materials, posters, signs, and correspondence pertaining to the Women's March event, which celebrates the struggle of the Women's Suffrage Movement in the United States and promotes education and initiatives in expanding voting rights to all women, regardless of age, race, income, and so on.
ASM0209 Thomas J. Wood papers, 1943-1966Add to your cart.

Thomas J. Wood was professor of government at the University of Miami. The Wood Papers document the move to consolidate the city of Miami and Dade county governments.  Legislation introduced in 1945 represented the first effort to combine local governments and alleviate conflicts and confusion resulting from overlapping city and county functions.  The various municipalities, however, opposed the bill.  Although a similar effort was made in 1947, no change occurred until 1953 when the Metropolitan Miami Municipal Board organized to draft a new plan for municipal and county government in Dade County.  As the Board's initial step, it hired the University of Miami Government Department to supervise a survey of Greater Miami governments. The university contracted a firm of professional government consultants, the Public Administration Service of Chicago, to begin research.  Members of the Government Department reviewed the findings and reported to the 3M board.  A special Charter Board of the  3M board drafted a charter and legislation to reorganize local government and initiated a campaign to promote metro government.

The Wood papers include political advertisements, correspondence, minutes of meetings, clippings, transcripts of radio broadcasts, survey forms and government reports.

ASM0452 World Wings International, Inc. Records, 1946-2012Add to your cart.

Formed in 1959, World Wings International is an association of former Pan Am flight attendants that now dedicates itself to charitable activities.  This collection includes the administrative records of the organization as well as scrapbooks, photographs, membership and annual meetings files, correspondence and financial records.

Lilian Walby

Lilian was born and raised in Denmark and educated as an Industrial Engineer. After working in that field for a few years, she responded to a recruitment ad by Pan American Airways which was looking for Danish speaking stewardesses. Wishing to experience more of the World, she accepted the position as stewardess. Lilian completed her training in Miami and was based in New York, flying throughout the Pan Am system. She met her future husband, who was a pilot for Eastern Airlines, and they were married on the former Danish island of St. Thomas in 1970. They moved to Miami in 1971, and Lilian continued to fly out of New York for several more years. She spent the rest of her Pan Am career as a Cabin Crew instructor and recruiter in Miami.

Lilian became a mother in 1977 and gave birth to her daughter, Karen, who today is a Marine Biologist married and living in Miami. Lilian then became active in the organization of former Pan Am Flight Attendants, World Wings International, Inc., and was elected to the position of President of the Miami Chapter in 1978. She became a member of the International Board of Directors of World Wings in 1985 as Recording Secretary, and as Vice-President of Charity, she administered the selection of CARE as World Wings International's official charity. Before being elected as the International President of World Wings in 1993, Lilian compiled the official archive of historical documents and materials of World Wings International as Board Archivist and presented the collection in 1993 to the University of Miami's Richter Library. She continues to add to this collection. Before retiring from the International Board of World Wings in 1999, Lilian also created a Time Capsule for the organization to be reopened in 2024.

Currently, Lilian serves as the Vice-President of the Pan Am Historical Foundation in the position as Chair of the Archives and memorabilia and Director of the Latin and Caribbean division of the Foundation.

ASM0262 Elizabeth Wright collection, 1869-1972Add to your cart.

The Elizabeth Wright collection predominantly contains materials relating to Richard Wagner and family members. The materials cover a wide range, including memorabilia, such as a Wagner-themed card game and a ceramic plaque of Richard Wagner, an original note by Siegfried Wagner and facsimiles of letters by Wagner, original photographs of Wagner family members as well as facsimiles and prints of Richard Wagner and others, original advertisements and programs of Wagner's operas, a radio transcript and a typescript about Wagner's composition and staging, and a series of prints depicting scenes from Wagner's operas.

There are also several items not related to Wagner. These are a letter from W. Somerset Maugham, an autographed print of mezzo-soprano Mariana Paunova, and prints of other composers such as Beethoven, Mozart, Liszt, and Richter.

ASM0340 Ione Wright papers, 1816-1986Add to your cart.

Ione Wright, a Professor Emeritus at the University of Miami, researched the development of Pan American Airlines' Transpacific service. The Ione Wright papers contain documents, oral histories, photographs, operations manuals, maps, and other materials related to the history of Pan American Airlines, including materials related to Victor Wright and materials documenting the establishment of routes in the Pacific.

The topical files document a variety of subjects related to Pan American Airlines, dating from 1920-1986. Ione Wright compiled many of the files during her research on the airline’s activities in the Pacific, including correspondence with former Pan Am employees and oral history transcripts. Also included are photographs, files related to the China Clipper, and a variety of Pan Am publications.

The collection also contains navigation manuals and operations manuals for Pan Am airplanes, including the B-727, the DC-4, the DC-6, and the DC-7, as well as operations manuals for Pan American Airlines’ Latin American Division.

Also included a variety of maps and aviation charts for parts of the United States, South America, and the Caribbean, as well as route maps for Pan American Airlines, and a map of the United States by John Melish from 1816.

ASM0667 WVUM 90.5 FMAdd to your cart.
This growing collection consists of cassettes, vinyl records, and documents pertaining to the Miami underground music community. The music in this collection was assembled by the WVUM staff and mostly dates to the 1990s.
ASM0210 Philip Wylie Memorial Service Collection, 1971Add to your cart.
The Philip Wylie Memorial Service Collection contains one audiotape for the service, dated 11/13/71. It notes that the service was held in Rushford, New York. Max Wylie officiated the service, Jonathan Edwards Slater was a reader, Susan Sydnor Wagner was a cellist, and James Rawlings Sydnor was a pianist and benedictor.
ASM0525 Youth Crime Watch of Dade County collection, 1996Add to your cart.

The Youth Crime Watch of Dade County (YCW) serves Miami-Dade county schools in responding to requests for services from school faculty representatives on youth crime prevention presentations and YCW program implementation trainings.

The Youth Crime Watch of Dade County Collection consists primarily of arts and crafts items, all titled "A Safe and Perfect World", which were created by Dade County students. The collection also contains several  poems, a laminated scrapbook titled "Give the World a Hand!", and various clippings from local newspapers.

ASM0333 Zine CollectionAdd to your cart.
An ongoing collection of zines added to the holdings of the University of Miami Libraries Special Collections. Zines are typically independent and self published booklets popular in underground subcultures. The first zines were fanzines, started in the early 20th century by science fiction fans documenting the genre. The format truly took off with the punk rock movement of the 1970s, as a do-it-yourself spirit inspired legions of underground punk fans to start raw but vibrant journals documenting the nascent music scenes in their communities. Zine topics would broaden throughout the 1980s and 1990s to cover a variety of subject areas, from comics to anarchist politics to women’s rights, to more mundane subjects like dumpster diving, alternative fashions, tattoo art, and much more. Despite the expansion of topics, the format usually remained the same—self-published booklets printed in limited editions and typically produced with a photocopy machine.

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