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ASM0012 Franklin O. Adams papers, n.d., 1868-1944Add to your cart.
The Franklin O. Adams Papers consist primarily of speeches and papers delivered to various organizations, such as The Tampa Art Institute (1929), The Florida Federation of Garden Clubs (1930), the Gargoyle Club at the University of Florida School Of Architecture (1938), and the Florida Savings, Building and Loan League (1940).  The papers are arranged in chronological order and also include correspondence.
ASM0444 Lemuel Adams papers, 1790-1826Add to your cart.
The Lemuel Adams Papers contains a ledger belonging to Lemuel Adams. There are logged transactions from 1792 to 1804, mostly from Hartford, Connecticut; however, the ledger also contains letters written by Adams, a genealogy of the Adams family, and a few dozen poems by Adams with titles ranging from "On Life" to "Description of the Tea Party."
ASM0004 Walter Adams collection, 1674-1786Add to your cart.
The Walter Adams Collection contains letters, deeds, notes, property records, and receipts from the years 1674 to 1786, in the Massachusetts area.
ASM0184 Africana Pamphlet Collection, 1903-1980Add to your cart.
This collection contains several pamphlets that address socio-political issues among the Africana  communities and focus on a range of topics that have affected the community, such as desegregation, discrimination, poor education, social and political injustice, the concepts of black nationalism and black socialism, Marxism, and the Civil Rights Movement. Notable pamphlet authors include George Bretiman, Kelly Miller, Margaret Price, Carey McWilliams, Tony Bogues, C.L.R. James, George Novack, and Langston Hughes.
ASM0005 Agencia Latinoamericana records, 1948-1986Add to your cart.

The papers of the ALA (Agencia Latinoamericana) are divided in 3 major categories: the articles written by the contributors to the ALA (collected during almost 40 years), their correspondence, and the newspaper clippings of those articles.

The writers are mainly from Latin American countries and Spain, but with a few American and British writers also included, such as Waldo Frank and Hugh Thomas. The articles provide information on literature, journalism, sociology, economics and political history of the major powers of the world of that period, and in many cases relating to the Latin American countries.

The bulk of the collection is comprised of contributions from Víctor Alba, Marco A. Almazán, Luis Araquistain, Paul Andrade, Germán Arciniegas, Carlos Alberto Montaner, Ramón Gómez de la Serna, Julian Marias, Cristina Martin, Alberto Luis Sanchez, Salvador de Madariaga, Ramón Sender and Arturo Uslar Pietri. There are also articles by other distinguished authors, such as Miguel Angel Asturias, Alberto Baeza Flores, Alejandro Casona, Pablo Neruda and Alfonso Reyes.

Included among the ALA papers are articles written by Joaquín Maurín, who used the pen names of W.K. Mayo and Félix R. Anderson. He also wrote under the pen names of John Andersen and Julio A. Roy, but these articles ore not included in this collection. When signing correspondence, he used his own name, Joaquín Maurín, as well as J.M. Juliá and Ray Campbell. Joaquín Maurín's son, Mario, wrote some articles under the same pen name as his father, John Andersen.

ASM0467 Leonard Albasi/Gill Family collection, 1937Add to your cart.
The Leonard Albasi/Gill Family Collection contains eight copy negatives and ten copy prints of 1937 photographs of American pilot Amelia Earhart at an unidentified airfield, probably Miami's Municipal Field. In 1937, Earhart made her second attempt at flying solo around the world. Her preparations included a stop between March 22nd and 31st, at Miami's Municipal Field near today's Opa-Locka Airport. After leaving New Guinea on July 2, 1937, Earhart disappeared over the Pacific Ocean.
ASM0443 James Horace Alderman collection, 1929Add to your cart.
The James Horace Alderman Collection consists of the typescript of "The Life Story of James Horace Alderman." Horace Alderman (ca. 1882-1929) was a Prohibition-era smuggler and rum runner who in 1927 killed three Coast Guard agents and was hung two years later in Fort Lauderdale.
ASM0434 Bertha Aldrich papers, 1935Add to your cart.
The Bertha Aldrich collection contains 2 letters and a manuscript of a book entitled " Florida Sea Shells," published by Norman S. Berg in 1936. The text offers scientific information and practical advice for the study of marine life, the identification of seashells along Florida beaches, and caring for shell collections.
ASM0007 Richard Lewis Aldrich papers, n.d., 1930-1965Add to your cart.

The Richard Lewis Aldrich Papers contain the manuscript of his book Style in Mexican Architecture, published by the University of Miami Press in 1968, as well as a number of essays written by Aldrich during his graduate study.

The files also include classroom notes and exams, bibliographies, research notes, personal correspondence, five student term papers dated 1936-62, poetry records concerning his employment at the University of Miami and newspaper clippings on a Miami Beach gallery showing of his watercolor works.

Additional files contain domestic and foreign newspaper clippings, as well as a photograph, of a glider plane developed in 1922 by Edmund Allen. In correspondence, Aldrich mentions Allen indicating that the glider constructor/pilot, who was probably a close friend, assisted Aldrich and enabled him to complete his many years of study.

ASM0009 Abner T. Allen papers, 1832-1896Add to your cart.

The Abner T. Allen Papers consist primarily of Allen's correspondence with family in New England during the mid- to late-1800s.

The papers of Abner T. Allen reflect his life as a farmer and merchant in the state of Ohio during the 1800's. The correspondence is typical of this period as the letter itself is folded to form the envelope, the address is printed on the outside, and the fold sealed with a wax seal. The majority of the correspondence was to Abner T. Allen from his parents, brothers and sister. These letters concerned all aspects of family affairs and travel between Chagrin Falls, Ohio, South and Western Warren, Massachusetts and New Hartford, Connecticut, where each of the families resided. The collection includes the following documents: leaf of cash transactions, booklet of expenses and revenues, an award. and two Last Will and Testaments; also included are invitations to social affairs.

ASM0011 Hervey Allen collection, 1919-1979Add to your cart.

Hervey Allen was a literature professor, poet, World War I veteran, and Trustee of the University of Miami from 1936 until 1949, the year that he died. Allen had a formative influence on the "Friends of the University" organization, as well as on Latin American studies at the University.

The collection consists of letters both by Allen and about Allen after his passing away, clippings about Allen and his writings, photographs, photocopies and typescripts of Allen's writings, and obituaries including an official University of Miami memorial.

ASM0008 John Allen collection, 1959Add to your cart.
The John Allen collection contains three rolls of tape document events celebrating the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's Birth. The first roll covers a Joint Session of Congress on February 12, 1959. The second and third roll cover a second highlight event at the Lincoln Museum.
ASM0002 American Association of University Women records, 1928-1991Add to your cart.
The American Association of University Women Records contains the records of the Florida Division from the years 1928 to 1991, in the form of minutes, reports, correspondence, press releases, charters, scrapbooks, and other documentation.
ASM0212 American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born records, 1964-1992Add to your cart.
Correspondence, broadsides, fact sheets, notices and publications pertaining to the advocacy work of the American Committee for the Protection of Foreign Born from 1964 to 1992. The documents reflect a concern for the rights of immigrants through letters of appeal and thanks, narratives of individual cases of deportation, invitations to rallies and educational conference on the “Bill of Rights” and the status of immigrants, permanent residents and naturalized citizens living in the United States. The organization’s literature also includes information on pertinent legislation such as the Walter-McCarran Act (no time limits on deportation and denaturalization), the Internal Security Act, the Kennedy-Feighan Bills (a time limit on deportation and denaturalization), the Nixon-Rodino Bill and the legal implications of “dragnet raids” of Latin Americans.  Finally, the records from the 1970s also document the status of Mexican farm workers,  issues of political refugees, and asylum rights of Haitians.
ASM0006 American Play Company collectionAdd to your cart.

The American Play Company Collection includes approximately two thousand and five hundred (2,500) play scripts from the American Play Company of New York City. The files include published and unpublished plays from the nineteenth century through the 1950s. The collection is a donation of Sheldon Abend, President of the American Play Company. Playwrights represented in this gift include sir James M. Barrie, David Belasco, Clare Boothe, George M. Cohan, John Colton, Clyde Fitch, John Galsworthy, Ruth Gordon, Oscar Hammerstein, Moss Hart, Ben Hecht, George S. Kaufman and many others.

The play scripts include original typescripts, carbon copies of typescripts, and printed texts of plays. Many scripts contain handwritten annotations such as dialogue insertions, corrections, and deletions. The play scripts includes productions of all genre and type, for a period of approximately one hundred and fifty years. Scripts contain production annotations for stage, lighting, sound, and casting purposes. The collection offers scholars and students the opportunity to examine play scripts with the personal annotations of production personnel, facts that provide unique information on the original production of plays. Notations for costumes, sets, and stage props offer insights to production styles and techniques, information not generally available in many published versions of plays.

ASM0016 Herbet Aptheker collection, 1966Add to your cart.
The Herbert Aptheker collection contains one audiotape of a lecture given by Aptheker on April 20, 1966 at the University of Miami Student Union.
ASM0017 Constantin and Georgeta Aramescu papersAdd to your cart.

The papers of Romanian artists Ticu Aramescu and his sister, Gigi Aramescu Anderson, contain exhibit programs, newspaper clippings, photographs of Gigi's paintings and of Ticu's sculptures. Newspaper clippings from Crónica, The Miami News, and Romanian newspapers, dated 1966-1981, cover exhibitions of the artists' works.

Exhibition programs from the Norton Gallery and Miami Museum of Modern Art document individual and joint showings. The papers also contain photographs of Ticu Aramescu's sculptures and of Gigi's paintings. Photographs also include several of Gigi Aramescu's presentation at Drury College in Springfield, New Jersey as well as sculpture and paintings from her home. Titles identify most of the photographed artworks.

ASM0453 Archives and History of the Coconut Grove Arts Festival, 1963-2012Add to your cart.

In October, 1963, Charles Cinnamon, public relations director of the Coconut Grove Playhouse, organized a “Left Bank” art show to publicize the opening of Irma La Douce at the Playhouse. The art show was a success and shortly thereafter the Coconut Grove Association was formed to put on an annual art festival.

In the early days, the whole community got involved, and Festival activities included an antique car parade, coconut smashing contest, concerts, and a children’s art exhibit. The Chamber of Commerce and Grove House artists helped in putting on the festival.

This juried arts festival has repeatedly been selected as the top outdoor fine arts festival in the United States, displaying the work of artists from around the world and attracting families and connoisseurs alike.

The collection contains a variety of material including correspondence, newspaper clippings, publications, press releases, administrative files, photographs, ephemera and posters from the Coconut Grove Art Festival 1963 to 2012.

ASM0013 Roger W. and Frances S. Arnold papers, 1945-1976Add to your cart.
This collection contains the papers of Dr. Roger W. and Frances S. Arnold. Dr. Roger W. Arnold was a doctor who practiced Naprapathy and massage, an active member of the First Presbyterian Church of Miami, and a World War II air warden. Frances S. Arnold was a soprano soloist in churches, programs, and music clubs, an editor of the Florida Teacher Magazine, member of the Florida Historical Society, and 1948 president of the Mothers of Sigma Chi Coral Gables Chapter. She was active in the research and development program of the University of Miami, and in local music clubs. The papers document their activity in all of the above, and also contain materials (i.e. brochures, directories, pamphlets, photographs) on the University of Miami, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, and Miami at large.
ASM0664 Art in Action Oral Histories Project, 2009-2010Add to your cart.

enFAMILIA, Inc., the organization behind Art in Action, was created to provide Art education and Educational programs to help improve and preserve family life. Since its incorporation in 2000, enFAMILIA has worked in collaboration with forty-two (42) groups that include faith-based organizations, social service agencies, academic and art institutions. These partnerships have allowed enFAMILIA to provide over 240 school children with art education annually, as well as 1,500 adults with marriage and family education training.

Professional artists who have graduated or are attending universities throughout the United States such as, Juilliard, University of Miami, and New York University, among others, come to Homestead for two months in the summer and volunteer as teachers for the Art in Action summer camp. The camp is intended to recognize and foster local young talented children by opening up opportunities for their future, providing avenues of self-expression, and stimulating thoughts about issues of social impact. The Camp encompasses a diverse and intense curriculum of Music, Dance, Poetry, Visual Arts, Drama, Film and Photography.

The collection includes oral histories from Directors and Founders of local community organizations, students in the Arts in Action program, as well as immigrants to South Florida.

ASM0535 Art in Miami Collection, 1996-2016Add to your cart.
The Art in Miami Collection contains brochures, flyers, exhibit catalogs, pamphlets, handouts and other ephemera documenting art and art-related activities in Miami, with material going as far back as 1996. Included are items from galleries, such as the Alejandra von Hartz Gallery, the Miami International Airport Gallery, and Lowe Art Museum Gallery, as well as various other local museums, art fairs, shows, and the Wynwood Arts District. The collection also includes brochures, programs, maps, handouts, and other ephemera from the Art Basel show in Miami Beach, beginning with Art Basel 2009.
ASM0291 Frederic H. Ashe papersAdd to your cart.
Frederic H. Ashe was the nephew of the first University of Miami President Bowman Foster Ashe. Frederic H. Ashe was a composer and student of the school of music at the University of Miami. The Frederic H. Ashe collection consists of sheet music written by Frederic H. Ashe.
ASM0019 Joseph Auslander and Audrey Wurdemann papers, 1916-1957Add to your cart.
The Joseph Auslander and Audrey Wurdemann Collection consists predominantly of correspondence, programs, and scripts relating to their involvement with the CBS radio program Housewives' Protective League. The Housewives' Protectice League, airing from 1948 to 1962, was a daily CBS radio feature which explored a variety of issues from childrearing and health to fidelity and marriage troubles. The letters are either from publishers confirming the Auslander's permission to review or discuss their books on air, or from CBS executives discussing their scripts. Included also are several scripts not by Auslander or Wurdemann, and an untitled typescript. Finally, the collection contains a leasing agreement from the Auslanders for a house in New York City. several periodicals, 15 research notebooks, and 28 photographs (with French inscriptions) depicting trench warfare in Belgium during World War I.
ASM0149 Aviation Ephemera Collection, 1919-1945Add to your cart.
The Aviation Ephemera Collection contains posters, reports, postcards, brochures, programs, pamphlets and other ephemera from all parts of the globe relating to the subject of aviation and its vast history.
ASM0020 Mary McDougal Axelson papersAdd to your cart.
The Axelson Papers document the family life and professional careers of several  members of the McDougal and Axelson families. Materials relating to Mary McDougal Axelson document her life as a political activist and writer. A leader and organizer of political, literary, and women's groups, Axelson participated in the women's club movement, women's suffrage activities, democratic party politics, health reform, and the world peace campaign. She gained a national and international reputation for her work "Life Begins" which appeared in the form of a novel, play and film. Files also document the accomplishments of family members including her parents, Daniel Archibald and Myrtle McDougal, her sister Violet, husband Ivar Axelson and daughter Mary Ivonne Axelson.

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