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ASM0491 Canary Islands collection, 1582-1584Add to your cart.

This collection contains 26 bound and paginated 16th-century manuscripts describing contemporary conditions and military operations in the Canary Islands. It consists of a series of letters (15 items) and an assortment of other official documents (11 items). Twelve letters bear the imprimatur of King Philip II of Spain.

Primarily, the collection documents the administration of Lázaro Moreno de León, who served as governor of the islands of Tenerife and La Palma for two years (1582-1584). The last two items in the collection mark the end of Moreno de León's tenure and reference his successor, Juan Núñez de la Fuente, who served until 1589. Moreno de León appears in 18 of the items in the collection, either as subject or recipient (in the case of correspondence). However, the collection includes only one item bearing his signature: Item 18, authored by Diego de Ayala y Rojas, conde de la Gomera, and signed by Moreno de León as a witness.

During Moreno de León's tenure, an epidemic broke out on the island of Tenerife, causing considerable loss of life (documented at length in Item 22). The collection also reflects historical events following Spain's conquest of Portugal. During the dynastic crisis that followed the death of Portugal's King Sebastian in 1578, the throne was claimed by António, Prior of Crato, who was defeated by Philip II in 1580. By 1582, António had relocated to the Azores, where he attempted to establish a government in exile with the support of France. Item 3 provides a set of instructions for a dispatch boat that was sent to the Canary Islands that same year, after word of a possible attack by António. In early 1583, ships loyal to António did attempt an attack on the island of Gomera, but were repelled by local forces under the command of Ayala y Rojas and Moreno de León (documented in Items 18 and 19).

ASM0520 Caribbean & Latin American Zine collectionAdd to your cart.
An ongoing collection of comics and zines added to the holdings of the University of Miami Libraries Special Collections, with a focus on zines produced in and/or about the Caribbean and Latin America, including diaspora communities. Zines are typically independent and self published booklets popular in underground subcultures. The first zines were fanzines, started in the early 20th century by science fiction fans documenting the genre. The format truly took off with the punk rock movement of the 1970s, as a do-it-yourself spirit inspired legions of underground punk fans to start raw but vibrant journals documenting the nascent music scenes in their communities. Zine topics would broaden throughout the 1980s and 1990s to cover a variety of subject areas, from comics to anarchist politics to women’s rights, to more mundane subjects like dumpster diving, alternative fashions, tattoo art, and much more. Despite the expansion of topics, the format usually remained the same—self-published booklets printed in limited editions and typically produced with a photocopy machine.
ASM0001 Caribbean and South American Ephemera CollectionAdd to your cart.
The collection of fragmentary texts and images documents cultural expressions from the Caribbean and South America. The items consist of many of the transistory materials grouped under ephemera such as posters, postcards, leaflets, tracts, special editions, programs and menus published in countries such as the Bahamas, Brasil, Cuba, Curaçao Grenada, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Puerto Rico and Trinidad and Tobago.
ASM0344 Caribbean Diaspora Oral History collection, 2015-2016Add to your cart.

Thanks to a grant sponsored in part by the Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, The Florida Council of Arts and Culture  and the State of Florida, The University of Miami Special Collections conducted interviews with individual of Caribbean ancestry now living in Florida.

The Caribbean Diaspora Oral History Collection documents and makes accessible  the contributions of people of Caribbean ancestry who share stories of migration to the United States and the challenges inherent in such displacements. The 20 interviewees are from various countries from the Caribbean basin such as Columbia, Cuba, Ecuador, Haiti, Jamaica, Nicaragua, and Puerto Rico.

ASM0570 Caribbean Documents Collection, 1542-1959Add to your cart.
The collection consists of correspondence and documents (ex. property transactions including slave registers) from the various islands of the Caribbean such as Jamaica, Antigua, St. Kitts, St. Christopher, Trinidad and Tobago from the 16th to the 19th century. The collection is further enhanced by the acquisition of antique maps from cartographers such as Linschoten and Sanson.
ASM0530 Michael L. Carlebach Photography collection, 1971-2008Add to your cart.

University of Miami Professor Emeritus Michael L. Carlebach’s photojournalism career began in New York and Washington DC. Upon coming to Florida, he worked briefly as staff photographer for the Miami Herald. In 1973, he began teaching at the University of Miami, which launched a thirty-year career in higher education. Dr. Carlebach taught photojournalism in the School of Communication, reestablished the program in American Studies, and chaired the Department of Art & Art History.


Throughout his life he remained a sought-after photojournalist with a discerning eye for the subtleties of the human condition and the comic aspects of everyday life. His photographs have been published in Time, People, The Miami Herald, The Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel, and The New York Times. His books include thorough scholarly histories of photography, such as The Origins of Photojournalism in America, and American Photojournalism Comes of Age, both published by Smithsonian Institution Press.  He remains active as a photographer, scholar and writer. His latest book, Sunny Land, showcases his startling, humorous black and white images of the lesser documented “margins” of South Florida society.  He is especially interested in illuminating the lives of people outside the glare of contemporary media, and in finding and memorializing extraordinary moments that would otherwise be lost.


The Michael L. Carlebach Photography Collection consists primarily of black and white photographic prints taken and personally hand developed by Professor Michael L. Carlebach.  In general, the images are thematically grouped around journalistic pieces published in newspapers, or artistic topics such as portraits and landscapes. The collection also includes pieces shown in various exhibits as well as photographs made for special assignments like the George McGovern 1972 presidential campaign and the exclusive insider’s look at the Krome Avenue Detention Center for refugees in South Florida. Another highlight of the collection includes photographs dealing with the medical profession, especially children in hospital settings. In addition to photographing using 35mm black and white film, Carlebach shot color slides, vividly portraying the flora and fauna of the Everglades, historic structures such as Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, and news stories dealing with the environment. The entire collection consists of over 5,000 silver prints, color slides, and publications. Currently over 2,000 items are digitized and made available online.

ASM0058 Virginia Spencer Carr collection, 1913-1984Add to your cart.

The Virginia Spencer Carr Collection contains correspondence, research notes, interviews (transcripts and audio tapes), photographs, manuscript drafts of publications and other materials compiled and created by Virginia Spencer Carr in the course of her research and writing of John Dos Passos: A Life. John Dos Passos, a noted American literary figure of the "lost generation," published a number of important works, including the trilogy U.S.A.

Among important materials in the collection are the personal reminisces of family members, colleagues and contemporary figures of Dos Passos (notably, letters by Simone de Beauvoir, William F. Buckley, William Slater Brown, Frances Scott Fitzgerald, and family members of both Ernest Hemingway and John Steinbeck are included). The collection also includes extensive research files on the life and publications of Dos Passos and family members.

ASM0288 James M. Carson papers, 1915-1916Add to your cart.
The Carson papers contain correspondence, newspaper clippings, outlines and drafts of campaign speeches.  The materials, dated 1915-16, document Carson's efforts to enlist a candidate in support of drainage of the Everglades, his efforts on behalf of the Farris campaign, and his views on the drainage issue.  Correspondence also provides information on the activities of other groups supporting the Farris campaign, including the Everglade Drainage and Development League, "the Commercial Bodies of Miami and Ft. Lauderdale" and the Boards of Trade of Dania and Pompano.  Additional letters and newspaper clippings provide supporting documentation on the role of the drainage issue in the 1916 gubernatorial campaign.
ASM0230 Catalyst Miami Records, 1995-2014Add to your cart.

Founded in 1995 as the Human Services Coalition by Daniella Levine, Catalyst Miami is a non-profit community activist group. Utilizing a vast network of partner organizations and numerous initiatives, Catalyst seeks to equip the socially disadvantaged with financial and healthcare information, public benefits, and educational and economic opportunities. Through programs such as the Prosperity Campaign and Public Allies, Catalyst Miami promotes self-sufficiency, participation in civic life, organizational strength and respect.

This collection contains seven series including: Administrative Files, Initiatives, Conference Materials, Audiovisual Materials, and more. Within these series are various forms of correspondence, training materials, schedules and agendas, promotional materials, newspaper articles and photographs. The documents help reveal the social activist nature of the organization and shed light on some of the many accomplishments it has made through the years.

ASM0417 Hal M. Caudle papersAdd to your cart.
Typescript of "And Then There Were Five" by Hal M. Caudle Sr. The text describes the 1927 shooting aboard Coast Guard Boat 249. Caudle's correspondence makes references to Horace J. Alderman.
ASM0628 Civic Theater of Greater Miami records, 1926-1973Add to your cart.
The Civil Theatre of Greater Miami Records contains materials regarding the now defunct Miami Civic Theatre and the performances that were held there.
ASM0398 Civil War Photograph Album collection, 1860Add to your cart.
The Civil War Photograph Album Collection contains one photographic album with portraits of famous Confederate and Union statesmen and army officials from the Civil War era, including President Abraham Lincoln, Union Army General and President Ulysses Grant, Confederate President Jefferson Davis, W. F. Cody or "Buffalo Bill," Whig Party politician Edward Everett, Confederate Army General A. P. Hill, Confederate Army General J. E. B. Stuart, Union Army General and Senator Ambrose Everett Burnside, Union General George Meade, and Union General John McClernand.
ASM0394 Clipper Pioneers collectionAdd to your cart.
Clipper Pioneers is an organization of former Pan Am pilots and flight crew.  This collection includes Pan Am records such as memoranda, flight manuals, and accident reports as well as clippings, log books, pilot files, scrapbooks and photographs.
ASM0240 Lady Harriet Clive collectionAdd to your cart.
The Lady Harriet Clive Collection contains a bound manuscript entitled "Spanish Songs," consisting of sheet music and lyrics for Spanish folk songs.
ASM0047 Kenneth Close collection, 1828-1940Add to your cart.
The Kenneth Close Collection contains a number of prints from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and elsewhere, sheet music for "The Death of Minnehaha" by Longfellow and Ch. C. Converse, and several insurance policies from the 19th century (some which are photocopied).
ASM0373 Cochran Distribution Co. records, 1938-1979Add to your cart.
Photographs and records of the Miami food distribution company, 1938-1970s.
ASM0666 Coco Plum Woman's Club Records, 1920's-1990'sAdd to your cart.
Founded in 1912, the Coco Plum Woman's Club is one of the oldest community service organizations in Dade County and a long-standing member of the General Federation of Women's Clubs (GFWC), and this collection documents their commitment over the past century to making improvements and enriching local neighborhoods through vigorous fundraising and other various projects, such as implementing a library that remained open for 56 years and aiding war efforts during World War I and World War II . Their clubhouse on Sunset Road is now a government-designated historical landmark in order to preserve the rich history of the club and to honor their dedication to improving the community at large. Contents within the collection include newspaper clippings, photographs, legal documents, ephemera, scrapbooks, and other miscellaneous documents pertaining to the club's activities since its inception.
ASM0674 Community Justice Project Records, 1990-2011Add to your cart.
The records contain legal cases, research files and trial notebooks from the Miami Community Justice Project. Topics covered include development for low income housing, public housing and privately run detention centers. Power U Center for Social Change and Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC) are often reffered to in the legal files.
ASM0324 Confederate Imprints collection, 1861-1865Add to your cart.
The short-lived Confederate States of America produced more than 7,000 books, pamphlets, broadsides, maps, pieces of sheet music, pictures, and periodicals. These publications are known as Confederate imprints. The University of Miami Libraries holds over 700 individual imprints, most of which are legislative acts, political pamphlets, bills, reports, and military documents.
ASM0150 Contortionists Photograph collection, n.d.Add to your cart.
A comprehensive and eclectic collection of contortionist images. Subjects include contortionists performing before audiences; child contortionists; twin contortionists; families of contortionists; contortionists posing privately in apparent studio settings; in costume; in various states of undress; indoors and outdoors; etc.
ASM0048 Julian D. Corrington papers, 1917-1963Add to your cart.

The Julian Corrington Papers contain teaching and academic files concerning the University of Miami in addition to materials on scientific research and literature. Class records and course materials, dated 1944-63, include syllabi, memos, lecture notes, book lists, lists of research topics, correspondence with students and student recommendations. Other correspondence and memos, relating to the Biology Department discuss such topics as the curriculum, course requirements, faculty meetings and building plans. University of Miami "faculty notices," and "university memoranda" cover announcements of library news, information on education, and the Science Department. The records also contain publications such as "Self Portrait of a University," and a program from the 1962 dedication of the Otto G. Richter Library. Correspondence with faculty of other universities discusses the merits of general introductory science courses versus more specialized instruction.

Several files contain manuscripts and correspondence dealing with publications. Other files include materials on the electron microscope and include photographs taken through the microscope, reprints of articles and news clippings relating to the microscope. "Field Check Lists," dated 1917-21, and field trip reports record observations on the sea coast at Georgetown University. Photographs document trips led by Corrington. Reprints and publications on various scientific topics as well as and bulletins, newsletters, and programs from various scientific and scholarly organizations are included in files. Additional files of particular interest contain newspaper clippings and literature from various organizations on eugenics, genetics and the teaching of evolution. Corrington collected these materials, dated 1920-44, for inclusion in class lectures.

ASM0661 Council for Statehood RecordsAdd to your cart.
Contains typescripts and photocopies of open letters to the governors and representatives of the sovereign states from early to mid 1960s (letter numbers 2-40, 60, 63). All letters are penned by Mary Davison. Topics range from race relations to right-wing views on American history.
ASM0049 Charles Creighton collection, 1731-1815Add to your cart.

The Charles Creighton Collection contains an illuminated manuscript on parchment, signed by Charles VI, last of the house of Habsburg, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia and Hungary-Croatia. It was the property of Prince Max of Baden until the end of the first World War.

The 33-page manuscript measures 8 by 11 inches, with illuminated borders in red, blue, and gold, and an artistically designed title in black and gold of royal insignia surrounded by implements of war and the crown of the king. The manuscript is bound in a gilded hand-embroidered binding of decorative design with ornamental ribbon ties and tinsel fringes. It is attached with a gold braided cord is the Royal Seal of Charles VI, measuring 4 1/4 inches in diameter with the inscription "Carolus VI Romanorum Imperator S. A. Hispaniarum et utriusque Siciliae Rex." The seal is enclosed in a decorated silver case which is intended to rest in a circular compartment in the center of a tooled Viennese leather binding in which the manuscript reposes. The manuscript is written entirely in Latin and confers the title of Marquis on Honuphrium Ianno Ernandes Arias for "Militiaque multa suae Fides, Constantia Sapienta, ac Fortitudinis Specima edidissent..." (translation: In long military service he displayed Faith, Constancy, Prudence, and Courage...) To legalize the document, it is signed in the autograph of King Charles VI "Yo el Rey," below which are the signatures of noblemen and dignitaries of state.

Included also are 15 separate pages of manuscript written in Latin. These pages also refer to the Marquis and are dated in May of 1731. An unsigned manuscript by one of the Ianno family consists of 5 lines and is written in French.

The Charles Creighton Collection also contains high quality facsimiles of several historical predominantly French documents from the 17th and 18th century. These are: a letter pleading for a 3 day postponement of Louis XIV's execution by Louis XIV dated January 20, 1793; two letters informing French generals of the Waterloo victory by the Duke of Wellington, dated June 14 and June 20, 1815; Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson's unfinished letter to Lady Hamilton, dated October 19, 1805; Napoleon's appeal to England for protection after his defeat at Waterloo, dated July 13, 1815; a note written by Marie Antoinette written just before her execution in 1793; and the last letter written by Robespierre, unfinished due to his being shot, with bloodstains at the bottom of the letter, dated July 27, 1794.

ASM0447 Alan Crockwell collection, 1873-1996Add to your cart.
The Alan Crockwell Collection contains a variety of materials from different sources that document the history of Miami, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, and greater Miami-Dade County. Much of the content is related to Ralph Middleton Munroe and his family. Topically, the papers also address criminal history in Miami-Dade County, historic buildings in Coconut Grove including the Barnacle and the Coconut Grove Library, the history of the University of Miami, and the early settling of Miami-Dade County. The dates of items range from 1873 into the 1970s.
ASM0050 Cronin papersAdd to your cart.
The Cronin papers consists primarily of Spanish poetry in manuscript form. However, there is also a notebook with personal reflections, a catalog of "Teatro del Siglo XVI" (or 16th century theater), a list of authors and poems, cards with authors and poems, and a piece of sheet music.
ASM0051 Allison B. Curry collection, 1944-1954Add to your cart.

Allison B. Curry, Jr. served as Director of Public Service for Coral Gables from 1934 to 1939. Between 1939 to 1942 he was promoted to city manager. In 1942 he left to hold this same post for the city of Miami. From 1946 to the end of his career he was Director of the Dade County Port Authority as well as of the Miami International Airport.

The Allison B. Curry collection contains diplomas, photographs, a brochure on the metric system, two metric rulers (one in a leather sleeve with his name in ink), metric converters, a lighter with his initials engraved and a case, and a cartoon of Curry signed by city employees.

ASM0052 R. A. Cushman papers, 1917-1963Add to your cart.
The R. A.  Cushman Papers contain the following items: (1) a U.S. flag, and letters from Arthur R. De Reyes, from the American Expeditionary Forces, to his mother written in 1917 and 1918; (2) three photographic prints from the U.S. Signal Corps; (3) 46 folders of reports, essays, transcripts, bibliographies, and pamphlets largely concerned with American foreign policy, touching on topics such as foreign trade, foreign concessions, foreign aid, U.S. exports, foreign banking, and immigration.
ASM0045 Cutler Ridge Woman's Club records, 1955-2010Add to your cart.
The Cutler Ridge Woman’s Club Records document the club’s founding and history, in addition to its civic, community, and social activities from 1956-2010. The records include minutes for 1956-2008; annual reports for 1956-2005; club histories for 1956-2010;  financial records for 1956-2009; charter and by-laws; newsletters; yearbooks; and guest books, as well as clippings, certificates, letters, and other documentation relating to club activities. Also included is one folder of materials relating to the club’s predecessor, the Welcome Wagon Club. Oversize materials include proclamations and a map of Cutler Ridge used for a street light campaign in 1970.

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