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ASM0647 Dade County Commission papers, 1957-1965Add to your cart.
The Dade County Commission Papers contains minutes of the Dade County Board of Commissioners from October 1957 to July 1965.
ASM0648 Karl Dahlberg papers, 1927Add to your cart.
This collection contain 5 poems written by Karl Dahlberg, who received an honorary degree in Science from the University of Miami.
ASM0053 Dante Festival collectionAdd to your cart.
This collection contains a sound reel of the Dante Festival program celebrating the 7th centenary of writer Dante Alighieri. The program was held in Brockway Hall of the Otto G. Richter Library.
ASM0450 Das Furlines Punk Collection, 1985-1988Add to your cart.

"An archive containing material around the 1980s all-girl "punk-polka" band, Das Furlines, from New York. The lineup included Wendy Wild, Liz Luv, Holly Hemlock, Deb O'Nair (also of the Fuzztones), and Rachel Amodeo. Dubbed as an 'all-female quintet from N.Y.C. that derives their sound from a frothy blend of polka, bohemia, psychedelia, and dementia.' They released their debut album, Das Furlines Go Hog Wild, in 1985 on their own label, Palooka Records. During this time, they were also featured on Entertainment tonight and Andy Warhol's 15 Minutes.

Das Furlines garnered a reputation for sexually charged shows and their second album, The Angry Years, released in 1988 was 'an erotic concept album inspired by the self-help book Women Who Love Too Much.' They claimed to be 'healthier than slam dancing, sexier than a surf party, quicker than Schopenhauer.' The archive features professional photo shoot contact sheet and four 8"x10"  prints showing the women of the band posed presumably for cover art and publicity images. One of these photos has women posing with Frank Zappa. A smaller 5"x7" photo shows a close up of an androgynous woman in sunglasses singing. Also included is a zine entitiled "Das Furlines Cookbook" and includes "Das Furlines Data Sheers" with information about each member as well as recipes for the food and drink that each woman liked. One of the flyers advertises a Das Furlines show at the legendart punk venue, CBGBs, where they played alongside Vernon Reid's Living Colour, Rod & Cones, and the Wild Stares. In an article featured on a flyer maquette Wild says 'most of the time we wear these elaborate headdresses that we made with Viking horns on them, of a bunch of snakes like a Medusa crown, so we have our arts and crafts side to the band. And we wear a lot of fur and frilly Alpine beerhall maid type of things, like braids in our hair and that.' She continues, 'it's a real yuk 'em up kind of show, you know, like drinking down steins of beer and polkaing onstage. It's really flipped-out garage polka music... the grandparents will love it, the kids will scream, and the teens will go berserk.' The band disbanded in 1988 but reunited in 1996 as a benefit for Wendy Wild's medical bills during her battle with breast cancer which she ultimately lost later that year." -Between the Covers Rare Books

ASM0325 Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.) Coral Gables Chapter records, 1926-2000Add to your cart.
The Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.) Coral Gables Chapter Records consists of scrapbooks, correspondence, photographs, clippings, awards, certificates, yearbooks, periodicals, and other documents pertaining to the chapter, ranging from 1926 to 2000. The scrapbooks document the affairs and activities of the chapter primarily by means of photographs and clippings, but often a contextual or historical narrative is added as well. A few materials, largely yearbooks of other chapters or conference proceedings, not specifically from the Coral Gables chapter are also included.
ASM0390 David Rike Science Fiction Fanzine collection, 1944-2005Add to your cart.

A collection of zines acquired by underground science-fiction artist, David Rike, who did cover work and illustrations for Variant World, co-edited the zine, Innuendo, and provided contributions to other zines, such as Science Fiction Five-Yearly and The Incompleat Burbee. Many of these zines document the rise of science-fiction fandom in the United States from as early as 1944.

The collection is currently organized into two series, with Series I containing all of the fanzines he collected over the years and arranged alphabetically and Series II containing a box of drawings, correspondence, and ephemera that belonged to him.

ASM0056 Thomas de Valcourt and Michael Lerner collection, 1864-1947Add to your cart.

The Thomas de Valcourt and Michael Lerner collection contains materials concerning 19th century New England poets and authors, most prominently Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, but also Henry David Thoreau, Washington Irving, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Walt Whitman, and minor figures. Much of the materials - which predominantly consists of prints, photographs, clippings, photocopies, newspapers, periodicals, postcards, reprints, poetry, and other formats - concerns their famous New England homes and their families' homes, and other literary landmarks in the vicinity. Most of the materials date from the late 19th and early 20th century.

Also included are a scrapbook of clippings of poetry, a 1962 plaster cast bust of Henry David Thoreau by Melvina Hoffman, an 1864 ceramic bust of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow by M. Milmore, two paperweights with depictions of the Longfellow house, a brick noted as "being used by Thoreau when adding to the family house on Virginia Road in Concord," and one copper ashtray.

ASM0506 G. Dearborn diary, 1836-1841Add to your cart.
Diary of G. Dearborn from 1836 to 1841. The papers also include a letter with an envelop addressed to [B]? G. Dearborn, 1st. Infantry, Fort Pleasant, Via Tallahassee, Florida.
ASM0055 Charles Deering collection, 1883-1926Add to your cart.
Charles Deering was a collector of art and a friend to many notable artists including John Sargeant and Augustus St. Gaudens. Painting, scrulpture, prints, rugs and many other items combined to decorate and furnish the Deering Estate in Florida.  He collected a wide range of artwork, and the Print Department of the Art Institute of Chicago received his fine collection.
M0136 Designer collectionAdd to your cart.
This collection contains information about and writings of designers from fashion design as well as interior design. Included is the typescript of "Nobody's Fault but My Own, Unlimited", a memoir of Dora Sarin's memoirs of her Post-World War II New York fashion business, and 14 pieces of correspondence from interior designer David Hicks as well as 12 pieces of press clippings about Hicks, his work and family. The collection also contains ephemera from Suzanne Caygill's life, including six color swatches, a personal notebook, lecture hand-outs, and one booklet entitled "Everyone is talking about Suzanne."
ASM0252 Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator records, 1996-2013Add to your cart.
Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator was created to promote, nurture, and cultivate the vision and diverse talents of emerging artists from the Caribbean and the Latin American Diaspora through exhibitions,  artists in residence programs, international exchange, and education and outreach activities that celebrate Miami-Dade's rich cultural and social fabric. Diaspora Vibe is the 2013 Andy Warhol Initiative Grant Recepient.The Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator Records include the gallery's organizational records, artists' information, programs, invitations, slides, catalogs, photographs, tapes, notes, and ephemera.
ASM0057 Bailey Diffie papers, 1941-1977Add to your cart.
The Bailey Diffie Papers include manuscripts, notes, copies, correspondence, classroom materials, bibliographies and other materials related to Diffie's research, teaching and publications on Latin America and the Caribbean.
ASM0059 Edward C. Dougherty papers, 1957-1960Add to your cart.
Edward C. Dougherty was a Government Administrator and United Nations Expert in taxation for Latin America, as well as a private practitioner of law in the Miami area, specializing in Latin American matters. His papers consists predominantly of materials concerning real estate in Brazil, in the form of letters, maps, notes, photocopies, clippings, photographs, pamphlets, and reports.
ASM0158 Marjory Stoneman Douglas collection, 1964-2006Add to your cart.
This collection consists of archival materials acquired that relate back to Marjory Stoneman Douglas, the well known environmentalist who was a major force in the fight to preserve the Everglades.
ASM0060 Marjory Stoneman Douglas papers, 1890-1998Add to your cart.
The Papers consist primarily of  typescripts, correspondence, photographs, diaries, scrapbooks, clippings and other primary source materials documenting the life and career of Marjory Stoneman Douglas.
ASM0245 Dr. Eileen Ramsaran Papers, 2013-2014Add to your cart.

This collection contains the personal papers of Dr. Eileen Ramsaran, a medical doctor who, from 2000 to the present, has been working as the Chief Exectuive Officer and Medical Director at the North Miami Beach Medical Center, a facility which provides quality medical services at no cost to adults and children from low-income backgrounds and who have no health insurance. The facility primarily serves as a cost-effective alternative to hospitals, and Dr. Ramsaran's papers detail much of her research and initiatives when it comes to providing good health care to those who cannot afford it. To honor her work and dedication to those of the community, she was awarded various accolades, including the "Physician of the Year" Award for 2006-2007 and the "President's Call to Service" Award in 2014, and her clinic also received the "Health Service Provider of the Year" Award from the State of Florida in 2005.

Dr. Eileen Ramsaan was a Pan Amercan World Airway (Pan Am) flight attendant from 1978 to 1991. She completed her premedical studies while still flying for Pan Am.

ASM0061 Carrie Dunlap papers, 1907-1959Add to your cart.

The Ruth Bryan Owen letters are intimate personal letters to a lifelong woman friend.  Within the group there are different signatures and/or letterheads 1) Mrs.  Ruth Bryan Leavitt 2) R with B imposed upon the R within a circle 3) Ruth within a circle 4) Daniel 5) Ruth (Daniel) 6) Dan.  The letters signed "Daniel"contain much information on the life and career of Ruth Bryan Owen.

There is much on the lectures, the film she wrote, financed and produced in Miami, and its promotion and distribution, her family, etc., but with William jennings Bryan mentioned only indirectly most of the time. 


Among these letters are examples of the postmark for Cocoanut Grove with the "a" Oct. 27, 1919 and without the "a" Jan. 12, 1925. The last part of the collection are the personal papers of  Carrie Dunlap.  Most deal with her academic background, others with her retirement years.

ASM0556 Gareth and Janet Dunleavy collection, 1892-1991Add to your cart.

Gareth and Janet Dunleavy were historians of Irish literature and culture. The Gareth and Janet Dunleavy Collection was donated by Gareth and Janet Dunleavy in memory of Bernard Benstock, a colleague who served the University of Miami in many capacities.

The collection contains typescripts and articles by Gareth and Janet Dunleavy, as well as research materials for projects by both authors. Prominently featured are research materials on Mary Lavin, an Irish short story and novella writer who died in 1996. Of special interest among these research materials are copies of Lavin's working manuscripts, obtained by Professor Janet Dunleavy in the 1970s with the permission of Mary Lavin. Janet Dunleavy had planned a critical study of Lavin's work based on these materials, but had abandoned the idea. The collection also contains notes, letters, and other documents assembled during Gareth and Janet Dunleavy's preparation of their Douglas Hyde: A Maker of Modern Ireland (1991) and O'Connor Papers (1977).

ASM0439 Frederick Charles Dyer papers, 1965Add to your cart.
The Frederick Charles Dyer Papers contains a manuscript and galley proofs for the 1965 book Bureaucracy vs. Creativity, co-authored with John M. Dyer.
ASM0334 Eugene Dynner collection, 1960-1977Add to your cart.

The Eugene Dynner collection contains photograph albums, photographs, slides, negatives, and prints depicting historical Mayan sites such as the Altun Ha ruins in Belize, the Copán ruins in Honduras, the Quiriguá archeological site in Guatemala, various sites in the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. The focus is on the sculpture and architecture found at these sites. Also depicted are the landscape, cities, and people of those countries in general.

Along with the photographic materials are a typescript by Eugene Dynner titled "Chinese Elements in Maya Art," and two issues of a periodical titled Muse News containing essays by Dynner.

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