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ASM0571 L. J. Easterbrook papers, 1948-1978Add to your cart.
The L. J. Easterbrook Papers contains Pan American World Airways, Inc. aerospace engineering manuals. Subjects include flight controls, hydraulic and landing gear systems, and maintenance. Personal accident insurance pamphlets are also included.
ASM0239 Eaton, Amos B. diary, 1837-1838Add to your cart.
The diary of Amos Beebe Eaton begins on July 31, 1837 and concludes on August 24, 1838. This handwritten journal chronicles an extraordinary year in the life of a young lieutenant who served in the Second Seminole War. The diary contains personal observations, detailed reports on military activities, occasional sketches and drawings, and extensive  commentary on the Seminole Indians and life in Florida. All notations are in Eaton's hand, including the transcription of letters and military documents.
ASM0498 Burton E. Eaton papers, 1948-1953Add to your cart.
An autobiographical manuscript by Burton E. Eaton regarding his experience in the Korean War entitled: "A Survivor's Guide to War."
ASM0062 Phanor James Eder papers, 1644-1971Add to your cart.

The Phanor James Eder collection consists mainly of correspondence.  The letters are from the mid 1800's to the early 1900's.  The bulk of the correspondence is addressed to Santiago M. Eder, Dr. Eder's father.  These letters are divided into local and foreign correspondence and are addressed to Santiago M. Eder by businessmen who bought or sold some sort of merchandise to  him. Most of the letters deal with the sugar mills and other farm plantations owned by Santiago Eder. Although most of the correspondence belongs to Santiago M. Eder, there is some correspondence belonging to James Eder, Phanor's son and Charles (Chaz) and Henry J. Eder, Phanor's brothers. They all had a part in the Cauca Valley Agricultural Company. In this collection we also find correspondence dealing with the Cauca Valley Agricultural Company, a sugar mill owned by the Eder family.  Just a small portion of the correspondence deals with the Eder family's personal matters.

Two microfilms, manuscripts and ledgers are included in the collection.  The film and manuscripts are agriculturally related, dealing with the land of Colombia. The ledgers are records of businesses owned by the Eders.

The Eder Collection is primarily business related, but also has material which deals with the government of Colombia and some which deals with court cases in which Santiago M. Eder was one of the lawyers involved. The collection includes brochures and pamphlets about Colombia, which describe the land and the people. They seem to be commercially oriented. There are photocopies of material belonging to the United States National Archives which deal with legal matters. Most of these photocopies belong to group 59 of the National Archives in Washington, D.C.

The collection also includes a substantial number of maps, mainly of Colombia and the Caribbean/West Indies including one from a 16th Century atlas. The maps are housed separately from the rest of the collection.

ASM0064 Clark Mixon Emery papers, 1939-1981Add to your cart.

The Clark Mixon Emery Papers consists of materials regarding the 20th century modernist expatriate American poet Ezra Pound (1885-1972).

A total of 53 letters and postcards by Ezra Pound addressed mostly to Emery written from September 4th, 1951 to August 1st, 1959 are held in this collection, predominantly written during Pound's stay in the St. Elizabeth Hospital where he was treated for mental illness until 1958. Some letters by his wife Dorothy are included as well. Most of the letters are typed, and about half are signed. Many of the letters concern Emery's work on his 1958 monograph Ideas Into Action; A Study of Pound's Cantos. In others Pound writes about his complacency in the hospital and his eagerness to depart, and discusses the work of Emery's student Ronald Perry. In addition to the letters the envelopes are preserved as well. Photocopies of the letters and envelopes are included in the collection.

Other correspondence held in the collection concerns Ezra Pound and his Cantos. These include letters from Pound's daughter, Mary de Rachewitz, to Emery; letters from Sheri Martinelli and Ronald Perry, also 20th century American poets, to Emery; a letter from Walton Brooks McDaniel, former teacher and friend of Pound, to Archie McNeal, former university librarian of the University of Miami Libraries, regarding Emery's work on Pound; and photocopies of other letters by Pound not addressed to Emery. Some of Ronald Perry's poetry, and two photographs of Sherri Martinelli's paintings of Ezra Pound, are included as well.

The other materials in the collection are as follows: essays by and about Pound from the 1950s; transcripts of broadcasts by Pound from December 7, 1941 to June 28, 1942; The Analyst, "A Guide to Ezra's Cantos"; a January 1948 issue of "Four Pages," regarding Pound's poetry; an "Ezra Pound for President" pamphlet; The Pound newsletter #1-#10 from January 1954 to April 1956; Strike periodical #1-3, #5-6, #8-10 from June 1955 to June 1956; Amagogic & Paideuminic Review #5-6 and an October 1959 issue; a 1952 typescript titled "Die Pisaner Gesänge" by Rainer M. Gerhardt; and other periodicals, newspapers, and clippings.

ASM0408 Cesare Emiliani papers, 1957-1993Add to your cart.
The Cesare Emiliani Papers contains Dr. Emiliani's documents from his time spent at the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, from 1957 until his retirement in 1993. The documents consists of correspondence, memorandums, reports, proposals, typescripts, periodicals, photocopies, minutes, newspapers, and a scrapbook of photographs.
ASM0318 English Manuscripts collection, 1835-1907Add to your cart.
The English Manuscript Collection contains 19th century official documents on vellum parchment. Included are 21 indentures, 7 last will and testaments, and 7 documents granting privileges to women in name of the 1833 "Act for the Abolition of Fines and Recoveries, and for the Substitution of more simple Modes of Assurance."
ASM0305 Thomas G. Ennis papers, 1828-1910Add to your cart.
The Thomas G. Ennis collection contains 41 letters written to George Thompson from 1834 to 1838, largely concerned with business matters pertaining to iron forges; a 1929 Pennsylvania court record for John Kiner, sentenced for horse theft; a 1828 copy of appropriation for state penitentiary, Philadephia; several 19th century almanacs; and a number of 19th century newspapers, including one replica of the Saturday April 15, 1865 issue of the New York Herald, the day Abraham Lincoln's assassination was announced.
ASM0066 John Erskine collectionAdd to your cart.
The John Erskine Collection contains a lecture given by Erskine on Don Quixote, at the University of Miami Winter Institute of Literature on February 16, 1940.
ASM0044 Walter Etling papers, 1943-2001Add to your cart.

The Walter Etling Papers include documents, clippings, and photographs related to Etling’s student years at the University of Miami, as well as his professional and community activities in Miami from the 1950s through the 1970s.

The bulk of the collection consists of photographs, clippings, documents, letters, programs, advertisements, brochures, and ephemera that Etling compiled into albums documenting his student years, professional activities, community service, and personal life.  The collection also contains loose personal papers, photographs, clippings, and other materials related to Etling’s student, business, community, and alumni activities, and personal life.

Business related materials, such as advertisements, brochures, statistics, and other papers, document Etling’s work as a real estate agent for the Allen Morris Company, the Keyes Company, and Walter Etling Company. Examples include brochures for the Keys Company and the Walter Etling Company, as well as the sale of the Flamingo Hotel. The collection also contains photographs and ephemera related to Etling’s involvement in establishing a Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise in Spain, and letters and documents regarding his service on the board of Key Biscayne Bank.

Community service related materials include letters, certificates, clippings, photographs, and other materials primarily related to Etling’s service to the Miami Science Museum, and also his involvement with Kiwanis International and the Dade County Grand Jury.

The collection also contains materials related to Etling’s extensive involvement with the University of Miami. Class assignments, notes, photographs, clippings, and other materials document his student years. Also included are letters, programs, photographs, clippings, and ephemera regarding his service for the Alumni Association and the Board of Trustees. In addition, the collection contains materials relating to class reunions and university athletics, as well as artistic studies Etling prepared when creating the painting that is on the cover of the University of Miami’s 75th anniversary book, Rendezvous with Greatness. 

Personal materials document family vacations, such as photographs of a trip to the 1976 Winter Olympics. Also included are materials related to his hobby of selling memorabilia, and programs and clippings that document the activities of his children while attending the University of Miami.

ASM0067 Lester L. Evans collection, 1938-1945Add to your cart.
The Lester L. Evans Collection contains U.S. newspaper clippings of cartoons and caricatures published during World War II. Many of the clippings are from the Chicago Sun-Times, the Times Herald,  the Times-Picayune from New Orleans, the Kansas City Star, the Detroit News, the Washington Post, the New York Times, the New York Post, and the Los Angeles Times.
ASM0068 Lloyd T. Everett papers, 1833-1950Add to your cart.
Lloyd T. Everett practiced law and researched, wrote and lectured on Confederate history from a legal standpoint.  His papers contain manuscript copies of articles and books as well as published works. Articles include manuscript copies of "Abolition, Slavery and the Year 1833," of "Pro-Tariff Et. Al." and "Anti-Slavery," and copies of "Federal Initiative and Referendum" published in the South Atlantic Quarterly in 1912. The following essays and articles, published in pamphlet form, also appear among the papers: "Patrick R. Cleburne, Prophet," (1946) "Was It Anti-Slavery," (1916) and "Davis, Lincoln, and the Kaiser: Some Comparisons Compared" (1917). Among the books are manuscript copies of Dixie's Story and of A Titan's War, a study of the nullification crisis and the debates of 1830 and 1833. A copy of a Revolutionary War recruiting broadside is included in the remaining papers.
ASM0069 David Ewen collectionAdd to your cart.

The David Ewen Collection consists of materials which pertain to several aspects of music, ranging from composers to opera houses and festivals, as well as his personal life and work. The papers follow the original order established by David Ewen.

The bulk of the collection contains information and some correspondence pertaining to American and foreign composers and serious and popular performers such as George Gershwin, Charles Ives, Igor Stravinsky, Gustav Mahler, Maria Callas, Bing Crosby, and other notable 20th century composers and performers.

ASM0678 Exhibit Catalog CollectionAdd to your cart.
This collection contains several contemporary exhibit catalogs from other universities around the United States with concentrations in their libraries and Special Collections departments.

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