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ASM0451 Hy Gardner papers, 1952-1990Add to your cart.
Hy Gardner was a longtime Broadway and gossip columnist who worked for the New York Tribune, hosted a television show Glad You Asked That, and appeared as a panelist on To Tell the Truth. The collection consists of various documents from his work in the above ventures, correspondence, interview transcripts and cassettes, photographs, publicity, articles, memorabilia, and other miscellanea.
M0663 Edwina Glenn Garfield and Dora F. Welti Correspondence Collection, 1947-1959Add to your cart.

This collection consists of around 1000 letters, pamphlets, and documents pertaining to 1950's conservative activism. Garfield and Welti lived in South Florida and corresponded via letter, newspaper clippings, and self-produced pamphlets to conservative extremists around the country. The collection reflects anti-Communist, anti-African American, anti-mental health, and anti-semitic sentiment and activism.

The combination of personal letters, newsletters, newspaper clippings and magazine articles in the collection presents an incredibly well-rounded representation of the day to day lives the Americans who resisted the Civil Rights Movement and lived in fear of Communism and the U.S.S.R. The many newsletters and political tracts within the collection are invaluable research materials, while the personal letters create an intimate, nuanced picture of the lives of the writers in 1950s America.

ASM0433 J. Garner papers, 1900-1901Add to your cart.

The J. Garner Collection contains a 1900-1901 daily travel diary written by Dr. J. Garner. In the diary, J. Garner describes his experiences with British army Major H. H. (Herbert Henry) Austin's expedition that traveled from Cairo, Egypt to Zeila, Somalia via Lake Rudolf. In Major Austin's "Through the Sudan to Mombasa via Lake Rudolf" (published in Scottish Geographical Magazine, Vol. XVIII, 1902), Austin notes that a Dr. J. Garner joined the expedition in Cairo around the 7th of December - a few days prior to the beginning entry of Garner's travel diary - and mentions Garner throughout.

Garner's diary begins on December 14, 1900 and ends on September 6, 1901. At the end of the diary, Garner kept a list of deaths of members of the expedition, the reasons for which include "exhaustion," "shot for killing donkey," "heat apoplexy," and "speared by natives." Throughout the entries, Garner describes the condition of the men's health, the reasons why they fell ill and died, his own illnesses, the geography and climate of the land, and the social life and customs of the people that were encountered. There are several illustrations of the camp set-up as well.

ASM0432 Benito Gaudier papersAdd to your cart.
This collection contains a manuscript written by Benito Gaudier entitled "Manual de la Pronunciación Inglesa," or Manual for English Pronunciation.
ASM0032 Theodore R. Gibson Family papers, 1955-1996Add to your cart.

The Theodore R. Gibson Family Papers document the life and work of Reverend Gibson, longtime Miami Commissioner during the 1970s and 1980s, and champion of Black Coconut Grove. The collection also contains materials documenting the civic activities and interests of Reverend Gibson’s wife, Thelma Gibson.

The collection includes albums that document Reverend Gibson’s family life, as well as his church, community, and political activities. The albums include photographs, letters of commendation, invitations, programs, biographical information, and numerous clippings.

The subject files provide evidence of the activities and interests of Reverend and Thelma Gibson, dating from the 1950s to the 1990s. Included are programs for services and events at Christ Episcopal Church and other area churches; speeches and invocations written by Reverend Gibson; letters received; and materials concerning the NAACP.

The clippings document the interests of Reverend and Thelma Gibson and highlight their work and accomplishments. A majority of the clippings are arranged chronologically and date from 1981-1990. Clippings arranged by subject document the activities of Reverend Gibson and his family, as well as other topics, and date from the 1960s to the1990s.

ASM0492 Daniel O. Graham papers, 1967-1991Add to your cart.
The Daniel O. Graham papers contains a variety of materials from Graham's military career and his work in United States intelligence and defense. Included are Westmoreland vs. CBS trial papers, documents on Arlington politics, a series of drafts about Project High Frontier, materials on Soviet-American relations, materials on the Strategic Defense Initiative and the CIA, personal and official correspondence, press clippings and newspapers, manuscripts, articles, essays, awards, and other materials.
ASM0629 Greater Miami Opera collection, 1953-1991Add to your cart.
The Greater Miami Opera Collection contains programs, brochures, and seasonal periodicals from the Greater Miami Opera Association and the Opera Guild of Greater Miami, ranging from 1953 to 1991. Among the operas featured are Madame Butterfly, The Barber of Seville, The Marriage of Figaro, Romeo and Juliet, Othello, La Boheme, Faust, Cavalleria Rusticana, The Flying Dutchman, Turandot, Rigoletto, Carmen, Tosca, and Die Fledermaus.
ASM0088 Juanita Green papers, 1970Add to your cart.
Juanita Greene was a Miami Herald reporter and South Florida environmentalist. The collection consists of letters sent to Juanita Greene in response to a 1970 column in the Miami Herald requesting readers' thoughts on the current status of the Miami Metropolitan Transportation Services. The letters are subdivided into folders by topic, ranging thematically from complaints about smoking to inefficient service to the behavior of other ethnic and cultural groups on the buses.
ASM0087 Jerry Greene collection, 1962-1969Add to your cart.
Jerome Greene was a commissioner and later vice-chairman of the board of the Urban Renewal Agency for Dade County, Florida, as well as the chairman of the Save Urban Renewal Committee of 1964. His papers concern his involvement with the above.
ASM0089 Oliver Griswold papers, 1955-1962Add to your cart.

The Oliver Griswold Papers consist of four boxes of material totalling two cubic feet of files. The Papers contain several of his manuscripts and copies of articles, in addition to correspondence concerning these publications. Scripts of University of Miami television programs and files relating to the Radio and Television Department document his university activities during the 1950's.

Topics for television programs vary widely. One "historical" file contains background research and the script of a program on Dr. Henry Perrine and Charles A. Howe, two prominent figures in South Florida history. Correspondence with Howe's son, R.H. Howe, documents the experience of Howe and the Perrine family on the land known as the Perrine Grant. Several other program scripts based on bi-annual expeditions to Latin American countries documents the University of Miami's interest in this region.

ASM0187 Guy Stoms Properties, Inc. records, 1925-1926Add to your cart.
The Guy Stoms Properties, Inc. Records contains documents from the Guy Stoms Properties, Inc.  real estate corporation, in the form of stock certificates, minutes, and certificates. The collection also contains a Bootleggers & Booze-heisters Union Order of Demerit for Guy Storms.

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