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ASM0085 Haitian Diaspora Oral History collection, 2010-2013Add to your cart.
The Haitian Diaspora Oral History collection includes videos and selected transcripts of oral history interviews conducted with individuals of Haitian ancestry that are well-renowned in the world of the arts, community activism, civic leadership, and many professional organizations. The interviews were conducted by Kevin Mason, Lucrèce Louisdhon-Louinis and Béatrice Colastin Skokan.
ASM0189 Haitian Grey Literature Collection, 1981-2012Add to your cart.

A collection of several informally published papers, reports, bulletins, directories, brochures, articles and other documents, surrounding the Haitian culture both in and outside of the United States. Topics of interest include reports on the Haitian diasporic communities in South Florida and their economic situations, the history of Haitian refugees and detainees, and documents discussing Haitian civil rights in the United States.

The collection also contains a selection of materials from the Sant La Haitian Neighborhood Center, located in Miami, Florida. Their organization is dedicated to providing a voice for the Haitian-American community in South Florida and assisting Haitian-Americans with any needs they may have in the following areas: social services, education, economic self-sufficiency, and access to health care.

ASM0214 Haitian Women of Miami (FANM) records, 1991-2011Add to your cart.

Haitian Women of Miami-Fanm Ayisyen Nan Miyami (FANM) was founded in 1991 to work for the "social and political empowerment" of Haitian women and their families. FANM is an advocacy and social service agency in Little Haiti and serves the needs of low income women and their families as well as victims of abuse, neglect, violence, discrimination and racism.

The records include correspondence, flyers, posters and educational publications as well as photographs of rallies and events from the Haitian Women of Miami.  Scrapbooks and newspapers from Haiti and the diaspora- such as "Le Floridien" and "The Haitian Times"- document political events and ongoing activism of women organizations, immigrant activists as well as local community happenings. The collection also includes substantial documentation of the activism of one of the organization's most notable activists, Marleine Bastien.

ASM0568 Basil Hall papersAdd to your cart.
A 12 page manuscript entitled: The Bahama Island" by Capt. Basil Hall (1788-1844) of the Royal Navy.
ASM0607 Philippe Halsman collection, 1944-1975Add to your cart.

9 black and white photographs by Philippe Halsman (27.8 x 35.4 cm)

3 black and white photographs by Berenice Abbott (25.3 x 20.2 cm) matted.

5 black and white photograhs with an unlegible signature

ASM0296 William Halstead papers, 1934-1950Add to your cart.
William P. Halstead was a Professor of the University of Miami English Department. The collection contains manuscripts, essays, reprinted articles from periodicals, notebooks, and photographs.
ASM0307 Jason Handelsman collectionAdd to your cart.
Jason Handelsman is a writer/journalist based in Miami. This collection consists of zines and zine originals for his project, "Untitled Rough Manuscript for the President's Reality Show", and two undated journals written by Handelsman.
ASM0091 Handleman Holocaust collection, 1942-1982Add to your cart.
The contents of this collection, made possible by an endowment by philanthropist Joseph Handleman, were selected and arranged by Dr. Helen Fagin, director of the Judaic Studies program at the university. The collection includes assorted materials pertaining to the Third Reich, the Holocaust, and the history of anti-Semitism in general, including among others: the original transcript of the trial of Adolf Eichmann; a set of reports, letters, minutes, and other official documents concerning Third Reich occupation and war crimes in the Baltic states of Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania; documents by Heinrich Himmler; an original yellow star; as well as several pieces of anti-Semitic literature.
ASM0289 V. Hansen papers, 1899Add to your cart.
This collection contains a manuscript of over 11000 words on 72 pages regarding service in the Spanish-American War. Written by V. Hansen of Company A, 13th Infantry Regiment, the account begins by detailing the organization of the Fifth army and the Rough Riders in Tampa Bay, Florida. Hansen tells of encountering Colonel Roosevelt and refers to the Rough Riders several times during battle descriptions. Hansen describes the rough sea trip on the transport ship "Saratoga," the preliminary naval maneuvers, and the uneventful landing at Sibonay. Numerous stories are told of the various fighting men, included one of a Cuban soldier who killed his horse to feed his starving family, upon which he was tortured and executed as military punishment.
ASM0092 Jeanne Perkins Harman papers, 1956-1963Add to your cart.
Jeanne Perkins Harmans was a journalist and writer residing in the Virgin Islands of the United States. The collection consists of materials from and regarding the Virgin Islands on a wide range of issues in the late 1950s and early 1960s, including political conditions and controversies, tourism, description of the islands, and race and sexuality concerns on the islands. Many of the items consist of correspondence with and type-written notes by Harmans, or clippings from newspaper articles by Harmans and others; but there are also reports, periodicals, brochures, bibliographies, and maps. Some of the correspondence concerns Harmans's publishing activities, including that of a 1691 book titled "The Virgins: Magic Islands." A signed copy of this book was contained in the collection, but later separated out and housed with the Special Collections monographs.
ASM0532 Ralph Harris papers, 193-1962Add to your cart.
Dr. Ralph Harris was a University of Miami carillonneur and member of the Iron Arrow Honor Society. His papers consist of awards, certificates, letters, reports, a commemorative plate, press releases, notebooks, and programs of his carillon performances.
ASM0093 L.G. Hartwell collection, 1934-1979Add to your cart.
Leola G. Hartwell was an architect who resided in New Jersey and Miami. The L. G. Hartwell Collection consists of materials documenting her architectural design work primarily in the greater Miami area, but also some in other parts of the state and the country at large. Among projects that Hartwell worked on include the construction of Miami Dade Community College South Campus, a number of different constructions for the City of Miami, and an Opa-Locka neighborhood facility project.
ASM0440 Gerhart Hauptmann papersAdd to your cart.
A handwritten and handdrawn manuscript entitled "Die versunkene glocke" (The sunken bell). Painted plates are by Maria L. Schwendt.
ASM0094 Edgar Hay papers, 1920-1977Add to your cart.
The Edgar Hay Papers contain articles, short stories and other writings, correspondence, photographs and scrapbooks with clippings of the column "Show Folks" which he wrote for the Miami Herald.
ASM0619 Louis J. Hector papers, 1957-2000Add to your cart.
The collection contains the personal papers of Louis J. Hector, in the form of clippings, invitations, letters, memorandum, notebooks, photographs, and reports. Prominently represented are files pertaining to the University of Miami, the Southeast Banking Corporation, Pan American World Airways, Inc., the Civil Aeronautics Board, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Gallery, the National Humanities Center, and the Academy of Arts and Sciences.
ASM0441 William Monroe Heine papersAdd to your cart.
The William Monroe Heine Papers contains a typescript by William Monroe Heine titled "A Remnant of the Seminoles," as well as a photocopy of that typescript.
ASM0416 Charles A. Hentz collection, 1911-1970Add to your cart.
Charles Arnould Hentz (1827-1894) was a physician practicing in the rural South in the years leading up to and through the Civil War. Dr. Hentz is famously known for his diary that he kept for more than twenty years, which depicts the demanding work of a physician in an age before medicine could reliably cure patients. The collection contains a two-volume carbon typescript of his autobiography that he penned at the end of his life. Also included is a pamphlet titled "Le Conventionnel Hentz Depute de la Moselle," translated into English, about Nicolas Hentz, a député of the Moselle to the French National Convention.
ASM0442 Johann Heinrich Hesse papers, 1791Add to your cart.
The Johann Heinrich Hesse Papers contains a 1791 manuscript of Johann Heinrich Hesse (1712-1778)'s "Anweisung zum General-Baß," or "Guide to Thorough-Bass."
ASM0438 William Georges Heuson papersAdd to your cart.
The William Georges Heuson Papers contains a 571 page typescript by William Georges Heuson titled "A Tax and Revenue History of the State of Florida."
ASM0376 Samuel Hirsch papers, 1932-1963Add to your cart.
Samuel Hirsch was a theater professor, producer, and theorist who produced a number of plays in the Miami area. The collection consists of many photographs, clippings, programs, and correspondence of various plays that Hirsch produced from the 1940s to 1960s. The collection also contains a scrapbook with clippings, cards, and programs regarding the Musicomedy Series of theater productions directed by Hirsch, which was held in Miami in 1957. Included is an issue of the English Leaflet, Winter 1964, Vol. LXIII, No. 4 which contains an article by Samuel Hirsch titled "The Theatre of the Absurd," and an audiotape titled "Prof Samuel Hirsch, 'Some Thoughts on the Theatre of the Absurd,' the English Lunch Club, 3/14/1964."
ASM0152 Historic Black Churches Oral History Film Project, 2010-2014Add to your cart.

"The Historic Black Church Oral History Film Project represents an unprecedented campus-community partnership intended to preserve the rich cultural and social history  of faith-based communities of color in South Florida, support university-wide interdisciplinary collaboration, and educate a new generation of high school, college, and graduate students about the crucial leadership role of Historic Black Churches in Afro-Caribbean-American communities." -UM Law School Center for Ethics and Public Service (CEPS).

This collection includes DVDs of the "Historic Black Church Oral History" films, publications documenting the project, flyers, ephemera, and invitations for community screenings.

ASM0566 Historical Documents collection, 1642-1977Add to your cart.

The Historical Documents Collection includes letters, deeds, bonds, receipts, orders, position appointments, writings, and other documents that are individual in nature and do not belong to any particular collection. The materials represent a number of prominent figures in the areas of art, literature, music, science, scholarship, business, law, military, politics, diplomacy, and religion. The items range in date from 1642-1977, but the bulk date from the 1760s through the 1920s. Most of the materials are American in origin, although some are from Mexico and Europe, particularly Great Britain.

Individuals represented in the collection include, but are not limited to:  Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Samuel Langhorne Clemens (Mark Twain), Charles Dickens, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Washington Irving, Aldous Huxley, Rudyard Kipling, Ezra Pound, John Muir, Sigmund Freud, and Igor Stravinsky, Benjamin Butler, James Longstreet, Edmund Gaines Pendleton, Matthew Perry, William Tecumseh Sherman, Friedrich Wilhelm August Heinrich Ferdinand von Steuben, John Quincy Adams, Napoleon Bonaparte, Aaron Burr, Alexander Hamilton, Jefferson Davis, Ulysses Simpson Grant, Sam Houston, Andrew Jackson, James Madison, James Oglethorpe, William Howard Taft, Herbert Hoover, Thomas Paine, Woodrow Wilson, and King Louis XVIII.

ASM0096 L. A. Hodson papers, 1933-1948Add to your cart.

Dr. L. A. Hodson was a Miami ophthamologist who had a strong interest in zoology. Dr. Hodson, a friend of professor of zoology and University of Miami president Jay F. Pearson, ventured on a number of trips to the Bahamas (a few times with Pearson) where he discovered a number of new species and collected hard to find species. These he donated to the University of Miami.

The L. A. Hodson collection contains clippings about these expeditions; correspondence; much of which concerns the securing of his visit, the donation, and an exhibit on the Cat Turtle that was set up at Tufts College Medical School; a photograph of Hodson taken by Pearson, and two typescripts: "The Discovery of the Cat Turtle," and "Notes on the Discovery and Biology of Two Bahaman Fresh-water Turtles of the Genus Pseudemys," the latter of which was co-written by Pearson.

ASM0636 Richard B. Hoit Photograph collection, 1834-1973Add to your cart.
Photographer Richard Hoit came to Miami in 1914 when he was 27. Already an experienced movie and aerial photographer, his collection of photographs includes landscapes from diverse regions including Massachusetts, Vermont and Florida in the United States. In addition, Hoit traveled extensively in South America in the early nineteen hundreds. The images resulting from these travels are of people and scenery from Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru.  Finally, the Richard Hoit Collection contains Hoit family photographs that span the period 1834 through 1973.
ASM0533 Holsum Bakery records, 1913-1994Add to your cart.
The Fuchs Baking Co. bakery in Miami, colloquially known as the Holsum Bakery, was founded in 1913 and closed in 1994. The Holsum Bakery Collection contains reports, minutes, certificates, brochures, appraisal reports, and other official files, documents, and memorabilia pertaining to the bakery.
ASM0097 Nathaniel Hooper collection, 1896-1904Add to your cart.
The Nathaniel Hooper Collection contains one visitors' book from the Chateau Malet in France.
ASM0098 Augustus Seymour Houghton collection, 1905-1948Add to your cart.

The papers of A.S. Houghton (1866-1948) numbering approximately 4500 items consist of articles, printed matter, newspaper clippings, by-laws, legislative matter, and pamphlets. The material extends from 1905 to 1948 with the bulk of the papers falling within the period of 1929 to 1948.

The papers deal primarily with Augustus Houghton's work as a conservationist.  The material is broken down into the different organizations with which he was involved.  There is a large section of material dealing with the American Game Association, the Association for the Protection of the Adirondacks, and the

Camp Fire Club of America but they are not a major part of the collection because Houghton corresponded and kept files on a diverse number of conservation and wildlife organizations.

The correspondence to and from August S. Houghton is varied and he had several principal correspondents, all of whom shared with him their interest in conservation.  His principal correspondents were: John B. Burnham, President of the American Game Protective Association, which later became the American Game Association; Carlos Avery, President of the American Game Association; Seth Gordon, President of the American Game Association; William Greely, leading member of the American Game Association; Erl Roman, Fishing Editor of the Miami Herald; Merlin Mitchell, Executive Secretary, Florida State Fish and Game Association and later secretary of the Florida Wildlife Federation; Jay N. (Ding) Darling, famous cartoonist and leading Florida conservationist; Dr. W.T. Hornaday, Zoological Gardens, N.Y.; Lithgow Osborne, Conservation Commissioner, State of New York; Raymond Torrey, Camp Fire Club of America; and Karl Frederick, President of the New York State Conservation Council.  Houghton also corresponded with F.G. Walton Smith, Director of the University of Miami's Marine Laboratory (now the Rosentiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences) and with Spessard L. Holland, Governor of Florida in the early 1940's.

ASM0600 William C. House papersAdd to your cart.
The William C. House Papers includes Pan American World Airways, Inc. posters, personal correspondence with Norman Rockwell, photographs of House and Rockwell from their around the world trip aboard Pan American World Airways, Inc., and World War II (WWII, WW2) propaganda material. William House was an executive with the advertising firm, J. Walter Thompson.
ASM0221 Howard Davis-Artifacts Artist Group collection, 1979-2008Add to your cart.
A collection of papers, photographs, scrapbooks, ephemera and other objects that document various cultural scenes in Miami from the 1980s to the present, with an emphasis on the art, nightclub and drag subcultures.
ASM0099 Willard Hubbell papers, 1928-1950Add to your cart.
Willard Hubbell was a South Florida architect and playwright. His collection contains several plays, clippings regarding and programs of the plays, architectural documents and correspondence, a blueprint titled "Cloth House No. 1," four issues of The American Eagle newspaper, a typescript titled "F. W. Munson - (Questionaire about Merritt Island)," a document titled "History of the Koreshan Unity" by A. H. Andrews, and other items.
ASM0701 Robert Huff collection, 1983-2004Add to your cart.
The Robert Huff Collection contains exhibit catalogs,  postcards, flyers, gallery guides, and other ephemera documenting South Florida artists and art-related events in Miami, beginning in 1983. It includes materials from the Gloria Luria Gallery, the National Gallery of Sciences, and the Gallery of 24, as well as museums, and the Miami Book Fair. The collection also includes many documentations of South Florida scuplture and sculptors, along with many items relating to the work of South-Florida artist Robert Huff. The collection includes an oversized Raushenberg Tropic cover, signed "Bob".
ASM0100 H.L. Hunley Submarine collection, 1887-1957Add to your cart.
This collection contains typescripts, photocopies and photographs regarding the history of the confederate submarine H. L. Hunley.
ASM0610 Hurricane Andrew collection, 1992-1997Add to your cart.

The Hurricane Andrew collection contains two different series of materials regarding the 1992 hurricane.

Series I consists of photographs, writings, and artwork made by children representing their Hurricane Andrew experience. The majority of the materials are photographs, negatives, prints, photographic slides, writings about those photographs, and administrative documents from a project done at Southwood Middle School titled "The Eye of the Storm through the Eye of the Child." Administered and organized by Colette Stemple, a photography teacher at the school, the photographs depict damage done to their homes and their neighborhoods, and have accompanying text written by the children as well. The project was eventually on display in the Miami Art Museum one year after the landfall of Andrew, under the same name. Also included are drawings, poems, a bound volume titled "Hands On: The Day the Winds Came... Migrant Children Write About the Effects of Hurricane Andrew," reflections written by Caribbean Elementary School students, and a folder scrapbook on Hurricane Andrew's effects titled "In the Wake of Andrew."

Series II contains historic Miami Herald newspapers chronicling the Hurricane's impending landfall in South Florida, the actual landfall, and several weeks of the aftermath.

ASM0528 W. H. H. Hutton collection, 1869Add to your cart.
The W. H. H. Hutton Collection contains two letters written by W. H. H. Hutton. In one, dated march 14, 1869, Hutton writes to a "Doctor" about his or her experiences in traveling to Fort Jefferson, Florida. In the other, dated October 6, 1869, Hutton writes to a "Doctor" about maladies at the Fort.

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