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ASM0170 Vincent A. Jablon papers, 1925-1965Add to your cart.
Dr. Vincent A. Jablon was a podiatrist and professor of Roentgenology, who received from the University of Miami in 1931. While at the University of Miami, he worked for the Curtiss Airplane and Motor Company and was part of the Omicron Phi fraternity, which was based on the interest in aviation. The Vincent A. Jabon papers contain materials pertaining to these topics, in the form of scrapbooks of Omicron Phi activities, photographs of Curtiss airplanes, clippings, Jabon's mechanic identity card, letters, photocopies, Jabon's 1930 class schedule, and his jacket, goggles, and pilot hat.
ASM0320 Jamaica Manuscripts collection, 1774-1950Add to your cart.
The Jamaica Manuscripts Collection contains 20 documents, most of which concern Jamaica in a variety of ways (others are regarding the British West Indies at large). Included, among other things, are plantation records, correspondence, journals, official documents such as power of attorney documents and affidavits, notes on the climate of Jamaica, and Spanish reports on English possessions.  Some of these are originals, where others are later 20th century documents about Jamaica or typescripts of letters.
ASM0280 James Merrick Smith and Hal F. B. Birchfield Collection, 1948-2017Add to your cart.

The James Merrick Smith and Hal F. B. Birchfield Collection contains images, letters, news articles, DVDs and a CDs highlighting the stellar lives, careers and involvement of James Merrick Smith and Hal Birchfield in their personal, professional and civic activities.

With his vision of design becoming much more than the up-market selling of merchandise, James Merrick Smith set about the machinery of change that would make interior design a legitimate and accredited profession.   This progression would require the development of education, testing, administration and implementation and then onward to governmental accreditation. James Merrick Smith was the person that not only had the vision but the guts and the charisma and good fortune to find others to help fulfill this dream of professionalization of the field of interior design. Life partner Hal Birchfield would also be a part of this much involved process. And among other facets of their lives was the matter of the highly respected professional work the office of James Merrick Smith and Hal Birchfield achieved, setting high professional standards for interior design excellence.

ASM0277 Hurford Janes papers, 1959-1970Add to your cart.
The Hurford Janes papers contain about 200 pages letters to and from Hurford Janes for his proposed biography of James A. M. Whistler, the American painter. The collection also contains several newspapers, photocopies of old letters, postcards, pages of poetry, and two manuscripts: one of the biography and one titled "The Whistler Mystery."
ASM0606 Felix Jay papersAdd to your cart.
The Felix Jay Papers consist of the manuscripts of over 40 unpublished research papers by Dr. Jay on Latin American history and culture, with an emphasis on the Spanish presence in the New World. The folder numbers used by Dr. Jay are retained here.
ASM0569 Thomas Jefferson collection, 1790-1823Add to your cart.

Thomas Jefferson (1742-1826) was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence (1776), Governor of Virginia (1779-1781), the first Secretary of State (1790-1793), second Vice-President of the United Sates (1797-1801), the third President of the United States (1801–1809), the founder of the University of Virginia (1819), and one of the most influential Founding Fathers.

The Thomas Jefferson collection includes four letters by Thomas Jefferson, three official documents, an entry of merchandise, a biography, and twenty-six printed portraits.

ASM0105 Gertrude Jobes papersAdd to your cart.

Gertrude Jobes was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. in 1907, and is the author of a number of books including One Happy Family; Dictionary of Mythology, Folklore and Symbols; Outer Space; and The Motion Picture Empire. She often contributed her poetry to anthologies and avant-garde journals. She lated resided in Miami, Florida.

The Gertrude Jobes Collection contains typescripts and manuscripts by Gertrude Jobes. Included is an undated and unpublished 91 page typescript titled The Patriot and the Traitor: a tragi-comedy in three acts, an undated and unpublished typescript titled Tigers in the Bamboo Grove, assorted prose writings, and assorted poetry. Also included is biographical and genealogical data on Jobes, a sketch of Jobes,  and correspondence from the years 1965-1969, chiefly on the subject of the illness and death of her husband James A. Jobes.

ASM0249 Ramm, John Milton Collection, 1930-1932Add to your cart.
"Original artwork, including penciled sketches and watercolor mock-ups of small posters, created by this California artist for the San Francisco-based shipping line, The Grace Line (working here through a local advertising agency). The bulk of Ramm's art and papers were donated to the Smithsonian's Archives of American Art in 1994; subsequently, little of Ramm's work has appeared on the market. The group of work for a specific advertising campaign in 1931-1932 includes four watercolor mock-ups of posters/store cards from the Grace Line's 'Havana and Return' cruise; watercolor mock-up of poster for Grace Line's 'California to Victoria and Seattle cruise;' watercolor painting of an untitled cruise ship sailing along a rock coast; Ramm's scrapbook for art created for Grace Line menu cards; plus nine different sketches on tissue paper, being Ramm's rough drawings for menu card ideas." -Marc Selvaggio, Bookseller, A.B.A.A.
ASM0529 Johnson, Josephine papers, 1965-2007Add to your cart.

Dr. Josephine Johnson is Professor Emeritus of the University of Miami School of Communication, former Chair of the Department of Communications, and alumna of the University. Her scholarship extends from W. B. Yeats to post-modern British poets. She is a recognized solo performer throughout the country.

Josephine Johnson's papers contains documents pertaining to her work in organizing a number of poetry events in the Miami area, including the Richter Library Poetry Series and poetry recitals in Beaumont Hall presented by the University of Miami Chamber Theatre, as well as personal research materials.

The collection contains videocassettes, DVDs, film reels, clippings, letters, reports, certificates, sheet music, photos, programs, manuscripts.

ASM0395 William H. Johnson papers, 1863-1864Add to your cart.
The William H. Johnson Papers contains six letters written by William H. Johnson, a soldier for the Union during the United States Civil War, who was stationed nearby Fernadina, Florida. The first letter is dated January 18th, 1863, and the last one April 4th, 1864.
ASM0153 Middlebrooks, Joseph  PapersAdd to your cart.

Joseph Middlebrooks is an award-wining architect who created his own firm here in Miami, Florida by the name of Joseph Middlebrooks and Associates, Inc. and taught at the University of Miami as Professor of Architecture & Planning from 1970 to 2011. He earned a Master of Architecture degree from Yale University in 1969, a Master of City Planning from Yale University in 1970, and a Bachelor of Architecture from Howard University in 1969. He was also the first African-American registered architect in Florida and received many accolades over the years for his work, including the Miami-Dade County MDCC Business of the Year; The Miami Herald Pacesetters Award; a commendation plaque from the city of Opa-Locka for outstanding design of a state-owned multi-service center located in that city; a commendation plaque from the Opa-Locka Community Development Corporation forestoration of the Opa-Locka Historic Train Station and a 2nd place design competition award for the Florida Memorial College theater. Over the years, his firm specialized in many areas, including: airport/aviation, banking/financial, child care facilities, classrooms, clubhouses, colleges & universities, community centers, conference centers, cultural facilities, entertainment facilities, food service/cafeteria, government buildings, government offices, hospitals, libraries, and religious facilities.

His collection currently includes much of his research documents, administrative files, plaques, awards, drafts, development plans, architectural drawings, urban and development reports, portfolios, clippings, correspondence, and other materials related to his life's work.

ASM0036 James Joyce sheet music collectionAdd to your cart.
This collection consists of sheet music based on James Joyce's writings.
ASM0237 Jumbo's Restaurant collection, 1985-2014Add to your cart.
The Jumbo's Restaurant collection documents the history of the Liberty City restaurant. The collection consists of menus, coupons, a coffee mug, a box for food, and newspaper clippings and articles. Many of the newspaper materials are taped onto poster boards or are framed. The majority of the materials date from 1999-2014, although certain ephemeral items are undated.

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