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ASM0609 Irma Goebel Labastille collection, 1927-1943Add to your cart.
Irma Goebel Labastille was a composer and writer interested in Latin American folk music. Her work culminated in a series of scores titled Recuerdo Latino-Americano. The Irma Goebel Labastille collection consists primarily of sheet music, notebooks of sheet music, clippings, poetry, photographs, notes, and manuscripts.
ASM0446 John Laroner papers, 1790-1799Add to your cart.
A manuscript of financial entries for tenants' rent payments for residences in London.
ASM0256 Larry Thompson Collection, 1956-1973Add to your cart.
Larry Thompson was a humorist and columnist who wrote and reported for the Miami Herald for 28 years. His column, "Life with Larry," tackled topics such as politics, daily life, local history, and events. This collection contains clippings of his work written by him from 1956-1973, all arranged chronologically.
ASM0119 Jean Lee Latham papers, 1958-1974Add to your cart.
The papers consist of typescripts and hand drawn maps for her biographical work on telegraph innovator Cyrus W. Field, stage actor Joseph Jefferson, the pirate Sir Francis Drake, U.S. governor Sam Houston and civil war officer David Glasgow Farragut to name a few.
ASM0460 Latin America Documents collection, 1420-1981Add to your cart.
This collection brings together a variety of historical documents that are topically related to Latin America, including manuscripts, correspondence, and illustrations. The documents range from 1420 to 1981 in date, and originate from Mexico, New Granada, Panama, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, and other parts of Latin America.
ASM0304 Latin American and Caribbean Photograph collection, 1880-1950Add to your cart.
The Latin American and Caribbean Photography Collection brings together various photographic materials owned by the University of Miami that depict these two regions. Currently, the collection holds a 1929 photograph album of the Bahamas made by Dr. and Adelande Dolley; a 1913 photograph album of Costa Rica, Panama, and Jamaica; a two-volume photograph album set of the Roxana Petroleum Corporation's activities in Mexico, dated 1920-1923; a set of 88 photographs of various parts of the Dominican Republic; and a collection of 739 photographs (most of which are in two photograph albums) from 1925 to the 1940s documenting the family and social life of Mr. & Mrs. E. W. Monroe and their three children while living in suburban Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1925 to 1929, and subsequently back at the family homestead in Monticello, Indiana.
ASM0107 Laura Kalpakian papers, 1975-1988Add to your cart.

Author Laura Kalpakian, described by some critics as one of the "most unheralded, brightest talents" in the country, has published several novels and short story collections, novellas, short stories, essays and interviews for magazines and newspapers including Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, McCall's, Los Angeles Times, Miami Herald, and Hawaii Review. 

The Laura Kalpakian Papers contain manuscripts and drafts of stories, novels, and speeches. Correspondence relates to the creation and publication of several works. Writings are arranged in chronological order within three series: Novels, Short Stories and Other Writings, and Short Story Collections.

ASM0124 Laurence Donovan papers, 1945-2001Add to your cart.

The Laurence Donovan Papers include correspondence, poetry, artwork, book reviews, writings, subject files, and other documents concerning the life and career of Laurence Donovan, an English professor at the University of Miami.

The correspondence dates from 1945-2001, and includes letters from Donovan’s family, friends, and professional associates. It provides insight into Donovan’s personal life, in addition to documenting his writing, artwork, and teaching. Most of the letters are incoming, but the series does contain some outgoing letters.

The collection also contains poetry, artwork, and writings by Donovan. The poetry includes typescripts and published poems. The typescripts are undated, and some have handwritten revisions. The artwork includes a small selection of Donovan’s published illustrations. The writings include typescripts and photocopies of book reviews that Donovan wrote for the Miami Herald, as well as papers and other materials.

The subject files include materials related to Donovan’s teaching and work at the University of Miami, as well as his poetry and artwork. Also included are articles and other materials about literary figures and works; programs and flyers for exhibitions, readings, shows, and other events; and writings and other materials by and about his friends and colleagues.

ASM0121 Lewis Leary collection, 1923-1941Add to your cart.
Lewis was professor of English at the University of Miami from March 1934 to August 1941.  This collection consists of manuscript poems by authors Edward Davidson, Eunice Tietjins, and Genevieve Taggard, as well as lecture notes by Jesse Stuart for his February 21, 1941 speech to the Winter Institute of Literature at the University of Miami.
ASM0122 William F. Lee papers, 1959-1964Add to your cart.
Dr. William F. Lee was Dean of the School of Music at the University of Miami. The William F. Lee papers consists manuscripts of sheet music by Dean Lee.
04-ASM0654 Leila Miccolis Brazilian Alternative Press collection, 1960-2002Add to your cart.

The Leila Míccolis Brazilian Alternative Press Collection consists primarily of political and countercultural pamphlets and periodicals, concrete poetry, neo-concrete poetry and other vanguard/avant-garde artistic experimentation, fanzines, film reviews, university publications, theater, and musical pieces.

As opposed to the commercial and widely-circulated press of "official" Brazilian governmental venues, the publications contained in the collection especially treat stigmatized or marginalized groups, such as Afro-Brazilians, women, sexual minorities. It accomplishes this goal by utilizing various mediums including literary pieces, editorial cartoons, political comics, sociopolitical critiques of "Brazilianness," humor, and the promotion of ecological and environmental awareness. The collection also contains a large variety of materials from the 1970s Marginália movement, a term used to describe a series of underground publications which circulated during the military dictatorship.

The collection was painstakingly accumulated over the course of forty-five years by Míccolis who decided to place the archive in a North American university so as to assure the preservation of the collection, as well as to prevent its censorship.

ASM0326 Lenny Kaye Science Fiction Fanzine collection, 1941-1971Add to your cart.
The Lenny Kaye Science Fiction Fanzine collection holds a significant number of sci-fi zines from the 1940s-1970s. Zines are typically independent and self published booklets popular in underground subcultures. The first zines were fanzines, started in the early 20th century by science fiction fans documenting the genre. This collection contains fanzines from the mid-20th century, collected by the musician Lenny Kaye. The fanzines document the active subculture surrounding science fiction, including fan fiction, convention news, and fan clubs. The collection holds zines produced as part of a number of amateur press associations, including the Spectator Amateur Press Society (SAPS), the Neffer Amateur Press Alliance (N'APA), and the Fantasy Amateur Press Association (FAPA). The collection is truly international in scope, with zines produced in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Japan and several European countries present.
ASM0141 Irving A. Leonard papers, 1867-1978Add to your cart.
The Irving A. Leonard collection contains materials related to Kirk Munroe (1850-1930), a writer of children's stories and a journalist who lived for approximately forty years in Coconut Grove. Much of the collection consists of typed copies or photocopies of letters, diary entries, bibliographies, essays, and newspaper articles, but some unique photographs and correspondence with family members of Munroe is included as well.
ASM0095 Leslie Harris photographs, undatedAdd to your cart.

The collection contains 15 photographs of “The Fair”, 1 photograph of the Commodore Ralph Munroe Marine Stadium, 28 photographs depicting scenes and people in Miami and Key West, 1 photograph shot in Copenhagen, Denmark, 1 photograph shot in Greece, and 1 photograph shot in Santa Cruz, California .

“The Fair” is a collection of fifteen 9 x 12 inch prints depicting scenes from a fair. According to a description that accompanies the images, they embody “a sense of the dark, unknown, pockets of foreboding within the happy arena of a fair. It is a look into the dark recesses, the fake walls, the grungy barkers, the dangerous looking men that strap you into a ride.”  Scenes include rides, games, and food stands, as well as an aerial view of a fair. The images are printed on acid free paper using Epson Ultrachrome inks.

The image of the Commodore Ralph Munroe Marine Stadium is a 17 x 22 inch color print depicting grandstand seating overlooking the water. The stadium was constructed on Virginia Key in the 1964 and was initially used for powerboat racing. The stadium closed in 1992 following Hurricane Andrew.

ASM0123 Jean P. Lesperance papers, 1948-1967Add to your cart.
The Jean P. Lesperance Papers consist of correspondence, articles, book manuscripts, and newspaper clippings relating to the merging field of management studies. Lesperance joined the University of Miami faculty in 1947and taught management courses. He later served as the director of the Time and Motion Study Laboratory.
ASM0557 Lester, Valerie PapersAdd to your cart.
Oral history tapes and transcripts of interviews with Pan Am flight attendants
ASM0315 Robert M. Levine papers, 1876-1992Add to your cart.

Dr. Robert M. Levine (1941-2003) was the Gabelli Senior Scholar in the Arts and Sciences, Director of Latin American Studies, and professor of history at the University of Miami. Throughout his career, Dr. Levine exhibited a strong interest in Brazilian cultural and political history, Jewish Diasporas in Latin America, Cuban history, and Latin American history in general. His papers, donated to the University of Miami, reflect all of these interests in the form of video cassettes, periodicals, clippings, photographs, photocopies, notebooks, microfilm, microfiche, articles, and other materials.

Included in the collection are photocopies of a collection of records from the Jewish community of Curaçao in the 18th century; production materials and photographs pertaining to Dr. Levine's "Hotel Cuba" documentary on the Jewish Diaspora in Cuba; a dozen reels of microfilms of Brazilian newspapers from the 1930s; notes, photographs, and documentation from Dr. Levine's research on the Vargas period in Brazil; and two large, hand-drawn maps indicating Jewish establishments in the major commercial district of Old Havana during the pre-1959 period.

ASM0278 Randy Liebermann collection, 1929-1989Add to your cart.
The Randy Liebermann Collection contains five photo albums and one scrapbook of Pan American World Airways materials. The materials primarily concern the Latin American Division, but also airplane models and company policy at large. The Scrapbook contains newsletters, pamphlets, clippings, certificates, letters, envelopes, stickers, postcards, stamps, and other materials.
ASM0328 Althea "Gerry" Lister papers, 1935-1977Add to your cart.
This collection consists of the papers of Althea “Gerry” Lister from 1935 to 1997. It contains: biographical information pertaining to Lister’s 45 year career at Pan American World Airways; “Along Air Avenues,” an unpublished manuscript that provides a detailed account of Pan Am’s maintenance and safety operations; a list of survey and inaugural flights created by Lister; a list of McCoy print purchasers and prices created by Lister; and a chronology of Pan Am’s aircraft fleet created by Lister. The papers include certificates, correspondence, photographs, and press clippings.
ASM0140 Little Palm Island Collection, 2013Add to your cart.
The Little Palm Island Collection consists of a promotional packet from the Little Palm Island Resort & Spa, containing ephemera such as brochures and hotel restaurant menus. The island resort, located three miles offshore in the Atlantic Ocean and 28 miles east of Key West, has its own unique history. Well known visitors have included President Harry Truman and his wife, John Foster Dulles, and Admiral Bull Halsey. The island was also the setting of the 1962 Warner Brothers production, "PT 109", a biographical war film about John F. Kennedy's naval service during World War II.
ASM0445 Henry H. Lloyd papersAdd to your cart.
A handwritten bound pamphlet by General Lloyd entitled:  "A rhapsody on the present system of French politics on the projected invasion and the means to defeat it." The papers also include diagrams and maps.
ASM0204 Louines Louinis Haitian Dance Theatre CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Louines Louinis Haitian Dance Theatre Collection contains photographs, pamphlets, programs and other ephemera documenting the history of the theatre and its founder, Louines Louinis.
ASM0449 Erica Dawn Lyle papers, 1991-2010Add to your cart.
The Erica Dawn Lyle papers offer a rich history of Miami’s countercultural art and music scenes and grassroots political activity from the 1990’s to the present. Writing under the name Iggy Scam, Lyle has produced a series of classic underground fanzines, called SCAM, that are known internationally in the punk rock scene. Lyle’s writing and archive also provides a fascinating back story to some of the political activity Miami is now known for. With the current wave of home foreclosures that has spread across South Florida, has come a resurgent wave of housing activism. The most well-known activist group in Miami today is Take Back The Land, a group that has gained national media attention for their tactics in helping homeless families move into and squat homes that have been foreclosed across Miami. The Lyle papers show a pre-history of an equally militant though far less organized and coherent group of South Florida squatters and anti-gentrification activists who were attempting similar tactics a generation ago. The papers also document the formation of the city’s first Food Not Bombs, a group that is still active today. The collection of zines, journals, sketchbooks, ephemera and original art work depict contemporary social history as well as Greater Miami’s issues of urban planning, property and housing rights and the responsibility and role of art. Also well documented are Lyle's travels through unconventional methods such as hitchhiking and train hopping.

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