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ASM0125 Lyn MacCorkle papers, 1975-1983Add to your cart.
The Lyn MacCorkle papers consists of research materials for two bibliographies that MacCorkle published in the 1980s: Cubans In The United States: A Bibliography For Research In The Social And Behavioral Sciences , 1960-1983 (1984) and Faculty Publications, University Of Miami (1986). The papers contain bibliographies, articles, drafts, resumes, essays, reports, and letters.
ASM0419 Magic City Lumber Co. recordsAdd to your cart.
Stock certificates of the Magic City Lumber Company in Miami, Florida.
ASM0128 Edison Marshall papers, 1956-1963Add to your cart.

Edison Marshall was an American adventure and fiction writer active during the 1920s to the 1960s.

The Edison Marshall collection contains six typescripts and an undated photograph inscribed to Dr. Archie McNeal, former dean of the University of Miami Libraries. The typescripts are as follows: A publisher's copy of The Conqueror (1962), a publisher's copy of Cortez and Marina (1963), an original and corrected copy of Cortez and Marina which is titled "The Serpent and the Sword," a publisher's copy of The Heart and the Hunter (1956), a publisher's copy of The Inevitable Hour (1957), and a publisher's copy of Princess Sophia (1958).

ASM0519 Marshall, Nathalie papersAdd to your cart.
The Nathalie Marshall Papers consists of selections of personal writings, dream journals, notebooks, poetry and correspondence by the artist reflecting thirty years of her creative process.
ASM0063 Senator Mel Martinez papers, 1998-2009Add to your cart.
The Senator Mel Martinez Papers, donated to the University of Miami in 2010, consist primarily of records created during Martinez’s service as a United States Senator for Florida from 2005 to 2009.  Comprised of 89 boxes, the collection includes legislative and committee files, schedules and appointments, correspondence with constituents and colleagues, speeches and floor statements, media coverage, casework files, campaign files, and administrative office records.  The collection also includes photographs, audiovisual materials, and electronic records that date primarily from 1998 to 2009, but also includes scans of photographs and memorabilia relating to Martinez’s childhood in Cuba and immigration to the United States.  Topics of research include American legislative history, Mel Martinez’s committee assignments, Florida projects, immigration, United States relations with Cuba, services for the elderly, and Florida’s environment, including issues relating to offshore oil drilling.
ASM0216 Finlay B. Matheson CollectionAdd to your cart.

The Finlay B. Matheson collection include more than 2,411 photographs; 112 maps, surveys, and architectural plans; and 13 books related to William John Matheson and his immediate family.

Drawings, postcards, and some of the first aerial view photographs of Key Biscayne, Coconut Grove, the Miami River, and the Florida Keys are represented in the collection. The materials give a glimpse into the burgeoning social life of early inhabitants who gathered at the Biscayne Bay Yacht Club. The Florida landscape is captured throughout the various albums and scrapbooks and attests to a more leisurely lifestyle before the advent of skyscrapers and multi-lane highways.

ASM0229 Michael J. Maxwell papers, 1985-1988Add to your cart.

Michael J. Maxwell was an architectural consultant whose firm, Michael Maxwell Associates, Inc., consulted the city of Opa-locka in the mid-80s on appraisal and restoration matters. This culminated in a Master Plan for the Restoration of Historic Opa-Locka City Hall, and a Nomination Proposal of several historical sites in Opa-Locka to the National Register of Historic Places. These two documents, as well as the planning materials, are held in the Michael J. Maxwell collection.

The collection also contains other Opa-locka related materials. Included are 1926-1927 Opa-locka price lists, a 1953 charter, copies of the Opa-locka Times from 1926 and 1927, letters including a 1926 letter petitioning for the establishment of a Post Office at Opa-locka, a history of Opa-locka brochure and preparation materials for the brochure, and other items.

ASM0129 Mayerson, Evelyn Wilde papers, 1983-1996Add to your cart.
Evelyn Wilde Mayerson was an associate professor of English at the University of Miami and the director of its English composition program. She was also a published novelist and playwright. Her papers consists primarily of typescripts, galleys and research files.
ASM0143 William McEvoy papers, circa 1936-1950sAdd to your cart.
William J. McEvoy worked as a government liaison for Pan American Airlines for over thirty years.  The William McEvoy Papers include his unpublished memoir, Presidents Who Have Flown with Me, which focuses on President Truman’s trip to Wake Island in 1950. The collection also contains photographs from President Roosevelt’s trip to South America in 1936 and Vice President Henry Wallace’s trip to South America in 1943, as well as approximately 1200 slides from McEvoy’s travels around the world in the 1950s.
ASM0310 McFadden Aerial photograph collection, 1955-1977Add to your cart.
Aerial photographs of Miami-Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach counties in Florida.
ASM0165 Melanie Rosborough papers, 1940-1983Add to your cart.
Dr. Melanie Rosborough was a language professor and administrator for the University of Miami from the time she joined the faculty as Professor of German in 1927. The MelanieRosborough Papers document her academic career, activities with professional academic organizations, and University of Miami religious organizations and activities.
ASM0021 Dolores Pla Menocal photograph collectionsAdd to your cart.
25 black and white photographs featuring Pan American World Airways.
ASM0411 Merrick, Richard L. CollectionAdd to your cart.
Photographs, negatives, sides, sketches, drawings, etchings, watercolor and oil works, correspondence, clippings, exhibition programs and catalogs, and other related materials created and collected by artist Richard Merrick (1903-1986) and the Merrick family.
ASM0599 Miami Beach Jaycees scrapbook, 1952-1954Add to your cart.

The Miami Beach Jaycees is a Florida chapter of the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycees for short). The not-for profit organization was founded in 1920 and has provided opportunities for men and women between the ages of 18 to 40 to develop leadership skills through community service. The Junior Chamber of Commerce International Headquarters was moved to Miami Beach in 1955.

The Miami Beach Jaycees Scrapbook documents the civic activities of the Miami Beach Junior Chamber of Commerce form 1952-1954. The collection consists primarily of photographs of conventions and social activities of the organization as well as newspaper clippings, documents, and a 1952-1953 yearbook of Miami Beach Jaycee.

ASM0524 Miami Centennial Commission collection, 1996Add to your cart.
The Miami Centennial Commission Collection contains two plate dishes from the Hotel Royal Palm commemorating the February 24, 1996 Miami Centennial Ball, three different kinds of postcards inviting guests to the Miami Centennial Ball, tickets to the July 28, 1996 AT&T Miami Centennial Birthday Extravaganza at Bayfront Park, and an April, June, and September issue of the News of the Century: A Miami Centennial '96 Update newsletter.
ASM0043 Miami Woman's Club records, 1903-2004Add to your cart.
The Miami Woman’s Club Records document the club’s history, as well as its civic, community, and social activities from 1903-2004.The records include minutes from 1903-1914, 1921-1929, 1936-1939, and 1959-1967. The collection also includes yearbooks from 1907-2004, as well as correspondence (correspondents include: Judge Edith M. Atkinson, Louise Austin, Alice Johnston, Anne Stevenson Brown, Katherine B. Trippetts, Katherine S. Fitts, and Eva J. Lewis), financial reports, programs, photographs, and other documentation. Also included are over 50 scrapbooks documenting club activities, membership, and events dating from 1919-1979.
ASM0220 Michelsen and Havens Family papers, 1925-1950Add to your cart.

"Archive of letters between members of the Michelsen and Havens family, including correspondence from Kate C. Havens, a prominent female theosophist from Miami, Florida and Cloudland, Geogia. Approximately 75 letters plus newspaper clippings, ephemera, and a sketch book containing costume designs by Cleo Michelsen. The majority of these letters are addressed to Cleo Michelsen, a young lady, who is interested in the arts and would eventually marry Auriel Bessemer, a noted muralist of the New Deal. Cleo came from a well-established family from Miami. The letters are written from her brothers, sisters, parents, and grandparents. The family is well-educated, and the letters are articulate and well-written.

However, with the Depression looming over the country, her family is is in the midst of a crisis. Cleo's father has seen his business fortunes plummet, and he and Cleo's mother have separated. Her father eventually moves to Cuba where he attempts to revive his holding company. Her mother stays in Florida but is in terrible financial straits. One of Cleo's sisters writes regarding the lack of money and her mother's impoverished state - one which forces her to go days without eating.

In addition, as mentioned above, Cleo has been courted by Auriel Bessemer, who she meets in art school. A promising artist himself, they go on to marry in 1935. During the New Deal, Auriel was commissioned by the Treasury Department to create seven murals - "Historical and Industrial Scenes - Sketches of Virginia," for the first federal building in Arlington. The murals were conserved in 2007, and today, they remain in their permanent home in the U.S. Post Office Building in Arlington.

Most importantly, in this collection are a series of letters from Cleo's grandmother, Kate C. Havens, who splits her time between her home in Miami, Florida and a mountain retreat in Cloudland, Georgia. Mrs. Havens originally hailed from Chicago and was a prominent voice in the Theosophy movement of the time, delivering lectures, writing articles and becoming acquainted other notable theorists, including Anne Besant and Max Heindel. In Miami, she continued her involvement with Theosophy becoming the president of the newly formed Theosophical Society there in 1919. She was a free and very liberal thinker and also became heavily involved in the Women's suffrage movement, eventually becoming an officer on the legal status of women in the Florida State League of Women Voters.

Havens has a great affection for Cleo and writes her interesting heartfelt letters, which are mostly always infused with a Theosophical bent, injecting her views on spirituality and orientalism, providing her opinions on important theosophical readings, reporting upon her lectures given to the Theosophical Society in Miami, and giving accounts of two fascinating meetings with Pearl Buck and Dr. Alvin Kuhns." -Denning House Antiquarian Books & Manuscripts

ASM0134 Michener, James A. Papers, 1985-1989Add to your cart.

The James A. Michener Papers consist of correspondence, notes, research materials and drafts of manuscripts created and compiled by best-selling author James A. Michener (1907-1997) in the course of his work on the novel Caribbean (1989).

Correspondence and memoranda found within the files provides information concerning the intellectual preparation required to compose an historical novel that spans more than four hundred years. Michener chose to preserve the results of his research and editorial efforts  "... so that aspiring writers can see what work lies ahead for them if they finally succeed. Stated better, what work they will have to do if they want to succeed." Exchanges with editorial staff members throughout the stages of manuscript preparation, and the concurrent suggestions, recommendations and revisions to the manuscript noted on various "copies" of the manuscript illuminate the internal aspects of the modern publishing industry.

The author includes notes and correspondence concerning the logistical, financial and personal decisions that influence the creative process. The pervasive degree of experimentation, discovery and change inherent in the process of creative writing appears throughout the stages of this manuscript. The very title

of the novel, Caribbean, is a reflection of this evolutionary process, for the author first conceived on calling the volume Lost in the Sun.

ASM0536 E. Morton Miller papers, 1930-1949Add to your cart.
The papers consists primarily of photographs, including an album, of various University of Miami field classes in botany, zoology and marine biology. The collection also includes newspaper clippings featuring Dr. E.M. Miller, Head of the zoology department at the University of Miami.
ASM0421 Lou E. W. Miller papersAdd to your cart.
The Lou E. W. Miller Papers contains a University of Miami thesis written by Lou E. W. Miller titled "Florida in Fiction," written under the sponsorship of William Hudson Rogers.
ASM0547 Dorothy E. Mills Flight Attendant papers, 1945-1997Add to your cart.

The Dorothy E. Mills Flight Attendant papers contains materials related to her tenure as a stewardess of the Latin American Division and later chief stewardess of the Atlantic Division for the Pan American World Airways in the 1940s. Held in the collection are the following items:

Four letters by Mills to William Brown, Head of Special Collections in 1997, discussing the materials donated to the collection and her history with the Pan American World Airways.

An acceptance letter, an award letter (written and signed by founder Juan Trippe), and a resignation letter from Pan American World Airways.

23 8" x 10" photographs of Pan American World Airways flight attendants, with accompanying descriptions.

A scrapbook of clippings, photographs, and other materials by Mills about her life as a Pan American World Airways flight attendant

Two issues (including two duplicates) of Clipper Magazine, both containing articles about Mills.

Six newspaper clippings about Pan American World Airways.

ASM0135 M.S. Mishler collection, 1897-1950Add to your cart.
The M.S. Mishler Collection consists of two account books of Mr. M.S. Mishler and one account book of the Little River Mutual Telephone Co. of Little River, Florida. Mr. Mishler and his family moved in 1899 from Chicago to Little River, an area south of Opa-Locka and east of Hialeah in Miami-Dade County. The account books also contain notes and clippings regarding South Florida weather and the hurricane of 1926.
ASM0075 Model Land Company records, 1907-1967Add to your cart.
American petroleum baron and founder of the Florida East Cost Railroad, Henry Flagler (1830-1913) created the Model Land Company (MLC) in 1896 to manage his rapidly expanding real estate holdings in the state of Florida. The Model Land Company Records do not represent the comprehensive records of the MLC but does constitute a large portion of the surviving records. The files consist of the administrative and financial records of the MLC's Miami-based land agent, Frederick S. Morse, and those agencies that followed Morse: Pepper and Potter; Pepper and Coffrin, Inc.; Frank J. Pepper and Son, Inc.; and Frank J. Pepper, Inc.
ASM0481 George Moore collection, 1906-1929Add to your cart.

George Augustus Moore (1852–1933) was an Irish novelist, short-story writer, poet, art critic, memoirist and dramatist.

The George Moore Collection contains correspondence, an undated manuscript titled "Scenario," the galley proofs with corrections for his 1885 novel Mummer's Wife, and a typescript for his 1894 novel Esther Waters.

The correspondence consists of a series of letters and telegraphs between Moore and New York playwright and writer Edward Knoblauch (1874-1945), a letter from Moore to a "Nachey," several letters without a recipient name, two letters from D. M. Beth at Riverside Press Unlimited, a book printer from Edinburgh, discussing corrections on Moore's 1921 novel Heloise and Abelard.

ASM0138 Charles Lewis Morgan papers, 1954-1970Add to your cart.
The Charles Lewis Morgan Papers consist on one box of materials and total on-half cubic foot of files. The Papers contain copies of several poems, as well as "In Memorium," and correspondence dated 1969-70. "In Memorium" includes addresses given by faculty during a memorial service for Morgan in addition to a selection of Morgan's poems. Correspondence discusses the possible publication of Morgan's works and contributions to the memorial service.
ASM0139 Morton, Julia PapersAdd to your cart.
This collection consists of archival materials acquired that relate back to American author and biologist Julia Francis McHugh Morton. Julia F. Morton was Research Professor of Biology and Director of the Morton Collectanea at University of Miami, a research and information center devoted to economic botany. She was an internationally recognized authority on economic plants, particularly ornamental, edible, medicinal and toxic species. She was the author of 10 books and co-author of or contributor to 12 others; she wrote 94 scientific papers and co-authored 27 others.
ASM0382 John Moultrie papers, 1772-1786Add to your cart.

The John Moultrie Collection contains the following three items:

(1) A sales report titled "Copy of Sales of Effects of Estate of John Moultrie" dated 1772. The commodities sold range from a plantation titled Goose Creek to slaves to "bush corn & peas."

(2) A 1786 letter addressed to a Lord Hawke. In this, Moultrie apologizes for having to leave London early and missing an engagement with Hawke, and asserts his gratitude to Hawke on behalf of the people of East Florida.

(3) A leaf excerpt of a letter, chronicling the fate of the British people living in East Florida after the American revolution. The leaf begins: "...about the time or just before the revolt of the Americas the governor of East Florida secured the Kings order restraining him from any further grants of land in the usual manner and terms, and ordering all the vacant lands in the province to be surveyed, advertised, & laid out in certain tracts and to sell them at public sale at certain periods - giving public notice thereof. This of course could not accommodate with lands those unfortunate people who were obliged to fly from their homes in the neighboring colonies on behalf of their attachment to Great Britain, into East Florida held out as a place of refuge by proclamation in consequence of his Majesties instructions to his governor."

The collection also contains typescripts of these documents, and a photocopy of an image of Moultrie.

ASM0471 Helen Muir Papers, 1934-1995Add to your cart.

The Helen Muir Papers include correspondence, drafts of writings, research notes, topical files, publications, photographs, clippings, materials relating to Robert Frost, and other items documenting Muir’s life, career, and service.

The correspondence dates from 1927-1995, and includes both personal and professional correspondence. Intermixed with the correspondence are notes, clippings, writings and other materials relating to the correspondent. Noteworthy files include Marjory Stoneman Douglas, former Florida governor Bob Graham, Richard and George Merrick, Eunice Peacock, and Janet Reno.

The collection also contains drafts of Muir’s articles and columns, research notes, and several magazines containing published articles. Also included are notes for her book The Biltmore: A Beacon for Miami, and extensive notes and chapter drafts for her book Miami, U.S.A.

In addition, the collection contains topical files on various subjects, including libraries, awards, photographs, and speaking engagements. Also included are scrapbooks documenting Muir’s life and career, as well as her 1929 class yearbook.

ASM0655 Bernhardt E. Muller Collection, 1925-1960Add to your cart.

The Bernhardt E. Muller Collection is a compendium of newspapers, architectural drawings, renderings, and photographs related to the design and construction of Opa-locka, Florida, the nation’s largest concentration of Moorish Revival architecture. The city, incorporated in 1926, was the third Florida suburban real estate development of Glenn H. Curtiss, aviation pioneer and millionaire developer. Opa-Locka is the only known city in the United States that used Moorish Revival architecture as its original theme.

The contents of the Muller Collection fall into two distinct groups: architectural materials related directly to buildings designed by Muller and his staff; and supporting materials presumably collected by Muller that pertain to his work and the city of Opa-Locka. The vast majority of these materials are directly concerned with Muller’s work in the Opa-Locka and Miami area between 1925 and 1928. Supporting materials, including magazine extracts, brochures, and newspapers, date mostly from 1926 and 1927, with a few items from 1928, 1930, 1959, and 1960.

The Muller Collection’s importance concerns its detailed documentation of the progress of Opa-Locka from a developer’s dream to a constructed city. Opa-Locka was designed according to a specific theme: a combination of Arabic, Persian, and Moorish architectural styles. It is also the first known instance of a town developed from interpretations of a literary work, The One Thousand and One Tales of the Arabian Nights.

The collection contains construction documents, sketches, renderings, and photographs of Opa-Locka’s first buildings. Extensive material exists on the designs of the Opa-Locka Company’s administration building, now the City Hall, as well as plans for seventeen institutional and public projects, including the Archery Club, Bathing Casino, and Observation Tower, with unbuilt designs for a Golf Club, school, and Mid-Winter Southern States Exposition.

Eighteen commercial buildings are found in the Muller Collection, including many stores and apartments, as well as an unbuilt Chinese hotel. Sixty-three private residences of various sizes and designs are included in these drawings. It is probably that most of the work Bernhardt Muller ever did for Opa-Locka is contained in the collection. The majority of these drawings and materials date from 1926 to 1927, with only three drawings dated later than 1927.

The Muller Collection is significant for its documentation of the history and development of South Florida. The volume of work designed and media contents demonstrate and describe the magnitude of the Florida Land Boom, which peaked early in 1926, just as construction began on Opa-Locka.

The Muller Collection contains newspaper articles describing the hurricane that struck South Florida on September 17 and 18, 1926. The storm’s direct effect was a loss of 372 lives and $159 million in propery, but its long-term results included the onset of the land “bust” and an economic decline that preceded the Great Depression of the 1930’s.  There are numerous articles and photographs of the hurricane's destruction.

ASM0409 Munroe Family Papers, 1903-1979Add to your cart.
The collection includes correspondence, logbooks, photographs albums, slides,  and diaries pertaining to various members of the Munroe Family who settled in Coconut Grove, Florida.
ASM0015 Ralph M. Munroe Family Papers, 1882-1995Add to your cart.
Ralph Middleton Munroe (1851-1933) settled in Florida in 1891, drawn by its lush tropical landscapes and beautiful seashores. An avid yachtsman and photographer, the Commodore traveled the South Florida coast capturing images of its pristine wilderness and the early inhabitants. Munroe’s photographs provide a unique visual record of South Florida history before its rapid urbanization. The Ralph M. Munroe Family Papers contain a rich assortment of photographs, albums, postcards, correspondence, clippings and manuscripts that document the frontier life in Coconut Grove.
ASM0258 Virginia Murray collectionAdd to your cart.
The Virginia Murray collection contains civil war ballads from newspaper clippings, some of which are contained in a scrapbook. There are some photocopies of these clippings as well.
ASM0142 Murrell, Ethel E. Papers, 1946-1953Add to your cart.

The Ethel E. Murrell Papers document the activities of the National Woman's Party (NWP) under her leadership from 1952-53. The files include correspondence, newsletters and other materials with other women's organizations including the General Federation of Women's Clubs, the World Woman's Party, the American Woman's Foundation, and the American Woman's Council. The papers document the cooperative efforts of these groups in working for the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment, including articles written from 1938 to 1953 publicizing the Amendment.

Charters, minutes, speeches, press releases, resolutions, and correspondence dated 1946-53 detail Murrell's efforts as a lawyer, writer and political organizer. The files also highlight NWP attempts to promote its agenda. The papers are significant as a record of activity during the 1940's and 1950's, years considered by many as a period of decline between the two larger feminist movements of the early twentieth century and the 1960's. The records also include references to cold war anticommunism. One letter of resignation, for example, dated June 17, 1953 expressed a sentiment characteristic of several members: "...I wondered...if the 'pinkos' had not taken over. I certainly do not want to be connected with any organization that does not stand for good Americanism."

ASM0281 Margaret J. Mustard papersAdd to your cart.
Margaret J. Mustard is renowned for her research and publications regarding tropical plants, specifically the mango.  She was a researcher in the University of Miami’s Tropical Food Research Laboratories.

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