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ASM0341 Pan American World Airways, Inc. records, 1902-2005Add to your cart.

The records of Pan American World Airways Inc. begin with the company's founding in 1927 and document the 64 year lifespan of a pioneer airline and international symbol of adventure and romance. The 1,500 linear foot collection contains evidence of Pan Am’s long list of accomplishments, which includes being: the first American airline to operate a permanent international air service, the first American airline to use radio communications, the first American airline to develop an airport and airways traffic control system, the first American airline to employ cabin attendants and serve meals aloft, the first American airline to develop a complete aviation weather service, the first airline in the world to offer scheduled transpacific passenger and mail service, the first airline in the world to offer scheduled transatlantic passenger and mail service, and the first airline to operate jets within the continental United States.

Among the many divisions, departments, offices and individuals that contributed to the daily operations of Pan Am reflected in this collection are: the Alaska Division, the Atlantic Division, the Latin American Division, China National Aviation Corporation (CNAC), Pan American Grace Airways (Panagra), the Technical Assistance Program, the legal department, the library, and the offices of: Pan Am Founder and Chief Executive Officer Juan T. Trippe, Andre Priester, C. Edward Acker, Charles Vaughn, Erwin Balluder, Everette M. Goulard, Franklin Gledhill, G. Erskine Rice, George Rihl, H. Preston Morris, Harold Bixby, Harold E. Gray, Humphrey Toomey, John C. Leslie, John C. Pirie, Karl Lueder, Kathy Babl, Najeeb E. Halaby, Mike Clark, Peter Paul von Bauer Chlumecky, Robert G. Thach, Russel L. Ray, Jr., Samuel Pryor, Sergio Bettancourt, Thomas G. Plaskett, William Langhorne Bond, William Mallory, William T. Seawell, William Van Dusen, and Willis Player.

The types of records contained in the collection include: administrative reports, clippings (newspapers, magazines, etc.), contracts (agreements, legal instruments, etc.), corporate minutes, correspondence (letters, memos, telegraphs, telexes, etc.), financial records (financial statements, bonds, expense accounts, taxation, etc.), legal records (trial and arbitral proceedings, dockets, applications for court orders, exhibits, etc.), logbooks, manuals, pamphlets (booklets, brochures, etc.), periodicals, press kits, press releases, sales records (purchase agreements, invoices, etc.), and timetables. Additionally, the collection contains audiovisual material, graphic material and over 2,000 folders of photographs.

Among the noteworthy people referenced in the collection are: famed aviator and technical assistant to Pan Am, Charles Lindbergh; Haitian writer Pradel Pompilus; famed navigator and aviation pioneer Frederick “Fred” Noonan; the Beatles; Raquel Welch; former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill; former Presidents Franklin Roosevelt, Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Ronald Reagan; and former First Ladies Eleanor Roosevelt and Mamie Eisenhower.

Collection highlights include: correspondence between Charles A. Lindbergh and Juan Trippe from 1933 regarding the establishment of a transatlantic air route, many internal publications containing detailed accounts of everything from the operations of company divisions to biweekly memoranda from Juan Trippe to top executives regarding changes to corporate structure, hundreds of files documenting the vital role Pan Am played in World War II, and the records of National Airlines obtained during the Pan Am/National Airlines merger in 1980.

Absent from the collection are employee medical and personnel records. These were retained by Pan Am during bankruptcy proceedings. Their disposition is unknown.

ASM0147 Panama Canal collection, 1913-1978Add to your cart.
This collection contains six stereographs (stereo-view photographs) of the construction of the Panama Canal dated 1912-1913, and three cassette tapes of news commentary regarding the 1977 Panama Canal Treaty between Panama and the United States of America.
ASM0241 Papal Visit collection, 1987Add to your cart.
This collection contains materials documenting Pope John Paul II's visit to Miami, September 10-11, 1987. It includes photographs, memorabilia, newspaper clippings, special edition periodicals, and posters. The collection was compiled with donations from various people working at the University of Miami's Otto G. Richter Library. The photographs in this collection were taken by members of the Otto G. Richter Library staff during the Papal visit. They were donated by Georgina Golik, Ana Rosa Núñez, and Blanca Herrera Torres.
ASM0151 Parker Printing Company records, 1924-1931Add to your cart.
The collection contains a single account book for the Parker Printing Company, documenting sales from 1924 to 1931. George E. Merrick was a regular customer of the company in the earlier years.
ASM0573 Theodore Parker collection, 1485-1572Add to your cart.
Twelve original leaves of rare books.
ASM0464 Arva Moore Parks collection, 1896-2005Add to your cart.

Research material from noted author and historian, Arva Moore Parks. Born in Miami, Florida, Arva has written countless books on Florida's ecclectic history, including The Forgotten Frontier: Florida through the Lens of Ralph Middleton Munroe, Miami, the Magic City, and George Merrick, Son of the South Wind: Visionary Creator of Coral Gables. She also served as chief curator, interim director, and chair of the Coral Gables Museum.

This collection contains a large assortment of archival material: booklets, books, magazines, posters, photographs, pamphlets, post cards, maps, ephemera, and guides about Miami and other notable cities and famous people related to South Florida.

ASM0118 Pataphysics collection, 1957-1978Add to your cart.

An archive of letters sent by Stanley Chapman (London) to Juan Esteban Fassio (Buenos Aires-Argentina). The collection  contains 254 manuscript and typewritten letters, all signed by Stanley Chapman, addressed to Juan Esteban Fassio between March 5, 1957 and May 24, 1978. Three letters mention the visit of Jorge Luis Borges to London in 1971. The papers also include 95 photographs, many with handwritten commentaries by Chapman on the reverse.

The letter archive reflects a writing relationship of over twenty years between two persons who had in common a Pataphysical vision of the world around them, to the point that Chapman employed pataphysical language in the majority of his letters.

ASM0343 Nicholas Patricios collection, 1887-1960Add to your cart.
A collection of negatives of South Florida buildings and maps including Plymouth Church in Coconut Grove, the Everglades, Miami Beach hotels and Vizcaya Museum.
ASM0410 Lillian Frow Peacock and Eunice Peacock Merrick collection, 1860-1946Add to your cart.
The Lillian Frow Peacock & Eunice Peacock Photograph Collection primarily depicts the earliest settlers of Coconut Grove and Miami. The collection includes portraits of the Peacocks, the Frows, and other families, as well as historically notable places such as the Peacock Inn and the Coconut Grove School. Box 2 includes a handcrafted menu from the first Biscayne Bay Yacht Club dinner at the Peacock Inn in 1891. The photograph album in box 4 includes portraits of the Peacock's English relations as well as a few of their Coconut Grove and Miami neighbors.
ASM0512 Juan Domingo Perón collection, 1944-1974Add to your cart.

The majority of the collection consists of official publications documenting a variety of facets of Perón's political career, including his involvement in the 1943-1946 military government,  his first two presidential terms (1946-1955) and his third (1973-1974). Most of these official publications are reports on his policies and political activities, his own writings, or transcripts of speeches. Several of these record conjoined efforts by Perón and Eva, his well-known first wife, as well as with Chilean president Carlos Ibáñez Del Campo.

Also contained in the collection are pamphlets and other materials which treat Peronism (or Justicialism) and its critics; two series of satirical pro-Peronist periodicals called "Alpargatas Humorísticas" (6 issues) and "Descamisada" (31 issues); 8 postcards which depict aspects of Eva Perón's social work; two paper masks of Juan Domingo Perón and Eva Perón; two autographed photographs of Juan Domingo Perón and Eva Perón; and other ephemera.

ASM0631 Ronald Perry Poetry collection, 1956-1982Add to your cart.
Ronald Lee Perry was a Miami poet and University of Miami alumnus. The Ronald Perry Poetry collection consists of books of his poetry, periodicals containing reviews of or essays about his writings, manuscripts, correspondence, and miscellaneous materials.
M0302 Peter Jefferson Architectural Plans, 1956-2004Add to your cart.

Originally born in West Virginia, Jefferson attended Washington & Jefferson College in Washington, Pennsylvania and studied architecture and industrial design at the University of Michigan. Afterwards, he worked with the Army Corps where he taught aerial photography then supported himself by working as a laborer on various construction sites. He eventually came to Miami in 1954 where he apprenticed under architects, Thomas Madden and Alfred Browning Parker. He ended up establishing his own private architecture firm in Miami in 1959 and dedicated himself to creating plans for residential, commerical, and public buildings. Later, he moved his firm to Stewart, Florida in 1968 and continued to provide the same services.

He also served as a Fellow in the American Institute of Architects and was certified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, and was registered with the National Trust for Historic Preservation. His accolades include several architecture awards and international exhibits as well as having his works featured in magazines, such as Architectural Record, House Beautiful, Better Homes and Gardens, Southern Living, Sports Illustrated, Palm Beach Life, American Homes, and L'Architecture D'Anjourd'hui.

This collection contains approximately 191 large format architectural plans and renderings from noted Florida architect, Peter Jefferson. The first 33 plans of his collection have been flattened and placed into map cases while the others remain in their original rolled up state.

ASM0327 W.R. Peters Pan Am photographs, 1942-1977Add to your cart.

The bulk of this collection consists of photographs taken and developed by W.R. Peters between 1942 and 1955 while working for Pan Am. It also includes: a Miami and Latin American Division pilot and cabin service personnel directory, a pilot seniority list, a grievance conciliation and agreement list, and some photographs that were not taken by Mr. Peters that were acquired at antique stores.

The collection candidly depicts the working lives of Pan Am flight attendants and pilots, including excellent images of insignia, aircraft, and architecture. Photographs not by Peters include images taken during the 747SP “New Horizons” speed record breaking around the world flight in 1977, the Orange Bowl Parade, and flight attendant class photos from the 36th Street flight academy.

ASM0255 P. A. Phillips collection, 1989-1991Add to your cart.

Dr. P. A. Phillips was a history professor at the University of Miami.

The P. A. Phillips Collection contains materials from three of his history courses - two undergraduate and one graduate - where students were asked to interview a World War II veteran and compose an oral history report based on that interview. The materials include essays, transcripts, audio recordings, and videocassettes.

ASM0637 Phillips, William Lyman Papers, 1929-1964Add to your cart.

The material from the  William Lyman Phillips Papers (1885-1966) ranges from 1929 to 1964. The collection mainly consists of Phillips' landscape work; it is made up of originals, brown-line and blue prints, and photographs. Among this collection are complete sets of working drawings and landscape work designed by other architects and engineers.

The Mountain Lake Corporation makes up a large portion of the collection. Phillips was leading the project for the Boston-based Olmstead Bros. Landscape Architecture firm which he worked for. Phillips worked on the revision of state road no. 20 as well as the entrance for the capital in Tallahassee. Woodlawn Cemetery and the Indian Creek Club, both of which are located in Miami, also contitute large portions of  this collection. Phillips completed design work for the University of Miami as well as various parks including Greynolds, Redland, Phipps, Matheson Hammock and Fairchild Tropical Gardens. While Phillips worked for the government, he designed plans for several of the keys and the overseas toll bridge. The Phillips collection contains working drawings and two low rent housing projects: one located in Tampa and the other in Bradenton. The rest of the work in the collection consists of residences and churches in the south Florida area.

ASM0463 Port Washington Public Library oral history collection, 1981, 1993Add to your cart.
Transcripts of two interviews of Pan Am employees : Armen Dildilian (1993) and William Masland (1981) in two parts.
ASM0154 Power U Center for Social Change Records, 1997-2012Add to your cart.
The Power U Center for Social Change Records document the history and actions of the local grassroots organization. Power U was co-founded by Denise Perry, a long-time community organizer who has focused on developing grassroots leaders and supporting local community organizations throughout her career. Since its founding, Power U has been involved in securing and defending the rights of low income, inner city residents. Campaigns have been organized to achieve a number of goals, with a focus on South Florida. The group has been a major force for anti-gentrification activism in the Overtown area of Miami, while also seeking to improve the quality of life for residents in Overtown and other inner city neighborhoods. Major campaigns have included efforts to fight discrimination against students of color in Miami-Dade County Public Schools, organizing to raise awareness of environmental health issues in Miami's inner city neighborhoods, and ensuring the rights for all citizens to find affordable housing.
ASM0396 Price, Leo collection, 1932-1936Add to your cart.

The Leo Price Collection contains a single scrapbook compiled by Leo Price which chronicles the story of the Bonus Expeditionary Forces, an assemblage of approximately 43,000 protesters - some 17,000 of which were World War I veterans and their families - who marched on Washington in 1932 under the encouragement of retired U.S.M.C. Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler. The veterans, many of whom had been out of work since the beginning of the Great Depression, demanded immediate cash payment of Service Certificates granted to them eight years earlier via the Adjusted Service Certificate Law of 1924. The march was suppressed by the U.S. army under the leadership of Douglas MacArthur and George S. Patton.

The scrapbook tells the story by means of newspaper clippings, photographs, and a piece of fabric.

ASM0572 Provenzo, Eugene collection, 1978-1994Add to your cart.

Jesse Wooley was a professional photographer from New York who visited Florida in 1896. Wooley used his trip to create a stereopticon or lantern-slide lecture about Florida. Several of these lantern slides were colored.

The Eugene Provenzo Collection contains a manuscript by Provenzo and William E. Brown titled "From Ice to Snow to Flowers and Fruit: Jesse Wooley's 1896 Tour of Florida." The manuscript by Provenzo and Brown aimed to reproduce this lantern-slide lecture with the original lecture notes, as well as to provide a historical analysis of lantern slide lectures and a biographical essay on Jesse Wooley. The collection also contains correspondence regarding the manuscript, duplicate pages of the manuscript, research documents and notebooks, photographs and photographic slides taken of the surviving lantern slides, clippings, articles, and other documents.

ASM0235 Purdy, Helen C. Map collection, 1700-1800Add to your cart.
The late Helen C. Purdy, professor emeritus and former head of the Archives and Special Collections Department, donated a variety of library materials following her retirement in 1991. This collection consists of maps of Florida and the West Indies.

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