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ASM0084 Max Rameau Papers, 1992-2011Add to your cart.
The Max Rameau papers (1992-2010) document his extensive activism for the homeless and the poor within the South Florida communities of the African diaspora. The collection  will be of interest to scholars and students of movements such as the Umoja Village, the Scott-Carver Tenant Council, Miami Dade Election Reform and Take Back the Land. The materials document advocacy work on behalf of people displaced from their homes as a result of  low income housing policies, gentrification, and the U.S. foreclosure crisis at the beginning of the 21st century.  The Max Rameau papers also point to connections between activist groups promoting the economic rights of the diverse constituency  of the African diaspora which reside in Liberty City and Little Haiti. Finally, the collection serves as a record of Mr. Rameau's work with organizations such as Brothers of the Same Mind,  the Haitian American Grassroots Coalition and the Center for Pan African Development.
ASM0155 Rand Interviews in Vietnam collection, 1964-1968Add to your cart.

Between August 1964 and December 1968, the Rand Corporation, under contract to the U.S. Department of Defense, conducted approximately 2,400 interviews with Vietnamese who were familiar with activities of the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese Army. Reports of these interviews, totalizing approximately 62,000 pages, constitute a rich source of information about political and military upheaval in a developing country, Vietnamese rural life, the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese armed forces and many related subjects. The documents describe conversations with prisoners captured by South Vietnamese or U.S. forces, defectors who voluntarily left the Viet Cong or the North Vietnamese Army as well as refugees from battle areas.  Many of the reports have a poignant, human quality; nearly all are informative about conditions in Vietnam. In December 1971, action was initiated to make these interview reports available to the public. The decision to provide access to these documents entailed a scrupulous double reading of all the reports and blocking out of information that might enable identification of the respondents.

The University of Miami holds approximate 1,780 (48,000 pages) out of the 2,400 interviews conducted under this study.

ASM0156 Polly Redford collection, 1970Add to your cart.
This collection contains audio cassettes and sound reels with transcripts of interviews of South Florida personalities by Polly Redford for her book The Billion-Dollar Sandbar: A Biography of Miami Beach (1970).
ASM0436 Alfred Reed papers, 1966-1984Add to your cart.
Alfred Reed was a composer and conductor who later became a professor and music director at the University of Miami. The Alfred Reed Papers contains condensed scores, full scores, conductor and scores of J. S. Bach's music, all by Alfred Reed. Also included is an autographed score by Brazilian composer Hector Villa-Lobos.
ASM0243 Reggae Fanzine collection, 1975-2001Add to your cart.
A collection of fanzines dedicated to reggae music, and the culture and fanbase surrounding the genre. The titles range from small-run, independently published zines, to glossy commercial magazines and tabloids. The wide range of publishing locations, including the United Kingdom, New York and South Florida, indicate the international popularity of reggae, a musical genre born on the island of Jamaica. Some of the fanzines extend their coverage to other Caribbean musical genres such as ska and soca. The music scenes in Africa are covered as well. In addition to the music, many of the fanzines explore the Rastafari movement and other Afrocentric ideologies that have historically been linked to reggae.
ASM0497 Henry Reich, Jr. papers, 1921-1940Add to your cart.

Henry Reich, Jr. was a poet and author, member of the American Literary League, a previous New York secretary of the Rebel Poets, and a frequent contributor to newspapers and magazines. The collection predominantly consists of Reich's correspondence, and his poetry and articles. The form of these poems and articles range include manuscripts, typescripts, clippings, scrapbook compilations, and periodicals and books in which Reich's poetry appeared. Notably, four issues of The Jewish Forum from 1927 in which Reich was published are included.

Also included are several photographs of Reich.

ASM0563 William T. Reich papersAdd to your cart.
Two fragile codices. One is written in English and the other in Latin. The English codex is labled "MS Codex 47" and is missing the front cover. The Latin codex is labeled "MS Codex 48" and "MS Codex 40" with "Bernard Lourner" inscribed on the inside front cover.
ASM0226 Arnold Reiner collection, 1974-1991Add to your cart.
The Arnold Reiner collection contains materials related to flight safety operations for Pan American World Airways. The collection includes issues of Flight Ops, a publication of Pan Am's Flight Safety Department; a copy of Pan Am's accident summary from 1959-1991; a 1974 report relating to Pan Am safety and operational concerns.
ASM0159 I. A. Richards collection, 1929-1997Add to your cart.

Dr. I. A. Richards (1893-1979) was an influential English literary critic and rhetorician. His books on literary criticism, especially The Meaning of Meaning, Principles of Literary Criticism, Practical Criticism, and The Philosophy of Rhetoric, are taken to be founding influences for the New Criticism. Richards is also considered one of the founders of the contemporary study of literature in English.

The I. A. Richards Collection at the Special Collections department contains a large selection of Richards' work in language learning and literacy, in the form of textbooks, workbooks, brochures, audio-visual materials, index cards, phonograph records, and slides.

ASM0161 Fidelia Righi papers, 1922Add to your cart.
The Fidelia Righi papers contains a notebook of poetry, a series of handwritten pages on architecture with accompanying architectural sketches, six photographs from the Intercollegiate Cosmopolitan Club of the City of New York, a 1922 address by Harry E. Edmonds to the club called "The Ideals of International House," and a 1922 program for "European Night" held at the club.
ASM0157 Rinhart, Floyd and Marion Photograph Collection, 1836-1840, 1857, 1860-1892, 1900-1907, 1924-1935Add to your cart.
The Floyd and Marion Rinhart Photograph Collection consists of rare and historical photographs and images of Florida.
ASM0560 Leon Robbin papers, 1798Add to your cart.
The Leon Robbin Collection contains two full-color prints of two similar engravings from the work Marriage À-La-Mode by William Hogarth. The prints are designed by William Hogarth and engraved by Thomas Cook. They are dated February 1st and October 1st, 1978, and are noted to be published by G. G. & J. Robinson, Pater-noster Row. They are sized 17 x 22 inches. Each is noted as being "fine original impression, proof before the title."
ASM0475 Robinson, James CollectionAdd to your cart.
ASM0370 Andre Rodgers papers, 1918-1941Add to your cart.
A typescript by Rudi Franke in which he narrates the journey  to France of a German infantry during World War II. The document also includes photographs, maps and hand drawn sketches.
ASM0423 Donald C. Rogers papers, 1977-1978Add to your cart.
Two typescripts by Donald Rogers : "Comments from the Diary of a Stoic" (1977) and "Above the Gods" (1978).
ASM0164 Erl Roman papers, 1935-1964Add to your cart.
The papers of Erl Roman, well known sport fisherman and skilled writer and publicist, provide information about the sport of angling and about the University of Miami's early years. The records, dated 1935-64, are divided into four series. SERIES I: CORRESPONDENCE and SERIES IV: SCRAP BOOKS, document Roman's fishing career as well as laws and events influencing the sport. SERIES II: TOPICAL FILES relate to fishing and to Roman's involvement with the University of Miami. SERIES III: PRESS RELEASES contains the press releases issued by Roman for the University of Miami Office of Public Information.
ASM0038 Aldemaro Romero Archive, 1945-2007Add to your cart.
The Aldemaro Romero Archive is comprised of the artistic and intellectual production of the Venezuelan composer from 1945 to his death in 2007. His collection is divided in two sections: concert and popular music. Aldemaro Romero's concert collection is made of one hundred original manuscripts and copies of scores with works for symphonic orchestra, chorus and orchestra, solo concerts for wind and string instruments with orchestra, and chamber music. The popular music collection contains 126 songs and 31 instrumental works (vol. 1 and vol. 20), manuscripts and copies of the lead sheets and/or lyrics and recordings.
ASM0311 N.B.T. Roney map collection, 1644-1860Add to your cart.
N.B.T. Roney moved to Miami Beach in 1918 and went on to become one of the largest builders in Beach history. Two of his most important developments are the Roney Plaza Hotel and Española Way. His map collection consists of 28 pre-20th century maps of the West Indies or Florida, and include works by famous cartographers such as Blaeu, Sanson, Popple, and Homanno.
ASM0355 H.C. Roome papersAdd to your cart.
Small diary of the President of the Miami Electric Railway.
ASM0168 Ross, Malcolm PapersAdd to your cart.
Manuscripts, clippings, pamphlets and correspondence of author and University of Miami Press editor Malcolm Ross.
ASM0260 Joaquín Roy papers, 1973-1993Add to your cart.

Joaquín Roy is Jean Monnet Professor of European Integration at the University of Miami and Co-Director of the European Union Center of Excellence, Miami. The collection consists of personal materials and documents from organizations or programs in which Dr. Roy was personally involved.

Series I contains typescripts, books, and publications from the Letras de Oro program organized by the North-South Center at the University of Miami. This program awarded prizes and published novels, poetry, theater plays, essays, and literary criticism in the Spanish language.

Series II contains newspapers, periodicals, brochures, pamphlets, publications, reports, letters, clippings from the Florida Catalan Society.

Series III contains personal materials from Dr. Joaquín Roy, including typescripts and manuscripts, lecture notes, periodicals, letters, clippings, bibliographies, and other materials. Included among the typescripts are ones for Julio Cortázar Ante Su Sociedad, ALA : Periodismo y Literatura, and Lecturas De Prensa.

ASM0403 Royal Poinciana Festival records, 1940-1989Add to your cart.
The Royal Poinciana Festival is a South Floridian festival that celebrates the royal poinciana tree's blooming in May. The Royal Poinciana Festival Records Collection holds materials pertaining to the festival, in the form of clippings, records, letters, notes, photocopies, photographs, and programs.
ASM0604 F. Charles Ruegg papers, 1940-1980Add to your cart.
The F. Charles Ruegg Papers consists primarily of correspondence, photographs and notes from Ruegg’s employment with Pan American World Airways from 1940 to 1951. These materials primarily document his experience with Pan Am in Africa (PAA Africa) during World War II.
ASM0603 Carl Ruggles collectionAdd to your cart.
A typescript of : "Carl Ruggles a Memoir by a Former Student, Ralph Nelson." The Collection also includes a copy of "Carl Ruggles : composer, painter and storyteller." by Marilyn J. Ziffrin.

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