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ASM0656 Seymour Samet papers, 1944-1995Add to your cart.
The Seymour Samet Papers document primarily Mr. Samet’s civil rights work for the American Jewish Committee (AJC), the Dade County Community Relations Board and the U.S. Department of Justice Community Relations Service from the 1960s to the 1980s. The correspondence, speeches, writings, articles and newspaper clippings articulate issues of discrimination, desegregation and general human relations from various group and geographical perspectives.
ASM0173 Dr. Murray Sanders papers, 1947-1957Add to your cart.
Dr. Murray Sanders was a physician and medical researcher with the University of Miami and Variety Children's Hospital. He was the former chairman of the Department of Medical Research of the University of Miami. His papers consist of correspondence, periodicals, essays, photocopies of articles and essays, and newspaper clippings regarding medical research. Also included are photographs and prints of Dr. Sanders, as well as a biography and a curriculum vitae.
ASM0601 Sandra Riley and Peggy Hall CollectionAdd to your cart.
This collection contains personal papers from local historian, playwright, director, and teacher, Sandra Riley, and poet, teacher, and musician, Peggy C. Hall. The materials currently include manuscripts, research notes, journals, interviews, drafts, playscripts, and other papers from their life's work and writings.
ASM0313 Carlos Sanz map collection, 1482-1598Add to your cart.
Carlos Sanz was the author of several articles and books dealing with cartography and the discovery of the New World. The Sanz map Collection includes 19 reproductions of maps and charts originally published between 1482 and 1598 by well known cartographers such as Mercator, Juan de la Cosa, Contarini, and Ptolemy. These maps form part of 50 items reproduced and published with a commentary by Sanz in his two volume work entitled Mapas antiguos del mundo: (siglos XV-XVI) (Madrid, 1962).
ASM0507 Werner M. Sauer collection, 1948Add to your cart.
The Werner M. Sauer contains a bound typescript by Werner M. Sauer detailing his experiences during the Holocaust.
ASM0265 Save the Alhambra Water Tower Committee records, 1921-2012Add to your cart.

The records of the Save the Alhambra Water Tower Committee document the successful mission of a local historic preservation organization to protect the Alhambra Water Tower, a Coral Gables landmark. The collection includes scrapbooks, committee records, financial documents, photographs, and minutes of meetings.

The Alhambra Water Tower, once a functional part of the Coral Gables water system, has survived time and weathering to remain an architectural symbol of the community. The Save the Alhambra Water Tower Committee raised money and awareness to contribute to the refurbishment and preservation of the historic structure.

ASM0175 Abraham Schwaczkin collection, 1885-1953Add to your cart.

The Abraham Schwazkin collection consists primarily of Jewish cantorial sheet music and lyrics.

Also included are a birth certificate and marriage certificates of Schwazkin, a 1953 copy of the B'nai B'rith messenger newspaper, a catalog, several yearbooks from Jewish congregations, a photograph, and a series of letters between Schwazkin and a Mrs. Morrison from 1940.

ASM0480 Scott-Carver Housing History collection, 1982-2016Add to your cart.
The Scott Carver Housing History collection includes photographs, clippings, reports and oral history interviews that document the advocacyy work of Scott Carver Miami residents and activists for the resistitution of the demolished Scott Carver homes.
ASM0402 Kimball J. Scribner collectionAdd to your cart.
Video cassettes, films and audio cassettes relating to Pan Am and aviation donated by former Pan Am pilot Kimball J. Scribner.
ASM0562 Sidney Serebreny papersAdd to your cart.
Sidney Serebreny was a technical supervisor from 1941 to 1960 for the Pacific Alaska Division for the Pan American World Airways, Inc. The Sidney Serebreny Papers contains a typescript by Serebreny titled "Tailwind."
ASM0456 R. A. Seymour papers, 1941-1993Add to your cart.
R. A. Seymour was a Wing Commander from the Royal Air Force. The collection contains photographs and memoirs Seymour's training at the Pan American Training Academy at the University of Miami during World War II.
ASM0457 Shaw Family papers, 1917Add to your cart.
The Shaw Family Papers contains one photograph album containing photographs from More Shaw, Eleanor Shaw, and their mother's trip to Florida from February 16, 1917 to March 15, 1917. The trip was part of an organized tour called "Season of 1917: A Tour to Florida, East and West Coasts," of which a pamphlet is included in the album. The photographs are of Jacksonville, Ocala, Orlando, Tampa, Palm Beach, and Miami.
ASM0383 Calvin Shedd papers, 1862-1863Add to your cart.

The Calvin Shedd Papers consists of approximately fifty letters and documents of a Civil War soldier stationed in Florida from 1862-1863. Calvin Shedd served with Company A and Company C of the 7th New Hampshire Regiment. Shedd and his family, a wife and three daughters, were frequent correspondents. The documents consist only of Calvin Shedd's letters, with no responses from family members available. The letters comprise a fascinating, thoughtful summary of one man's experiences during this tragic era of American history. The lengthy, detailed letters offer an insightful view of Shedd's military activities, observations on life in Florida, and his concerns for the wife and three daughters he left behind in New Hampshire.

The Seventh Regiment left New Hampshire on January 14, 1862, and traveled to New York where soldiers passed a month of relative inactivity. On February 13, 1862, orders directed the troops to the Dry Tortugas in Florida. Six companies under the command of Colonel Putnam embarked on the S.R. Mallory, and four companies under the direction of Lieutenant Colonel Abbott left on the barque, Tycoon. The Tycoon reached the Dry Tortugas in sixteen days, the S. R. Mallory arrived six days later. Two men died of an outbreak of yellow fever on the Tycoon, a sampling of things to come in the weeks and months ahead.

The Dry Tortugas, located at the far end of the Florida Keys, served as a principal depot for the distribution of rations and munitions to union forts and military posts in the area. The Seventh Regiment was stationed at Fort Jefferson, where "good quarters were arranged and other preparations made for the comfort of officers and men." Primary duties for soldiers consisted of garrison and fatigue duty, with military drill in infantry and heavy artillery.

On June 16, 1862, the regiment embarked for Port Royal, South Carolina, and arrived safely on July 22, 1862. Troops remained here, engaged primarily in picket and guard duty, until a September 15, 1862, re-assignment to st. Augustine, Florida. In st. Augustine the major effort was on recruitment, as the regiment lost some two hundred men to death and discharge since leaving New Hampshire. The regiment remained in st. Augustine until May, 1863, when it was ordered to Fernandia, Florida, to relieve the Seventh Connecticut Regiment, and then to Hilton Head, South Carolina, in preparation for efforts to attack Charleston. ln June, 1863, fortified with approximately one hundred new recruits, the regiment headed to Folly Island, to prepare the batteries that would support the landing of forces.

The unsuccessful assault on Fort Wagner cost more than two hundred lives, including many important officers. The regiment remained stationed on Morris Island for five months of intensely warm weather, serving duty in trenches, on picket and in fatigue. On December 20, 1863, the regiment left Morris Island, and prepared for a return trip to Florida.

ASM0180 Shikes, Ralph E. Papers, 1800-1900Add to your cart.

The Ralph E. Shikes papers consists primarily of letters to and from Camille Pissarro, a French-Danish Impressionist painter. In addition, the papers contain Mr. Pissarro's will.

The papers also contains papers and letters from other artisits, such as Vincent Van Gogh, as well as various photographs, negatives, postcards, and a thesis written by Alexander Seltzer covering the topics of anarchism, antisemitism, the press and the Dreyfus affair.

ASM0650 Bob Simms collection, 1907-2006Add to your cart.
The Bob Simms Collection documents the life and activities of Robert H. Simms in the black communities in Coconut Grove and Miami and reflects his work with the Community Relations Board and the Defense Race Relations Institute. The Collection also contains  campaign materials from Leah Simms, the first African American female judge in the state of Florida, and the "Glory in the Grove" photographs of people and events at the George Washington Carver elementary and high schools in Coconut Grove before desegregation. A final component of the collection includes photographs, correspondence and clippings of General "Chappie" James and his family. General James was the first four star African American General and married Dorothy Watkins.
ASM0054 Simón Daro Dawidowicz Bolivarian collection, 1937-1990Add to your cart.

Simón Daro Dawidowicz was a businessman and art collector who resided in Miami, Florida. A long-time resident of Colombia, Dawidowicz had a strong interest in Latin American liberator Simón Bolívar and his lasting influence on Latin America. Dawidowicz was a member of several Bolivarian societies, president of the Bolavarian Review, and founded the non-profit organization Darien Action Committee, which sought to promote the completion of the Panamerican Highway from Panama to Colombia. Dawidowicz had strong connections with several prominent Latin American artists including Leopoldo Richter and David Manzur. He was a curator as well as a collector of their and others' work, and donated a number of their pieces to museums and institutions including the University of Miami. A mural titled "Bolívar and Humboldt" by Leopoldo Richter was donated by Dawidowicz to the University, and currently stands in front of the Otto G. Richter Library.

The Simón Daro Dawidowicz Bolivarian collection contains items pertaining to all of the above pursuits and interests. Much of it is correspondence and official records, or newspapers clippings and photographs that document his activities. There are a number of audiocassettes and film reels, and a single videocassette as well.

Of particular interest are a bust of Simón Bolívar that Dawidowicz had commissioned as a gift for former President Lyndon Johnson, as well as a box containing photographs, photographic prints, brochures, periodicals, and other forms of material depicting the works of a number of Latin American artists. These include David Manzur, Leopoldo Richter, German Tessarolo, Marlene Hoffman, Enrique Grau, Edgar Silva, Armando Villegas, Patricia Tavera, Ràmon Carulla, and Miguel Rojas Niño. Some of these items are signed by the artists.

Two family members of Dawidowicz, Miriam and Sylvia, were curators and donors of Latin American art as well, and several documents detailing their efforts are held within the collection.

Finally, the collection contains assorted personal photographs and several short stories written by Dawidowicz.

ASM0279 Charles T. Simpson papers, 1886-1943Add to your cart.
The Charles T. Simpson collection contains photographs, account statements, letters, minutes, contracts, typescripts, articles, certificates, membership cards, manuscripts, notes, photocopies, and a plant specimen, which document the lengthy botanical and zoological career of the early 20th century naturalist.
ASM0264 Isaac Bashevis Singer papers, 1970-1994Add to your cart.

The Isaac Bashevis Singer Collection consists predominantly of correspondence written to Singer during the years 1978 to 1982. The correspondence is divided topically into the following categories: agent correspondence, autograph and photograph requests, fan mail, financial papers, Hebrew and Yiddish correspondence, legal affairs, miscellaneous, "new writer" requests (letters from authors asking Singer to read their work), personal, protocol, publicity, publisher and producer correspondence, requests for information, requests for money, and requests for interviews or speaking engagements.

Also included are manuscripts by Singer, periodicals, brochures, photocopies, and clippings with content from or about Singer, and writings by other authors.

ASM0182 Edwin M. Singleton papers, 1930-1948Add to your cart.
Contains one phonograph of Eisenhower presidential campaign spots and newspaper clippings regarding World War II.
ASM0181 Slave Documents collection, 1793-1866Add to your cart.
A growing collection of documents pertaining to the capture, purchase, bargaining, and freedom of slaves in North and South America during the 1700s and 1800s. The collection contains a variety of petitions, contracts, estate settlements, and ephemera that record the activities of slaves during that era and illustrate the relationship between slaves and their owners as well as local government policy regarding slave ownership in various parts of the Americas.
ASM0635 Smathers, Senator George A. Photograph collection, 1942-1996Add to your cart.
George A. Smathers (1913–2007) was an American lawyer and member of the Democratic Party who represented Florida in the United States Senate from 1951 until 1969. The collection contains original photographs of Senator Smathers with friends, family, and colleagues.
ASM0477 Snider, Trudy papers, 1960, 1961 and 1995Add to your cart.
Manuscript and research files of : "1961, The Year of the Refugee" a narrative of life in Cuba by Trudy Snider.
ASM0207 Social Movements Collection, 1964-1985Add to your cart.
A collection of periodicals, pamphlets, brochures, tracts, leaflets, broadsides, and assorted materials, focusing on social movements across the globe from different periods of time. The collection presently includes material from various organizations, mostly French, Iranian, African-American groups fighting for social rights and liberties, pro-environmentalist/anti-capitalist groups, and socialist groups, and the collection will continue to expand as materials are collected.
ASM0618 South Florida Playbills CollectionAdd to your cart.
The collection consists primarily of playbills of various theatrical performances in South Florida from 1920 to 2006.
ASM0638 South Florida Regional Planning Council Records, 1978-1979, 1985-1994, 1998Add to your cart.
The collection consists primarily of draft agendas from the South Florida public policy agency.
ASM0508 Southern States Property Records, 1917-1921Add to your cart.
The Southern States Property Records contains a photo-album of photographs of South Florida from the 1920s, predominantly of the Southern States plantations and crops. Most of the photographs are of the West Palm Beach, St. Lucie, and Lake Okeechobee areas.
ASM0379 Southwood Middle School Photograph Collection, 1992Add to your cart.
Photographs and negatives of Hurricane Andrew
ASM0065 Spec's Music Inc. Records, 1975-2008Add to your cart.
Martin Spector founded Spec's Music in 1948. Spector's first store, located in Coral Gables, featured Big Band Melodies on records and later included electronics and household appliances. In the 1960's with the popularity of Rock ‘n Roll, Spector decided to focus primarily on the sale of music. In 1980, the leadership of the company was transferred to his daughter Ann Spector Lieff.  Competition among music retailers in the late 1990s led to a merger with Camelot Music.  The Spec's Music Collection Records is comprised of press releases in the form of newspaper and magazine clippings, business records, photographs, store memorabilia, and framed music posters, and plaques acquired during Ann Lieff's tenure.
ASM0244 Spencer Family papers, 1929-1976Add to your cart.
The Spencer Family papers contains a number of personal items pertaining to various members of the Spencer family, in the form of books, clippings, journals, manuscripts, memorandums, news bulletins,  newspapers, notebooks, pamphlets, periodicals, photographs, poetry, postcards, reports, and scrapbooks.
ASM0242 Spencer, Donald PapersAdd to your cart.
Donald Edward Spencer was an archivist and historian who served as the head of the American prosecution document room at the Nuremburg Trials following World War II. This collection includes primary sources he used to assemble a biography of Hitler's Deputy, Rudolf Hess, as well as a manuscript of said biography.
ASM0185 Theodore Spicer-Simson collection, 1906-1979Add to your cart.

The Theodore Spicer-Simson Collection contains the Spicer-Simson medallions as well as photographs, correspondence, typescripts and other related material.

The bulk of the collection consists of the Spicer-Simson medallions. These are portrait medallions cast in bronze of major world and literary figures from Spicer-Simson's lifetime. All of these were sculpted from life. Notable among these are David Fairchild, Padraic Colum, Henry Ford, Sir Ernest Rutherford, Sherwood Anderson, Theodore Dreiser, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and other important figures in addition to person friends and family members of Spicer-Simson.

The collection contains many other examples of Spicer-Simson medals in the form of medals, awards, and sculptings that Spicer-Simson created. Included in these are medals sculpted for the National Academy of Sciences, Princeton University, the Guggenheim Foundation, and the U.S. Congress. The collection also contains clay and plaster molds of medallions, including some small pieces of sculpture. In addition to all his sculpture and medallions, the collection contains examples of Spicer-Simson's other artwork in the form of sketches, drawings, and bookplates.

Spicer-Simson's autobiography, A Collector of Characters is held in the collection, along with the typescripts of the book. The collection's correspondence includes correspondence from Hervey Allen, Padraic Colum, H.L. Mencken, Eleanor Roosevelt, Sir Ernest Rutherford, and Marjory Stoneman Douglas. The photographs include mostly photographs of medallions and sculpture, including some not in the collection, but also contain many photos of Spicer-Simson's subjects, some of these mounted and autographed.

ASM0612 Spohrer, B. F. collection, 1810-1876Add to your cart.
Contains ten issues of Mexican, Honduran, and Argentinian newspapers from the 19th century, and one cache of Mexican letters from the 19th century, including one signed by Porfirio Díaz, the President of Mexico from 1876 to 1880 and from 1884 to 1911.
ASM0430 Clark Stearns papersAdd to your cart.
The Clark Stearns Collection contains an undated, unpublished typescript by Clark Daniel Stearns, U.S. Naval Officer and former Governor of the American Samoa. The typescript is titled American Samoa.
ASM0218 Maggie Steber Photography collection, 1986-2010Add to your cart.
The Maggie Steber Photography Collection contains thirty-three signed and dated 11x14 inch color prints on art paper and eleven large framed (33 1/4" x 43 3/4") prints. The collection documents photojournalist Maggie Steber's work in Haiti from 1986 to 2010.
ASM0611 Stephen Stein Retablos CollectionAdd to your cart.
This collection contains research notes, reports, documents, pamphlets, and 3D objects from Stephen Stein, a history professor at the University of Miami. The Peruvian retablos are from the master retablo maker, Nicario Jimenez Quispe, who inherited his skills from a long line of retablo makers in Alcamenca in Ayacucho, Peru, which is located in the Andes. Most of his research captures the history, traditional, and political climate of South America in the 20th century with a focus on Peru as a center of study.
ASM0186 Helen S. Sternfels papers, 1864-1942Add to your cart.

The Helen S. Sternfels Papers contains the following items:

A number of turn of the century programs and playbills from New York playhouses such as 14th Street Theatre, Academy of Music,  American Theatre, Broadway Theatre, Criterion Theatre, Grand Opera House, Harlem Opera House, Manhattan Opera House, Manhattan Theatre, and others.

A series of issues from the Puck and Judge humor  and satire magazines, from the late 19th century.

Several souvenir books and song books.

An issue of the New York Times Jubilee Number, September 18, 1901, an issue of the New York Daily Times, September 18, 1851, a souvenir issue of The World Paper, 1903, celebrating the construction of the Williamsburg Bridge, and an issue of Harper's Weekly Journal of Civilization, April 2, 1864, an April Fool's issue on the Civil War with cartoons by Thomas Nast .

ASM0429 Alvan Stewart diaryAdd to your cart.
The Alvan Stewart diary contains approximately 200 handwritten pages of a diary by New York lawyer and abolitionist Alvan Stewart (1790-1849). The diary chronicles Stewart's travels from May to September 1831, including a sea voyage from New York to Liverpool, his travels through England and France, and the return voyage.
ASM0427 Irving Stone papers, 1944Add to your cart.
Irving Stone (July 14, 1903 – August 26, 1989) was an American writer known for his biographical novels of famous historical personalities. The papers contain a 1944 manuscript for his book Immortal Wife, the Biographical Novel of Jessie Benton Fremont.
ASM0700 StoryCorps-Warmamas Community Archive, 2013-2015Add to your cart.
The StoryCorps-Warmamas Community Archive (2013-2015) is a collection of interviews with enlisted men and women, veterans, their family and friends. The collaboration between StoryCorps and Warmamas is part of StoryCorps' Military Voices Initiative which serves as a platform to allow military families to share their experiences.  Warmamas also places a special emphasis on intervieweing women whose children were deployed  to serve in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. As a repository for personal reflections on the ramifications  of war, the collection includes individual testimonies and helps to document American history.
ASM0665 Students Toward a New Democracy- S.T.A.N.D. Records, 2011-2012Add to your cart.
Promotional materials, club guidelines, and news clippings relating to Students Toward a New Democracy. Includes newspapers with articles relevant to Overtown and labor campaigns.
ASM0420 Joan Sturhahn papers, 1970sAdd to your cart.

The Joan Sturhahn Papers contains a typescript with corrections of her 1976 work Carvalho, Artist-Photographer-Adventurer-Patriot: Portrait of a Forgotten American. This typescript, however, is titled "Solomon Nunes Carvalho, Recorder of History with Brush and Lens, 19th Century American Scene."

Also included is a note from Sturhahn to Dr. Charlton Tebeau that accompanied the typescript sent to him.

ASM0384 Carlos Surinach Collection, 1993Add to your cart.
The Carlos Surinach Collection contains a bound, autographed photocopy of the score to Symphonic Melismas by composer Carlos Surinach. Symphonic Melismas had its world premiere at the Festival Miami of 1993, sponsored by the University of Miami School of Music. Also included is a photograph of Surinach, two copies of the 1993 program, and a photocopy of a biography of Surinach.
ASM0605 Sweat Records Collection, 1997-2015Add to your cart.

Sweat Records began as a local independent music store in Miami in 2005, conceived by DJ and club promoter, Lauren (Lolo) Reskin and by former WVUM DJ and public defense attorney, Sara Yousuf. It served as not only a record store but a public event space and coffee shop, catering to the eclectic music scene in South Florida. The store was forced to temporarily relocate to the back of Churchill's pub in 2005 after the destruction caused from Hurricane Wilma and eventually moved to its new permanent location near Little Haiti. Sara Yousuf also left her role as co-owner to pursue a full-time career as a public defense attorney in 2006 and was replaced by Jason Jimenez., who came onboard as Lolo's new partner in 2007. Sweat Records continues to this day to offer a wide variety performances and events featuring both budding local artists and veteran rock bands and contribute heavily to Miami's thriving music culture.

The Sweat Records collection contains archival material documenting the history of the record store, including newspaper articles, magazines, ephemera, pamphlets company records, administrative files, personal papers from Lolo Reskin, and audio-visual material. Items are arranged categorically by series and material type.

ASM0188 Walter Tennyson Swingle collection, 1586-1952Add to your cart.

The Walter Tennyson Swingle Collection contains research material and correspondence of Walter T. Swingle as well as translations and correspondence of Michael J. Hagerty. The Swingle portion of the collection is comprised of his articles, manuscripts, diaries, and most of Swingle's correspondence between 1885 and 1951.

The correspondence gives an overview of his botanical and plant introduction work as well as his personal life and travels. The bulk of the correspondence are letters from distinguished colleagues such as Herbert J. Webber, Dr. Beverly T. Galloway, W.A. Kellerman and others from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Also included in this group are correspondence between Swingle and David G. Fairchild, noted Florida naturalist and one of the men who conceived of a sub-tropical garden in Florida and for who Fairchild Tropical Garden in Miami, Florida is named. Their correspondence details an account of their collaborative work and friendship.

Swingle's research material includes notes, notebooks, and large number of first accounts of citrus in the Original Citrus Literature, containing a number of articles by Carolus Linnaeus.

Of special interest to the University of Miami is material dealing with Swingle's tenure as Consultant in Tropical Botany at the University, as well as some interesting material dealing with his U.S.D.A. work in Brazil in the 1930's.

The Hagerty portion of the collection consists most importantly of translations made by Hagerty of Chinese accounts on botany for the Swingle's work in the Department of Agriculture. It includes a very large translation of the Chinese accounts of citrus from the Chinese Imperial Encyclopedia which is over 500 pages long and very important to Swingle's study of citrus. Also in this portion are found a very large amount of correspondence between Hagerty and Swingle which details most of their work together for the U.S.D.A.

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