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ASM0428 Jay A. Weber papers, 1921-1923Add to your cart.
The Jay A. Weber Papers contains two notebooks on the collection of birds, as well as some other animals, in Florida and in Cuba.
ASM0362 James Wendler collectionAdd to your cart.
Photographs of Pan Am aircraft at Dinner Key terminal in Miami, Florida.
ASM0201 A. Curtis Wilgus papers, 1901-1981Add to your cart.
The A. Curtis Wilgus Papers document the pioneering efforts by historian and author A. Curtis Wilgus (1898-1981) in the area of Latin American studies and the emergence of "Pan Americanism." The correspondence, writings, research files, photographs and other materials also document the evolution of a trend in higher education during the 1920's and the 1970's, an increase in global awareness reflected in the introduction of "area studies" programs at many universities.
ASM0202 H. Franklin Williams papers, 1956-1971Add to your cart.
The H. Franklin Williams Papers provide an extensive record of the activities of the Economic Opportunity Program, Inc. (EOPI), a non-profit corporation established to provide "through governmental or private means economic opportunity for the citizens and residents of Dade County, Florida and to further assist in the war against poverty...". The program coordinated governmental units and local agencies involved in implementing the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964. Williams was a professor of history and administrator at the University of Miami from 1939 to 1972.
ASM0431 J. Clifton Williams papersAdd to your cart.

Bound folio and a loose sheet of music of "Trilogy from the Song of Solomon," consisting of the songs:

1. "I am my beloved"

2. "I called him"

3. "The voice of my beloved"

ASM0673 Patricia K. Williams Collection, 1951-1953Add to your cart.
A small collection of documents, photographs and ephemeral items that relate to Patricia Williams' period of employment at Pan Americal World Airways. This archive contains financial records, editions of the Pan American "Clipper" newspaper, work-related correspondence between Williams and the management at PAA, information about the insurance benefits provided to PAA employees, and other related items.
ASM0203 Minnie Moore Willson papers, 1888-1949Add to your cart.

The Minnie Moore Willson Papers document the life and career of a noted Florida writer and advocate for the Seminole Indians of Florida. The Papers also include materials related to her husband James Mallory Willson, a prominent Kissimmee businessman and a defender of Seminole Indian rights. The Papers were purchased by the University of Miami in the late 1940s from the Elizabeth Aultman Cantrell Historical Museum in Kissimmee, Florida. Selected materials from the Papers, including books, maps, pamphlets and some periodicals were removed from the collection and sent to the appropriate areas in the Library.

The collection includes material from Minnie Moore Willson as well as material from her husband James Mallory Willson. The Minnie Moore Willson Collection consists of correspondence with individuals including Florida Senator Duncan Fletcher and Florida Representative Ruth Bryan Owen.  Correspondence files also include letters with Seminole Indians such as Billy Bowlegs, Tony Tommie and other prominent Seminole Indian chiefs. The collection contains a number of manuscripts by M.M. Willson related to the Seminole Indians and such issues as the equality of blacks and Southern politics. Additional material relates to the creation of a bird sanctuary in Kissimmee, Florida.

James M. Willson's papers contain business records including correspondence, abstract of titles (original and copies) scrapbooks, and financial records from the 1880's to the 1930's (in the latter years Minnie Moore Willson handled the business correspondence due to illness). Correspondence deals with Mr. Willson's real estate and insurance business in the Kissimmee area. The files also contain manuscripts, correspondence and material collected or written by Elizabeth Cantrell, niece of James Mallory Willson. Correspondence to and from S.B. Aultman (Elizabeth Cantrell's father and brother-in-law of J.M. Willson)and letters with Dr. Howard Kelly, a family friend and widely known surgeon are also organized in these files.

The collection also includes several newspaper clippings from the late 1800's through the 1930's. The majority of these clippings are from Florida-based newspapers. Several maps of Florida have been removed from the collection and placed with Map Collection.

Also included are photographs of the Willsons, Seminole Indians, plants, and animals. The collection also includes postcards depicting scenes from Florida and the United States.

ASM0206 Ruth Danenhower Wilson papersAdd to your cart.
The Ruth Wilson Papers predominantly consists of a series of lecture notes and typescripts on Japanese culture, history, and language. The other series to be found in the collection is a typescript, titled "Cruising for a Florida State Park," detailing an expedition into Volusia country taken with the aim of discovering historic sites in the county, with accompanying photographs of said sites. Also included is a typescript of an article by John James Audubon titled "A Naturalist's Excursion in Florida."
ASM0462 William C. Wimberley papers, c.1830Add to your cart.

William Clark Wimberley is known for his published 1832 drama The Death Summons; Or, The Rock of Martos.

William C. Wimberley papers contains an unpublished manuscript of a play titled Atala. Wimberley took as his theme the story of Atala, the half-Seminole Christian daughter of a Seminole chieftain, created by François-René de Chateaubriand in his 1801 novel that bears the same name. Wimberley's play is divided into four scenes, with seven characters.

ASM0400 Woman's Club of Coconut Grove records, 1891-1991Add to your cart.
The collection documents the civic and social activities of the Woman's Club of Coconut Grove - formerly called the Housekeepers' Club. The records include minutes, committee and financial reports as well as membership files, scrapbooks, narratives, publications, photographs and architectural plans. The topical files contain information about the history and development of Coconut Grove depicted with maps, event flyers, local organization by-laws, newspaper clippings and local publications.
ASM0253 Women's March Collection, 2017-2017Add to your cart.
A collection of ephemera, promotional materials, posters, signs, and correspondence pertaining to the Women's March event, which celebrates the struggle of the Women's Suffrage Movement in the United States and promotes education and initiatives in expanding voting rights to all women, regardless of age, race, income, and so on.
ASM0209 Thomas J. Wood papers, 1943-1966Add to your cart.

Thomas J. Wood was professor of government at the University of Miami. The Wood Papers document the move to consolidate the city of Miami and Dade county governments.  Legislation introduced in 1945 represented the first effort to combine local governments and alleviate conflicts and confusion resulting from overlapping city and county functions.  The various municipalities, however, opposed the bill.  Although a similar effort was made in 1947, no change occurred until 1953 when the Metropolitan Miami Municipal Board organized to draft a new plan for municipal and county government in Dade County.  As the Board's initial step, it hired the University of Miami Government Department to supervise a survey of Greater Miami governments. The university contracted a firm of professional government consultants, the Public Administration Service of Chicago, to begin research.  Members of the Government Department reviewed the findings and reported to the 3M board.  A special Charter Board of the  3M board drafted a charter and legislation to reorganize local government and initiated a campaign to promote metro government.

The Wood papers include political advertisements, correspondence, minutes of meetings, clippings, transcripts of radio broadcasts, survey forms and government reports.

ASM0452 World Wings International, Inc. Records, 1946-2012Add to your cart.

Formed in 1959, World Wings International is an association of former Pan Am flight attendants that now dedicates itself to charitable activities.  This collection includes the administrative records of the organization as well as scrapbooks, photographs, membership and annual meetings files, correspondence and financial records.

Lilian Walby

Lilian was born and raised in Denmark and educated as an Industrial Engineer. After working in that field for a few years, she responded to a recruitment ad by Pan American Airways which was looking for Danish speaking stewardesses. Wishing to experience more of the World, she accepted the position as stewardess. Lilian completed her training in Miami and was based in New York, flying throughout the Pan Am system. She met her future husband, who was a pilot for Eastern Airlines, and they were married on the former Danish island of St. Thomas in 1970. They moved to Miami in 1971, and Lilian continued to fly out of New York for several more years. She spent the rest of her Pan Am career as a Cabin Crew instructor and recruiter in Miami.

Lilian became a mother in 1977 and gave birth to her daughter, Karen, who today is a Marine Biologist married and living in Miami. Lilian then became active in the organization of former Pan Am Flight Attendants, World Wings International, Inc., and was elected to the position of President of the Miami Chapter in 1978. She became a member of the International Board of Directors of World Wings in 1985 as Recording Secretary, and as Vice-President of Charity, she administered the selection of CARE as World Wings International's official charity. Before being elected as the International President of World Wings in 1993, Lilian compiled the official archive of historical documents and materials of World Wings International as Board Archivist and presented the collection in 1993 to the University of Miami's Richter Library. She continues to add to this collection. Before retiring from the International Board of World Wings in 1999, Lilian also created a Time Capsule for the organization to be reopened in 2024.

Currently, Lilian serves as the Vice-President of the Pan Am Historical Foundation in the position as Chair of the Archives and memorabilia and Director of the Latin and Caribbean division of the Foundation.

ASM0262 Elizabeth Wright collection, 1869-1972Add to your cart.

The Elizabeth Wright collection predominantly contains materials relating to Richard Wagner and family members. The materials cover a wide range, including memorabilia, such as a Wagner-themed card game and a ceramic plaque of Richard Wagner, an original note by Siegfried Wagner and facsimiles of letters by Wagner, original photographs of Wagner family members as well as facsimiles and prints of Richard Wagner and others, original advertisements and programs of Wagner's operas, a radio transcript and a typescript about Wagner's composition and staging, and a series of prints depicting scenes from Wagner's operas.

There are also several items not related to Wagner. These are a letter from W. Somerset Maugham, an autographed print of mezzo-soprano Mariana Paunova, and prints of other composers such as Beethoven, Mozart, Liszt, and Richter.

ASM0340 Ione Wright papers, 1816-1986Add to your cart.

Ione Wright, a Professor Emeritus at the University of Miami, researched the development of Pan American Airlines' Transpacific service. The Ione Wright papers contain documents, oral histories, photographs, operations manuals, maps, and other materials related to the history of Pan American Airlines, including materials related to Victor Wright and materials documenting the establishment of routes in the Pacific.

The topical files document a variety of subjects related to Pan American Airlines, dating from 1920-1986. Ione Wright compiled many of the files during her research on the airline’s activities in the Pacific, including correspondence with former Pan Am employees and oral history transcripts. Also included are photographs, files related to the China Clipper, and a variety of Pan Am publications.

The collection also contains navigation manuals and operations manuals for Pan Am airplanes, including the B-727, the DC-4, the DC-6, and the DC-7, as well as operations manuals for Pan American Airlines’ Latin American Division.

Also included a variety of maps and aviation charts for parts of the United States, South America, and the Caribbean, as well as route maps for Pan American Airlines, and a map of the United States by John Melish from 1816.

ASM0667 WVUM 90.5 FMAdd to your cart.
This growing collection consists of cassettes, vinyl records, and documents pertaining to the Miami underground music community. The music in this collection was assembled by the WVUM staff and mostly dates to the 1990s.
ASM0210 Philip Wylie Memorial Service Collection, 1971Add to your cart.
The Philip Wylie Memorial Service Collection contains one audiotape for the service, dated 11/13/71. It notes that the service was held in Rushford, New York. Max Wylie officiated the service, Jonathan Edwards Slater was a reader, Susan Sydnor Wagner was a cellist, and James Rawlings Sydnor was a pianist and benedictor.

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