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Senator Mel Martinez papers


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Senator Mel Martinez papers, 1998-2009 | University of Miami Special Collections

By Anne Doten and Tiffany Saulter

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Collection Overview

Title: Senator Mel Martinez papers, 1998-2009Add to your cart.

Predominant Dates:2004-2009

ID: ASM0063

Creator: Martinez, Mel (Melquiades Rafael) (1946-)

Extent: 91.0 Boxes


Series Descriptions

Series I: Personal/Political/Official Records (arranged chronologically)

Sub-series A: Scheduling Files and Invitations

Sub-series B: Senator’s Correspondence

Sub-series C: Campaign Files

Series II: Legislative (arranged chronologically by Congress and then alphabetically by issue)

Sub-series A: 109th Congress

Sub-series B: 110th Congress

Sub-series C: 111th Congress

Sub-series D: Co-Sponsorship Sheets and Decision Memos

Sub-series E: Committee Files

Series III: Constituent Services

Sub-series A: Constituent Mail (arranged alphabetically by issue, then chronologically)

Sub-series B: Mel Martinez Letter Library (arranged alphabetically by issue, then chronologically)

Sub-series C: Thank You and Congratulations Letters (arranged chronologically)

Sub-series D: Casework Files (arranged alphabetically)

Sub-series E: Records and Reports

Series IV: Press/Media Relations (arranged chronologically)

Sub-series A: Print Media

Sub-series B: Speeches and Statements (transcripts)

Series V: Office Administration (arranged chronologically)

Sub-series A: Office/Administrative Records

Sub-series B: Weekly Office Reports

Series VI: Photographs (arranged chronologically)

Series VII: Audiovisual and Electronic Materials (arranged chronologically)

Date Acquired: 03/15/2010

Languages: English, Spanish;Castilian

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The Senator Mel Martinez Papers, donated to the University of Miami in 2010, consist primarily of records created during Martinez’s service as a United States Senator for Florida from 2005 to 2009.  Comprised of 89 boxes, the collection includes legislative and committee files, schedules and appointments, correspondence with constituents and colleagues, speeches and floor statements, media coverage, casework files, campaign files, and administrative office records.  The collection also includes photographs, audiovisual materials, and electronic records that date primarily from 1998 to 2009, but also includes scans of photographs and memorabilia relating to Martinez’s childhood in Cuba and immigration to the United States.  Topics of research include American legislative history, Mel Martinez’s committee assignments, Florida projects, immigration, United States relations with Cuba, services for the elderly, and Florida’s environment, including issues relating to offshore oil drilling.

Biographical Note

Mel (Melquiades Rafael) Martinez was the first Cuban-American to be elected to the United States Senate, serving as the representative for Florida from 2005-2009.  Born in Sagua La Grande, Cuba on October 23, 1946, Martinez immigrated to the United States in 1962 at the age of fifteen, through what was later known as Operation Pedro Pan.  This initiative, sponsored by the Catholic Welfare Bureau and the U.S. government, coordinated the exodus of over 14,000 children from Fidel Castro’s Communist government in Cuba between 1960 and 1962. For four years, Martinez lived with two different foster families in Orlando, Florida, as he struggled to learn English and adjust to a life away from his family and homeland.  His parents and younger sister remained in Cuba, and his younger brother lived with relatives in Miami.  Martinez was reunited with his family in Orlando, Florida in 1966. 

Martinez worked his way through college and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Florida State University in 1969.  Encouraged by one of his undergraduate professors to pursue law, he proceeded to earn a Juris Doctorate degree from Florida State University in 1973.  Martinez practiced law in Orlando for twenty-five years until 1998, when he won the election to serve as Mayor of Orange County, Florida.  After two years in this position, Martinez was tapped by President George W. Bush to serve in his Cabinet as Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), becoming the first Cuban-American to serve in the Cabinet of a President.  As HUD Secretary during the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Martinez was responsible for overseeing funds appropriated by Congress for the reconstruction of Lower Manhattan.  He served as HUD Secretary from 2001-2003.  Martinez also served as a key advisor to the President on Cuban policy, and was named co-chair of the Commission for the Assistance to a Free Cuba alongside Secretary of State Colin Powell. 

During his service as United States Senator (R-Florida) from January 4, 2005 until his resignation on September 9, 2009, Martinez focused on issues including U.S. policy toward Cuba, immigration reform, housing and the protection of home buyers from bad loans and predatory lending practices, the protection of Florida’s environment, and the modernization of the United States military through increased shipbuilding.  He developed a reputation for bipartisanship by partnering with fellow U.S. Senator for Florida Bill Nelson (D) on restricting offshore drilling in Florida’s waters and with U.S. Senators Ted Kennedy (D-Massachusetts) and Barack Obama (D-Illinois) on immigration reform.  Martinez was the ranking member of the Senate’s Special Committee on Aging and served on the Armed Services Committee, the Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee, and the Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee.  During his tenure, his office assisted more than 36,000 Florida families through casework, written correspondence, and other efforts. 

Martinez is the author of "A Sense of Belonging: From Castro’s Cuba to the U.S. Senate, One Man’s Pursuit of the American Dream" (Crown Forum, 2008).  In his inaugural address as a U.S. Senator, he said, “I came to America from Communist Cuba so I might have a better way of life. I wanted to live the American Dream where if you worked hard and put your mind to task, anything was possible.”

Administrative Information

Acquisition Method: Gift of Senator Mel Martinez.

Related Materials:

Congressional Timeline : 73rd Congress (March 9, 1933 - 111th Congress (March 10, 2009)

For each Congress beginning with the 73rd (1933-35), this timeline features session dates, partisan composition, the presidential administration, a list of congressional leaders, and notable legislation passed. This first version only addresses legislative output, not non-legislative events such as the impeachment of President Clinton or internal congressional processes or congressional politics.

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Preferred Citation: Senator Mel Martinez Papers, Special Collections, University of Miami Libraries, Coral Gables, Florida.

Processing Information: Processed by Anne Doten and Tiffany Saulter under the supervision of Beatrice Colastin Skokan.

Finding Aid Revision History: Beatrice Colastin Skokan, 2010, 2012.

Box and Folder Listing

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[Series 7],

Series 7Add to your cart.
Box 82: 1998-2006Add to your cart.
Item 1: County Chairman Debate- Mel Martinez vs. John Ostalkiewicz, 1998Add to your cart.
Item 2: Clinton v. Lazio - The First Debate, 9/13/2000Add to your cart.
Item 3: Xmas address, ndAdd to your cart.
Item 4: This week in South Florida - Local 10 abc, Miami - interview with Michael Putney, 27-FebAdd to your cart.
Item 5: Maria Elvira Salazar interview of Mel Martinez, ndAdd to your cart.
in Spanish
Item 6: Local 6 News Orlando, FL - Central FL #3 deadliest roads in Nation - War in Iraq footage, 8/3/2005Add to your cart.
Note: betacam sp tape
Item 7: Q&A with Marc McClellan at Aging Committee, 2/2/2006Add to your cart.
8:00 (trt)
Note: betacam sp tape
Item 8: El Senador Martinez ofrece un mensaje de saluda para la Navidad, 12/6/2005Add to your cart.
Item 9: CNN Live - New Life of the Party? Hispanic voting trends 2000 vs. 2004, 11/13/2006Add to your cart.
2:00:00 (trt)
Item 10: One-on-One with M.Elvira, 3/29/2005Add to your cart.
includes transcript of interview in English and Spanish
Item 11: Maria Elvira "Cub Day" Show, 4/20/2005Add to your cart.
includes transcript of interview in English and Spanish
Item 12: WLRN Interview with Luis Diaz, channel 17, 2/25/2005Add to your cart.
includes transcript of interview in English and Spanish
Item 13: This week in South Florida interview with Michael Putney, local 10 ABC - Miami, 27-FebAdd to your cart.
includes transcript of interview in English
Item 14: ABC News Segment - Terry Schiavo, 3/17/2005Add to your cart.
Item 15: Fox News Channel Live, 11/13/2006Add to your cart.
2:00:00 (trt), bad quality
Item 16: Meet the Press Debates - OK: Coburn v Carson 10/3/2004, SD: Thune v Daschle 9/18/2004, CO: Allard v Strickland 2002, SC: Graham v Sanders, variousAdd to your cart.
Item 17: White House Footage: President George W. Bush on Social Security, ndAdd to your cart.
Item 18: National Press Club Speakers Luncheon Series - Sen Mel Martinez - on how he came to be an American, 5/12/2006Add to your cart.
Item 19: Walt Disney World - New Years Eve Satellite Media Tour Recap, 2003/2004Add to your cart.
Item 20: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Secretary (of HUD) Martinez interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN - After the Terror: Rebuilding Ground Zero, 6/7/2002Add to your cart.
Item 21: FNC and Paula Zahn Segments on Fidel Castro - Sen Martinez gives his take on possible Cuba power change/CNN - Cuba's Future, 8/2/2006Add to your cart.
6:15 (trt)
Item 22: Castor Ad/Tampa (Channel 8/WFLA), 9/28/2004Add to your cart.
does not play
Item 23: WFSU-TV/The Florida Channel - Republican State Legislative Caucus - what's going on in Washington, D.C., 4/19/2006Add to your cart.
Item 24: George W. re: Mel 2000 Florida - Bush Country, 9/23/2000Add to your cart.
Item 25: Martinez - R/TV, 3/8/2005Add to your cart.
Note: betacam sx tape
Item 26: Energy Committee Hearing, 5/26/2005Add to your cart.
4:30 (trt)
Item 27: Visita del Ex Secretario de Vivienda Federal Mel Martinez - Alcalde Jorge A. Santini (de San Juan) y Mel Martinez, 3/26/2004Add to your cart.
in Spanish
Item 28: 2004 Vote C-Span Mel Martinez - addresses his senate nomination, 2004Add to your cart.
Item 29: Senator Martinez Floor Speech on Tillie Fowler's passing, ndAdd to your cart.
Item 30: Press Conference RTV gallery, ch. 1 -Pri, ch.2 - Nat, 8/1/2006Add to your cart.
24:00 (trt)
Note: betacam sx tape
Item 31: O/S + Q&A at Banking committee Hearing, 6/21/2006Add to your cart.
7:00 (trt)
Note: betacam sp tape
Box 83Add to your cart.
Item 1: 60 Minutes Segment on Immigration - Deaths & Border Control, 12/12/2005Add to your cart.
13:00 (trt)
Language of Material: English
Item 2: CBS Evening News - Carlos Lazo, 6/17/2005Add to your cart.
3:20 (trt)
Language of Material: English
Item 3: CBS Evening News 3/14/06; Gulf drilling segment, 3/15/2006Add to your cart.
3:00 (trt)
Language of Material: English
Item 4: CFN 13 - Roll on SEP - War on Terror, ndAdd to your cart.
Language of Material: English
Item 5: National Wildlife Federation T303x68 - Domino Effect - Stop Oil Drilling, 3/7/2005Add to your cart.
:30 (trt)
Language of Material: English
Item 6: Floor Statement on John Roberts, 9/27/2005Add to your cart.
11:00 (trt)
Language of Material: English
Item 7: Meet the Press Albright/Graham Segment - War on Iraq Discussion, 12/12/2005Add to your cart.
27:00 (trt)
Language of Material: English
Item 8: Fox News Talking about the Pope's Death, 4/4/2005Add to your cart.
Language of Material: English
Item 9: Political Connections, 2/12/2006Add to your cart.
Language of Material: English
Item 10: MSNBC "Hardball" off air 5:15 p.m. - 5:45 p.m. - Card Resigns, 3/28/2006Add to your cart.
30:00 (trt)
Language of Material: English
Item 11: CBS Early Show Segment, 1/6/2006Add to your cart.
1:00 (trt)
Language of Material: English
Item 12: Floor Statement - Hurricane Katrina Relief for Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi/Passing of Chief Justice Rehnquist, 9/7/2005Add to your cart.
6:00 (trt)
Language of Material: English
Item 13: Presidential Remarks on Cuba, C-Span 178610, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, 10/10/2003Add to your cart.
Language of Material: English
Item 14: Life and Career of Mel Martinez, American Profile Interview, C-SPAN - From tape case: "As part of an interview series with seveal new members, Senator Martinez spoke about his life and career and participation in public service. Mr. Caputo spoke on the telephone about Senator Martinez.", 2/1/2005Add to your cart.
Length - 0:33
Language of Material: English
Item 15: Mel Martinez, Actividad, 2/25/2005Add to your cart.
Language of Material: Spanish
Item 16: Foro 17 Mel Martinez, ndAdd to your cart.
Language of Material: Spanish
Item 17: Feinstein/Coryn Amendment Floor Speech - Homeland Security, 7/12/2005Add to your cart.
Language of Material: English
Item 18: Floor Statement - on the Passing of Tillie Fowler, 3/3/2005Add to your cart.
12:43 (trt)
Language of Material: English
Item 19: MSNBC 7-8 p.m. - Terri Schiavo & Pope John Paul II, 4/4/2005Add to your cart.
1:00:00 (trt)
Language of Material: English
Item 20: This week in South Florida, Local 10 abc Miami - Interview with Michael Putney - Social Security, the War on Iraq, the Middle East, and Cuba, 27-FebAdd to your cart.
Language of Material: English
Item 21: Fox News Sunday - Terry Schiavo, 3/20/2005Add to your cart.
9:00 (trt)
Language of Material: English
Item 22: CSPAN " Washington Journal" 7:45 a.m. - 8 a.m. - Marc Morial (National Urban League President & CEO) on Healthcare, 3/29/2006Add to your cart.
15:00 (trt)
Language of Material: English
Item 23: Floor Speech - nomination of John Bolton, 5/26/2005Add to your cart.
Language of Material: English
Item 24: Fox News Channel 9-10 p.m.  - viewer responses to Bill O'Reilly's connection between the death of the Pope and the Schiavo situation, 4/4/2005Add to your cart.
1:00:00 (trt)
Language of Material: English
Item 25: Senate Floor - S. 653, the Terri Schiavo Bill, 3/17/2005Add to your cart.
23:30 (trt)
Language of Material: English
Item 26: Senator Martinez's meeting with Judge John Roberts, 9/9/2005Add to your cart.
Language of Material: English
Box 84Add to your cart.
Item 1: Mel Martinez: An American Story, ndAdd to your cart.
Item 2: Fox News - Bush to Speak on the State of the Economy in NY Today - Sen Mel Martinez (R-FL) RNC General Chairman, 1/31/2007Add to your cart.
Item 3: Armed Services Committee Statement - Confirmation: Hearing for U.S. Commander in Iraq, Sen. Mel Martinez (r-Florida) vs. Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri), 1/23/2007Add to your cart.
4:00 (trt)
Item 4: Mel Martinez for Senate "Dreams" MMFS-007, 9/15/2004Add to your cart.
Red October Productions
Item 5: Mel Martinez "Friends" MMNRSC-002 (9/24/04), "Hard Work" MMNRSC-001 (9/20/04), 2004Add to your cart.
Item 6: no title, ndAdd to your cart.
betacam sp tape
Item 7: Banking committee Q&A, 4/3/2008Add to your cart.
7:45 (trt), betacam sp tape
Item 8: Martinez campaign DVDAdd to your cart.
betacam sp tape
Item 9: Mel Martinez "Friends" MMNRSC-002, 9/24/2004Add to your cart.
Item 10: Cuban Humanitarian Aid, 9/17/2008Add to your cart.
trt :44 English, 1:00 Spanish, betacam sp tape
Item 11: Mel Martinez for Senate - Strong ConservativeAdd to your cart.
betacam sp tape
Item 12: Banking Committee Hearing Q&A, 2/7/2007Add to your cart.
5:00 (trt), betacam sp tape
Item 13: Banking Committee Segment, 8/1/2007Add to your cart.
5:00 (trt), betacam sp tape
Item 14: Martinez Sound Bites, Audio Ch. 1, 6/18/2008Add to your cart.
betacam sp tape
Item 15: Banking committee Q&A, 3/22/2007Add to your cart.
5:00 (trt, approximate)
Item 16: Floor Statement - Stem cell, 4/11/2007Add to your cart.
11:07 (time), betacam sp tape
Item 17: Dr. Biscet Meeting, Rayburn #2160 6 p.m., B-Roll, NAT sound, 1/22/2008Add to your cart.
betacam sp tape
Item 18: Take One Step Health Tips, Sen. Mel Martinez, R-Florida, Spanish Version, ndAdd to your cart.
betacam sp tape
Item 19: Sen. Martinez - Hurricane Relief, 4/27/2005Add to your cart.
Item 20: House Session - Presentation on Federal Issues by U.S. Sen. Mel Martinez (R) Florida, 3/26/2008Add to your cart.
It's about 17 minutes
Item 21: Banking Committee Hearing, 2/28/2007Add to your cart.
5:00 (trt), betacam sp tape
Item 22: Mel Martinez: An American Story, ndAdd to your cart.
Item 23: CNN Interview with Miles O'Brien on Immigration - Immigration Debate with Gov. Bill Richardson (D) New Mexico vs. Sen. Mel Martinez (R) Florida - Hagel-Martinez Amnesty Bill, ndAdd to your cart.
Item 24: CNN Late Edition, NBC Washington, ndAdd to your cart.
betacam BCT-60GL tape
Box 85Add to your cart.
Item 1: Senator Mel Martinez Speech - CCC dinner (TV MartÍ), 2/25/2005Add to your cart.
in Spanish
Item 2: Goodwill Groundbreaking Ceremony, 10/25/2004Add to your cart.
Runtime 43 mins.
Item 3: A Mano Limpia - Delfin-Cohen, ndAdd to your cart.
in Spanish
Item 4: Mel Martinez on Hannity and Colmes, Mel Martinez on Hardball with Chris Matthews - Sen. Mel Martinez on the passing of Pope John Paul II, 4-AprAdd to your cart.
Hannity and Colmes and Hardball interviews not present on this tape
Item 5: Mel Martinez Floor Speech - State Authorization, Radio MartÍ - Dorgon Amendment to S. 600, the State Department Authorization Bill, 6-AprAdd to your cart.
Item 6: Mel Martinez floor speech on Energy Bill - Offshore drilling, 6/14/2005Add to your cart.
Item 7: Campaign 2004: Florida's Race for the U.S. Senate, WEDU (R) - Mel Martinez, Bill McCollum, Doug Gallagher, Johnnie Byrd, Larry Klayman, 26-JunAdd to your cart.
Item 8: Fox & Friends - Mel Martinez (R) Florida Senator - At least six deaths blamed on Hurricane Wilma in FL - Wilma blamed for killing at least 25 people altogether, 10/25/2005Add to your cart.
60:00 (trt)
Item 9: CNN en Español interview, ndAdd to your cart.
in Spanish
Item 10: Senate Floor - Hispanic Heritage Speech, Katrina Contribution Speech - Sen. Mel Martinez (R) Florida, 9/15/2005Add to your cart.
10:00 (trt)
Item 11: Sen. Mel Martinez, Washington Journal (C-SPAN) - Sen. Mel Martinez, R-Florida - opposition to offshore drilling, 6/21/2005Add to your cart.
Item 12: University of Central Florida Commencement, College of Arts & Sciences 2, 2:00 p.m., 5/6/2005Add to your cart.
Item 13: Fox News Hurricane Wilma (interview with Sen Martinez about the effects of Hurricane Wilma on Florida), 2005Add to your cart.
duplicate of some content from other Fox & Friends tape in this box interview from Fox & Friends
Item 14: ¿Porqué?, Written & Directed by Luis Saumell, Awarded Silver Charleston International Film Festival - Political Betrayal: Bay of Pigs 1961, ndAdd to your cart.
in Spanish, with subtitles
Item 15: Mel Martinez Actividad, ndAdd to your cart.
in Spanish, duplicate
Item 16: To: Joanna (Mel Martinez) From: Vanessa Hernandez (Maria Elvira Confronta), ndAdd to your cart.
in Spanish
Item 17: To: Joanna (Mel Martinez) From: Vanessa Hernandez (Maria Elvira Confronta), ndAdd to your cart.
Item 18: Sen Martinez Speech - CCC Dinner, 2/25/2005Add to your cart.
bad audio, in Spanish
Item 19: CNN Español, 12/29/2004Add to your cart.
in Spanish
Item 20: NBC Evening News - Cancun Summit - President Bush, Representative Tom Tancredo (R) Colorado, Senator John McCain (R) Arizona, Senator Mel Martinez (R) Florida, 3/30/2006Add to your cart.
1:50 (trt)
Item 21: CSPAN Washington Journal, 6/21/2005Add to your cart.
29:33 (trt), duplicate, beginning cut out
Item 22: News clips from the inauguration of Mel Martinez, 2004Add to your cart.
Item 23: Sagüeros Guagüeros, Tma de Posesión de Mel Martinez, Washington, 3/4/2005Add to your cart.
in Spanish
Item 24: Republican Senate Debate '04, Studio 3 - Healthcare, taxes, stem-cell research, war in Iraq - Bill McCollum, Mel Martinez, Johnnie Byrd, Doug Gallagher, 8/10/2004Add to your cart.
NBC Wesh-TV Winter Park, FL
Box 87: 2004-2009Add to your cart.
Item 1: Martinez's Final Speak on Senate Floor, 2009-09-08Add to your cart.
Also includes speeches by other Senate members about Martinez's time in the Senate
Item 2: CNN Español: Mel Martinez, Hispanos en el Senado, 2004-12-29Add to your cart.
Includes the story of Martinez's road to the Senate including his participation in the Pedro Pan, interviews with the senator, his mother and wife and other information.
Item 3: Senate Floor Hispanic Heritage and Katrina contribution, 2005-09-15Add to your cart.
Martinez on senate floor discussing senate resolution 238 to create Hispanic Heritage Month and the contributions of Hispanic Americans to the United States. It also includes his remarks on the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and other hurricanes  on Florida in order to ask for continued financial assistance for the State.
Item 4: CNN en Español Interview, not datedAdd to your cart.
This interview only includes Martinez's responses, not the interviewers questions. The former Senator Mel Martinez discusses his efforts to increase home ownership, particularly more so for the Hispanic population. He helped to make June, home ownership month . He also supported a bill that would help home owners with their first mortgage payment by providing $5000.00 to them.
Item 5: CNN Off Air, 2006-11-14Add to your cart.
2:45 p.m. - 4 p.m. of CNN, Martinez becoming General Chairman of Republican National Committee, shows meeting with Pres. George Bush (begins at minute 58:34, ends at 101:33)
Item 6: Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee Hearing, 2005-04-06Add to your cart.
Hearing to examine the regulatory reform of the Government Sponsored Enterprises. Coverage from 9:30 am to 11:30 am.
Item 7: Senate Floor spending on energy bill-off shore drilling, 2005-06-14Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez on the senate floor opposing a proposition to inventory an area of Florida for possible future drilling. Also includes Senate discussion by others of amendments to the Energy Act relating to ethanol.
Item 8: NASA Statement, 2008-06-23Add to your cart.
Martinez expresses concern at the loss of jobs, security issues, dependence on the Russians, etc that would come from shutting down the missile launch program.
Item 9: Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee Hearing, 2008-09-23Add to your cart.
Start 1:54 pm Stop 2:24 pm, Disk 2 of 2, Discussion by committee of the federal reserve bank inputting 700 billion dollars into the U.S. economy
Item 10: Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee Hearing, 2008-09-23Add to your cart.
Start 9:28 am Stop 1:30 pm, Disk 1 of 2, Hearing on the turmoil in the U.S. credit markets, recent actions regarding government sponsored investment banks and other financial institutions. Sen. Martinez speaks at Ch 14 1:09:02 and ch. 44 3:39:15
Item 11: Senate Floor Statement, 2008-05-20Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez speaking on the nomination of his brother, Ralph E. Martinez, of Florida , to be a member of the foreign claims settlement commission of the United States.
Item 12: Floor Statement, 2008-05-07Add to your cart.
Floor Statement in favor of the Wicker Amendment, specifically on the issue of insurance for Florida homeowners and the difficulty to find it, particularly wind and flood damage.
Item 13: Floor Statement and Floor Statement from Senator Nelson, 2008-05-07Add to your cart.
Sen. Nelson discusses amendment which Sen. Martinez is a co-sponsor, which allows the state to set up a catastrophe fund which reassures the insurance companies against catastrophes and also allows a  state to enter into the private bond market if the state's catastrophe funds are depleted. Sen. Martinez reinforces Nelson's comments.
Item 14: Armed Services Committee O.S. and Q.A., 2008-06-03Add to your cart.
Discussion on the issue of ship building to build a 313 ship navy and the usefulness of fixed priced incentive contracts in the ship building process.
Item 15: Banking Committee Hearing Statements, 2008-06-12Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez presses for a better public transit system in Florida and emphasizes the future water problem in the state and how public/private partnerships may be able to help with these problems.
Item 16: Armed Service Committee Hearing, Energy Committee Hearing, Aging/Judiciary Committee, 17-Jun-08, 18-Jun-08Add to your cart.
1: Sen. Martinez talks a little about mistakes made within the intelligence community. 2: Discussion of planning for a commemorative event for St. Augustine's 450th anniversary and discussion of the significance of St. Augustine.  3: Discussion of legislation to require individuals to sign away their rights to litigation in order to receive admittance to nursing homes.
Item 17: Taped Statement, 2008-06-18Add to your cart.
Statement in agreement with Pres. Bush and Sen. McCain on the need for more domestic production of oil.
Item 18: Opening Statement at the Energy Committee Hearing, 2008-05-13Add to your cart.
Introduction of Lisa Edgars by Sen. Martinez to testify in front of the committee
Item 19: Foreign Relations Committee Hearing and Banking Committee Hearing Q & A, 2008-05-22Add to your cart.
1: Sen. Martinez questions military personnel about the impact their efforts are having in Iraq in terms of violence in the region, nuclear ambitions in Iran and Iran's hand in problems in the region, the finds of weapon caches in Satur city area and the better future protection of the Iraqi border as a new commander takes over. 2: Speaks on the position as the head of HUD as a new secretary is confirmed. Martinez asks the new secretary to take care of the "Initiative to end chronic homelessness" program which Martinez started under his tenure and ask him to look into RESPA transparency and junk fees as well as to continue the faith based initiative program. Martinez asks the new secretary about his views on the implementation of the GSCs with a new regulatory system, how he intends to help families remain in their homes, particularly those in minority communities.
Item 20: Armed Services Committee Hearing, 2008-07-22Add to your cart.
9:30 am - 12:14 pm, Hearing on pending Air Force nominations
Item 21: Floor Statement, 2008-07-08Add to your cart.
In celebration of Independence Day, Sen. Martinez reads words by Patrick Henry from March 23, 1775 against the tyranny of the British and the need for independence.
Item 22: Floor Statement from RPC Housing, 2008-06-20Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez presents an amendment entitled Safe Mortgage Licensing Act to create a national registry database and to require lenders and brokers to meet minimum national standards.
Item 23: Senate Floor Statement, 2008-03-05Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez congratulates Sen. McCain in his successful bid to be the Republican party's nominee for President. Discusses the problematic situation between Columbia, Ecuador and Venezuela relating to terrorism in the region (mostly presented as the fault of Venezuela). Asks the congress to successfully pass the Colombian Free Trade Agreement in an effort to further the pursuit of democracy and freedom in Columbia.
Item 24: Banking Committee, 2008-03-12Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez discusses the HUD program and it's role in attempting to end homelessness. Also,  HUD and the FHA's role in stemming the mortgage crisis.
Item 25: Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee Hearing, 2008-07-15Add to your cart.
Hearing on monetary policy report in relation to the economic recession in particular the housing crisis, the price of gas and the economic situation of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Sen. Martinez speaks at 1:44:03 and talks particularly about the housing crisis and increased house prices. Ch. 21. Start 10 am Stop 2 pm Disk 1 of 2.
Item 26: Floor Statement, 2007-10-24Add to your cart.
Took place at 3:50 PM. Statement in response to Pres. Bush's speech on the political situation in Cuba which Martinez characterizes as an important help in the flight of the Cuban people. Also includes Sen. Menendez discusses the dream act which would offer possible legal citizenship to children of illegal immigrants.
Item 27: Armed Services Committee, 2008-02-06Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez discusses the militaristic and diplomatic relationship with Turkey in the War on Iraq, also the issues of shipbuilding for the NAVY and the NATO cooperation in Afghanistan.
Item 28: Floor Statement, 2008-04-01Add to your cart.
Senator Martinez's on the housing crisis's impact on the economic situation in the state of Florida and the possible solutions (i.e. FHA modernization, regulatory reform, more liquidity) for the crisis.
Item 29: Statement from Banking Committee Hearing, 2007-10-17Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez enters a note for the committee that a wind insurance amendment would be a valuable asset to the program in order to stabilize and improve the insurance industry in states like Florida.
Item 30: Senator Menendez's Floor Statement on Cuba, 2009-05-02Add to your cart.
Sen. Menendez speaks on the 50th anniversary of  the Cuban Revolution that put Castro in power about the realities and troubles of life for Cuban citizens. Sen. Menendez also calls for further thinking about alteration to the economic embargo in Cuba which he believes would not help Cuba, but instead only fund the government.
Item 31: Floor Statement, 2009-05-03Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez cautions against the loosening of the terms of the economic embargo on Cuba as he says the recent changes made by the Cuban government were done just for show and that the Cuban government has openly fraternized with governments with Anti American sentiments  (Sen. Martinez presents a motion to commit H.R. 1105. the Omnibus Appropriations Act, with Instructions).
Item 32: Aging Committee Hearing, 2009-03-04Add to your cart.
Hearing on Health Reform in An Aging America. Discussion by the Committee on how to improve long term care while also making it more affordable. Sen. Martinez presents Florida and its handling of elderly care as a model for the rest of the US. Calls for the improvement of long term Medicare. The Committee also discusses a type of Medicaid, partnering insurance, that would allow a more customized insurance plan that would eliminate unneeded aspects of insurance for individuals. Also discusses need to strengthen the private sector (individual finances, private long term coverage) so that elderly would not have to spend down their assets in order to quality for Medicaid. Exit screen from 1:33:02 to 1:36:40
Item 33: Armed Services Committee, 2008-03-04Add to your cart.
Section of questions on the current situation in Iraq conducted by Sen. Martinez in which Martinez in particular asks about the region's concerns of the US's long term commitment to Iraq, to the militaries successful partnership with Columbia to combat the FARC.
Item 34: Floor Speech, 2009-02-12Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez states his issues with the proposed stimulus plan and states that it should have including things such as military reset, the nation's infrastructure, tax cut geared to job creation, house buying credit for all homebuyers, not just first time buyers, among others in his belief that it will not create the desired effect.
Item 35: Banking Hearing Question and Answer, 2009-02-24Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez asks Chairman Bernanke about what can be done to help stabilize the housing market and the economy. The Secretary responds that credit and liquidity will be necessary for stabilization among other solutions. Also includes a discussion of a post economic recession exit strategy.
Item 36: Banking Committee Opening Statement and Q.A., 2008-05-20Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez speaks about his concern that the regulator watch that government sponsored enterprises not compete unfairly with the private sector products or services. Black screen from 1:44 to 1:51. As former Secretary of Housing who fought for GSE reform, Sen. Martinez congratulates the committee for successfully being able to pass GSE reform (regulatory reform). Sen. Martinez also pushes for the committee to continue to look at how to solve the problems surrounding property casualty insurance in the state of Florida.
Item 37: Senator Martinez's Floor Statement, 2008-10-01Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez speaks on his support for the federal bailout of banks during the recession. Sanders Amendment to H.R. 1424, the Economic Stabilization Act
Item 38: Sen. Martinez's Opening Statement Before the Banking Committee, 2008-11-18Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez questions whether or not TARP (intended for a financial institution bailout) money should be allocated to the auto industry based on the fact it is working from a business model that is  "destined to fail"
Item 39: Floor Speech, 2009-02-04Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez calls up amendment 159 to the H.R. 1, The Economic recovery Act. Amendment to create incentives for private mortgage services to alter their mortgages and to remove restrictions that don't allow them to change mortgages.  Martinez emphasizes the importance of fixing the housing market in order to reverse the recession.
Item 40: Opening Statement @ Foreign Relations Committee Hearing, 2008-04-16Add to your cart.
Sen.  Martinez introduces Hugo Yurenz, former Deputy Chief of Mission to the US embassy in Madrid. The committee is considering Mr. Yurenz as an ambassador to Honduras.
Item 41: Commerce Hearing on NASA Channel, 2008-06-23Add to your cart.
Official senate hearing on the loss of the space program after the retiring of the current space shuttle model in 2010. Sen. Martinez and Nelson speak on its significance to Florida and the nation, the need to support commercial space exploration, the loss of jobs, transitioning workers into compatible fields to mitigate job loss, US losing the ability to put a person in space and forcing the US to be dependent on Russia.
Item 42: Floor Statement, 2008-04-03Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez states his support for the Safe Mortgage Licensing Act. Uses Florida and its foreclosure rates as way to showcase the necessity for the act. The act would established a national professional licensing standard for all mortgage brokers and lenders. Would also be used to create a database with the credentials of the brokers and lenders.
Item 43: Senate Floor Statement, 2008-04-24Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez brings up his proposals for changes to energy policy. Among other things, Martinez suggests a summer holiday on the 18 cent/gallon, 24 cent/gallon diesel gas tax in order to assist consumers.  Also to consider the termination of "boutique" fuels and to work more with oil companies on create gas blends that are better for the air. Martinez also suggests that the US expand refinery capacity as well as exploring alternative fuels.
Item 44: Floor Statement, 2008-03-12Add to your cart.
Bunning Amdt. To S. Con. Res. 70, the Congressional Budget Resolution. Sen. Martinez makes a floor statement on the actions of Dr. Biscet, a Cuban citizen who has worked on human rights in Cuba. Sen. Martinez as well as Senators Menendez, Nelson and Ensen and Coleman introduce a measure to award the congressional gold medal to Dr. Biscet while he sits in prison for his human rights activism in Cuba. Sen. Martinez makes a presentation of Dr. Biscet's actions, his treatment in jail and the current political situation in Cuba.
Item 45: Armed Services Subcommittee, 2008-04-08Add to your cart.
Subcommittee on Sea power hearing to review the Defense Authorization Request for Fiscal Year 2009 and the Future Years Defense Program. Sen. Martinez speaks on his concern of the armed forces falling behind other nations in terms of number of ships, aircraft, etc and expresses his interests in the proposal for how the navy will address the issue of shipbuilding within the financial constraints. Runs from 2:30 to 4:00 pm.
Item 46: Armed Services Question and Answer, 2009-01-27Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez expresses his interest in knowing how the current administration will  work with our NATO allies in the war in Afghanistan, as well as about the Navy's plan for shipbuilding, security threats in Latin America by the Russians and the Iranians.
Item 47: Armed Services Committee O/S + Q&A, 2008-03-06Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez participants in an Armed Services Committee Q&A about recent events in Venezuela including the reported death of the number two man in FARQ, the state of Venezuelan hostages held by FARQ, possible future FARQ movements, Venezuela's involvement with FARQ and Venezuela's relationship with the United States.
Item 48: Floor Statement, 2008-05-01Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez takes issue with the current gas prices and the rising prices. Martinez uses previous statements by the Democratic party as part of his demonstration on the need for the United States to drill within their own shores and to alter the US's Energy Policy.
Item 49: Floor Statement, 2008-04-17Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez speaks on the proposed gas tax holiday (from Memorial Day to Labor Day) and how it could help the Florida State economy through allowing families to travel to the state for tourism. Martinez speaks his approval for the Boxer Substitute Amendment to H.R. 1195, the Highway Technical Corrections Act (The Coburn Amendment).
Item 50: Floor Statement, 2008-04-22Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez speaks on the merits of his personal Chief of Staff, John Little as Mr. Little leaves for a job in the private sector.
Item 51: Floor Statement, 2008-06-19Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez presents a motion to concur in the House Amendments to H.R. 3221, the Housing Reform Act, with the Bond Amendment to the Dodd Amendment. Sen. Dodd then thanks Sen. Martinez for his knowledge and work with the banking committee to develop the bill.
Item 52: Floor Statement, 2008-04-15Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez gives a floor statement about the Columbia Trade Agreement and its benefits for the United States and Columbia as well as the Western Hemisphere, including economic and well as security benefits.
Item 53: Armed Services Committee Hearing, 2008-06-26Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez asks about the low production numbers in the navy as concerns their shipbuilding plans, about the issue of North Korea in terms of nuclear proliferation
Item 54: Opening Statement and Question and Answer at the Banking Committee, 2009-02-26Add to your cart.
Part 1: Sen. Martinez speaks on the housing crisis measures passed by Pres. Obama and on the issue of the lack of participation by privately securitized mortgages/ as they are not working towards loan modifications in place of foreclosures. Sen. Martinez discusses his amendment to Pres. Obama's bill to provide incentives for privately securitized mortgage lenders to provide mortgage modifications. Part 2: Sen. Martinez asks about the problems caused by a lack of legal safe harbor in pooling and servicing agreements for modifying loans. Sen. Martinez also asks about its effect on bankruptcy court.
Item 55: Armed Services Committee Q & A, 2008-04-08Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez asks about the status of force agreement and how it is used. Also about the status of diplomatic interaction between Iran and Iraq and the security/weaponry issues in Iraq and Iran.
Item 56: Opening Statement/Introduction Governmental Affairs Committee Hearing, 2008-04-10Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez recommends Alex Sanchez to the committee for a 2nd term in the Florida Schools of Excellence Commission, federal retirement and thrift.
Item 57: Armed Services Committee, 2008-04-09Add to your cart.
Hearing to examine the situation in Iraq and the progress made by the Iraqi government.
Item 58: Banking Committee Hearing Opening Statement, 2007-10-03Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez speaks on the situation in Darfur and expresses the importance of the United States' role in helping the situation.
Item 59: Aging Committee Hearing, 2009-02-25Add to your cart.
Hearing: Boomer Bust? Securing Retirement in a Volatile Economy. 10:25 am - 12:02 pm. Sen. Martinez talks about how the financial crisis is affecting the retirement of the aging population. Sen. Martinez introduces Jeana Katz, Associate Professor at the University of Texas, as a witness in the hearing. Martinez asks the witnesses about strategies to change from housing crisis to housing normality, how the aging population can continue to work longer  without receiving social security penalties, the special challenges people from the "baby boomer" generation face when preparing for retirement.
Item 60: Satellite Interview, 2008-09-26Add to your cart.
Question and Answer session about the housing crisis with the residents of Florida. Sen. Martinez speaks on the financial crisis, his earlier attempts to get more regulation in place for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the government bailout, need for tax credit for housing purchases, bailout regulations in terms of executive severance payouts (no golden parachutes), mortgage backed securities and the secondary market, the advisors in managing purchases with governmental bailout, the pricing of securities and the need to update financial management practices.
Item 61: Senate Floor Statement, 2009-02-06Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez expresses his inability to support the stimulus bill (H.R. 1 The Economic Recovery Act) because of the size of its expenditure.
Item 62: Floor Statement, 2009-02-24Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez states his support in favor of Hilda L. Solis from California for the position of Secretary of Labor.
Item 63: Live Sat Feed, 2009-03-04Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez voiced his opinions in opposed about the possible softening politics towards Cuba discussed by Sen. Harry Reid. Martinez and Sen. Bob Menendez united against the idea as they find it to be too radical a change. Sen. Martinez also states his opinion that Cuba and Latin America are not priorities for the Obama Administration and that he awaits the time when they are.
Item 64: Senate Floor Statement, 2009-02-13Add to your cart.
Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R, AK) explains her opposition to Conference Report for the American Recovery Reinvestment Act including the scope of the spending, the energy provisions and the leaving out of domestic production of gas and other natural resources. Sen. Martinez is not present on this disk.
Item 65: Senate Floor Statement, 2009-01-28Add to your cart.
Martinez Amendment to H.R. 2, The Children's Health Insurance Program Improvements Act. Sen. Martinez proposes amendment 65 to reinstate Mexico City policy which prohibits assistance from going to groups that support or provide abortions.
Item 66: Armed Services Opening Statement, 2008-09-09Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez discusses the Russian presence within Latin America. Also, Martinez asks about the US's view of the Ukraine and Georgia joining NATO, how the US can stop Russia's actions in Georgia to reoccurring in Ukraine,  measures that will be taken against Russia for its actions in Georgia, the issue of Russia's use of cyber warfare and the status of Russia's withdrawal from Georgia.
Item 67: Opening Statement and Q/A from the Banking Hearing, 2009-01-13Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez questions Mr. Shaun Donovan, potential Secretary for HUD, about how HUD can properly implement the resources allocated by Congress for the neighborhood stabilization reform, how foreclosures can be prevented (HOPE for Homeowner Program), HUDS' role in subsidized rental housing/section 8 specifically during the economic crisis, utilizing of section 8 vouchers, role of the GCS during housing crisis, whether Mr. Donovan plans to implement the regulations put in place recently on RESPA.
Item 68: Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee Hearing, 2008-05-20Add to your cart.
Executive Session - Mark-up: The Federal Housing Finance Regulatory Reform Act of 2008. Sen. Martinez brings up his concerns about Jumbo loans, new product approval and how it is competing with the private sector. He also congratulates them on their ability to successful create GSC reform and on successfully including the Mortgage Broker amendment. He also brings up issue of property casualty insurance, and its importance to Florida,  and urges them to continue looking at this. Full version of other DVD of Martinez's housing statement also in this box. (length of 52:56 without committee channel outro).
Item 69: CNN Presidential Debate, 2007-11-27Add to your cart.
Debate between the possible Republican candidates for president in St. Petersburg, FL (Congressman Duncan Hunter, Congressman Ron Paul, Senator John McCain, Senator Fred Thompson, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Governor Mitt Romney, Governor Mike Huckabee, Congressman Tom Cantraido), on Nov. 27, 2007, hosted by Anderson Cooper. Possible candidates answer questions submitted by people through YouTube. Debate coverage starts at 59:31 on disc. Includes post debate wrap-up. Lou Dobbs Tonight on CNN is shown on disk before it. Sen. Martinez is not present on this disk.
Item 70: CNN Republican Debate, 2007-12-12Add to your cart.
Day one of Des Moines register debates in Iowa between possible Republican candidates for president, December 12, 2007, hosted by Carolyn Washburn. Candidates are the  Ambassador Alan Keys, Congressman Duncan Hunter, Congressman Ron Paul, Senator John McCain, Senator Fred Thompson, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Governor Mitt Romney, Governor Mike Huckabee, Congressman Tom Tancredo. Includes post debate wrap-up and pre debate discussion of candidates. Sen. Martinez is not present on this disk.
Item 71: Senate Floor Statement, 2007-12-14Add to your cart.
S.2338, the FHA Modernization Bill. Sen. Martinez expresses his support for this bill and its use for the growth of reverse mortgages in response to Sen. Tom Coburn from Oklahoma's opposition.
Item 72: Opening Remarks at Senate Commerce Committee Hearing, 2007-12-17Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez introduces Denver Stutler to the committee to serve on the Amtrak Reform Board. Sen. Nelson also expresses his support for the board candidate.
Item 73: Floor Statement (US and Cuba), 2007-12-11Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez makes a statement in response to the removal from the Farm Bill of an amendment about the US's foreign policy with Cuba.  Sen. Martinez discusses the relationship between the US and Cuba as well as the political situation in Cuba including  the business interests of the US in Cuba were never compensated or accounted for, the beating of peaceful protestors, the illegitimate detention of political prisoners, the arrest of eighteen youth people while they were in a Catholic Church. Sen. Martinez also says that he does see a day when we can have an open trade agreement with Cuba however now is not the time as we would only be trading with the government and not the Cuban people.
Item 74: Martinez Floor Statement, 2008-09-26Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez expresses his support for Mary Scribbin as a Judge for the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida. Sen. Nelson follows up Sen. Martinez and talks about the process for selecting a judge and also congratulates Judge Scribbin on her appointment.  Sen. Martinez then fellows Sen. Nelson to thanks to Chairman Leahy for the way that the judgeships have been accomplished.
Item 75: CNBC Presidential Republican Debate, 2007-10-09Add to your cart.
Debate title: "The Republicans, The Economy & You". Broadcast from the University of Michigan, Dearborn. Hosted by Chris Matthews and Maria Bartiromo. Candidates include: Senator Fred Thompson, Governor Mitt Romney, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Congressman Ron Paul, Senator John McCain, Governor Mike Huckabee, Congressman Duncan Hunter, Senator Sam Brownback and Senator Tom Tancredo. Sen. Martinez is not present on this disk.
Item 76: House Session: Federal Update Presentation, 2008-03-26Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez speaks at the Florida Housing and makes a presentation on federal issues including the economic stimulus project, the housing market as it affects Florida (modernization of FHA, incentives to buy unoccupied homes, etc), the Everglades restoration project,  Herbert Hoover Dike restoration project, the National Catastrophe Fund, greater access to healthcare
Item 77: MSNBC, 2008-06-26Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez talks to MSNBC about Sen. McCain's Energy Plan, the US's position on North Korea, the way Sen. McCain's campaign is being run and Sen. McCain's relationship with Hispanic voters.
Item 78: Sen. Martinez Interview With Wolf Blitzer on CNN, 2002-06-07Add to your cart.
Wolf Blitzer interviews Sen. Martinez as the secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Sen. Martinez discusses incentives put in place for individuals to move to or remain in lower Manhattan after the terrorist attacks on 9-11. He also discusses how the 300 million dollars in grants released by HUD at the time (total assistance to be approx. 2 billion) will help the families in the area.  Also, that in his opinion, the locals should be the deciders of what becomes of the space of ground zero.
Item 79: Floor Statement, 2007-11-08Add to your cart.
Senator Martinez asks the Senator to push forward Judge Casey as possible Attorney General and confirm him and summaries some of Casey's statements during his confirmation hearing. Martinez also discusses the Water Resources Act, which he states he will vote to override the President's veto as it provides essential funding for restoration of Florida's Everglades.
Item 80: Senate Floor Statement, 2007-11-01Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez talks about the political situation in Cuba and the regime's reaction to the white wristbands with the words "cambio" on them. Asks for continued support for the dissidence movement. Martinez yields the floor to Sen. Cornyn from Texas so that he can also discuss the issue and the necessity to give Cuba our support. Sen. Nelson talks about his experiences in German and the Iron Curtain and its relation to Cuba's current political situation. Sen. Martinez follows up by discussing the Presidential Medal of Freedom Dr. Biscet will be receiving
Item 81: OS/QA Aging Committee, 2007-12-12Add to your cart.
Three Video Sections. First section (3 min, 23 sec): Sen. Martinez discusses the possible positive effects of reverse mortgages. Second section (4 min, 4 sec): Sen. Martinez asks questions to establish the soundness of the FHA and how they wish to lower premiums cost to participants. Third Section (1 min, 11 sec): Sen. Martinez asks about the number of reverse mortgages and the possible number there would be if the cap on them was raised.
Item 82: Morning Floor Statement, 2007-10-24Add to your cart.
Nomination of Leslie Southwick of Mississippi, to be U.S. Circuit Judge for the Fifth Circuit. Sen. Martinez discuss Southwick's credentials and the problems with the process for Judge confirmation.
Item 83: Senate Floor Statement, 2007-10-18Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez discusses the State children's health insurance program (SCHIP). Sen. Martinez express his support from the program. He cautions against it becoming a larger government sponsored health program. Martinez says he will put forward an alternative proposal for re-authorizing SCHIP including the full re-authorization of SCHIP, the child health care tax credit and an aggressive outreach program to get all kids eligible for the program signed up for it.
Item 84: Floor Statement, 2007-11-15Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez discusses his support for FHA modernization. He talks about the programs homeowner have had making mortgage payments and the falling value of homes. FHA is helping homeowner to refinance their mortgages and foreclosure counseling. He calls for more action from the Congress.
Item 85: CNBC Interview, 2009-02-04Add to your cart.
Runtime 1:10 pm - 1:40 pm. Sen. Martinez discusses the alternate republican stimulus plan. This plan focuses on tax cuts instead of direct spending. Sen. Martinez says he has no problem spending more money on the stimulus plan (the republican plan is almost half the monetary amount of the other two proposed plans) as long as it's in the right places. Sen. Martinez in the segment up until 9 min, 58 sec. CNBC then discusses the plan for the rest of the segment. End of plan discussion ends at 12 min, 17 sec. From 18 min, 27 sec the Secretary of the Treasury discusses the state of the US economy and is discussed by the CNBC panelists until 21:09.
Item 86: Banking Committee Hearing Opening Statement, 2008-01-31Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez says we need to focus on the housing crisis in order to fix economy problem and goes into detail about some of the problems of the housing crisis and the need for FHA reform, for mortgage originator regulation, the problem with the growing housing stock and the good progress of the Hope Now Alliance.
Item 87: Floor Statement, 2008-02-29Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez discusses the intelligence surveillance issue as connected to the bill number S2248. He talks about the  importance of updating and utilizing our technology for our safety. Also the necessity of retroactive immunity for companies that assisted the government during the war in terror in order to keep our methods and sources secret.
Item 88: MSNBC, 2008-04-17Add to your cart.
Coverage of Decision '08 about debate between Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton begins at 7 min, 35 sec. MSNBC asks if the debate actually helped the Republican candidate John McCain when going up against one of them as it gave him ammunition. Segment goes until the end of the DVD. Sen. Martinez is not present on this disk.
Item 89: CNN, 2008-12-02Add to your cart.
Wolf Blitzer and Bill Schneider discuss Sen. Martinez's decision not to run for re-election in 2010.
Item 90: MSNBC, 2008-10-08Add to your cart.
MSNBC news correspondent Norah O'Donnell and panelists Karen Finney and Danny Diaz discuss the behavior of the candidates on the 2008 campaign trail. Segment starting 9 min, 37 sec: Sen. Martinez and Sen. Robert Casey also join Norah O'Donnell to discuss statements made by Sen. McCain on the campaign trail.
Item 91: MSNBC, 2008-05-20Add to your cart.
Segment starting 10 min 58 sec. Sen. Martinez discusses with MSNBC Correspondent Monica Novotny Sen. McCain's comments in response to Obama's stance on the embargo on Cuba during 2008 campaign. Segment ends at 15 min, 22 sec.
Item 92: MSNBC Hardball, 2006-03-28Add to your cart.
Segment starting 14 min, 32 sec on Hardball with Chris Matthews, Sen. Martinez talks about the immigration bill passed by the senate that would allow illegal immigrant workers to gain citizenship overtime, border control and guest workers among others. Chris Matthews and panelists continue to discuss the merits of the bill and their ideas for immigration policy. Discussion ends at 31 min, 54 sec.
Item 93: CNN Late Edition, 2008-03-20Add to your cart.
Wolf Blitzer talks with Sen. Martinez and Sen. Nelson on Pres. Bush's statements on the 5th anniversary on the start of the Iraq War, Sen. McCain, Sen. Clinton and Henry Paulson's (Secretary of Treasury)  statements on the economic crisis and Sen. Nelson's desire to reform the electoral college.
Item 94: CNN - Situation Room, 2007-03-15Add to your cart.
On "The Situation Room" with Wolf Blitzer, Sen. Martinez discusses the problems within the republican party including the possible resignation of Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General, dissatisfaction of republican party members with the party and the negative feelings caused by the war on Iraq.
Item 95: Senate Floor Statement, 2007-12-04Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez speaks on the proposed free trade agreement with Peru and its merits, including the specific gains it would have for Florida's economy. Sen. Martinez says we should also see progress on trade agreements with Panama and Columbia and use the Peru free trade agreement as a template for this.
Item 96: Floor Statement, 2009-01-13Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez pays tribute to Naval Secretary Donald C. Winter. Sen. Martinez also speaks on senate resolution 10, which he cosponsored, to recognize Israel's right to defend itself against Gaza. He also speaks about the actions of HAMAS and Iran.
Item 97: Fox News Channel, 2008-10-08Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez discusses Sen. McCain's  300 Billion dollar plan for the government to buy out troubled loans with government bailout money.
Item 98: Greeting Compilation, 2009-01-27Add to your cart.
Section 1: Kids in Distress - Sen. Martinez records a message on the importance of the Kids in Distress program since he can not be present for their annual gala . Section 2: Sen. Martinez describes the Orange County Library Citizenship Inspired Program and its importance. Section 3: Recorded greeting for Sen. Martinez's website.
Item 99: 2009 March for Babies Kick-Off Breakfast, 2009-02-09Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez's taped statement for the kickoff of the 2009 March for Babies. Sen. Martinez asks for people to participate and donate in spite of the economic recession.
Item 100: State of the Union Address, 2008-01-28Add to your cart.
President George W. Bush delivers a state of the union address on January 8, 2008.
Item 101: Reading of Declaration of Independence, 2008-07-08Add to your cart.
Senators Coburn, Lieberman, Whitehouse, Webb, Murkowski, Martinez, Warner commemorate the 232rd anniversary of the declaration of independence with a presentation of its history, meaning and a reading of the declaration.
Item 102: Greeting for OCSS "Game Show", 2008-07-09Add to your cart.
Senator Martinez records an short introduction for himself. (time markers of 13 sec to 15 sec are blank screen)
Item 103: Fox News, 2009-02-06Add to your cart.
Footage of senate debating the economic stimulus package. Also Pres Obama's announcement of the economic recovery advisory board. Sen. Martinez talks with Fox News correspondent John Scott about the issues of the proposed package. In particular, that the package is too large and that the things the money being spent on are problems as well. Also, that some items in the package won't go out for a few years which could create inflation once economic recovery starts hopefully in a few years and that it doesn't focus on housing enough. Discussion of stimulus package ends at minute 25.
Item 104: CNBC Interview, 2008-09-29Add to your cart.
Discussion of senate vote on newer version of stimulus plan and the drop in Dow that might have shifted public opinion in favor of the package. Sen. Martinez talks with CNBC correspondent about the importance of passing the economic recovery package and the shift of public opinion from opposed to in favor of the stimulus package and more constituents calling in to voice their opinions with their senators. Also discusses raising of FDIC limit and the adding of an oversight board. Sen. Martinez stresses the importance of oversight for the package and Americans' desire for proper oversight of this.
Item 105: Fox & Friends, 2005-10-25Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez talks with "Fox & Friends" hosts Tiki Barber, Kiran Chetry and Brian Kilmeade about rebuilding in Florida after Wilma. Segment starts at 17 min 7 sec. Ends at 21 min 13 sec.
Item 106: Comments in Russell Rotunda, 2009-02-12Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez is interviewed about his issues with the stimulus package. He says that it spends money in the wrong places and won't stimulate the economy. Needed to focus on money that would create jobs and fix housing economy. Says he was not able to support the package. Also discusses the King of Spain's visit and the historical and economic connection between Florida and Spain.
Item 107: University of Central Florida Comments: College of Arts & Sciences 2, 2005-05-06Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez delivers the commencement speech at UCF's graduation ceremony. disk also includes the UCF graduation procession, introductory remarks and introduction of special guests, the singing of the national anthem, introduction of Sen. Mel Martinez, presentation of candidates for degrees and conferment of degrees, student body president speech, welcome to the UCF alumni association, UCF Presidents' speech, recession
Item 108: FNC Hannity & Colmes, 2005-04-04Add to your cart.
Section 1: Bill O'Reilly reads emails on air in reaction to his coverage on Pope John Paul II. Section 2: Hannity & Colmes cover the life and death of Pope John Paul Il. Sen. Martinez discuss with Hannity & Colmes the selection of the next pope, Pope John Paul II's religious stance, the political pressures people try to place on the pope.
Item 109: MSNBC News Coverage: Super Tuesday, 2008-02-05Add to your cart.
MSNBC covers the 2008 primaries. MSNBC looks at the results of the primaries in individual states and what these results mean as well as the importance of votes from voters in specific religious/ethnic/age groups. Chris Matthews talks to Sen. Martinez about McCain's chances of winning the republican vote for states during the primaries. Sen. Martinez also discusses the importance of McCain winning as he feels he has the best chance of the republican candidates to win in the president election.
Item 110: MSNBC, 2008-03-05Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez discusses with MSNBC correspondent the problems with the primary vote in Florida (delegates were not allowed to be seated). Also includes Gov. Crist's call for the delegates to be allowed to be seated and allow the primary votes from Michigan and Florida to be counted and other discussion of the issue with the primary delegates. Also includes discussion of Pres. Bush possibly campaigning for Sen. McCain after he endorsed him.
Item 111: CSPAN: Life & Career of Mel Martinez, 2005-02-01Add to your cart.
Mark Caputo from the Miami Herald talks about Sen. Martinez on the campaign trail, his political leanings and his background with CSPAN. In an interview with CSPAN discusses, his Cuban heritage, growing up in Cuba, his move from Cuba to the United States through the Pedro Pan program as a teenager, his life during the Cuban revolution (both his experience while in Cuba and the United States), his relationship with his parents, his heroes, how he met his wife, how he became a lawyer, how he ended up in public service, the "Martinez" doctrine, how he came into politics, his current family life. Interview ends at 33 min, 45 sec.
Item 112: President Bush Speech - CSPAN 3, 2007-10-24Add to your cart.
From the State Department, President George W. Bush discusses the U.S. Policy towards Cuba. Sen. Martinez is not present on this disk. Copy 1 of 2.
Item 113: President Bush Speech - CSPAN 3, 2007-10-24Add to your cart.
From the State Department, President George W. Bush discusses the U.S. Policy towards Cuba. Sen. Martinez is not present on this disk. Copy 2 of 2.
Item 114: ABC This Week, 2008-10-05Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez along with three other politicians from background states (Governor Ed Grandel from Pennsylvania, Governor Tim Paulenti from Minnesota, Senator Sherrod Brown from Ohio). Sen. Martinez discusses the chances of the McCain campaign in Florida. The other politicians also discuss the chances/effectiveness of the McCain/Palin campaign in their home states as well as McCain's campaign as a whole, Obama's ties to Reverend Wright, the stances of the presidential candidates on the issues, how the economic crisis has affected the campaigns, the chances of the candidates as a whole.
Item 115: NBC Meet the Press Segment Discussion, 2008-11-09Add to your cart.
Congressman James Clyburn and Sen. Martinez discuss with Tom Brokaw on "Meet the Press what's ahead for President Obama, how the republican party can hope to work after this defeat, possible loan to the automobile industry, national healthcare reform, the need of the republicans to pay attention to Hispanic voters, how Congress Clyburn felt when he heard Pres Obama was elected, the choice of Rahm Emmanuel for Chief of Staff. Paused/Black screen between 1 min 42 secs and 2 min.
Item 116: MSNBC, 2008-01-24Add to your cart.
MSNBC covers the feelings of the democratic candidates and votes in relation to the candidates' campaigns. Prior to a republican candidate debate at Florida Atlantic University, Sen. Martinez discusses his decision not to throw his support behind a specific candidate, what Floridians want to hear the candidates talk about (i.e. housing, security, etc). MSNBC also analyzes what this debate could mean for each candidate if they do well in it.
Item 117: CBS Evening News, 2005-06-17Add to your cart.
CBS covers the story of a US military man who cannot visit his children because of changing US policy on visits to Cuba. Sen. Martinez expresses his support for the once every three years visit policy now in place.
Item 118: MSNBC off air, 2008-02-05Add to your cart.
MSNBC discusses the democratic and republican primaries on Super Tuesday including a discussion with Charlie Cook, Editor of the Cook Political Report. Sen. Martinez, as a McCain supporter, discusses Sen. McCain's chances as taking the republican nomination, his thoughts on the dust up between McCain and Mitt Romney regarding Sen. Dole's recommendation of McCain and the need for the republican party to unite behind a candidate.
Item 119: Greeting for OCPS, undatedAdd to your cart.
Sen. Martinez discusses his past as a Cuban immigrant, what being an American means to him, how someone can become active in their community/exercise their civic duty and how hard work can lead to a bright future as an greeting for Orange County public schools.
Item 120: Greeting for AMTA, 2008-07-09Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez discusses the issues facing Florida's water supply and the efforts he believe can be made to help including the introduction desalination plants and further research to possibly declassify desalination byproducts as hazardous waste.
Item 121: Nursing Home, undatedAdd to your cart.
Part 1: In a meeting of the Joint Judiciary Subcommittee and Aging Committee, Sen. Martinez discusses the pending legislation that would allow nursing homes to require their patients to waive their right to a juried trial as a requirement of admission). Sen. Martinez states his disagreement with this and puts his support in favor of S. 2838, the Fairness in Nursing Home Arbitration Act. Also includes a discussion of his support of Pres Bush and Sen. McCain's stance on more domestic production of oil. Part 2: In a meeting of the Energy and Natural Resources subcommittee, Sen. Martinez recognizes the anniversary of the founding of St. Augustine and asks that the committee considered the creation of the St. Augustine commission to help create events to celebrate its anniversary. Cosponsored by Sen. Bill Nelson and St. Augustine's congressman John Micha.
Item 122: FOX News channel, 2008-10-21Add to your cart.
FOX News broadcasts Obama's discussion of the economic and his plans for the country at a Job Summit in South Florida and analyzes the poll standings of Obama and McCain in "battleground" states and in other areas. Also shows footage of McCain's rally in Pennsylvania where he discusses Obama's tax policy. Sen. Martinez discusses this belief that Florida will go in favor of McCain and that McCain will be able to turn around the polls in his favor in other background states that were in favor of Obama.
Item 123: MSNBC: President Bush Press Conference, undatedAdd to your cart.
MSNBC discusses the chances Sen. Clinton has for winning the democratic nomination. Pres Bush, in a press conference, discusses rising tensions in South America, specifically between Columbia, Venezuela and Ecuador. Bush reinforces his support for Columbia's president including by going forward with a free trade agreement and speaks to congress about its importance. Sen. Martinez not present on this disk.
Item 124: Senator Martinez LIVE Satellite Feed Mayport, 2008-11-17Add to your cart.
DVD shows one side of a satellite interview with Sen. Martinez.  Martinez discusses the decision to homeport a nuclear carrier in Mayport (Jacksonville, FL) which will create jobs and economic activity in the area. He also discusses the hope that it would be named after Pres George W. Bush. Video  break between 6:59 and 7:10.
Item 125: Martinez F/S, 2008-06-11Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez speaks on energy. He suggests off shore drilling and more domestic production of oil, including some a bit out from the west coast of Florida in the Gulf. He also present his research on the topic of China's production of oil as some believe incorrectly they China was drilling in Cuba. Martinez also suggests an investment in alternate fuels.
Item 126: CSPAN Washington Journal, 2005-06-21Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez discusses an amendment to an Energy Bill  to remove the inventory of Florida's coast to decide if drilling should take place. He discusses the tough fight ahead to get the amendment passed and the split among coastal senators of whether they want drilling done on their shore. Martinez also discusses the misquote of his thoughts on Guantanamo Bay. Also discusses other benefits the energy bill will have for Florida including conversation and lower energy costs through modernization. Martinez also speaks on the war in Iraq and partisanship.
Item 127: CBS Evening News, Weekend Editions, 2006-04-09Add to your cart.
CBS does a story on Sen. Martinez's immigration from Cuba in relation to a debate over immigration. Includes file footage, photos, interviews with Martinez and news footage.
Item 128: CBS 60 Minutes: Immigration, 2005-12-12Add to your cart.
CBS discusses the impact of tighter US/Mexico border control on immigrants trying to get into the US, in particular how it has raised the death toll for immigrants and the larger amount of immigrants that have actually come into the country since the tighter restrictions. Sen. Martinez not present on this disk.
Item 129: NBC News Coverage: Super Tuesday, 2008-02-05Add to your cart.
NBC discusses the results of the primaries on Super Tuesday. Correspondent Brian Williams interviews Sen. Martinez about his thoughts about the results  so far in the republican primary in McCain's favor and the role that Huckabee, as a serious contender,  can play to help unite the republicans behind McCain. Sen. Joe Lieberman also discusses his support for McCain. Williams also interviewed Gov Mike Huckabee, Howard Dean, speech writer Peggy Noonen, TV personality Tavis Smiley, Gov Bill Richardson and Karen Hughes.
Item 130: CNN and Channel Eight News President Bush Press Conference, 2008-05-21Add to your cart.
Part 1, CNN: Pres. Bush discusses the history and present of the Cuban political situation and the new technological allowances made by the Cuban government. Part 2: Channel Eight News shows coverage of Pres. Bush speaking on Cuba, its present and hopeful future. Part 3: Channel Eight interviews DC Battalion Fire Chief Kenneth Crosswhite about electrical fires in homes.
Item 131: NBC Meet the Press: Albright/Graham segment, 2005-12-12Add to your cart.
Tim Russett interviews Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Senator Lindsey Graham about the policy toward/status of Iraq, its upcoming election, the treatment of prisoners of war,
Item 132: Univision, 2008-10-08Add to your cart.
Discussion of the Presidential Debate, analyzing the speech given by John McCain, talking with Senator Mel Martinez. He says John McCain spoke with clarity. Took the majority voice when speaking about the economy, demonstrated he has the plan to help families. Says the campaign is too young, that a winner cannot yet be decided. But that the winner has to know how to work with the government and carry out his ideas and that Obama is not yet ready for that. John McCain wants to make change in the White House. He also says there is great enthusiasm when the people go out to hear Sarah Palin.
Item 133: C-Span Senator Martinez on Senate Floor Speaking on Pope John Paul II, 2004-04-01Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez presents the life and contributions of Pope John Paul II to the Senate and how the Catholic church has helped him in his own life. Disk is mislabeled as FNC Hannity and Colmes + MSNBC Hardball.
Item 134: Speech at NAM on Columbia Free Trade Agreement, 2008-04-29Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez discusses the importance of the Columbia Free trade agreement including that it would bolster the economy, the job market, keep our economy competitive and raise the annual exports to Columbia, will improve our relations with Latin America and Columbia in particular as allies. In a question and answer session, Martinez also discusses the new technological allowances in Cuba, whether the democratic delegates in Florida will be seated, the price of gas and the need to conserve energy, the US senate prospects for republicans, how to get the senate working together more effectively and who he favors as a vice presidential candidate for McCain.
Item 135: Fox News Live - Interview with Senator Martinez, 2008-01-29Add to your cart.
Fox News interviews Sen. Martinez about his decision to officially endorse Sen. John McCain for republican presidential candidate. Interviews segment from 17 min, 20 sec to 20 min, 32 sec. Disk also includes the republican primary candidates chances in Florida primary.
Item 136: Brighthouse Networks Interview on MM & Bishop Moore High School, 2007Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez talks about his time at Bishop Moore High School including his participation in school athletics (particularly basketball and baseball), his time on the board of Bishop Moore, his found memories of time as a student there,
Item 137: U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement Press Conference, 2008-05-07Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez speaks at a press conference about the importance of passing the Columbia Free Trade agreement and the introduction of a grassroots effort to get it brought to a vote quickly and to get the  agreement passed. Other individuals also discuss the importance of the agreement and highlight its benefits including to national security, relations with Latin American and with Columbia in particular, opening up economic markets, improving exports, moral imperative and its possibility to help the citizens of Columbia through their economy. The  speakers at the conference also stress an importance to keep this agreement from being something political, specifically speaking about Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Blank screen at 19:57
Item 138: Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce Distinguished Public Service Awards - 2008 Citrus Banquet: Education Q &A, 2008Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez speaks about the importance of the citrus industry to Florida and also Martinez's insistence on getting more funding for the citrus industry (including successfully getting the farm bill into law). He also addresses the issue of the rising price of energy for citrus farmers. Sen. Martinez also congratulates the winners of the commerce Distinguished Public Service Awards. Sen. Martinez also answers about his background and how he came to the U.S., if being an attorney is a good background for being a legislator, how the senate and the house work together, what the most important rights and freedoms American citizens have in their democracy,  how the viewers can learn more about candidates for congress, why is it important for young people to register and go out to vote, Blank screen between 2 min, 50 sec and 2 min, 53 sec also between 4 min, 23 sec and 4 min, 46 sec. 11:27
Item 139: C-SPAN 2, 2008-09-15Add to your cart.
Ninoska Perez-Castellon from WAQI 710 AM radio show introduces Sen. Martinez to the audience at Coral Gables Congregational Church. Sen. Martinez discusses his book, "A Sense of Belonging" about his life in Cuba and his transition to life in the US. Martinez also answers questions about whether anything is going on in the house or senate to help Cuba, where Martinez would be involved in a documentary/movie about the generation of Cubans who have survived through the Bay of Pigs, etc., how the government makes the decision to trade with China and not Cuba, how you get to be a senator,  does Martinez have plans to translate the book into Spanish, foreign policy towards Iran, to bring consideration to Pres. Bush for Miriam Arosena's husband, civility in Washington in particular his working relationship with Sen. Bill Nelson, the presidential election. Disk shows C-SPAN 2's "Book TV 'A Sense of Belonging' ".
Item 140: Sen. Martinez - CSPAN: RPC Convention, 2008-09-04Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez speaks at the Republic National Convention is support of electing Sen. McCain as president. He praises McCain's qualifications and questions Sen. Obama's experience. Other political figures, military personnel and athletes also speak in support of McCain for president and the policies he is running under. Also includes a video with Gov. Palin's personal and political background story.
Item 141: Martinez, 2008-06-13Add to your cart.
Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee. Senator Martinez speaks to the committee about the need in Florida for infrastructure improvement, mass transit and also the growing concern for potable water.
Item 142: Web Greeting, 2009-01-27Add to your cart.
A message recorded by Senator Martinez for his website. Martinez guides the user through the website and what they can kind on it.
Item 143: RNC Convention Speech, 2008-09-04Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez speaks at the RNC Convention about the need for Sen. McCain as president in the political climate. Martinez speaks on McCain's military and political experience and questions Sen. Obama's experience and past political standings in the senate.
Item 144: C-SPAN 2, 2008-09-14Add to your cart.
a message recorded by Senator Martinez for his website. Martinez guides the user through the website and what they can kind on it. Before the broadcast for Sen. Martinez's book, there is a Book TV discussion if impeachment stemming from Speaker Pelosi's decision to take impeachment off the table
Item 145: Senator Mel Martinez Address to the Florida Legislature, 2008-03-26Add to your cart.
Duplicate of the "House Session: Federal Update Presentation" disk.
Item 146: Mel Martinez FISA & Iran floor Speech, 2008-02-28Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez speaks against two Feingold proposals.  He says some of the information that the proposal seeks is already available through other publicly available documents. He also speaks about the importance of extending the Protect America act (updated FISA) as he says it would allows us more easily gather information on foreign intelligence.  He also speaks on the need to modern FISA (especially in regards to developing technology). Also speaks on the need to provide liability for companies helping to collect intelligence. Says the bills they are looking at this week are aimed at removing troops early, which he says it too early and appears like a retreat. A successfully democratic Iraq could send a message to the region. Motion to Proceed to the consideration of S. 2634, the al Qaeda Report Bill.
Item 147: Greeting for OCPS, 2008-07-09Add to your cart.
Duplicate of undated Greeting for OCPS disk.
Item 148: NBC Meet The Press Debates: Coburn vs. Larson 10/03/04, Thune vs. Daschle 9/18/04, Allard vs. Strickland 2002, Grahm vs. Saunders, 10/03/04, 9/18/04, 2002Add to your cart.
pt 1: Sec 1: NBC Meet the Press interview Coburn and Larson about their bid for Oklahoma senator, speaking mostly about the Coburn's history of not including certain procedures performed on medicare forms. Sec 2: Tim Russet discusses with Senators Daschle and Thune the war on Iraq, how  George W. Bush is doing as president, their campaign ads, South Dakota gas tax, tax cuts, their personal/political histories in connection with their bid for Senator of South Dakota. Senators Allard and Strickland discuss the pending resolution allowing the president to declare war on Iraq without the authority of the UN, cost of the war, tax cuts, the social security system and their comments about each other in their campaign ad  with Tim Russet. pt 2: Mr. Strickland and Sen. Allard are given 30 sec each to speak directly to the people of Colorado about what they will do for them as senator. Grahm and Saunders then discuss whether or not they would push back Bush proposed tax, proposed legislation on a ballistics 'fingerprint' database and standpoints on capital punishment.
Item 149: Space Workshop Greeting, Charlie Gray Greeting, St. Joe Company, undatedAdd to your cart.
1: Sen. Martinez congratulates Charlie Gray for winning the John Young history maker present award.  Martinez speaks about Charlie Gray's accomplishments and how he helped Martinez to become a senator. 2: Sen. Martinez stresses the importance of the US remaining competitive after the proposed retirement of the current space vehicles in 2010 and to shrink the gap between the retirement of older model space vehicles and the Orion and Aries programs and support commercial space exploration.  3: Sen. Martinez discusses Peter's contributions to the St. Joe Company and how it has helped the Northwest region of Florida.
Item 150: Martinez - Housing Press Conference, April 1stAdd to your cart.
Republican senators discuss the housing crisis and the proposals with the current proposal for "cramming" down rates, which they state would drive up lending rates in some areas. They also discuss the need for counseling for individuals facing foreclosures, the need for available financing for refinancing mortgages, the need for better loan transparency and the need for tax credits to help cut down on the inventory of foreclosed housing down among other subjects. Sen. Martinez talks about the importance of FHA, which insures loans for new homebuyers. He talks about the need for FHA's modernization and that it be used to help families with troubled loans, i.e. helping them to refinance their mortgages so they are able to stay in their home. He also says Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac need to have their capital requirements lowered to 20% to provide mortgage money in the marketplace as well as the need to use a more up to date GSC regulator for investor confidence and more liquidity in the mortgage market.
Item 151: Senate Floor Statement, 2008-07-24Add to your cart.
Senator Martinez introduces the Gas Price Reduction Act. The legislation will include more caps for the commodity's future trading commission, ensure greater transparency in the trading environment, and commission a study regarding spectators and how they may or may not be influencing gas prices.
Item 152: Senator Martinez's Comments Before the Banking Committee, 2008-11-13Add to your cart.
Senator Martinez discusses the home ownership crisis and questions representatives from banks.
Item 153: Banking Committee OS/QA, 2008-07-30Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez questions New Jersey legislator about outlawing discriminatory insurance policies.
Item 154: Banking Committee Hearing Opening Statement, 2008-04-15Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez addresses panel on the issue of student loans.
Item 155: Senate Floor Colloquy between Sen. Cornyn, Sen. Martinez and Sen. Gregg, 2008-07-31Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez articulates his support for offshore drilling as a way of making the US less dependent on foreign oil.
Item 156: Banking Committee Hearing, 2008-07-15Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez asks Chairman Bernanke about improvements regarding transparency and oversight in the market.
Item 157: Armed Services Hearing, 2008-07-22Add to your cart.
Three Air Force nominees are examined by senators at a hearing.
Item 158: Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs Committee Hearing, 2008-07-15Add to your cart.
Chairman Paulson, Bernanke, and Cox are questioned by senators regarding the economic downturn.
Item 159: Armed Services Committee, 2008-03-11Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez asks military officers about Chinese military expenditures and merger of civilian and military efforts.
Item 160: Senate Floor StatementAdd to your cart.
Sen. Martinez argues for a US free trade agreement with Colombia
Item 161: Remarks to Senator Trent Lott Senate Floor Statement, 2007-12-17Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez expresses admiration and thanks to Trent Lott.
Item 162: A Mano Limpia con Oscar Haza, 2008-12-03Add to your cart.
Sen. Martinez says he never thought to be a campaign politician. Did it to serve the country. Gives brief history of how he became to be campaign politician. First senator in the history of the US to not have been born in the US. Likes to be clear, wants people to know he will not rerun for senator in 2 years. Discussion of rumors, which he proved false. Says he will go back to private practice. Talking about Jeb Bush becoming the next governor. A Mano limpia (“clean hand”) is referring to speaking with Mel Martinez as a friend, not as a senator.  Allowing the possibility of another Bush to take office is not part of any plan, just him wanting to get back to his private life. Asked about choosing Sarah Palin for John McCain, he says he doesn’t like to speculate the past, but look to the future. Talk about relations in Cuba, the economic crisis, the banks have money and don’t want to share, so we must stimulate, not demand. Hispanic force in the government, not enough presence in voting because the mindset is “we are Americans, we are Puerto Ricans” etc, not as a whole people. Discusses how he views his legacy after leaving office.
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