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Sandra Riley and Peggy Hall Collection


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Poetry Compilations and Periodicals

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Sandra Riley and Peggy Hall Collection | University of Miami Special Collections

By Katrina Clifford and Reymond Sanchez

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Collection Overview

Title: Sandra Riley and Peggy Hall CollectionAdd to your cart.

ID: ASM0601

Extent: 10.0 Boxes

Formats/Genres: Research (documents)

Languages: English

Scope and Contents of the Materials

This collection contains personal papers from local historian, playwright, director, and teacher, Sandra Riley, and poet, teacher, and musician, Peggy C. Hall. The materials currently include manuscripts, research notes, journals, interviews, drafts, playscripts, and other papers from their life's work and writings.

Subject/Index Terms

American literature
Bahamas - Description and travel
Indians of South America
South America

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions: This collection is open for research.

Acquisition Method: Donated by Sandra Riley and Peggy C. Hall, 2016.

Related Materials:

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Woman's Club of Coconut Grove records


The Lucayan Taíno: First People of the Bahamas

Sometimes Towards Eden

Homeward Bound

The Lucayans

The American Loyalists and the Plantation Period in the Bahama Islands

Atlantis: the Antedeluvian World

The Bahamas Handbook

Bahamian Lore

The Greenbear Chronicles

Stark's History and Guide to the Bahama Islands

Preferred Citation: Sandra Riley and Peggy Hall Collection, Special Collections, University of Miami Libraries, Coral Gables, Florida.

Processing Information: This collection was processed by Katrina Clifford under the supervision of Yvette Yurubi and Beatrice Skokan, 2017.

Box and Folder Listing

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Box 1Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Research - Hour of the Tiger, 2010Add to your cart.
Hour of the Tiger - research journals. Website clippings and a map of the Caribbean.
Folder 2: Scripts - Hour of the Tiger, 2004-2010Add to your cart.
Log of dates involving progress on Hour of the Tiger as well as two manila envelopes containing the scripts.
Folder 3: Research- Japan DOD Camp Zama, 1972-1973Add to your cart.
Newspaper clippings regarding Japanaese and U.S. relations and information on Camp Zama.
Folder 4: The Greenbear Chronicles - Play ScriptsAdd to your cart.
Greenbear Chronicles play and script documents accompanied with some notes.
Folder 5: Greenbear Chronicles Research, 2001Add to your cart.
Magazine clippings and an outline for the Greenbear Chronicles.Assorted notes for the play and research notes.
Folder 6: Mariah Brown - Eluethera, Bahamas Research, 1686-1982Add to your cart.
Folder contains "Eleuthera research in Matt, Lowe play research life." A pamphlet on experiencing the Bahamas. Some notes with a business card attached.
Folder 7: Mariah Brown Geneology, 1885-2003Add to your cart.
Assorted notes and article clippings.
Folder 8: Mariah Brown research, 1978-2014Add to your cart.
Mariah Brown timeline, photos of the house, newspaper clippings and researching notes.
Folder 9: Mariah Brown - Play notes and research, 1761-2002Add to your cart.
Written notes and printed articles researching information on Mariah Brown.
Folder 10: Matt Lowe and Miss Ruby Promotional Material, 2001Add to your cart.
Several programs for Miss Ruby and Matt Lowe productions, flyers for the event, and a print-out of reviews.
Folder 11: Miss Ruby -research (production) and orginal first draft, 1928-1998Add to your cart.
Contains a map of Key West, some newspaper clippings marking the centennial of Key West, drawings of fashion from the 1920's and the original Miss Ruby draft.
Folder 12: Gideon Lowe- Monologue, 1998Add to your cart.
Gideon Lowe draft by Sandra Riley.
Folder 13: Mariah Brown Production Notes, 2002Add to your cart.
Printed song notes and lyrics, written research notes, diary entries from Mariah Brown, and some article print-outs.
Folder 14: Mariah Brown Public Relations and Audience Letters, 2003-2004Add to your cart.
Collection of email print-outs of audience letters regarding Mariah Brown, as well as newspaper clippings and programs from the show.
Folder 15: Matt Lowe - Research, 1565-2001Add to your cart.
Collection of research notes for Matt Lowe, a copy of Matt Lowe and The War of Jenkins' Ear, and other materials related to the writing of the story such as song lyrics and maps.
Folder 16: Mariah Brown Article, 2007Add to your cart.
Mariah Brown Article - Journal of the Bahamas Historical Society
Folder 17: Mariah Brown Scripts, 2003-2010Add to your cart.
Six drafts of the script for the Mariah Brown play.
Box 2Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Mariah Brown - Key West Research, 2002-2008Add to your cart.
Key west research including articles printed out from various websites.
Folder 2: Gus Greenbear and the Beijing Fortune Cookie Caper - Research, Drafts, Book, 2002-2011Add to your cart.
Contains written research notes, a copy of the Gus Greenbear book, and an email journal.
Folder 3: Mariah Brown - Perrine - Helen Gage and Jean Taylor, 1997-2007Add to your cart.
Newspaper clipping, written notes, article print-outs, "Villages of South Dade" by Jean Taylor.
Folder 4: Mariah Brown - Coconut Grove Ecumenical Network, 2009Add to your cart.
Mission statement for the Coconut Grove Ecumenical Network, the hymn "Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing," and a clipping of the Miami Herald newspaper on the day President Obama was inaugurated.
Folder 5: Lucayans -Peggy Hall. Gables High AP/IB English., 1991-1994Add to your cart.
A copy of "The Lucayans," some maps and various essays written by students in the 1994 AP English class.
Folder 6: Mariah Brown - Miami Research, 1896-2007Add to your cart.
Assorted collection of written notes, newspaper clippings, and journal clippings.
Folder 7: Mariah Brown - Thelma Anderson Gibson: Photocopies from "Forebearance", 2000Add to your cart.
Photocopies from Forebearance.
Folder 8: Green Turtle Cay, Abaco, Bahamas Archeology, 1988-2001Add to your cart.
Contains a small journal, a map, written notes, article print outs, and a report from the Prehistoric and Historic Archaeological Field Research in Abaco, Bahamas: 1988-1991.
Folder 9: Lucayan Taino Research - Play, Film, Book, 2003-2005Add to your cart.
Email prints, website prints, pre-colombian art information, and written notes.
Folder 10: MapsAdd to your cart.
Collection of maps.
Box 3Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Narin - San Salvador Interview, 1982Add to your cart.
Oral history transcript Elmore Nairn, San Salvador, Bahamas. Interviewed by Sandra Riley.
Folder 2: Colombus Landing and Maps, 1979Add to your cart.
Folder 3: Bahamas Press: Published writing by Sandra Riley, 1974-1982Add to your cart.

"Long Island" - Sandra Riley

"Six Islands Claim to be Guanahani" - Sandra Riley

"Will the Real San Salvador Please Stand Up!" - Sandra Rliey

Folder 4: Historical Association of Southern Florida Article Vol II No. 4, 1984Add to your cart.
"Island Research Needs Dogged Determination" - by Sandra Riley
Folder 5: The Lucayan Taino: First People of the Bahamas - Las Casas, 2006Add to your cart.

Newspaper clipping titled "Tale of rebel queen is symbol of Haitain pride" - from May 26, 2006.

A booklet titled "Two worlds, two cultures, a story of pride and courage...Anacaona Queen of Hispaniola" for the Jackie Gleason Theater of the Performing Arts, Miami Beach, Florida.

Story of "Las Casas" attached with some written notes.

Folder 6: The Lucayan Taino: First People of the Bahamas. Brinton Language, 1870-2006Add to your cart.

"The Arawak Language of Guina in its Linguistic and Ethnological Relations"  by D.G. Brinton, M.D. (1871)

"Langauge, Thought, and Reality" - Benjamin Whorf (1897-1941)

A symbology document.

Written research notes.

Folder 7: Miscellaneous Research - Play & Film (Lucayan Taino), 2003-2005Add to your cart.
Contains newspaper clippings, assorted written notes, and article print-outs from websites.
Folder 8: The Lucayan Taino: First Peope of the Bahamas. Colombus research: history, background, controversy, 1991-1992Add to your cart.

"Seeds of Change" pamphlet

"The magazine of the Florida Humanities Council, The Consequences of Conquest - Reinterpreting the Colombian Legacy" (Spring 1992)

"When Worlds Collide - How Colombus's Voyages Transformed Both East and West" (1492-1992) - NewsWeek

The Christopher Colombus Encyclopedia"

Folder 9: The Lucayan Taino: First People of the Bahamas Pane-Myth, 1906Add to your cart.

The Arawack Language of Guiana

Colombus, Ramon Pane and the Beginnings of American Anthropology - Edward Gaylord Bourne

In Its Linguistic and Ethnological Relations

Treatise of Friar Ramon on the Antiqueties of the Indians Which He As One Who Knows Their Language Diligently Collected by Command of the Admiral.

Appendices - Translated by Susan C. Griswold

The Creation Myths of the Taino - Jose Juan Arrom

Just Wasting Away: Taino Shamanism and Concepts of Fertility

Taino Stone Collars, Elbow Stones, and Three-Pointers - Jeffery B. Walker

Folder 10: Key West Conch Republic/ Island RootsAdd to your cart.

Official Guide to the 2012 Conch Republic Independence Celebration- 30th Anniversary


Return to Roots Island Festival - Schedule of Events

Assorted emails

Folder 11: Green Turtle Cay - Abaco, Bahamas. Heritage Festival., 2002-2008Add to your cart.

Newspaper clippings

Assorted flyers


A copy of Matt Lowe - Sandra Riley

Sisters of the Sea: Anne Bonny and Mary Read Pirates of the Caribbean - Sandra Riley

Email copies

Heritage Festival schedule

Folder 12: Pirates in Paradise - Key West, 2000-2004Add to your cart.

Flyers for the Fort Taylor Pirate Festival

Schedule of Events

Newspaper clippings from the festival


Box 4Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Footprints - Seminoles Articles by Kirk and Mary, 1981-1989Add to your cart.

The Seminole Women of Florida - by Mary Barr Munroe

A Forgotten Remnant - Kirk Munroe

Camp Life Among the Seminoles - Kirk Munroe

Folder 2: Footprints - Mabel Loomis Todd (Letters from MBM), 1895-2010Add to your cart.

Mabel Loomis Todd - General Collection Sterling Memorial Library Yale University

Newspaper and website clippings

The Posthumous Discovery of Dickinson's Poems

Folder 3: Footprints- Wusle the Dog, 1887-1890Add to your cart.

Wusle the Dog diary entries.

Photocopies of writing and a picture of Wusle.

Folder 4: Footprints - Amelia Barr's Autobiography, 1880-1912Add to your cart.
Diary entries and photocopies of Amelia Barr's diary.
Folder 5: Mary Barr Diary (Index) ARVA - Library of Congress, 1886-1896Add to your cart.
Series of diary entry packets  from 1886-1896.
Folder 6: Footprints: Forgotten Frontier Pictures - Ralph Munroe, 1877-2006Add to your cart.

The Forgotten Frontier - Arva Moore Parks

Pictures from the late 1800's

Folder 7: Footprints- Coconut Grove and People, 1876-1973Add to your cart.

Place Names for South Florida - Dr. John Gifford

Street maps of Coconut Grove


Black Caesar; Fact or Fiction?

Julia's Daughters:  Women in Dade's History

The Good Samaritan of Cape Florida Settlement

Pre-Flagler Influences on the Lower Florida East Coast

The Kampong

Yesterday - by Arva Moore Parks

History of West Coconut Grove in the Context of Miami

To Miami, 1890 Style - by Mrs. John R. Gilpin

Life and Times of William John Matheson

Marjory Douglas Recalls Fine People Who Made the Grove

My Pioneer Reminiscences - by Mrs. Harlan Trapp

Folder 8: Footprints - AHC Report #92 - APR 1994 Gray Estate Scrububs by Kirk and Mary Munroe, 1994-2011Add to your cart.
Archaelogical Investigations of a Historic Dump at the Gray's Estate Dade County, Florida
Folder 9: Footprints - Pictures and Maps, 1975-2001Add to your cart.

Preservtion Today Spring 2001 issue.

Photographs and maps of the people and area of the time.

Folder 10: Footprints- Royal Palm Park, 1898-2014Add to your cart.
Email correspondance about Mary Barr Munroe and some diary entry timelines.
Folder 11: Footprints - Plume Birds, 1875-2016Add to your cart.

Bird Gossip - Mary B. Munroe

Fighting the Plume Hunters and Saving the Everglades

South Florida Celebrates 100 years of Audubon presence

Key S. Fla. wading birds continue decline in '15

Folder 12: Footprints: Book Titles - Written or about Kirk Munroe, 1850-1975Add to your cart.
Collection of articles written or about Kirk Munroe.
Folder 13: Footprints - About Mary Barr Munroe, 1852-1922Add to your cart.

"Mary Barr Munroe Pioneered a Village"

"Mrs. Kirk Munroe"

"The Varieties of Women's Experiences"

Folder 14: Footprints- Scrububs Guest Book, 1886-1994Add to your cart.
Scrububs Guestbook and assorted article print-outs and photographs.
Folder 15: Footprints - Written by Mary B. Munroe, 1909-1943Add to your cart.

"Pioneer Women of Dade County" - Marry Bar Munroe

"Bird Gossip" - Mary B. Munroe

"The Tropic Magazine"

"Pioneer Women of Dade"

"The Housekeepers, Club of Biscayne Bay"

"Ettiquette and Work in Women's Clubs "

"Harper's Young People"

Folder 16: Footprints  - Miami Metropolis 1896-98 Newspaper, 1896-1898Add to your cart.

"The Cycle Soldier"

Articles from the Miami Metropolis

Folder 17: Footprints- Material Used in Writing 1886-1922, 1886-1922Add to your cart.

"Mrs. Kirk Munroe Guest of Sir Douglas Haig Chapter Makes Felicitous Address"

"Wonan's Club Talks Conservation with Mrs. Kirk Munroe as Leader"

Other assorted articles

Folder 18: Footprints- Research File Folder: Miami Metropolis, n.d.Add to your cart.
Three notebooks of drafts, and writing process notes.
Box 5Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Director's Stage Guide - The Fantasticks, 1989Add to your cart.
A copy of the Fantasticks Stage Guide book.
Folder 2: MacBeth, HHS Script - November 1963, 1963Add to your cart.
MacBeth script, stage notes, program for the show and sketches of the stage.
Folder 3: The Fantasticks, 2000Add to your cart.
A copy of the fantasticks book.
Folder 4: All My Sons Script - November 1962. HHS - March 1996 Barn Theatre, 1962-1996Add to your cart.
Plot Structure - "All My Sons"
Folder 5: Footprints - Final Script, 2011-2016Add to your cart.
Footprints - Sandra Riley
Folder 6: Footprints - New Theatre Works and Script for Public Reading, 2015-2016Add to your cart.
Footprints public reading script and workshop script brochures.
Box 6Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Bahama Prehistory: Cultural Adaptations to an Island Environment, 1967Add to your cart.
Contains a dissertation on Bahama Prehistory: Cultural Adaptation to an Island Environment. University of Arizona.
Folder 2: Bahamas Trilogy - A Collection of Historical Solo Dramas by Sandra Riley, 2010Add to your cart.
Book on Bahamas Trology.
Folder 3: Piracy Examined: A study of Daniel Defoe's General, 1970Add to your cart.
A dissertation presented to the faculty of Princeton University in candidacy for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.
Folder 4: Journal of the Bahamas Histrorical Society, 1993Add to your cart.
Volume 15 No. 1
Folder 5: Journal of the Bahamas Historical Society, 1989Add to your cart.
Volume 11, No. 1.
Folder 6: Journal of the Bahamas Historical Society, 1991Add to your cart.
Volume 13, No. 1.
Folder 7: Journal of the Bahamas Historical Society, 1980Add to your cart.
Volume 11, No. 1.
Folder 8: Madwoman Script Research, 1958-1974Add to your cart.
Stage set sketches, photographs, and research notes.
Folder 9: Skin of our Teeth - teacher resource packet, 1992Add to your cart.
Director's script and research notes.
Folder 10: First San Salvador Conference - Colombus and His World, 1986Add to your cart.
A copy of the First San Salvador - Colombus and His World book.
Box 7Add to your cart.
Folder 1: An Archaelogical and Historical Assessment of Preacher's Cave, Eleuthera, Bahamas, 2006Add to your cart.
AHC Bahamas Technical Report #4 November 2006
Folder 2: Stone Poems & Wotai - Help on the Way by Sandra Riley/Wotai Noebook & Stone Poems Research and Drafts Notebook, 1998Add to your cart.
3 small books - research notebook and a copy of Wotai and Stone Poems.
Folder 3: South Florida History - Historical Museum of Southern Florida, 2004Add to your cart.
Volume 32, No. 1, 2004
Folder 4: Five Hundred Years After Colombus: Proceedings of the 47th International Congress of Americanists, 1994Add to your cart.
A copy of the book Five Hundred Years After Colombus.
Folder 5: The Florida Anthropologist, 1982Add to your cart.
Volume 35, No. 1.
Folder 6: Documentation of the Indians of the Florida Keys and Miami, 1513-1765Add to your cart.
A copy of the book.
Folder 7: Journal of the Bahamas Historical Society, 1990Add to your cart.
Volume 12, No.1.
Folder 8: Journal of the Bahamas Historical Society, 1986Add to your cart.
Volume 8, No.1
Folder 9: Journal of the Bahamas Historical Society, 1983Add to your cart.
Volume 5, No.1.
Folder 10: Journal of the Bahamas Historical Society, 1987Add to your cart.
Volume 9, No.1.
Folder 11: Journal of the Bahamas Historical Society, 1988Add to your cart.
Volume 10, No. 1.
Folder 12: Journal of the Bahamas Historical Society, 1992Add to your cart.
Volume 14, No. 1.
Box 8Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Play Script and Stage Outline, 1967Add to your cart.
Pamphlet and program.
Folder 2: Assorted Documents on the Bahamas, 1980Add to your cart.
Article clippings on the Bahamas.
Folder 3: Early Sun - The Lucayans for Intro & Warm-up Drill, n.d.Add to your cart.
Copies of Early Sun and Warm-Up Drill
Folder 4: Journal Research, n.d.Add to your cart.
Lifeways - Sandra Riley
Folder 5: Gus Greenbear and the Beijing Fortune Cookie Caper Research, 1995-2008Add to your cart.
Research notes and news article clippings.
Box 9: Poetry Compilations and PeriodicalsAdd to your cart.
This box contains a collection of nationally-distributed journals, compilations, and periodicals which feature poems written by Sandra Riley and Peggy Hall.
Folder 1: Poetry Compilations and Periodicals, 2003-2005Add to your cart.
Folder 2: Poetry Compilations and Periodicals, 2003-2005Add to your cart.
Folder 3: Poetry Compilations and Periodicals, 2003Add to your cart.
Folder 4: Poetry Compilations and Periodicals, 2000-2004Add to your cart.
Folder 6: Poetry Compilations and Periodicals, 2005Add to your cart.
Box 10: Poetry Compilations and PeriodicalsAdd to your cart.
This box contains a collection of nationally-distributed journals, compilations, and periodicals which feature poems written by Sandra Riley and Peggy Hall.
Folder 1: Poetry Compilations and Periodicals, 2003-2004Add to your cart.
Folder 2: Poetry Compilations and Periodicals, 1987-2003Add to your cart.

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