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Henry Field papers, 1943-1974 | University of Miami Special Collections

By William E. Brown, Jr. and Karen Hudson

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Collection Overview

Title: Henry Field papers, 1943-1974Add to your cart.

Predominant Dates:1943-1945

ID: ASM0072

Creator: Field, Henry (1902-1986)

Extent: 35.0 Boxes


Each of the "M" project studies originally included a brief summary, a longer summary with conclusions and a complete text. Six series including Reports, Translations, Memoranda, Administrative and Special Studies, comprised the final project report.  The "M" project papers are arranged accordingly.

The Field manuscripts comprise a second series in the collection.

Formats/Genres: Manuscripts, Reports

Languages: English

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The Henry Field Papers include the page proofs of the "M" project for FDR, a study of world population, migration and settlement undertaken to provide data for shaping post-war relocation strategies.  The "M" Project papers contain the 666 studies done under the name as well as the history of the project.  Franklin D. Roosevelt conceived the "M" project in 1940.  The president believed that " the Paris Peace Conference decisions were made without adequate basic information," and intended the "M" Project studies to assist in relocating displaced groups after World War II in order to help prevent future conflicts. 

Each of the "M" project studies originally included a brief summary, a longer summary with conclusions and a complete text. Six series including Reports, Translations, Memoranda, Administrative and Special Studies, comprised the final project report.

In the Report Series of the publication, Field includes summaries of reports which deal with population and settlement studies in specific areas as well as more general studies such as "Displacements of Population in Europe" concerning refugee problems created by World War I. (R-53, p. 41) The Translation Series, translated mainly from Russian and Japanese, concerns agriculture, colonization, population, industry and immigration in Russia, Japan and other countries. The Memorandum Series contains data on specific issues; many involve the Jewish population of European countries and others relate to the Palestine and Transjordan areas.The Lecture Series contains lectures given in New York City in 1944 on modern migrations (L1-L6), on immigration laws and policies (L7-L17) and Jewish migration agencies and organizations. Field states that the Administrative Series related primarily to the problems of Nazi Germany and included a section on "Women in Nazi Germany."  He identifies the authors, Dr. and Mrs. Kempner, and explains that he did not write summaries for the studies "Since this series is completely out of date..."(p. 325)  The summaries of only two studies appear in the Special Series.  Both concern immigration problems in Russia.  President Truman terminated the "M" Project before the completion of this series.

The Field papers also include manuscripts for three of the Field Research Reports.  The first, an "Archaeological Report on North Arabian Desert Flint Implements" relates to a Peabody Field Museum expedition of 1928 and includes numerous prints of expedition photographs.  The remaining manuscripts include an introduction to "Contributions to the Ancient History of the USSR..." reporting on a Peabody Museum expedition of 1960 and Field's "Mongolian Tour: A Personal Diary" published as a field research report in 1974.

Biographical Note

American anthropologist Henry Field studied in England, graduating from Oxford University in 1925.  He worked as Assistant Curator of Physical Anthropology in the Field Museum of Natural History, and held the position of Curator, 1934-41.  Field participated in several of the Museum's Near East expeditions. 

In 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt asked Field to join his staff as anthropologist and personal advisor.  Field became a member of the Special Intelligence Unit of the White House, and director of the "M" project, a study of world population, migration and settlement undertaken to provide data for shaping post-war relocation strategies.  Henry Field eventually published the 666 studies following declassification of the files in 1960.  He also wrote a history of his experiences, entitled The "M" Project and The Track of Man, Volume 2: The White House Years. 

Throughout his career, Field participated in archaeological expeditions in Europe, Africa, Mongolia and southwest Asia.  He also led expeditions to Europe, the North Arabian Desert, Iraq, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.  He  was a member of the University of California African Expedition (1947-48), and the Peabody Museum- Harvard Expedition to the Near East and Pakistan.  In 1966 he joined the University of Miami faculty, and edited, wrote and published a number of anthropological studies through his "Field Research Reports."

Field, the recipient of many honors and awards, was a research fellow in physical anthropology at Harvard from 1950-69, and an honorary member of the Glasgow Archaeological Society.  He also joined several foreign scientific societies and organizations in the United States and other countries.  His publications include the following works on southwest: Useful Plants and Drugs of Iran and Iraq, The Anthropology of Iraq and Bibliographies on South West Asia I-VIII.  He also published Contributions to the Anthropology of the Caucasus, The Track of Man, Arabian Desert Tales, Mongolia Diary and Mongolia Today, Trail Blazers and other works.

Subject/Index Terms

Emigration and immigration - Europe
Field, Henry, 1902-1986
Migration, Internal - Europe
Population - Statistics - Europe - 20th century
Reconstruction (1939-1951) - Europe.
Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano), 1882-1945
World War, 1939-1945

Administrative Information

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Use Restrictions: Henry Field Papers Finding Aid © 1994 University of Miami. Requests to reproduce or publish materials from this collection should be directed to

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Series I: "M" Project FilesAdd to your cart.
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M-1 "Fifty Years of Jewish Colonization in the Argentine," June 25, 1943

M-2 "Reclamation and Colonization in Tavoliere, Italy," July 15, 1943

M-3 "Decline of German Birth Rate," June 25, 1943

M-4 "Possibilities of Settlement in Kimberley Region, Western Australia," June 28, 1943

M-5 "Memorandum for International Refugee Conference at Evian," June 28, 1943

M-7 "New Settlers in Sicily," July 23, 1943

Folder 2Add to your cart.

M-8 "Karelian Immigrants in Finland," July 23,1943

M-9 "Population of Hong Kong in 1941," July 23, 1943

M-10 "Growth Population in Burma," July 27, 1943

M-11 Not Acquired

M-12 "Refugees in Southern Rhodesia," July 20, 1943

M-13 Not Acquired

M-14 "Exchange of Bulgaro-Romanian Populations," August 21, 1943

M-15 "Land Settlement in Alberta," August 18, 1943

M-16 "Economic Pioneer Land Settlement Policy in Canada," August 17, 1943

M-17 "Possibilities for Settlement of Irrigated Lands in Alberta," August 16, 1943

M-18 "Problems of Land Settlement in Saskatchewan," August 16, 1943

Folder 3Add to your cart.

M-19 "Land Settlement in New Brunswick," August 19, 1943

M-20 "Land Settlement Problems in Northern Ontario," August 18, 1943

M-21 "Instructions to Inspectors of Settlements in Extreme Northern Areas of Canada," August 30, 1943

M-22 "Netherland Refugees in Surinam," August 31, 1943

M-23 "Greek Refugees in Nea East and Africa," September 1, 1943

M-24 "Polish Refugees in Iran, Africa and India," August 2, 1943

M-25 Not Acquired

M-26 "Population and Vital Statistics of German-Occupied U.S.S.R. excluding Poland, the Baltic States, and Bessarabia," September 10, 1943

M-27 "Rice Farming in Manchukuo I," September 6, 1943

M-28 "Japanese Vital Statistics," September 7, 1943

Folder 4Add to your cart.

M-29 "Regulations for Jews to Leave Bulgaria," September 10, 1943

M-30 "Settlement in Dominican Republic" (Incomplete)

M-31 Not Acquired

M-32 "International Migration," September 24, 1943

M-33 "Land Settlement in New Brunswick-No.2," September 22, 1943

Folder 5Add to your cart.

M-34 "Average progress of Settlers in Northern Saskatchewan, 1941," September 24, 1943

M-35 Not Acquired

M-36 "Immigration Policy in the Union of South Africa," September 27, 1943

M-37 "Social Aspects of Agricultural Policy in Canada,"September 25, 1943

M-38 Not Acquired

M-39 Not Acquired

M-40 "List of Jewish Organizations," October 27, 1943

M-41 "Population Movements in China," October 28, 1943 M-42 Not Acquired

M-43 "Settlement Possibilities in Kimberley, Western Australia," November 17, 1943

Folder 6Add to your cart.

M-44 "Settlement Possibilities in Nigeria," November 10, 1943

M-45 "Settlement Possibilities in the Virgin Islands," November 11, 1943

M-46 "Developments in Palestine, April-November 1943," November 16, 1943

M-47 "Plan for Jewish Settlement in Northwestern Australia," November 20, 1943

M-48 "Greek Refugees in the Belgian Congo," December 7, 1943

M-49 "Selection for Cooperation Rural Settlements," December 28, 1943

M-50 "Relocation of Japanese Americans," December 29, 1943

Folder 7Add to your cart.

M-51 "Colonization in Peru," December 29, 1943

M-52 "Rehabilitation in Ecuador," December 28, 1943

M-53 "An Economic Pioneer Land Settlement Policy in Canada," December 30, 1943

M-54 "Developments in Palestine, November- December 1943," January 5, 1944

Box 2Add to your cart.
Folder 8Add to your cart.

M-55 "Freedom Village, Palestine," March 14,1944

M-56 "Foreign Workers in France," February 29, 1944

M-57 "The First Inter-American Demographic Congress," March 20, 1944

M-58 "German Vital Statistics," March 18, 1944

M-59 "Polish Refugees in India," March 28, 1944

M-60 "The Absorptive Capacity of Palestine," March 27, 1944

M-61 "Jewish Migration-Past and Present," March 29, 1944

Folder 9Add to your cart.

M-62 "Greek Refugees in the Near East and Africa," March 30, 1944

M-63 "Possibilities of Improvement among Rural Panamanians," April 3, 1944

M-64 "Land Settlement in Manchuria, 1942-44," April 5, 1944

M-65 "Thirty Years of Rural Reconstruction in India," April 4, 1944

M-66 "Location of Polish Refugees," April 8, 1944

M-67 "German Colonization in Poland," April 7, 1944

M-68 "Evacuation of Germans to Poland," April 7, 1944

Folder 10Add to your cart.

M-69 "Land Settlement in British Guiana," April 14, 1944

M-70 Not Acquired

M-71 "Japanese Land Reclamation Project Between Australia and New Guinea," April 27, 1944

M-72 "Animal Husbandry in British Guiana," May 5, 1944

M-73 "Agreement Regarding Possible Development of Paper Industry in British Guiana," May 1, 1944

Folder 11Add to your cart.

M-79 "Notes on Population in Japanese Empire," May 10, 1944

M-80 "Settlements in Chile," May 11, 1944

M-81 "Newfoundland and Agriculture," May 15, 1944

Folder 12Add to your cart.

M-82 "Summary of Census of India, 1941," May 14, 1944

M-83 "Notes on East Indians of British Guiana," May 16, 1944

M-84 "War and the Displacement of Population in Eastern Asia," May 8, 1944

M-85 "Notes on Settlement in British Guiana," May 19, 1944

M-86 Not Acquired

M-87 "Recent Developments in Ceylon," May 22, 1944

M-88 "Developments in Occupied China, April 1943-March 1944," May 25, 1944

Folder 13Add to your cart.

M-89 "Recent Developments in Free China, March 1943-January 1944," May 31, 1944

M-90 "Recent Developments in the Netherlands, East Indies, September 1943-March 1944," May 30, 1944

M-91 "Possible Developments in British Guiana," June 3, 1944

M-92 "Possibilities of Settlement in Australia," June 6, 1944

M-93 Not Acquired

M-94 "Irrigation Problems and Settlement Possibilities in Persia (Iran)," June 9, 1944

M-95 "Problems of Population and Settlement in Latin America," June 12, 1944

Box 3Add to your cart.
Folder 14Add to your cart.

M-96 "Developments in Manchuria, August, 1943-April, 1944," May 8, 1944

M-97 "East Indian Immigration Statistics for British Guiana," June 12, 1944

M-98 "Demographic Problems of the Jewish Population in Palestine," June 13, 1944

M-99 "Refugees in Sweden on January 1, 1944," June 14, 1944

M-100 "Recommendations on Immigration and Agriculture Adopted by Conference of Commissions of Inter-American Development," June 16, 1944

M-101 "Agreement between Australia and New Zealand on Migration," June 19, 1944

M-102 "Refugees in Britain," June 19, 1944

M-103 "Refugees in Switzerland," June 19, 1944

Folder 15Add to your cart.

M-104 "Extension Work at Tingo Maria, Peru,"June 20, 1944

M-105 "The Refugee Problem-Plans and Possibilities," June 20, 1944

M-106 "National Agencies Dealing with Refugee Problems," May 21, 1944

M-107 "Jewish Agricultural Colonization," June 26, 1944

M-108 "Plans for Agricultural Development in Trinidad," June 26, 1944

M-109 "Post-War Immigrants for Canada," June 28, 1944

M-110 "List of Reports, Translations and Memoranda Disseminated May 1, 1944-June 30, 1944," June 30, 1944

Folder 16Add to your cart.

M-111 "Handling Displaced Populations in Occupied Territory," July 3, 1944

M-112 "Land Settlements in England, Germany and Denmark," July 4, 1944

M-113 "Possibilities for Reconstruction of French Villages," July 5, 1944

M-114 "Maps of Japan," July 6, 1944

M-115 "Categories of Displaced Persons," July 10, 1944

M-116 "Rehabilitation of Penne du Tarne, France," July 11, 1944

M-117 "Rehabilitation of Puycelci, Department of the Tarn, France," July 12, 1944

M-118 "Fairbridge Farm Schools in Canada and Australia," July 13, 1944

Folder 17Add to your cart.

M-119 "Restrictions on Indian Immigration into East Africa," July 20, 1944

M-120 "Estimated Future Population of India," July 21, 1944

M-121 "Rehabilitation of Destitute Children Through Vocational Training," July 22, 1944

M-122 Not Acquired

M-123 "Plans for Irrigations and Hydro-Electric Development in Palestine," August 3, 1944

M-124 "Resettlement of Demobilized Personnel in India," August 2, 1944

M-125 "Map of Displaced Peoples in Europe," August 8, 1944

M-126 "Russian Emigration between the Two World Wars: Its Origins and Problems," August 8, 1944

Folder 18Add to your cart.

M-127 "Population Problems in Indonesia,"August 9, 1944

M-128 "Population in Palestine: Its Growth and Characteristics," August 7, 1944

M-129 "Refugees in Mauritius," August 8, 1944

M-130 "Dutch Repatriation Technique," August 11, 1944

M-131 "Canadian and American Immigration Policies," August 16, 1944

M-132 Not Acquired

M-133 "New Immigration Policy for Australia," August 19, 1944

M-134 "French Problems of Tomorrow," August 23, 1944

Folder 19Add to your cart.

M-135 "New Factors in Migration and Settlement," September 12, 1944

M-136 "Demographic Data on Germany," September 25, 1944

M-137 "First Inter-American Population Congress," August 28, 1944

M-138 "Agreements Concerning the Migration of Workers from British Honduras and Barbados to the United States," September 27, 1944

M-139 "Emigration of Mexican Workers to the United States," September 26, 1944

M-140 "Population Movements in Argentina," September 25, 1944

Box 4Add to your cart.
Folder 20Add to your cart.

M-141 "Europe's Uprooted Peoples," October 10, 1944

M-142 "Lists of Reports, Translations and Memoranda Disseminated July 1, 1944- September 30, 1944," October 6, 1944

M-143 "Dzhelal-Ogly Industrial School in the Caucasus, 1921," October 11, 1944

M-144 "Commanding Our Wealth," October 12, 1944

M-145 "Developments in Palestine April- September, 1944," October 13, 1944

M-146 "Notes on the Work of the Colonial Department, University of London, Institute of Education," October 12, 1944

Folder 21Add to your cart.

M-147 "Demographic Problems of Persia (Iran)," October 18, 1944

M-148 "Population Map of Britain," October 19, 1944

M-149 "Average Progress of Settlers in the Albertville-Garrick, Northern Pioneer Areas, Saskatchwan, 1941," October 18, 1944

M-150 "The Developments of Population Predictions in Europe and the Americas," October 16, 1944

M-151 "German Response to Quaker Relief, 1920," October 20, 1944

M-152 Not Acquired

M-153 "Population Shifts in Southeast Asia," October 23, 1944

Folder 22Add to your cart.

M-154 "Greek Refugee Camp in Syria, 1943," October 28, 1944

M-155 "The Agrarian Situation in India," October 30, 1944

M-156 "The Mobilization of Foreign Labor by Germany," October 30, 1944

M-157 "Temporary Migration of Mexican Workers to the United States," October 31, 1944

M-158 "Demographic Fact and Policy in India," November 6, 1944

M-159 "Land Tenure in Argentina," November 7, 1944

Folder 23Add to your cart.

M-160 "Immigration and Colonization Plan for Panama, 1944," November 20, 1944

M-161 "Recent Legislation for the Protection of Motherhood and Childhood in the USSR," November 22, 1944

M-162 "People for the Commonwealth: A British Plan," December 18, 1944

M-163 "List of Reports, Translations, Memoranda Lectures, and Administrative Series Disseminated November 1, 1942-December 31, 1944," December 31, 1944

M-164 "Population for Japan," January 2, 1945

Folder 24Add to your cart.

M-165 Not Acquired

M-166 "Australia Planning Adult Migration," January 4, 1945

M-167 "Northward Migration of Farmers in Manchuria," January 5, 1945

M-168 "Korea in Transition: Demographic Aspects," January 6, 1945

M-169 "Eternally Frozen Soils in the U.S.S.R.," January 2, 1945

Folder 25Add to your cart.

M-170 "Planned Mass Migration in Northern Manchuria," January 2, 1945

M-171 "Prospects for Population Growth in the Near East," January 2, 1945

M-172 "Problems of Policy in Relation to Areas of Heavy Population Pressure," January 3, 1945

M-173 "A Population Plan for Egypt," January 2, 1945

M-174 "Agricultural Population and Rural Economy in Eastern and Southern Europe," January 2, 1945

M-175 "Child Migrants for Australia," January 8, 1945

Folder 26Add to your cart.

M-176 "Index to Reports, Translations, Memoranda, and Lectures for Period November 1, 1942-December 31, 1944," January 10, 1945

M-177 "The Status of East Indians in the British Empire," January 12, 1945

M-178 "Land Settlement in Newfoundland," January 12, 1945

M-179 "Plan for Demobilized Soldiers in India," January 13, 1945

M-180 "Cossack Colony in Peru," January 15, 1945

M-181 "Letters from Young Jewish Settlers," January 22, 1945

M-182 "Millions to Rescue," January 24, 1945

M-183 "Trained Jewish Refugees for France," January 29, 1945

Box 5Add to your cart.
Folder 27Add to your cart.

M-184 "Plan for Post-War Immigration and Colonization in Panama," January 31, 1945

M-185 "The Redistribution of Population in England," February 3, 1945

M-186 "The Reconstruction of Towns in England," February 5, 1945

M-187 "The Redistribution of Settlement in England: The Development of Existing Small Towns," February 5, 1945

M-188 "New Developments on Abandan Island, Persian Gulf," January 31, 1945

M-189 "Prairie Farm Rehabilitation in Canada," February 7, 1945

Folder 28Add to your cart.

M-190 "The Demographic Position of Egypt," February 8, 1945

M-191 "Mennonite Colonies in Brazil and Paraguay," February 9, 1945

M-192 "Russian Mennonites in the Paraguayan Chaco," February 10, 1945

M-193 "The Canadian Mennonite Immigration into the Paraguayan Chaco, 1926-1927," February 12, 1945

M-194 "The Cities of the Soviet Union," February 13, 1945

Folder 29Add to your cart.

M-195 "Developments in Palestine, October-December, 1944," February 14, 1945

M-196 "British Plans for Post-War Emigration to the Empire," February 15, 1945

M-197 "Cooperative Credit Societies in the South Caribbean Area," February 19, 1945

M-198 "Wartime Planning for Physical Reconstruction in Great Britain," February 20, 1945

Folder 30Add to your cart.

M-199 "The Problems of Population in India," February 21, 1945

M-200 "The Jewish Communities of Nazi-Occupied Europe," February 22, 1945

M-201 "Estimate of Soviet Manpower, 1943," February 23, 1945

M-202 "Some Recent Studies of Population," February 24, 1945

M-203 "Settlement Possibilities in Tasmania and Australia," February 26, 1945

Folder 31Add to your cart.

M-204 "East Indians in Fiji," February 27, 1945

M-205 "East Indians in Malaya," February 28, 1945

M-206 "Migration-A Vital Post-War Problem," February 28, 1945

M-207 "The Mennonite Colony in Turkestan," March 1, 1945

Folder 32Add to your cart.

M-208 "Settlement Problems in Northern New Brunswick," March 3, 1945

M-209 Not Acquired

M-210 "Attitudes Towards Settlement in Latin America," March 1, 1945

M-211 "Migration Problems in Australia," March 1, 1945

M-212 "Planned Migration and the International Labour Office," March 1, 1945

M-213 "Scandinavian Migration and the International Labor Market," March 1, 1945

M-214 "Industrial and Settlement Possibilities in British Guiana," March 1, 1945

Folder 33Add to your cart.

M-215 "Migration and War in Eastern Asia," March 1, 1945

M-216 "Population Dislocations in Europe," March 1, 1945

M-217 "List of Reports, Translations, Memoranda, and Administrative Series Disseminated January-February, 1945," March 5, 1945

M-218 "Developments in Palestine, January- February, 1945," March 7, 1945

M-219 "East Indians in South Africa," March 9, 1945

Box 6Add to your cart.
Folder 34Add to your cart.

M-220 "The World Demographic Transition," March 10, 1945

M-221 "The Changing Population of the United States," March 10, 1945

M-222 "Demographic Status of South America," March 10, 1945

M-223 "Population Problems in Central and Caribbean America," March 10, 1945

M-224 "Population Trends in Postwar Europe," March 10, 1945

M-225 "Russia's Growing Population," March 10, 1945

M-226 "The Demographic Heritage of the Japanese Empire," March 10, 1945

M-227 "Population Prospects for China and Southeastern Asia," March 10, 1945

Folder 35Add to your cart.

M-228 "Population Problems in the British Overseas Dominions," March 12, 1945

M-229 "The Peoples of the Mohammedan World," March 12, 1945

M-230 "Demographic Consequences of European Contact with Primitive Peoples," March 12, 1945

M-231 "Trends, Determinants and Control in Human Fertility," March 12, 1945

M-232 "Trends in Longevity," March 12, 1945 M-233 "Infant and Maternal Mortality in the Infant World," March 12, 1945

M-234 "The Trend Toward an Older Population," March 12, 1945

M-235 "Sickness and Health: Their Measurement, Distribution, and Changes," March 12, 1945

M-236 "Pressures and Barriers in Future Migration," March 13, 1945

M-237 "Relocation of Europeans," March 13, 1945

M-238 "Population and Per Capita Income," March 13, 1945

Folder 36Add to your cart.

M-239 "Issues of Population Policy," March 13, 1945

M-240 "The Role of Postwar Palestine," March 14, 1945

M-241 "Jews in Europe: 1939-1941," March 14, 1945

M-242 "Jewish Reconstruction," March 14, 1945

M-243 "Economic Resources and Population Shifts," March 15, 1945

M-244 "The Migration and Settlements of Detroit Mexicans," March 16, 1945

M-245 "Jewish Community Life and Organization in Latin America," March 17, 1945

M-246 "A New Sample of the U.S. Population," March 19, 1945

Folder 37Add to your cart.

M-247 "Australia Looks to the Future," March 20, 1945

M-248 "Jews in Europe, March 1945," March 31, 1945

M-249 "Notes on Far Eastern Populations," March 31, 1945

M-250 "Puerto Rican Emigration," April 2, 1945

Folder 38Add to your cart.

M-251 "Jews in Columbia," April 4, 1945

M-252 "Population and Land Resource Relationship," April 4, 1945

M-253 "Growth of World Population," April 5, 1945

M-254 "Plan for Post-War Irrigation and Hydel Development in India," April 5, 1945

M-255 "New Irrigation Schemes in India," April 6, 1945

M-256 "Labor Supply in Southeast Asia," April 7, 1945

M-257 "Settlement Possibilities in Latin America," April 9, 1945

Folder 39Add to your cart.

M-258 "Guarantees to Prospective Settlers in Latin America," April 10, 1945

M-259 "Probable Zones of Colonization in Venezuela," April 11, 1945

M-260 "Mennonite Colonization," April 11, 1945

M-261 "Some Brazilian Views on Migration," April 11, 1945

M-262 "Developments in the Far East, 1943-45," April 12, 1945

M-263 "Russian Emigres and Foreign Workers in France," April 12, 1945

Folder 40Add to your cart.

M-264 "Water and Livestock in Australia," April 12, 1945

M-265 Not Acquired

M-266 "International Migration Service," April 13, 1945

M-267 "Notes on Postwar Soviet Economy," April 13, 1945

M-268 "Labor Migration Disturbs Britain," April 14, 1945

M-269 "The Central Location Index," April 16, 1945

Folder 41Add to your cart.

M-270 "Jewish Settlements in Palestine, 1939-1945," April 17, 1945

M-271 "Industrial Cooperatives in China," April 18, 1945

M-272 "Population of Omdurman, Anglo-Egyptian Sudan," April 19, 1945

M-273 "Plan for Remodeling Esna Barrage, Upper Egypt," April 19, 1945

M-274 "Development of Mysore, India," April 19, 1945

M-275 "Developments of the Dongola Reach, Sudan," April 19, 1945

M-276 "Developments in Afghanistan,"April 20, 1945

M-277 "Formosa under the Japanese," April 20, 1945

M-278 "Australian Attitude toward Migration," April 20, 1945

Folder 42Add to your cart.

M-279 "List of Reports, Translations, Memoranda and Administrative Series Disseminated March-April, 1945," April 30, 1945

M-280 "Labor Population in Assam Tea Gardens," May 5, 1945

M-281 "Present Activities of the World ORT Union," May 4, 1945

M-282 "The Comite Inter-Mouvements Aupres des Evacues (CIMADE)," May 5, 1945

M-283 Not Acquired

M-284 "Agricultural and Industrial Notes on Poland, October, 1944-April, 1945," May 8, 1945

M-285 "Brazil's Advancing Frontier, 1822-1941," May 9, 1945

Folder 43Add to your cart.

M-286 "Labor Supply Problems in Trinidad," May 10, 1945

M-287 "Chinese Immigration in Latin American Countries," May 10, 1945

M-288 "Immigration and Land Settlement in Brazil," May 11, 1945

M-289 "Land Distribution in Latvia," May 11, 1945

M-292 "Postwar Migration Plans of Army Enlisted Men," May 15, 1945 M-290 "Land Reform in Hungary," May 14, 1945

M-291 "Recent Developments in Tadzhikistan," May 14, 1945

Folder 44Add to your cart.

M-293 "Agricultural Aspects of the Cauca Valley, Columbia," May 15, 1945

M-294 "The Future of American Engineers in South America," May 16, 1945

M-295 "Extension Work for Latin America," May 16, 1945

M-296 "Rehabilitation in El Oro Province, Ecuador," May 16, 1945

M-297 Not Acquired

M-298 Not Acquired

M-299 "Mennonite Colonization in Mexico," May 17, 1945

M-300 "Jews in Canada," May 18, 1945

M-301 "Jews in South Africa," May 18, 1945

M-302 "Australian Immigration Policies and Jews in Australia," May 19, 1945

M-303 "Jewish Deportations from France," May 21, 1945

Folder 45Add to your cart.

M-304 "Population-the Long View," May 23, 1945

M-305 "Developments in Palestine, March-April, 1945," May 23, 1945

M-306 "Migration and the Problems of Settlement of Immigrants on the Land," June 4, 1945

M-307 Not Acquired

M-308 Not Acquired

M-309 "The Economic Adjustment of Jewish Refugees in Sao Paulo," June 15, 1945

M-310 "Soil Conservation in South Africa," June 25, 1945

Box 7Add to your cart.
Folder 46Add to your cart.

M-314 "Possible Developments in Transjordan," August 10, 1945

M-315 "Agriculture in the Matanuska Valley, Alaska," August 13, 1945

M-316 "An Agricultural Census in Panama," August 15, 1945

M-317 "Australian Migration Policy," August 21, 1945

Folder 47Add to your cart.

M-318 "Developments in Palestine, May-July, 1945," August 15, 1945

M-319 "The Indian Community in the United States," August 21, 1945

M-320 "Overseas Relief and Reconstruction Work of American Protestant Churches," September 10, 1945

M-321 "Restitution of Jewish Property in France," September 10, 1945

M-322 "Rehabilitation of Jews in Belgium," September 10, 1945

M-323 "Jewish Population in Italy, June, 1945," September 10, 1945

M-324 "Jewish Population of Poland, May 1945," September 10, 1945

M-325 "Jewish Population of Luxembourg, June, 1945," September 10, 1945

Box 8Add to your cart.
Folder 48Add to your cart.

M-326 "Reconstruction Needs of Northern Finland," September 10, 1945

M-327 "Communal Settlements in Palestine," September 10, 1945

M-328 "Rehabilitation of Jews in France," September 10, 1945

M-329 "List of Reports, Translations, Memoranda and Administrative Series Disseminated January-September 1945," October 8, 1945

M-330 "Irrigation Scheme in the Sudan," October 2, 1945

M-331 "Brazilian Immigration Policy," October 9, 1945

M-332 "Climatic Parallels in Czechoslovakia and the United States," October 10, 1945

Folder 49Add to your cart.

M-333 "Climatic Parallels in Greece and the United States," October 10, 1945

M-334 "Climatic Parallels in Yugoslavia and the United States," October 10, 1945

M-335 "Climatic Parallels in Albania and the United States," October 10, 1945

M-336 "The Cooperative Movement in Japan," October 17, 1945

M-337 "The Spanish Colony in Uruguay," October 22, 1945

M-338 "Russians in Argentina," October 18, 1945

M-339 "Recent Developments in the Far East March-October, 1945," October 26, 1945

Folder 50Add to your cart.

M-340 "Notes on Immigration to Brazil," November 5, 1945

M-341 Not Acquired

M-342 "Forest Condition in Haiti," November 15, 1945

M-343 "Fruits and Vegetables in Brazil," November 19, 1945

M-344 "Climatic Parallels in Norway and North America," November 21, 1945

M-345 "Settlement Possibilities in Durango, Mexico," November 23, 1945

Folder 51Add to your cart.

L-1 "The New Approach to the Alien Problem in the Post-War World," August 1, 1944

L-2 "Origin and Character of Modern Migration-Historical Aspects," August 5, 1944

L-3 "Origin and Character of Modern Migration-Theory of Migration Movements," September 8, 1944

L-4 "Origin and Character of Modern Migration-International Aspects," August 10, 1944

L-5 "Origin and Character of Modern Migration as Compared with the General Migration Trend between the Two World Wars," August 11, 1944

Folder 52Add to your cart.

L-6 "Origin and Character of Modern Migration--Attempts to Regulate Jewish Migration," August 12, 1944

L-7 "Survey of Laws and Regulations Dealing with Migration and their Application in the United States," August 14, 1944

L-8 "Survey of Laws and Regulations Dealing with Migration and their Application in the British Empire," August 15, 1944

L-9 "Survey of Laws and Regulations Dealing with Migration and their Application in Palestine," August 16, 1944

Folder 53Add to your cart.

L-10 "Survey of Laws and Regulations Dealing with Migration and their Application in South and Central America," August 17, 1944

L-11 "Survey of Laws and Regulations Dealing with Migration and their Applications in Poland," August 18, 1944

L-12 "Survey of Laws and Regulations Dealing with Migration and their Application in Romania," August 19, 1944

L-13 "Emigration from German and Austria (1933-1942) Programs of Private Organizations," August 21, 1944

Box 9Add to your cart.
Folder 54Add to your cart.

L-14 "Survey of Laws and Regulations Dealing with Migration and their Application in Germany and Austria," August 22, 1944

L-15 "Survey of Laws and Regulations Dealing with Migration and their Application in France," August 23, 1944

L-16 "Survey of Laws and Regulations Dealing with Migration and their Application in Portugal and Spain," August 24, 1944

L-17 "Survey of Laws and Regulations Dealing with Migration and their Application in Switzerland and Sweden," August 25, 1944

L-18 "General and Technical Aspects of Jewish Migrations-Causes and Effects," August 26, 1944

Folder 55Add to your cart.

L-19 "General and Technical Aspects of Jewish Migrations-Emigration and Colonization," August 28, 1944

L-20 "General and Technical Aspects of Jewish Migrations-Preparatory Work (Obtaining Documents, Visas; Financing)," August 29, 1944

L-21 "General and Technical Aspects of Jewish Migrations-Arrangements with Steamship Companies; Protection against Exploitation," August 30, 1944

L-22 "General and Technical Aspects of Jewish Migrations-Protection of Emigrants on Land," August 31, 1944

Folder 56Add to your cart.

L-23 "General and Technical Aspects of Jewish Migrations-Protection of Emigrants on Board Ship," September 1, 1944

L-24 "General and Technical Aspects of Jewish Migrations-North and Central America," September 2, 1944

L-25 "General and Technical Aspects of Jewish Migrations-South America," September 4, 1944

L-26 "General and Technical Aspects of Jewish Migrations-Protection of Women and Children," September 5, 1944

Folder 57Add to your cart.

L-27 "General and Technical Aspects of Jewish Migrations-Locating Relatives, Procuring Affidavits, Visa Applications, etc." September 6, 1944

L-28 "General and Technical Aspects of Jewish Migrations-U.S. Protection of Immigrants," September 7, 1944

L-29 "General and Technical Aspects of Jewish Migrations-U.S. Naturalization Service," September 8, 1944

L-30 "General and Technical Aspects of Jewish Migrations-The Hebrew Sheltering and Immigration Aid Society," September 9, 1944

L-31 "General and Technical Aspects of Jewish Migrations-Post-War Problems of HIAS and HICEM," September 11, 1944

Folder 58Add to your cart.

L-32 "Agencies and Organizations-The Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS)," September 12, 1944

L-33 "Agencies and Organizations-The Jewish Colonization Association," September 13, 1944

L-34 "Agencies and Organizations-The HIAS-ICA- Emigration Association (HICEM)," September 14, 1944

L-35 "The International Labor Office and World Migration," September 19, 1944

Folder 59Add to your cart.

L-36 "Agencies and Organizations-The International Red Cross Committee and the International Migration Service," September 16, 1944

L-37 "Agencies and Organizations-The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC)," September 18, 1944

L-38 "Agencies and Organizations-The American- Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) and the Present War," September 19, 1944

L-39 "Agencies and Organizations-The Refugee Relief Trustees," September 20, 1944

Folder 60Add to your cart.

L-40 "Agencies and Organizations-The American Friends Service Committee," September 21, 1944

L-41 "Agencies and Organizations-The National Council of Jewish Women," September 22, 1944

L-42 "Agencies and Organizations-The National Refugee Service," September 32, 1944

L-43 "Agencies and Organizations-The ORT," September 25, 1944

Box 10Add to your cart.
Folder 61Add to your cart.

L-44 "Agencies and Organizations-The OSE,"

September 26, 1944 L-45 "Activities of Jewish Political Organizations," September 27, 1944 L-46 "The Problem of Population in India," September 29, 1944 L-47 "United States Immigration Policy for the Coming Years," November 17, 1944

Folder 62Add to your cart.
A-1 "The German National Registration System," October 30, 1943
Folder 63Add to your cart.
A-2 "Nazi Subversive Organization-Past and Future," October 30, 1943
Folder 64Add to your cart.

A-3 "Forms Used in the German National Registration System," December 30, 1943

A-4 "The Problem of Census Procedures in Occupied Territories," April 6, 1944

Folder 65Add to your cart.

A-5 "Number and Distribution of Nazi Women," May 27, 1944

A-6 "The Total Mobilization of Germany," June 3, 1944

A-7 "Social Services in Nazi Germany," June 20, 1944

Folder 66Add to your cart.
"Women in Nazi Germany-I Organizations," July 25, 1944
Box 11Add to your cart.
Folder 67Add to your cart.

A-8 "Women in Nazi Germany-I Organizations,"

July 25, 1944

Folder 68Add to your cart.
A-9 "Women in Nazi Germany-II Employment," July 27, 1944
Folder 69Add to your cart.

A-10 "Women in Nazi Germany-III Social and Psychological Trends," August 12, 1944

A-11 Not Acquired

A-12 "Women in Nazi Germany-V Morale," August 1, 1944

Folder 70Add to your cart.
A-13 "Nazi Eugenics," November 11, 1944
Folder 71Add to your cart.
A-14 "Social Services in Germany," December 1, 1944
Folder 72Add to your cart.
A-15 "Social Insurance in Nazi Germany," February 12, 1945
Folder 73Add to your cart.

A-16 "German Plans for Compensation of Domestic War Victims," February 16, 1945

A-17 "The Status of Property Restitution in Europe," April 21, 1945

Box 12Add to your cart.
Folder 74Add to your cart.
A-18 "The Japanese: Character and Morale," October 15, 1945
Folder 75Add to your cart.
"Blueprint for the Nazi Underground as Revealed in Confidential Police Reports," October 30, 1943
Folder 76Add to your cart.
"The German National Registration System," December 7, 1943
Folder 77Add to your cart.
T-1 "The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics," June 5, 1943
Box 13Add to your cart.
Folder 78Add to your cart.

T-2 "Agriculture in the Far North, U.S.S.R.," June 5, 1943

T-3 "Population and Immigration in Brazil," June 5, 1943

T-4 "Agriculture in the Igarka, Siberia," June 5, 1943

Folder 79Add to your cart.

T-5 "Japan's Southward Expansion and Colonization Ability of Japanese People," June 5, 1943

T-6 "The Soviet Northeastern Area," June 5, 1943

T-7 "Agriculture in the Basin of the Indigirka," June 5, 1943

T-8 "Notes on Recent Migration in U.S.S.R.," June 10, 1943

Folder 80Add to your cart.

T-9 "A Preliminary List of References on Colonization and Population Movements in U.S.S.R.," June 10, 1943

T-10 "A Climatic Sketch of Kamchatka Peninsula," June 25, 1943

T-11 "Karafuto (Japanese Sakhalin) as a Land of Colonization," July 26, 1943

T-12 "Notes on Mestization in the U.S.S.R.," June 25, 1943

T-13 Not Acquired

T-14 "Agricultural Reclamation of Deserts in U.S.S.R.," June 28, 1943

Folder 81Add to your cart.

T-15 "New Rubber Developments in the U.S.S.R.," June 28, 1943

T-16 "An Experiment with the Sowing of Field Crops in Southwestern Qara-Qum, U.S.S.R.," June 28, 1943

T-17 "The Territory and Population of the U.S.S.R.," June 30, 1943

T-18 "Further Progress in the Reclamation of Deserts in the U.S.S.R.," July 19, 1943

Folder 82Add to your cart.

T-20 "Agricultural Experiments in the Priaral Desert," June 28, 1943

T-21 "Settling `Emigre' Russians in Ecuador," August 2, 1943

T-22 "High Altitude Agriculture in the U.S.S.R.," August 24, 1943

T-23 "Colonization along the Soviet-Manchukuo Border," September 4, 1943

T-24 "Agricultural Conquest of the Altai Region," August 25, 1943

T-25 "Russian Emigrant Settlements in the Barga Region (Manchuria)," September 25, 1943

T-26 "Modern Colonization in the Dutch East Indies," December 30, 1943

Box 14Add to your cart.
Folder 83Add to your cart.

T-27 "Colonization in Soviet Turkestan," October 14, 1943

T-29 "Recent Agricultural Developments in the U.S.S.R.," November 18, 1943

T-30 "Quelpart and Dagelet Islands-A Comparative Study," December 27, 1943

T-31 "Decrees for Rehabilitation of Soviet Liberated Areas," December 29, 1943

Folder 84Add to your cart.

T-32 "Limits of Settlements in the Caspian Region of the Soviet Union," March 10, 1944

T-33 "Acclimatization of White Settlers in Northern Transvual," April 6, 1944

T-34 "Japanese Agricultural Settlement in Davao, Philippine Islands," April 8, 1944

T-35 "An Experiment in Colonization in Algeria with Christian Natives, 1866-1936," May 10, 1944

T-36 "Tropical Colonization in Queensland," May 11, 1944

T-37 "Notes on the Reconstruction of a Devastated Farm in France," May 18, 1944

T-38 "Dutch Colonization in New Guinea," May 30, 1944

T-39 "Population in Quanto-Shu," June 15, 1944

T-40 "Japanese Occupation in the New South Islands," June 16, 1944

T-41 "Population of Manchuria," June 17, 1944

Folder 85Add to your cart.

T-42 "Number of Japanese in China," June 17, 1944

T-43 "Settlements in the Marianas and Caroline Islands," June 22, 1944

T-44 "Japanese Settlements in Kokkaido and Manchuria," June 24, 1944

T-45 "Summary of Japanese Colonization," July 4, 1944

T-46 "Population of Ch'eng-kung-hsien, Southwestern China," July 7, 1944

T-47 Not Acquired

T-48 "Population Distribution and Altitude of Habitation of Formosa Aborigines," July 18, 1944

Folder 86Add to your cart.

T-49 "The Soils of Japan," July 29, 1944

T-50 "Population Changes in the U.S.S.R. 1926- 1939-Regional, Urban, Rural," July 31, 1944

T-51 "Grain Husbandry in Kazakhtan," August 10, 1944

T-52 "Present and Future Colonization of Manchuria," August 12, 1944

Folder 87Add to your cart.

T-53 "Estimated Future Populations of China and Manchuria," September 15, 1944

T-54 "Distribution of Japanese Industrial Population," October 10, 1944

T-55 "Colonization in Argentina," September 22, 1944

T-56 "Japanese Colonization in Manchuria," October 7, 1944

Folder 88Add to your cart.

T-57 "Plans for Village Redistribution and Progress of Kurikuma Village, Kagawa Prefecture," October 9, 1944

T-58 "Argentina: Agrarian Law, 1940," October 24, 1944

T-59 "Birth Rates, Death Rates, and Rates of Natural Increase in 127 Cities of Japan, 1935," October 25, 1944

T-60 "Child Mortality and Disease in the Soviet Union, 1941-1944," October 26, 1944

T-61 "The Population Capacity of Brazil," October 28, 1944

Box 15Add to your cart.
Folder 89Add to your cart.

T-62 "Settlement Areas of Germans in South America," November 8, 1944

T-63 "Jewish Colonization in the Argentine Republic," November 9, 1944

T-64 "Map of the Density of Population in Paraguay," November 10, 1944

T-65 "The Germans in Baia, Brazil," November 13, 1944

T-66 "The State of Empirito Santo, Brazil," November 14, 1944

T-67 "Some Statistics on Japanese Abroad," November 15, 1944

Folder 90Add to your cart.

T-68 "Migrating Population in Manchuria: Coolies as Labor Potential-Part I," November 16, 1944

T-69 "Reconstruction of Hirakiyachi Village, Akita Prefecture, Japan," November 27, 1944

T-70 "Remedying the Consequences of `War Erosion' in the U.S.S.R.," November 18, 1944

T-71 "Cossacks in Peru," December 13, 1944

Folder 91Add to your cart.

T-72 "Climate and Agriculture in the Ob-Yensei Region of Soviet Asia," December 14, 1944

T-73 "1944 Report on Agriculture in the Soviet Far North," December 15, 1944

T-74 "Reconstruction of Liberated Towns in the U.S.S.R.," December 16, 1944

T-75 "Development of Fruit Culture in the Igarka Region, Soviet Far North," January 3, 1945

T-76 "Mother and Child Welfare in the U.S.S.R.," January 4, 1945

T-77 "City-Planning in the Soviet Union," January 10, 1945

Folder 92Add to your cart.
T-78 "Migrating Population in Manchuria: Coolies as Labor Potential-Part II," January 15, 1945
Folder 93Add to your cart.

T-79 "Marriage Rates in Japan," January 25, 1945

T-80 "Colonization and Laws Concerning Land Settlement in Tingo Maria, Peru," January 31, 1945

T-81 "Economic Reconstruction of Soviet Liberated Areas to December, 1944," February 15, 1945

T-82 "Recent Developments in the Kolyma Region, U.S.S.R.," February 27, 1945

T-83 "A Study of Asone Buraku, Niigata Prefecture, Japan," March 20, 1945

Folder 94Add to your cart.

T-84 "Russians in South America," April 2, 1945

T-85 "Maize in South America," April 10, 1945

Box 16Add to your cart.
Folder 95Add to your cart.

T-86 "Agriculture in Soviet Asia," April 13, 1945

T-87 Not Acquired

T-88 Not Acquired

T-89 "Cattle Breeding in Kazakhstan," April 18, 1945

T-90 "Argentine Postwar Immigration"

Folder 96Add to your cart.

T-92 "Italians in French Morocco," May 19,1945

T-93 "Scope of European Immigration, Especially Italians to the United States, 1841-1937," May 19, 1945

T-94 "Trends and Prospectives of Jewish Migration," May 21, 1945

T-95 "Italian Emigration to Libya," May 21, 1945

T-96 "Italian Emigration to Canada, the United States, Australia," May 22, 1945

T-97 "Jews in South America," May 23, 1945

T-98 "Structure of Agricultural Labor in Korea," May 24, 1945

Folder 97Add to your cart.

T-99 "Recent Developments in the U.S.S.R. July, 1944-March, 1945," May 24, 1945

T-100 "Emigration of Korean Farmers to Japan," July 2, 1945

T-101 "Economic Progress in the Western Urals," July 6, 1945

Folder 98Add to your cart.

T-102 "Recent Developments in the U.S.S.R. (up to May 1, 1945)," July 11, 1945

T-103 "Demographic Consequences of World War II," August 22, 1945

T-104 "Labor Policy in Machuria," August 24, 1945

Folder 99Add to your cart.

T-105 "Animal Husbandry in Soviet Asia," October 5, 1945

T-106 "Demographic History of France," October 9, 1945

Folder 100Add to your cart.

T-107 "Population Problems in France," October 12, 1945

T-109 "Tonkinese in Cochinchina," October 20, 1945

T-110 "Short Outline of the Geography of the Soils of the World," October 22, 1945

T-111 "Japanese Urban Population," November 1, 1945

T-112 "Prospects of Agricultural Development in Soviet Far North," November 5, 1945

T-113 Not Acquired

T-114 Not Acquired

T-115 Not Acquired

Box 17Add to your cart.
Folder 101Add to your cart.
T-116 "Three Million Aliens in France," November 14, 1945
Folder 102Add to your cart.

T-117 "Soviet Instructions for Remunerations of Inventions," November 15, 1945

T-118 Not Acquired

T-119 Not Acquired

T-120 Not Acquired

T-121 Not Acquired

T-122 "Chinese Colonization of Northern Manchuria, 1929-1940," November 26, 1945

Folder 103Add to your cart.

R-1 "Growth of Soviet Population," June 18, 1943

R-2 "Population Problems of France," June 28, 1943

R-3 "Possibilities of Settlement in Baja California," July 21, 1943

Folder 104Add to your cart.

R-4 "Sudeten Settlers at St. Walburg, Saskatchewan," June 25, 1943

R-5 Not Acquired

R-6 "Settlement Possibilities in Negeb, Palestine," March 1, 1944

R-7 "Settlement of the Pontine Marshes," November 25, 1943

Folder 105Add to your cart.

R-8 "Settlement in Northern Finland," August 4, 1943

R-9 Not Acquired

R-10 "Growth of the German Population," August 5, 1943

Folder 106Add to your cart.
R-11 "Transfer of Peoples in Europe," 1939-1942," August 8, 1943
Box 18Add to your cart.
Folder 107Add to your cart.

R-12 "Polish Refugees in Mexico," August 14, 1943

R-13 "Sudeten Settlement at Tupper, British Columbia," August 19, 1943

R-14 Not Acquired

R-15 Not Acquired

R-16 Not Acquired

R-17 "Colonization of Javanese in Netherlands East Indies," September 23, 1943

Folder 108Add to your cart.
R-18 "Settlement Possibilities in Angola," September 25, 1943
Folder 109Add to your cart.

R-19 "Settlement Possibilities in Southern Brazil," September 28, 1943

R-20 Not Acquired

Folder 110Add to your cart.

R-21 "Growth of the Italian Population," October 19, 1943

R-22 "Growth of the Spanish Population," October 20, 1943

R-23 Not Acquired

R-24 "The Results of Total Mobilization in Germany," October 29, 1943

R-25 Not Acquired

Folder 111Add to your cart.
R-26 "Jewish Colonies in Saskatchewan," November 12, 1943
Box 19Add to your cart.
Folder 112Add to your cart.
R-27 "Documentation on Soviet Colonization Policy, 1925-1940" December 21, 1943
Folder 113Add to your cart.
R-28 "Cooperative Resettlement," December 21, 1943
Folder 114Add to your cart.

R-29 "The Jewish Colonization Association: Its Work and Policies," February 3, 1944

R-30 "White Settlement in Africa-II Ethiopia," April 3, 1944

Box 20Add to your cart.
Folder 115Add to your cart.

R-31 "White Settlement in Africa-III Uganda," March 8, 1944

R-32 "White Settlement in Africa-IV Kenya," March 10, 1944

R-33 "White Settlement in Africa-V Tanganyika," March 13, 1944

Folder 116Add to your cart.

R-34 "White Settlement in Africa-VI Northern Rhodesia, Southern Rhodesia and Nyasaland," March 15, 1944

R-35 Not Acquired

R-36 Not Acquired

R-37 Not Acquired

Folder 117Add to your cart.
R-38 "Japanese Settlement in Hokkaido," March 3, 1944
Folder 118Add to your cart.

R-39 "Internal Colonization in Sicily," March 6, 1944

R-40 "White Settlement in Africa-I East Africa," February 29, 1944

R-41 "Danish Colonization Project in Venezuela," March 25, 1944

Folder 119Add to your cart.
R-42 "Land Settlement and Housing Projects in Trinidad," April 3, 1944
Folder 120Add to your cart.
R-43 "Japanese Colonization in Manchuria, 1905-1940," April 5, 1944
Box 21Add to your cart.
Folder 121Add to your cart.
R-45 "The Rupununi District, British Guiana," April 14, 1944
Folder 122Add to your cart.
R-46 "Browne-Giglioli Mission to the Rupununi District and Pakaraima Mountains, British Guiana, 1934-1935," April 14, 1945
Folder 123Add to your cart.

R-47 "Medical Mission to the Rupununi District, British Guiana, 1938," April 14, 1944

R-48 "Birobidzhan-An Experiment in Colonization," April 29, 1944

Folder 124Add to your cart.
R-49 "Plan for the Cooperative Settlement of Eastern Jews on the Land Grants in Peru," May 11, 1944
Folder 125Add to your cart.
R-50 "Demographic Rehabilitation of France-Possibilities of Agricultural Settlement," May 15, 1944
Box 22Add to your cart.
Folder 126Add to your cart.

R-51 "Land Settlement in Apulia," June 10,1944

R-52 "Transfers of Greeks form Asia Minor to Thrace, 1922-1924," May 15, 1944

R-53 "Displacements of Population in Europe," May 20, 1944

R-54 "Agricultural Colonization in Spanish Morocco," May 22, 1944

R-55 "Agricultural Colonization in French Morocco," May 23, 1944

Folder 127Add to your cart.
R-56 "Asia on the Move," May 27, 1944
Folder 128Add to your cart.
R-57 "East Indians of British Guiana-Part I," May 27, 1944
Folder 129Add to your cart.
R-58 "East Indians of British Guiana-Part II," June 2, 1944
Box 23Add to your cart.
Folder 130Add to your cart.

R-59 "The Dynamics of Population in Japan," June 10, 1944

R-60 "Settlement Possibilities in the Belgian Congo," May 31, 1944

Folder 131Add to your cart.

R-61 "Report on South American Indian Social Resistance to Western Civilization," June 12, 1944

R-62 "Colonization Possibilities in Venezuela," June 23, 1944

Folder 132Add to your cart.
R-63 "Japanese Agricultural Immigrants to Manchuria," June 27, 1944
Folder 133Add to your cart.
R-64 "Colonization Possibilities in Paraguay," June 28, 1944
Folder 134Add to your cart.

R-65 "Penn-Craft Community, 1937-1940," July 17, 1944

R-66 "Report on the Orinico-Casiquiare-Negro Waterway," July 23, 1944

Folder 135Add to your cart.

R-67 "Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of Soviet Liberated Areas Part I: Revival of Urban Economy," August 17, 1944

R-68 "Industrial Cooperatives in China," July 31, 1944

Folder 136Add to your cart.
R-69 "Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of Soviet Liberated Areas Part II: Revival of Educational and Cultural Activities," August 17, 1944
Folder 137Add to your cart.

R-70 "Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of Soviet Liberated Areas Part III: Revival of Rural Economy," August 21, 1944

R-71 Not Acquired

Box 24Add to your cart.
Folder 138Add to your cart.

R-72 "Chinese in Cuba," September 30, 1944

R-73 - R-83 Not Acquired

Folder 139Add to your cart.

R-84 "Jews in Bulgaria," October 2, 1944

R-85 Not Acquired

R-86 Not Acquired

R-87 Not Acquired

R-88 "Homeless Children and War Orphans in Soviet Russia," October 6, 1944

Folder 140Add to your cart.

R-89 "Indo-European Colonization in Dutch New Guinea," October 9, 1944

R-90 Not Acquired R-91 Not Acquired

Folder 141Add to your cart.
R-92 "Italians in the Argentine," October 14, 1944
Folder 142Add to your cart.
R-93 "Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of Soviet Liberated Areas-Part IV: Transportation, Industries, and Mines," October 20, 1944
Folder 143Add to your cart.

R-94 "Todos Santos Colony, Bolivia," October 27, 1944

R-95 "Land Settlement Technique in Europe: Part I," October 27, 1944

Folder 144Add to your cart.
144 R-96 "Land Settlement Technique in Europe: Part II," November 1, 1944
Box 25Add to your cart.
Folder 145Add to your cart.
R-97 "Land Settlement Technique in Europe: Part III," November 2, 1944
Folder 146Add to your cart.
R-98 "The Population Problems of India," November 1, 1944
Folder 147Add to your cart.
R-99 "Korean Migrants in the Far East," November 3, 1944
Folder 148Add to your cart.
R-100 "Settlement Possibilities in the Republics of Honduras," November 30, 1944
Folder 149Add to your cart.
R-101 "East Indians in Canada," December 8, 1944
Box 26Add to your cart.
Folder 150Add to your cart.

R-102 "Armenians in U.S.S.R.," December 11, 1944

R-103 "Post-War Immigration Problems in Mexico and South America," December 12, 1944

Folder 151Add to your cart.
R-104 "Population and Migration in the Caribbean Village," January 4, 1945
Folder 152Add to your cart.
R-105 "Revitalization of French Villages, 1941- 1942, and Future Possibilities," January 6, 1945
Folder 153Add to your cart.
R-106 "Quaker Agricultural School and Orphanage at Kolpin, Eastern Poland," January 12, 1945
Folder 154Add to your cart.
R-107 "Quaker Relief Work in the Balkans after 1918," January 15, 1945
Folder 155Add to your cart.

R-108 "Pripet Marshes: Population and Land Settlement," January 15, 1945

R-109 "Text for Climatic Areas of China Proper," January 17, 1945

R-110 Not Acquired

Folder 156Add to your cart.
R-111 "Settlement Possibilities in Argentina," February 5, 1945
Box 27Add to your cart.
Folder 157Add to your cart.
R-112 "Southern Brazil as a Theater of Post-War Colonization," February 7, 1945
Folder 158-159Add to your cart.

R-113 "Italian Colonization Problems in Eritrea," February 17, 1945

R-114 "Labor Supply and Demand in Latin America," February 19, 1945

R-115 Not Acquired

R-116 Not Acquired

R-117 Not Acquired

Folder 160Add to your cart.

R-119 "Population and Peace in the Pacific: Part I-World Population, Ocenia and Australia," March 10, 1945

R-120 "Population and Peace in the Pacific: Part II-Manchukuo," March 12, 1945

Box 28Add to your cart.
Folder 161Add to your cart.
R-121 "Population and Peace in the Pacific: Part III-Japan," March 13, 1945
Folder 162Add to your cart.
R-122 "Population and Peace in the Pacific: Part IV-China," March 14, 1945
Folder 163Add to your cart.

R-123 "Population and Peace in the Pacific: Part V-India," March 15, 1945

R-124 "Population and Peace in the Pacific: Part VI-Colonies of Southeast Asia," March 16, 1945

Folder 164Add to your cart.

R-125 "Population and Peace in the Pacific: Part VII-Colonial System, Migration and Population Pressure in South and East Asia," March 17, 1945

R-126 "Population and Peace in the Pacific: Part VIII-Population Growth and Pressures," March 19, 1945

R-127 "Population and Peace in the Pacific: Part IX-The Stake of the United States in the Pacific," March 20, 1945

R-128 "Population and Peace in the Pacific: Part X-Selected Bibliography," March 21, 1945

Folder 165Add to your cart.
R-129 "Wealth and Population in France," April 3, 1945
Folder 166Add to your cart.
R-130 "Indochina: Part I-Physical Conditions and Land Utilization," April 7, 1945
Box 29Add to your cart.
Folder 167Add to your cart.
R-131 "Indochina: Part II-Population and Distribution as an Index of Land Utilization," April 10, 1945
Folder 168Add to your cart.
168 R-132 "Indochina: Part III-Land Utilization and Economic Life," April 11, 1945
Folder 169Add to your cart.

R-133 "Immigration and Settlement in Postwar Chile," April 12, 1945

R-134 "Demographic Imbalance and Colonial Policy in Indochina," April 16, 1945

Folder 170Add to your cart.
R-135 "Organized Land Settlement in the Postwar World," May 4, 1945
Folder 171Add to your cart.
R-135 "Organized Land Settlement in the Postwar World," May 4, 1945
Box 30Add to your cart.
Folder 172Add to your cart.
R-137 "Settlement Possibilities in the State of Chihuahua, Mexico," May 7, 1945
Folder 173Add to your cart.
R-138 "The Polish Refugee Colony at Santa Rosa Mexico," May 9, 1945
Folder 174Add to your cart.

R-139 "Immigration Problems in the U.S.S.R.," May 17, 1945

R-140 "Food Supply Program in Venezuela,1943- 45," May 22, 1945

Folder 175Add to your cart.

R-141 "Food Supply Program in Paraguay, 1943-45," June 4, 1945

R-142 "Food Supply Program in Peru, 1943-1945," June 8, 1945

Folder 176Add to your cart.

R-143 "Population Planning in the Pacific," June 10, 1945

R-144 "An Experiment in the Registration of Vital Statistic in China," June 15, 1945

Box 31Add to your cart.
Folder 177Add to your cart.
R-145 "Attitudes toward Immigration in Latin America and the Caribbean," June 4, 1945
Folder 178-179Add to your cart.

R-146 "Population of Japanese Mandated Islands: Part I-Marshall Islands," June 15, 1945

R-147 "Population of Japanese Mandated Islands: Part II-Caroline Islands," June 15, 1945

R-148 "Population of Japanese Mandated Islands: Part III-Mariana Islands," June 15, 1945

R-149 "Programs of Colonization and Resettlement in Argentina," June 29, 1945

Folder 180Add to your cart.

R-150 "Immigration and Settlement Outlook in Postwar Uruguay," July 9, 1945

R-151 "Food Supply Program in Brazil, 1943- 1945," August 13, 1945

Folder 181Add to your cart.

R-152 "Immigration and Settlement in Postwar Columbia," August 27, 1945

R-153 "China's Food Problem," October 11, 1945

Folder 182Add to your cart.
R-154 "Immigration and Colonization in Venezuela," October 15, 1945
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R-155 "Immigration and Settlement in Postwar Ecuador," October 17, 1945
Folder 184Add to your cart.
R-156 "Third Inter-American Conference on Agriculture, Venezuela, 1945," October 19, 1945
Folder 185Add to your cart.

R-157 "Industrialization of Manchuria," November 2, 1945

R-158 "Food Supply Program in Honduras, 1943- 45," November 6, 1945

R-159 "Albanians in the United States," November 12, 1945

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R-160 "Settlement Possibilities in Nicaragua," November 15, 1945

R-161 Not Acquired

Folder 187Add to your cart.

R-162 "Immigration and Settlement in Postwar Peru," November 26, 1945

R-163 "Armenians in the United States," November 26, 1945

Folder 188: "Report on Trinidad, British West Indies," March 3, 1944Add to your cart.
Folder 189: Page proofs, 1962Add to your cart.
Folder 190: Page proofs, 1962Add to your cart.
Folder 191: Page proofs, 1962Add to your cart.
Folder 192: Page proofs, 1962Add to your cart.
Folder 193: Page proofs, 1962Add to your cart.
Folder 194: Page proofs, 1962Add to your cart.
Folder 195: "Population and Migration Trends," AtlasAdd to your cart.
Series II: WritingsAdd to your cart.
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Folder 196: "Archaeological Report on North Arabian Desert Flint Implements", 1933Add to your cart.
Folder 197: "Archaeological Report on North Arabian Desert Flint Implements", 1933Add to your cart.
Folder 198: "Archaeological Report on North Arabian Desert Flint Implements", 1933Add to your cart.
Folder 199: "Archaeological Report on North Arabian Desert Flint Implements", 1933Add to your cart.
Folder 200: "Archaeological Report on North Arabian Desert Flint Implements", 1933Add to your cart.
Folder 201: "Archaeological Report on North Arabian Desert Flint Implements", 1933Add to your cart.
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Folder 202: "Archaeological Report on North Arabian Desert Flint Implements", 1933Add to your cart.
Folder 203: "Archaeological Report on North Arabian Desert Flint Implements", 1933Add to your cart.
Folder 204: "Archaeological Report on North Arabian Desert Flint Implements", 1933Add to your cart.
Folder 205: "Archaeological Report on North Arabian Desert Flint Implements", 1933Add to your cart.
Folder 206: "Archaeological Report on North Arabian Desert Flint Implements", 1933Add to your cart.
Folder 207: "Archaeological Report on North Arabian Desert Flint Implements", 1933Add to your cart.
Folder 208: "Archaeological Report on North Arabian Desert Flint Implements", 1933Add to your cart.
Folder 209: "Contributions to the Ancient History of the USSR...", 1960Add to your cart.
Folder 210: "Mongolian Tour: A Personal Diary", 1974Add to your cart.
Folder 211: "Mongolian Tour: A Personal Diary", 1974Add to your cart.
Folder 212: "Mongolian Tour: A Personal Diary", 1974Add to your cart.
Folder 213: "Mongolian Tour: A Personal Diary", 1974Add to your cart.
Folder 214: "Mongolian Tour: A Personal Diary", 1974Add to your cart.

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