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Martín Sansaricq, Eduardo | University of Miami Finding Aids

Name: Martín Sansaricq, Eduardo

Historical Note:

Eduardo Martín Sansaricq was born in Yaguajay,  Province of Las Villas, Cuba, on July 22, 1875.  He was involved in the Cuban Independence War since its beginning.  Later, he joined the Mambi  Army on October 7, 1895.  He was wounded and imprisoned by the guerrilla of Yaguajay.  Later, he escaped and rejoined the Ejercito Libertador in the same Brigada de Remedios.

Martín Sansaricq had an active role in the seizure of the heliograph of Arroyo Blanco, the last combat of importance of the Cuban armed forces under the command of Generalísimo Máximo Gómez.  He had the rank of captain and was promoted to the rank of commander in chief of Yaguajay by Máximo Gómez, who entrusted Martín Sansaricq the task of forming police force to maintain order in the region.

At the end of the Cuban Independence War, Martín Sansaricq enlisted in the Guardia Rural in the towns of Trinidad, Cruces and Yaguajay.  In 1931, he was appointed captain of the Leoncio Vidal Regiment in Santa Clara, Las Villas, and later in Yaguajay.  Martín Sansaricq retired from the army in February 1934.

After his retirement he was very active in the Asociación de Veteranos de la Independencia  and the Asociación de Caballeros Católicos de Cuba.  He died in Yaguajay on October 24, 1959.

Sources: Finding aid edited by Esperanza B. de Varona

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