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Name: Cruzada Educativa Cubana

Historical Note:

Cruzada Educativa Cubana (C.E.C.) was an organization in exile, founded on August 2, 1962, in Miami, Florida by María Gómez Carbonell, the first Congresswoman of the Republic of Cuba.  The organization promoted the diffusion of the main principles of the Cuban education and culture within the framework of freedom and democracy in the United States of America.

The theme of the C.E.C. "A la Libertad por la Educación y la Cultura" ("Toward Freedom for Education and Culture") represents the primary objective of the organization: to avoid the penetration and expansion of the international Communism in education along a path of a clear and strong democratic process.  This organization looked forward to the rejection of the Communist doctrine in order to achieve complete freedom for all by means of democratic education and culture for all.

Cruzada Educativa Cubana was formed by the central Executive body and the delegates designated by the Central Executive for each state of the Union and for each country.  The delegates appointed representatives in other important cities.  Following the main tasks and objectives of the organization, the delegates worked by recruting  professors living in the United States and Latin America.  Each delegate worked towards the C.E.C.  Objectives by using the media and created programs such as "Tertulias Infantiles," weekly workshops for children about Cuban history, democratic ideals, geography, music and poetry.  They also proposed educational projects to the Central Executive Body.

C.E.C. prepared a variety of programs over the years.  Among these programs were "Día del Maestro Cubano" ("Cuban Teacher Day"), "Día de la Cultura Cubana" ("Cuban Cultural Day"), and the "Democratic Rehabilitation of the Cuban Schools."

Cruzada Educativa Cubana also offered lectures such as "Ciclo Juvenil"("Juvenile Cycle") and "Ciclo Sin Verdad no hay Historia"("Without Truth there is no History Cycle").  Homages given to Cuban personalities were also offered by C.E.C.

Various awards were established by C.E.C. honoring Cuban educators and historians who made important contributions to education in general.  Some of these were Candelaria Carbonell Award, Francisco Vicente Aguilera Award, José de la Luz y Caballero Award, Juan J. Remos Award, and José Antonio Saco Award.

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