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Name: The Truth About Cuba Committee, Inc.

Historical Note:

The Truth About Cuba Committee, Inc. was founded after the unsuccessful Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba in 1961. Confronted with this defeat, a small group of Cuban exiles joined together to disseminate information regarding the political and economic realities of Cuba after the Castro revolution. With the goal of informing the American public about what was happening in Cuba as well as the threat that communism in Cuba posed for the United States, the Truth About Cuba Committee, Inc. (TACC) was incorporated on 30 June 1961 in Miami, Florida. Founding members included Luis V. Manrara, Jorge Bosch, James D. Baker, and Thomas L. Wolfe. The purposes for which TACC was organized were detailed as follows:

a) To establish a non-political Christian organization to disseminated information to the citizens of the United States of America as to the effect of the pro-communist government in Cuba.

b) To give the citizens of the United States of America information as to the communist activity in other Spanish-American countries.

c) To establish information media in the best tradition of free factual journalism.

d) To establish study groups.

e) To promote scholarships to train Christian leadership for Spanish-American countries.

f) To promote Christian youth study groups and youth participation in factual knowledge dissemination as well as adult participation.

g) To extol the virtues of the concept of Christian free enterprise to the citizens of Spanish-American countries.

At the founding of TACC, Luis V. Manrara was elected its president. Manrara was the driving force behind TACC and its longest serving Board member, functioning as president until December 15, 1971 when he resigned due to his declining health. Eduardo Ulacia, who served as Treasurer of TACC, was another long-serving member of the organization. Along with its volunteer board, TACC employed a small administrative staff.

TACC was funded by the donations of individuals from all over the United States, Latin America, and Europe, as well as of a few foundations and corporations, including the Lilly Foundation of Indianapolis and the Barcardi Corporation of Miami. TACC chapters sprouted in the United States, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and Latin America, and Europe. Funds collected from members and donors were used to publish a large number of publications, in English and Spanish, which were distributed to sustaining members and were made available for free to public and private libraries, governmental offices and agencies, and the media in the US and abroad. Luis V. Manrara offered over 600 interviews on radio and television programs as well as to print media outlets. He also participated as a lecturer in seminars and symposiums in the USA and abroad.

After Mr. Manrara’s resignation on December 15, 1971, Rafael Pérez Doreste was appointed President of TACC. Despite this appointment, TACC activity declined after Manrara’s resignation. On 22 October 1975, Manrara and Thomas R. Wolfe, acting in accordance with TACC by-laws, adopted a resolution to disband TACC. Ramón Gómez was appointed to implement the resolution and dispose of TACC’s assets.

The University of Miami Otto G. Richter Library was selected to receive, preserve, and make available the records of The Truth About Cuba Committee, Inc., which were received on 21 June 1976.


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