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Name: Solaridad de Trabajadores Cubanos

Historical Note:

The Solidaridad de Trabajadores Cubanos (STC) is a Cuban-exile organization which represents and protects the rights of Cuban workers. It has coordinated efforts with other organizations such as the Movimiento de los Trabajadores, Confederación de Trabajadores de Cuba (CTC), guilds, and associations. The STC is not affiliated or dependent on any political entity.

The STC supports Cuban workers who do not favor the Marxist-Leninist system imposed and directed by the communist state. The STC is also the voice of the workers who are not in favor with the officially-endorsed CTC, which implement the objectives determined by the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party.

The STC originated from the working youth who were part of a new generation of syndicate and guild leaders who fought against the dictatorship of Batista for the establishment of a constitutional and democratic government. One of the STC’s predecessor was Frente Humanista which was formed by leaders who rose from the revolutionary struggle of the Cuban working class. Their revolutionary ideals conflicted with those of the Cuban Communist Party. As a result of this confrontation hundreds of revolutionaries who opposed Castro’s regime were imprisoned. More than one million Cuban workers were assassinated against firing walls, in the streets, in the mountains and in exile.

The stated principles of the STC are the following: for the liberty and the real democracy, that is form of government, political system and social living; against all types of dictatorships and of repression: for the social justice and the popular participation; against the exploitation, marginalization and the misery: for the independence and national sovereignty; and against all types of domination and external dependence.

The STC identifies itself as an organization outside Cuba with an assembly of Cuban workers who accept its principles and objectives and are dedicated to realizing them. The STC struggles for the integration of Cuba’s economy, society, culture, and politics. The STC has its headquarters in Caracas, Venezuela, but is supported by Cuban exiles throughout the world.

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