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Mella, Natasha (1927-2014) | University of Miami Finding Aids

Name: Mella, Natasha (1927-2014)

Historical Note: Natasha Mella (1927-2014) was the only daughter of 1920s Communist leader, Julio Antonio Mella (1903-1929), who founded the Primer Partido Comunista Cubano in 1925. Natasha Mella was an intellectual and for two years, a Cuban diplomat as part of the Departamento de Asuntos Asiáticos del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, appointed by Roberto Agramonte in 1959. However, Mella left Cuba in 1961 as an exile with her husband and the family settled in Miami, where she continued to publish essays, editorials and radio scripts on Cuban politics and history.
Sources: Cancio Isla, Wilfredo. "La hija del Mella rehace a su identidad." El Nuevo Herald. 2009 January 11.
Note Author: Rahid Chadid and Natalie Baur

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