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What Christmas means to me and other Christmas messages | University of Miami Finding Aids

Title, Edition: What Christmas means to me and other Christmas messages,
Copy Number:
Place of Publication: Boston, Massachusetts
Publisher: Trustees under the Will of Mary Baker G. Eddy
Publication Date: 1949
Number of Pages: 49
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Owner included newspaper clippings from the Christian Science Monitor on Christmas (dated 1960,  1962, 1964 and 1971):

1. 'Twas just before the first Christmas (no date)

2. The glory of Christmas (Tuesday, December 20, 1960)

3. Christmas giving (Wednesday,  December 19, 1962)

4. The most valuable gift (Monday, December 14, 1964)

5. Let's celebrate Christmas! (Tuesday, December 21, 1971)

6. Star for modern Magi (Wednesday, December 22, 1971)

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