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CHC5404 2014 US-Cuba Policy Change Twitter Archive, 2014-2015Add to your cart.

The 2014 US-Cuba Policy Change Twitter archive collection contains a data set of tweets collected from the Twitter microblogging platform when President Barack Obama announced on December 17, 2014 that the United States would begin normalizing full diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba after more than half a century of minimal relations. President Obama's announcement included plans to re-establish the US embassy in Havana, allowing official visits of Cuban diplomats and officials to the United States, and increased official dialogue on public policy issues affecting both countries.

During the announcement, the Cuban Heritage Collection collected tweets relating to the hashtags #cuba, #cubapolicy, #cubalibre, #cubausa, #uscuba, and #cubanmiami between December 9, 2014 and January 28, 2015. The tweets collected before the December 17, 2014 announcement by Presidents Obama and Castro represent tweets gathered via the Twitter API seven days prior to the date of first accessing the Twitter stream via the API, a feature allowed by the API. The tweets collected by the Cuban Heritage Collection for this data archive do not represent an exhaustive or complete record of all tweets relating to the targeted hashtags due to restritions on tweet volume accessed via the Twitter API.

This data archive is available for download to the University of Miami community via the University of Miami scholarly repository. The data is presented in JSON structured text files. For information on accessing the archive, see the Access and Restrictions section of this finding aid.

CHC0003 Rosa M. Abella Collection, 1968-2009Add to your cart.

The Rosa M. Abella Collection contains personal papers of Cuban exile and University of Miami librarian Rosa M. Abella. The collection contains materials relating to her work with the Cuban Heritage Collection, the 1996 shootdown of Brothers to the Rescue planes over international waters between the United States and Cuba, and other personal papers.

Series one consists of correspondence between Abella and various others, mostly related to her work as a University of Miami librarian. Series two contains personal papers from her library position, her work with various conferences and events, and academic papers by her and Carlos Ripoll. Series three contains news clippings and photocopies about the Brothers to the Rescue shootdown, and particularly her nephew, Armando Alejandre Jr., a pilot who was killed in the shootdown.

CHC5357 Academia Militar del Caribe Collection, 1954-1958Add to your cart.
The Academia Militar del Caribe collection consists of photographs and school materials relating to teachers and students of the Academia Militar del Caribe, a private military primary and secondary school in Havana, Cuba, during the 1950s. The collection contains photos of students and exams, drawings and grades reports, mostly relating to Alberto Cejudo Otero, from 1956 to 1958.
CHC5283 Agustín Acosta Papers, 1908-1998Add to your cart.

The Agustín Acosta Papers contain the correspondence, writings and memorabilia of Agustín Acosta (1886-1979), named Cuba's National Poet in 1955.

The collection includes correspondence between Agustín Acosta and his literary and political contemporaries, as well as his wife, Consuelo Acosta.

Writings include published pamphlets from Acosta and other authors on topics ranging from poetry to politics and science; articles and clippings written by and about Acosta, as well as those collected by him and his wife; and manuscripts and galley proofs of Acosta's poetry books.

The collection also contains memorabilia related to Acosta's personal and professional life, including postcards; photographs; homages to the poet, both late in his career and posthumous; drawings and caricatures; and scrapbooks.

CHC5145 Magali O. Acosta Collection, 1956-1960Add to your cart.

The Magali O. Acosta Collection contains parts and scores for arrangements by the Cuban composer Rodrigo Prats, written between 1956 and 1960.  Acosta and Prats collaborated on a series of dance performances called "Ballet Español", which included works of Ernesto Lecuona and Agustín Lara, among others, when they both worked for the Sylvia M. Goudie dance studio in Havana.

An important supplement to this collection is the 10-year retrospective of the Studio Sylvia M. Goudie, "Memoria: 1949-1959", in which Acosta writes about her collaborations with Prats.

CHC0410 Roberto Agramonte PapersAdd to your cart.
The Roberto Agramonte Papers contains personal papers relating to Cuban academic and politician, Roberto Agramonte (1904-1995). Materials include unpublished manuscripts of academic and political discourse; papers related to Agramonte's father, Frank J. Agramonte; family and professional correspondence; various published writings, speeches, lectures, booklets, clippings; and photographs.
CHC5143 Agrupación Abdala Collection, 1967-1982Add to your cart.

The Agrupación Abdala collection contains materials and posters documenting the Cuban student activist group Agrupación Abdala (also known as Agrupación Estudiantil Abdala). The group was founded on January 28, 1968, as a student organization committed to fight communism and to gain the release of Cuban political prisoners.

The posters commemorate special events held by Abdala, as well as the Congresses they sponsored.  The information found on the verso of each poster was provided by Edgar Garrastaza and Jaime Guiú, members of Abdala. Other materials include correspondence, conference proceedings, scripts and outlines for radio and television communications, pamphlets, and organizational statutes and by-laws.

CHC0391 Jorge Aguayo Papers, 1944-1994Add to your cart.
The papers document professional activities of Dr. Jorge Aguayo, who was the founder of the School of Library Science at the University of Havana.  He came to the United States in 1960 and was the director of the Columbus Memorial Library at the Organization of American States until his retirement in 1973.  The materials include correspondence, publications and clippings of articles written by Jorge Aguayo, as well as, an unpublished manuscript book written by Jorge Aguayo about his father and titled: "A Memoir of Alfredo M. Aguayo."  The manuscript documents the career of Alfredo M. Aguayo, who was a reformer of the educational system from elementary school to universities, in Cuba, at the beginning of the Republican period, and who elevated the rank of the School  of Education at the University of Havana to graduate School of Education, as well as, wrote many books on education.
CHC5109 Rosendo de Aguilera Papers, 1921-2002Add to your cart.
The papers document activities of Rosendo de Aguilera relating to his military and financial career.  The documents also reflect activities of Delfin de Aguilera relating to his military career.  Materials include correspondence to and from Rosendo de Aguilera mostly regarding the creation of World Central Bank, military records and photographs.  Materials also consist of correspondence, clippings and photographs reflecting Delfin de Aguilera’s military career.
CHC5341 Alberto Cuartas Papers, 1960s-1970sAdd to your cart.

The Alberto Cuartas Papers contain the photo albums, correspondence and other materials of Alberto Cuartas, counselor and house parent at Camp Matecumbe in West Dade, FL during Operation Pedro Pan and in other children’s homes under the auspice of the Catholic Welfare Bureau during the 1960s and 1970s.

The collection primarily consists of photo albums of Pedro Pan children in various children’s homes under the Catholic Welfare Bureau, including Camp Metecumbe. Also included are correspondence from Pedro Pans to Mr. Cuartas and other Pedro Pan memorabilia.

CHC5119 Carmen Alea Paz Papers, 1994-2005Add to your cart.
The collection documents the activities of Carmen Alea Paz relating to her literary career. It includes clippings of three published poems written by Carmen Alea Paz, manuscript of Jose Marti about the Cuban flag, articles, programs regarding Los Angeles Cultural festival and memorabilia.
CHC5336 Rolando Almirante "Telón Abierto" Video CollectionAdd to your cart.

The Rolando Almirante "Telón Abierto" Video Collection contains DVDs of interviews with theater directors and artists conducted by Rolando Almirante, Cuban director active in the 21st century.

The interviews are part of the "Telón Abierto" video project documenting Cuban theater.

CHC5359 Alberto Alonso and Sonia Calero Papers, 1935-2002Add to your cart.

The Alberto Alonso and Sonia Calero Papers contain photographs, programs and ephemera related to the dance careers of Sonia Calero Alonso (b. 1936) and her late husband, the dancer and choreographer Alberto Alonso (1917-2007).

The collection contains primarily materials from Sonia and Alberto's careers before they left Cuba in 1993. These include concert programs, performance booklets, clippings, magazines, and photographs. There is also material from their international career after 1993, including awards, clippings, and reviews from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Japan.

CHC5157 Alpha 66 Records, n.d., 1958-2003Add to your cart.
The Alpha 66 Records document the political, propaganda, paramilitary, and administrative activities of the organization as collected by Andrés Nazario Sargén, one of it's founders and longtime leaders.  The Records include correspondence, circular letters, financial records, clippings, maps, photographs, press releases, proclamations, programs, propaganda, and reports.
CHC5000 Armando Álvarez Bravo Papers, 1964-2003Add to your cart.
The papers document the professional activities of Armando Álvarez Bravo in his capacity as an art critic for El Nuevo Herald, and as a poet, writer and professor of journalism at the Koubek Memorial Center. Bulk of material consists of typescripts of his articles for El Nuevo Herald and newspaper clippings of his articles. The material also includes typescripts of interviews conducted by Álvarez Bravo with writers and painters, correspondence, typescripts of complete collection of poems by Álvarez Bravo both published and unpublished, a conference paper and photographs from his birthday celebration. In his interviews Álvarez Bravo discusses both the artistic vision of writers and painters and their personal lives.
CHC0552 Guillermo Alvarez Guedes Collection, circa 1950s-2010sAdd to your cart.

The Guillermo Álvarez Guedes Collection contains audiovisual materials and manuscripts of the Cuban comedian and performer Guillermo Álvarez Guedes active from the 1960s to the early 2000s.

The collection contains videos, cassette tapes and CDs of Guillermo Álvarez Guedes' comedic performances. The collection also includes manuscripts for books including Cadillac; and scripts for radio shows and live performances. It also includes, ephemera, posters, clippings, musical arrangements, and photo albums documenting Álvarez Guedes' career.

CHC5379 Alvaro de Villa Collection, circa 1950s - circa 1980sAdd to your cart.
The Alvaro de Villa Collection contains writings and personal papers of Alvaro de Villa, mostly related to his work as a novelist, screenwriter, and writer for the 1970s American bilingual sitcom, ¿Qué pasa, U.S.A.? It includes episode scripts, drafts, news articles on de Villa and the show, manuscripts of other novels and projects, audiovisual materials, and personal papers.
CHC0012 Florinda Álzaga Collection, 1960-1994Add to your cart.

The Florinda Álzaga Collection contains manuscripts, articles and audiovisual materials relating to the academic work of Cuban essayist Florinda Álzaga.

The collection contains article manuscripts, clippings and 39 cassettes featuring lectures given by professor Florinda Álzaga at Barry University. The lectures deal with Spanish literature; women in literature and Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda.

CHC0493 Concha Alzola Collection, 1966-1997Add to your cart.

The Concha Alzola Collection contains the correspondence and writings of Concepción "Concha" Alzola, a Cuban author active in the 20th century.

The collection contains correspondence, event programs and articles written by Concha Alzola for Vanidades, Intimidades and Cosmopolitan.

CHC5140 Marcelino Amador Photograph Collection, 1914-1920Add to your cart.
This collection consists of photographs of race car driver Marcelino Amador, many at Oriental Park Racetrack in Marianao, Cuba.
CHC5322 Sergio Andricaín Collection, 1970s-2000sAdd to your cart.

The Sergio Andricaín Collection contains original drawings and vignettes created by Cuban artists for children's books. Many of these drawings were collected by Sergio Andricaín (b. 1956) or were created to illustrate the books edited by him.

The paintings include watercolors, pencil sketches, oil, and mixed technique. The subjects of the drawings are fairies, clowns, witches, flowers, and other fantastical characters.

CHC5392 Gladys Anreus Collection, c. 1980sAdd to your cart.
The Gladys Anreus Collection contains digital photographs and a cassette tape oral history with Cuban actress Gladys Anreus.
CHC5016 Rene Arce Vigoa Papers, 1998-2002Add to your cart.
The materials consist of reports written by Rene Arce Vigoa on sugar industry in Cuba.
CHC5331 Juan Arcocha Papers, 1962-1985Add to your cart.

The Juan Arcocha Papers contain manuscripts and notes for books written by the 20th century Cuban philosopher Juan Arcocha (1927-2010).

The collection contains drafts of Arcocha's work in Spanish, French and English, including Los muertos andan solos (1962), Por cuenta propia (1970) and Tatiana y los hombres abundantes (1982), as well as notebooks with handwritten versions of Arcocha's work.

CHC5227 Yolanda Arenas Papers, n.d., 1954?-1991Add to your cart.
The papers of Cuban actress Yolanda Arenas include primarily photographs, clippings, and  programs of theater productions in which Arenas performed. Folders for a few productions include scripts with annotations by Arenas.  The collection also contains headshots and other portraits and audio and video recordings.
CHC0245 Antonio Arias Papers, 1963-1979Add to your cart.

The Antonio Arias Papers consists of circular letters, proclamations, statements, press releases, and other correspondence sent to Antonio Arias during the 1960s and 1970s by Cuban exile organizations.  Some of these groups were paramilitary organizations engaged in subversive activities, such as Comandos Omega 7 and Joven Cuba Nacionalista. The collection also includes a copy of "Acta final de los diálogos celebrados entre el gobierno de la República de Cuba y personalidades representativas de la comunidad cubana en el exterior - los días 20 y 21 de noviembre y 8 de diciembre de 1978."

These materials were received and collected by Antonio "Cuco" Arias while a radio journalist at WFAB La Fabulosa, a Spanish-language radio station in Miami, Florida. Mr. Arias worked at various radio stations and went on to serve as an executive producer for television with Univisión, the Spanish-language media company.

CHC5108 René Ariza Collection, 1980-1993Add to your cart.

The René Ariza Collection contains manuscript drafts for plays and poetry, personal papers, drawings, photographs and audiovisual materials of the Cuban writer, director and actor René Ariza, active in the late 20th century.

The collection contains original drawings and photographs of René Ariza; audio cassettes and video tapes of Cuban music; and Ariza's personal recordings, manuscript poems and scripts for his plays, as well as personal correspondence and papers.

CHC5360 Armando Alejandre, Jr. Collection, 2006Add to your cart.
The Armando Alejandre, Jr. Collection consists of 2 original 35mm film reel canisters with original film for the 2006 documentary Shootdown. The documentary tells the story of the organization Brothers to the Rescue. It focuses on the incident in 1996 when the Cuban Air Force shot down two planes, killing four pilots including Alejandre.
CHC0033 Natalia Aróstegui Bolognini Collection, 1913-1956Add to your cart.

The Natalia Aróstegui Bolognini Collection contains poems, articles, extracts and off-prints, and music scores by important early/mid 20th century Cuban composers. Music scores include autographed manuscript music scores by Gonzalo Roig, an important Cuban musician of the mid-twentieth century; autographed music scores by Ernesto Lecuona, one of the most important and internationally known Cuban musicians of the 20th century; and sheet music by Jorge Anckermann, Eusebio Delfín, Gisela Hernández González, José Marin Varona, Jorge Mauri, and Ernestina Lecuona, Ernesto Lecuona's sister.

This collection also contains manuscript poems by Dulce María Loynaz del Castillo, a renowned Cuban poet and the 1992 recipient of the Cervantes Award of Literature; and documentation about Dr. Gonzalo E. Aróstegui y del Castillo, Aróstegui's father.

CHC0015 Alberto Arredondo Papers, 1929-1975Add to your cart.
The Alberto Arredondo Papers consist primarily of Cuban economic reports and papers prepared by Arredondo or by groups of which he was a part.
CHC5330 Ricardo Arregui Papers, 1956-2013Add to your cart.
The Ricardo Arregui Papers contain materials documenting the advertising career of Ricardo Arregui (b. 1919), including scrapbooks, photographs, clippings, advertisement flyers, brochures, coupons and signs, as well as posters for Bacardí, Galletas Gilda, Ocean Bank, Iberia Air Lines, Ron Castillo, Polar and Recal Beer and many other products for which Arregui headed advertising campaigns with his ad agencies in Cuba and Miami, Florida. The collection also contains examples of audiovisual materials and LP jingles with recordings for Galletas Gilda, Líneas Aéreas Iberia, Cinturones Century,  Ron Castillo, Desodorante Leo-Nor, Partagás, Vino Seco Edmundo, etc., and awards, diplomas and certificates that Arregui's agency won for their ad campaigns.
CHC5370 Artist FilesAdd to your cart.

The Artist files contain materials related to the professional and artistic work of visual artists from Cuba and of Cuban descent. The files in this colletion contain exhibit catalogs, clippings, and ephemera related to visual artists and their work. The collection also contains files on art galleries that show the work of visual artists in group shows.

Series 1 contains files on individual visual artists, including show catalogs, promotional materials, postcards and programs for galleries, and other ephemera relating to the work of individuals  Materials are organized alphabetically by last name in each box. Series two contains exhibit catalogs, announcments, and other ephemera related to group shows at art galleries featuring multiple Cuban artists or of galleries that support and regularly exhibit Cuban art. Materials are organized alphebetically by gallery or venue name.

CHC5373 Arturo Artalejo Collection, circa 1960sAdd to your cart.
The Arturo Artalejo Collection contains audio recording materials of Cuban radio personality Arturo Artalejo. These include tapes, reels, and a vinyl record of radio shows and recorded performances featuring Artalejo and other Cuban personalities.
CHC0514 ASCE (Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy) Collection, 1996Add to your cart.

The ASCE (Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy) Collection consists of twenty-two papers presented by panelists at the VI Annual Meeting of ASCE, held at the University of Miami from August 8th-10th, 1996.

These papers, as well as proceedings from the conference, have been published in a series of Cuba in Transition. Paper topics cover a wide range of subjects, from overviews of the general economic problems of  a transition to a market economy in Cuba to studies of specific economic sectors such as tourism, trade policy, banking, energy, agriculture and the sugar industry.

CHC0509 Asociación Cubana de Mujeres Universitarias (ACMU) Records, 1994-2004Add to your cart.
The records document activities of Asociación Cubana de Mujeres Universitarias.  The materials include minutes, financial reports, by-laws, correspondence, election advertisements, newspaper clippings, invitations and photographs.
CHC5242 Asociación de Antiguas Alumnas Apostolado Records, circa 1970s - circa 2010sAdd to your cart.
The Asociación de Antiguas Alumnas Apostolado Records consist of pictures and official records from the alumni association outside of Cuba of the Apostolado school system in Cuba. The collection consists mostly of pictures and photo albums of alumni events, church services, and of the seven schools, students, teachers, and staff, primarily in Miami, Florida. It also includes VHS tapes, clippings and articles of alumni events, event fliers, religious material including books and iconography, and awards and memorabilia.
CHC5139 Asociación de Antiguos Empleados de El Encanto Collection, 1951-2008Add to your cart.
The papers document the activities of the employees of El Encanto, an upscale department store in Havana before Castro's regime.  The materials include photographs, newspaper clippings, documents, correspondence, diplomas, advertising, tear sheets, store bags and envelopes and memorabilia, such as, albums of "El Encanto" and a DVD of photographs of "El Encanto".
CHC0448 ASOPAZCO (Asociación por la Paz Continental) Collection, 1980-1994Add to your cart.

The ASOPAZCO (Asociación por la Paz Continental) Collection contains correspondence, documents, photographs and audiovisual materials related to Cuba collected and produced by ASOPAZCO, a human rights organization based out of Geneva, Switzerland.

The collection is comprised of the archives of the Asociación por la Paz Continental, which contain first-hand accounts from Cuban political prisoners and other information sources detailing the poor conditions of the Cuban prison system. The collection contains newspaper clippings showing global media coverage of the importance of the Cuban human rights issue.

In addition to videos, audio cassettes and photographs smuggled out of Cuban prisons, the collection also houses underground correspondence from Cuban prisoners; pamphlets; Spanish-language material from Amnesty International and primary source material from ASOPAZCO's presentations before the United Nations General Assembly.

CHC5382 Association of Cuban Engineers collection, 2004-2014Add to your cart.
The Association of Cuban Engineers collections includes DVD recordings of conference presentations, articles of incorporation of the Association of Cuban Engineers Scholarship Foundation, Inc., the bylaws of the Cuban-American Association of Civil Engineers, gala programs and ephemera.
CHC5181 Atlanta Cuban Club Papers, 1994-2014Add to your cart.
The Atlanta Cuban Club collection documents activities of Atlanta Cuban Club, an exile community organization. The mandate of Atlanta Cuban Club is to preserve Cuban traditions and culture. The materials consist of  invitations, programs, correspondence and other publications from Atlanta Cuban Club.
CHC5116 Audio Cassette Collection, 1959-1997Add to your cart.

The Audio Cassette Collection contains miscellaneous audio tapes of Cuban themes from the 20th century.

Titles include a 1997 discussion by Jorge Mas Canosa on Julio Ninoska's program regarding President Clinton's transition plan for a post-Castro Cuba; six reel-to-reel audio tapes recorded in Cuba from 1959 to 1961; "El Portal del Mediodía" with Monsignor Agustín Román; "Growing Up Cuban in Decatur, Georgia," an oral history series by Carmen Agra Deedy circa 1995; and a two-volume cassette entitled "En el vientre del trópico" containing poetry by Alina Galliano narrated by Carmina Benguria.

CHC0273 Eduardo Avilés Ramírez Collection, 1926-1985Add to your cart.

The Eduardo Áviles Ramírez Collection consists of newspaper and magazine articles which pertain to his personal experiences with various cultures and with the lifestyles of many prominent individuals, such as Francis de Miomandre and Ruben Darío.

Articles date from the early 1920s to the late 1980s. The bulk of the collection consists of periodicals and clippings written for Latin American publications in Cuba, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Venezuela.

The collection also contains numerous articles written about Ruben Darío, a notable Nicaraguan literary figure, for newspapers such as Información, Diario de la Marina, and El Universal. Many articles relating to Spain also appear in Latin American publications such as Puerto Rico Ilustrado and Diario de Yucatán. The collection also includes a substantial number of articles illustrated by Ricardo Marin, a famous Cuban illustrator. Marin illustrated articles for publications such as Información and Diario de la Marina from 1938 to 1940.

CHC0554 Mariana Avilés Papers, 1850-1964Add to your cart.
The papers consist of manuscripts of musical scores, photographs of Avilés family, scrapbooks, drawings and memorabilia of Avilés family. The drawings, in particular, exhibit artistic aptitudes of John and Mariana Avilés.  Of note, is the collection of daguerreotypes and photographs from 19th and early 20th century of Avilés family.
CHC0021 Amalia Bacardí Collection, 1922-1923Add to your cart.

The Amalia Bacardí Collection contains documents and correspondence related to Sir Lambton Loraine, known for his involvement in the Cuban Insurrection against Spain (1868-1878).

The collection contains documents regarding Sir Lambton Loraine, commander of the H.M.S. Niobe, whose negotiations stopped the execution of Cuban revolutionaries involved in the Ten Years' War between Cuba and Spain (1868-1878). The Cuban captives were taken by the Spaniards from the American vessel Virginius to Santiago de Cuba in November 1873.

The collection also contains photostatic copies of reports received from Loraine relative to the action taken in connection with the protection of the Virginius captives; these documents were presented to Emilio Bacardí Moreau by the Lords Comissioners of the Admiralty. The collection also includes a menu for a 1922 banquet inaugurating the bust of Commander Loraine; Emilio Bacardí Moreau's invitation to said banquet; and correspondence and photographs from Mr. Ernest P.V. Brice, British Consul, to Mrs. Elvira Cape Viuda de Bacardí.

CHC5401 Alberto Baeza Flores Collection, 1963-1971Add to your cart.
The Alberto Baeza Flores Collection contains material by Chilean poet and journalist Alberto Baeza Flores, including several poetry booklets and academic papers.
CHC5300 Ballet Concerto Collection, 1966-2011Add to your cart.
The Ballet Concerto Collection consists of materials produced by and about the Ballet Concerto school of dance in Miami, Florida. Items include pamphlets, programs and clippings about Ballet Concerto performances and events.
CHC0267 Enrique Baloyra Collection, 1970-1997Add to your cart.

The Enrique Baloyra Collection contains the personal papers of Enrique Baloyra, professor and former associate dean of the Graduate School of International Studies at the University of Miami.

The collection contains correspondence, articles, reports and studies authored by Enrique Baloyra regarding the economic and political situation of Cuba, and audiovisual materials including a 16mm copy of the documentary "Minefield" (along with its accompanying script) and cassette tapes of interviews with exiled Cuban and Latin American political figures conducted by Baloyra for his PhD thesis, "Political Leadership in the Cuban Republic, 1944-1958." Interviewees include Eduardo Suárez Rivas, Ángel Fernández Varela, Jorge García Montes and Andrés Rivero Agüero.

CHC5103 Banco de Ideas Z Collection, 1994-1996Add to your cart.
Banco de Ideas Z was a non-profit Cuban organization based in Havana. Their mission was to foster the national and international promotion of young artists and writers, sociocultural projects and institutions. The materials include art books with poetry, compilations of literary texts and prose all hand-made by Cuban artists.
CHC5033 Gastón Baquero Papers, 1956-1999Add to your cart.
The collection consists of documents, books and other materials written and collected by Cuban writer Gastón Baquero (1914-1997) during the last years of his life in Madrid, Spain. The collection includes correspondence, published and unpublished works by Baquero, clippings of newspaper articles by and about Baquero, research notes, photographs, clippings, scrapbooks, awards and memorabilia. Although the collection includes personal papers and documents, the bulk of materials relates to the subjects that occupied Baquero throughout his life, namely Cuban, Spanish and Latin American literature, history and politics.
CHC0454 Randy Barceló Collection, n.d., 1970-2007Add to your cart.
The Randy Barceló Collection consists primarily of oversize costume and set designs by Cuban-born designer Randy Barceló. The collection also includes costume plots, drawings and sketches, posters and postcards, videotapes, photographs and slides, and two scripts written by Barceló.
CHC0366 Berta Barreto de Los Heros PapersAdd to your cart.

The Berta Barreto de los Heros Papers contain correspondence, articles and clippings of Berta Barreto de los Heros (d. 1993) relating to her involvement in the release of Bay of Pigs prisoners.

The collection includes correspondence, documents and clippings of the negotiation and release of Cubans taken prisoner on the island after the Bay of Pigs invasion, including tapes of conversations with former prisoners. The collection also includes an album given to Barreto de los Heros signed by the members of Brigade 2506 that she helped escape after the invasion.

CHC0333 Laureano Batista Falla Papers, 1961-1992Add to your cart.
The Laureano Batista Falla Papers consists of personal files, human rights material, records of the "Luna"Mission, the Movimiento Demócrata Cristiano, the Organización Demócrata Cristiana de América, political parties, and general material of other associations/institutions and publications.  This collection consists of 816 folders in 35 boxes, arranged in eight series.
CHC5155 Fulgencio Batista Zaldívar Collection, [1950s-?]Add to your cart.

The bulk of the collection consists of correspondence with Cuban government and military officials, some prior to 1959, and with prominent political and literary figures.

The collection also includes manuscripts of an unpublished autobiography and other books, as well as published books and pamphlets written by Batista. Other materials include periodicals and books collected by Batista, some inscribed by the authors, as well as photographs of both personal and official nature, memorabilia, and notes and statistics on social and economic conditions in Cuba during the Batista era.

CHC0331 Eugenio Batista CollectionAdd to your cart.

The Eugenio Batista Collection contains essays, manuscripts, correspondence, clippings, photographs and original architectural drawings, blueprints and documents of Eugenio Batista (1900-1992), a Cuban architect active in 20th century Cuba and the United States.

The collection contains Batista's personal and professional papers related to his activities as a professor and Dean of Architecture at the St. Thomas of Villanova Catholic University in Havana and other universities throughout the United States, as well as material related to his book on Church architecture and the history of the Catholic liturgy.

CHC5012 Fulgencio Rubén Batista Papers, 1933-2007Add to your cart.

The papers document activities of Cuban president Fulgencio Batista Zaldivar and his son Fulgencio Rubén Batista. The papers include records and rosters of Batista Zaldivar's army, speeches given by president Batista, and letters from Batista Zaldivar to his son and to other correspondents. Batista Zaldivar founded the Institutos Cívico-Militares in Cuba and the collection includes many accounts of rural military school teachers and their experiences.

The records also include speeches, programs, invitations, and photographs from the "10 de marzo" and the "4 de septiembre" annual celebrations. Included are also articles, poems, clippings, and publications about Batista Zaldivar's resignation, exile, death, and funeral. The materials also include Fulgencio Rubén Batista's funeral memorial programs and clippings and articles and letters of interest to F. Rubén Batista.

CHC0515 Beck Family Collection, 1860-1961Add to your cart.

The Beck Family Collection contains the personal and familial papers of Helen Beck, a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution Havana Chapter.

The collection contains correspondence, awards, photographs and other documents related to Helen Beck and allied families and their involvement with Cuba and the Daughters of the American Revolution Havana Chapter.

CHC0400 Herman Beller Photograph Collection, circa 1925-1950Add to your cart.
The Herman Beller Photograph Collection contains photograph of metal works done by Herman Beller's (1899-1972) Havana, Cuba-based company, Industrias Unidas de Cuba. The photographs detail works in parks, schools, and public areas and buildings all installed during the 1920s to 1950s. Several small examples of metal pieces cast by Beller are also included in the collection.
CHC5185 Elio Beltran Papers, 1982-2006Add to your cart.
Collection consists of incoming and outgoing handwritten and typed correspondence (original and copies) with artists and other personalities, as well as, a scrapbook with newspaper clippings about Elio Beltran's artistic career, and a CD with a selection of oil paintings by Elio Beltran.
CHC0265 John Beltrán Collection, circa 1956-1986Add to your cart.
The collections consists of 85 music records of Olga Guillot, a famous Cuban singer who was very well known around the world.  This collection also includes 16 scrapbooks containing photographs, clippings, correspondence, and memorabilia of Olga Guillot.  Olga Guillot left Cuba after Fidel Castro seized power in 1959.
CHC0216 Bernardo Benes Papers, 1956-1987Add to your cart.
The papers document professional and personal activities of Bernardo Benes, a Cuban exile in South Florida and high profile civic activist attempting to bridge the gap between the Anglo and Cuban communities.  Materials include  correspondence, writings, notes, newspapers, magazines, clippings, reports, articles, books, photographs, memos, resumes and catalogs.
CHC5154 Eric Bennett Photograph Collection, 1939-1941Add to your cart.

The Eric Bennett Photograph Collection contains portrait and scenic photography from Havana in the late 1930s to early 1940s taken by Eric Bennett (1902-1964), an exiled German photographer.

The collection contains over 100 portrait photographs of children, as well as scenes of Havana and the surrounding countryside, taken by exiled German photographer Eric Bennett from 1939 to 1941.

CHC5093 Carlos G. Bidot Papers, 1962-2002Add to your cart.
The papers consist of albums with photographs, clippings and memorabilia related to the 25th anniversary celebration of Spanish newspaper "La Tribuna de North Jersey". Carlos G. Bidot and his wife Lydia were the founders of this publication.
CHC5058 Big World Distributors, Inc. CollectionAdd to your cart.
This collection contains music recordings in CD format related to Big World Distributors, Inc. (created circa 1990), a Miami-based record label and distributor. The bulk of the materials consists of compilations of Cuban popular music and reissues of recordings by important Cuban singers and instrumentalists.
CHC0455 Giulio V. Blanc Papers, 1930-1982Add to your cart.
The papers include correspondence mostly regarding homage to Lydia Cabrera, photographs of Giulio Blanc with Lydia Cabrera and a typescript of a poem by Virgilio Piñera.
CHC5049 Armando R. de Blanck Papers, 1884-1950Add to your cart.
The papers include letters from various prominent Cuban figures; among them Tomás Estrada Palma, Salvador Cisneros, Lola R. de Tió, Armando Menocal, Mario Menocal and others.  The materials also consist of newspaper clippings about sugar industry and some photographs.
CHC5172 Zoe Blanco-Roca and Gustavo Roca Collection, 2004Add to your cart.
The collection consists of 340 photographs of Miami including the celebration of Carnival Miami at Calle 8.  The photographs were taken by Gustavo Roca.
CHC0550 Agustín Blazquez Papers, 1984-1999Add to your cart.
The collection consists of published and unpublished articles written by Agustin Blazquez, as well as, about Agustin Blazquez, correspondence and materials about his documentary, “Covering Cuba.”
CHC5289 Blez Family Papers, 1863-1941Add to your cart.

The Blez Family Papers contain manuscripts, clippings and photographs relating to Felicia Marcé Castellanos and the Blez family.

The collection is divided into clippings, manuscripts and photographs, and correspondence, with materials dating from 1863 to 1941. The majority of materials are related to Felicia Marcé Castellanos, a member of the Blez family whose role in the Cuban independence movements of 1868 and 1895 are documented in the collection.

CHC0032 Ricardo Bofill Pagés Papers, 1986-1990Add to your cart.
The papers document activities of Dr. Ricardo Bofill Pagés in capacity of the President of Cuban Committee for Human Rights.  The materials include papers written about Bofill's work, clippings of Bofill's writings about human rights and reports.
CHC5210 Orlando Bosch Papers, 1988-2002Add to your cart.
The papers document activities of Orlando Bosch in capacity of President of Partido Protagonista del Pueblo (P.P.P.) and a writer, as well as activities of P.P.P.  The materials include correspondence, documents, newspaper articles, two books published by Orlando Bosch, El grito del Escambray: su historia inedita, and 40 años de lucha y 40 años de razon with some annotations, two copies of a book by Adriana Bosch, "Orlando Bosch: el hombre que yo conozco," one print reproduction of a painting, one oleo of a "framboyan" and others of Martí and the Cuban flag.
CHC5212 Luis J. Botifoll Oral History Project, 2008-2013Add to your cart.

The Luis J. Botifoll Oral History Project collection includes videos, outlines, and selected transcripts of oral history interviews conducted principally with members of the first generations of Cubans exiled since the Cuban Revolution. Interviews with political prisoners, visual artists, community activists, and others help to capture Cuba's undocumented history, culture, and people, as well as the exile experience.

The Botifoll Oral History Project was launched in April 2008 with the support of the AMIGOS of the Cuban Heritage Collection. The Project aims to record and provide access to these testimonies in support of the Cuban Heritage Collection's efforts to document the Cuban experience on the island and in the diaspora.

The interviews are made available online as they are completed and can be accessed from the Univeristy of Miami Digital Collections.

CHC5101 Brothers to the Rescue RecordsAdd to your cart.

The collection documents the operation of the Cuban exile activist group, Brothers to the Rescue [Hermanos al Rescate], founded in Miami, Florida in 1991 by activist and aviator José Basulto. Materials include correspondence, administrative records, court documents and transcripts documenting the 1996 shoot-down of an Hermanos al Rescate plane, pamphlets and flyers distributed in Cuba by the group, audio visual materials, publications and photographs.

Documented in detail is the incident and subsequent investigation and trial related to the Hermanos al Rescate plane that was shot down in 1991 by the Cuban air force. During the incident, which took place on February 24, 1996, four pilots were killed.

CHC5311 Burdsall Family Papers, circa 1930s-1970sAdd to your cart.

The Burdsall Family papers contains correspondence between members of the Burdsall family of Connecticut and, later, Lexington, Kentucky. Of note, the collection contains correspondence between American-born dancer Lorna Burdsall to family and friends in the United States while she was living and dancing in Cuba.

This collection is divided into two series. Series 1 contains letters to and from Lorna Burdsall while she was living and working in Cuba. Series 2 contains letters to and from various members of the Burdsall family as well as friends of the Burdsall family.

CHC0276 Sue Burns Collection, 1950sAdd to your cart.

The Sue Burns Collection contains family photographs with Havana views from the 1950s.

The collection contains nine slides with views of Havana, Cuba, from a vacation taken by the Burns family in the 1950s.

CHC0558 Buró de Periodistas Independientes papers, 1993-1997Add to your cart.
The bulk of papers consists of typescripts of writings by various journalists of Búro de Periodistas Independientes Cubanos (BPIC) including Lázaro E. Lazo, periodista de Habana Press and editor of BPIC.  The topics of the essays range from those expressing anti-Castro and anti-communist sentiments to those proposing to establish democracy in Cuba.  Economy and Christian issues are also analyzed.  The papers also consist of reports, clippings and of correspondence including facsimile and circular letters.
CHC5017 Manuel R. Bustamante Photograph Collection, 1890-1999Add to your cart.
The Manuel R. Bustamente Photograph Collection consists primarily of hundreds of black and white photographs of Cuba from the early 1900s to the 1930s. There are several photographs dating from the 1950s and 1960s, and a few color snapshots from the 1990s. The bulk of photographs are found in Series II and III. Series II: Havana, n.d., 1900s-1999 (bulk dates 1910s-1930s) contains photographs of the city of Havana and includes various aspects of the life, architecture, and culture of that capital city. Series III: Cities and Towns, n.d., 1900s-1990 (bulk dates 1900s-1920s) is arranged in alphabetical order and contains photographs of various towns and cities throughout the island of Cuba. The Manuel R. Bustamante Papers in Series V consist of materials donated by Mr. Bustamante related to his personal works and educational experiences, including photographs and memorabilia of the Universidad Social Católica San Juan Bautista de la Salle in Havana (Sub-Series 1).
CHC0339 Lydia Cabrera Papers, 1910-1991Add to your cart.

The Lydia Cabrera papers document the life and career of writer and ethnographer Lydia Cabrera, one of the 20th century’s leading writers on Cuban folklore and an internationally known chronicler of Afro-Cuban culture and religion. The materials include correspondence, manuscripts of her works, field notes,interviews, photographs, illustrations, and memorabilia. This collection also contains documentation about the restoration of several colonial buildings in Cuba.

A highlight of the collection are the libretas, or notebooks, collected by Cabrera from Santeria priests and priestesses that document rituals and religious practices of the Afro-Cuban faith. These are found in Series 3 along with her manuscripts and field notes.

Part of this collection has been digitized and is available in the University of Miami Digital Collections online repository.

CHC5127 Humberto Calzada Collection, 1987-2003Add to your cart.
Collection consists of catalogues and folders with the reproductions of Humberto Calzada's paintings and a poster.
CHC0353 Eva Canel Papers, 1924-1991Add to your cart.
The papers document professional activities of a Spanish playwright, Eva Canel.  The materials include correspondence, photocopies of various biographies of Eva Canel and articles about her, newspaper clippings and theater programs.
CHC5328 Moravia Capó PapersAdd to your cart.
The Moravia Capó Papers contain correspondence, manuscripts, clippings and photographs related to Moravia Capó, Cuban educator and human rights activist who lived and worked in Nicaragua and Miami from the 1960s to her death in 2007.
CHC5365 Enrique Caravia Montenegro Papers, 1902-1960Add to your cart.

The Enrique Caravia Montenegro Papers contain correspondence, receipts and photographs and memorabilia collected by Enrique Caravia Montenegro (1905-1992), a Cuban artist active in the mid-1900s.

The collection contains letters written to and collected by Caravia from international and Cuban artists; receipts from the Patronato de Artes Plásticas in Havana for artworks commissioned by the organization; and photographs of artists and artworks.

CHC5348 Antolín García Carbonell Papers, 1962-2003Add to your cart.

The Antolín García Carbonell papers contain documents pertaining to the Opa-Locka Airport Camp during its period of use by the Catholic Welfare Bureau for refugee children under Operation Pedro Pan from 1962-2003.

The collection consists of a History of Opa-Locka Airport authored by García Carbonell, administrative documents, correspondence and building plans between the Catholic Welfare Bureau and other bureaucratic entities as they sought to acquire housing for Pedro Pans by renting buildings at the airport, including Building 67.

CHC5075 Joe Cardona Video Collection, 1994-2002Add to your cart.

The Joe Cardona Video Collection contains nearly 100 video tapes of research material for documentaries and films directed and produced by Joe Cardona, independent filmmaker.

The collection contains 51 VHS tapes of unedited interviews for the documentary Café con leche; thirty-three videotapes of interviews for the films Adiós Patria and Los plantados; and videotaped interviews for the documentary José Martí: Legacy of Freedom.

CHC5412 Carlos Irigoyen Sierra papers, 1940-1990Add to your cart.
The papers includes 5 binders chronicalling the work and career of writer, actor and theater worker Carlos Irigoyen Sierra. The collection contains manuscripts for articles, essays, stage and screen plays and other writtings.
CHC5178 Ignacio Carrera-Jústiz Papers, 1974Add to your cart.

The Ignacio Carrera-Jústiz Papers contain architectural drawings for Barcardí's historic office buildings in Miami.

The collection contains Plans and Specifications for the Construction of an Office Building for Bacardí Imports, Inc.

CHC0219 Ramiro Casañas Collection, 1845-1959Add to your cart.
The Ramiro Casañas Collection is composed of historical materials documenting the history of Cuba during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.  Included are correspondence and documentation from the Junta Revolucionaria Cubana (Series 1); military orders from Cuba and Puerto Rico; slavery documents; nominations written by Isabel II (Queen of Spain) and Alfonso XII (King of Spain); photographs of Cuba; letters and postcards; periodicals; music scores and memorabilia.
CHC5151 María Julia Casanova Papers, 1943-2003Add to your cart.
The María Julia Casanova Papers primarily document the work of radio and television writer and theater designer and director María Julia Casanova (1916-2004) in Cuba and Miami. The Papers include her scripts, photographs, clippings, theater programs, set and costume designs, posters, audiovisual materials, memorabilia, and honors and awards.
CHC5372 Luis Casero Guillén Collection, 1898-1960Add to your cart.

The Luis Casero Guillén Collection contains scrapbook albums relating to the life and work of Cuban politician Luis Casero Guillén (1902-1998) during his time in Cuba.

The scrapbooks contain photographs that detail his early life and later political accomplishments as Mayor of Santiago de Cuba and Minister of Public Works during the presidency of Carlos Prío Socarrás (1948-1952). The collection also contains correspondence, awards, certificates and clippings from Cuba and in exile.

CHC5354 Jim Cason Photograph Collection, 2002-2005Add to your cart.

The Jim Cason Photograph Collection contains photographs from former Principal Officer of the US Interests Section in Havana Jim Cason's (b. 1945) time in Cuba from 2002 to 2005.

The collection consists of digital photographs and a talking doll of Jim Cason that was distributed during his time as the Principal Officer of the US Interests Section in Havana, Cuba.

CHC5347 Conchita Castanedo Papers, circa 1920s-1980sAdd to your cart.

The Conchita Castanedo Papers contain political papers related to Conchita Castanedo (1903-1985), a founder of the Partido Revolucionario Cubano (Auténtico) and one of Cuba's first female political activists.

The collection deals primarily with her activities in the Partido Revolucionario Cubano en el Exilio. Materials include correspondence, photographs, political pamphlets and leaflets, drafts of speeches, one recording on magnetic tape and personal notebooks.

CHC0044 Agustín Castellanos Papers, 1921-1992Add to your cart.
The papers reflect professional activities of Agustín Castellanos, one of the most important figures in Cuban and international medicine who was nominated to receive the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1960.  His contributions to medical science include research in the areas of cardio-vascular diseases, radiology and pediatrics.  The materials consist of correspondence, Curriculum Vitae, medical articles, awards, papers from medical conferences, research papers and reports.
CHC5296 Jorge Castellanos PapersAdd to your cart.
The Jorge Castellanos Papers contain personal papers from the exiled Cuban professor and author Jorge Castellanos (1915-2011). The collection contains research notes, book manuscripts and copies of published works authored by Jorge Castellanos related to his research and writings.
CHC5369 Yolanda del Castillo Cobelo Papers, circa 1940s-2010sAdd to your cart.
The Yolanda del Castillo Cobelo Papers contain the personal papers of Yolanda del Castillo Cobelo (1933-2013), exiled Cuban singer-songwriter. The collection includes music scores, CDs, VHS, and DVDs of the artist. Along with the audiovisual material there are newspaper clippings, photographs, scrapbooks, correspondence, magazines, books, and essays that document her career as a songwriter and musician in Cuba and in the United States.
CHC0045 Eugenio Castillo Papers, 1934-1987Add to your cart.
The papers document activities of Eugenio Castillo who was a lawyer and a Consul of Cuba before 1959.  He was associated with the following places: Cuba, London, New York, Paris and Baltimore.  The materials include correspondence with prominent Cuban figures including José Raul Capablanca, who was a Cuban chess player and a world chess champion from 1921 to 1927, Luis Machado and others, as well as, PelDrak Cuba Copper Products Corporation data and photographs, invitations, clippings, official papers signed by a president of the Republic of Cuba and memorabilia.
CHC5224 Adria Catalá Casey Papers, 1938-1954Add to your cart.
The papers document personal and professional activities of Adria Catalá Casey, "Cuban Shirley Temple,"  who was also a dancer in Grupo Folklórico.  Grupo Folklórico was established by Ministry of Education of the Republic of Cuba in 1951 with the mandate to represent Cuba in official international events, including festivals.  In April of 1954, the group represented Cuba in the National Folk Festival founded by the National Association of the Folkloric Festivals of the United States and the newspaper St. Louis Globe-Democrat.  There are clippings and photographs in the papers that document Adria Catalá Casey's participation in this festival. The materials include three scrapbooks containing clippings, photographs, invitations, programs, two issues of Bohemia, correspondence, etc. regarding Adria Catalá, clippings and photographs of Grupo Folklórico from 1954, photographs of artists of the radio station CMQ, edited by Radio Emisora CMQ on June 5, 1938.
CHC5343 Catasús Family Papers, 1927-1982Add to your cart.
The Catasús family papers consist of correspondence written by a variety of writers and intellectuals to Cuban literary figures Carlos Catasús Bertot and Sarah María Catasús (also known as "Nubia") from the 1920s to the 1980s. The container list contains a full list of the names of correspondents.
CHC5071 Roberto Cazorla Collection, 1978-2005Add to your cart.

The Roberto Cazorla Collection contains the personal papers of Roberto Cazorla, an exiled Cuban poet and journalist active from the mid-twentieth century to the present.

The collection consists of clippings, correspondence, manuscripts, photographs and audiotapes of poet and journalist Roberto Cazorla's work.

The collection contains correspondence between Cazorla and Carilda Oliver Labra and others; slides and photographs of Cuban artists such as the composer Ernesto Lecuona, singer Celia Cruz, and actress Blanquita Amaro; as well as galley proofs of books and article clippings authored by Cazorla for Libre.

CHC5114 CD Collection, 1933-2007Add to your cart.
The collection consists of the CDs donated by various donors.  The topics on the CDs include Martí, poems by Lourdes Simón, Cuban music, afro-Cuban music recorded by Lydia Cabrera and Josefina Tarafa, the Legacy of Lydia Cabrera exhibit, 16 issues of Revista Hispano Cubana published in Madrid, performances of Bodas de Sangre and Fresa y Chocolate, photos of Havana and Vinales Cienfuegos, 169 photographs of Cuba from 2000-2006 taken by L. Edward Tillett, III, four books by Waldo Leyva, copies of one book and several periodicals from the Batista government, including: "El libro de la victoria, 1933-1935; Circulo Militar y Naval: Revista, 1956-1958; Anuario Sin estribos, 1935/1936, 1942; Memorias and Escuela de Cadetes, 1937-1954.
CHC5334 Cecil V. Morris Papers, 1923-1948Add to your cart.

The Cecil V. Morris Papers contain the correspondence, writings, clippings and memorabilia of Cecil V. Morris, a reverend with the Southern Methodist Episcopal Church who did missionary work in Cuba in the 1930s.

The collection contains correspondence between Morris and his fellow missionaries and preachers, as well as newspaper articles and clippings pertaining to him and his church, personal notes and sermons written by Morris, and legal and educational documents.

CHC5203 Centro Cultural Cubano de Boston RecordsAdd to your cart.

The Centro Cultural Cubano de Boston Records contain the organizational records of the Centro Cultural Cubano de Boston, whose mission is to promote the traditions, music, dance and culture of Cuba and other Latin American countries throughout Boston.

The collection contains clippings, correspondence, regulations, meeting minutes, member rosters and information on a concert by Marta Pérez in Boston, Massachusetts. The collection also contains a scrapbook with correspondence, photographs and other documents relating to the history of the organization.

CHC5271 Centro Mater RecordsAdd to your cart.
The records reflect business activities of Centro Mater Insurance.  They include e-mails regarding finances, financial records, legal documents, clippings and awards.  Records include those relating to Centro Mater Catholic Charities, Family Member Shoot Down Movie, marketing , property building and Children's clothing event.
CHC0520 Centros Varela Papers, 1994-1996Add to your cart.
The materials consist of research papers and tapes used by Marta Pérez to write her Ph.D. thesis: "The Varela Centers: An Immigrant Education Entry Program."  Pérez uses for her dissertation documents found in two Varela Centers in Miami, which offered education to the students coming from Guantánamo Base.  The documents include correspondence, financial records, research notes, reports, students' school work and photographs.
CHC0272 CID (Cuba Independiente y Democrática) Collection, 1980Add to your cart.
The CID (Cuba Independiente y Democrática) Collection contains typescripts, pamphlets, brochures and reprints of materials from the exile nonprofit Cuba Independiente y Democrática, founded by Huber Matos in 1980.
CHC5107 Juan Clark Papers, 1960-2002Add to your cart.

The Juan Clark Collection contains research materials for two projects conducted by Juan Clark (1938-2013), a "sociological analysis of the Cuban exodus" and a study of living conditions in totalitarian Cuba, including newspaper clippings, magazine articles and other periodicals collected by Dr. Clark as part of his research activities since the 1960s.

The collection also contains draft manuscripts of the English translation of Clark's book Cuba: mito y realidad (1992) and La visita del Papa a Cuba y su repercusión (1999).

CHC5332 Claudio Castillo Video Collection, 1993-1995Add to your cart.
The Claudio Castillo video collection contains video footage during the early 1990s from Cuba transmitted by Russian satellites as recorded by US-based Spanish-language television company Telemundo.
CHC5436 Colegio de las Ursulinas Collection, 1939-2009Add to your cart.
This collection is comprised of photographs, clippings, newsletters, diploma, and medals.
CHC5388 Colegio Médico Cubano en el Exilio Collection, 1970-2010Add to your cart.
The collection consists of programs, diplomas and certificates from Congresso Médico Cubano en el Exilio.
CHC5352 Collazo Family Papers, 1820-1898Add to your cart.
The Collazo Family Papers document the commercial activities of Bernardo Collazo (1820s-1830s); Juan Collazo y Gil and Viuda de Collazo e Hijo, and Enrique Collazo (1830s-1890s).  The Papers include the correspondence about their commercial activities in the Caribbean.
CHC5187 Colmenares Family Collection, 1902-1960Add to your cart.
The bulk of material consists of bonds of Cuban Railroad Company and the Republic of Cuba National Bank, and money printed in Cuba before 1959.  The material also includes Havana Yacht Club magazine from February 1955 .
CHC5317 Colonia Cubana de Costa Rica Records, 1969-1983Add to your cart.

The Colonia Cubana de Costa Rica Records contains five minute books from 1969 to 1983 of the Colonia Cubana de Costa Rica Cuban exile organization.

The minute books document the activities and discussions that took place during meetings of the members of the organization.

CHC5083 Compañía Cubana de Aviación Records, 1930-1956Add to your cart.
The records document the business activities of Compañía Cubana de Aviación.  Materials include Cubana and Pan American Airlines contracts, Cubana mail contracts, correspondence, and agreements, leases, and contracts for Rancho Boyeros and the airport in Camagüey.
CHC5062 Confederación Campesina de Cuba Collection, 1995-1998Add to your cart.
The materials include pamphlets related to the Confederación Campesina de Cuba, by-laws of the association and "El Manifesto de Montecristi."
CHC0268 Congreso Internacional de Jóvenes Cubanos Collection, 1990Add to your cart.
Collection includes circular letters, promotional material, programs etc. of the International Congress of Cuban Youth held in Eden Rock Hotel, Miami Beach, from August 31, 1990 to September 2, 1990.  The materials also consist of typescripts, clippings and posters.
CHC0412 Coordinadora Social Demócrata Collection, 1991-1994Add to your cart.

The Coordinadora Social Demócrata Collection contains the official records of the Coordinadora Social Demócrata, a Cuban exile organization that promoted democracy in Cuba.

The collection contains official records of the Coordinadora Social Demócrata, including correspondence, acts, conference papers and articles.

CHC0398 Cordovés and Bolaños Families Collection, 1878-1999Add to your cart.

The Cordovés & Bolaños Families Collection contains letters, clippings, documents, and photographs from Cuba's Wars of Independence and the Bay of Pigs Invasion.

The collection contains materials from the Cuban Wars of Independence, including signed letters from famous Cuban statesmen of the period. A separate series contains articles and photographs relating to the Bay of Pigs invasion, as well as photos of Fidel Castro in a meeting with Pedro Tinoco, then-president of the Central Bank of Venezuela. The third series contains genealogical materials, namely photographs, family trees, and investigative research for the Bolaños, Cordovés and Mestre families.

CHC5028 Rosa Corpión Photograph Collection, 1965Add to your cart.
This collection consists of seven photographs of a 1965 event of the Comité Católico Cubano (Cuban Catholic Committee) in Dallas, Texas.
CHC5149 José Corrales Papers, 1950-2002Add to your cart.
This collection consists of the works of Cuban poet, playwright, and critic José Corrales (1937-2002), including published and unpublished scripts, poems, essays, stories, criticism, editorials, and articles. It also includes programs for performances of his plays and personal papers such as personal and business correspondence, financial records, and research notes.
CHC5153 Xavier Cortada Papers, 1994-2004Add to your cart.
Papers document activities of Xavier Cortada, Miami-based Cuban-American lawyer and artist.  Materials include various art projects, videos, correspondence, programs, invitations, awards, certificates, news clippings, rendering/sketches, brochures, catalogues, handouts, grant proposals, photos, notes, memorabilia, mementos, printed materials and posters.
CHC5156 Octavio R. Costa Papers, circa 1963-2003Add to your cart.
The papers document activities of Octavio R. Costa, Cuban historian and writer.  The materials include correspondence, writings, published articles, clippings, research notes, audio cassettes and daily planners.
CHC5194 Count of Gálvez Historical Society Records, 1987-1994Add to your cart.
Records document official activities of Count of Gálvez Historical Society established in Miami in 1988 by Cuban exiles and Spanish personalities living in Miami.  Its purpose is to make people of the United States and Florida know the role of Spain and Spanish speaking countries, their peoples, culture and civilization, as well as to provide information on discovery and settlement of Florida. In addition, its purpose is promoting Spanish traditions, history and culture.  The materials consist of official correspondence, Public Acts, information about Spanish and Cuban History presented on various conferences, clippings and folders discussing Spanish castles, museums, cities and  achievements of King Carlos III, as well as clippings about historical research of Dr. Carlos Fernandes-Shaw,  the information about conferences, which took place at Koubek Center, Articles of Incorporation, by-laws, corporate and tax documents, financial records including budgets, minutes of meetings of directors, treasury correspondence, membership forms and materials with historical research for speeches.
CHC0505 Armando Couto Collection, 1961-1990Add to your cart.

The Armando Couto Collection contains photographs, correspondence, and typewritten scripts of radio programs written by Armando Couto (1918-1995) broadcast in Miami, Venezuela, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Nicaragua.

The collection also contains "Revistas Semanales," illustrated reproductions of Couto's radio programs published by Editorial América in Venezuela.

CHC5070 Celia Cruz Collection, 1948-2008Add to your cart.
The collection documents the professional activities of the Cuban singer Celia Cruz from the 1950s until 2003. The bulk of materials in this collection include photographs documenting Celia Cruz's career in Cuba, the U.S. and internationally. The collection also contains an important number of photographs and newspaper clippings about Celia Cruz’s funeral in July 2003. The materials include both old and recent newspaper clippings, as well as posters, magazines, invitations, correspondence, signed postcards, awards, and uncorrected page proofs for the book. The collection also contains important music scores: the instrumental parts for the arrangements of some of Cruz's major hits, written by some of the most important arrangers in Latin music, and one published music score. Additionally, the collection includes an array of items like a shoe, cassette tapes, a fan, CDs and a DVD.
CHC5031 Felix Cruz-Álvarez Papers, 1952-2002Add to your cart.
The Félix Cruz-Alvarez Papers contain a collection of personal papers, consisting of articles, essays, and studies; conference papers; correspondence; illustrations; manuscripts of published and unpublished works; and vita. The papers cover Cruz-Álvarez's life as as a writer and academic in the United States.
CHC0261 Graciela Cruz-Taura Collection, 1987-1989Add to your cart.

The Graciela Cruz-Taura Collection contains audio cassette recordings of interviews with Cuban historian Dr. Herminio Portell Vila; Amalia Bacardí, wife of Bacardí founder Facundo Bacardí Massó; and artist Félix Beltrán.

The collection also contains an audio recording of a lecture, "La novela testimonial en el exilio," offered by Rafael Saumell at the University of Miami's Graduate School of International Studies in March 1989.

CHC0302 Cruzada Educativa Cubana Records, 1962-1987Add to your cart.
The records of Cruzada Educativa Cubana, Inc. contain manuscripts, transcripts, printed material, photographs, books, proclamations and a flag.
CHC0085 Omar J. Cuan Collection, 1940-1961Add to your cart.
The Omar J. Cuan Collection contains working papers for Omar J. Cuan's Master's thesis on Fulgencio Batista, including Cuban periodicals from the 1940s to the 1960s and photocopies of CIA reports and United States' State Department documents that aided in his research.
CHC0380 Cuba: Capitanía General Collection, 1851-1898Add to your cart.
The Cuba: Capitania General Collection contains the “bandos” (edicts), “Reales Ordenes” and official forms from the governments of Valeriano Weyler and Ramón Blanco.
CHC5025 Cuba Nostalgia Photograph Collection, 2000Add to your cart.
The collection consists of 8 negatives made by Thomson Lab., Coral Gables, Fla. in May 2000 from illustrations, photographs and print collections held in Cuban Heritage Collection.
CHC5002 Cuba Trade Records, 1869-1871Add to your cart.
The collection consists of 17 manuscript documents relating to Cuba, in particular to Captains N.G. and William Hichborn and their ship from Maine in the Cuban ports of Matanzas, Havana and Cardenas.  The documents include handwritten correspondence, receipts and records relating to trade.
CHC5118 Cuba Transition Project Collection, 2002-2003Add to your cart.

The Cuba Transition Project Collection contains pamphlets, reports, periodicals and other publications of the Cuba Transition Project, an undertaking of the Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies (ICCAS) at the University of Miami that "stud[ies] and make[s] recommendations for the reconstruction of Cuba once the post-Castro transition begins in earnest."

Established in 2002, the project was supported by grants from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) until 2010.

CHC5333 Cuban American Certified Public Accountants Association Records, 1980-2007Add to your cart.

The Cuban American Certified Public Accountants Association (CACPAA) Records contain official records, documents, and correspondence of the CACPAA, a nonprofit professional organization.

The collection includes official documentation, newsletters, membership directories, event invitations, and correspondence sent or published by the CACPAA.

CHC5111 Cuban and Florida Inquisition Research CollectionAdd to your cart.

The Cuban and Florida Inquisition Research Collection contains research materials, including photocopies of scholarly works, primary sources and research notes relating to the Spanish Inquisition in Cuba and Florida compiled by Eugenio A. Alonso López.

The collection also contains a copy of his award-winning paper "Mohinas de la Inquisición."

CHC0414 Cuban Committee for Democracy Records, 1993-1994Add to your cart.
The records document official activities of Cuban Committee for Democracy (CCD), which is association of Cubans committed to promotion of democratic dialogue in the US and to non-violent transition to democracy in Cuba.  CCD is based in Miami.  The materials include clippings, memorandums, official correspondence, invitations, pamphlets, financial reports, documents, Articles of Incorporation and meeting agendas.
CHC5073 Cuban Federation of the Midwest Records, 1968-2002Add to your cart.
The records document official activities of Cuban Federation of the Midwest.  The materials include financial records,  correspondence, newspaper clippings, constitution and by-laws, meeting minutes and programs, as well as, documents reflecting activities of Cuban Association of Dayton, which is a branch of Cuban Federation of the Midwest.
CHC5254 Cuban Genealogical Society Records, 1992-1995Add to your cart.
The records consists of copies of the Notes taken by Francisco Xavier de Santa Cruz and his associates from Revista Registers and other sources.  The notes consist of alphabetically arranged indexes from the provinces of Las Villas, Matanzas, Camaguey, Habana, Oriente and Pinar del Río of marriages.  There are also genealogical notes on many surnames.
CHC0347 Cuban Historical and Literary Manuscripts CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Cuban Historical and Literary Manuscript Collection is comprised of original manuscripts from the 17th to the 20th centuries. Acquired as individual pieces or in small groups, this collection includes literary manuscripts, slavery sales and property documents, wills, and correspondence.
CHC0466 Cuban Information System Records, 1985-1994Add to your cart.
The records document the activities of Cuban Information System, which was created as part of the North-South Center at the University of Miami as a resource for information on Cuba.  The materials consist of outputs from two databases of the Cuban Information System which are Granma, Newspaper Index, and Comprehensive Cuban Data Base, as well as, correspondence including, faxes and memoranda, clippings, financial records, descriptions of Cuban Information System and administrative reports.
CHC0468 Cuban Map Collection, 1500-2000Add to your cart.
The Cuban Map Collection contains maps dating from the 16th century to the 21st centruy. The digital colelction contains maps in the public domain dating from the colonial period to 1923 and includes general maps of the island, provincial maps, city and town maps, and other specialized map formats in a variety of scales, colors and artistic styles.
CHC0526 Cuban Medical Photograph Collection, 1850-1950Add to your cart.
Collection consists of 34 photographic reproductions of images of Cuban hospitals and portraits of important figures in Cuban medicine such as Carlos J. Finlay.
CHC5066 Cuban Museum of Arts and Culture RecordsAdd to your cart.

The Cuban Museum of Arts and Culture Records contains institutional records and historial materials produced and/or collected by the Cuban Museum of Arts in Culture during its operation in the late 20th century in Miami.

The institutional records series consists of the operational records of the business activities of the Cuban Museum of Arts and Culture. Materials include financial records, official correspondence, board of directors meetings minutes, policies and procedures, exhibition planning documents, project proposals, artists' files, and resumes.

The historical materials series include paintings, lithographs, photographs, drawings by Cuban artists, original musical scores and songs, slides of art work, programs, clippings with reviews of exhibits, correspondence, posters, objects. The series also includes personal papers and photographs of Emilio Bacardí and other family members, which have been digitized on the University of Miami Digital Collections website. Other personal papers of note that have been arranged together include the personal papers of Carlos Hevia, Don Azpiazu, and Natalio Galán. Azpiazu's and Galán's papers include significant music holdings.

This collection is still in processing and updated container lists will be added as they are made available.

CHC0337 Cuban Photograph Album Collection, 1875-2001Add to your cart.
This collection contains primarily travel and family photographs from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
CHC0329 Cuban Photograph CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Cuban Photograph Collection spans a wide range of topics and time periods related to Cuba and the Cuban diaspora.
CHC5234 Cuban Political Prisoners Records, circa 1969-2010Add to your cart.
The records document the treatment of political prisoners by the communist regime within Cuban prisons.  The materials consist of 3 CDs: "Presidio Isla de Pinos." (Compiled by Raúl Pérez-Coloma) on February 10, 2010; "La Montaña. Canciones de lucha y esperanzas," by political prisoner, Manuel Villanueva.  Graphic design by Alejandro Deoliveira. Miami 2007; "La Verdadera República de Cuba" by Dr. Andrés Cao Mendiguren, 2009.  The first CD  contains names of more than 10,000 Cuban political  prisoners, case numbers and the place where they were imprisoned. The materials also include manuscripts of letters written in Cuban political prisons in small letter, typescript of "La etica en el camino de revolucion," and post cards created by political prisoners in prison.
CHC0359 Cuban Postcard CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Cuban Postcard Collection consists of postcards of Cuba and the Cuban exile experience produced from the turn of the 20th century to the present. It includes real photo, printed photo, and artist drawn postcards and provides views of many parts of the island as well as various aspects of Cuban communities in the United States and abroad. This collection is divided into six series in eight boxes, described below.
CHC0327 Cuban Poster Collection, 1959-2012Add to your cart.
The Cuban Poster Collection contains miscellaneous posters related to Cuban cultural themes from the 20th and 21st centuries, organized into two series. Series 1 contains posters from Cuba or relating to Cuba and series 2 contains posters relating to Cuban exile organizations, individuals, events and themes.
CHC0330 Cuban Print CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Cuban Print Collection contains art prints, illustrations and broadsides of Cuban themes, including reproductions of paintings by Cuban artists such as Rafael Soriano; a watercolor illustration by exiled Cuban caricaturist Arroyito; and a broadside print of the Tribunal de Cuentas de la Isla de Cuba (1838).
CHC0218 Cuban Refugee Center Records, 1960-1994Add to your cart.
The Cuban Refugee Center Records include correspondence, reports, publications, photographs, and clippings created and collected by the Cuban Refugee Center (CRC), in Miami in 1960 as part of a federal program to assist Cubans arriving at the United States as political refugees.
CHC5441 Cuban Stamp collection, 1930s, 1950s-1970sAdd to your cart.
The Cuban Stamp collection includes albums of stamps from the 1930s, 1950s-1970s. Images on the stamps depict various aspects of Cuban history, visual arts, flora and fauna.
CHC0320 Cuban Stereograph CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Cuban Stereograph Collection contains six stereographs, an early form of three-dimensional photography, about Cuba.
CHC5196 Cuban Women's Club RecordsAdd to your cart.
The Cuban Women's Club Collection contains official documents and publications from the Cuban Women's Club of Miami, founded in 1969. Series 1 includes notes, clippings, invitations, programs and publications from the Cuban Women's Club of Miami during Wilma Tuñón's tenure as president of the organization. Series 2 contains the official records of the organization from its founding in 1969, including photographs, Floridiana Award records, reports, promotional materials, memorabilia, programs, and publications.
CHC5377 Manuel Lamar Cuervo Collection, circa 1960s-2000sAdd to your cart.

The Manuel Lamar Cuervo collection contains original hand-drawn drafts by Cuban artist Manuel Lamar Cuervo (b. 1929) for his comic strips, Matojo, Patricia, Pasatiempos, Lucas Rengifo, Matojo y Lucas, and Adivinanzas. Original work by artists Manuel Hernández Dedeté, Ares, Anvec, Carlucho, Cristóbal Reinoso, Rogelio Naranjo, and Quino are also included in this collection.

The collection contains finished versions of the comic strips Patricia and English and Spanish versions of Matojo, Cuervo’s most well-known artistic endeavors. The collection also contains artwork from Cuervo’s numerous other comics, both in English and Spanish. Clippings about the comic Matojo and of Cuervo, along with photographs of Cuervo and typed articles written by Cuervo, document Cuervo’s long career as an artist.

Audiovisual materials include documentaries on Fidelio Ponce de León and Wifredo Lam, for which Cuervo served as a collaborator.

CHC0269 Maggie Cuesta Collection, 1959-1999Add to your cart.
The collection consists of slides of Cuban posters, which were presented at an exhibit of the American Institute of Graphic Arts in April 2001.  The posters, which are created by various artists and published by various organizations one of which is the Latin American Continental Student Organization (OCLAE), are mainly from Cuba, and are a result of communist propaganda.
CHC5165 Juan Cueto Roig Ballet Collection, 1944-1991Add to your cart.
The bulk of materials consist of magazines with articles about ballet in Cuba and Alicia Alonso, Cuba's prima ballerina whose ballet company became the Ballet Nacional de Cuba in 1955.  Materials also include theatre programs and clippings.
CHC5299 José Curbelo Papers, circa 1940s-2000sAdd to your cart.
The José Curbelo papers contain photographs, clippings, copies of advertisements, promotional materials, one painting, and one sound recording relating to Cuban band leader and manager José Curbelo.
CHC5302 Danilo García CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Danilo García Collection contains two photo albums as well as nearly 200 photographs of Cuban artists.
CHC0459 Pepe Delgado Papers, 1954-1990Add to your cart.
The papers document activities of Pepe Delgado (1917-1990), a Cuban musician and composer of popular music. He left Cuba in the early 1960s and settled in the United States, dying in Miami in 1990. He was well known as a composer in Miami, New York, and throughout Latin America. The bulk of materials in this collection consist of manuscript and published music scores composed by Pepe Delgado. Various genres are represented in his compositions, such as waltzes, boleros, salsas, and merengues. The papers also include scrapbooks, photographs, correspondence, clippings and awards.
CHC5080 Norman Díaz Papers, n.d., 1959-1963Add to your cart.
The Norman Díaz Papers include typescripts, clippings, and correspondence regarding the 1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion and Cuban exile organizations of the early 1960s, including Consejo Revolucionario de Cuba, Brigade 2506, and Frente Revolucionario Cubano.
CHC5262 Lincoln Díaz-Balart PapersAdd to your cart.

The Lincoln Díaz-Balart Papers document the professional and personal activities of Lincoln Díaz-Balart in his capacity as U.S. Representative for Florida's 21st congressional district and as a member of the Florida House of Representatives and the Florida Senate. Materials in the collection include personal and legislative correspondence on issues such as education, the environment, federal and state budgets, human rights in Cuba, and immigration; and official documents on issues of immigration, international trade, Latin America and Cuba. The collection also contains press releases, audiovisual materials, photographs and clippings collected by Díaz-Balart.

Original order was retained, with papers arranged in two series: Florida House and Senate and United States Congress.

CHC5400 Venancio Díaz-Maique Photography collection, 1920-1940Add to your cart.
The Venancio Díaz-Maique Photograph Collection contains black and white and color negatives of photographs taken by the Cuban photographer Venancio Díaz-Maique (1916-2003). The collection also contains diplomas and certificates awarded to him by the Union de Periodistas de Cuba and the Agencia de Información Nacional.
CHC0266 Salvador Díaz-Versón Collection, 1961-1991Add to your cart.
The Salvador Díaz-Versón Collection contains clippings and periodicals relating to Salvador Díaz-Versón, a prominent Cuban exile figure.
CHC0510 Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil en el Exilio (DRE) Records, 1960-1996Add to your cart.
The Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil en el Exilio (DRE) Records include administrative files, correspondence, clippings, propaganda, subject files, and photographs created, collected, or published by the DRE in exile.
CHC5303 Dolores Pujadas Codina PapersAdd to your cart.
The Dolores Pujadas Codina Papers contain poems and other papers of Dolores Pujadas Codina; nine photographs of the poet; and editorials written by Pujadas Codina for El Tiempo Latino, a Washington, D.C., based newspaper. The collection also contains a copy of Pujadas Codina's most recent book, Espigas de amor.
CHC0450 Julio A. Domínguez Collection, 1898-1951Add to your cart.
Born in Cifuentes, Cuba in 1861, Julio A. Domínguez was a member of the Cuban rebel army better known as Mambises o Ejército Libertador. After the Spanish American War, he held many positions in the Cuban government under American jurisdiction and later when Cuba became a republic. The collection is comprised of documents related to his activities during the Cuban Independence War against Spain. Letters signed by General José J. Monteagudo, documents from "Ejército Libertador de Cuba" from the late 1890s, and photographs are some of the materials gathered in this collection.
CHC0118 Atala Duarte Carranza Photograph Collection, 1930-1970Add to your cart.
The collection documents activities of Atala Duarte Carranza in capacity of a teacher.  The materials consist of predominantly photographs of Atala Duarte Carranza during her school years in Cuba, her professional career as a teacher in Distrito Escolar de Guanabacoa in the Provincia de la Habana, as well as, of her friends and family.
CHC5407 Dudley Opdyke Caudry Photography collection, 1903-1910Add to your cart.
The collection includes photographs, albums, correspondence and notebooks related to Dudley Opdyke Caudry during his time in Cuba with his wife and child. The family worked on a citrus plantation in Isla de Pinos and subsequently opened a photograph studio in Havana before returning to the United States.
CHC5251 Dulce Beatriz Papers, 1967-2008Add to your cart.
The Dulce Beatriz papers contain photographs and other documents related to Cuban painter Dulce Beatriz (b. 1931) and her husband, Spanish flamenco guitarist Leonardo Beatriz. The papers consist of two scrapbooks and other materials. The first scrapbook documents professional activities of Dulce Beatriz, and contains photographs and other documents. The second scrapbook documents her husband's professional activities. It includes programs, a patent for a fabric stretching device, photographs and a biographical note on Mr. Beatriz. The collection also includes a box of clippings.
CHC5141 Herberto Dumé Papers, 1953-2000Add to your cart.
The Herberto Dumé Papers document the work of theater director Herberto Dumé (1929-2003) primarily during his years in exile from Cuba. The collection primarily includes the scripts of plays that Dumé directed along with photographs, clippings, programs, and reviews and records related to the Dumé Spanish Theater.
CHC5102 Gustavo Duran Papers, 1976Add to your cart.
The papers consist of the original manuscript of the short stories and poetry published under a title, A Refugee in America and written by Gustavo Duran.
CHC5450 Ediciones El Fortín collection, 2014-Add to your cart.

The Ediciones El Fortí collection contains artisitic publications including books, scrolls, and loose papers of new and classic literary material.

All of the materials in this collection have been cataloged in the University of Miami online catalog, available for browing in the following catalog search: Ediciones El Fortín.

CHC0480 Ediciones Universal Collection, 1960-1980Add to your cart.
The Ediciones Universal Collection contains manuscripts of unpublished books by exile Cuban authors and a flyer from the book presentation El profesor y los hombres de Don Álvaro by Roberto Luque Escalona.
CHC5007 Ediciones Vigía Collection, 1983-2011Add to your cart.

The Ediciones Vigía Collection contains various formats of artistic publications including books, magazines, scrolls and loose papers of new and classic literary material.

All of the items in this collection have been cataloged in the University of Miami online catalog, available for browsing in the following catalog search: Ediciones Vigía.

CHC0539 Editorial CLIO Slides Collection, 1961-1997Add to your cart.
The collection consists of 64 slides taken from materials  held in Cuban Archives at the University of Miami, and forming part of Cuban Memorabilia Collection, Pedro Pan Collection, Cuban Exile Periodicals Collection, Lydia Cabrera Collection, Cuban Exile Photographs Collection and Cuban Exile Posters Collection.  Editorial CLIO, a publisher in Mexico City specializing in pictorial histories, used these materials to publish a book about Cuban exiles in Miami.
CHC0253 J. A. Embil Collection, 1954-1992Add to your cart.
The collection documents activities of Dr. J. A. Embil in capacity of a professor of Microbiology and Community Health and Epidemiology, and as an associate professor of Pediatrics at Dalhousie University and the Isaak Walton Kiliam Hospital for children in Halifax, Canada.  The materials include publications of scholarly works and clippings of articles written by Embil about infectious virus diseases.
CHC5397 Emilio Taboada Papers, circa 1940s-1960sAdd to your cart.
The Emilio Taboada Papers contain the personal papers and works of Cuban playwright Emilio Taboada. They include family photos, photos of his plays, copies of scripts he authored, correspondence with theater colleagues, playbills, programs, and set design sketches, mostly from his time active as a theater arts professional in Cuba in the 1940s to 1960s.
CHC5396 Enrique Quintana Scrapbook, c. 1950s-1970sAdd to your cart.
The Enrique Quintana scrapbook includes materials collected by Cuban Red Cross worker Enrique Quintana. It includes photographs, correspondence, documents from the Cuban Ministry of Public Health and other departments, clippings, and personal memorabilia. It includes a core grouping of materials relating to Quintana's participation in the 1951 VI Convención de la Cruz Roja Interamericana held in Mexico.
CHC5166 Darío Espina Pérez Papers, 1988-1995Add to your cart.
The Darío Espina Pérez papers document professional activities of Darío Espina Pérez in capacity of founder and president of Academia Poética de Miami, writer of books on history and literature, poet, lawyer and agricultural engineer.  Bulk of the material consists of correspondence, and many letters relate to operations of Academia Poética de Miami.  The material also includes bulletin of the College of Agricultural Engineers, invitations, typescripts of essays about poetry, a typescript of an essay by Espina Pérez titled "En torno a la Illiada," which is a literary analysis of Homer's Illiad, biographies of various  participants in Forum of Miami, typescripts of poems by Espina Pérez and clippings.
CHC5136 Carlos Espinosa Domínguez Papers, 1976-1999Add to your cart.
The papers include correspondence with important Cuban, Spanish and Latin American writers, photographs, manuscripts, programs, pamphlets with printed poems and programs.  The writers discuss exile experience, existential topics and the solitude of a poet.
CHC5411 Roberto Estopiñan papers, 1960-2015Add to your cart.
Roberto Estopiñan (1921-2015) was a Cuban born sculptor who emigrated to the United States and lived in New York from 1960 to 2002. He subsequently retired in Miami until his passing in 2015. His papers at the Cuban Heritage Collection include 47 sketchbooks with original artwork from the 1980s to the 1990s,  photographs, 1 maquette for a book titled: "En el Vientre del Tropico" by Alina Galliano (1991), slides and ephemera  related to the artist's work and his travels, awards, as well as a plaster cast of the Estopiñan's hands.
CHC0532 Abelardo Estrada Hall Papers, 1980-1984Add to your cart.

The papers document activities of Abelardo Estrada Hall, president of "La Comunidad Cubana en Jamaica" in 1982, as well as activities of other leaders of the group, aiming at gaining entrance into the United States. The papers include records about anti-communist Cuban refugees in Jamaica who fled Cuba to escape the communist regime and reunite with their families in the United States.

The materials in this collection include articles and accounts written by Abelardo Estrada Hall and lists of Cuban immigrants in Jamaica with personal information such as passport number, occupation, and residence. There are many letters from "La Comunidad Cubana en Jamaica" to many different individuals and institutions such as the Jamaican government, the United States government, and the United Nations. The materials also include newspaper clippings, photographs, memorabilia, and audio-cassettes.

CHC0460 Tomás Estrada Palma Collection, 1880-1999Add to your cart.

The Tomás Estrada Palma Collection contains materials from a scrapbook donated by the great-grandson of TEP, Tomás Douglas Estrada Palma III. Items that were preserved in the scrapbook include photographs, letters, personal documents, and newspaper clippings. They document primarily the Tomás Andrés Estrada Palma II branch of the Estrada Palma family tree, including some materials related to his wife, Helen Douglas Browne, and her family.

Correspondence includes letters written by TEP, TEP II and other members of the Estrada Palma family. Clippings largely cover the 1906 resignation of TEP from the Cuban presidency and the consequent US military occupation, TEP's death in 1908, as well as events honoring TEP in the years after his death. Also amongst the clippings are articles relating to TEP II's marriage to Helen Douglas Browne in 1910. Other items include documents such as TEP II's report card, marriage certificate, and passport. There are also photographs of TEP, TEP II, and TEP III, as well as photos of other members of the family such as Genoveva Guardiola de Estrada Palma, Candelaria "Candita" Estrada Palma, and Helen (Douglas Browne) Estrada Palma. Of special interest is a photograph of the presidential convoy that traveled with TEP from Bayamo to Havana for his inauguration in 1902 and photographs of the Presidential Palace in Havana taken during TEP's presidency.

Included in this collection is the citizenship certificate of José Guimunde y Martínez, which was signed by TEP. This document was donated by Mirtha Alberto in August 2000 and added to the Tomás Estrada Palma Collection at that time.

CHC5186 Osvaldo Farrés Papers, 1940-1986Add to your cart.
The papers document professional activities of Osvaldo Farrés as a composer who composed both songs and lyrics.  The bulk of papers consists of the scores of the songs that were translated into many languages and recorded by top singing stars e.g., "Quizás, Quizás, Quizás" (Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps) and "Toda Una Vida"(Until Tomorrow).  The materials also include photographs, clippings, diplomas honoring Farrés' musical achievements, magazines, programs and a multicultural school calendar for year 1980 featuring Hispanic role models for children.
CHC5243 Carlos Felipe and Rosa Felipe Papers, 1939-2000Add to your cart.

The papers document professional activities of Carlos Felipe in a capacity of a playwright and of Rosa Felipe in a capacity of an actress.  The materials consist of manuscripts of Carlos Felipe's plays, in which he deals with human passions, giving his characters essential Cuban elements.  Some of the plays were published in Spain, while others were published in Cuba.  The manuscripts of the following plays are included in the papers: "Esta noche en el bosque," for which he received Premio Nacional de Teatro in 1939, "Tambores," and "De pelicula."  A copy of "El Chino," published by Repertorio Teatral Cubano and a published miniature of "Capricho en rojo" are also included in this collection.  The collection also contains academic essays by other authors about Carlos Felipe's plays, especially about "Réquiem por Yarini" in which Carlos Felipe utilizes structure of Greek tragedy.  Materials include clippings with interviews with Carlos Felipe, theatre programs, especially the programs of the several productions of "Réquiem por Yarini" and theatrical reviews.

The materials also document acting career of Rosa Felipe who worked in Cuba, Madrid, Latin America and Miami.  Rosa Felipe worked with other Cuban actors in exile in Miami for the theatre group Repertorio Español.  The bulk of the material documenting Rosa Felipe's career consists of photographs from Cuban TV, theatre and award receiving events.  Moreover, the collection contains Certificates of Recognition, membership cards, slides and theatre programs of productions featuring Rosa Felipe.

CHC5110 Leonardo Fernández Marcané Collection, 1962-2003Add to your cart.
The collection is devoted to the National Catholic Welfare Conference of Miami.  The bulk of materials consist of 35 photographs.  The materials also include some plaques and diplomas, as well as, a photocopy of Leonardo Fernández-Marcané's article "Visión Poética del novelista Reinaldo Arenas,"published in Cuadernos del Lazarillo, no. 25 (July-December 2003), pp.97-103.
CHC0504 José Fernández Partagás Papers, 1985-1997Add to your cart.
The José Fernández Partagás Papers consist of research materials on Atlantic and Caribbean hurricanes and storms since the 1800s, including manuscripts, publications, and personal memorabilia.
CHC5142 Antonio Fernández Reboiro Art and Poster Collection, circa 1960s-1990sAdd to your cart.
The Antonio Fernández Reboiro art and poster collection contains materials and artwork collected and created by Cuban artist Antonio Fernández Reboiro. A large part of the collection consists of art books and periodicals, books on the Orquestra Nacional de España, and materials on Hispanic theater, all predominantly dating from the 1970s to 1980s. The other large part of the collection is made up of posters with original artwork by Reboiro for various film and theater productions, many  of which were for Cuban productions.
CHC5168 Tomás Fernández Robaina PapersAdd to your cart.
The Tomás Fernández Robaina Papers contain manuscripts, bibliographies and audiovisual materials authored by Tomás Fernández Robaina, including drafts of Apuntes para la historia de la Biblioteca Nacional José Martí de Cuba, manuscripts relating to the santería orisha Eleggua and other santería practices, as well as articles on Cuban poet Nicolás Guillén's prose and prostitution in Cuba, respectively. The collection also contains a video cassette of a lecture given by Fernández Robaina at Lincoln University in November 1993.
CHC5158 Teresa Fernández Soneira Cuban Catholic Schools Papers, 1940-1996Add to your cart.
The materials consist of correspondence, photographs, interviews, statistics, and pamphlets about Catholic education in Cuba collected in research for the book "About Catholic Education in Cuba, 1582-1961."
CHC5260 Ramiro A. Fernández Collection, 1870-1990Add to your cart.
The Ramiro A. Fernández collection contains photographic prints, albums and postcards collected by Ramiro A. Fernández that document life in Cuba from the 1890s through the 1950s. Included are pictures of a variety of buildings, such as homes, schools, churches, resorts, military installations, and public buildings, as well as landscapes, street scenes, and pictures of agriculture, transportation, families, children, and people at work and leisure.
CHC0006 Remigio Fernández Collection, 1897-1906Add to your cart.
The papers consist of handwritten manuscripts related to the Spanish-American War and the liberation of Cuba, as well as, materials related to the Junta Patriotica de Cayo Hueso.  The manuscripts include poems and documents.  Printed materials from 1898 are also included.
CHC5167 Wilfredo Fernandez Papers, 1951-1978Add to your cart.
The papers document professional activities of Wilfredo Fernandez, a famous Cuban singer who was described as "the romantic voice of Cuba."  The materials include 4 scrapbook albums, 46 photographs, 10 music records, 2 CDs, 3 cassettes, 14 manuscript musical scores arrangements composed for Wilfredo Fernandez by important Cuban composers.
CHC5006 Fernando Fernández-Cavada Collection, 1846-1976Add to your cart.
The Fernando Fernández-Cavada Collection consists primarily of the correspondence of Federico, Adolfo, and Emilio Fernández-Cavada, as well as of Emilio Fernández-Cavada Suárez del Villar. Many of the letters are written in code and have been transcribed. A large number of letters in Series I and II from Federico and Adolfo are addressed to "Netts," the code name for their brother Emilio in Philadelphia. Series III contains letters from leaders of the Cuban Revolutionary Party in the United States to Emilio. The correspondence in this collection deals primarily with the insurrection in Cuba and particularly with the activities of Cuban exiles in support of the war. Also included in this collection are clippings and three photographs of the Fernández-Cavada brothers, as well as Emilio Fernández-Cavada Suárez del Villar’s war diary from 1896 to 1898 (Series III).
CHC5094 Alberto Fernández-Medrano Papers, 1956-1987Add to your cart.
The papers document activities of Alberto Fernández-Medrano who was a Secretary, Vice-President and President of Lions Club of Florida, Camaguey, Cuba and a member of the Committee for International Relations.  Fernández-Medrano was shot by Castro's Government in 1964.  Materials consist of typescripts of anti-communist and anti-Castro writings including a typescript of a book "La unica alternativa: democracia o comunismo," correspondence, clippings, certificates and other documents.
CHC5147 Orestes Ferrara Papers, 1925-1989Add to your cart.
Orestes Ferrara (1876-1972) was Cuba's Ambassador to the United States and Secretary of State under the administration of Gerardo Machado.  Materials in this collection include correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, newspaper clippings, drawing of Ferrara coat of arms, Curriculum Vitae and a photocopy of Ferrara's diplomatic passport.
CHC5405 Peggy Fleming Photograph Collection, 2000-2002Add to your cart.

The Peggy Fleming Photograph Collection contains photographs taken by Peggy Fleming and ephemera regarding her work in Cuba. The collection contains mostly black and white photographs taken of everyday people, street scenes, homes, and family life in Cuba during the early 2000s.

The collection contains materials related to Fleming’s Sí Por Cuba project when she was a photographer with the ASSIGNMENT: CUBA 2000, arranged by the Maine Photographic Workshops and Rockport College in cooperation with the government of Cuba. These materials include 1 color print and 39 black and white contact sheets, an inventory of the photos with descriptive information, and ephemera related to the 2002 exhibition of the photographs.

The collection houses additional negatives and contact sheets documenting Fleming’s two weeks in Cuba in 2000, as well as travel documents, a journal Fleming kept on her experiences, letters, and emails related to the trip.

CHC5040 Eugenio Florit Papers, 1940-1998Add to your cart.
This collection consists of documents, books, and other materials written and collected by Cuban poet and writer Eugenio Florit. Materials include personal correspondence, along with professional correspondence pertaining to his work as a writer, translator, and professor at both Columbia University and Middlebury College.  It also includes published and unpublished works by Florit, clippings of newspaper articles by and about Florit, and research notes.  Travel is a recurring theme in Florit’s work, and this is visible in the abundant slides he has of his travels, and the travel diaries he kept. Mementos such as photographs, cassettes, awards, diplomas and memorabilia also make up a portion of the collection.
CHC5104 Flotilla de la Libertad Papers, 1995-1996Add to your cart.
The papers document activities of Flotilla de la Libertad, which was created to fight Castro by civil disobedience.  Materials include correspondence, clippings, photographs and memorabilia.
CHC5410 Ramón Font Saumell papers, 1960-1990Add to your cart.
Ramón Font Saumell was a member of the anti-Castro activist group Commando L. His papers includes 30 binders with clippings, photographs, articles, notes, typescripts and research files related to Font's book project, One Man's War, a diary of personal recollections of activisim with Comando L. The collection also includes VHS and audio tapes with with programming related to Cuba, 1 CD titled, Testigo y Protagonis, Comando L Brigada Feminista badges, clippings related to the rafter crisis, periodicals and 1 Cuban flag.
CHC5266 José Antonio Font Papers, n.d., 1970-2007Add to your cart.
The papers of José Antonio Font document primarily his activities in Cuban exile initiatives and organizations such as Agrupación Abdala, the Cuban American National Foundation, and Alianza Democrática Cubana.  The bulk of the materials in this collection pertain to the latter organization.
CHC5175 Fort Chaffee Collection, n.d., 1980-1995Add to your cart.

The Fort Chaffee Collection brings together two donations of materials relating to Cubans who arrived in the U.S. during the 1980 Mariel Boatlift and were detained at refugee camps at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas.

Barbara Lawson was director of the Cuban-Haitian Task Force from 1980 to 1981, and she donated reports, memoranda, artwork by Cuban refugees, and recordings of news interviews she gave during her tenure with the Task Force.

Gastón A. Fernández donated the research materials he collected and used for his book The Mariel Exodus Twenty Years Later: A Study on the Politics of Stigma and a Research Bibliography (Miami: Ediciones Universal, 2002).  These materials consists primarily of photocopies of reports and interagency correspondence of the various U.S. government agencies responsible for the processing and settlement of Mariel refugees and for administering Fort Chaffee and other camps.  In the Fernández donation are also photographs by the U.S. Army and snapshots of refugee activities at Fort Chaffee.  The photocopied documents seem to have been obtained by Fernández primarily from the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library, although they are not clearly identified as such.

Issues of La Vida Nueva, a newsletter published by the Cuban refugees detained at Fort Chaffee with the support of the 1st Psychologica Operations Battalion of the U.S. Army; and of Crossroads, a newspaper published for Fort Chaffee personnel included in these donations were transferred to the CHC Exile Journals collection.

CHC5223 Martha Frayde Barraqué Papers, 1957-1966Add to your cart.
The Martha Frayde Barraqué Papers consist of letters from the Cuban painter Wifredo Lam (1902-1982) to Frayde dating between 1962 and 1966.  The collection also includes a group photograph of Lam and Frayde in Mexico in 1957.
CHC5086 Norberto Fuentes Papers, 1986-2003Add to your cart.

The papers document professional activities of Norberto Fuentes, a writer and journalist born in Havana who was a close friend of Fidel Castro, and consequently had privileged knowledge of the Cuban secret service during some of the most difficult years of the Cuban Revolution.  After spending many years alongside Castro, Fuentes tried to escape the island, was detained and eventually released.  He now lives in the United States.  Bulk of the materials in this collection display the knowledge Fuentes has about Castro, especially it is evident in the manuscript of  The Autobiography of Fidel Castro.  The materials also have wealth of information on drug, money laundering, and robberies perpetrated by  Cuban agents or coordinated by Cuba.

The papers consist of floppy disks with family photographs, with material about condemned, material about narcotráfico and revolutionary forces.  The papers also include cassettes, VHS tapes, CD-ROMs, a manuscript of a book "En la boca del diablo," manuscripts and typescripts of anti-Castro essays, correspondence, notes for "Dulces Guerreros Cubanos," a manuscript and research notes for "El ultimo tren blindado," typescript and research for "Narcotráfico y Tareas Revolucionarias," a manuscript of "La Autobiografía de Fidel Castro,"  clippings and print-outs of Roberto Fuentes' official web page.

CHC5063 Raquel Fundora Papers, 1936-1994Add to your cart.
The papers document professional activities of Raquel Fundora as a poet and a president of the Miami chapter of the Circle of the Pan-American Culture.  Fundora's poems express nostalgia for Cuba.  The materials also document the activities of the Circle of the Pan-American Culture, which was founded in 1963.  It reunites professors, writers, poets and persons interested in culture.  Materials include manuscripts of Fundora's poetry, correspondence, scrapbooks, clippings, photographs, programs, certificates, diplomas, memorabilia, typescripts of conference essays and audio tapes.
CHC5121 G.A.L.A. (Grupo Artístico Literario Abril) Records, 1978-1997Add to your cart.

The Grupo Artístico Literario Abril (G.A.L.A) was founded in 1977 in Miami with the purpose of bringing together members of the literary and arts community. It became an official non-profit organization in 1982 in the state of Florida. G.A.L.A recognized many different Cuban and Latin American writers, poets, and artists from 1978 until 1997. G.A.L.A. was comprised of world renowned writers and they often paid tribute to their accomplishments. They awarded the "Agustín Acosta"award for poetry and the "GALA" award for short stories. Many newspapers around the world recognized and documented G.A.L.A.'s cultural events, lectures, conferences, recitals, and expositions held mostly in Miami, Florida.

The collection consists of newspaper clippings, correspondence, circular letters, press releases, lists of award recipients, photographs, and audio cassettes. Official records also include a constitution, by-laws, meeting minutes, and financial records.

CHC5297 Roberto Gacio PapersAdd to your cart.
The Roberto Gacio Papers contain personal papers of Cuban actor, professor and theater critic Roberto Gacio (b. 1941), including theater ephemera, photos, a thesis, and other manuscripts.
CHC0084 Marciano Gajate PapersAdd to your cart.
The papers consist primarily of facsimilies and copies of documents relating to colonial Cuba.
CHC0381 Francisco García Amador Collection, 1960-1993Add to your cart.
The Francisco García Amador Collection contains correspondence, manuscripts and copies of publications authored by Francisco V. García Amador, former professor of international law at the University of Miami School of Law.
CHC5206 Gabriel García Galán Collection, undated, 1869-1969Add to your cart.

The Gabriel García Galán Collection contains correspondence, clippings, photographs, manuscripts, musical scores, awards and other documents related to Dr. Gabriel García Galán.

Most notably the collection contains a 1929 letter to Dr. García Galán from Enrique José Varona and three manuscripts of Gobierno Superior Civil de la Isla de Cuba from 1869.

CHC5324 Federico García Lorca Papers, circa 1920-1939Add to your cart.

The Federico García Lorca papers contain correspondence from Spanish writer and intellectual Federico García (1898-1936) Lorca to Cuban writer and diplomat José María Chacón y Calvo (1892-1969) and photographs of García Lorca while visiting Chacón y Calvo in Cuba during the 1930s.

Transcripts of the letters contained in this collection can be found in the book by Carlos Ripoll, Cuba en Lorca (2007). All correspondence and photographs in this collection have been digitized and is available in the University of Miami Digital Collections.

CHC5148 Enildo A. García Collection, c. 2001-2006Add to your cart.
Enildo A. García was a Spanish and Latin American Literature professor at St. Francis College in Brooklyn, New York. His collection is comprised of research materials about the Guiteras family from Matanzas, Cuba. Writings, photographs, correspondence and some memorabilia of the Guiteras family are also included in this collection.
CHC5105 Gus Garcia Collection, 1994-2000Add to your cart.
The Gus García Papers contain the personal papers of Gus García, candidate for City of Miami Commission in the 2000 election cycle, including clippings, newsletters, correspondence and flyers for his Commission race.
CHC0301 Manuel Emilio García Papers, undatedAdd to your cart.
The papers consist of popular musical selections from Dominican Republic, including Fantasia by Manuel Emilio Garcia G. This score was based on works by various Dominican composers, and the principal theme came from the song "Maiba" by Diogenes Silva.  The materials include four tapes, a manuscript of a score "Selecciones Populares Dominicanas" in 26 parts, Quartet for various instruments, a manuscript of a score titled "Marcha Triunfal" in 22 parts, and a manuscript of a score of Giselle Marie Vals.
CHC0270 María Cristina García Audiotape Collection, 1986Add to your cart.

The María Cristina García Audiotape Collection contains eight casssette tapes of lectures recorded at the "A Quarter Century of Cuban Exile Culture" symposium held at Florida International University in September 1986.

Recordings are not available from the final day of the conference, held at the Historical Museum of South Florida.

CHC5082 Vicente García Collection, 1990-2002Add to your cart.
The Vicente García Collection contains clippings, pamphlets, invitations and programs of events related to Cuban exiles in Puerto Rico, as well as postcards and recordings of radio programs and audio recordings collected by Vicente García.
CHC5291 José García-Pedrosa PapersAdd to your cart.
The José García-Pedrosa Papers contain documents and books about Cuba and Cuban exiles collected by José García-Pedrosa.
CHC5233 Carolina Garzon Papers, 1932-2006Add to your cart.

The papers document professional activities of Carolina Garzon.  She taught mathematics in Elementary School and Social Studies in High School in Cuba since 1926.  In her capacity as a teacher, she collaborated on a book discussing the development of new programs in the Cuban Schools.  Garzon also worked as a Social Worker in Cuba in the 1950s, Miami and Tallahassee and as a supervisor of Pedro Pan program. 

The materials consist of those documenting Garzon's work as a teacher, and those reflecting her work as a social worker. They include correspondence, manuscripts of scholarly essays, social histories of Garzon's clients, a typescript of an essay "A Psychoanalyst's Observation During A Totalitarian Take-Over" by Dr. Gabriel Casuso Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the Medical School of the University of Miami, which discusses Fidel Castro's revolution from Psychoanalytic perspective, bibliography of materials for Florida State University School of Social Work, a pamphlet on the destruction of private school system in Cuba, a published thesis titled "A Study of the Adjustment of Thirty Four Boys in Exile," photographs, a student card from Florida State University, clippings, miniatures of religious paintings and memorabilia.

CHC5106 Angel Gaztelu Papers, 1933-2002Add to your cart.
The Angel Gaztelu Papers contain poetry collected by Father Angel Gaztelu and articles written by him.
CHC5391 Gelcys de Céspedes Vidal Papers, c. 1970s-1980sAdd to your cart.
The Gelcys de Céspedes Vidal Papers are the personal documents of Cuban exile dentist Dra. Gelcys de Céspedes Vidal. They contain correspondence with other dentists, documents from the Association of Cuban Dentists in Exile, and educational documents relating to Dr. Vidal's training from both Cuba and the United States.
CHC5256 Andrew Giel Photograph Collection, 1955-1959Add to your cart.

Andrew Giel visited Cuba as a tourist 10 times between September 1955 and December 1959, traveling as far as Trinidad in Santi Spíritus. Fifty years later, Mr. Giel printed 8 x 10 enlargements from the original transparencies. Those prints are found in this collection. They include views from across the island, including Havana, Trinidad, and Santiago de Cuba. The collection also includes color prints of the black and white photography and photographic reproductions of Cuban postcards from the 1950s.

The 1955 slides were made with an Argus C4 camera and the later slides with a Leica IIIF.

CHC5138 Mario Girbau Collection, circa 1960sAdd to your cart.

The Mario Girbau Collection contains official documents such as statutes and financial reports of Brigade 2506 activities, as well as correspondence, clippings and photographs related to the organization.

The collection also contains personal materials of Mario Girbau, including a portrait, photographs, invitations and letters pertaining to his involvement in administrative decisions about funds for the Bay of Pigs operation.

CHC5011 Gustavo Godoy y Agostini Collection, 1961-1977Add to your cart.

The Gustavo Godoy y Agostini Papers contain correspondence to Gustavo Godoy y Agostini, along with poems and clippings collected by him.

Notable correspondents include Agustín Acosta, José María Chacón y Calvo, Juan Fonseca, Eduardo Áviles Ramírez and Arturo Doreste.

CHC0360 Georgina Golik Photograph Collection, 1988Add to your cart.
This photograph collection contains views of Havana and Marianao, Cuba taken in 1988.
CHC0303 María Gómez Carbonell Photograph CollectionAdd to your cart.
This collection contains 19th century portraits and group photographs related to the Cuban War of Independence.
CHC5276 Julio Gómez Papers, circa 1970s-2011Add to your cart.
The Julio Gómez papers contain books and articles on theater arts and the history of theater collected by Julio Gómez; audiovisual materials of theater performances; and some scripts and production notes of productions with which Gómez was involved. Some materials are in the format of electronic records.
CHC5041 Luis Marcelino Gómez Collection, 1994-2001Add to your cart.

The Luis Marcelino Gómez Collection contains original manuscripts of published and unpublished works of poetry, essays, short stories and a novel authored by Luis Marcelino Gómez.

The collection also contains notes on published works of poetry and correspondence.

CHC5285 Rogelio González Corzo Scrapbook, 1953-2001Add to your cart.
The Rogelio González Corzo Scrapbook collection contains a scrapbook with various clippings, photographs, and documents relating to the 1961 execution and observed rememberances of Cuban dissident Rogelio González Corzo.
CHC5146 González de Mendoza Family Collection, 1963Add to your cart.

The González de Mendoza Family Collection contains a copy of a genealogical chart of the González de Mendoza family, Certificación de genealogía, nobleza y armas del apellido González de Mendoza, the original housed at Spain's Archivo Heráldico in Madrid.

The collection also includes documents from the Ministerio de Justicia, Subsecretaría "Asuntos de Gracia," relating to the heirs of the title Marqués de Pelayo; correspondence from Enrique Conill y Rafecas and Esperanza Conill y Rafecas de Zanetti; and a clipping from El Nuevo Herald discussing a reunion of the González de Mendoza family.

CHC5287 Abel González Melo Collection, 2011-2012Add to your cart.
The Abel González Melo Papers contains theater ephemera and publications collected by playwright Abel González Melo, including DVDs and programs of performances at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid directed by González and programs for Por Gusto, written by González Melo, performed at Repertorio Español in New York City.
CHC5338 Alberto González Papers, 1950s-2000sAdd to your cart.
The Alberto González papers document the professional activities of Alberto González (1928-2012), a prolific Cuban writer, humorist, journalist, and scriptwriter. His career spanned sixty years in show business, creating Spanish radio and television shows in Colombia, Puerto Rico and also theater productions in Miami, Florida. He was also known for his biting political satire and popular comedy shows.
CHC0543 Avelino J. González Papers, 1988-1995Add to your cart.
The papers document professional activities of Avelino J. González, first Cuban lawyer who graduated from the University of Havana after 1959 and from the University of Miami with scholarship in 1995.  The materials include correspondence, a copy of a cover of a book  written by González, newspaper clippings, Cuba lawyer registration, photographs, negatives, a program of graduation from UM and the University of Havana diploma and grades.
CHC5226 Elián González Collection, 1999-2005Add to your cart.
The Elián González Collection consists of copies of newspaper clippings and court orders documenting the case of the Cuban refugee child Elián González.  In 1999 when he was five years old, González was rescued at sea off the Florida coast. His mother had drowned during their passage from Cuba on a raft.  Relatives in Miami took custody of him and fought to keep him in the United States instead of being returned to Cuba with his father. In addition to clippings, the collection also includes memorabilia and photographs.  Clippings have been added to the collection following up on González, who returned to Cuba with his father in April 2000 after a months of court cases and protests in Miami's Cuban-American community.
CHC5344 Ernesto González Papers, circa 1980s-1990sAdd to your cart.
The Ernesto González Papers contain literary manuscripts for novels, short stories, poems and essays written by late 20th, early 21st century Cuban-born alternative writer Ernesto González.
CHC0170 Guillermo "Willy" González Collection, 1911-2013Add to your cart.

The Guillermo González collection contains materials documenting the engineering career and personal life of Cuban engineer Guillermo González (1932-2013), including slides, photographs and images, memorabilia, personal papers, and audiovisual materials.

These materials include slide collections, photographs, postcards, advertisements, tourist brochures, and ceramic plates from famous Cuban locales. The collection also contains materials documenting González's career as an engineer, such as awards, engineering essays, and blueprints, most from his time in Miami, but some materials do date from his time in Cuba. While most of this collection’s slides, photographs, audiovisual materials, and memorabilia document life in Cuba, the personal papers document González’s life in both Cuba and in Miami. Other materials include play scripts and videotapes on subjects that were of personal interest to González.

González's extensive collection of slides have been maintained in the original order that they were created. Most of the slides are organized into slide books and each binder is further divided into thematic tabs, which are identified in the container list in this finding aid. A small amount of slides were in slide projector decks, which have been kept together in folders accompanied by the slideshow notes. Box 10 contains photographic prints from slide negatives that González donated to the Cuban Heritage Collection previously.

CHC5241 Ofelia González Papers, 1952-1997Add to your cart.

Ofelia González was an actress performing in theatre, mostly in Havana's Palacio de Bellas Artes and New York's Repertorio Español.  She also acted in film and TV. The materials document her acting career especially her portrayals of Bernarda in The House of Bernarda Alba in New York, Nurse in Romeo and Juliet in New York, Serafina in The Rose Tattoo in Havana, Medea in Medea in New York, Amanda in The Glass Menagerie in New York, Celestina in Celestina in New York, Clara in The Visit in New York and Mother in The Guns of Mother Carrar in Havana. 

The bulk of the material consists of photographs from performances and newspaper clippings with reviews of performances.  The papers also include correspondence and memorabilia.

CHC0252 Peter González Collection, 1990Add to your cart.

The Peter González Collection contains typescripts, manuscripts, photographs, audio and video tapes and memorabilia from Cuban exile events promoting democracy and human rights on the island, including "The Chain for Democracy," "Flotilla of Brotherhood" and "The Worldwide Day of Prayer for Freedom and Democracy in Cuba."

The Chain for Democracy was a symbolic gathering of Cuban exiles and their supporters on February 24th, 1990, creating a human chain between Miami and Key West to protest human rights abuses of the Castro regime. Additional protests took place in areas with large Cuban populations including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Canada, among others.

Cuban exiles again joined together that same year on May 20th for the Flotilla of Brotherhood, a gathering of boats 20 miles outside Havana Harbor in remembrance of Cubans who drowned seeking their freedom. The Worldwide Day of Prayer for Freedom and Democracy in Cuba took place on July 15th, 1990, in locations all over the world.

CHC5020 Regla González Papers, 1973-1999Add to your cart.
The papers document the activities of two Cuban organizations in Boston: Agrupación Abdala and Bandera Cubana.  Regla González held leadership positions in these groups and was also active in the Boston Chapter of LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens).  The bulk of the collection consists of clippings and photographs with a small number of newsletters, event programs, and related material.
CHC5199 Rufino E. González Papers, 1939-1978Add to your cart.
The papers document activities of Rufino E. González as a professional golf player and a golf instructor of the Country Club of Havana during the Republican era.  The bulk of the materials consist of photographs of Rufino González playing golf in the Country Club of Havana, and of pamphlets from the Country Club of Havana featuring pro-amateur golf tournaments with photographs of golf players.  The materials also include some correspondence regarding golf, golf score sheets, golf balls and biography of González.
CHC5286 Grandes Leyendas Musicales Cubanas Interviews Collection, 2008-2014Add to your cart.

The Grandes Leyendas Musicales Cubanas Interviews Collection consists of interviews conducted by Eloy Cepero with Cuban-born musicians. The presentations are part of a series sponsored by the Institute of Cuban and Cuban American Studies that showcase Cuban well known musicians and recording artists.

This is an ongoing program and recordings will continue to be added to the collection as more presentations are made.

CHC0086 Ramón Grau Alsina CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Ramón Grau Alsina Collection contains awards, correspondence, memorabilia and photographs centered around Ramón Grau Alsina, including plaques, awards and recognitions from the City of Miami, University of Miami, and several Cuban exile organizations. It also includes correspondence, and photographs, including family photos and pictures with notable public figures.
CHC0356 Polita Grau de Agüero Papers, 1882-2000Add to your cart.

The Polita Grau de Agüero Papers document two aspects of Polita Grau’s life and family. The correspondence, writings, and memorabilia primarily document Polita’s time as a political prisoner in Cuba as well as her activities in exile on behalf of political prisoners. There are many clippings related to Polita’s experiences in prison, her life in exile, and Operation Pedro Pan. The photographs in this collection document Polita’s family from her parents to her own grandchildren, as well as the life of her uncle, Cuban president Ramón Grau San Martín.

Of special note in this collection is Series II where can be found biographies of Cuban women political prisoners. These biographies detail the experiences of these women in Cuban prisons. Series IV contains handicrafts created by Polita Grau and other political prisoners while serving their sentences.

CHC5015 Pedro J. Greer, Jr. Papers, 1988-1998Add to your cart.
The papers document the activities of Dr. Pedro J. Greer, Jr. in capacity of a physician and founder of Camillus Health Concern clinic for homeless.  Materials include clippings of newspaper articles about Pedro Greer, his book titled Waking Up in America, photocopies of articles about his awards, incoming correspondence, photocopies of invitations and of photographs.
CHC5001 Grupo Cañaveral Collection, 1987-1998Add to your cart.
Grupo Cañaveral is a Hispanic duo from Miami, Florida. Formed in 1985, the duo consists of Nelson Zuleto and Hilda Luisa Díaz Perera. The collection consists of audio cassettes recorded by Grupo Cañaveral, a book published on José Martí by Hilda Luisa Diaz-Perera, and a thank-you card with the Grupo Cañaveral logo.
CHC5005 Grupo Cubano de Investigaciones Económicas CollectionAdd to your cart.

The Grupo Cubano de Investigaciones Económicas Collection contains original studies done by the Cuban Economic Resarch Group at the University of Miami.

It includes a manuscript titled A Study on Cuba: The Colonial and Republican Periods, The Socialist Experiment. Economic structure, institutional development, socialism and collectivisation, as well as a study on Cuban agriculture.

CHC0503 Guantánamo Bay Naval Base CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Guantánamo Bay Naval Base Collection contains writings and memorabilia related to Cuban balseros and deportees sent to the Guantánamo Naval Base by the United States government. The collection includes numerous periodicals, including Exodo, El Futuro, and Balsero, as well as photographs, drawings, memorabilia, and transcripts of an oral history project on Cuban balseros.
CHC5188 Guantánamo Sugar Company Records, circa 1915-1959Add to your cart.
The records document business activities of the Guantánamo Sugar Company.  The materials consist of the official records of the Guantánamo Sugar Company offices located at 120 Wall Street, New York, from 1915 through 1959.  These records include correspondence, ledgers, financial records, and other documents of this company which was the owner of the Soledad Sugar Mill, Los Caños Sugar Mill, the Isabel B. Sugar Mill and the Guantánamo Railroad Co. all located around the Guantánamo Bay.
CHC5162 Luisa María Güell Papers, 1966-2008Add to your cart.

The papers document professional activities of Luisa María Güell in capacity of an actress, singer and composer.

The bulk of material consists of clippings.  The materials also include photographs from concerts and films, covers of Guell's musical disks, Theatre programs, scrapbooks with photographs and clippings, awards, videotapes with "Homage to Edith Piaf" and "Papa Porque no Vuelves" and correspondence.

CHC0546 Eneida Guernica CollectionAdd to your cart.

The Eneida Guernica Collection contains academic documents and data by educational psychologist Eneida Guernica.

The collection includes a statistical study on Cuban and Mariel children, a bilingual education study, a paper on the PRAM method for teaching languages, original research material, and pamphlets on PRAM.

CHC0346 María Luisa Guerrero CollectionAdd to your cart.
The María Luisa Guerrero Collection contains reports, clippings, and articles about Cuba and Cuban exiles during the 1930s to the 1980s, material on the Lyceum and Lawn Tennis Club, and the feminist movement in Cuban society. The collection also contains extensive accounts about Elena Mederos, human rights issues, and the plight of Cuban political prisoners.
CHC5230 Nicolás Guillén Papers, circa 1946-1974Add to your cart.
Nicolás Guillén Papers cover a particular time and place in the life of one of Cuba's finest 20th century poet.  They all deal with a trip he made to Uruguay in the late 1940s.  There are two manuscript writing styles.  The smaller tighter script is probably Guillén's.  The looser more open script matches his signature but could be someone else's.  It is possible that this second script is a dictation or copying of a Guillén work.  Materials include correspondence, clippings and photographs.  Some documents are signed by Guillén and others are not signed.
CHC0090 Dysis Guira Collection, 1957-1964Add to your cart.
The Dysis Guira Collection contains materials written by and about revolutionary student leader Dysis Guira. It includes a manuscript by Guira, as well as numerous articles about Guira and her role in the Cuban Revolution. It also contains notes and manuscripts by Ciana Valdez-Roig, a Cuban poet and fellow Federación Estudiantil Universitario (FEU) member.
CHC5327 Moreno Habif Papers, 1951-2005Add to your cart.

The Moreno Habif Papers contain bound volumes of correspondence, publications and reports from Jewish organizations in Havana, Cuba, from the 1950s and 60s, compiled by Moreno Habif (1937-2017).

Publications include issues of Ecos de juventud, Órgano Independiente de Orientación de la Juventud Hebrea de Cuba, and Voces, Órgano Oficial de la Organización Juvenil del Patronato de la C.C.H.C. The collection also contains meeting minutes from the Asociación de Ex-Alumnos del Colegio Hebreo del Centro Israelita (C.H.C.I.) from 1951 to 1955 and the Comité Gestor de la Organización Juvenil del Patronato. A bound volume details the activities of the Patronato from 1958 to 1960, while two other volumes from 1957 to 1959 capture the activities of the Escuela Dominical associated with the Patronato, of which Moreno Habif was the technical director.

CHC5351 Harold Butler Papers, 1966-1987Add to your cart.

The Harold Butler Papers contain documents and photographs relating to engineering in Cuba and the American Clubs of Havana and Miami collected by Harold Butler (1895-1983), an American engineer living in Cuba from the 1920s to the 1960s.

The collection contains photographs from events held by the Asociación de Ingenieros Cubanos and an exile membership directory, along with material relating to activities of the American Club in Miami, including a history of the club, rosters from the 1970s and 1980s and bulletins from the 1960s and 1970s.

CHC5387 Helen Maynard Ireland Papers, 1926-1935Add to your cart.

The Helen Maynard Ireland Papers contain the personal writings of Helen Ireland, the wife of Gordon Ireland, a lawyer who worked for the Cuban Sugar Cane Company in the 1920s-1930s.

The collection contains various manuscripts about the couple's life in Cuba, travels through Moron province, and Helen's interactions with Rosalia Abreau, a researcher working with primates in Cuba.

CHC5087 Virginia Hern Papers, 1944-1994Add to your cart.
The papers document professional activities of Virginia Hern as a fiction writer and a journalist in Cuba and Miami.  The materials include a manuscript of her novel, El Otro, scrapbooks with clippings of her articles published in Cuba and in Miami, in El Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald, photographs and memorabilia.
CHC0488 Pedro Hernández Lovio Papers, 1783-1973Add to your cart.
The Pedro Hernández Lovio Papers consist of the personal and professional documents of Diario de la Marina secretary Pedro Hernández Lovio. They include biographical and geneological information, photographs, clippings, newspaper articles, professional certifications, correspondence, scrapbook and handwritten notes.
CHC5021 Antonio Hernández Travieso Papers, 1942-1992Add to your cart.
The papers document activities of Antonio Hernández Travieso in capacity of a writer and a biographer of Father Félix Varela.  The materials include newspaper clippings of articles written by Hernández Travieso, as well as, articles by other authors about Hernández Travieso, pamphlets, typescripts, journals, parts of books and correspondence.
CHC5205 Eduardo Hernández "Guayo" Film CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Eduardo Hernández "Guayo" Film Collection consists of professional work by Eduardo Hernández. It includes eight boxes of original film reels.
CHC5090 Guillermo Hernández PapersAdd to your cart.
The Guillermo Hernandez Collection consists of a number of documents and materials related to the Cuban exile community in the United States. It includes manuscripts, articles, event invitations, certifications, legal and official documents, photographs, postcards, correspondence, human rights documents, theater articles and show files, festival information, and other memorabilia.
CHC5192 Leopoldo M. Hernández CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Leopoldo M. Hernández Collection contains original works by writer Leopoldo M. Hernández, including unpublished manuscripts and plays.
CHC5307 Pedro Hernández Papers, 1957-2002Add to your cart.
The Pedro Hernández papers contain materials relating to art and art exhibitions of Cuban-born sculptor Pedro Hernández. Materials include exhibit programs and catalogs, newspaper clippings and biographical information.
CHC5169 Esther Herrera Collection, 1970s-1980sAdd to your cart.
The Esther Herrera Papers contain documents and memorabilia related to community leader Esther Herrera. They include photographs, correspondence, event programs, awards and recognitions.
CHC0095 Ariel Hidalgo Collection, 1981-1988Add to your cart.
The Ariel Hidalgo Collection contains the writings of Cuban political prisoner Ariel Hidalgo that were secretly smuggled out of prison by the author. It includes articles, manuscripts, correspondence, and a curriculum vitae, as well as a copy of the 'Disidente' pamphlet and a detailed list of fellow political prisoners.
CHC5191 Rosario Hiriart CollectionAdd to your cart.

The Rosario Hirart Collection contains documents related to Cuban anthropologist Lydia Cabrera.

It includes photographs, illustrations, correspondence, and handwritten notes by Lydia Cabrera and Teresa de la Carra. It also includes published articles and a copy of Vanguardia magazine.

CHC5284 Hispanic Theater Guild Records, 1990-2004Add to your cart.
This collection contains records relating to the Teatro 8 theater company in Miami, Florida, run by the Hispanic Theater Guild organization. Items include theater ephemera and posters, audiovisual materials of performances, awards and certificates, financial records, clippings, scripts, scrapbooks, and promotional materials.
CHC5052 Hospital "San Juan de Dios" Scrapbook, 1926-1952Add to your cart.
The scrapbook includes photographs, clippings, and an invitation documenting the activities of the Children Hospital "San Juan de Dios" in Camaguey, Cuba.
CHC5312 Human Rights Oral History Project, 2013Add to your cart.

The Human Rights Oral History Project digital collection of the Cuban Heritage Collection includes videos and outlines of oral history interviews with Cuban dissidents.  In its first phase, the project focuses on the Black Spring of 2003 when the Cuban government arrested 75 activists.  Interviews were conducted with a number of the dissidents who served time in prison as part of the Grupo de los 75 (Group of the 75) and with members of the Damas de Blanco (Ladies in White), an organization of the wives, mothers, daughters, and other female relatives of jailed dissidents.  The Human Rights Oral History Project was launched in 2013 with funding from the Marlins Foundation.

These oral histories express the views, memories and opinions of their respective interviewees. They do not represent the viewpoints of the University of Miami, its officers, agents, employees, or volunteers. The University of Miami makes no warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of any information contained in the interviews and expressly disclaims any liability therefor.

Copyright to these materials lies with the University of Miami. They may not be reproduced, retransmitted, published, distributed, or broadcast without the permission of the Cuban Heritage Collection. For information about obtaining copies or to request permission to publish any part of an interview, please contact the Cuban Heritage Collection at

CHC5043 Bernard Iglesias Photograph CollectionAdd to your cart.
This photograph collection includes portraits and group photographs by Bernard Iglesias of Cuban exile personalities primarily from Miami.
CHC5342 Immigrant Archive Project InterviewsAdd to your cart.

The Immigrant Archive Project Interviews contain DVD copies of interviews with Cuban and Cuban-Americans for the Immigrant Archive Project, produced by the Latino Broadcasting Company. Interviews in the Cuban Heritage Collection holdings include actor Tony Plana, congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and writer Carlos Moore, among others.

Links to short video clips of the interviews on the Immigrant Archive Project website can be found in the interview list in this finding aid. Full interviews on DVD are available for viewing at the Cuban Heritage Collection.

CHC0217 Josefina Inclán PapersAdd to your cart.
The Josefina Inclan Papers contains papers and documents written or edited by Josefina Inclan, Cuban writer, scholar and editor. It includes original manuscripts, poems, and scholarly papers, as well as edited material by Esperanza Figueroa, Ciro Alegria, Lydia Cabrera, and Juan J. Remos.
CHC5150 Instituto de Estudios Cubanos Records, 1969-2009Add to your cart.
The Instituto de Estudios Cubanos records includes administrative records, conference materials, academic work by IEC members. The collection also contains a small amount of personal papers of IEC’s founder and long-time leader, María Cristina Herrera. This collection primarily documents the administrative and academic output of the Instituto de Estudios Cubanos, a Miami-based think tank founded by Herrera in the late 1960s to the early 2000s that worked to promote peaceful dialogue on Cuban politics and policy issues.
CHC0349 Instituto de Profesionales Hispanos Retirados Collection, 1986-1996Add to your cart.
The Instituto de Profesionales Hispanos Retirados was created in 1984 by Pablo Chao along with the collaboration of Dr. Julio Garcerán de Vals. The Instituto offered a seasonal program of conferences all held at the Koubek Center in Miami, Florida, which was under the administration of the University of Miami School of Continuing Studies. This collection is comprised of conference writings, mostly authored by Fernando Escobio, Luis René García Fernández, Mario Filippi, and Mázimo Sorondo.
CHC5159 INTAR Theatre Records, n.d., 1966-2004Add to your cart.
INTAR Theatre Records include the organizational records of New York-based INTAR Theatre, one of the oldest Hispanic theater companies in the United States. The collection contains scripts, musical scores, correspondence, financial records, photographs, audiovisual materials, posters, programs, clippings, and other materials related to INTAR Theatre productions from its founding in 1966 to 2004. The collection also includes the records of INTAR's Latin American Gallery.
CHC5319 Rene Jordan Papers, circa 1970s-2000sAdd to your cart.

The Rene Jordan papers contain manuscripts and clippings of film critiques by Cuban-born, New York City-based film critic Rene Jordan (d. 2013) published primarily in the Miami, Florida-based El Nuevo Herald.

The majority of the collection consists of clippings of the final versions of film critiques the Jordan wrote for his column in the Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald. Most of the reviews are written in Spanish. A small portion of the materials includes original typescript draft manuscripts of Jordan's film critiques.

CHC5345 José María Chacón y Calvo Papers, 1860-1987Add to your cart.
This collection contains photographs, papers, clippings, manuscripts, and religious materials associated with Cuban diplomat, writer and lawyer José María Chacón y Calvo (1892-1969).
CHC5306 Juan Boza Papers, 1967-1991Add to your cart.
The Juan Boza papers contain clippings, photographs, legal documents, press releases, correspondence, resumes and programs related to Cuban artist Juan Boza (1941-1991), mostly during his time in exile in New York City, New York.
CHC5350 Juan M. Clark Memorial Lecture Series Collection, 2013Add to your cart.

The Juan M. Clark Memorial Lecture Series Collection contains DVD recordings of lectures presented at the University of Miami's Institute of Cuban and Cuban-American Studies (ICCAS) by leading exile figures on topics pertaining to Cuban politics and culture.

Juan M. Clark (1938-2013) was a Cuban sociologist and professor emeritus of Miami Dade College. A veteran of the Bay of Pigs invasion, Clark was imprisoned by the Cuban government from January to December 1962. He authored several books on human rights abuses in Cuba.

CHC5361 Juana de Arcos Babun Collection, circa 1960s-1980sAdd to your cart.
The Juana de Arcos Babun Collection contains several scrapbooks with newspaper clippings and photographs that Juana de Arcos Babun kept relating to the Babun family. Much of the collection focuses on Lincoln, Santiago, and Teofilo Babun Franco, Juana's nephews who served in Brigade 2506.
CHC5439 Julio Hernández Rojo Collection, 1969-1981Add to your cart.
This collection is comprised of two original drawings by Julio Hernández Rojo and contains his sentence to death in Cuba.
CHC5298 Junta Provincial de Patronato de Matanzas Records, 1871-1889Add to your cart.

The abolition of slavery in Cuba took place gradually over the course of several years. In 1880, the Spanish colonial government instituted a system called patronato, loosely translated as "apprenticeship." Most of the workings of the slave system were preserved, but patrocinados, as former slaves came to be known, received a minimal set of legal rights and were to be paid a token wage. The transition to the patronato system was overseen by a provincial network of government agencies called Juntas de Patronato. The Junta Provincial de Patronato de Matanzas was created in 1880 when the Law of Patronato was passed. As a central body, it processed claims and cases from a series of local juntas throughout the province of Matanzas. The records in this collection contain official documents, correspondence between local juntas and the main junta, and tables reporting names or numbers of patrocinados. The collection also documents the cases of individual patrocinados who were trying to obtain their freedom through the provisions of the new law.

All of the materials in this collection have been digitized and are available through the University of Miami Digital Collections.

CHC5098 Cristina Khuly Collection, 1988-1990Add to your cart.
The collection documents activities of Cristina Khuly in capacity of a fashion model.  The materials consist of clippings of photographs of Khuly posing for Glamour, Vogue, Mademoiselle, Elle, Self, Fame and In-review.
CHC5273 H. E. Kilmer Papers, n.d., 1902-1935Add to your cart.
This collection consists of the papers of H. E. Kilmer, Secretary of the San Jose Fruit Company of Alliance, Ohio, which was formed in April 1903 to establish fruit growing operations in Camagüey, Cuba.  The Company built Palm City on the north coast of that province.  The collection includes approximately 160 items, principally letters to Reverend Kilmer but also maps and incorporation documents.
CHC5027 Diana G. Kirby Papers, 1978-1999Add to your cart.

This collection contains working papers, publications, and reports pertaining to the Ethnography of Cuban Drug Use, a research project funded by U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse.  The research team comprised of two University of Miami anthropologists, a sociologist and a demographer.  Kirby was one of the two anthropologists and the project's research assistant in charge of collecting information about Cuban women.

The 1978-1981 project was funded to study patterns of drug use among a sample of Cuban men and women living in Miami, Florida.  The research methods used by the research team included participant observation and the administration of structured and open-ended interview schedules.  Life and drug histories were recorded on tape, transcribed, and coded using the Human Relations Area Files Outline of Cultural Materials for ease of retrieval and data analysis.

The researchers focused on patterns of legal and illegal drug use among a sample of Cuban refugees who had been living in the United States since Castro's rise to power in 1959.  Kirby's contribution to the study was in conducting life history interviews with sixty women and in compiling statistical data on women's use of minor tranquilizers and herbal remedies.  Patterns of drug use and abuse were placed within the context of stressful life events such as the exile experience, acculturation, and downward socioeconomic status.

CHC5024 Kourí Family Collection, 1970s-1990sAdd to your cart.
The Kourí Family Collection consists of family photos, newspaper articles, correspondence, handwritten notes, plaques, and a booklet on the Plataforma Democrática Cubana.
CHC5313 Raymond Labonte Photograph Collection, 1940-1945Add to your cart.
The Raymond Labonte photograph collection contains photographs taken by US Army officer Raymond Labonte during his time stationed at the US Army Air Base near Havana, Cuba during the 1940s. The collection documents Havana and Matanzas through the lens of a US Army officer, with unique aerial photographs of Havana and shots of many of the Havana area social clubs frequented by Americans at the time, including Miramar Yacht Club, Havana Biltmore Country Club, Havana Yacht Club and Tropicana Night Club. The collection also includes a US Army Air Corps Aerial Photographic Section scrapbook kept by Labonte.
CHC0111 Enrique Labrador Ruiz Papers, 1930-2001Add to your cart.
The Enrique Labrador Ruiz Papers are organized into five series and consists primarily of the manuscripts of his articles and essays written in exile and includes that of his final book, Cartas a la carte (1991) which can be found in box 5, folders 444 and 445. The bulk of the material of this collection is in Series I: Works, n.d., 1933–2001 (bulk dates 1977–1987). There are many photocopies of his articles as they were published in various publications. A small collection of correspondence, photographs, and graphic materials can also be found in this collection, along with programs of events held in the 1980s and 1990s in honor of Labrador Ruiz.
CHC0368 Cesar Lancis Collection, 1950-1990Add to your cart.
The Cesar Lancis Collection contains clippings, manuscripts, and reproductions of historical documents used by Cesar Lancis in his writings.
CHC5190 Dionisio de Lara CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Dionisio de Lara Collection contains photographs, event programs, articles, philosophical and scholarly essays by Rev. de Lara, including papers on Felix Varela, Søren Kierkegaard, and others.
CHC5123 Rolando Laserie Papers, n.d., [1930]-1995Add to your cart.
The Rolando Laserie Papers consist primarily of photographs but also include correspondence, programs and clippings.
CHC5422 Pablo F. Lavín Papers, circa 1940s-1980sAdd to your cart.
The Pablo F. Lavín Papers contain documents pertaining to Lavín’s legal and academic career. Included are essays, conference lectures, notes, and personal works written by Lavín and others. There is also correspondence addressed to and written by him, diplomas that were awarded to Lavín, and personal travel documents. There are clippings on a variety of topics as well as books not written by him. Lastly, there are photographs and magazines.
CHC5004 Raimundo Lazo Papers, 1939-1941?Add to your cart.
The collection consists of two typescripts from between 1939 and 1941: "Historia de la Literatura Hispano-Americana" and "Literatura Cubana" written by Dr. Raimundo Lazo for courses he taught at the Cooperative Estudiantil "E. J. Varona" in Havana, Cuba.
CHC5037 René Leon Papers, 1827-1993Add to your cart.
The papers consist of documents, correspondence and clippings of Cuban exile associations, materials related to the "Municipios de Cuba en el Exilio" and a list of prisoners of the Virginus.
CHC5047 José Lezama Lima Papers, 1961-1976Add to your cart.
The José Lezama Lima Papers consist of letters written by José Lezama Lima to his sister Eloísa from 1961 to 1976. There are several letters addressed to his sister Rosa as well as to both sisters. Included with this correspondence are photocopies of photographs of Lezama Lima, a poem, and a memorial card with a note from Eloísa Lezama Lima to Gastón Baquero. This collection also contains an annotated copy of Lezama Lima's book, Paradiso.
CHC5368 Silvia Lizama Collection, 1980-2009Add to your cart.
The Silvia Lizama Collection contains ephemera, show bills, pamphlets, clippings and show catalogs related to the work of Cuban photographer Silvia Lizama, particularly her art galleries and exhibits.
CHC0220 María Luísa Lobo Papers, 1944-1992Add to your cart.
The collection consists of research and financial papers for Lobo's film "Perú,"  as well as correspondence and financial statements of her company Arawak.  Materials also include clippings, theatre programs, manuscripts of screenplays, drawings of costumes, a few maps, copies of engravings and invitations.
CHC5214 Rolando López Dirube PapersAdd to your cart.
The Rolando Lopez Dirube Papers include Rolando Lopez Dirube's personal correspondence, a scrapbook made for his daughter Dorita, an original drawing done in pen, photographs that date from his childhood and span throughout his life, newspaper and magazine clippings, catalogs and brochures of his exhibitions, diplomas, passports, the blueprint of his house, and a VHS tape. The collection also contains a number of posters.
CHC5207 Fernando López Fernández Collection, 1960-2006Add to your cart.

The Fernando López Fernández Collection contains the photographs, clippings, correspondence, curriculum vitae, and memorials of Dr. Fernando López Fernández (1907-1975). It also includes articles on American nurse Clara Maass, who died in Cuba in the early 20th century.

The collection contains portraits and family photographs, obituary clippings relating to Dr. López Fernández, and letters from him written to his son and daughter-in-law in the 1960s. There are also research materials related to Clara Maass, a nurse who volunteered in Cuba during the Spanish-American War.

CHC5326 López Oña y Morales Family Collection, 1906-2013Add to your cart.

The López Oña y Morales Family Collection primarily contains genealogical research and essays regarding the López, Ribalta, Oña and Morales families of Sagua La Grande, Cuba, as well as articles on the region.

The collection includes articles on events that occured in the region and businesses that operated there. The collection also contains steamship contracts from the early to mid-1900s.

CHC5308 Edmundo López Papers, circa 1950s-1990sAdd to your cart.
The Edmundo López papers contain correspondence, musical scores, diplomas, photographs and awards related to Cuban musician Edmundo López. Of note are a manuscipt musical score dedicated to Sindo Garay and correspondence and photos of López and Sindo Garay.
CHC0236 Hady López Papers, 1944-2002Add to your cart.
The papers document research into the nutritional properties of Cuban plants, which was conducted in Cuba between 1944 and 1962 by Hady López who was a member of Fundación de Investigaciones Médicas in Havana,  Juan Navia and other researchers.  The papers also include copies of published works on tropical anemia written by Dr. Rubén López-Toca.  Materials consist of articles, booklets, reports and a poster.
CHC0495 Carlos Loveira Collection, 1920-1980Add to your cart.

The Carlos Loveira Collection contains manuscripts, clippings, photographs, and written documents by the early-20th century Cuban naturalist author, journalist and labor organizer Carlos Loveira (1882-1928).

The collection includes manuscripts and documents written by Carlos Loveira, as well as papers and articles written about him by various scholars. It also contains a scrapbook.

CHC5363 Carlos M. Luis Papers, 1986-1989Add to your cart.

The Carlos M. Luis papers contain the personal papers of Carlos M. Luis (1932-2013), a Cuban artist and director of the Cuban Museum of Arts and Culture in Miami.

The collection includes correspondence and clippings related to Luis' art and his leadership of the Museum. It also contains meeting minutes of the Cuban Museum board of directors, exhibit lists, and documents related to special events.

CHC0358 Roberto Luque Escalona Papers, 1971-1996Add to your cart.
Collection consists of correspondence, clippings of articles by Luque Escalona, manuscripts of " Lorenzo y el cordero del diablo," of unpublished book by Luque Escalona titled "Yo, el mejor de todos," of essays: "La enfermedad visual del fidelismo," "Las iniciales del fidelismo" and "Paleontología política," as well as, a manuscript of his first novel titled "Los Funerales de Hector" and written in Cuba and presented at the contest, Casa de las Americas, in 1969.  The materials also include a manuscript of the short story titled "Aquel no era mi día" which was published in "Antología de cuentos de cubanos de la diáspora," as well as, manuscripts of the following unpublished short stories: "Les crimenes de la calle M, "Una lección de odio," "El Macho," "Los últimos caidos," "Largo y tortuoso camino and "Entre cuatro paredes."  A manuscript of the first article that Escalona wrote in exile and a miniature of his novel "Los Niños y el Tigre: Política y revolución en Cuba" published by Freedom House in New York are also included.
CHC0124 Lyceum and Lawn Tennis Club Collection, 1929-1986Add to your cart.
The Lyceum and Lawn Tennis Club Collection is comprised of administrative files, publications, events and exhibitions programs, and photographs of this Cuban women’s club. The materials in this collection primarily document the Lyceum’s services and activities, e.g. art exhibitions, children’s programs, and its famous flower arrangement classes and shows, from its inception until its closing by Castro’s government in 1968.
CHC0307 Antonio Maceo y Mackle Papers, 1960-1967Add to your cart.

The Antonio Maceo y Mackle papers contain papers related to Cuban medical doctor and political activist Antonio Maceo y Mackle (b. 1920). Contents include personal correspondence; materials relating to the Consejo Revolucionario Cubano; items relating to Cuban exile radio programs in the 1960s; and a group of topical files collected by Dr. Maceo y Mackle.

The collection is divided into four series: Series 1 contains personal correspondence (1965-1967) and correspondence related to the Consejo Revolucionario Cubano (1960-1963), Cuban Refugee Emergency Center (1961-1963) and the YMCA (1967). Series 2 includes materials relating to the members and operations of the Consejo Revolucionario Cubano. Series 3 contains manuscripts, press releases and other program materials for the radio program, El Medico y Usted. Series 4 contains topical files on organizations of interest to Dr. Maceo y Mackle, including Brigada 2506, Colegio de Abogados de la Habana, Comandos Delta, Commision Interamericana de Paz, Confederación de Trabajadores en el exilio, Operación Alpha, Solidaridad Cubano Americano, Union Nacional Demócrata, and the YMCA. The files also contain papers on sugar legislation, Manita Castro, the United States State Department, and Dr. Manuel Antonio de Varona Laredo.

CHC0336 Gerardo Machado y Morales Papers, 1873-1994Add to your cart.

The Gerardo Machado y Morales Papers consist primarily of the correspondence, business and legal documents, and photographs of Machado and his family in their years of exile after 1933. The bulk of the materials in this collection make up Series I: Correspondence, 1923-1940 and Series IV: Financial Records, 1913-1939. Most of the correspondence in Series I is between Machado and his son-in-law Baldomero Grau, who was married to Machado’s daughter Laudelina (Nena), and deals with Machado’s business concerns in Cuba as well as matters pertaining to his family’s life in exile.

Of note is Series VIII: Photographs, n.d., ca. 1895-1994, which include several photographs of Machado throughout his life, photographs of his family in Cuba and in exile, as well as photographs of the Machado sugar estate, the Central Carmita. Also included in this collection is a manuscript of Machado’s autobiographical work, Ocho Años de Lucha, in Series II: Works, n.d., 1933 as well as research materials related to Gerardo Machado gathered from the US National Archives and Records Administration by the collection donor, Francisco X. Santeiro (Series V: Extradition and Amnesty, 1925-1938 and Series IX: Funeral, n.d., 1939-1952).

Series X contains materials pertaining to Machado’s son-in-law José Emilio Obregón, who was married to Angela Elvira Machado.

CHC5164 Eduardo Machado Papers, 1984-2004Add to your cart.

The Eduardo Machado Papers contain the works of Cuban-born playwright Eduardo Machado, including fundamentally his scripts and related materials such as photographs, notebooks and journals, clippings, programs, reviews, and playwriting exercises.

The first seven boxes of this collection include Machado's scripts and drafts, arranged in alphabetical order by the title of the play, and the eighth box contains materials related to his works, including correspondence, notebooks and journals, reviews, and programs. Box nine includes both photographs pertaining both to his personal and professional life.

CHC0557 Lucila Madruga Collection, c. 1938-1970Add to your cart.
The collection consists of 14 pencil drawings with text in ink by Lucila Madruga de Díaz Piferrer, a Cuban artist of international fame, made in 1938 and two note cards painted by Madruga in the 1960s and 1970s.
CHC0126 Estus H. Magoon Collection, 1925-1954Add to your cart.
The collection contains reports and photographs of Estus H. Magoon, a civil engineer who worked on various public health projects in Latin America and the Caribbean during the period of 1925 to 1954. In this collection are included notes on drainage engineering projects in Cuba, Nicaragua, Panama, Venezuela, etc. It also includes over 1800 photographs of Latin American and Caribbean subjects. About 70% of the photographs measure 4 1/2" by 2 1/2". Most of the photographs are of a technical nature showing construction sites and processes, but many views showing living conditions are included as well. The bulk of the photographs are from Cuba, Nicaragua, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia and Jamaica. The documents on drainage engineering projects were received as a gift in 1984. The photographs were purchased from David Holloway, a bookseller in South Miami, in 1989.
CHC5022 Jay Mallin Papers, circa 1950s-1990sAdd to your cart.

The Jay Mallin Papers contain materials relating to journalist Jay Mallin's work on covering Cuban politics and news. Materials include papers related to Radio Martí and T.V. Martí; and files, clippings, and reports related to his reporting on Cuba.

The collection is divided into three series. Series 1, Topical Files, contains clippings related to Cuba from the late 1950s-1960s and files, materials and reports related to Mallin's work as a journalist in Cuba. Series 2, Radio Martí, contains documents, clippings and correspondence related to Radio Martí in Washington, D.C. from 1985-1990. Series 3, T.V. Martí, contains memos, news releases, bulletins, correspondence, telegrams and transcripts related to T.V. Martí in Miami, Florida from 1986-1990.

A PDF Container List is available for this collection at the end of this finding aid.

CHC5099 Jorge Mañach Collection, circa 1920s-1950sAdd to your cart.
The Jorge Mañach Collection contains copies of clippings of publications written by and about Cuban writer Jorge Mañach.
CHC0127 Luis V. Manrara PapersAdd to your cart.

The Luis V. Manrara Papers contain the personal and professional documents of Cuban activist Luis Manrara (1907-2001).

The collection contains the personal and professional documents of Cuban activist Luis Manrara. They include news clippings, opinion pieces, correspondence, lecture and speech transcripts, magazine copies, and scholarly articles.

CHC5170 Mariel (Revista) RecordsAdd to your cart.
The Mariel Revista Records contain unpublished material, subscription lists, correspondence, advertisements and promotions, administrative documents, financial records, and clippings and articles from the Mariel, Mariel, Revista de literatura y arte magazine magazine. The collection also contains materials from a Mariel exhibit.
CHC5383 Mario Garcia Menocal Photograph Collection, circa 1910sAdd to your cart.
The Mario Garcia Menocal photograph collection contains photographs and memorabilia relating to former Cuban president Mario Garcia Menocal (1866-1941). The photographs are mostly of his family and military career.
CHC5133 Carlos Márquez-Sterling Papers, 1960-1989Add to your cart.

The collection consists largely of handwritten and typed correspondence dating from the 1960s to the 1980s between Carlos Márquez-Sterling and family, friends, and exiled Cuban political figures. The collection also contains postcards; unedited book manuscripts; event invitations, announcements and programs; audiovisual materials; photographs and clippings.

Notable correspondents include past Latin American presidents José López Portillo (Mexico), Joaquín Balaguer (Dominican Republic) and Otilio Ulate (Costa Rica), as well as Cuban political personalities like Carlos Prío Socarrás, Fulgencio Batista Zaldívar, Rafael Guas Inclán and José Miró Cardona. Márquez-Sterling also corresponded with such distinguished journalists and literary figures as José Ignacio Rivero, Arturo Alfonso Roselló, Horacio Aguirre, Gastón Baquero and Octavio R. Costa.

The collection also highlights important correspondence and documents from Márquez-Sterling’s involvement in Cuban exile organizations such as the Movimiento Patriótico Cuba Libre, of which he was delegate general, and these groups’ interaction with international and American political figures, to wit, Ronald Reagan, former US ambassadors to Cuba Spruille Braden and Earl E.T. Smith, and Nicaraguan ambassador to the United States Guillermo Sevilla Sacasa.

CHC0365 Dolores Martí de Cid Collection, 1942-1993Add to your cart.
The Dolores Martí de Cid Collection contains numerous works on Latin American theater and literature. The collection is arranged in four series.
CHC0453 Eduardo Martín Sansaricq Papers, 1894-1952Add to your cart.
The papers consist of correspondence with Generalísimo Máximo Gómez, General José Miguel Gómez as Governor of the Province of Santa Clara, and Colonel Benigno Alonso among others.  Also in this collection are included documents pertaining to different organizations, an album, edicts, photographs and memorabilia.
CHC5225 José Martín Papers, 1898-2007Add to your cart.

The papers document professional and personal activities of José Martín in capacity of a commercial artist and professor in Cuba and Miami.  Martín was a Professor Founder of the Koubek Memorial Center at the University of Miami where he taught for 10 years.  He also founded and headed Martín Technical College until 1979, and his commercial firm, "Martín-Studio Advertising," and founded APLA (Asociación de Publicitarios Latinoamericanos).  Martín's art expresses pain, suffering and joy of people searching for freedom.

The materials consist of autographed letter of Generalísimo Máximo  Gómez, Chief of the Cuban Army during the Cuban Independence War to Victoria Pedraza, dated September 22, 1898, postmarked envelopes with stamp of winning design featuring José Martí and Antonio Maceo by José Martín, postmarked envelopes with stamps of winning design featuring José Martí by Isidro Martín and stamps of first place awards granted to José Martín in a Postage Stamp Contest held in Cuba in 1948 and 1953.  The materials also include correspondence, clippings, post cards with award winning photographs by José Martín, drawings by Martín, photographs, awards, certificates, drawings showing various stages of advertisement, documents related to Commercial Art and Advertising College, information about programs offered in Koubek Memorial Center at the University of Miami, scrap book and DVD with Martín's art.

CHC5064 Manuel Martín, Jr. Papers, 1972-2000Add to your cart.

The Manuel Martín, Jr. Papers consists primarily of scripts, programs, clippings, and photographs of plays written by Cuban-born playwright Manuel Martín, Jr.

A container list is available for the first three series of the collection, which includes the papers donated by Manuel Martín, Jr. Series 4 contains the materials donated by Pedro Monge Rafuls.

CHC0234 Carlos Martínez Arango Papers, 1940-1982Add to your cart.
The papers document professional activities of Dr. Carlos Martínez Arango, a psychiatrist responsible for introducing the electroshock treatment in Cuba in 1945.  Materials include diplomas, certificates of Martínez Arango and articles about psychiatry  by Martínez Arango.
CHC0228 José Martínez-Cañas Collection, undatedAdd to your cart.
This collection includes materials collected by the Cuban-born art dealer and historian José Martínez-Cañas. It includes letters of the Cuban painter Fidelio Ponce (1895-1949); a letter written by General Calixto García and probably addressed to General Mario García Menocal during the independence war in Cuba ;and two postcards signed by Alfredo Zayas and Manuel Sanguily. The collection also contains texts and other materials related to the violin as an object and its history in Cuba. The Martínez Cañas family previously owned the 1715 Lipinski Stradivarius and the 1712 Hrimlay Stradivarius violins, among others.
CHC5414 María Martínez-Cañas collectionAdd to your cart.
The María Martínez-Cañas collection includes 1 portfolio of  Páginas del Viaje, including : Chine Colle Photogravures, 20 x 20 inches, in 1 complete portfolio of the Páginas del Viaje 1996 edition of 14 prints with 2 artists proofs, 2 printer proofs, 1 studio proof, 1 plate maker proof, and 1 BAT set. Each one of the 5 photogravures copper plates were mounted to aluminum, cancelled and presented in handmade portfolio cases with the first 5 edition sets.
CHC0221 David Masnata y de Quesada Collection, 1861-1979Add to your cart.
The David Masnata Collection contains research material on Cuban and Spanish genealogy, heraldry and family names.
CHC5079 Calixto Masó Papers, 1960-1999Add to your cart.
The papers document professional activities of Calixto Masó, Professor Emeritus at the Northeastern Illinois State College and Ex-Professor  of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters at the University of Havana.  Materials include manuscripts and typescripts of writings on topics of Hispanic  and Spanish culture, literature and history.  Materials also consist of clippings, pamphlets, notes and correspondence.
CHC5209 Augustus C. Mayhew, Jr. Photograph Collection, 1901-1952Add to your cart.

The Augustus C. Mayhew, Jr. Photograph Collection consists of black and white photographs of the Mayhew and McAbee families during their time living in the American colony of La Gloria in the province of Camagüey, Cuba. The photographs include views of La Gloria from 1901 to 1952, the Mayhew family and neighbors, and the Mayhew apiary "Bee Ranch" and orange groves.

NOTE: Two postcards were transfered from this collection to CHC0359: Cuban Postcard Collection.

CHC5023 Maricel Mayor Marsán Collection, 1959-2003Add to your cart.
The Maricel Mayor Marsán Collection includes correspondence, event flyers and programs, photographs, books, booklets, posters, and articles written by and about Cuban academic Maricel Mayor Marsán (b.1952). It also includes audiovisual materials.
CHC0344 Elena Mederos PapersAdd to your cart.

The Elena Mederos Papers contain documents pertaining to human rights and women's rights activist Elena Mederos (1900-1981).

Included are scholarly articles, clippings, manuscripts, official documents and certifications. Also included are documents from the School of Social Work in Havana, Cuba, where Mederos worked, as well as reports from United Nations panels on women's rights in Latin America, a report from the Comision Internacional de Mujeres, and a program from Mederos' memorial service.

CHC0548 Humberto Medrano Collection, 1973-1974Add to your cart.
The Humberto Medrano Collection consists of news crlippings, correspondence, and handwritten letters to and from Humberto Medrano (1916-2012) on the subject of Cuban political prisoners in the 1970s.
CHC5371 Natasha Mella Papers, 1860-2010Add to your cart.
The Natasha Mella Papers contain the personal papers of the Cuban exile intellectual Natasha Mella (1927-2014). The collection contains photographs and audio cassettes of radio programs, conferences, interviews, and other recordings relating to Mella's writings, primarily from her time in exile. There is also correspondence, clippings, and pamphlets which relate to Mella's research on Cuban politics and history as well as correspondence with fellow exiled Cubans. There are numerous speeches, handwritten notes both personal and for research, and essays and articles written by her on Cuban topics for various news and radio outlets, especially in Miami.
CHC0357 César A. Mena Collection, 1914-1991Add to your cart.

The César A. Mena Collection contains the documentation and research notes used by Dr. César A. Mena Serra to write his work Historia de la medicina en Cuba (History of Medicine in Cuba), which was published in two volumes by Ediciones Universal in Miami, Florida. The first volume, Hospitales y centros benéficos en Cuba colonial (Hospitals and charity centers in colonial Cuba), was published in 1992, and the second volume, Ejercicios y enseñanzas de las ciencias médicas en la época colonial (Exercises and teachings of the medical sciences in colonial Cuba), was published in 1993. Dr. Armando F. Cobelo was co-author of these works.

This collection also contains the galley proofs and illustrations of volumes one and two; the original manuscript of volume two; and an invitation to the presentation of the volume one in March 1992.

CHC0332 Luis Felipe Mencía Papers, 1907-1990Add to your cart.
The Luis Felipe Mencía papers contain correspondence, clippings about medicine and hospitals, as well as the Cuban Medical Conventions in Exile etc., one illustration of the Hospital Mercedes in Cuba, a roster and invitations to various events of the Cuban Society of Surgery, and pamphlets about surgery in Cuba.  It also contains historical issues of periodical publications related to medicine in Cuba and Cuban physicians.  The most important materials of this collection are a lecture offered by Mencía at the special session of the Ninth International Cuban Medical Association Congress, Miami, 1987, and the manuscript of Dr. Mencía's book: Recuerdos de la Cirugía en Cuba,  published in Miami in 1990.  In this collection we also find a photocopy of one speech by Dr. D. González Marmol.
CHC5189 Elia Rosa F. Mendia CollectionAdd to your cart.

The Elia Rosa F. Mendia Collection contains the personal papers of Cuban sculptor Elia Rosa Mendia.

The collection contains documents, articles, photos and newspaper clippings; a Lyceum Lawn & Tennis Club pamphlet; correspondence from sculptor Alfredo Tozano and others; and a booklet from the Cuban Museum of Art and Culture's exhibit on Cuban women.

CHC5032 Fernando Mendigutía CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Fernando Mendigutía Collection contains photographs, geneaological information, a Cuban Refugee Center operating procedures manual, Cuban Refugee Emergency Center papers and official documents, and Cuban Information Service periodicals.
CHC0374 Maria Mendoza Kranz CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Maria Mendoza Kranz Collection contains family photographs and clippings as well as clippings about Mendoza Kranz's work at an aircraft factory in Miami during World War II. The collection also contains a program with her involvement in the celebration of the International Women’s History presented by the Community Action Center in Hialeah, Florida.
CHC0553 Father José L. Menéndez Negative Collection, 1991-1991Add to your cart.
The collection consists of 108 negatives mostly taken from materials held in our archives to be reproduced for exhibit "Festival of Faith," which took place in the Archdiocese of Miami, December 4-9, 1991.
CHC5056 Ofelia Menocal Papers, 1956-2007Add to your cart.
The records document activities of Ofelia Menocal in capacity of a Secretary of International Relations of the Federación Mundial de Ex-presos Políticos Cubanos en Europa, as well as, the activities of the Federación.  The materials include correspondence, documents, clippings, publications, photographs of Lincoln Evicelo Brito, the Canal de Vento, the Salto del Hanabanilla project and one copy of La Configuracion del exilio cubano en España, by Roberto Soto Santana.
CHC5376 Merici Academy CollectionAdd to your cart.

The Merici Academy Collection documents the experiences of students of Merici Academy, a private, Catholic elementary and secondary school for girls. Established in Havana by American Ursuline nuns, the school operated from 1941 to 1961, when it was closed by the revolutionary government.

The collection includes yearbooks, photographs, programs, newsletters, awards, pins, medals, banners, CDs, a straw bonnet hat and beanie worn for school holidays, and the standard school uniform.

CHC5046 Joaquín E. Meyer Papers, 1946-1982Add to your cart.
The papers document professional activities of Joaquín Meyer, a prominent figure in Cuban sugar industry, the Alternate Executive Director of International Bank for Reconstruction and Development  for Mexico, Cuba, Peru, Uruguay, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua; a Representative of the Cuban Sugar Stabilization Institute in Washington and Financial Councilor of the Cuban Embassy.  Bulk of the materials consists of correspondence.  The materials  also include photographs, documents, reports, pamphlets, memorabilia, diplomas and albums with photographs and clippings.  The materials consist of reports on sugar cane industry, reports on World's sugar production, documents from Cuban Embassy in Washington DC, documents on US-Cuba relations and economic trade, memoranda about amendments to sugar legislature in US, clippings from 1959 about Fidel Castro, transcripts, international sugar reports, typescript of the International Sugar agreement.
CHC5122 José Miró Cardona Papers, n.d., 1943-2002Add to your cart.
The José Miró Cardona Papers consist of 21 boxes the administrative records of the Cuban Revolutionary Council (Consejo Revolucionario Cubano) under Miró Cardona’s presidency in the 1960s.  Central to this group of documents are those that relate to the Brigade 2506 and the Bay of Pigs Invasion.  The Papers also include 36 boxes of Miró Cardona’s personal and professional correspondence, his writings and speeches, clippings, photographs, memorabilia and materials related to his career as a law professor.
CHC5009 Antonio Molina CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Antonio Molina Collection contains historical materials, pamphlets, photographs, manuscripts, correspondence, published materials, and ephemera from across the Cuban diaspora, as collected by the UNESCO cultural center in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
CHC5265 Pedro Monge Rafuls Collection, 1977-2010Add to your cart.
Pedro Monge Rafuls is a playwright and the founder of the Ollantay Center for the Arts in Queens, New York and Ollantay Theater Magazine.  His papers include records of the Ollantay Center for the Arts in Queens, New York along with a collection of ephemera documenting Hispanic and primarily Cuban theater, literary, and other arts in the area.
CHC0297 Berta Montalvo Papers, 1929-2002Add to your cart.
The papers document activities of Gustavo Gutiérrez y Sánchez, a prominent Cuban exile.  In Cuba (before Castro) he was Secretary of Economy.  He left Cuba in 1959, when Fidel Castro seized power, and went to Argentina, Mexico and finally to Miami where he died in August 1959.  The materials include a typescript of "Exile" with original letters, photographs and documents compiled by Montalvo, a typescript of "Gromyko No Recibio Saludo" ( Un Error de la Associated Press) also compiled by Montalvo,  Official Records of the Third Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations, Part II from 1949, and a pamphlet authored by Montalvo.
CHC5045 Carlos Alberto Montaner Collection, circa 1980s-1990sAdd to your cart.
The Carlos Alberto Montaner Collection includes clippings, books, book reviews, pamphlets, speech transcripts, and an unpublished manuscript by Cuban author Carlos Alberto Montaner (b. 1943).
CHC5135 Hortensia Montero Papers, 1925-1991Add to your cart.
The papers document activities of Hortensia Montero (1909-1998), Cuban mezzosoprano and composer.  Materials include photographs, autographed notes, programs, diplomas, clippings and music scores.
CHC5091 Matías Montes Huidobro Papers, 1959-2002Add to your cart.
The papers document activities of Matías Montes-Huidobro in a capacity of a critic, playwright and a professor of the Department of European Languages of the University of Hawaii.  The materials include typescripts of Montes-Huidobro's play "Exilio," and of his essay, "Claves Significativas de la Literatura Cubana Siglos XVII, XVIII y XIX," as well as, clippings, booklets with writings by Montes-Huidobro and Theatre programs.
CHC5245 José Morell Romero Papers, 1933-2006Add to your cart.

The papers document activities of José Morell Romero.  They illustrate his entry into the fight against Machado as one of the leaders of the Directorio Estudiantil Universitario of 1930, his service as general counsel to the University of Havana and his service in the Grau administration as president of the Retiro Azucarero.  The materials also document Morell Romero's service in the Prío administration as president of the Retiro, administrator of the railroads, administrator of the bus lines and Secretary of Labor, as well as his service as a justice of the Cuban Supreme Court during the period 1950-1960.  Finally, the documents depict Morell Romero's  service as  a leader or member of various exile groups seeking to achieve the liberation of Cuba from 1960s until his death, and his service as provisional president of Cuba in exile under the 1940 Constitution.  The papers contribute to the documentation of the efforts of the Cuban exile community to regain the homeland.  Of particular interest in this regard are those documents that detail efforts that took place in the early 1960s and are being made available to the public perhaps for the first time. One can discern from these documents that the exiles were closer than most may have imagined to securing a post-Bay of Pigs action against the Communist regime.


The materials include documents, photographs, correspondence, meetings minutes, anti-Castro articles, notes, essays and course outlines.  From the Cuba period, the papers contain documents and newspaper clippings that were brought by José Morell Romero from Cuba.  Included in this group is his "Algunos Votos Particulares," a monograph of his dissenting votes during the Batista administration, as well as, dissenting opinions and newspaper clippings from the time period right before and immediately after his resignation from the Cuban Supreme Court in November of 1960.  These documents reflect the deterioration and ultimate destruction of an independent judiciary.

CHC5019 Movimiento Cristiano Liberación Records, 1988-1994Add to your cart.
The records document activities of Movimiento Cristiano Liberación, a movement dedicated to fighting Castro's dictatorship using peaceful measures.  The materials include reports on political, economic and social situation in Cuba, presentations and correspondence.
CHC0140 Alberto Muller Collection, circa 1960sAdd to your cart.

The Alberto Muller Collection contains materials relating to the Bay of Pigs invasion and the Mariel Exodus collected by Cuban writer and journalist Alberto Muller.

Documentation in this collection contains materials related to the Mariel Boatlift, Alberto Muller and the return of Brigade 2506 in December 1962.

CHC0237 Luisa Muñoz del Valle Collection, 1926-1987Add to your cart.
The collection consists of manuscripts, publications, books, clippings and photographs.  Of primary importance is the poetry of Luisa Muñoz del Valle, most of which is unpublished outside of Cuba.
CHC5295 Raul Murciano CollectionAdd to your cart.
This collection consists of various types of phonograph records documenting mostly Cuban and Afrocaribbean popular music, collected by Miami-born musician and composer Raul Murciano (b.1957). Many of the records included in the collection were manufactured in Cuba. Other styles of music represented in the collection: Brazilian music, Latin American Folk music, Jazz.
CHC5316 Music Scores Collection, circa 1850s-2013Add to your cart.

The Music Scores Collection contains publications dating from the late nineteenth century to the present day. It includes art music and popular music scores for various combinations of instruments, from piano or guitar solo to symphonic works with choir. This collection continues to grow as more music scores are added, in alphabetical order of composer.

Most publications in the collection include music by Cuban composers or authors. Others feature Cuban subjects or genres. Some publications are kept in the collection because they were printed in Cuba. Supports range from handwritten staff paper to commercially edited volumes.

The collection is arranged in three series. Series 1 includes all publications with works by a single composer. Series 2 includes all publications with works by multiple composers. Series 3 includes all oversize scores. The collection is distributed in three boxes. Box 1 contains series 1, A-K. Box 2 contains series 1, L-Z and all of series 2. Box 3 contains series 3. Folders within boxes contain all available copies of a single publication. A .pdf file with detailed information (title, composer, author, composition date, copyright date, date of publication, number of pages, genre, instrumentation and comments) about each publication is provided within this finding aid.

Some items in the collection seem to be only surviving copies of certain compositions. The collection offers insights into the music printing process in Cuba, and into the editorial policies followed in music printing after 1959. Art music composed after 1959 is well represented in the collection, as well as an important amount of classical danzones and contradanzas by Cuban masters Cervantes, Romeu and Lecuona.

CHC5394 My Family Project Conchita Espinosa Academy Collection, 2009Add to your cart.
The My Family Project Conchita Espinosa Academy Collection contains family reports and oral history interviews of family members by several students of the Conchita Espinosa Academy.
CHC5250 Helio Nardo Papers, 1951-1990Add to your cart.
The papers document Helio Nardo's activities as a writer.  The bulk of materials includes correspondence to Nardo from Cuban prominent exiled figures.  The materials also consist of extracts from some published articles, and clippings.  Some letters discuss the topics of Castro's regime in Cuba and political situation in Chile.
CHC5290 William Navarrete Papers, 2003-2011Add to your cart.
This collection contains manuscripts and notes for two of William Navarrete’s most recent books, Lumbres velados del Sur (2008) and La gema de Cubagua (2011). The collection also features correspondence and articles relating to Navarrete’s work with the French government and the Asociación por la Tercera República Cubana to facilitate the release of Cuban political prisoners and support the Bibliotecas Independientes de Cuba.
CHC5274 Norma Niurka PapersAdd to your cart.
The papers of Norma Niurka (1942-2009), journalist, writer, and theater critic, include manuscripts, photographs, correspondence, clippings, video recordings, memorabilia, daybooks, and theater programs.  It also contains materials of Norma Niurka's aunt, the actress Miriam Acevedo.
CHC5231 Andrés Nóbregas Papers, circa 1980-1991Add to your cart.
The papers document professional activities of Andrés Nóbregas, theater director and playwright staging his plays in New York Theater of The Americas and at the Hispanic Theater Festival in Miami.  He also wrote for television. The bulk of material includes manuscripts of plays and libretti either written or directed or acted by Andrés Nóbregas.  Materials also include some invitations and clippings regarding Hispanic Heritage Week.
CHC0271 Jorge Núñez Bengochea Photograph CollectionAdd to your cart.
The photographs in this collection are of buildings and late-19th century graduating classes of the University of Havana.
CHC5067 Nuñez Family CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Nuñez Family Collection includes documents and papers from various members of the Nuñez family, including former Cuban prime minister and UN Security Council head Emilio Nuñez Portuondo, lawyer Emilio Nuñez Rodriguez, and tax accountant G. Ricardo Nuñez Portuondo.
CHC5208 Emilio Nuñez Portuondo PapersAdd to your cart.
The Emilio Nuñez Portuondo Papers contain the personal papers and collections of former Cuban Prime Minister Emilio Nuñez Portuondo. They include hundreds of newspaper clippings, sorted by date, mostly dealing with talks, conferences, and speeches given by Nuñez from the late 1950s to mid-1970s. The collection also includes correspondence with Richard Nixon, his supporters, and others; articles and papers written by and about Nuñez; and a personally signed portrait from Nixon.
CHC0143 Ana Rosa Núñez PapersAdd to your cart.
The Ana Rosa Núñez Papers contain both the personal papers of, and material collected by, Cuban librarian Ana Rosa Núñez. It includes articles, papers and newspaper columns written by Núñez, correspondence, postcards, photos, and books. Also included are manuscripts of poems and papers by her, awards, curriculum vitae, poems dedicated to her, and a signed Bible gifted to her. Further materials include scripts, operas, musical liberettos, mini-books of poetry, correspondence from Lydia Cabrera, Juan Ramon Jiménez, and others, audiovisual materials, and posters.
CHC0487 Manuel Ochoa Papers, circa 1925-2006Add to your cart.
The papers document professional activities of Manuel Ochoa, Cuban exile musician and choral and orchestra conductor who founded the Miami Symphony Orchestra.  The materials consist of correspondence, published and unpublished musical scores, photographs, concert programs and pamphlets, clippings, writings about classical music, minutes of the meetings, concert papers, memorabilia, diplomas, magazines, scrapbooks and working papers of Miami Symphony Orchestra.
CHC5281 Mirta Ojito Papers, circa 1970s-2000sAdd to your cart.

The Mirta Ojito papers contain a collection of clippings, press releases, and government documents relating to the Mariel boatlift, and photographs, clippings, and excerpts documenting Cuban history. Ojito used the files for writing the memoir of her exile in the United States, El Mañana (Finding Tomorrow), published in 2005.

The materials found in the collection create a context from which the social and economic cost of the Mariel boatlift, for both Cuba and the United States, can be understood. Various prominent (and at times notorious) figures within the Cuban exile movement are examined.

CHC0486 Miguel Olba Benito Papers, 1960-1993Add to your cart.
The papers document activities of Miguel Olba Benito in a capacity of an Executive Secretary of Human Rights Cuban Commission.  The materials include correspondence, clippings, documents, memorabilia, magazines and typescripts of writings on topics of the treatment of political prisoners in Cuba, presence of the Soviet military in Cuba and the atrocities of the communist regime in Cuba.
CHC5072 Ramiro Oms CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Ramiro Oms Collection contains the personal papers of Cuban Autentico journalist Ramiro Oms. The collection includes numerous photographs and newspaper clippings, mostly pertaining to Autentico politicians, especially presidents Ramon Grau and Carlos Prio Socarras. It also contains correspondence, Autentico party documents and propaganda, and genealogical information and documents about other members of the Oms family.
CHC5349 Operation Pedro Pan Group, Inc. Collection, 1971-2013Add to your cart.

The Operation Pedro Pan Group, Inc. Collection comprises materials in relation to Operation Pedro Pan gathered by its members from 1971 to 2013.

The collection consists of the Historical Structure Form Florida Master Site Plan for the Florida City Camp which includes site plans, an extensive Pedro Pan bibliography and addendums. Also in the collection are memorabilia of Operation Pedro Pan Group, Inc. events, including its 50th anniversary events; multimedia such as interviews, documentaries and musical recordings; newspaper clippings of the Pedro Pan experience and people; and academic materials.

CHC5445 Miguel Ordoqui Papers, 1993-1995, 2000, 2002Add to your cart.
The Miguel Ordoqui papers are comprised of 20 sketches and 1 watercolor by the artist. The collection also includes exhibit catalogs, brochure, newspaper clippings and 1 exhibit poster pertaining to the work of the Cuban born painter, Miguel Ordoqui.
CHC5010 Orishas Collection, 1980-1990Add to your cart.
The Orichas Collection consists of the series of drawings by Cuban-born artist Alberto del Pozo (1946-1992) of the deities of Afro-Cuban Santería.  The Collection includes 17 original framed illustrations in pen, crayon, and ink on paper; signed and unsigned lithographs of these drawings; and catalogs and notecards of the Orichas series.  Lithographs, catalogs, and notecards are available for purchase.
CHC0517 Orquesta Típica Cubanakán Records, 1939-1991Add to your cart.

The records reflect business and artistic activities of Orquesta Típica Cubanakán, a Miami-based group founded in 1968. It cultivated a traditional Cuban genre, the danzón.  The orchestra consisted of nine members: conductor and flutist Simon Hernandez Padrino; pianist Raquel Valladares; bassist Juan T. Sanchez; saxophonist L. Borrel; drummer M. Socarras; "guiro" player M. Garcia de la Vega; and vocalists Marta Escauriza and Guillermo Ramos. Other musicians also participated in the Orchestra during its history. The materials document the group's mandate of preserving Cuba's cultural musical traditions, and its involvement in social, festive, religious, and cultural events.

The bulk of materials consists of danzón music scores, both manuscript and published. The materials also include four scrapbooks illustrating the group's history through photographs, clippings, correspondence and business cards. The collection also includes programs, proclamations, a book with annotations and diplomas.

CHC5315 Fernando Ortíz Papers, circa 1940s-1950sAdd to your cart.

The Fernando Ortíz Papers principally contain original manuscript and typescript notes taken by Fernando Ortíz (1881-1969) on vernacular Cuban architecture and the history of Cuban architecture. Ortíz was specifically researching the indigenous, African and other folk influences on architecture and building construction.  Other materials related to his research, such as pamphlets and clippings, represent a small part of the collection.

The collection also contains preservation photocopies of the original manuscript material and one folder of scholarly research on the work of Fernando Ortíz.

CHC5346 Osvaldo Pradere PapersAdd to your cart.
The Osvaldo Pradere Papers consist of materials pertaining to Osvaldo Pradere, a Cuban theater performer who has spent most of his career in New York City writing, producing, and acting in bilingual children's theater. The collection contains tapes, DVDs, and audiovisual materials of Pradere's performances, as well as clippings, pictures, and personal papers related to his activities in Cuba, Spain and the United States. Two handmade puppets used by Pradere are also included.
CHC5318 Pablo Chao Papers, circa 1980s-2010sAdd to your cart.

The Pablo Chao papers document Chao's involvement with the Koubek Center when the Center was affiliated with the University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida.

The papers include clippings and scrapbooks of clippings of news related to Koubek Center events and course offerings; a CD of photographs; and Koubek Center brochures and course catalogs.

CHC0308 Gonzalo de Palacio Collection, 1958-1979Add to your cart.
The Gonzalo de Palacio Collection includes numerous interviews with American and Hispanic celebrities by Cuban writer Gonzalo Palacio for Vanidades magazine and others, as well as articles, celebrity caricatures, books, audio tapes, memorabilia, and oversize materials. Also included are photographs of numerous Latin celebrities sorted in alphabetical order, and manuscripts from Galeria de Americanos Ilustres.
CHC0535 Eddy Palmer PapersAdd to your cart.
The Eddy Palmer Papers contain a large number of tapes from interviews, documentaries, and other projects undertaken by Cuban lawyer and journalist Eduardo Palmer. Also included is a small box of personal papers, with clippings, correspondence, and script copy.
CHC5268 Vicente Pardo Castelló PapersAdd to your cart.
The Vicente Pardo Castelló papers contain correspondence, honors, and awards of Cuban physician Dr. Vicente Pardo Castelló.
CHC0464 Arva Moore Parks Photograph Collection, 1960sAdd to your cart.
The Ava Moore Parks photograph collection consists of images of Cuban exile owned restaurants, stores and other businesses in Miami in the 1960s.
CHC5294 Patronato del Teatro Ephemera CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Patronato del Teatro Ephemera Collection contains programs and playbills from performances at the Patronato del Teatro in Havana, Cuba.
CHC0350 Pedro Pan Collection, 1961-2010Add to your cart.

The Pedro Pan Collection gathers materials donated by Pedro Pans in reference to their experiences during Operation Pedro Pan in the 1960s.

The collection consists of mementos kept by several families during Operation Pedro Pan, including photographs, travel documents, correspondence, documentaries and an airport log.

CHC5364 Pedroso Family CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Pedroso Family collection contains information collected by and about the Pedroso family, of Cuban and Spanish origin. It includes birth and marriage certificates, legal documents, and genealogical information about the extended family throughout the island of Cuba, and documentation of their roots in Spain.
CHC5197 Gina Pellón Papers, 1979-2004Add to your cart.
The collection documents the activities of Gina Pellón as an artist.  The materials include catalogues, postcards, flyers, books and a DVD.
CHC0152 Ángel Guido Peña Papers, 1978-1991Add to your cart.
The Ángel Guido Peña Papers contain manuscripts and typescripts of plays, poems and newsletters authored by Cuban exile Ángel Guido Peña.
CHC0153 Fermín Peraza CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Fermín Peraza collection includes clippings, articles, and other archival material written by and about Cuban librarian Fermín Peraza (1907-1969). These clippings were sent to him from Cuba by his secretary, Juana Fonollosa de Peris, and donated to the University of Miami Libraries in 1969. The collection also includes documents, reports, photographs, correspondence, honors and awards donated by his wife, Elena Peraza.
CHC5215 Manuel Pereiras García Playscripts, 1977-1991Add to your cart.
The Manuel Pereiras García playscripts collection consists of playscripts authored or translated by Cuban-born playwright Manuel Pereiras García between 1977 and 1991.
CHC0545 Marta Pérez CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Marta Pérez collection contains memorabilia from Cuban opera singer and Sociedad Pro-Arte Grateli founder Marta Pérez. It includes photographs, show files, articles, clippings, programs, liberettos and musical scores, and AV materials.
CHC5008 Guy Pérez-Cisneros Papers, 1915-1953Add to your cart.

The Guy Pérez-Cisneros Papers contain correspondence, writings and photographs of Guy Pérez-Cisneros (1915-1953), Cuban diplomat and art critic.

The collection contains correspondence; articles and clippings by Pérez-Cisneros relating to Cuban art; and photograph albums, reports, typescripts and audio recordings of speeches given by the diplomat during his tenure at the United Nations.

CHC5409 Peter Moruzzi collection, 1940-1950Add to your cart.
The collection includes pamphlets, brochures, menus and entertainment ephemera and photographs relating to tourism and popular culture in Cuba during the 1950s. The narrative is geared towards a U.S. audience.
CHC5117 Phonograph CollectionAdd to your cart.
This collection is comprised of 128 phonographs.
CHC5048 Manuel Piedra Martel CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Manuel Piedra Martel collection consists of the personal papers of Cuban writer and colonel Manuel Piedra Martel. It includes correspondence, geneaology, photographs, short story manuscripts, clippings, and a newspaper account of the death of Antonio Maceo written by Piedra. It also includes Piedra's publications from the University of Miami, and a copper plaque awarded to him.
CHC0110 Humberto Piñera Llera Papers, 1942-1986Add to your cart.
The Humberto Piñera Llera papers contains the personal papers of Humberto Piñera Llera, Cuban philosopher, essayist, literary critic and educator. Documents in the collection include correspondence, manuscripts of articles written by Piñera for Diario de las Américas and other periodicals, along with newspaper and magazine clippings of articles on literature, philosophy and Cuba. The collection also contains manuscripts of his conference speeches, class lectures and syllabi and outlines of courses taught by him from 1961 to 1986. The working papers for two of his major works, Idea, sentimiento y sendibilidad de José Martí and Sastre y su idea de la libertad, can be found in the collection, along with original manuscripts of books authored by others. A section of the collection houses papers relating to Piñera’s brother, playright Virgilio Piñera Llera (1912-1979). A series of diplomas, commendations and certificates of merit awarded to Humberto Piñera round out the collection.
CHC0538 Willy del Pino Papers, 1975-1997Add to your cart.
The Willy del Pino papers consist of clippings, photographs, correspondence, awards and an annotated book  related to Cuban boxing and the Association of Cuban Journalists in Exile.
CHC5134 Juana Rosa Pita PapersAdd to your cart.
The Juana Rosa Pita papers consists of personal papers of Cuban-American poet Juana Rosa Pita, including manuscripts, correspondence, posters, event flyers, musical scores, Vigia items, and a thesis for the Universidad Federal do Rio Grande in Brazil.
CHC0521 Dora Plavetic Collection, 1994Add to your cart.
The Dora Plavetic collection consists of unpublished manuscript of a book titled "Orgullosamente balseros cubanos" written by Cuban rafters at Guantánamo Bay.  The manuscript includes drawings, caricatures and photographs.
CHC5252 Tom Pohrt Photograph Collection, ca. 1845-1940sAdd to your cart.
The Tom Pohrt photograph collection includes photographs from Cuba in the 19th and 20th century collected by Mr. Pohrt: albumen prints, including a group of images from an album dating from 1859 through the early 1860s of the lighthouses of Cuba and attributed to the studio of C.D. Fredricks; daguerreotype, ambrotype, carte de visite, and cabinet card portraits, the earliest dating from about 1845; stereographs taken by George Barnard around 1863; over 200 glass stereographs from the late 1890s to the 1920s; and 35 color slides from the 1940s.  Barnard’s images include several prints that are among the earliest known photographs documenting slavery in 19th-century Cuba.
CHC5179 Polymita Picta CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Polymita Picta collection consists of materials related to the Polymita picta, or Cuban land snail, also known as the painted snail, a species endemic to Cuba. It includes photographs, articles, posters, an encyclopedia entry, and specimins of shells.
CHC5269 Herminio Portell Vilá Papers, 1960s-1990sAdd to your cart.
The Herminio Portell Vilá Papers (1901-1992) include research writings, bibliographic notes, and clippings about events in Cuba and Latin America during his exile time in the United States (1960-1992) . Materials also consist of radio transcripts, audio materials of radio programs, memorabilia and correspondence of the Cuban historian and scholar Herminio Portell Vilá.  His primary research interests focused on early U.S.-Cuban relations, but his papers also include materials about those relations in the 20th century and revolutionary Cuba.
CHC0392 Georgia Portuondo Photograph Collection, n.d., 1969-1976Add to your cart.
The Georgia Portuondo photograph collection consists of photographs of the construction and dedication of the Memorial bust of José Martí in Port Chester, New York.
CHC5152 J. M. Portuondo Papers, 1871-1982Add to your cart.
The papers document activities of J. M. Portuondo in capacity of a professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Havana, a writer and a faculty member of the University of Miami School of Medicine.  The materials include books, pamphlets, periodicals, clippings, circular letters, typescripts of anti-communist writings by Portuondo, reports, a poem by Portuondo, speeches by him, copies of his medical diplomas, a historical map of Havana, and photostats of a photograph and of a letter from José Martí to José Portuondo.
CHC0342 Felipe Préstamo Collection, 1900-1960Add to your cart.
The Felipe Préstamo collection consists of 75 slides of Cuba, including the slides of the following seven villages founded by Diego Velázquez de Cuellar: Havana, Baracoa, Bayamo, Santiago de Cuba, Sancti Spiritu, Puerto Principe and Trinidad, which were taken from the photographs and postcards held in Cuban Heritage Collection.
CHC0500 Puente de Jovenes Profesionales Cubanos RecordsAdd to your cart.
The Puente de Jovenes Profesionales Cubanos records contain the official records of the organization, including financial records, legal documents, correspondence, pamphlets and event programs, membership records, and articles written about the organization. It also includes officail stationary.
CHC0484 Carmen Puig Papers, 1866-2008Add to your cart.

The Carmen Puig papers document Carmen Puig's family ties to Jennings Cox, Puig's step-grandfather and the American credited with inventing the daiquiri cocktail.  Cox was an engineer with Bethlehem Iron Works in charge of mines in Daiquirí, a town in Cuba's southeast region.  Cox reportedly invented the famous daiquiri cocktail in 1898 by mixing together white Bacardi rum, mineral water, sugar, lemon juice, and crushed ice.

The Carmen Puig Papers include an original recipe for the daiquiri, while the bulk of the materials consist of family photographs.  The papers also include some correspondence, clippings, and memorabilia; and materials related to Puig's career with the Bacardi company from 1965 to 1986.

CHC5399 Enrique Pujals Collection on Carlos Montenegro, c. 1980sAdd to your cart.

The Enrique Pujals collection on Carlos Montenegro contains documents and materials related to Cuban author Carlos Montenegro collected by Pujals for his book on the writer,Vida y memorias de Carlos Montenegro ​(1988). Pujals was a foreign languages professor at Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey from 1969 until his retirement in 2009.

Pujals collection on Carlos Montenegro includes photographs, book reviews and reports, articles about Montenegro, Montenegro's correspondence with Enrique Pujals, and a cassette tape with an interview of Pujals with Montengro in 1976.

CHC5314 Nicolás Quintana Papers, circa 1950s-2012Add to your cart.
The Nicolás Quintana papers document the professional activities of Cuban-born architect Nicolás Quintana (1925-2011) in Cuba and while he lived in exile in Miami, Florida. The collection includes correspondence, photographs, architectural drawings, syllabi and other materials from classes taught by Quintana in Puerto Rico, promotional materials from Quintana's exhibits in Miami, materials from architectural conferences in which Quintana participated, and clippings and articles related to Quintana and his work. The collection encompasses the beginning of Quintana's professional career in Cuba as well as his extensive architectural and teaching work in exile, especially in Puerto Rico and Miami.
CHC5074 Carlos M. Raggi CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Carlos M. Raggi Collection consists of the personal papers of Cuban historian Carlos Raggi. It includes manuscripts of his academic papers, as well as family photos, newspaper clippings, comics, diplomas and certifications, and Cuban memorabilia.
CHC5219 José Ignacio Rasco PapersAdd to your cart.
The José Ignacio Rasco papers contain the personal papers of Cuban politician, journalist and exile leader José Ignacio Rasco (1925-2013). Materials include newspaper clippings, correspondence, photographs, reports, scholarly essays, pamphlets, event documents, and handwritten notes, mostly relating to the Partido Demócrata Cristiano, which he founded in 1959 in Cuba and continued the organization in exile. Other materials include notes and essays that Rasco delivered at conferences, scripts from when he hosted Universidad del Aire on Radio Martí in Miami, and clippings of his articles and those of others published in a variety of newspapers and magazines.
CHC5378 Arnaldo Ravelo de Avellaneda Papers, circa 1950s-1979Add to your cart.

The Arnaldo Ravelo de Avellaneda papers contain correspondence, ephemera, clippings, diaries, writings, and photographs and slides of artworks related to the Cuban visual artist and writer, Arnaldo Ravelo de Avellaneda (1929-1979).

The collection of ephemera includes announcements, brochures and promotional materials for Ravelo’s work in galleries in Cuba and the United States. The photographs and slides in this collection visually catalog individual pieces of Ravelo’s painting and sculpture. Clippings from art magazines and newspapers document Ravelo’s work and career as an artist and writer.

Correspondence chronicles Ravelo’s time in Cuba during the late 1950s as well as his studies in Madrid, Spain and stay in Brussels, Belgium. Letters from the 1960s and 1970s document the period that Ravelo lived, studied, and worked in the United States, mainly in New York City and Miami. Correspondents include fellow artists and writers, especially those of René Cordero and Alba Venicia Marlene Zunzunegui, who became the executrix of Ravelo’s estate upon his death in 1979.

A collection of diaries dating from the period 1966 to 1978 contain short entries in date books on daily activities, along with some sketches and poetry. Ravelo also wrote essays, criticism and poetry, and a small group of manuscripts are contained in his papers.

CHC5092 Rosa Ravelo CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Rosa Ravelo papers include newspapers and clippings, mostly on prominent Cuban legal issues, from the Diario las Americas, El Nuevo Herald, and others. Also included are handwritten notes and correspondence, select Gaceta pages, periodicals including Representacion Cubana del Exilio, academic papers, academic certification, and an plaque awarded to Ravelo.
CHC0280 Juan del Regato CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Juan A. del Regato collection consists of theses, publications, awards, lectures, and general information pertaining to several Cuban medical students who graduated from the Université de Paris from 1929 to 1940, among other material found in Juan A. del Regato personal papers. This collection consists of five boxes, and is arranged in four series.
CHC5329 Ariel Remos Papers, 1970-2012Add to your cart.
The Ariel Remos Papers contain the personal papers of Cuban journalist Ariel Remos (d. 2013). They include extensive newspaper and online publication clippings, as well as essays, official reports, periodicals and pamphlets for which Remos wrote, correspondence with other writers and intellectuals in exile, photographs, and audiovisual material. The majority of the materials relate to Remos' time as a Cuban exile journalist and intellectual in Miami, Florida.
CHC5249 Juan Jose Remos PapersAdd to your cart.
The Juan Jose Remos Papers contain the personal documents of Cuban journalist and politician Juan Jose Remos. They include clippings, correspondence, books on Cuban literature and poetry, booklets, scrapbooks, photographs, posters, and unpublished manuscripts. The clippings and written material are mostly collected from Remos' time in exile, written by him and others, detailing Cuban exile culture and political sentiment in Miami. Some material from Remos' time in the Cuban government, mostly photos and correspondence, is also available.
CHC5257 Repertorio Español RecordsAdd to your cart.

The Repertorio Español records contain the organizational papers of Repertorio Español, a New York-based Spanish-language theater company active from the late 1960s to the present.

The collection contains audiovisual materials including DVDs with television commercials; media coverage; and excerpts, scenes and full performances as well as non-theatre related footage. The collection also consists of fundraising records, show files, photographs, clippings, programs and scrapbooks documenting the operation of the theater. A recent donation included audio and video cassettes.

Series one contains showfiles related to various Repertorio Español productions, which include clippings, ephemera, photograhs and some promotional materials and is arranged primarily by production name. Series two contains materials relating to productions on tour, which mostly contain administrative documents outlinging contracts, correspondence and publications detailing and publicizing the tours. Series three contains materials relating to promotion of Repertorio Español's productions and outreach to the greater community and is arranged by production name. Series four contains materials related to the fundraising that the organization did, including grant applications and outreach to funders. Series 5 contains correspondence files maintained by Repertorio on their interactions with community organizations, actors, writers and other artists; it is arranged by name of correspondent and organization. Series six contains clipping files maintained by Repertorio Españal on productions and news featuring the organization's work in the community; it is organized by publication title and date. Series seven contains audiovisual recordings of performances and recordings of media outlets on a variety of formats, including reel-to-reel, cassette tapes, VHS tapes, and DVDs. Series 8 contains files of slides and contact sheets of Repertio Español performances, actors, and events; this series is arranged by performance name and actor name.

The original order of these files as kept by Repertorio Español have been maintained in most cases. Some inventories of audiovisual materials are available; please contact the Archivist for more information.

CHC5321 Restaurant Ephemera collectionAdd to your cart.

The Restaurant Ephemera collection contains food industry ephemera including restaurant, bakery and cafeteria menus, brochures, flyers, clippings and miscellaneous objects from eating establishments in Cuba and its diaspora.

The collection also contains souvenir items produced by restaurants in Cuba including group portraits from restaurants and nightclubs such as Rancho Luna and Sans Soucí, coasters from La Bodeguita del Medio and Tropicana napkins (reproduced in exile).

CHC0162 Revista Cubana RecordsAdd to your cart.
The Revista Cubana records contain personal papers of Cuban historian Carlos Ripoll, as well as documents pertaining to the publication of the Revista Cubana. Included are correspondence, both personal and professional, subscription lists, publication content, scholarly essays and reports, library material, articles on Cuban library practices, and a plaque of earth from Dos Rios, Cuba, gifted to Ripoll from Luis Garcia Pascual.
CHC0513 Ralph Rewes Papers, 1986-1994Add to your cart.
The Ralph Rewes papers consist of unpublished manuscripts of books written by Ralph Rewes, Cuban exile living in Hialeah, Florida.  The manuscripts include "'America' Misunderstood",  "The Opinionated Memoirs of a Cuban Youth" and "El Diario de Frank Rodríguez - Mi Primer Día.
CHC0158 Rosario Rexach Papers, 1917-2002Add to your cart.
The Rosario Rexach papers document professional activities of Rosario Rexach, a deceased Cuban exile author of books and essays on Spanish and Latin-American literature and art with focus on Cuba's history and literature.  Materials include manuscripts, correspondence, clippings, typescripts from conferences, programs, certificates, articles and photographs.
CHC5416 Santiago Rey Pema papers, 1950-1992Add to your cart.
The papers include correspondence from Joaquin Balaguer, former President of the Dominican Republic (1960s-1970s) addressed to his friend, Santiago Rey Pema, in exile in Miami. The collection also includes Mr. Rey Pema's birth certificate, his curriculum vitae (up to the 1950s), a prison sentence for his son in Cuba (1961) as well as photographs and clippings related to Mr. Rey Pema.
CHC0371 Reynaldo Rey Collection, 1989-1993Add to your cart.
The Reynaldo Rey collection consists of programs, a poster and a music album of a Cuban singer, Reynaldo Rey, who has received several awards for his performances in Cuba, Latin America and in Miami.
CHC0287 Manuel Rionda Papers, 1881-1882Add to your cart.
The Manuel Rionda papers reflect activities of a sugar baron, Manuel Rionda, Spanish-born master of two important Cuban sugar mills and chair of the major U.S. sugar brokerage firm of Czarnikow-Rionda.  Rionda was a businessman associated with Cuba, New York and Santo Domingo.  The majority of materials include bills of ladings Rionda used to conduct his shipping business between New York and Cuba and Santo Domingo.  Correspondence and other official documents are also included in this collection.
CHC5267 Rafael F. Risco PapersAdd to your cart.
The Rafael F. Risco papers are comprised of documents regarding Risco's involvement with the Rescate Revolucionario Democrático counter-revolutionary organization in exile. These materials include biographical materials, photographs, and correspondence between members of the organization.
CHC0549 Valentín Rivas Photograph Collection, ca. 1900Add to your cart.
The Valentín Rivas photograph collection includes photographs of streets, fortifications and other Havana sites, ca. 1900.
CHC5309 Felipe Rivera Papers, circa 1930s-1940sAdd to your cart.
The Felipe Rivera papers contain fourteen manuscript theater scripts written by Cuban writer Felipe Rivera.
CHC0316 Pablo le Riverend CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Pablo le Riverend collection contains the personal papers of poet Pablo le Riverend. It includes books authored and annotated by le Riverend, articles written about him, unpublished manuscripts, and an event poster.
CHC5026 Marco Rizo Papers, circa 1950-1999Add to your cart.
The Marco Rizo papers contains materials related to Rizo's latter years as a musician and founder of SAMPI (The Marco Rizo Latin American Music Project) and his role as a composer and arranger of Cuban rhythms. A small of selection of audiovisual materials are also part of the papers.
CHC5362 Roberto Vale Ares Papers, 1962-1964Add to your cart.

The Roberto Vale Ares papers contain personal papers from late 20th century Cuban activist Roberto Vale Ares.

Vale Ares was a member of Comandos L and Alpha 66, among other Miami, Florida-based groups. The collection includes correspondence, clippings and notes from his guerilla operations, as well as statutes, articles, and propaganda from Comandos L.

CHC5053 Raquel & Ruth Robés CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Raquel & Ruth Robes Collection contains photographs of school life in pre-revoultionary Cuba, as well as school pamphlets and memorabilia. It also contains certifications for schoolteachers Raquel and Ruth Robes. Certificates and oversized materials are found in the poster drawer.
CHC0475 Jim Robinson Photograph CollectionAdd to your cart.
The collection consists of photographic reproductions of magazine covers and popular Cuban product advertisements, taken from the periodicals holdings of the Cuban Heritage Collection.
CHC0387 Erundina Rocha Music Papers, 1928-1992Add to your cart.
The Erundina Rocha Music Papers consist of music scores by Erundina Rocha, Ernesto Lecuona and other composers as well as clippings, photographs, pamphlets, programs and publications.  The collection is arranged into three series in five boxes.
CHC5323 Roberto Rodríguez de Aragón Papers, 1970s-2000sAdd to your cart.
The Roberto Rodríguez de Aragón Papers contains personal papers relating to Cuban academic and politician Roberto Rodríguez de Aragón (1927-2012). Materials include unpublished manuscripts of political discourse; family and professional correspondence and cassettes and video tapes of Junta Patriótica; various published writings, speeches, diplomas, funeral cards, clippings, books; and family and social photographs.
CHC5415 Alfredo Rodríguez Estévez papers, 1940-1961Add to your cart.
The papers include 1 diploma for Alfredo Rodríguez Estévez from Escuela Profesional de Comercio, Habana; 1 diploma for Rodríguez Estévez from Universidad de la Habana; 1 photo album from Casino de Capri, Havana; documents (1961) certifying the conduct and character of Rodríguez Estévez while he was an employee at the National Bank of Havana.
CHC0467 Justo Rodríguez Santos CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Justo Rodriguez Santos Collection contains the personal papers of poet Justo Rodriguez Santos, including manuscripts of poems dated 1937-1974, books including El Diapason del Ventisquero, Los Naipes Conjurados, and Las Operas del Sueño. It also includes a eulogy by Octavio R. Costa.
CHC5253 Delfín Rodríguez Silva Papers, 1959-2009Add to your cart.
The papers document activities of Delfín Rodríguez Silva as a reporter. The bulk of materials includes two scrapbooks with articles published by newspapers, mostly in New York and in other North-Eastern cities in the United States, about various Cuban organizations during the early years of exile.  The materials also include a report written by Rodríguez Silva and clippings about Cuban birds.
CHC5282 Antonio Orlando Rodríguez Papers, 1975-2008Add to your cart.

The Antonio Orlando Rodríguez Papers consist of original manuscripts, notes, and literary annotations related to Rodríguez's works; editorial contracts; prizes and awards; videos of interviews; publicity materials for the novels Aprendices de brujo (2005) and Chiquita (2007); and press releases.

This collection provides insight into the writing process of Rodríguez, giving the researcher access to the manuscripts, research materials and notes he compiled while writing four of his books: Abuelita Milagro (1977), Romerillo en la cabeza (2006), Aprendices de brujo (2005) and Chiquita (2008). Rodríguez also collected playbills, photographs and catalogs for theater and art exhibitions in the United States and Cuba.

CHC0335 Emilio Gaspar Rodriguez Papers, 1914-1939Add to your cart.
The Emilio Gaspar Rodríguez Papers consist of correspondence, articles, books, conferences, periodical publications, and photographs among other material. This collection contains 76 folders in 4 boxes and is arranged in two series.
CHC0163 Rodrigo Rodríguez Papers, 1902-1987Add to your cart.
The collection consists of photocopies of articles about the Dumois family and the heritage of the Banes Municipality in the Province of Holguín in Cuba.
CHC5304 Sergio Rodríguez Papers, 1988-2007Add to your cart.
The Sergio Rodríguez Papers contain booklets, pamphlets, and maps; periodicals; state and university reports; audiovisual materals and correspondence from Rodríguez's tenure at the University of Miami.
CHC5173 Alexis Rodriguez-Duarte in Collaboration with Humberto "Tico" Torres Photography Collection, 1993-2012Add to your cart.

The Alexis Rodriguez-Duarte in collaboration with Humberto "Tico" Torres photography collection contains exhibition material, photographs and published works created by Cuban-born photographer Alexis Rodriguez-Duarte (b. 1962) in collaboration with Tico Torres.

The collection includes biographical and professional information on Rodriguez-Duarte; press releases and invitations to exhibitions of the photographer's work; and copies of publications that have featured his photography. The collection also contains signed copies of Americanos: Latino Life in the United States (1999) and Presenting Celia Cruz (2004).

CHC5403 Julio Rodríguez-Luis Papers, 1966-1998Add to your cart.
The Julio Rodríguez-Luis papers contain correspondence from Roberto Fernández Retamar of Casa de las Américas in Havana, Cuba to Cuban exile Spanish literature scholar Julio Rodríguez-Luis (b. 1937). The letters and faxes discuss their work as writers and scholars. The correspondence also details Casa de las Américas projects with Cuban writers on the island.
CHC0458 Humberto Rodríguez Tomeu Papers, 1944-1994Add to your cart.
The collection consists of correspondence from a Cuban writer, Anita Arroyo to Julia Rodríguez Tomeu, letters from Cuban intellectuals, which were part of a personal archive of Dr. Néstor Carbonell, who was an Ambassador of Cuba in Buenos Aires, typescript of a play and short story by Rodríguez-Tomeu.
CHC5216 Teresa María Rojas Papers, 1953-2008Add to your cart.

This collection documents the activities of Teresa María Rojas in her capacity as a theater actress, theater professor at Miami-Dade College (MDC, also formerly known as Miami-Dade Community College) for more than 30 years and the founder of the Prometeo Student Theater Group.

The majority of the materials document Rojas' role as artistic director of the Prometeo Theater and the success of the students who performed in it.  Portfolios and reviews contain information regarding her teaching at MDC, in the capacity of the director of the Prometeo Theater and an instructor.  The papers contain scrapbooks chronicling her work as the director of the Prometeo Theater from 1985.  The collection also documents her professsional work as an actress in Miami, Cuba and other Latin American countries. Her performances in various acclaimed productions are documented by clippings and photographs.  Rojas measured her own success as a professor and artistic director of Prometeo by the success of her students.  She played the engaging and lighthearted role of Ofelia in "Ana in the Tropics".  As Ofelia, Rojas took on a similar matronly role as the one she had among her students at MDC.

Selected photographs, playbills, programs, letters, and clippings from the collection are available on the University of Miami Digital Collections portal under the CHC Theater Collections tab.

CHC5288 Rolando Moreno PapersAdd to your cart.
The collection includes three costume designs produced by Rolando Moreno in 1987. Drawn with watercolor and pen, the images provide insight into the director’s creative process.
CHC5339 Enrique Ros Papers, 1947-2013Add to your cart.
The Enrique Ros Papers contain the papers of Cuban historian, writer and activist Enrique Ros (1924-2013) primarily regarding his participation in the Movimeinto Democrático Cristiano (Christian Democratic Movement). This collection consists of one box of articles and scripts, pamphlets, clippings, photos and political and personal correspondence.
CHC5174 Ileana Ros-Lehtinen CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Ileana Ros-Lehtinen Collection contains clippings, brochures, and campaign material from U.S. Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.
CHC5275 Guillermo Rosales Papers, 1952-2004Add to your cart.

The Guillermo Rosales Papers contain writings and personal effects of Guillermo Rosales (1946-1993), late 20th century Cuban writer and journalist.

The collection contains manuscripts for various novels written by Rosales, including Júralo por Stalin, El Bunker Fantasma and El juego de la viola (1968), as well as articles and clippings written by and about him, respectively. The collection also contains correspondence; certificates and awards, including Rosales' first prize honor in the University of Miami's Letras de Oro literary competition; and an accompanying scrapbook with photographs of the event.

CHC5120 Teobaldo Rosell PapersAdd to your cart.
The Teobaldo Rosell Papers contain documents written and collected by Dr. Teobaldo Rosell, former President of Gulf & Western Industries. They include newspaper clippings on the activities of Gulf & Western, particularly in the Dominican Republic from 1967-1978, as well as a series of manuscripts entitled Discursos y Alocuciones del Dr. Rosell.
CHC0166 Roseñada CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Roseñada Collection consists of the personal papers of Cuban caricaturist Jose Manuel Roseñada. The collection includes photographs, paintings, caricatures and comics, original sketches, and a copy of Zig-Zag magazine containing the artist's work.
CHC5386 Rosendo Rosell Papers, 1930-2006Add to your cart.
The Rosendo Rosell Papers contain documents related to Cuban actor Rosendo Rosell (1918-2010). They include photographs, clippings, and reviews of his films and television shows, as well as articles and manuscripts written by him. The second donation of materials include plaques, cassette tapes, correspondence, theater ephemera, musical scores, posters, scripts, and magazines.
CHC0490 Eugenio Rothe Papers, 1992-2002Add to your cart.
The Rothe Papers consists of photocopies of conference papers and journal articles written by Eugenio Rothe, M.D., professor of Clinical Psychology and Behavioral Sciences in the University of Miami School of Medicine, about post-traumatic stress disorder and other psychological disorders among Cuban exiles in South Florida.
CHC0169 Carmen Rovira CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Carmen Rovira Collection contains the personal papers of twentieth century Cuban librarian Carmen Rovira. It includes library materials, editorial pieces, clippings, correspondence, documents from the Colegio Nacional de Biblotecarios Cubanos en Exilio, reports on libraries in Cuba and the United States, and an obituary.
CHC5305 Rubén Ortiz-Lamadrid ScrapbookAdd to your cart.
The Rubén Ortiz-Lamadrid Scrapbook contains a scrapbook of article clippings authored by journalist Rubén Ortiz-Lamadrid.
CHC0559 Rafael Rubio Padilla Collection, 1985-1995Add to your cart.
The Rafael Rubio Padilla Collection contains numerous news clippings on various subjects related to Cuba and the Cuban exile community, from 1985-1995.
CHC0411 Manuel Ruiz Barrera Photograph Collection, 1993-1994Add to your cart.
The collection consists of photographs of Camagüey, Cienfuegos, and Havana, Cuba taken by Manuel Ruiz Barrera, a professional photographer and part-owner of Imageland Photography in Miami.
CHC5054 Rumbaut Family Scrapbook, 1927-1966Add to your cart.
The scrapbook titled "Bienvenido Rumbaut" includes caricatures, photographs, autographs etc., of Cuban personalities.
CHC5293 Ruston Academy Records, 1928-2012Add to your cart.

The Ruston Academy Records contain materials related to the Ruston Academy, a bilingual American school founded in Havana, Cuba, in 1920. It also contains the administrative files of the Ruston-Baker Educational Institution, Inc., a group of alumni and friends organized to plan for a possible re-opening of the school in a post-Revolutionary Cuba. Other materials include photographs, programs, directories and correspondence documenting the history of Ruston Academy alumni reunions held in the United States from 1975 to 2012.

The Ruston Academy records are arranged into three series. Series 1, Ruston Academy, contains ephemera, publications, correspondence and alumni directories; Series 2, Ruston-Baker Educational Institution, Inc. administrative files documents the administrative history of the organization with correspondence, meeting minutes and subject files related to RBEI, Inc. projects; and Series 3, James and Sibyl Baker papers, contain personal papers related to Ruston Academy directors, James and Sibyl Baker, including anniversary and memorial tributes and the manuscripts for James Baker's book on the history of Ruston Academy, Ruston: From Dreams to Reality (2007).

Ruston Academy yearbooks from 1940 to 1960, ephemera and photographs of the school and school functions, school publications, and photographs from alumni reunions have been digitized and are availabe via the University of Miami Digital Collections.

CHC0076 Pedro J. Saavedra CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Pedro J. Saavedra Papers include the personal documents of diplomat Pedro Saavedra. They contain biographical data, correspondence, and news clippings on Saavedra's activities with various international organizations.
CHC0149 Ramón S. Sabat Panart CollectionAdd to your cart.
This collection documents the activities of Panart, a pioneering Cuban record label created by Ramón S. Sabat (1902-1986) in the 1940s. Panart sold millions of records worldwide and, according to Mr. Sabat, it was generally responsible for the extensive circulation of Cuban music around the world. The bulk of this collection consists of sound recordings in different formats: various phonograph record types, audiocassettes, reel to reel tapes and eight-track stereo tapes. In 1961, the Cuban government took over Panart's holdings in Cuba. Mr. Sabat and his family settled in the U.S. during the early 1960s, and they created a company in Miami that continued to distribute Panart recordings until the 1980s.
CHC5013 Lalita Salazar PapersAdd to your cart.
The Lalita Salazar Papers contain musical scores and AV material from Cuban stage singer Lalita Salazar.
CHC5195 Paul Salgueiro CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Paul Salgueiro Collection is a folder containing fifteen posters of Cuban ballet star Alicia Alonso.
CHC5042 Baruj Salinas Collection, 1968-2000Add to your cart.
The collection documents professional activities of Baruj Salinas, Cuban painter of international fame.  The materials consist of imitations of Salinas' paintings, pamphlets and clippings.
CHC5100 San Carlos Institute CollectionAdd to your cart.
The San Carlos Institute Records contain reports, clippings, financial records and articles about the San Carlos Institute, San Carlos School, San Carlos Theater and Cuban Consulate.
CHC0476 Federico Sánchez Villalba Papers, 1917-1943Add to your cart.
The papers of Federico Sánchez Villalba contain letters, photographs, clippings costume and stage designs, as well as fashion designs and some original art work.
CHC5061 Osvaldo Sánchez Film CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Osvaldo Sánchez Film Collection contains commercials and newsreel footage filmed by Cuban cinematographer Osvaldo Sánchez from the 1940s to the 1980s, in Cuba and in the United States. Sánchez filmed a range of commercials for local businesses serving Miami's Latino community, from restaurants to furniture and clothing stores. Commercials for Miami businesses in the 1960s to 1970s, such as Café Estrella, Pestonit Florist, and Rivas Realty, have been digitized.
CHC0222 Sara Sanchez CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Sara Sanchez Collection contains a scrapbook containing extensive photographs, postcards, writings, and memorabilia of pre-revolutionary Cuba.
CHC5125 Luis Santeiro Papers, 1973-2003Add to your cart.
This collection documents the work of the television writer and playwright, Luis Santeiro. It includes television scripts for the bilingual sitcom "¿Qué Pasa, USA?" and other files related to the show such as contracts and reviews. The papers also consist of scripts and other documents related to his plays (such as programs and production files) and documents regarding "Carrascolendas".
CHC5176 Héctor Santiago Papers, 1958-2002Add to your cart.
The Héctor Santiago Papers collection includes only part of his literary anthology, with future additions expected. The Papers include scripts, essays, short stories, reviews, clippings, and theater programs.  Additionally, the collection contains personal and professional correspondence, interviews, awards, and financial records. Some scripts and stories written by Santiago in 1960s were excavated from the ground beneath a tree in Cuba where they had been buried for more than 20 years.  In order to preserve these original typescripts, photocopies have been made for perusal.  Also of interest is a group of letters written by Santiago’s fellow prisoners in UMAP.
CHC5402 Cristina Saralegui Collection, 1990sAdd to your cart.
The Cristina Saralegui Collection contains articles and materials related to TV personality Cristina Saralegui and her eponymous show on Univision. These include newspaper clippings, correspondence, advertisements, press releases, reviews, booklets, and invitations.
CHC5131 Alberto Sarraín Records, 1971-2010Add to your cart.
This collection contains documents, clippings, photographs and ephemera of the activities of Alberto Sarraín and his theater production group, La Má Teodora. The collection documents his financial, administrative, theatrical and personal activities. There is also a quantity of personal papers which make up a portion of the collection.
CHC0176 Inés Segura Bustamante Papers, 1930-2002Add to your cart.

These papers document Inés Segura Bustamante's (1919-2002) multiple professional, political and artistic activities. She was a clinical psychologist, member of Directorio Estudiantil, writer, painter, composer and lyricist. Segura Bustamante worked as a professor of psychology at the University of Havana. She left Cuba after the Communist Revolution and she continued her work as a psychologist and writer in the U.S, where she authored several books. Segura Bustamante studied music and piano and wrote a significant amount of songs. She also studied painting and some of her pictorial works are held in the Lowe Art Museum in Miami.

The bulk of the papers consists of manuscripts of musical scores, song lyrics and writings on children's psychological development. The materials also include clippings, typescripts and photographs of  the "Directorio Estudiantil Universitario 1930," clippings and reports of "Junta Patriótica Cubana," correspondence, clippings of articles on Cuba and Cuban exiles, articles by Segura Bustamante and about her, manuscripts of her poems, a copy of "Bohemia," books annotated by Segura Bustamante, a manuscript of "Cuba Siglo XX y la generación de 1930" and a manuscript of a book on child's psychology.

CHC5398 Boris Shabliovsky collection, 1917-1943Add to your cart.
This collection contains a short manuscript and 83 letters written predominantly by Boris Shabliovsky. The earliest letters were written in Warsaw, Poland, and the later ones in Havana, Cuba. Many of the letters are addressed to a Goldie Shapiro in Boston.
CHC0179 Georgina Shelton Papers, 1876-1983Add to your cart.
Papers documenting Georgina Shelton's involvement in Lyceum and Lawn Tennis Club, Havana, Cuba are the most important ones in this collection.  Materials also include articles about and by Hilda Perera, postcards of Mexico from 1920, programs from John J. Koubek Memorial Center, clippings, correspondence and newspaper from 1876.
CHC5292 Silvio Acosta PapersAdd to your cart.
The Silvio Acosta Papers contain scrapbooks of the professional and personal life of Silvio Acosta, architect.
CHC0181 Jose G. Simón Papers, 1966-1990Add to your cart.
The papers document activities of Dr. Jose G. Simón, who was a lawyer in Cuba and Associate Professor in Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA.  The materials include a booklet titled Elena Mederos: Símbolo de Patriotismo y Libertad discussing Mederos' feminist views and her fight for women's rights.  The materials also consist of clippings, correspondence relating to Simón's work for the Old Dominion University, copies of articles about Fidel Castro, job referral office for Hispanics in Norfolk, Guantánamo; a book by Simón about Spanish language and photocopies of Hispania, a journal devoted to teaching of Spanish and Portuguese.
CHC5448 Smith and Streeter Tourism Ephemera Collection, 1925-1926Add to your cart.
The Smith and Streeter Tourism Ephemera Collection (CHC5448) contains collectable memorabilia. There are ticket stubs, travel brochures, information and events from businesses that were obtained by Smith and Streeter during their travels. There is also a form chart, passenger list, and luggage tag from their cruise together.
CHC5393 Sociedad de Arte Musical de Santa Clara Ephemera Collection, c. 1980sAdd to your cart.
The Sociedad de Arte Musical de Santa Clara Ephemera Collection contains performance flyers, playbills, and other memorabilia from La Sociedad de Arte Musical de Santa Clara in Cuba.
CHC5182 Caridad Sola CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Caridad Sola Collection contains photographs and documents about artist Caridad Sola's "Perdida" art installation on the Cuban exile experience.
CHC5355 Baserva Soler PapersAdd to your cart.
The Baserva Soler Papers contain the personal materials of Cuban pianist, bandleader and composer Baserva Soler. They include CDs, vinyl, and cassette tapes of Soler’s music and performances, photographs of Soler and musical figures he worked with, sheet music, concert programs, pamphlets, and newspaper reviews.
CHC0501 Solidaridad de Trabajadores Cubanos CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Solidaridad de Trabajadores Cubanos Collection consists of pamphlets and periodicals published by this organization as well as its declaration of principles and the "Declaración de Montecristi." The posters that originally formed part of this collection have been transferred to the Cuban Exile Poster Collection.
CHC5003 Rabbi Frederick Solomon Papers, 1947-1976Add to your cart.
This collection documents the activities of Dr. Frederick Solomon, a progressive rabbi in the Cuban-Jewish community of Havana, Cuba. The collection includes correspondence between Dr. Solomon and members of The World Union for Progressive Judaism in London, England, as well as articles, manuscripts of sermons, and outlines of religious services authored by Dr. Solomon for the United Hebrew Congregation at Temple Beth Israel, home to the Centro Macabeo de Cuba, dating from 1953 to 1960. The collection also contains two pamphlets for Jewish events held at Hebrew Union College’s Jewish Institute of Religion in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1975 and 1976.
CHC0183 Máximo Sorondo CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Maximo Sorondo Collection contains the personal papers of Maximo Sorondo, who served from 1960 to 1965 as an ambassador for the Consejo Revolucionario Cubano. His papers include manuscripts, correspondence, reports, and several scrapbooks, which contain mostly newspaper clippings, some broadsides, and a few photographs.
CHC5200 Leandro Soto Papers, 1978-2007Add to your cart.
The Leandro Soto Papers consist primarily of original drawings of set and costume designs, audiovisual materials, posters, and photographs of productions and exhibitions documenting the work of visual and performance artist Leandro Soto. While the collection also includes correspondence, clippings, press releases, manuscripts, and theater and exhibitions programs, the bulk of materials relate to Soto’s artistic production in the United States since 1992.
CHC0184 Edward Spalding Papers, 1795-1825Add to your cart.
The Edward Spalding Papers document the commercial and personal activities of Edward Spalding, a shipping agent who worked in Cuba during the early nineteenth century.  The Papers include correspondence, receipts, bills and other documents.  Correspondence, arranged chronologically, documents Spalding's efforts on behalf of New England merchants and ship owners.
CHC5065 Spanish American War Panoramic Photograph Collection, 1899-1902Add to your cart.
This collection consists of 17 rolls of panoramic photos from the Spanish-American War (1899-1902) during the U.S. military rule of Cuba. The photographs detail the US-built military fortifications on the island contructed during the time of US occupation.
CHC0390 Sunny Storm PhotographsAdd to your cart.
Two photographs of the interior of artist Amelia Pélaez's residence in Havana, Cuba.
CHC5246 StoryCorps Historias Interviews Collection, 2009-2010Add to your cart.

The StoryCorps Historias Interview collection contains 152 interviews recorded from 2009-2010 as part of the StoryCorps Historias project. The interviews held by the Cuban Heritage Collection represent all interviews recorded in Miami and of participants who self-identify as Cuban or of Cuban descent, regardless of place of interview.

In 2009, the Cuban Heritage Collection became a community partner of the Storycorp Historias project, “an initiative to record the diverse stories and life experiences of Latinos in the United States.” As part of this partnership, the Cuban Heritage Collection received all oral histories recorded in Miami and all interviews in which participants self-identified as Cuban or of Cuban descent. The Storycorps Historias interviews held at the Cuban Heritage Collection are available for online viewing at the Cuban Heritage Collection’s reading room.

CHC0561 Carmen V. Suárez Collection, 1896-1938Add to your cart.
The collection consists of correspondence to Gabriel Montaner from Generalísimo Máximo Gómez and Rafael Rodríguez during the Cuban Independence War and a copy of a Cuban newspaper, "Avance."
CHC0489 Roberto Suárez CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Roberto Suarez Papers contain clippings and documents from Cuban journalist and founder of El Nuevo Herald Roberto Suarez. They include extensive clippings from El Nuevo Herald from 1987-1995, an obituary, and a book by Suarez entitled Cuba: La Infamia de Castro.
CHC0522 Luis Suárez-Villa Papers, 1993-1996Add to your cart.
The bulk of the collection consists of copies of articles written by various authors about the human rights violations in Cuba.  The articles were published in The Miami Herald and compiled by Suárez-Villa, professor in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning in School of Social Ecology at the University of California. The materials also include copies of correspondence to Luis Suárez-Villa regarding the compilation of the articles.
CHC5035 Sina Sutter Papers, 1996-1999Add to your cart.
The papers document activities of Sina Sutter as scenic artist, miniaturist, product designer, gallery owner and fine artist.  The materials include reproductions of her works, Sutter's Curriculum Vitae, programs, pamphlets and exhibition catalog.
CHC5161 Caridad Svich Papers, 1980-2013Add to your cart.
The Caridad Svich Papers contain the personal and literary works of playwright Caridad Svich. This collection is organized into two series. Series 1 consists of original theater works as well as translations by Caridad Svich; materials related to the productions, such as playbills, advertisements, clippings and reviews; and articles about the playwrights. Series 2 consists of audiovisual material such as Mini DVs, CDs and tapes containing conferences presented by Caridad Svich and performance soundtracks.
CHC0189 Tad Szulc Collection of Interview Transcripts, 1984-1986Add to your cart.
The Tad Szulc Collection of Interview Transcripts includes the typescript transcripts of Tad Szulc's taped interviews with Fidel Castro, Raul Castro, and other government officials in Cuba and with Cuban exiles in Miami, Florida, from 1984 to 1985, in preparation for Szulc's book Fidel: A Critical Portrait (New York: Morrow, 1986).
CHC0465 Teatro Avante CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Teatro Avante Collection contains documents from Teatro Avante, including show files, a talent directory, pictures and documents from the Hispanic Theater Festival, news clippings, and reviews.
CHC5337 TeatroStageFest RecordsAdd to your cart.

The TeatroStageFest Records contain the official records and memorabilia of TeatroStageFest, an annual two-week event held in New York City. Put on by the Latino International Theater Festival of New York, Inc., TeatroStagefest was a showcase of groundbreaking Hispanic and Spanish-language theter from New York, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Spain.

The collection includes official records and correspondence, as well as marketing material, show files, brochures, posters, pictures, and audiovisual materials. The collection also contains materials related to Susana Tubert, executive director of Latino International Theater Festival of New York, Inc. These include records and correspondence, mostly pertaining to TeatroStageFest.

CHC0193 The Truth About Cuba Committee, Inc. Records, 1961-1975Add to your cart.

The Truth About Cuba Committee, Inc. Records consist of the official organizational records of the Truth About Cuba Committee, Inc. (TACC) from 1961 to 1975, its years of operation, including publications, membership records, radio program transcripts and audio recordings, and photographs. The bulk of the materials consist of correspondence to and from Luis V. Manrara, TACC president, membership records, and TACC publications. Folder headings retain the original titles assigned by TACC to their materials.

Of special interest are 233 audiotapes, transcriptions, films, and slides, the majority of which are of debates and interviews of Luis V. Manrara with prominent international political figures as well as exiled Cuban political figures. These materials are described in Appendix I of the original finding aid. Also of note is Series IV. Reports and Publications – TACC, 1961-1973, which contains the various publications of the Committee, from single sheet circulars to brochures and pamphlets.

The original finding aid is accompanied by a personal names index and a corporate name index. Finding aid appendices and indexes are not published online.

CHC5160 Theater Ephemera Collection, circa 1950s-2013Add to your cart.
The Theater Ephemera Collection consists in programs, play tickets, clippings, flyers, invitations, playbills and photographs of theater productions and events. It also contains diplomas and recognitions about theater productions in Cuba or in the diaspora during 1950s to the present.
CHC5272 Theater Poster Collection, 1925-2014Add to your cart.
The Theater Poster Collection consists of posters of theater productions and events in Cuba or in the diaspora during 1925 to the present.
CHC5259 Theater Scripts Collection, 1927-2013Add to your cart.
The Theater Scripts Collection primarily includes typescripts of plays authored by Cuban writers, active either in Cuba or in the diaspora from 1927 to the present.
CHC5279 Tobacco Art CollectionAdd to your cart.
Spanning the 19th and 20th centuries, the Tobacco Art Collection contains art and ephemera associated with the Cuban tobacco industry. Items include commercial tobacco packing labels, cigar trademarks, several cigar bands, and two cigar boxes. The materials consists of various gifts that have been brought together under this collection.
CHC5277 Asela Torres Photography Collection, circa 1970s-2006Add to your cart.

The Asela Torres Photography Collection contains digitized photographs and published materials featuring the photographs of Cuban-born theater photographer, Asela Torres.

This collection is divided into two series. Series I contains digitized photographs taken by Asela Torres at various theater events and performances. These digitized photographs are accesible through the University of Miami Digital Collections website. Series II contains original theater programs, pamphlets, and ephemera featuring photography by Torres.

CHC5198 Rene Touzet CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Rene Touzet Collection contains musical scores, lyric books, cassette tapes, and a handwritten note by Cuban composer and bandleader Rene Touzet.
CHC5144 Toy Moon Photograph Collection, n.d., 1936-1957Add to your cart.
The collection includes photographs on a variety of Cuban subjects ranging from buildings and monuments to street vendors and musicians.
CHC5221 Frank Trelles Scrapbooks, 1925-1975Add to your cart.
The collection consists of nine scrapbooks with newspaper clippings, photographs, memorabilia, folders and correspondence documenting personal and professional activities of Frank Trelles, the chairman of the "Big Five Clubs," the largest private clubs in Havana, which included Havana Yacht Club, Miramar Yacht Club and Vedado Tennis Club.  Materials also document swimming competitions.
CHC5132 Soren Triff Papers, circa 1991-2002Add to your cart.
The papers consist of articles by Soren Triff published in various  publications, manuscripts of several of his works, articles by Cuban independent journalists, clippings of international press from and about Cuba and audio cassettes of interviews.
CHC5280 Diego Trinidad Papers, 1958Add to your cart.
The Diego Trinidad Papers contain correspondence, notes and photographs related to the Castro Revolutionary period in Sierra Maestra and El Escambray. The majority of the correspondence is between Diego Trinidad Valdés, Ernesto “Che” Guevara and Fidel Castro. Other correspondence relates to Cuban Revolutionary officers, including Otten Mesana, José Figueredo, Armando Quesada and Luis Orlando Rodríguez.
CHC5076 UM School of Communication: "Last Night in Cuba" Video Interviews CollectionAdd to your cart.
Last Night In Cuba is a critically-acclaimed documentary written, filmed, and produced by students in the Documentary Unit of the University of Miami School of Communication. The film examines the experiences of Cuban exiles leaving their homeland, interviewing ten Cubans of different ages and socio-economic backgrounds who fled the island between 1959 and 1963.
CHC0247 Antonio de Undurraga Papers, 1935-1968Add to your cart.
The papers document professional and personal activities of a Chilean writer, Antonio de Undurraga.  Materials include typescripts of his poems, essays, short stories and two novels: "Los dioses no dan la cara" and "El joven Jesus en Qumran", correspondence, clippings and pamphlets.
CHC5301 Unidad Anticomunista Records, 1962-1963Add to your cart.
The Unidad Anticomunista Records contain manuscripts and typescripts of Unidad Anticomunista, a Cuban underground group associated the Frente Nacional Democrático that fought against Fidel Castro's rule in Cuba shortly after his rise to power.
CHC0348 Rosina Urquiza CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Rosina Urquiza Collection is a personal scrapbook kept by librarian Rosina Urquiza, with photographs and news clippings about her community in Lakeland, Florida Southern College where she worked, and Cuban librarianship in the diaspora.
CHC0194 Rafael J. Urruela CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Rafael Urruela Collection contains personal papers from Rafael J. Urruela, the former director of the Foreign Office at New Orleans City Hall. It contains photographs, correspondence with US and Latin American leaders, and clippings on trade and diplomatic activities in New Orleans.
CHC5384 Omar Vaillant Collection, circa 2000sAdd to your cart.
The Omar Valliant Papers contain audiovisual materials, including recordings of the programs Mientra el Mundo Gira and Viendo a Biondi​.
CHC0542 Juan Valdés Terán Papers, 1954-2000Add to your cart.
The papers consist of the manuscripts of Cuban songs written by Juan Valdés Terán in Cuban prison where he was held as a political prisoner for many years, correspondence, clippings, memorabilia and photographs.
CHC5193 Valdés-Fauli Family PapersAdd to your cart.
This collection is comprised of articles, clippings, genealogical charts, pamphlets, the biography of José Valdés-Fauli, and the last will and testament of José de la Luz y Caballero.
CHC0195 Francisco Vallhonrat CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Francisco Vallhonrat Collection contains the personal papers of Cuban writer, journalist, and Republican Party activist Francisco Vallhonrat. It includes plays, poems, short stories, and journals by him, as well as articles and essays on various subjects related to the Cuban community in New York and New Jersey. Also included is Vallhonrat's correspondence, legal documents, pictures, photo albums, awards abd memorabilia. A large portion of the collection contains Republican Party correspondence, campaign fliers, organizational and fundraising documents.
CHC0204 José Varela Zequeira Papers, n.d., 1854-1994Add to your cart.
The papers consist of published and unpublished works by and about Varela Zequeira, noted Cuban physician and literary author of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The collection also includes some materials of his granddaughter Beatriz Varela’s, primarily pertaining to her research for the biography she authored about Varela Zequeira.
CHC5244 Blanca Varela Papers, 1970-2007Add to your cart.
The papers document professional activities of Blanca Varela in capacity of a soprano.  Her vocal range from mezzosoprano to soprano coloratura allowed her to sing parts for various operas, operettas and zarzuelas Cubanas.  The materials consist of theatre programs from her performances in operas, operettas and zarzuelas mostly in the Dade County Auditorium.  The collection also includes copies of photographs representing theatre performances with Blanca Varela singing in operas, operettas and zarzuelas for Teatro Nacional in Havana and for Cuban TV.  Moreover, the collection includes published scores with Varela's notes on them, manuscripts of musical scores, manuscripts of poems, L'Elisir D'Amore with annotations, newspaper clippings, a list of her recordings , a booklet describing her biography, and one letter.
CHC0197 Andrés Vargas Gómez Papers, 1960-1992Add to your cart.

The Andrés Vargas Gómez Papers are comprised of material provided by A. Vargas Gómez which includes manuscripts, correspondence, transcripts of conferences and radio commentaries, photographs, and publications. This collection also contains material on human rights, various associations and institutions, and on Generalísimo Máximo Gómez.

These papers were given to the Otto G. Richter Library in 1989 by Vargas Gómez. The Library will continue to receive material from Mr. Vargas Gómez.

CHC0196 Manuel Antonio (Tony) de Varona CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Manuel Antonio Varona Papers contain the personal papers of Cuban politican and counterrevolutionary Tony Varona. They include interviews and articles by and about him, as well as books and pamphlets authored by him, a curriculum vitae, correspondence, photographs, speech transcripts, and documents from Frente Revolucionario Cubano.
CHC0530 Aurelio de la Vega Collection, circa 1940-2012Add to your cart.
This collection contains musical scores and recordings of works by De la Vega (b.1925), an art music Cuban exile composer, along with other documents and his published and unpublished writings. It also includes concert programs, reviews, newspaper articles, interviews, photographs, flyers, press releases, and memorabilia.  A remarkable feature of this collection is the 1974-77 series of hand-colored scores that de la Vega elaborated in pictorial music notation. An interesting complement to this collection can be found in the Gaston Baquero papers (CHC5033): "Magia e Invenciones" a composition by de la Vega on five poems by Baquero.
CHC5353 Francisco de la Vega Collection, 1829-1852Add to your cart.
Francisco de la Vega Collection consists of the correspondence between Francisco de la Vega Company, settled in Santander, Spain, and his partners from Havana, Cuba. The correspondence is about the situation of the trasatlantic trade of sugarcane and flour between those companies (1829-1835).
CHC5014 Velilla Family Papers, 1955-1960Add to your cart.
The collection  consists of correspondence from Fidel Castro to Martín Velilla, manuscripts, manifestos and magazines.
CHC0243 Julio Vera CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Julio Vera Collection contains documents from the sitcom Que Pasa, USA, on which Vera worked. It contains clippings, tickets, promotional material from the show, screenwriting correspondence, and a completed script for the episode "The Encounter."
CHC5096 Teresa Verdaguer Papers, 1816-1952Add to your cart.
The papers consist of correspondence including two letters of Tomás Estrada Palma, the first president of the Republic of Cuba and one letter of Generalísimo Máximo Gómez.  The materials also include a photograph of the Shrine of Our Lady of Charity in El Cobre, Oriente and a photograph of "El Salto del Hanabanilla", which are placed with Cuban Photograph Collection, as well as, clippings, an album with drawings and poetry, Don Miguel Alberti's family tree, genealogy documents and the drawings of coats of arms.
CHC5406 Vertical Files: AssociationsAdd to your cart.
The Vertical Files: Associations is a collection of ephemera, clippings, articles, and other items collected about various associations in Cuba and the Cuban Diaspora. These files range in dates and topics, but are organized by name of the association that the materials represent.
CHC0230 Vertical Files: CubaAdd to your cart.
The Vertical Files: Cuba is a collection of ephemera, clippings, articles, and other items collected about various topics in Cuba. These files range in dates and topics, but are organized by name of the subject that the materials represent.
CHC0231 Vertical Files: Cuban DiasporaAdd to your cart.
The Vertical Files: Cuban Diaspora is a collection of ephemera, clippings, articles, and other items collected about various topics related to the Cuban Diaspora. These files range in dates and topics, but are organized by name of the subject that the materials represent.
CHC5261 Vertical Files: Personal NamesAdd to your cart.
The Vertical Files: Personal Names is a collection of ephemera, clippings, articles, and other items collected about various people in Cuba and the Cuban Diaspora. These files range in dates and topics, but are organized by last name of the person that the materials represent.
CHC5112 Video and DVD CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Video and DVD Collection contains general video material related to Cuba. The collection includes VHS, DVD, and other video formats, on numerous subjects related to Cuba and the exile community.
CHC0364 Viewbooks Collection, circa 1850s-2013Add to your cart.
The collection contains books, magazines, photograph albums, souvenirs and booklets of Cuban views since 1850 to the present. Also contains illustrated card games and stamps.
CHC5085 Conchita la Villa CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Conchita La Villa Collection contains the personal papers of Miami-based Cuban teacher, volunteer, and church leader Conchita La Villa. The collection includes correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings on her and various organizations' charitable work in Miami, journals, a manuscript on Cuban women in politics, stamps, and other memorabilia.
CHC5255 Raquel La Villa Papers, circa 1961-1997Add to your cart.

The papers document activities of Raquel La Villa. The papers consist of correspondence, documents, scrapbooks documenting visits to Poland where she met with Lech Walesa and Hungary, clippings, publications of IFEDEC and PDC, memorabilia and pamphlets published by Partido Demócrata Cristiano.

Those documents provide information about the history of the organizations who fought to rescue Cuba from the communist government.

CHC0473 Villalta Family Collection, 1624-1918Add to your cart.
The Villalta Family Collection contains documents, clippings, and genealogical information about the Gaona family name and the Villalta family. This collection dates from 1624 to 1918. It is arranged into two series, Series I: Documents, 1678-1918 and Series II: Genealogy & Heraldry, 1624, in 21 folders in one box.
CHC0199 Robert B. Walder PapersAdd to your cart.
The Robert B. Walder Collection contains photographs and negatives of pre-Revolutionary Cuba, focusing on engineering, manufacturing, and industrial subjects. It also contains the papers of Robert B. Walder, an American engineer who lived and worked in Cuba both before and after the Cuban Revolution.
CHC0200 Charles W. White Collection, 1923-1994Add to your cart.

The Charles W. White Collection contains music scores by the 20th century Cuban composer Alejandro Garcia Caturla, as well as pamphlets, posters, audiovisual material and concert programs related to his work. It also includes notes and correspondence produced by Mr. Charles White while he was writing Caturla’s biography.

Other contents in the collection include music scores and documents related to Cuban composers who were Caturla’s contemporaries. Collection is arranged in three series, series 1 includes all music scores, series 2 includes all documents, and series 3 includes all audiovisual material.

CHC0449 Marshall Wise CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Marshall Wise Collection contains documents and records from the Cuban Refugee Center, including photographs, news clippings, correspondence, CREC bulletins, a speech delivered by Wise, awards given to him, a hand-drawn portrait, and a report on Cuban refugee students in Miami-Dade County schools.
CHC5340 Sara Yaballí Papers, 1961-1963Add to your cart.

The Sara Yaballi Papers contain the correspondence and other materials of Sara Yaballi, head nurse at Camp Matecumbe in West Dade, FL during Operation Pedro Pan during from 1961-1962.

The collection primarily consists of correspondence from Pedro Pans and their families to Sara Yaballi from 1961-1963.  Also included are prayers and an autograph book.

CHC5137 Tomás R. Yanes Papers, 1939-2001Add to your cart.
The papers document professional activities of Tomás R. Yanes, an ophthalmologist and a founder of Cuba's Liga Contra la Ceguera (League Against Blindness).  Materials include clippings, correspondence, a copy of a book with annotations and photographs.
CHC0527 Joaquín de Yturralde Papers, n.d., 1923-1929Add to your cart.
Joaquín de Yturralde y López Silvero was the Consul of Spain in Havana in the 1920s during the presidencies of Dr. Alfredo Zayas and General Gerardo Machado y Morales. His papers contain correspondence from 1925 to 1926 and other materials such as invitations, programs, and financial records.
CHC5228 Laura Zarrabeitia Papers, 1963-1997Add to your cart.
The Laura Zarrabeitia Papers consist of four scrapbooks documenting her career as an actress in Cuba in the 1960s and 1970s.  The scrapbooks include photographs, theater programs, contracts, scripts, and clippings.
CHC0211 Elena A. Zayas CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Elena Zayas Collection contains the personal papers of Elena and Mario Zayas, including historical documents, articles and news clippings, correspondence, data on Cuban names, sayings, and music, documents from Club Leones Cubanos in New York City, teaching materials, and Elena's term papers from Columbia University.
CHC0212 Rafael Miguel Zayas CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Rafael Miguel Zayas Collection contains the personal papers of Cuban sugar industrialist Rafael Miguel Zayas. It includes articles, essays and data on the Cuban sugar industry before and after the Revolution, as well as data on US and world sugar, Gaceta pages, government documents, and correspondence. Also included is a vinyl disc.
CHC5088 Eduardo Zayas-Bazán CollectionAdd to your cart.

The Eduardo Zayas-Bazán Collection contains materials and documents donated by Spanish professor and Bay of Pigs veteran Eduardo Zayas-Bazán, including textbooks and educational materials authored by him, books translated by him, and a typed account of the amphibious landing in the Bay of Pigs.

This collection also contains a photocopy of the resignation of Eduardo Zayas-Bazán's grandfather, Comandante Rogerio Zayas-Bazán, to General Machado, dated 1928 April 18.

CHC5097 Luis Zúñiga Records, 1997-2000Add to your cart.
The Luis Zúñiga Records consist of copies of FBI documents of a human rights investigation regarding the involvement of Fidel Castro in the attack of "La Tablada" in Argentina.

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