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CHC0003 Rosa M. Abella Collection, 1968-2009Add to your cart.

The Rosa M. Abella Collection contains personal papers of Cuban exile and University of Miami librarian Rosa M. Abella. The collection contains materials relating to her work with the Cuban Heritage Collection, the 1996 shootdown of Brothers to the Rescue planes over international waters between the United States and Cuba, and other personal papers.

Series one consists of correspondence between Abella and various others, mostly related to her work as a University of Miami librarian. Series two contains personal papers from her library position, her work with various conferences and events, and academic papers by her and Carlos Ripoll. Series three contains news clippings and photocopies about the Brothers to the Rescue shootdown, and particularly her nephew, Armando Alejandre Jr., a pilot who was killed in the shootdown.

CHC5357 Academia Militar del Caribe Collection, 1954-1958Add to your cart.
The Academia Militar del Caribe collection consists of photographs and school materials relating to teachers and students of the Academia Militar del Caribe, a private military primary and secondary school in Havana, Cuba, during the 1950s. The collection contains photos of students and exams, drawings and grades reports, mostly relating to Alberto Cejudo Otero, from 1956 to 1958.
CHC5283 Agustín Acosta Papers, 1908-1998Add to your cart.

The Agustín Acosta Papers contain the correspondence, writings and memorabilia of Agustín Acosta (1886-1979), named Cuba's National Poet in 1955.

The collection includes correspondence between Agustín Acosta and his literary and political contemporaries, as well as his wife, Consuelo Acosta.

Writings include published pamphlets from Acosta and other authors on topics ranging from poetry to politics and science; articles and clippings written by and about Acosta, as well as those collected by him and his wife; and manuscripts and galley proofs of Acosta's poetry books.

The collection also contains memorabilia related to Acosta's personal and professional life, including postcards; photographs; homages to the poet, both late in his career and posthumous; drawings and caricatures; and scrapbooks.

CHC5145 Magali O. Acosta Collection, 1956-1960Add to your cart.

The Magali O. Acosta Collection contains parts and scores for arrangements by the Cuban composer Rodrigo Prats, written between 1956 and 1960.  Acosta and Prats collaborated on a series of dance performances called "Ballet Español", which included works of Ernesto Lecuona and Agustín Lara, among others, when they both worked for the Sylvia M. Goudie dance studio in Havana.

An important supplement to this collection is the 10-year retrospective of the Studio Sylvia M. Goudie, "Memoria: 1949-1959", in which Acosta writes about her collaborations with Prats.

CHC0410 Roberto Agramonte PapersAdd to your cart.
The Roberto Agramonte Papers contains personal papers relating to Cuban academic and politician, Roberto Agramonte (1904-1995). Materials include unpublished manuscripts of academic and political discourse; papers related to Agramonte's father, Frank J. Agramonte; family and professional correspondence; various published writings, speeches, lectures, booklets, clippings; and photographs.
CHC5143 Agrupación Abdala Collection, 1967-1982Add to your cart.

The Agrupación Abdala collection contains materials and posters documenting the Cuban student activist group Agrupación Abdala (also known as Agrupación Estudiantil Abdala). The group was founded on January 28, 1968, as a student organization committed to fight communism and to gain the release of Cuban political prisoners.

The posters commemorate special events held by Abdala, as well as the Congresses they sponsored.  The information found on the verso of each poster was provided by Edgar Garrastaza and Jaime Guiú, members of Abdala. Other materials include correspondence, conference proceedings, scripts and outlines for radio and television communications, pamphlets, and organizational statutes and by-laws.

CHC0391 Jorge Aguayo Papers, 1944-1994Add to your cart.
The papers document professional activities of Dr. Jorge Aguayo, who was the founder of the School of Library Science at the University of Havana.  He came to the United States in 1960 and was the director of the Columbus Memorial Library at the Organization of American States until his retirement in 1973.  The materials include correspondence, publications and clippings of articles written by Jorge Aguayo, as well as, an unpublished manuscript book written by Jorge Aguayo about his father and titled: "A Memoir of Alfredo M. Aguayo."  The manuscript documents the career of Alfredo M. Aguayo, who was a reformer of the educational system from elementary school to universities, in Cuba, at the beginning of the Republican period, and who elevated the rank of the School  of Education at the University of Havana to graduate School of Education, as well as, wrote many books on education.
CHC5109 Rosendo de Aguilera Papers, 1921-2002Add to your cart.
The papers document activities of Rosendo de Aguilera relating to his military and financial career.  The documents also reflect activities of Delfin de Aguilera relating to his military career.  Materials include correspondence to and from Rosendo de Aguilera mostly regarding the creation of World Central Bank, military records and photographs.  Materials also consist of correspondence, clippings and photographs reflecting Delfin de Aguilera’s military career.
CHC5341 Alberto Cuartas Papers, 1960s-1970sAdd to your cart.

The Alberto Cuartas Papers contain the photo albums, correspondence and other materials of Alberto Cuartas, counselor and house parent at Camp Matecumbe in West Dade, FL during Operation Pedro Pan and in other children’s homes under the auspice of the Catholic Welfare Bureau during the 1960s and 1970s.

The collection primarily consists of photo albums of Pedro Pan children in various children’s homes under the Catholic Welfare Bureau, including Camp Metecumbe. Also included are correspondence from Pedro Pans to Mr. Cuartas and other Pedro Pan memorabilia.

CHC5119 Carmen Alea Paz Papers, 1994-2005Add to your cart.
The collection documents the activities of Carmen Alea Paz relating to her literary career. It includes clippings of three published poems written by Carmen Alea Paz, manuscript of Jose Marti about the Cuban flag, articles, programs regarding Los Angeles Cultural festival and memorabilia.
CHC5336 Rolando Almirante "Telón Abierto" Video CollectionAdd to your cart.

The Rolando Almirante "Telón Abierto" Video Collection contains DVDs of interviews with theater directors and artists conducted by Rolando Almirante, Cuban director active in the 21st century.

The interviews are part of the "Telón Abierto" video project documenting Cuban theater.

CHC5359 Alberto Alonso and Sonia Calero Papers, 1935-2002Add to your cart.

The Alberto Alonso and Sonia Calero Papers contain photographs, programs and ephemera related to the dance careers of Sonia Calero Alonso (b. 1936) and her late husband, the dancer and choreographer Alberto Alonso (1917-2007).

The collection contains primarily materials from Sonia and Alberto's careers before they left Cuba in 1993. These include concert programs, performance booklets, clippings, magazines, and photographs. There is also material from their international career after 1993, including awards, clippings, and reviews from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Japan.

CHC5157 Alpha 66 Records, n.d., 1958-2003Add to your cart.
The Alpha 66 Records document the political, propaganda, paramilitary, and administrative activities of the organization as collected by Andrés Nazario Sargén, one of it's founders and longtime leaders.  The Records include correspondence, circular letters, financial records, clippings, maps, photographs, press releases, proclamations, programs, propaganda, and reports.
CHC5000 Armando Álvarez Bravo Papers, 1964-2003Add to your cart.
The papers document the professional activities of Armando Álvarez Bravo in his capacity as an art critic for El Nuevo Herald, and as a poet, writer and professor of journalism at the Koubek Memorial Center. Bulk of material consists of typescripts of his articles for El Nuevo Herald and newspaper clippings of his articles. The material also includes typescripts of interviews conducted by Álvarez Bravo with writers and painters, correspondence, typescripts of complete collection of poems by Álvarez Bravo both published and unpublished, a conference paper and photographs from his birthday celebration. In his interviews Álvarez Bravo discusses both the artistic vision of writers and painters and their personal lives.
CHC0552 Guillermo Alvarez Guedes Collection, circa 1950s-2010sAdd to your cart.

The Guillermo Álvarez Guedes Collection contains audiovisual materials and manuscripts of the Cuban comedian and performer Guillermo Álvarez Guedes active from the 1960s to the early 2000s.

The collection contains videos, cassette tapes and CDs of Guillermo Álvarez Guedes' comedic performances. The collection also includes manuscripts for books including Cadillac; and scripts for radio shows and live performances. It also includes, ephemera, posters, clippings, musical arrangements, and photo albums documenting Álvarez Guedes' career.

CHC5379 Alvaro de Villa Collection, circa 1950s - circa 1980sAdd to your cart.
The Alvaro de Villa Collection contains writings and personal papers of Alvaro de Villa, mostly related to his work as a novelist, screenwriter, and writer for the 1970s American bilingual sitcom, ¿Qué pasa, U.S.A.? It includes episode scripts, drafts, news articles on de Villa and the show, manuscripts of other novels and projects, audiovisual materials, and personal papers.
CHC0012 Florinda Álzaga Collection, 1960-1994Add to your cart.

The Florinda Álzaga Collection contains manuscripts, articles and audiovisual materials relating to the academic work of Cuban essayist Florinda Álzaga.

The collection contains article manuscripts, clippings and 39 cassettes featuring lectures given by professor Florinda Álzaga at Barry University. The lectures deal with Spanish literature; women in literature and Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda.

CHC0493 Concha Alzola Collection, 1966-1997Add to your cart.

The Concha Alzola Collection contains the correspondence and writings of Concepción "Concha" Alzola, a Cuban author active in the 20th century.

The collection contains correspondence, event programs and articles written by Concha Alzola for Vanidades, Intimidades and Cosmopolitan.

CHC5140 Marcelino Amador Photograph Collection, 1914-1920Add to your cart.
This collection consists of photographs of race car driver Marcelino Amador, many at Oriental Park Racetrack in Marianao, Cuba.
CHC5322 Sergio Andricaín Collection, 1970s-2000sAdd to your cart.

The Sergio Andricaín Collection contains original drawings and vignettes created by Cuban artists for children's books. Many of these drawings were collected by Sergio Andricaín (b. 1956) or were created to illustrate the books edited by him.

The paintings include watercolors, pencil sketches, oil, and mixed technique. The subjects of the drawings are fairies, clowns, witches, flowers, and other fantastical characters.

CHC5392 Gladys Anreus Collection, c. 1980sAdd to your cart.
The Gladys Anreus Collection contains digital photographs and a cassette tape oral history with Cuban actress Gladys Anreus.
CHC5016 Rene Arce Vigoa Papers, 1998-2002Add to your cart.
The materials consist of reports written by Rene Arce Vigoa on sugar industry in Cuba.
CHC5331 Juan Arcocha Papers, 1962-1985Add to your cart.

The Juan Arcocha Papers contain manuscripts and notes for books written by the 20th century Cuban philosopher Juan Arcocha (1927-2010).

The collection contains drafts of Arcocha's work in Spanish, French and English, including Los muertos andan solos (1962), Por cuenta propia (1970) and Tatiana y los hombres abundantes (1982), as well as notebooks with handwritten versions of Arcocha's work.

CHC5227 Yolanda Arenas Papers, n.d., 1954?-1991Add to your cart.
The papers of Cuban actress Yolanda Arenas include primarily photographs, clippings, and  programs of theater productions in which Arenas performed. Folders for a few productions include scripts with annotations by Arenas.  The collection also contains headshots and other portraits and audio and video recordings.
CHC0245 Antonio Arias Papers, 1963-1979Add to your cart.

The Antonio Arias Papers consists of circular letters, proclamations, statements, press releases, and other correspondence sent to Antonio Arias during the 1960s and 1970s by Cuban exile organizations.  Some of these groups were paramilitary organizations engaged in subversive activities, such as Comandos Omega 7 and Joven Cuba Nacionalista. The collection also includes a copy of "Acta final de los diálogos celebrados entre el gobierno de la República de Cuba y personalidades representativas de la comunidad cubana en el exterior - los días 20 y 21 de noviembre y 8 de diciembre de 1978."

These materials were received and collected by Antonio "Cuco" Arias while a radio journalist at WFAB La Fabulosa, a Spanish-language radio station in Miami, Florida. Mr. Arias worked at various radio stations and went on to serve as an executive producer for television with Univisión, the Spanish-language media company.

CHC5108 René Ariza Collection, 1980-1993Add to your cart.

The René Ariza Collection contains manuscript drafts for plays and poetry, personal papers, drawings, photographs and audiovisual materials of the Cuban writer, director and actor René Ariza, active in the late 20th century.

The collection contains original drawings and photographs of René Ariza; audio cassettes and video tapes of Cuban music; and Ariza's personal recordings, manuscript poems and scripts for his plays, as well as personal correspondence and papers.

CHC5360 Armando Alejandre, Jr. Collection, 2006Add to your cart.
The Armando Alejandre, Jr. Collection consists of 2 original 35mm film reel canisters with original film for the 2006 documentary Shootdown. The documentary tells the story of the organization Brothers to the Rescue. It focuses on the incident in 1996 when the Cuban Air Force shot down two planes, killing four pilots including Alejandre.
CHC0033 Natalia Aróstegui Bolognini Collection, 1913-1956Add to your cart.

The Natalia Aróstegui Bolognini Collection contains poems, articles, extracts and off-prints, and music scores by important early/mid 20th century Cuban composers. Music scores include autographed manuscript music scores by Gonzalo Roig, an important Cuban musician of the mid-twentieth century; autographed music scores by Ernesto Lecuona, one of the most important and internationally known Cuban musicians of the 20th century; and sheet music by Jorge Anckermann, Eusebio Delfín, Gisela Hernández González, José Marin Varona, Jorge Mauri, and Ernestina Lecuona, Ernesto Lecuona's sister.

This collection also contains manuscript poems by Dulce María Loynaz del Castillo, a renowned Cuban poet and the 1992 recipient of the Cervantes Award of Literature; and documentation about Dr. Gonzalo E. Aróstegui y del Castillo, Aróstegui's father.

CHC0015 Alberto Arredondo Papers, 1929-1975Add to your cart.
The Alberto Arredondo Papers consist primarily of Cuban economic reports and papers prepared by Arredondo or by groups of which he was a part.
CHC5330 Ricardo Arregui Papers, 1956-2013Add to your cart.
The Ricardo Arregui Papers contain materials documenting the advertising career of Ricardo Arregui (b. 1919), including scrapbooks, photographs, clippings, advertisement flyers, brochures, coupons and signs, as well as posters for Bacardí, Galletas Gilda, Ocean Bank, Iberia Air Lines, Ron Castillo, Polar and Recal Beer and many other products for which Arregui headed advertising campaigns with his ad agencies in Cuba and Miami, Florida. The collection also contains examples of audiovisual materials and LP jingles with recordings for Galletas Gilda, Líneas Aéreas Iberia, Cinturones Century,  Ron Castillo, Desodorante Leo-Nor, Partagás, Vino Seco Edmundo, etc., and awards, diplomas and certificates that Arregui's agency won for their ad campaigns.
CHC5370 Artist FilesAdd to your cart.

The Artist files contain materials related to the professional and artistic work of visual artists from Cuba and of Cuban descent. The files in this colletion contain exhibit catalogs, clippings, and ephemera related to visual artists and their work. The collection also contains files on art galleries that show the work of visual artists in group shows.

Series 1 contains files on individual visual artists, including show catalogs, promotional materials, postcards and programs for galleries, and other ephemera relating to the work of individuals  Materials are organized alphabetically by last name in each box. Series two contains exhibit catalogs, announcments, and other ephemera related to group shows at art galleries featuring multiple Cuban artists or of galleries that support and regularly exhibit Cuban art. Materials are organized alphebetically by gallery or venue name.

CHC5373 Arturo Artalejo Collection, circa 1960sAdd to your cart.
The Arturo Artalejo Collection contains audio recording materials of Cuban radio personality Arturo Artalejo. These include tapes, reels, and a vinyl record of radio shows and recorded performances featuring Artalejo and other Cuban personalities.
CHC0514 ASCE (Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy) Collection, 1996Add to your cart.

The ASCE (Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy) Collection consists of twenty-two papers presented by panelists at the VI Annual Meeting of ASCE, held at the University of Miami from August 8th-10th, 1996.

These papers, as well as proceedings from the conference, have been published in a series of Cuba in Transition. Paper topics cover a wide range of subjects, from overviews of the general economic problems of  a transition to a market economy in Cuba to studies of specific economic sectors such as tourism, trade policy, banking, energy, agriculture and the sugar industry.

CHC0509 Asociación Cubana de Mujeres Universitarias (ACMU) Records, 1994-2004Add to your cart.
The records document activities of Asociación Cubana de Mujeres Universitarias.  The materials include minutes, financial reports, by-laws, correspondence, election advertisements, newspaper clippings, invitations and photographs.
CHC5242 Asociación de Antiguas Alumnas Apostolado Records, circa 1970s - circa 2010sAdd to your cart.
The Asociación de Antiguas Alumnas Apostolado Records consist of pictures and official records from the alumni association outside of Cuba of the Apostolado school system in Cuba. The collection consists mostly of pictures and photo albums of alumni events, church services, and of the seven schools, students, teachers, and staff, primarily in Miami, Florida. It also includes VHS tapes, clippings and articles of alumni events, event fliers, religious material including books and iconography, and awards and memorabilia.
CHC5139 Asociación de Antiguos Empleados de El Encanto Collection, 1951-2008Add to your cart.
The papers document the activities of the employees of El Encanto, an upscale department store in Havana before Castro's regime.  The materials include photographs, newspaper clippings, documents, correspondence, diplomas, advertising, tear sheets, store bags and envelopes and memorabilia, such as, albums of "El Encanto" and a DVD of photographs of "El Encanto".
CHC0448 ASOPAZCO (Asociación por la Paz Continental) Collection, 1980-1994Add to your cart.

The ASOPAZCO (Asociación por la Paz Continental) Collection contains correspondence, documents, photographs and audiovisual materials related to Cuba collected and produced by ASOPAZCO, a human rights organization based out of Geneva, Switzerland.

The collection is comprised of the archives of the Asociación por la Paz Continental, which contain first-hand accounts from Cuban political prisoners and other information sources detailing the poor conditions of the Cuban prison system. The collection contains newspaper clippings showing global media coverage of the importance of the Cuban human rights issue.

In addition to videos, audio cassettes and photographs smuggled out of Cuban prisons, the collection also houses underground correspondence from Cuban prisoners; pamphlets; Spanish-language material from Amnesty International and primary source material from ASOPAZCO's presentations before the United Nations General Assembly.

CHC5382 Association of Cuban Engineers collection, 2004-2014Add to your cart.
The Association of Cuban Engineers collections includes DVD recordings of conference presentations, articles of incorporation of the Association of Cuban Engineers Scholarship Foundation, Inc., the bylaws of the Cuban-American Association of Civil Engineers, gala programs and ephemera.
CHC5181 Atlanta Cuban Club Papers, 1994-2014Add to your cart.
The Atlanta Cuban Club collection documents activities of Atlanta Cuban Club, an exile community organization. The mandate of Atlanta Cuban Club is to preserve Cuban traditions and culture. The materials consist of  invitations, programs, correspondence and other publications from Atlanta Cuban Club.
CHC5116 Audio Cassette Collection, 1959-1997Add to your cart.

The Audio Cassette Collection contains miscellaneous audio tapes of Cuban themes from the 20th century.

Titles include a 1997 discussion by Jorge Mas Canosa on Julio Ninoska's program regarding President Clinton's transition plan for a post-Castro Cuba; six reel-to-reel audio tapes recorded in Cuba from 1959 to 1961; "El Portal del Mediodía" with Monsignor Agustín Román; "Growing Up Cuban in Decatur, Georgia," an oral history series by Carmen Agra Deedy circa 1995; and a two-volume cassette entitled "En el vientre del trópico" containing poetry by Alina Galliano narrated by Carmina Benguria.

CHC0273 Eduardo Avilés Ramírez Collection, 1926-1985Add to your cart.

The Eduardo Áviles Ramírez Collection consists of newspaper and magazine articles which pertain to his personal experiences with various cultures and with the lifestyles of many prominent individuals, such as Francis de Miomandre and Ruben Darío.

Articles date from the early 1920s to the late 1980s. The bulk of the collection consists of periodicals and clippings written for Latin American publications in Cuba, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Venezuela.

The collection also contains numerous articles written about Ruben Darío, a notable Nicaraguan literary figure, for newspapers such as Información, Diario de la Marina, and El Universal. Many articles relating to Spain also appear in Latin American publications such as Puerto Rico Ilustrado and Diario de Yucatán. The collection also includes a substantial number of articles illustrated by Ricardo Marin, a famous Cuban illustrator. Marin illustrated articles for publications such as Información and Diario de la Marina from 1938 to 1940.

CHC0554 Mariana Avilés Papers, 1850-1964Add to your cart.
The papers consist of manuscripts of musical scores, photographs of Avilés family, scrapbooks, drawings and memorabilia of Avilés family. The drawings, in particular, exhibit artistic aptitudes of John and Mariana Avilés.  Of note, is the collection of daguerreotypes and photographs from 19th and early 20th century of Avilés family.

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