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CHC0021 Amalia Bacardí Collection, 1922-1923Add to your cart.

The Amalia Bacardí Collection contains documents and correspondence related to Sir Lambton Loraine, known for his involvement in the Cuban Insurrection against Spain (1868-1878).

The collection contains documents regarding Sir Lambton Loraine, commander of the H.M.S. Niobe, whose negotiations stopped the execution of Cuban revolutionaries involved in the Ten Years' War between Cuba and Spain (1868-1878). The Cuban captives were taken by the Spaniards from the American vessel Virginius to Santiago de Cuba in November 1873.

The collection also contains photostatic copies of reports received from Loraine relative to the action taken in connection with the protection of the Virginius captives; these documents were presented to Emilio Bacardí Moreau by the Lords Comissioners of the Admiralty. The collection also includes a menu for a 1922 banquet inaugurating the bust of Commander Loraine; Emilio Bacardí Moreau's invitation to said banquet; and correspondence and photographs from Mr. Ernest P.V. Brice, British Consul, to Mrs. Elvira Cape Viuda de Bacardí.

CHC5401 Alberto Baeza Flores Collection, 1963-1971Add to your cart.
The Alberto Baeza Flores Collection contains material by Chilean poet and journalist Alberto Baeza Flores, including several poetry booklets and academic papers.
CHC5300 Ballet Concerto Collection, 1966-2011Add to your cart.
The Ballet Concerto Collection consists of materials produced by and about the Ballet Concerto school of dance in Miami, Florida. Items include pamphlets, programs and clippings about Ballet Concerto performances and events.
CHC0267 Enrique Baloyra Collection, 1970-1997Add to your cart.

The Enrique Baloyra Collection contains the personal papers of Enrique Baloyra, professor and former associate dean of the Graduate School of International Studies at the University of Miami.

The collection contains correspondence, articles, reports and studies authored by Enrique Baloyra regarding the economic and political situation of Cuba, and audiovisual materials including a 16mm copy of the documentary "Minefield" (along with its accompanying script) and cassette tapes of interviews with exiled Cuban and Latin American political figures conducted by Baloyra for his PhD thesis, "Political Leadership in the Cuban Republic, 1944-1958." Interviewees include Eduardo Suárez Rivas, Ángel Fernández Varela, Jorge García Montes and Andrés Rivero Agüero.

CHC5103 Banco de Ideas Z Collection, 1994-1996Add to your cart.
Banco de Ideas Z was a non-profit Cuban organization based in Havana. Their mission was to foster the national and international promotion of young artists and writers, sociocultural projects and institutions. The materials include art books with poetry, compilations of literary texts and prose all hand-made by Cuban artists.
CHC5033 Gastón Baquero Papers, 1956-1999Add to your cart.
The collection consists of documents, books and other materials written and collected by Cuban writer Gastón Baquero (1914-1997) during the last years of his life in Madrid, Spain. The collection includes correspondence, published and unpublished works by Baquero, clippings of newspaper articles by and about Baquero, research notes, photographs, clippings, scrapbooks, awards and memorabilia. Although the collection includes personal papers and documents, the bulk of materials relates to the subjects that occupied Baquero throughout his life, namely Cuban, Spanish and Latin American literature, history and politics.
CHC0454 Randy Barceló Collection, n.d., 1970-2007Add to your cart.
The Randy Barceló Collection consists primarily of oversize costume and set designs by Cuban-born designer Randy Barceló. The collection also includes costume plots, drawings and sketches, posters and postcards, videotapes, photographs and slides, and two scripts written by Barceló.
CHC0366 Berta Barreto de Los Heros PapersAdd to your cart.

The Berta Barreto de los Heros Papers contain correspondence, articles and clippings of Berta Barreto de los Heros (d. 1993) relating to her involvement in the release of Bay of Pigs prisoners.

The collection includes correspondence, documents and clippings of the negotiation and release of Cubans taken prisoner on the island after the Bay of Pigs invasion, including tapes of conversations with former prisoners. The collection also includes an album given to Barreto de los Heros signed by the members of Brigade 2506 that she helped escape after the invasion.

CHC0333 Laureano Batista Falla Papers, 1961-1992Add to your cart.
The Laureano Batista Falla Papers consists of personal files, human rights material, records of the "Luna"Mission, the Movimiento Demócrata Cristiano, the Organización Demócrata Cristiana de América, political parties, and general material of other associations/institutions and publications.  This collection consists of 816 folders in 35 boxes, arranged in eight series.
CHC5155 Fulgencio Batista Zaldívar Collection, [1950s-?]Add to your cart.

The bulk of the collection consists of correspondence with Cuban government and military officials, some prior to 1959, and with prominent political and literary figures.

The collection also includes manuscripts of an unpublished autobiography and other books, as well as published books and pamphlets written by Batista. Other materials include periodicals and books collected by Batista, some inscribed by the authors, as well as photographs of both personal and official nature, memorabilia, and notes and statistics on social and economic conditions in Cuba during the Batista era.

CHC0331 Eugenio Batista CollectionAdd to your cart.

The Eugenio Batista Collection contains essays, manuscripts, correspondence, clippings, photographs and original architectural drawings, blueprints and documents of Eugenio Batista (1900-1992), a Cuban architect active in 20th century Cuba and the United States.

The collection contains Batista's personal and professional papers related to his activities as a professor and Dean of Architecture at the St. Thomas of Villanova Catholic University in Havana and other universities throughout the United States, as well as material related to his book on Church architecture and the history of the Catholic liturgy.

CHC5012 Fulgencio Rubén Batista Papers, 1933-2007Add to your cart.

The papers document activities of Cuban president Fulgencio Batista Zaldivar and his son Fulgencio Rubén Batista. The papers include records and rosters of Batista Zaldivar's army, speeches given by president Batista, and letters from Batista Zaldivar to his son and to other correspondents. Batista Zaldivar founded the Institutos Cívico-Militares in Cuba and the collection includes many accounts of rural military school teachers and their experiences.

The records also include speeches, programs, invitations, and photographs from the "10 de marzo" and the "4 de septiembre" annual celebrations. Included are also articles, poems, clippings, and publications about Batista Zaldivar's resignation, exile, death, and funeral. The materials also include Fulgencio Rubén Batista's funeral memorial programs and clippings and articles and letters of interest to F. Rubén Batista.

CHC0515 Beck Family Collection, 1860-1961Add to your cart.

The Beck Family Collection contains the personal and familial papers of Helen Beck, a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution Havana Chapter.

The collection contains correspondence, awards, photographs and other documents related to Helen Beck and allied families and their involvement with Cuba and the Daughters of the American Revolution Havana Chapter.

CHC0400 Herman Beller Photograph Collection, circa 1925-1950Add to your cart.
The Herman Beller Photograph Collection contains photograph of metal works done by Herman Beller's (1899-1972) Havana, Cuba-based company, Industrias Unidas de Cuba. The photographs detail works in parks, schools, and public areas and buildings all installed during the 1920s to 1950s. Several small examples of metal pieces cast by Beller are also included in the collection.
CHC5185 Elio Beltran Papers, 1982-2006Add to your cart.
Collection consists of incoming and outgoing handwritten and typed correspondence (original and copies) with artists and other personalities, as well as, a scrapbook with newspaper clippings about Elio Beltran's artistic career, and a CD with a selection of oil paintings by Elio Beltran.
CHC0265 John Beltrán Collection, circa 1956-1986Add to your cart.
The collections consists of 85 music records of Olga Guillot, a famous Cuban singer who was very well known around the world.  This collection also includes 16 scrapbooks containing photographs, clippings, correspondence, and memorabilia of Olga Guillot.  Olga Guillot left Cuba after Fidel Castro seized power in 1959.
CHC0216 Bernardo Benes Papers, 1956-1987Add to your cart.
The papers document professional and personal activities of Bernardo Benes, a Cuban exile in South Florida and high profile civic activist attempting to bridge the gap between the Anglo and Cuban communities.  Materials include  correspondence, writings, notes, newspapers, magazines, clippings, reports, articles, books, photographs, memos, resumes and catalogs.
CHC5154 Eric Bennett Photograph Collection, 1939-1941Add to your cart.

The Eric Bennett Photograph Collection contains portrait and scenic photography from Havana in the late 1930s to early 1940s taken by Eric Bennett (1902-1964), an exiled German photographer.

The collection contains over 100 portrait photographs of children, as well as scenes of Havana and the surrounding countryside, taken by exiled German photographer Eric Bennett from 1939 to 1941.

CHC5093 Carlos G. Bidot Papers, 1962-2002Add to your cart.
The papers consist of albums with photographs, clippings and memorabilia related to the 25th anniversary celebration of Spanish newspaper "La Tribuna de North Jersey". Carlos G. Bidot and his wife Lydia were the founders of this publication.
CHC5058 Big World Distributors, Inc. CollectionAdd to your cart.
This collection contains music recordings in CD format related to Big World Distributors, Inc. (created circa 1990), a Miami-based record label and distributor. The bulk of the materials consists of compilations of Cuban popular music and reissues of recordings by important Cuban singers and instrumentalists.
CHC0455 Giulio V. Blanc Papers, 1930-1982Add to your cart.
The papers include correspondence mostly regarding homage to Lydia Cabrera, photographs of Giulio Blanc with Lydia Cabrera and a typescript of a poem by Virgilio Piñera.
CHC5049 Armando R. de Blanck Papers, 1884-1950Add to your cart.
The papers include letters from various prominent Cuban figures; among them Tomás Estrada Palma, Salvador Cisneros, Lola R. de Tió, Armando Menocal, Mario Menocal and others.  The materials also consist of newspaper clippings about sugar industry and some photographs.
CHC5172 Zoe Blanco-Roca and Gustavo Roca Collection, 2004Add to your cart.
The collection consists of 340 photographs of Miami including the celebration of Carnival Miami at Calle 8.  The photographs were taken by Gustavo Roca.
CHC0550 Agustín Blazquez Papers, 1984-1999Add to your cart.
The collection consists of published and unpublished articles written by Agustin Blazquez, as well as, about Agustin Blazquez, correspondence and materials about his documentary, “Covering Cuba.”
CHC5289 Blez Family Papers, 1863-1941Add to your cart.

The Blez Family Papers contain manuscripts, clippings and photographs relating to Felicia Marcé Castellanos and the Blez family.

The collection is divided into clippings, manuscripts and photographs, and correspondence, with materials dating from 1863 to 1941. The majority of materials are related to Felicia Marcé Castellanos, a member of the Blez family whose role in the Cuban independence movements of 1868 and 1895 are documented in the collection.

CHC0032 Ricardo Bofill Pagés Papers, 1986-1990Add to your cart.
The papers document activities of Dr. Ricardo Bofill Pagés in capacity of the President of Cuban Committee for Human Rights.  The materials include papers written about Bofill's work, clippings of Bofill's writings about human rights and reports.
CHC5210 Orlando Bosch Papers, 1988-2002Add to your cart.
The papers document activities of Orlando Bosch in capacity of President of Partido Protagonista del Pueblo (P.P.P.) and a writer, as well as activities of P.P.P.  The materials include correspondence, documents, newspaper articles, two books published by Orlando Bosch, El grito del Escambray: su historia inedita, and 40 años de lucha y 40 años de razon with some annotations, two copies of a book by Adriana Bosch, "Orlando Bosch: el hombre que yo conozco," one print reproduction of a painting, one oleo of a "framboyan" and others of Martí and the Cuban flag.
CHC5212 Luis J. Botifoll Oral History Project, 2008-2013Add to your cart.

The Luis J. Botifoll Oral History Project collection includes videos, outlines, and selected transcripts of oral history interviews conducted principally with members of the first generations of Cubans exiled since the Cuban Revolution. Interviews with political prisoners, visual artists, community activists, and others help to capture Cuba's undocumented history, culture, and people, as well as the exile experience.

The Botifoll Oral History Project was launched in April 2008 with the support of the AMIGOS of the Cuban Heritage Collection. The Project aims to record and provide access to these testimonies in support of the Cuban Heritage Collection's efforts to document the Cuban experience on the island and in the diaspora.

The interviews are made available online as they are completed and can be accessed from the Univeristy of Miami Digital Collections.

CHC5101 Brothers to the Rescue RecordsAdd to your cart.

The collection documents the operation of the Cuban exile activist group, Brothers to the Rescue [Hermanos al Rescate], founded in Miami, Florida in 1991 by activist and aviator José Basulto. Materials include correspondence, administrative records, court documents and transcripts documenting the 1996 shoot-down of an Hermanos al Rescate plane, pamphlets and flyers distributed in Cuba by the group, audio visual materials, publications and photographs.

Documented in detail is the incident and subsequent investigation and trial related to the Hermanos al Rescate plane that was shot down in 1991 by the Cuban air force. During the incident, which took place on February 24, 1996, four pilots were killed.

CHC5311 Burdsall Family Papers, circa 1930s-1970sAdd to your cart.

The Burdsall Family papers contains correspondence between members of the Burdsall family of Connecticut and, later, Lexington, Kentucky. Of note, the collection contains correspondence between American-born dancer Lorna Burdsall to family and friends in the United States while she was living and dancing in Cuba.

This collection is divided into two series. Series 1 contains letters to and from Lorna Burdsall while she was living and working in Cuba. Series 2 contains letters to and from various members of the Burdsall family as well as friends of the Burdsall family.

CHC0276 Sue Burns Collection, 1950sAdd to your cart.

The Sue Burns Collection contains family photographs with Havana views from the 1950s.

The collection contains nine slides with views of Havana, Cuba, from a vacation taken by the Burns family in the 1950s.

CHC0558 Buró de Periodistas Independientes papers, 1993-1997Add to your cart.
The bulk of papers consists of typescripts of writings by various journalists of Búro de Periodistas Independientes Cubanos (BPIC) including Lázaro E. Lazo, periodista de Habana Press and editor of BPIC.  The topics of the essays range from those expressing anti-Castro and anti-communist sentiments to those proposing to establish democracy in Cuba.  Economy and Christian issues are also analyzed.  The papers also consist of reports, clippings and of correspondence including facsimile and circular letters.
CHC5017 Manuel R. Bustamante Photograph Collection, 1890-1999Add to your cart.
The Manuel R. Bustamente Photograph Collection consists primarily of hundreds of black and white photographs of Cuba from the early 1900s to the 1930s. There are several photographs dating from the 1950s and 1960s, and a few color snapshots from the 1990s. The bulk of photographs are found in Series II and III. Series II: Havana, n.d., 1900s-1999 (bulk dates 1910s-1930s) contains photographs of the city of Havana and includes various aspects of the life, architecture, and culture of that capital city. Series III: Cities and Towns, n.d., 1900s-1990 (bulk dates 1900s-1920s) is arranged in alphabetical order and contains photographs of various towns and cities throughout the island of Cuba. The Manuel R. Bustamante Papers in Series V consist of materials donated by Mr. Bustamante related to his personal works and educational experiences, including photographs and memorabilia of the Universidad Social Católica San Juan Bautista de la Salle in Havana (Sub-Series 1).

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