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CHC0339 Lydia Cabrera Papers, 1910-1991Add to your cart.

The Lydia Cabrera papers document the life and career of writer and ethnographer Lydia Cabrera, one of the 20th century’s leading writers on Cuban folklore and an internationally known chronicler of Afro-Cuban culture and religion. The materials include correspondence, manuscripts of her works, field notes,interviews, photographs, illustrations, and memorabilia. This collection also contains documentation about the restoration of several colonial buildings in Cuba.

A highlight of the collection are the libretas, or notebooks, collected by Cabrera from Santeria priests and priestesses that document rituals and religious practices of the Afro-Cuban faith. These are found in Series 3 along with her manuscripts and field notes.

Part of this collection has been digitized and is available in the University of Miami Digital Collections online repository.

CHC5127 Humberto Calzada Collection, 1987-2003Add to your cart.
Collection consists of catalogues and folders with the reproductions of Humberto Calzada's paintings and a poster.
CHC0353 Eva Canel Papers, 1924-1991Add to your cart.
The papers document professional activities of a Spanish playwright, Eva Canel.  The materials include correspondence, photocopies of various biographies of Eva Canel and articles about her, newspaper clippings and theater programs.
CHC5328 Moravia Capó PapersAdd to your cart.
The Moravia Capó Papers contain correspondence, manuscripts, clippings and photographs related to Moravia Capó, Cuban educator and human rights activist who lived and worked in Nicaragua and Miami from the 1960s to her death in 2007.
CHC5365 Enrique Caravia Montenegro Papers, 1902-1960Add to your cart.

The Enrique Caravia Montenegro Papers contain correspondence, receipts and photographs and memorabilia collected by Enrique Caravia Montenegro (1905-1992), a Cuban artist active in the mid-1900s.

The collection contains letters written to and collected by Caravia from international and Cuban artists; receipts from the Patronato de Artes Plásticas in Havana for artworks commissioned by the organization; and photographs of artists and artworks.

CHC5348 Antolín García Carbonell Papers, 1962-2003Add to your cart.

The Antolín García Carbonell papers contain documents pertaining to the Opa-Locka Airport Camp during its period of use by the Catholic Welfare Bureau for refugee children under Operation Pedro Pan from 1962-2003.

The collection consists of a History of Opa-Locka Airport authored by García Carbonell, administrative documents, correspondence and building plans between the Catholic Welfare Bureau and other bureaucratic entities as they sought to acquire housing for Pedro Pans by renting buildings at the airport, including Building 67.

CHC5075 Joe Cardona Video Collection, 1994-2002Add to your cart.

The Joe Cardona Video Collection contains nearly 100 video tapes of research material for documentaries and films directed and produced by Joe Cardona, independent filmmaker.

The collection contains 51 VHS tapes of unedited interviews for the documentary Café con leche; thirty-three videotapes of interviews for the films Adiós Patria and Los plantados; and videotaped interviews for the documentary José Martí: Legacy of Freedom.

CHC5412 Carlos Irigoyen Sierra papers, 1940-1990Add to your cart.
The papers includes 5 binders chronicalling the work and career of writer, actor and theater worker Carlos Irigoyen Sierra. The collection contains manuscripts for articles, essays, stage and screen plays and other writtings.
CHC5178 Ignacio Carrera-Jústiz Papers, 1974Add to your cart.

The Ignacio Carrera-Jústiz Papers contain architectural drawings for Barcardí's historic office buildings in Miami.

The collection contains Plans and Specifications for the Construction of an Office Building for Bacardí Imports, Inc.

CHC0219 Ramiro Casañas Collection, 1845-1959Add to your cart.
The Ramiro Casañas Collection is composed of historical materials documenting the history of Cuba during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.  Included are correspondence and documentation from the Junta Revolucionaria Cubana (Series 1); military orders from Cuba and Puerto Rico; slavery documents; nominations written by Isabel II (Queen of Spain) and Alfonso XII (King of Spain); photographs of Cuba; letters and postcards; periodicals; music scores and memorabilia.
CHC5151 María Julia Casanova Papers, 1943-2003Add to your cart.
The María Julia Casanova Papers primarily document the work of radio and television writer and theater designer and director María Julia Casanova (1916-2004) in Cuba and Miami. The Papers include her scripts, photographs, clippings, theater programs, set and costume designs, posters, audiovisual materials, memorabilia, and honors and awards.
CHC5372 Luis Casero Guillén Collection, 1898-1960Add to your cart.

The Luis Casero Guillén Collection contains scrapbook albums relating to the life and work of Cuban politician Luis Casero Guillén (1902-1998) during his time in Cuba.

The scrapbooks contain photographs that detail his early life and later political accomplishments as Mayor of Santiago de Cuba and Minister of Public Works during the presidency of Carlos Prío Socarrás (1948-1952). The collection also contains correspondence, awards, certificates and clippings from Cuba and in exile.

CHC5354 Jim Cason Photograph Collection, 2002-2005Add to your cart.

The Jim Cason Photograph Collection contains photographs from former Principal Officer of the US Interests Section in Havana Jim Cason's (b. 1945) time in Cuba from 2002 to 2005.

The collection consists of digital photographs and a talking doll of Jim Cason that was distributed during his time as the Principal Officer of the US Interests Section in Havana, Cuba.

CHC5347 Conchita Castanedo Papers, circa 1920s-1980sAdd to your cart.

The Conchita Castanedo Papers contain political papers related to Conchita Castanedo (1903-1985), a founder of the Partido Revolucionario Cubano (Auténtico) and one of Cuba's first female political activists.

The collection deals primarily with her activities in the Partido Revolucionario Cubano en el Exilio. Materials include correspondence, photographs, political pamphlets and leaflets, drafts of speeches, one recording on magnetic tape and personal notebooks.

CHC0044 Agustín Castellanos Papers, 1921-1992Add to your cart.
The papers reflect professional activities of Agustín Castellanos, one of the most important figures in Cuban and international medicine who was nominated to receive the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1960.  His contributions to medical science include research in the areas of cardio-vascular diseases, radiology and pediatrics.  The materials consist of correspondence, Curriculum Vitae, medical articles, awards, papers from medical conferences, research papers and reports.
CHC5296 Jorge Castellanos PapersAdd to your cart.
The Jorge Castellanos Papers contain personal papers from the exiled Cuban professor and author Jorge Castellanos (1915-2011). The collection contains research notes, book manuscripts and copies of published works authored by Jorge Castellanos related to his research and writings.
CHC5369 Yolanda del Castillo Cobelo Papers, circa 1940s-2010sAdd to your cart.
The Yolanda del Castillo Cobelo Papers contain the personal papers of Yolanda del Castillo Cobelo (1933-2013), exiled Cuban singer-songwriter. The collection includes music scores, CDs, VHS, and DVDs of the artist. Along with the audiovisual material there are newspaper clippings, photographs, scrapbooks, correspondence, magazines, books, and essays that document her career as a songwriter and musician in Cuba and in the United States.
CHC0045 Eugenio Castillo Papers, 1934-1987Add to your cart.
The papers document activities of Eugenio Castillo who was a lawyer and a Consul of Cuba before 1959.  He was associated with the following places: Cuba, London, New York, Paris and Baltimore.  The materials include correspondence with prominent Cuban figures including José Raul Capablanca, who was a Cuban chess player and a world chess champion from 1921 to 1927, Luis Machado and others, as well as, PelDrak Cuba Copper Products Corporation data and photographs, invitations, clippings, official papers signed by a president of the Republic of Cuba and memorabilia.
CHC5224 Adria Catalá Casey Papers, 1938-1954Add to your cart.
The papers document personal and professional activities of Adria Catalá Casey, "Cuban Shirley Temple,"  who was also a dancer in Grupo Folklórico.  Grupo Folklórico was established by Ministry of Education of the Republic of Cuba in 1951 with the mandate to represent Cuba in official international events, including festivals.  In April of 1954, the group represented Cuba in the National Folk Festival founded by the National Association of the Folkloric Festivals of the United States and the newspaper St. Louis Globe-Democrat.  There are clippings and photographs in the papers that document Adria Catalá Casey's participation in this festival. The materials include three scrapbooks containing clippings, photographs, invitations, programs, two issues of Bohemia, correspondence, etc. regarding Adria Catalá, clippings and photographs of Grupo Folklórico from 1954, photographs of artists of the radio station CMQ, edited by Radio Emisora CMQ on June 5, 1938.
CHC5343 Catasús Family Papers, 1927-1982Add to your cart.
The Catasús family papers consist of correspondence written by a variety of writers and intellectuals to Cuban literary figures Carlos Catasús Bertot and Sarah María Catasús (also known as "Nubia") from the 1920s to the 1980s. The container list contains a full list of the names of correspondents.
CHC5071 Roberto Cazorla Collection, 1978-2005Add to your cart.

The Roberto Cazorla Collection contains the personal papers of Roberto Cazorla, an exiled Cuban poet and journalist active from the mid-twentieth century to the present.

The collection consists of clippings, correspondence, manuscripts, photographs and audiotapes of poet and journalist Roberto Cazorla's work.

The collection contains correspondence between Cazorla and Carilda Oliver Labra and others; slides and photographs of Cuban artists such as the composer Ernesto Lecuona, singer Celia Cruz, and actress Blanquita Amaro; as well as galley proofs of books and article clippings authored by Cazorla for Libre.

CHC5114 CD Collection, 1933-2007Add to your cart.
The collection consists of the CDs donated by various donors.  The topics on the CDs include Martí, poems by Lourdes Simón, Cuban music, afro-Cuban music recorded by Lydia Cabrera and Josefina Tarafa, the Legacy of Lydia Cabrera exhibit, 16 issues of Revista Hispano Cubana published in Madrid, performances of Bodas de Sangre and Fresa y Chocolate, photos of Havana and Vinales Cienfuegos, 169 photographs of Cuba from 2000-2006 taken by L. Edward Tillett, III, four books by Waldo Leyva, copies of one book and several periodicals from the Batista government, including: "El libro de la victoria, 1933-1935; Circulo Militar y Naval: Revista, 1956-1958; Anuario Sin estribos, 1935/1936, 1942; Memorias and Escuela de Cadetes, 1937-1954.
CHC5334 Cecil V. Morris Papers, 1923-1948Add to your cart.

The Cecil V. Morris Papers contain the correspondence, writings, clippings and memorabilia of Cecil V. Morris, a reverend with the Southern Methodist Episcopal Church who did missionary work in Cuba in the 1930s.

The collection contains correspondence between Morris and his fellow missionaries and preachers, as well as newspaper articles and clippings pertaining to him and his church, personal notes and sermons written by Morris, and legal and educational documents.

CHC5203 Centro Cultural Cubano de Boston RecordsAdd to your cart.

The Centro Cultural Cubano de Boston Records contain the organizational records of the Centro Cultural Cubano de Boston, whose mission is to promote the traditions, music, dance and culture of Cuba and other Latin American countries throughout Boston.

The collection contains clippings, correspondence, regulations, meeting minutes, member rosters and information on a concert by Marta Pérez in Boston, Massachusetts. The collection also contains a scrapbook with correspondence, photographs and other documents relating to the history of the organization.

CHC5271 Centro Mater RecordsAdd to your cart.
The records reflect business activities of Centro Mater Insurance.  They include e-mails regarding finances, financial records, legal documents, clippings and awards.  Records include those relating to Centro Mater Catholic Charities, Family Member Shoot Down Movie, marketing , property building and Children's clothing event.
CHC0520 Centros Varela Papers, 1994-1996Add to your cart.
The materials consist of research papers and tapes used by Marta Pérez to write her Ph.D. thesis: "The Varela Centers: An Immigrant Education Entry Program."  Pérez uses for her dissertation documents found in two Varela Centers in Miami, which offered education to the students coming from Guantánamo Base.  The documents include correspondence, financial records, research notes, reports, students' school work and photographs.
CHC0272 CID (Cuba Independiente y Democrática) Collection, 1980Add to your cart.
The CID (Cuba Independiente y Democrática) Collection contains typescripts, pamphlets, brochures and reprints of materials from the exile nonprofit Cuba Independiente y Democrática, founded by Huber Matos in 1980.
CHC5107 Juan Clark Papers, 1960-2002Add to your cart.

The Juan Clark Collection contains research materials for two projects conducted by Juan Clark (1938-2013), a "sociological analysis of the Cuban exodus" and a study of living conditions in totalitarian Cuba, including newspaper clippings, magazine articles and other periodicals collected by Dr. Clark as part of his research activities since the 1960s.

The collection also contains draft manuscripts of the English translation of Clark's book Cuba: mito y realidad (1992) and La visita del Papa a Cuba y su repercusión (1999).

CHC5332 Claudio Castillo Video Collection, 1993-1995Add to your cart.
The Claudio Castillo video collection contains video footage during the early 1990s from Cuba transmitted by Russian satellites as recorded by US-based Spanish-language television company Telemundo.
CHC5436 Colegio de las Ursulinas Collection, 1939-2009Add to your cart.
This collection is comprised of photographs, clippings, newsletters, diploma, and medals.
CHC5388 Colegio Médico Cubano en el Exilio Collection, 1970-2010Add to your cart.
The collection consists of programs, diplomas and certificates from Congresso Médico Cubano en el Exilio.
CHC5352 Collazo Family Papers, 1820-1898Add to your cart.
The Collazo Family Papers document the commercial activities of Bernardo Collazo (1820s-1830s); Juan Collazo y Gil and Viuda de Collazo e Hijo, and Enrique Collazo (1830s-1890s).  The Papers include the correspondence about their commercial activities in the Caribbean.
CHC5187 Colmenares Family Collection, 1902-1960Add to your cart.
The bulk of material consists of bonds of Cuban Railroad Company and the Republic of Cuba National Bank, and money printed in Cuba before 1959.  The material also includes Havana Yacht Club magazine from February 1955 .
CHC5317 Colonia Cubana de Costa Rica Records, 1969-1983Add to your cart.

The Colonia Cubana de Costa Rica Records contains five minute books from 1969 to 1983 of the Colonia Cubana de Costa Rica Cuban exile organization.

The minute books document the activities and discussions that took place during meetings of the members of the organization.

CHC5083 Compañía Cubana de Aviación Records, 1930-1956Add to your cart.
The records document the business activities of Compañía Cubana de Aviación.  Materials include Cubana and Pan American Airlines contracts, Cubana mail contracts, correspondence, and agreements, leases, and contracts for Rancho Boyeros and the airport in Camagüey.
CHC5062 Confederación Campesina de Cuba Collection, 1995-1998Add to your cart.
The materials include pamphlets related to the Confederación Campesina de Cuba, by-laws of the association and "El Manifesto de Montecristi."
CHC0268 Congreso Internacional de Jóvenes Cubanos Collection, 1990Add to your cart.
Collection includes circular letters, promotional material, programs etc. of the International Congress of Cuban Youth held in Eden Rock Hotel, Miami Beach, from August 31, 1990 to September 2, 1990.  The materials also consist of typescripts, clippings and posters.
CHC0412 Coordinadora Social Demócrata Collection, 1991-1994Add to your cart.

The Coordinadora Social Demócrata Collection contains the official records of the Coordinadora Social Demócrata, a Cuban exile organization that promoted democracy in Cuba.

The collection contains official records of the Coordinadora Social Demócrata, including correspondence, acts, conference papers and articles.

CHC0398 Cordovés and Bolaños Families Collection, 1878-1999Add to your cart.

The Cordovés & Bolaños Families Collection contains letters, clippings, documents, and photographs from Cuba's Wars of Independence and the Bay of Pigs Invasion.

The collection contains materials from the Cuban Wars of Independence, including signed letters from famous Cuban statesmen of the period. A separate series contains articles and photographs relating to the Bay of Pigs invasion, as well as photos of Fidel Castro in a meeting with Pedro Tinoco, then-president of the Central Bank of Venezuela. The third series contains genealogical materials, namely photographs, family trees, and investigative research for the Bolaños, Cordovés and Mestre families.

CHC5028 Rosa Corpión Photograph Collection, 1965Add to your cart.
This collection consists of seven photographs of a 1965 event of the Comité Católico Cubano (Cuban Catholic Committee) in Dallas, Texas.
CHC5149 José Corrales Papers, 1950-2002Add to your cart.
This collection consists of the works of Cuban poet, playwright, and critic José Corrales (1937-2002), including published and unpublished scripts, poems, essays, stories, criticism, editorials, and articles. It also includes programs for performances of his plays and personal papers such as personal and business correspondence, financial records, and research notes.
CHC5153 Xavier Cortada Papers, 1994-2004Add to your cart.
Papers document activities of Xavier Cortada, Miami-based Cuban-American lawyer and artist.  Materials include various art projects, videos, correspondence, programs, invitations, awards, certificates, news clippings, rendering/sketches, brochures, catalogues, handouts, grant proposals, photos, notes, memorabilia, mementos, printed materials and posters.
CHC5156 Octavio R. Costa Papers, circa 1963-2003Add to your cart.
The papers document activities of Octavio R. Costa, Cuban historian and writer.  The materials include correspondence, writings, published articles, clippings, research notes, audio cassettes and daily planners.
CHC5194 Count of Gálvez Historical Society Records, 1987-1994Add to your cart.
Records document official activities of Count of Gálvez Historical Society established in Miami in 1988 by Cuban exiles and Spanish personalities living in Miami.  Its purpose is to make people of the United States and Florida know the role of Spain and Spanish speaking countries, their peoples, culture and civilization, as well as to provide information on discovery and settlement of Florida. In addition, its purpose is promoting Spanish traditions, history and culture.  The materials consist of official correspondence, Public Acts, information about Spanish and Cuban History presented on various conferences, clippings and folders discussing Spanish castles, museums, cities and  achievements of King Carlos III, as well as clippings about historical research of Dr. Carlos Fernandes-Shaw,  the information about conferences, which took place at Koubek Center, Articles of Incorporation, by-laws, corporate and tax documents, financial records including budgets, minutes of meetings of directors, treasury correspondence, membership forms and materials with historical research for speeches.
CHC0505 Armando Couto Collection, 1961-1990Add to your cart.

The Armando Couto Collection contains photographs, correspondence, and typewritten scripts of radio programs written by Armando Couto (1918-1995) broadcast in Miami, Venezuela, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Nicaragua.

The collection also contains "Revistas Semanales," illustrated reproductions of Couto's radio programs published by Editorial América in Venezuela.

CHC5070 Celia Cruz Collection, 1948-2008Add to your cart.
The collection documents the professional activities of the Cuban singer Celia Cruz from the 1950s until 2003. The bulk of materials in this collection include photographs documenting Celia Cruz's career in Cuba, the U.S. and internationally. The collection also contains an important number of photographs and newspaper clippings about Celia Cruz’s funeral in July 2003. The materials include both old and recent newspaper clippings, as well as posters, magazines, invitations, correspondence, signed postcards, awards, and uncorrected page proofs for the book. The collection also contains important music scores: the instrumental parts for the arrangements of some of Cruz's major hits, written by some of the most important arrangers in Latin music, and one published music score. Additionally, the collection includes an array of items like a shoe, cassette tapes, a fan, CDs and a DVD.
CHC5031 Felix Cruz-Álvarez Papers, 1952-2002Add to your cart.
The Félix Cruz-Alvarez Papers contain a collection of personal papers, consisting of articles, essays, and studies; conference papers; correspondence; illustrations; manuscripts of published and unpublished works; and vita. The papers cover Cruz-Álvarez's life as as a writer and academic in the United States.
CHC0261 Graciela Cruz-Taura Collection, 1987-1989Add to your cart.

The Graciela Cruz-Taura Collection contains audio cassette recordings of interviews with Cuban historian Dr. Herminio Portell Vila; Amalia Bacardí, wife of Bacardí founder Facundo Bacardí Massó; and artist Félix Beltrán.

The collection also contains an audio recording of a lecture, "La novela testimonial en el exilio," offered by Rafael Saumell at the University of Miami's Graduate School of International Studies in March 1989.

CHC0302 Cruzada Educativa Cubana Records, 1962-1987Add to your cart.
The records of Cruzada Educativa Cubana, Inc. contain manuscripts, transcripts, printed material, photographs, books, proclamations and a flag.
CHC0085 Omar J. Cuan Collection, 1940-1961Add to your cart.
The Omar J. Cuan Collection contains working papers for Omar J. Cuan's Master's thesis on Fulgencio Batista, including Cuban periodicals from the 1940s to the 1960s and photocopies of CIA reports and United States' State Department documents that aided in his research.
CHC0380 Cuba: Capitanía General Collection, 1851-1898Add to your cart.
The Cuba: Capitania General Collection contains the “bandos” (edicts), “Reales Ordenes” and official forms from the governments of Valeriano Weyler and Ramón Blanco.
CHC5025 Cuba Nostalgia Photograph Collection, 2000Add to your cart.
The collection consists of 8 negatives made by Thomson Lab., Coral Gables, Fla. in May 2000 from illustrations, photographs and print collections held in Cuban Heritage Collection.
CHC5002 Cuba Trade Records, 1869-1871Add to your cart.
The collection consists of 17 manuscript documents relating to Cuba, in particular to Captains N.G. and William Hichborn and their ship from Maine in the Cuban ports of Matanzas, Havana and Cardenas.  The documents include handwritten correspondence, receipts and records relating to trade.
CHC5118 Cuba Transition Project Collection, 2002-2003Add to your cart.

The Cuba Transition Project Collection contains pamphlets, reports, periodicals and other publications of the Cuba Transition Project, an undertaking of the Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies (ICCAS) at the University of Miami that "stud[ies] and make[s] recommendations for the reconstruction of Cuba once the post-Castro transition begins in earnest."

Established in 2002, the project was supported by grants from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) until 2010.

CHC5333 Cuban American Certified Public Accountants Association Records, 1980-2007Add to your cart.

The Cuban American Certified Public Accountants Association (CACPAA) Records contain official records, documents, and correspondence of the CACPAA, a nonprofit professional organization.

The collection includes official documentation, newsletters, membership directories, event invitations, and correspondence sent or published by the CACPAA.

CHC5111 Cuban and Florida Inquisition Research CollectionAdd to your cart.

The Cuban and Florida Inquisition Research Collection contains research materials, including photocopies of scholarly works, primary sources and research notes relating to the Spanish Inquisition in Cuba and Florida compiled by Eugenio A. Alonso López.

The collection also contains a copy of his award-winning paper "Mohinas de la Inquisición."

CHC0414 Cuban Committee for Democracy Records, 1993-1994Add to your cart.
The records document official activities of Cuban Committee for Democracy (CCD), which is association of Cubans committed to promotion of democratic dialogue in the US and to non-violent transition to democracy in Cuba.  CCD is based in Miami.  The materials include clippings, memorandums, official correspondence, invitations, pamphlets, financial reports, documents, Articles of Incorporation and meeting agendas.
CHC5073 Cuban Federation of the Midwest Records, 1968-2002Add to your cart.
The records document official activities of Cuban Federation of the Midwest.  The materials include financial records,  correspondence, newspaper clippings, constitution and by-laws, meeting minutes and programs, as well as, documents reflecting activities of Cuban Association of Dayton, which is a branch of Cuban Federation of the Midwest.
CHC5254 Cuban Genealogical Society Records, 1992-1995Add to your cart.
The records consists of copies of the Notes taken by Francisco Xavier de Santa Cruz and his associates from Revista Registers and other sources.  The notes consist of alphabetically arranged indexes from the provinces of Las Villas, Matanzas, Camaguey, Habana, Oriente and Pinar del Río of marriages.  There are also genealogical notes on many surnames.
CHC0347 Cuban Historical and Literary Manuscripts CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Cuban Historical and Literary Manuscript Collection is comprised of original manuscripts from the 17th to the 20th centuries. Acquired as individual pieces or in small groups, this collection includes literary manuscripts, slavery sales and property documents, wills, and correspondence.
CHC0466 Cuban Information System Records, 1985-1994Add to your cart.
The records document the activities of Cuban Information System, which was created as part of the North-South Center at the University of Miami as a resource for information on Cuba.  The materials consist of outputs from two databases of the Cuban Information System which are Granma, Newspaper Index, and Comprehensive Cuban Data Base, as well as, correspondence including, faxes and memoranda, clippings, financial records, descriptions of Cuban Information System and administrative reports.
CHC0468 Cuban Map Collection, 1500-2000Add to your cart.
The Cuban Map Collection contains maps dating from the 16th century to the 21st centruy. The digital colelction contains maps in the public domain dating from the colonial period to 1923 and includes general maps of the island, provincial maps, city and town maps, and other specialized map formats in a variety of scales, colors and artistic styles.
CHC0526 Cuban Medical Photograph Collection, 1850-1950Add to your cart.
Collection consists of 34 photographic reproductions of images of Cuban hospitals and portraits of important figures in Cuban medicine such as Carlos J. Finlay.
CHC5066 Cuban Museum of Arts and Culture RecordsAdd to your cart.

The Cuban Museum of Arts and Culture Records contains institutional records and historial materials produced and/or collected by the Cuban Museum of Arts in Culture during its operation in the late 20th century in Miami.

The institutional records series consists of the operational records of the business activities of the Cuban Museum of Arts and Culture. Materials include financial records, official correspondence, board of directors meetings minutes, policies and procedures, exhibition planning documents, project proposals, artists' files, and resumes.

The historical materials series include paintings, lithographs, photographs, drawings by Cuban artists, original musical scores and songs, slides of art work, programs, clippings with reviews of exhibits, correspondence, posters, objects. The series also includes personal papers and photographs of Emilio Bacardí and other family members, which have been digitized on the University of Miami Digital Collections website. Other personal papers of note that have been arranged together include the personal papers of Carlos Hevia, Don Azpiazu, and Natalio Galán. Azpiazu's and Galán's papers include significant music holdings.

This collection is still in processing and updated container lists will be added as they are made available.

CHC0337 Cuban Photograph Album Collection, 1875-2001Add to your cart.
This collection contains primarily travel and family photographs from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
CHC0329 Cuban Photograph CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Cuban Photograph Collection spans a wide range of topics and time periods related to Cuba and the Cuban diaspora.
CHC5234 Cuban Political Prisoners Records, circa 1969-2010Add to your cart.
The records document the treatment of political prisoners by the communist regime within Cuban prisons.  The materials consist of 3 CDs: "Presidio Isla de Pinos." (Compiled by Raúl Pérez-Coloma) on February 10, 2010; "La Montaña. Canciones de lucha y esperanzas," by political prisoner, Manuel Villanueva.  Graphic design by Alejandro Deoliveira. Miami 2007; "La Verdadera República de Cuba" by Dr. Andrés Cao Mendiguren, 2009.  The first CD  contains names of more than 10,000 Cuban political  prisoners, case numbers and the place where they were imprisoned. The materials also include manuscripts of letters written in Cuban political prisons in small letter, typescript of "La etica en el camino de revolucion," and post cards created by political prisoners in prison.
CHC0359 Cuban Postcard CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Cuban Postcard Collection consists of postcards of Cuba and the Cuban exile experience produced from the turn of the 20th century to the present. It includes real photo, printed photo, and artist drawn postcards and provides views of many parts of the island as well as various aspects of Cuban communities in the United States and abroad. This collection is divided into six series in eight boxes, described below.
CHC0327 Cuban Poster Collection, 1959-2012Add to your cart.
The Cuban Poster Collection contains miscellaneous posters related to Cuban cultural themes from the 20th and 21st centuries, organized into two series. Series 1 contains posters from Cuba or relating to Cuba and series 2 contains posters relating to Cuban exile organizations, individuals, events and themes.
CHC0330 Cuban Print CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Cuban Print Collection contains art prints, illustrations and broadsides of Cuban themes, including reproductions of paintings by Cuban artists such as Rafael Soriano; a watercolor illustration by exiled Cuban caricaturist Arroyito; and a broadside print of the Tribunal de Cuentas de la Isla de Cuba (1838).
CHC0218 Cuban Refugee Center Records, 1960-1994Add to your cart.
The Cuban Refugee Center Records include correspondence, reports, publications, photographs, and clippings created and collected by the Cuban Refugee Center (CRC), in Miami in 1960 as part of a federal program to assist Cubans arriving at the United States as political refugees.
CHC5441 Cuban Stamp collection, 1930s, 1950s-1970sAdd to your cart.
The Cuban Stamp collection includes albums of stamps from the 1930s, 1950s-1970s. Images on the stamps depict various aspects of Cuban history, visual arts, flora and fauna.
CHC0320 Cuban Stereograph CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Cuban Stereograph Collection contains six stereographs, an early form of three-dimensional photography, about Cuba.
CHC5196 Cuban Women's Club RecordsAdd to your cart.
The Cuban Women's Club Collection contains official documents and publications from the Cuban Women's Club of Miami, founded in 1969. Series 1 includes notes, clippings, invitations, programs and publications from the Cuban Women's Club of Miami during Wilma Tuñón's tenure as president of the organization. Series 2 contains the official records of the organization from its founding in 1969, including photographs, Floridiana Award records, reports, promotional materials, memorabilia, programs, and publications.
CHC5377 Manuel Lamar Cuervo Collection, circa 1960s-2000sAdd to your cart.

The Manuel Lamar Cuervo collection contains original hand-drawn drafts by Cuban artist Manuel Lamar Cuervo (b. 1929) for his comic strips, Matojo, Patricia, Pasatiempos, Lucas Rengifo, Matojo y Lucas, and Adivinanzas. Original work by artists Manuel Hernández Dedeté, Ares, Anvec, Carlucho, Cristóbal Reinoso, Rogelio Naranjo, and Quino are also included in this collection.

The collection contains finished versions of the comic strips Patricia and English and Spanish versions of Matojo, Cuervo’s most well-known artistic endeavors. The collection also contains artwork from Cuervo’s numerous other comics, both in English and Spanish. Clippings about the comic Matojo and of Cuervo, along with photographs of Cuervo and typed articles written by Cuervo, document Cuervo’s long career as an artist.

Audiovisual materials include documentaries on Fidelio Ponce de León and Wifredo Lam, for which Cuervo served as a collaborator.

CHC0269 Maggie Cuesta Collection, 1959-1999Add to your cart.
The collection consists of slides of Cuban posters, which were presented at an exhibit of the American Institute of Graphic Arts in April 2001.  The posters, which are created by various artists and published by various organizations one of which is the Latin American Continental Student Organization (OCLAE), are mainly from Cuba, and are a result of communist propaganda.
CHC5165 Juan Cueto Roig Ballet Collection, 1944-1991Add to your cart.
The bulk of materials consist of magazines with articles about ballet in Cuba and Alicia Alonso, Cuba's prima ballerina whose ballet company became the Ballet Nacional de Cuba in 1955.  Materials also include theatre programs and clippings.
CHC5299 José Curbelo Papers, circa 1940s-2000sAdd to your cart.
The José Curbelo papers contain photographs, clippings, copies of advertisements, promotional materials, one painting, and one sound recording relating to Cuban band leader and manager José Curbelo.

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