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CHC5302 Danilo García CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Danilo García Collection contains two photo albums as well as nearly 200 photographs of Cuban artists.
CHC0459 Pepe Delgado Papers, 1954-1990Add to your cart.
The papers document activities of Pepe Delgado (1917-1990), a Cuban musician and composer of popular music. He left Cuba in the early 1960s and settled in the United States, dying in Miami in 1990. He was well known as a composer in Miami, New York, and throughout Latin America. The bulk of materials in this collection consist of manuscript and published music scores composed by Pepe Delgado. Various genres are represented in his compositions, such as waltzes, boleros, salsas, and merengues. The papers also include scrapbooks, photographs, correspondence, clippings and awards.
CHC5080 Norman Díaz Papers, n.d., 1959-1963Add to your cart.
The Norman Díaz Papers include typescripts, clippings, and correspondence regarding the 1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion and Cuban exile organizations of the early 1960s, including Consejo Revolucionario de Cuba, Brigade 2506, and Frente Revolucionario Cubano.
CHC5262 Lincoln Díaz-Balart PapersAdd to your cart.

The Lincoln Díaz-Balart Papers document the professional and personal activities of Lincoln Díaz-Balart in his capacity as U.S. Representative for Florida's 21st congressional district and as a member of the Florida House of Representatives and the Florida Senate. Materials in the collection include personal and legislative correspondence on issues such as education, the environment, federal and state budgets, human rights in Cuba, and immigration; and official documents on issues of immigration, international trade, Latin America and Cuba. The collection also contains press releases, audiovisual materials, photographs and clippings collected by Díaz-Balart.

Original order was retained, with papers arranged in two series: Florida House and Senate and United States Congress.

CHC5400 Venancio Díaz-Maique Photography collection, 1920-1940Add to your cart.
The Venancio Díaz-Maique Photograph Collection contains black and white and color negatives of photographs taken by the Cuban photographer Venancio Díaz-Maique (1916-2003). The collection also contains diplomas and certificates awarded to him by the Union de Periodistas de Cuba and the Agencia de Información Nacional.
CHC0266 Salvador Díaz-Versón Collection, 1961-1991Add to your cart.
The Salvador Díaz-Versón Collection contains clippings and periodicals relating to Salvador Díaz-Versón, a prominent Cuban exile figure.
CHC0510 Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil en el Exilio (DRE) Records, 1960-1996Add to your cart.
The Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil en el Exilio (DRE) Records include administrative files, correspondence, clippings, propaganda, subject files, and photographs created, collected, or published by the DRE in exile.
CHC5303 Dolores Pujadas Codina PapersAdd to your cart.
The Dolores Pujadas Codina Papers contain poems and other papers of Dolores Pujadas Codina; nine photographs of the poet; and editorials written by Pujadas Codina for El Tiempo Latino, a Washington, D.C., based newspaper. The collection also contains a copy of Pujadas Codina's most recent book, Espigas de amor.
CHC0450 Julio A. Domínguez Collection, 1898-1951Add to your cart.
Born in Cifuentes, Cuba in 1861, Julio A. Domínguez was a member of the Cuban rebel army better known as Mambises o Ejército Libertador. After the Spanish American War, he held many positions in the Cuban government under American jurisdiction and later when Cuba became a republic. The collection is comprised of documents related to his activities during the Cuban Independence War against Spain. Letters signed by General José J. Monteagudo, documents from "Ejército Libertador de Cuba" from the late 1890s, and photographs are some of the materials gathered in this collection.
CHC0118 Atala Duarte Carranza Photograph Collection, 1930-1970Add to your cart.
The collection documents activities of Atala Duarte Carranza in capacity of a teacher.  The materials consist of predominantly photographs of Atala Duarte Carranza during her school years in Cuba, her professional career as a teacher in Distrito Escolar de Guanabacoa in the Provincia de la Habana, as well as, of her friends and family.
CHC5407 Dudley Opdyke Caudry Photography collection, 1903-1910Add to your cart.
The collection includes photographs, albums, correspondence and notebooks related to Dudley Opdyke Caudry during his time in Cuba with his wife and child. The family worked on a citrus plantation in Isla de Pinos and subsequently opened a photograph studio in Havana before returning to the United States.
CHC5251 Dulce Beatriz Papers, 1967-2008Add to your cart.
The Dulce Beatriz papers contain photographs and other documents related to Cuban painter Dulce Beatriz (b. 1931) and her husband, Spanish flamenco guitarist Leonardo Beatriz. The papers consist of two scrapbooks and other materials. The first scrapbook documents professional activities of Dulce Beatriz, and contains photographs and other documents. The second scrapbook documents her husband's professional activities. It includes programs, a patent for a fabric stretching device, photographs and a biographical note on Mr. Beatriz. The collection also includes a box of clippings.
CHC5141 Herberto Dumé Papers, 1953-2000Add to your cart.
The Herberto Dumé Papers document the work of theater director Herberto Dumé (1929-2003) primarily during his years in exile from Cuba. The collection primarily includes the scripts of plays that Dumé directed along with photographs, clippings, programs, and reviews and records related to the Dumé Spanish Theater.
CHC5102 Gustavo Duran Papers, 1976Add to your cart.
The papers consist of the original manuscript of the short stories and poetry published under a title, A Refugee in America and written by Gustavo Duran.

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