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CHC5450 Ediciones El Fortín collection, 2014-Add to your cart.

The Ediciones El Fortí collection contains artisitic publications including books, scrolls, and loose papers of new and classic literary material.

All of the materials in this collection have been cataloged in the University of Miami online catalog, available for browing in the following catalog search: Ediciones El Fortín.

CHC0480 Ediciones Universal Collection, 1960-1980Add to your cart.
The Ediciones Universal Collection contains manuscripts of unpublished books by exile Cuban authors and a flyer from the book presentation El profesor y los hombres de Don Álvaro by Roberto Luque Escalona.
CHC5007 Ediciones Vigía Collection, 1983-2011Add to your cart.

The Ediciones Vigía Collection contains various formats of artistic publications including books, magazines, scrolls and loose papers of new and classic literary material.

All of the items in this collection have been cataloged in the University of Miami online catalog, available for browsing in the following catalog search: Ediciones Vigía.

CHC0539 Editorial CLIO Slides Collection, 1961-1997Add to your cart.
The collection consists of 64 slides taken from materials  held in Cuban Archives at the University of Miami, and forming part of Cuban Memorabilia Collection, Pedro Pan Collection, Cuban Exile Periodicals Collection, Lydia Cabrera Collection, Cuban Exile Photographs Collection and Cuban Exile Posters Collection.  Editorial CLIO, a publisher in Mexico City specializing in pictorial histories, used these materials to publish a book about Cuban exiles in Miami.
CHC0253 J. A. Embil Collection, 1954-1992Add to your cart.
The collection documents activities of Dr. J. A. Embil in capacity of a professor of Microbiology and Community Health and Epidemiology, and as an associate professor of Pediatrics at Dalhousie University and the Isaak Walton Kiliam Hospital for children in Halifax, Canada.  The materials include publications of scholarly works and clippings of articles written by Embil about infectious virus diseases.
CHC5397 Emilio Taboada Papers, circa 1940s-1960sAdd to your cart.
The Emilio Taboada Papers contain the personal papers and works of Cuban playwright Emilio Taboada. They include family photos, photos of his plays, copies of scripts he authored, correspondence with theater colleagues, playbills, programs, and set design sketches, mostly from his time active as a theater arts professional in Cuba in the 1940s to 1960s.
CHC5396 Enrique Quintana Scrapbook, c. 1950s-1970sAdd to your cart.
The Enrique Quintana scrapbook includes materials collected by Cuban Red Cross worker Enrique Quintana. It includes photographs, correspondence, documents from the Cuban Ministry of Public Health and other departments, clippings, and personal memorabilia. It includes a core grouping of materials relating to Quintana's participation in the 1951 VI Convención de la Cruz Roja Interamericana held in Mexico.
CHC5166 Darío Espina Pérez Papers, 1988-1995Add to your cart.
The Darío Espina Pérez papers document professional activities of Darío Espina Pérez in capacity of founder and president of Academia Poética de Miami, writer of books on history and literature, poet, lawyer and agricultural engineer.  Bulk of the material consists of correspondence, and many letters relate to operations of Academia Poética de Miami.  The material also includes bulletin of the College of Agricultural Engineers, invitations, typescripts of essays about poetry, a typescript of an essay by Espina Pérez titled "En torno a la Illiada," which is a literary analysis of Homer's Illiad, biographies of various  participants in Forum of Miami, typescripts of poems by Espina Pérez and clippings.
CHC5136 Carlos Espinosa Domínguez Papers, 1976-1999Add to your cart.
The papers include correspondence with important Cuban, Spanish and Latin American writers, photographs, manuscripts, programs, pamphlets with printed poems and programs.  The writers discuss exile experience, existential topics and the solitude of a poet.
CHC5411 Roberto Estopiñan papers, 1960-2015Add to your cart.
Roberto Estopiñan (1921-2015) was a Cuban born sculptor who emigrated to the United States and lived in New York from 1960 to 2002. He subsequently retired in Miami until his passing in 2015. His papers at the Cuban Heritage Collection include 47 sketchbooks with original artwork from the 1980s to the 1990s,  photographs, 1 maquette for a book titled: "En el Vientre del Tropico" by Alina Galliano (1991), slides and ephemera  related to the artist's work and his travels, awards, as well as a plaster cast of the Estopiñan's hands.
CHC0532 Abelardo Estrada Hall Papers, 1980-1984Add to your cart.

The papers document activities of Abelardo Estrada Hall, president of "La Comunidad Cubana en Jamaica" in 1982, as well as activities of other leaders of the group, aiming at gaining entrance into the United States. The papers include records about anti-communist Cuban refugees in Jamaica who fled Cuba to escape the communist regime and reunite with their families in the United States.

The materials in this collection include articles and accounts written by Abelardo Estrada Hall and lists of Cuban immigrants in Jamaica with personal information such as passport number, occupation, and residence. There are many letters from "La Comunidad Cubana en Jamaica" to many different individuals and institutions such as the Jamaican government, the United States government, and the United Nations. The materials also include newspaper clippings, photographs, memorabilia, and audio-cassettes.

CHC0460 Tomás Estrada Palma Collection, 1880-1999Add to your cart.

The Tomás Estrada Palma Collection contains materials from a scrapbook donated by the great-grandson of TEP, Tomás Douglas Estrada Palma III. Items that were preserved in the scrapbook include photographs, letters, personal documents, and newspaper clippings. They document primarily the Tomás Andrés Estrada Palma II branch of the Estrada Palma family tree, including some materials related to his wife, Helen Douglas Browne, and her family.

Correspondence includes letters written by TEP, TEP II and other members of the Estrada Palma family. Clippings largely cover the 1906 resignation of TEP from the Cuban presidency and the consequent US military occupation, TEP's death in 1908, as well as events honoring TEP in the years after his death. Also amongst the clippings are articles relating to TEP II's marriage to Helen Douglas Browne in 1910. Other items include documents such as TEP II's report card, marriage certificate, and passport. There are also photographs of TEP, TEP II, and TEP III, as well as photos of other members of the family such as Genoveva Guardiola de Estrada Palma, Candelaria "Candita" Estrada Palma, and Helen (Douglas Browne) Estrada Palma. Of special interest is a photograph of the presidential convoy that traveled with TEP from Bayamo to Havana for his inauguration in 1902 and photographs of the Presidential Palace in Havana taken during TEP's presidency.

Included in this collection is the citizenship certificate of José Guimunde y Martínez, which was signed by TEP. This document was donated by Mirtha Alberto in August 2000 and added to the Tomás Estrada Palma Collection at that time.

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