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CHC5186 Osvaldo Farrés Papers, 1940-1986Add to your cart.
The papers document professional activities of Osvaldo Farrés as a composer who composed both songs and lyrics.  The bulk of papers consists of the scores of the songs that were translated into many languages and recorded by top singing stars e.g., "Quizás, Quizás, Quizás" (Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps) and "Toda Una Vida"(Until Tomorrow).  The materials also include photographs, clippings, diplomas honoring Farrés' musical achievements, magazines, programs and a multicultural school calendar for year 1980 featuring Hispanic role models for children.
CHC5243 Carlos Felipe and Rosa Felipe Papers, 1939-2000Add to your cart.

The papers document professional activities of Carlos Felipe in a capacity of a playwright and of Rosa Felipe in a capacity of an actress.  The materials consist of manuscripts of Carlos Felipe's plays, in which he deals with human passions, giving his characters essential Cuban elements.  Some of the plays were published in Spain, while others were published in Cuba.  The manuscripts of the following plays are included in the papers: "Esta noche en el bosque," for which he received Premio Nacional de Teatro in 1939, "Tambores," and "De pelicula."  A copy of "El Chino," published by Repertorio Teatral Cubano and a published miniature of "Capricho en rojo" are also included in this collection.  The collection also contains academic essays by other authors about Carlos Felipe's plays, especially about "Réquiem por Yarini" in which Carlos Felipe utilizes structure of Greek tragedy.  Materials include clippings with interviews with Carlos Felipe, theatre programs, especially the programs of the several productions of "Réquiem por Yarini" and theatrical reviews.

The materials also document acting career of Rosa Felipe who worked in Cuba, Madrid, Latin America and Miami.  Rosa Felipe worked with other Cuban actors in exile in Miami for the theatre group Repertorio Español.  The bulk of the material documenting Rosa Felipe's career consists of photographs from Cuban TV, theatre and award receiving events.  Moreover, the collection contains Certificates of Recognition, membership cards, slides and theatre programs of productions featuring Rosa Felipe.

CHC5110 Leonardo Fernández Marcané Collection, 1962-2003Add to your cart.
The collection is devoted to the National Catholic Welfare Conference of Miami.  The bulk of materials consist of 35 photographs.  The materials also include some plaques and diplomas, as well as, a photocopy of Leonardo Fernández-Marcané's article "Visión Poética del novelista Reinaldo Arenas,"published in Cuadernos del Lazarillo, no. 25 (July-December 2003), pp.97-103.
CHC0504 José Fernández Partagás Papers, 1985-1997Add to your cart.
The José Fernández Partagás Papers consist of research materials on Atlantic and Caribbean hurricanes and storms since the 1800s, including manuscripts, publications, and personal memorabilia.
CHC5142 Antonio Fernández Reboiro Art and Poster Collection, circa 1960s-1990sAdd to your cart.
The Antonio Fernández Reboiro art and poster collection contains materials and artwork collected and created by Cuban artist Antonio Fernández Reboiro. A large part of the collection consists of art books and periodicals, books on the Orquestra Nacional de España, and materials on Hispanic theater, all predominantly dating from the 1970s to 1980s. The other large part of the collection is made up of posters with original artwork by Reboiro for various film and theater productions, many  of which were for Cuban productions.
CHC5168 Tomás Fernández Robaina PapersAdd to your cart.
The Tomás Fernández Robaina Papers contain manuscripts, bibliographies and audiovisual materials authored by Tomás Fernández Robaina, including drafts of Apuntes para la historia de la Biblioteca Nacional José Martí de Cuba, manuscripts relating to the santería orisha Eleggua and other santería practices, as well as articles on Cuban poet Nicolás Guillén's prose and prostitution in Cuba, respectively. The collection also contains a video cassette of a lecture given by Fernández Robaina at Lincoln University in November 1993.
CHC5158 Teresa Fernández Soneira Cuban Catholic Schools Papers, 1940-1996Add to your cart.
The materials consist of correspondence, photographs, interviews, statistics, and pamphlets about Catholic education in Cuba collected in research for the book "About Catholic Education in Cuba, 1582-1961."
CHC5260 Ramiro A. Fernández Collection, 1870-1990Add to your cart.
The Ramiro A. Fernández collection contains photographic prints, albums and postcards collected by Ramiro A. Fernández that document life in Cuba from the 1890s through the 1950s. Included are pictures of a variety of buildings, such as homes, schools, churches, resorts, military installations, and public buildings, as well as landscapes, street scenes, and pictures of agriculture, transportation, families, children, and people at work and leisure.
CHC0006 Remigio Fernández Collection, 1897-1906Add to your cart.
The papers consist of handwritten manuscripts related to the Spanish-American War and the liberation of Cuba, as well as, materials related to the Junta Patriotica de Cayo Hueso.  The manuscripts include poems and documents.  Printed materials from 1898 are also included.
CHC5167 Wilfredo Fernandez Papers, 1951-1978Add to your cart.
The papers document professional activities of Wilfredo Fernandez, a famous Cuban singer who was described as "the romantic voice of Cuba."  The materials include 4 scrapbook albums, 46 photographs, 10 music records, 2 CDs, 3 cassettes, 14 manuscript musical scores arrangements composed for Wilfredo Fernandez by important Cuban composers.
CHC5006 Fernando Fernández-Cavada Collection, 1846-1976Add to your cart.
The Fernando Fernández-Cavada Collection consists primarily of the correspondence of Federico, Adolfo, and Emilio Fernández-Cavada, as well as of Emilio Fernández-Cavada Suárez del Villar. Many of the letters are written in code and have been transcribed. A large number of letters in Series I and II from Federico and Adolfo are addressed to "Netts," the code name for their brother Emilio in Philadelphia. Series III contains letters from leaders of the Cuban Revolutionary Party in the United States to Emilio. The correspondence in this collection deals primarily with the insurrection in Cuba and particularly with the activities of Cuban exiles in support of the war. Also included in this collection are clippings and three photographs of the Fernández-Cavada brothers, as well as Emilio Fernández-Cavada Suárez del Villar’s war diary from 1896 to 1898 (Series III).
CHC5094 Alberto Fernández-Medrano Papers, 1956-1987Add to your cart.
The papers document activities of Alberto Fernández-Medrano who was a Secretary, Vice-President and President of Lions Club of Florida, Camaguey, Cuba and a member of the Committee for International Relations.  Fernández-Medrano was shot by Castro's Government in 1964.  Materials consist of typescripts of anti-communist and anti-Castro writings including a typescript of a book "La unica alternativa: democracia o comunismo," correspondence, clippings, certificates and other documents.
CHC5147 Orestes Ferrara Papers, 1925-1989Add to your cart.
Orestes Ferrara (1876-1972) was Cuba's Ambassador to the United States and Secretary of State under the administration of Gerardo Machado.  Materials in this collection include correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, newspaper clippings, drawing of Ferrara coat of arms, Curriculum Vitae and a photocopy of Ferrara's diplomatic passport.
CHC5405 Peggy Fleming Photograph Collection, 2000-2002Add to your cart.

The Peggy Fleming Photograph Collection contains photographs taken by Peggy Fleming and ephemera regarding her work in Cuba. The collection contains mostly black and white photographs taken of everyday people, street scenes, homes, and family life in Cuba during the early 2000s.

The collection contains materials related to Fleming’s Sí Por Cuba project when she was a photographer with the ASSIGNMENT: CUBA 2000, arranged by the Maine Photographic Workshops and Rockport College in cooperation with the government of Cuba. These materials include 1 color print and 39 black and white contact sheets, an inventory of the photos with descriptive information, and ephemera related to the 2002 exhibition of the photographs.

The collection houses additional negatives and contact sheets documenting Fleming’s two weeks in Cuba in 2000, as well as travel documents, a journal Fleming kept on her experiences, letters, and emails related to the trip.

CHC5040 Eugenio Florit Papers, 1940-1998Add to your cart.
This collection consists of documents, books, and other materials written and collected by Cuban poet and writer Eugenio Florit. Materials include personal correspondence, along with professional correspondence pertaining to his work as a writer, translator, and professor at both Columbia University and Middlebury College.  It also includes published and unpublished works by Florit, clippings of newspaper articles by and about Florit, and research notes.  Travel is a recurring theme in Florit’s work, and this is visible in the abundant slides he has of his travels, and the travel diaries he kept. Mementos such as photographs, cassettes, awards, diplomas and memorabilia also make up a portion of the collection.
CHC5104 Flotilla de la Libertad Papers, 1995-1996Add to your cart.
The papers document activities of Flotilla de la Libertad, which was created to fight Castro by civil disobedience.  Materials include correspondence, clippings, photographs and memorabilia.
CHC5410 Ramón Font Saumell papers, 1960-1990Add to your cart.
Ramón Font Saumell was a member of the anti-Castro activist group Commando L. His papers includes 30 binders with clippings, photographs, articles, notes, typescripts and research files related to Font's book project, One Man's War, a diary of personal recollections of activisim with Comando L. The collection also includes VHS and audio tapes with with programming related to Cuba, 1 CD titled, Testigo y Protagonis, Comando L Brigada Feminista badges, clippings related to the rafter crisis, periodicals and 1 Cuban flag.
CHC5266 José Antonio Font Papers, n.d., 1970-2007Add to your cart.
The papers of José Antonio Font document primarily his activities in Cuban exile initiatives and organizations such as Agrupación Abdala, the Cuban American National Foundation, and Alianza Democrática Cubana.  The bulk of the materials in this collection pertain to the latter organization.
CHC5175 Fort Chaffee Collection, n.d., 1980-1995Add to your cart.

The Fort Chaffee Collection brings together two donations of materials relating to Cubans who arrived in the U.S. during the 1980 Mariel Boatlift and were detained at refugee camps at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas.

Barbara Lawson was director of the Cuban-Haitian Task Force from 1980 to 1981, and she donated reports, memoranda, artwork by Cuban refugees, and recordings of news interviews she gave during her tenure with the Task Force.

Gastón A. Fernández donated the research materials he collected and used for his book The Mariel Exodus Twenty Years Later: A Study on the Politics of Stigma and a Research Bibliography (Miami: Ediciones Universal, 2002).  These materials consists primarily of photocopies of reports and interagency correspondence of the various U.S. government agencies responsible for the processing and settlement of Mariel refugees and for administering Fort Chaffee and other camps.  In the Fernández donation are also photographs by the U.S. Army and snapshots of refugee activities at Fort Chaffee.  The photocopied documents seem to have been obtained by Fernández primarily from the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library, although they are not clearly identified as such.

Issues of La Vida Nueva, a newsletter published by the Cuban refugees detained at Fort Chaffee with the support of the 1st Psychologica Operations Battalion of the U.S. Army; and of Crossroads, a newspaper published for Fort Chaffee personnel included in these donations were transferred to the CHC Exile Journals collection.

CHC5223 Martha Frayde Barraqué Papers, 1957-1966Add to your cart.
The Martha Frayde Barraqué Papers consist of letters from the Cuban painter Wifredo Lam (1902-1982) to Frayde dating between 1962 and 1966.  The collection also includes a group photograph of Lam and Frayde in Mexico in 1957.
CHC5086 Norberto Fuentes Papers, 1986-2003Add to your cart.

The papers document professional activities of Norberto Fuentes, a writer and journalist born in Havana who was a close friend of Fidel Castro, and consequently had privileged knowledge of the Cuban secret service during some of the most difficult years of the Cuban Revolution.  After spending many years alongside Castro, Fuentes tried to escape the island, was detained and eventually released.  He now lives in the United States.  Bulk of the materials in this collection display the knowledge Fuentes has about Castro, especially it is evident in the manuscript of  The Autobiography of Fidel Castro.  The materials also have wealth of information on drug, money laundering, and robberies perpetrated by  Cuban agents or coordinated by Cuba.

The papers consist of floppy disks with family photographs, with material about condemned, material about narcotráfico and revolutionary forces.  The papers also include cassettes, VHS tapes, CD-ROMs, a manuscript of a book "En la boca del diablo," manuscripts and typescripts of anti-Castro essays, correspondence, notes for "Dulces Guerreros Cubanos," a manuscript and research notes for "El ultimo tren blindado," typescript and research for "Narcotráfico y Tareas Revolucionarias," a manuscript of "La Autobiografía de Fidel Castro,"  clippings and print-outs of Roberto Fuentes' official web page.

CHC5063 Raquel Fundora Papers, 1936-1994Add to your cart.
The papers document professional activities of Raquel Fundora as a poet and a president of the Miami chapter of the Circle of the Pan-American Culture.  Fundora's poems express nostalgia for Cuba.  The materials also document the activities of the Circle of the Pan-American Culture, which was founded in 1963.  It reunites professors, writers, poets and persons interested in culture.  Materials include manuscripts of Fundora's poetry, correspondence, scrapbooks, clippings, photographs, programs, certificates, diplomas, memorabilia, typescripts of conference essays and audio tapes.

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