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CHC5121 G.A.L.A. (Grupo Artístico Literario Abril) Records, 1978-1997Add to your cart.

The Grupo Artístico Literario Abril (G.A.L.A) was founded in 1977 in Miami with the purpose of bringing together members of the literary and arts community. It became an official non-profit organization in 1982 in the state of Florida. G.A.L.A recognized many different Cuban and Latin American writers, poets, and artists from 1978 until 1997. G.A.L.A. was comprised of world renowned writers and they often paid tribute to their accomplishments. They awarded the "Agustín Acosta"award for poetry and the "GALA" award for short stories. Many newspapers around the world recognized and documented G.A.L.A.'s cultural events, lectures, conferences, recitals, and expositions held mostly in Miami, Florida.

The collection consists of newspaper clippings, correspondence, circular letters, press releases, lists of award recipients, photographs, and audio cassettes. Official records also include a constitution, by-laws, meeting minutes, and financial records.

CHC5297 Roberto Gacio PapersAdd to your cart.
The Roberto Gacio Papers contain personal papers of Cuban actor, professor and theater critic Roberto Gacio (b. 1941), including theater ephemera, photos, a thesis, and other manuscripts.
CHC0084 Marciano Gajate PapersAdd to your cart.
The papers consist primarily of facsimilies and copies of documents relating to colonial Cuba.
CHC0381 Francisco García Amador Collection, 1960-1993Add to your cart.
The Francisco García Amador Collection contains correspondence, manuscripts and copies of publications authored by Francisco V. García Amador, former professor of international law at the University of Miami School of Law.
CHC5206 Gabriel García Galán Collection, undated, 1869-1969Add to your cart.

The Gabriel García Galán Collection contains correspondence, clippings, photographs, manuscripts, musical scores, awards and other documents related to Dr. Gabriel García Galán.

Most notably the collection contains a 1929 letter to Dr. García Galán from Enrique José Varona and three manuscripts of Gobierno Superior Civil de la Isla de Cuba from 1869.

CHC5324 Federico García Lorca Papers, circa 1920-1939Add to your cart.

The Federico García Lorca papers contain correspondence from Spanish writer and intellectual Federico García (1898-1936) Lorca to Cuban writer and diplomat José María Chacón y Calvo (1892-1969) and photographs of García Lorca while visiting Chacón y Calvo in Cuba during the 1930s.

Transcripts of the letters contained in this collection can be found in the book by Carlos Ripoll, Cuba en Lorca (2007). All correspondence and photographs in this collection have been digitized and is available in the University of Miami Digital Collections.

CHC5148 Enildo A. García Collection, c. 2001-2006Add to your cart.
Enildo A. García was a Spanish and Latin American Literature professor at St. Francis College in Brooklyn, New York. His collection is comprised of research materials about the Guiteras family from Matanzas, Cuba. Writings, photographs, correspondence and some memorabilia of the Guiteras family are also included in this collection.
CHC5105 Gus Garcia Collection, 1994-2000Add to your cart.
The Gus García Papers contain the personal papers of Gus García, candidate for City of Miami Commission in the 2000 election cycle, including clippings, newsletters, correspondence and flyers for his Commission race.
CHC0301 Manuel Emilio García Papers, undatedAdd to your cart.
The papers consist of popular musical selections from Dominican Republic, including Fantasia by Manuel Emilio Garcia G. This score was based on works by various Dominican composers, and the principal theme came from the song "Maiba" by Diogenes Silva.  The materials include four tapes, a manuscript of a score "Selecciones Populares Dominicanas" in 26 parts, Quartet for various instruments, a manuscript of a score titled "Marcha Triunfal" in 22 parts, and a manuscript of a score of Giselle Marie Vals.
CHC0270 María Cristina García Audiotape Collection, 1986Add to your cart.

The María Cristina García Audiotape Collection contains eight casssette tapes of lectures recorded at the "A Quarter Century of Cuban Exile Culture" symposium held at Florida International University in September 1986.

Recordings are not available from the final day of the conference, held at the Historical Museum of South Florida.

CHC5082 Vicente García Collection, 1990-2002Add to your cart.
The Vicente García Collection contains clippings, pamphlets, invitations and programs of events related to Cuban exiles in Puerto Rico, as well as postcards and recordings of radio programs and audio recordings collected by Vicente García.
CHC5291 José García-Pedrosa PapersAdd to your cart.
The José García-Pedrosa Papers contain documents and books about Cuba and Cuban exiles collected by José García-Pedrosa.
CHC5233 Carolina Garzon Papers, 1932-2006Add to your cart.

The papers document professional activities of Carolina Garzon.  She taught mathematics in Elementary School and Social Studies in High School in Cuba since 1926.  In her capacity as a teacher, she collaborated on a book discussing the development of new programs in the Cuban Schools.  Garzon also worked as a Social Worker in Cuba in the 1950s, Miami and Tallahassee and as a supervisor of Pedro Pan program. 

The materials consist of those documenting Garzon's work as a teacher, and those reflecting her work as a social worker. They include correspondence, manuscripts of scholarly essays, social histories of Garzon's clients, a typescript of an essay "A Psychoanalyst's Observation During A Totalitarian Take-Over" by Dr. Gabriel Casuso Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the Medical School of the University of Miami, which discusses Fidel Castro's revolution from Psychoanalytic perspective, bibliography of materials for Florida State University School of Social Work, a pamphlet on the destruction of private school system in Cuba, a published thesis titled "A Study of the Adjustment of Thirty Four Boys in Exile," photographs, a student card from Florida State University, clippings, miniatures of religious paintings and memorabilia.

CHC5106 Angel Gaztelu Papers, 1933-2002Add to your cart.
The Angel Gaztelu Papers contain poetry collected by Father Angel Gaztelu and articles written by him.
CHC5391 Gelcys de Céspedes Vidal Papers, c. 1970s-1980sAdd to your cart.
The Gelcys de Céspedes Vidal Papers are the personal documents of Cuban exile dentist Dra. Gelcys de Céspedes Vidal. They contain correspondence with other dentists, documents from the Association of Cuban Dentists in Exile, and educational documents relating to Dr. Vidal's training from both Cuba and the United States.
CHC5256 Andrew Giel Photograph Collection, 1955-1959Add to your cart.

Andrew Giel visited Cuba as a tourist 10 times between September 1955 and December 1959, traveling as far as Trinidad in Santi Spíritus. Fifty years later, Mr. Giel printed 8 x 10 enlargements from the original transparencies. Those prints are found in this collection. They include views from across the island, including Havana, Trinidad, and Santiago de Cuba. The collection also includes color prints of the black and white photography and photographic reproductions of Cuban postcards from the 1950s.

The 1955 slides were made with an Argus C4 camera and the later slides with a Leica IIIF.

CHC5138 Mario Girbau Collection, circa 1960sAdd to your cart.

The Mario Girbau Collection contains official documents such as statutes and financial reports of Brigade 2506 activities, as well as correspondence, clippings and photographs related to the organization.

The collection also contains personal materials of Mario Girbau, including a portrait, photographs, invitations and letters pertaining to his involvement in administrative decisions about funds for the Bay of Pigs operation.

CHC5011 Gustavo Godoy y Agostini Collection, 1961-1977Add to your cart.

The Gustavo Godoy y Agostini Papers contain correspondence to Gustavo Godoy y Agostini, along with poems and clippings collected by him.

Notable correspondents include Agustín Acosta, José María Chacón y Calvo, Juan Fonseca, Eduardo Áviles Ramírez and Arturo Doreste.

CHC0360 Georgina Golik Photograph Collection, 1988Add to your cart.
This photograph collection contains views of Havana and Marianao, Cuba taken in 1988.
CHC0303 María Gómez Carbonell Photograph CollectionAdd to your cart.
This collection contains 19th century portraits and group photographs related to the Cuban War of Independence.
CHC5276 Julio Gómez Papers, circa 1970s-2011Add to your cart.
The Julio Gómez papers contain books and articles on theater arts and the history of theater collected by Julio Gómez; audiovisual materials of theater performances; and some scripts and production notes of productions with which Gómez was involved. Some materials are in the format of electronic records.
CHC5041 Luis Marcelino Gómez Collection, 1994-2001Add to your cart.

The Luis Marcelino Gómez Collection contains original manuscripts of published and unpublished works of poetry, essays, short stories and a novel authored by Luis Marcelino Gómez.

The collection also contains notes on published works of poetry and correspondence.

CHC5285 Rogelio González Corzo Scrapbook, 1953-2001Add to your cart.
The Rogelio González Corzo Scrapbook collection contains a scrapbook with various clippings, photographs, and documents relating to the 1961 execution and observed rememberances of Cuban dissident Rogelio González Corzo.
CHC5146 González de Mendoza Family Collection, 1963Add to your cart.

The González de Mendoza Family Collection contains a copy of a genealogical chart of the González de Mendoza family, Certificación de genealogía, nobleza y armas del apellido González de Mendoza, the original housed at Spain's Archivo Heráldico in Madrid.

The collection also includes documents from the Ministerio de Justicia, Subsecretaría "Asuntos de Gracia," relating to the heirs of the title Marqués de Pelayo; correspondence from Enrique Conill y Rafecas and Esperanza Conill y Rafecas de Zanetti; and a clipping from El Nuevo Herald discussing a reunion of the González de Mendoza family.

CHC5287 Abel González Melo Collection, 2011-2012Add to your cart.
The Abel González Melo Papers contains theater ephemera and publications collected by playwright Abel González Melo, including DVDs and programs of performances at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid directed by González and programs for Por Gusto, written by González Melo, performed at Repertorio Español in New York City.
CHC5338 Alberto González Papers, 1950s-2000sAdd to your cart.
The Alberto González papers document the professional activities of Alberto González (1928-2012), a prolific Cuban writer, humorist, journalist, and scriptwriter. His career spanned sixty years in show business, creating Spanish radio and television shows in Colombia, Puerto Rico and also theater productions in Miami, Florida. He was also known for his biting political satire and popular comedy shows.
CHC0543 Avelino J. González Papers, 1988-1995Add to your cart.
The papers document professional activities of Avelino J. González, first Cuban lawyer who graduated from the University of Havana after 1959 and from the University of Miami with scholarship in 1995.  The materials include correspondence, a copy of a cover of a book  written by González, newspaper clippings, Cuba lawyer registration, photographs, negatives, a program of graduation from UM and the University of Havana diploma and grades.
CHC5226 Elián González Collection, 1999-2005Add to your cart.
The Elián González Collection consists of copies of newspaper clippings and court orders documenting the case of the Cuban refugee child Elián González.  In 1999 when he was five years old, González was rescued at sea off the Florida coast. His mother had drowned during their passage from Cuba on a raft.  Relatives in Miami took custody of him and fought to keep him in the United States instead of being returned to Cuba with his father. In addition to clippings, the collection also includes memorabilia and photographs.  Clippings have been added to the collection following up on González, who returned to Cuba with his father in April 2000 after a months of court cases and protests in Miami's Cuban-American community.
CHC5344 Ernesto González Papers, circa 1980s-1990sAdd to your cart.
The Ernesto González Papers contain literary manuscripts for novels, short stories, poems and essays written by late 20th, early 21st century Cuban-born alternative writer Ernesto González.
CHC0170 Guillermo "Willy" González Collection, 1911-2013Add to your cart.

The Guillermo González collection contains materials documenting the engineering career and personal life of Cuban engineer Guillermo González (1932-2013), including slides, photographs and images, memorabilia, personal papers, and audiovisual materials.

These materials include slide collections, photographs, postcards, advertisements, tourist brochures, and ceramic plates from famous Cuban locales. The collection also contains materials documenting González's career as an engineer, such as awards, engineering essays, and blueprints, most from his time in Miami, but some materials do date from his time in Cuba. While most of this collection’s slides, photographs, audiovisual materials, and memorabilia document life in Cuba, the personal papers document González’s life in both Cuba and in Miami. Other materials include play scripts and videotapes on subjects that were of personal interest to González.

González's extensive collection of slides have been maintained in the original order that they were created. Most of the slides are organized into slide books and each binder is further divided into thematic tabs, which are identified in the container list in this finding aid. A small amount of slides were in slide projector decks, which have been kept together in folders accompanied by the slideshow notes. Box 10 contains photographic prints from slide negatives that González donated to the Cuban Heritage Collection previously.

CHC5241 Ofelia González Papers, 1952-1997Add to your cart.

Ofelia González was an actress performing in theatre, mostly in Havana's Palacio de Bellas Artes and New York's Repertorio Español.  She also acted in film and TV. The materials document her acting career especially her portrayals of Bernarda in The House of Bernarda Alba in New York, Nurse in Romeo and Juliet in New York, Serafina in The Rose Tattoo in Havana, Medea in Medea in New York, Amanda in The Glass Menagerie in New York, Celestina in Celestina in New York, Clara in The Visit in New York and Mother in The Guns of Mother Carrar in Havana. 

The bulk of the material consists of photographs from performances and newspaper clippings with reviews of performances.  The papers also include correspondence and memorabilia.

CHC0252 Peter González Collection, 1990Add to your cart.

The Peter González Collection contains typescripts, manuscripts, photographs, audio and video tapes and memorabilia from Cuban exile events promoting democracy and human rights on the island, including "The Chain for Democracy," "Flotilla of Brotherhood" and "The Worldwide Day of Prayer for Freedom and Democracy in Cuba."

The Chain for Democracy was a symbolic gathering of Cuban exiles and their supporters on February 24th, 1990, creating a human chain between Miami and Key West to protest human rights abuses of the Castro regime. Additional protests took place in areas with large Cuban populations including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Canada, among others.

Cuban exiles again joined together that same year on May 20th for the Flotilla of Brotherhood, a gathering of boats 20 miles outside Havana Harbor in remembrance of Cubans who drowned seeking their freedom. The Worldwide Day of Prayer for Freedom and Democracy in Cuba took place on July 15th, 1990, in locations all over the world.

CHC5020 Regla González Papers, 1973-1999Add to your cart.
The papers document the activities of two Cuban organizations in Boston: Agrupación Abdala and Bandera Cubana.  Regla González held leadership positions in these groups and was also active in the Boston Chapter of LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens).  The bulk of the collection consists of clippings and photographs with a small number of newsletters, event programs, and related material.
CHC5199 Rufino E. González Papers, 1939-1978Add to your cart.
The papers document activities of Rufino E. González as a professional golf player and a golf instructor of the Country Club of Havana during the Republican era.  The bulk of the materials consist of photographs of Rufino González playing golf in the Country Club of Havana, and of pamphlets from the Country Club of Havana featuring pro-amateur golf tournaments with photographs of golf players.  The materials also include some correspondence regarding golf, golf score sheets, golf balls and biography of González.
CHC5286 Grandes Leyendas Musicales Cubanas Interviews Collection, 2008-2014Add to your cart.

The Grandes Leyendas Musicales Cubanas Interviews Collection consists of interviews conducted by Eloy Cepero with Cuban-born musicians. The presentations are part of a series sponsored by the Institute of Cuban and Cuban American Studies that showcase Cuban well known musicians and recording artists.

This is an ongoing program and recordings will continue to be added to the collection as more presentations are made.

CHC0086 Ramón Grau Alsina CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Ramón Grau Alsina Collection contains awards, correspondence, memorabilia and photographs centered around Ramón Grau Alsina, including plaques, awards and recognitions from the City of Miami, University of Miami, and several Cuban exile organizations. It also includes correspondence, and photographs, including family photos and pictures with notable public figures.
CHC0356 Polita Grau de Agüero Papers, 1882-2000Add to your cart.

The Polita Grau de Agüero Papers document two aspects of Polita Grau’s life and family. The correspondence, writings, and memorabilia primarily document Polita’s time as a political prisoner in Cuba as well as her activities in exile on behalf of political prisoners. There are many clippings related to Polita’s experiences in prison, her life in exile, and Operation Pedro Pan. The photographs in this collection document Polita’s family from her parents to her own grandchildren, as well as the life of her uncle, Cuban president Ramón Grau San Martín.

Of special note in this collection is Series II where can be found biographies of Cuban women political prisoners. These biographies detail the experiences of these women in Cuban prisons. Series IV contains handicrafts created by Polita Grau and other political prisoners while serving their sentences.

CHC5015 Pedro J. Greer, Jr. Papers, 1988-1998Add to your cart.
The papers document the activities of Dr. Pedro J. Greer, Jr. in capacity of a physician and founder of Camillus Health Concern clinic for homeless.  Materials include clippings of newspaper articles about Pedro Greer, his book titled Waking Up in America, photocopies of articles about his awards, incoming correspondence, photocopies of invitations and of photographs.
CHC5001 Grupo Cañaveral Collection, 1987-1998Add to your cart.
Grupo Cañaveral is a Hispanic duo from Miami, Florida. Formed in 1985, the duo consists of Nelson Zuleto and Hilda Luisa Díaz Perera. The collection consists of audio cassettes recorded by Grupo Cañaveral, a book published on José Martí by Hilda Luisa Diaz-Perera, and a thank-you card with the Grupo Cañaveral logo.
CHC5005 Grupo Cubano de Investigaciones Económicas CollectionAdd to your cart.

The Grupo Cubano de Investigaciones Económicas Collection contains original studies done by the Cuban Economic Resarch Group at the University of Miami.

It includes a manuscript titled A Study on Cuba: The Colonial and Republican Periods, The Socialist Experiment. Economic structure, institutional development, socialism and collectivisation, as well as a study on Cuban agriculture.

CHC0503 Guantánamo Bay Naval Base CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Guantánamo Bay Naval Base Collection contains writings and memorabilia related to Cuban balseros and deportees sent to the Guantánamo Naval Base by the United States government. The collection includes numerous periodicals, including Exodo, El Futuro, and Balsero, as well as photographs, drawings, memorabilia, and transcripts of an oral history project on Cuban balseros.
CHC5188 Guantánamo Sugar Company Records, circa 1915-1959Add to your cart.
The records document business activities of the Guantánamo Sugar Company.  The materials consist of the official records of the Guantánamo Sugar Company offices located at 120 Wall Street, New York, from 1915 through 1959.  These records include correspondence, ledgers, financial records, and other documents of this company which was the owner of the Soledad Sugar Mill, Los Caños Sugar Mill, the Isabel B. Sugar Mill and the Guantánamo Railroad Co. all located around the Guantánamo Bay.
CHC5162 Luisa María Güell Papers, 1966-2008Add to your cart.

The papers document professional activities of Luisa María Güell in capacity of an actress, singer and composer.

The bulk of material consists of clippings.  The materials also include photographs from concerts and films, covers of Guell's musical disks, Theatre programs, scrapbooks with photographs and clippings, awards, videotapes with "Homage to Edith Piaf" and "Papa Porque no Vuelves" and correspondence.

CHC0546 Eneida Guernica CollectionAdd to your cart.

The Eneida Guernica Collection contains academic documents and data by educational psychologist Eneida Guernica.

The collection includes a statistical study on Cuban and Mariel children, a bilingual education study, a paper on the PRAM method for teaching languages, original research material, and pamphlets on PRAM.

CHC0346 María Luisa Guerrero CollectionAdd to your cart.
The María Luisa Guerrero Collection contains reports, clippings, and articles about Cuba and Cuban exiles during the 1930s to the 1980s, material on the Lyceum and Lawn Tennis Club, and the feminist movement in Cuban society. The collection also contains extensive accounts about Elena Mederos, human rights issues, and the plight of Cuban political prisoners.
CHC5230 Nicolás Guillén Papers, circa 1946-1974Add to your cart.
Nicolás Guillén Papers cover a particular time and place in the life of one of Cuba's finest 20th century poet.  They all deal with a trip he made to Uruguay in the late 1940s.  There are two manuscript writing styles.  The smaller tighter script is probably Guillén's.  The looser more open script matches his signature but could be someone else's.  It is possible that this second script is a dictation or copying of a Guillén work.  Materials include correspondence, clippings and photographs.  Some documents are signed by Guillén and others are not signed.
CHC0090 Dysis Guira Collection, 1957-1964Add to your cart.
The Dysis Guira Collection contains materials written by and about revolutionary student leader Dysis Guira. It includes a manuscript by Guira, as well as numerous articles about Guira and her role in the Cuban Revolution. It also contains notes and manuscripts by Ciana Valdez-Roig, a Cuban poet and fellow Federación Estudiantil Universitario (FEU) member.

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