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CHC5327 Moreno Habif Papers, 1951-2005Add to your cart.

The Moreno Habif Papers contain bound volumes of correspondence, publications and reports from Jewish organizations in Havana, Cuba, from the 1950s and 60s, compiled by Moreno Habif (1937-2017).

Publications include issues of Ecos de juventud, Órgano Independiente de Orientación de la Juventud Hebrea de Cuba, and Voces, Órgano Oficial de la Organización Juvenil del Patronato de la C.C.H.C. The collection also contains meeting minutes from the Asociación de Ex-Alumnos del Colegio Hebreo del Centro Israelita (C.H.C.I.) from 1951 to 1955 and the Comité Gestor de la Organización Juvenil del Patronato. A bound volume details the activities of the Patronato from 1958 to 1960, while two other volumes from 1957 to 1959 capture the activities of the Escuela Dominical associated with the Patronato, of which Moreno Habif was the technical director.

CHC5351 Harold Butler Papers, 1966-1987Add to your cart.

The Harold Butler Papers contain documents and photographs relating to engineering in Cuba and the American Clubs of Havana and Miami collected by Harold Butler (1895-1983), an American engineer living in Cuba from the 1920s to the 1960s.

The collection contains photographs from events held by the Asociación de Ingenieros Cubanos and an exile membership directory, along with material relating to activities of the American Club in Miami, including a history of the club, rosters from the 1970s and 1980s and bulletins from the 1960s and 1970s.

CHC5387 Helen Maynard Ireland Papers, 1926-1935Add to your cart.

The Helen Maynard Ireland Papers contain the personal writings of Helen Ireland, the wife of Gordon Ireland, a lawyer who worked for the Cuban Sugar Cane Company in the 1920s-1930s.

The collection contains various manuscripts about the couple's life in Cuba, travels through Moron province, and Helen's interactions with Rosalia Abreau, a researcher working with primates in Cuba.

CHC5087 Virginia Hern Papers, 1944-1994Add to your cart.
The papers document professional activities of Virginia Hern as a fiction writer and a journalist in Cuba and Miami.  The materials include a manuscript of her novel, El Otro, scrapbooks with clippings of her articles published in Cuba and in Miami, in El Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald, photographs and memorabilia.
CHC0488 Pedro Hernández Lovio Papers, 1783-1973Add to your cart.
The Pedro Hernández Lovio Papers consist of the personal and professional documents of Diario de la Marina secretary Pedro Hernández Lovio. They include biographical and geneological information, photographs, clippings, newspaper articles, professional certifications, correspondence, scrapbook and handwritten notes.
CHC5021 Antonio Hernández Travieso Papers, 1942-1992Add to your cart.
The papers document activities of Antonio Hernández Travieso in capacity of a writer and a biographer of Father Félix Varela.  The materials include newspaper clippings of articles written by Hernández Travieso, as well as, articles by other authors about Hernández Travieso, pamphlets, typescripts, journals, parts of books and correspondence.
CHC5205 Eduardo Hernández "Guayo" Film CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Eduardo Hernández "Guayo" Film Collection consists of professional work by Eduardo Hernández. It includes eight boxes of original film reels.
CHC5090 Guillermo Hernández PapersAdd to your cart.
The Guillermo Hernandez Collection consists of a number of documents and materials related to the Cuban exile community in the United States. It includes manuscripts, articles, event invitations, certifications, legal and official documents, photographs, postcards, correspondence, human rights documents, theater articles and show files, festival information, and other memorabilia.
CHC5192 Leopoldo M. Hernández CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Leopoldo M. Hernández Collection contains original works by writer Leopoldo M. Hernández, including unpublished manuscripts and plays.
CHC5307 Pedro Hernández Papers, 1957-2002Add to your cart.
The Pedro Hernández papers contain materials relating to art and art exhibitions of Cuban-born sculptor Pedro Hernández. Materials include exhibit programs and catalogs, newspaper clippings and biographical information.
CHC5169 Esther Herrera Collection, 1970s-1980sAdd to your cart.
The Esther Herrera Papers contain documents and memorabilia related to community leader Esther Herrera. They include photographs, correspondence, event programs, awards and recognitions.
CHC0095 Ariel Hidalgo Collection, 1981-1988Add to your cart.
The Ariel Hidalgo Collection contains the writings of Cuban political prisoner Ariel Hidalgo that were secretly smuggled out of prison by the author. It includes articles, manuscripts, correspondence, and a curriculum vitae, as well as a copy of the 'Disidente' pamphlet and a detailed list of fellow political prisoners.
CHC5191 Rosario Hiriart CollectionAdd to your cart.

The Rosario Hirart Collection contains documents related to Cuban anthropologist Lydia Cabrera.

It includes photographs, illustrations, correspondence, and handwritten notes by Lydia Cabrera and Teresa de la Carra. It also includes published articles and a copy of Vanguardia magazine.

CHC5284 Hispanic Theater Guild Records, 1990-2004Add to your cart.
This collection contains records relating to the Teatro 8 theater company in Miami, Florida, run by the Hispanic Theater Guild organization. Items include theater ephemera and posters, audiovisual materials of performances, awards and certificates, financial records, clippings, scripts, scrapbooks, and promotional materials.
CHC5052 Hospital "San Juan de Dios" Scrapbook, 1926-1952Add to your cart.
The scrapbook includes photographs, clippings, and an invitation documenting the activities of the Children Hospital "San Juan de Dios" in Camaguey, Cuba.
CHC5312 Human Rights Oral History Project, 2013Add to your cart.

The Human Rights Oral History Project digital collection of the Cuban Heritage Collection includes videos and outlines of oral history interviews with Cuban dissidents.  In its first phase, the project focuses on the Black Spring of 2003 when the Cuban government arrested 75 activists.  Interviews were conducted with a number of the dissidents who served time in prison as part of the Grupo de los 75 (Group of the 75) and with members of the Damas de Blanco (Ladies in White), an organization of the wives, mothers, daughters, and other female relatives of jailed dissidents.  The Human Rights Oral History Project was launched in 2013 with funding from the Marlins Foundation.

These oral histories express the views, memories and opinions of their respective interviewees. They do not represent the viewpoints of the University of Miami, its officers, agents, employees, or volunteers. The University of Miami makes no warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of any information contained in the interviews and expressly disclaims any liability therefor.

Copyright to these materials lies with the University of Miami. They may not be reproduced, retransmitted, published, distributed, or broadcast without the permission of the Cuban Heritage Collection. For information about obtaining copies or to request permission to publish any part of an interview, please contact the Cuban Heritage Collection at

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