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CHC5319 Rene Jordan Papers, circa 1970s-2000sAdd to your cart.

The Rene Jordan papers contain manuscripts and clippings of film critiques by Cuban-born, New York City-based film critic Rene Jordan (d. 2013) published primarily in the Miami, Florida-based El Nuevo Herald.

The majority of the collection consists of clippings of the final versions of film critiques the Jordan wrote for his column in the Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald. Most of the reviews are written in Spanish. A small portion of the materials includes original typescript draft manuscripts of Jordan's film critiques.

CHC5345 José María Chacón y Calvo Papers, 1860-1987Add to your cart.
This collection contains photographs, papers, clippings, manuscripts, and religious materials associated with Cuban diplomat, writer and lawyer José María Chacón y Calvo (1892-1969).
CHC5306 Juan Boza Papers, 1967-1991Add to your cart.
The Juan Boza papers contain clippings, photographs, legal documents, press releases, correspondence, resumes and programs related to Cuban artist Juan Boza (1941-1991), mostly during his time in exile in New York City, New York.
CHC5350 Juan M. Clark Memorial Lecture Series Collection, 2013Add to your cart.

The Juan M. Clark Memorial Lecture Series Collection contains DVD recordings of lectures presented at the University of Miami's Institute of Cuban and Cuban-American Studies (ICCAS) by leading exile figures on topics pertaining to Cuban politics and culture.

Juan M. Clark (1938-2013) was a Cuban sociologist and professor emeritus of Miami Dade College. A veteran of the Bay of Pigs invasion, Clark was imprisoned by the Cuban government from January to December 1962. He authored several books on human rights abuses in Cuba.

CHC5361 Juana de Arcos Babun Collection, circa 1960s-1980sAdd to your cart.
The Juana de Arcos Babun Collection contains several scrapbooks with newspaper clippings and photographs that Juana de Arcos Babun kept relating to the Babun family. Much of the collection focuses on Lincoln, Santiago, and Teofilo Babun Franco, Juana's nephews who served in Brigade 2506.
CHC5439 Julio Hernández Rojo Collection, 1969-1981Add to your cart.
This collection is comprised of two original drawings by Julio Hernández Rojo and contains his sentence to death in Cuba.
CHC5298 Junta Provincial de Patronato de Matanzas Records, 1871-1889Add to your cart.

The abolition of slavery in Cuba took place gradually over the course of several years. In 1880, the Spanish colonial government instituted a system called patronato, loosely translated as "apprenticeship." Most of the workings of the slave system were preserved, but patrocinados, as former slaves came to be known, received a minimal set of legal rights and were to be paid a token wage. The transition to the patronato system was overseen by a provincial network of government agencies called Juntas de Patronato. The Junta Provincial de Patronato de Matanzas was created in 1880 when the Law of Patronato was passed. As a central body, it processed claims and cases from a series of local juntas throughout the province of Matanzas. The records in this collection contain official documents, correspondence between local juntas and the main junta, and tables reporting names or numbers of patrocinados. The collection also documents the cases of individual patrocinados who were trying to obtain their freedom through the provisions of the new law.

All of the materials in this collection have been digitized and are available through the University of Miami Digital Collections.

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