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CHC5313 Raymond Labonte Photograph Collection, 1940-1945Add to your cart.
The Raymond Labonte photograph collection contains photographs taken by US Army officer Raymond Labonte during his time stationed at the US Army Air Base near Havana, Cuba during the 1940s. The collection documents Havana and Matanzas through the lens of a US Army officer, with unique aerial photographs of Havana and shots of many of the Havana area social clubs frequented by Americans at the time, including Miramar Yacht Club, Havana Biltmore Country Club, Havana Yacht Club and Tropicana Night Club. The collection also includes a US Army Air Corps Aerial Photographic Section scrapbook kept by Labonte.
CHC0111 Enrique Labrador Ruiz Papers, 1930-2001Add to your cart.
The Enrique Labrador Ruiz Papers are organized into five series and consists primarily of the manuscripts of his articles and essays written in exile and includes that of his final book, Cartas a la carte (1991) which can be found in box 5, folders 444 and 445. The bulk of the material of this collection is in Series I: Works, n.d., 1933–2001 (bulk dates 1977–1987). There are many photocopies of his articles as they were published in various publications. A small collection of correspondence, photographs, and graphic materials can also be found in this collection, along with programs of events held in the 1980s and 1990s in honor of Labrador Ruiz.
CHC0368 Cesar Lancis Collection, 1950-1990Add to your cart.
The Cesar Lancis Collection contains clippings, manuscripts, and reproductions of historical documents used by Cesar Lancis in his writings.
CHC5190 Dionisio de Lara CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Dionisio de Lara Collection contains photographs, event programs, articles, philosophical and scholarly essays by Rev. de Lara, including papers on Felix Varela, Søren Kierkegaard, and others.
CHC5123 Rolando Laserie Papers, n.d., [1930]-1995Add to your cart.
The Rolando Laserie Papers consist primarily of photographs but also include correspondence, programs and clippings.
CHC5422 Pablo F. Lavín Papers, circa 1940s-1980sAdd to your cart.
The Pablo F. Lavín Papers contain documents pertaining to Lavín’s legal and academic career. Included are essays, conference lectures, notes, and personal works written by Lavín and others. There is also correspondence addressed to and written by him, diplomas that were awarded to Lavín, and personal travel documents. There are clippings on a variety of topics as well as books not written by him. Lastly, there are photographs and magazines.
CHC5004 Raimundo Lazo Papers, 1939-1941?Add to your cart.
The collection consists of two typescripts from between 1939 and 1941: "Historia de la Literatura Hispano-Americana" and "Literatura Cubana" written by Dr. Raimundo Lazo for courses he taught at the Cooperative Estudiantil "E. J. Varona" in Havana, Cuba.
CHC5037 René Leon Papers, 1827-1993Add to your cart.
The papers consist of documents, correspondence and clippings of Cuban exile associations, materials related to the "Municipios de Cuba en el Exilio" and a list of prisoners of the Virginus.
CHC5047 José Lezama Lima Papers, 1961-1976Add to your cart.
The José Lezama Lima Papers consist of letters written by José Lezama Lima to his sister Eloísa from 1961 to 1976. There are several letters addressed to his sister Rosa as well as to both sisters. Included with this correspondence are photocopies of photographs of Lezama Lima, a poem, and a memorial card with a note from Eloísa Lezama Lima to Gastón Baquero. This collection also contains an annotated copy of Lezama Lima's book, Paradiso.
CHC5368 Silvia Lizama Collection, 1980-2009Add to your cart.
The Silvia Lizama Collection contains ephemera, show bills, pamphlets, clippings and show catalogs related to the work of Cuban photographer Silvia Lizama, particularly her art galleries and exhibits.
CHC0220 María Luísa Lobo Papers, 1944-1992Add to your cart.
The collection consists of research and financial papers for Lobo's film "Perú,"  as well as correspondence and financial statements of her company Arawak.  Materials also include clippings, theatre programs, manuscripts of screenplays, drawings of costumes, a few maps, copies of engravings and invitations.
CHC5214 Rolando López Dirube PapersAdd to your cart.
The Rolando Lopez Dirube Papers include Rolando Lopez Dirube's personal correspondence, a scrapbook made for his daughter Dorita, an original drawing done in pen, photographs that date from his childhood and span throughout his life, newspaper and magazine clippings, catalogs and brochures of his exhibitions, diplomas, passports, the blueprint of his house, and a VHS tape. The collection also contains a number of posters.
CHC5207 Fernando López Fernández Collection, 1960-2006Add to your cart.

The Fernando López Fernández Collection contains the photographs, clippings, correspondence, curriculum vitae, and memorials of Dr. Fernando López Fernández (1907-1975). It also includes articles on American nurse Clara Maass, who died in Cuba in the early 20th century.

The collection contains portraits and family photographs, obituary clippings relating to Dr. López Fernández, and letters from him written to his son and daughter-in-law in the 1960s. There are also research materials related to Clara Maass, a nurse who volunteered in Cuba during the Spanish-American War.

CHC5326 López Oña y Morales Family Collection, 1906-2013Add to your cart.

The López Oña y Morales Family Collection primarily contains genealogical research and essays regarding the López, Ribalta, Oña and Morales families of Sagua La Grande, Cuba, as well as articles on the region.

The collection includes articles on events that occured in the region and businesses that operated there. The collection also contains steamship contracts from the early to mid-1900s.

CHC5308 Edmundo López Papers, circa 1950s-1990sAdd to your cart.
The Edmundo López papers contain correspondence, musical scores, diplomas, photographs and awards related to Cuban musician Edmundo López. Of note are a manuscipt musical score dedicated to Sindo Garay and correspondence and photos of López and Sindo Garay.
CHC0236 Hady López Papers, 1944-2002Add to your cart.
The papers document research into the nutritional properties of Cuban plants, which was conducted in Cuba between 1944 and 1962 by Hady López who was a member of Fundación de Investigaciones Médicas in Havana,  Juan Navia and other researchers.  The papers also include copies of published works on tropical anemia written by Dr. Rubén López-Toca.  Materials consist of articles, booklets, reports and a poster.
CHC0495 Carlos Loveira Collection, 1920-1980Add to your cart.

The Carlos Loveira Collection contains manuscripts, clippings, photographs, and written documents by the early-20th century Cuban naturalist author, journalist and labor organizer Carlos Loveira (1882-1928).

The collection includes manuscripts and documents written by Carlos Loveira, as well as papers and articles written about him by various scholars. It also contains a scrapbook.

CHC5363 Carlos M. Luis Papers, 1986-1989Add to your cart.

The Carlos M. Luis papers contain the personal papers of Carlos M. Luis (1932-2013), a Cuban artist and director of the Cuban Museum of Arts and Culture in Miami.

The collection includes correspondence and clippings related to Luis' art and his leadership of the Museum. It also contains meeting minutes of the Cuban Museum board of directors, exhibit lists, and documents related to special events.

CHC0358 Roberto Luque Escalona Papers, 1971-1996Add to your cart.
Collection consists of correspondence, clippings of articles by Luque Escalona, manuscripts of " Lorenzo y el cordero del diablo," of unpublished book by Luque Escalona titled "Yo, el mejor de todos," of essays: "La enfermedad visual del fidelismo," "Las iniciales del fidelismo" and "Paleontología política," as well as, a manuscript of his first novel titled "Los Funerales de Hector" and written in Cuba and presented at the contest, Casa de las Americas, in 1969.  The materials also include a manuscript of the short story titled "Aquel no era mi día" which was published in "Antología de cuentos de cubanos de la diáspora," as well as, manuscripts of the following unpublished short stories: "Les crimenes de la calle M, "Una lección de odio," "El Macho," "Los últimos caidos," "Largo y tortuoso camino and "Entre cuatro paredes."  A manuscript of the first article that Escalona wrote in exile and a miniature of his novel "Los Niños y el Tigre: Política y revolución en Cuba" published by Freedom House in New York are also included.
CHC0124 Lyceum and Lawn Tennis Club Collection, 1929-1986Add to your cart.
The Lyceum and Lawn Tennis Club Collection is comprised of administrative files, publications, events and exhibitions programs, and photographs of this Cuban women’s club. The materials in this collection primarily document the Lyceum’s services and activities, e.g. art exhibitions, children’s programs, and its famous flower arrangement classes and shows, from its inception until its closing by Castro’s government in 1968.

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