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CHC0307 Antonio Maceo y Mackle Papers, 1960-1967Add to your cart.

The Antonio Maceo y Mackle papers contain papers related to Cuban medical doctor and political activist Antonio Maceo y Mackle (b. 1920). Contents include personal correspondence; materials relating to the Consejo Revolucionario Cubano; items relating to Cuban exile radio programs in the 1960s; and a group of topical files collected by Dr. Maceo y Mackle.

The collection is divided into four series: Series 1 contains personal correspondence (1965-1967) and correspondence related to the Consejo Revolucionario Cubano (1960-1963), Cuban Refugee Emergency Center (1961-1963) and the YMCA (1967). Series 2 includes materials relating to the members and operations of the Consejo Revolucionario Cubano. Series 3 contains manuscripts, press releases and other program materials for the radio program, El Medico y Usted. Series 4 contains topical files on organizations of interest to Dr. Maceo y Mackle, including Brigada 2506, Colegio de Abogados de la Habana, Comandos Delta, Commision Interamericana de Paz, Confederación de Trabajadores en el exilio, Operación Alpha, Solidaridad Cubano Americano, Union Nacional Demócrata, and the YMCA. The files also contain papers on sugar legislation, Manita Castro, the United States State Department, and Dr. Manuel Antonio de Varona Laredo.

CHC0336 Gerardo Machado y Morales Papers, 1873-1994Add to your cart.

The Gerardo Machado y Morales Papers consist primarily of the correspondence, business and legal documents, and photographs of Machado and his family in their years of exile after 1933. The bulk of the materials in this collection make up Series I: Correspondence, 1923-1940 and Series IV: Financial Records, 1913-1939. Most of the correspondence in Series I is between Machado and his son-in-law Baldomero Grau, who was married to Machado’s daughter Laudelina (Nena), and deals with Machado’s business concerns in Cuba as well as matters pertaining to his family’s life in exile.

Of note is Series VIII: Photographs, n.d., ca. 1895-1994, which include several photographs of Machado throughout his life, photographs of his family in Cuba and in exile, as well as photographs of the Machado sugar estate, the Central Carmita. Also included in this collection is a manuscript of Machado’s autobiographical work, Ocho Años de Lucha, in Series II: Works, n.d., 1933 as well as research materials related to Gerardo Machado gathered from the US National Archives and Records Administration by the collection donor, Francisco X. Santeiro (Series V: Extradition and Amnesty, 1925-1938 and Series IX: Funeral, n.d., 1939-1952).

Series X contains materials pertaining to Machado’s son-in-law José Emilio Obregón, who was married to Angela Elvira Machado.

CHC5164 Eduardo Machado Papers, 1984-2004Add to your cart.

The Eduardo Machado Papers contain the works of Cuban-born playwright Eduardo Machado, including fundamentally his scripts and related materials such as photographs, notebooks and journals, clippings, programs, reviews, and playwriting exercises.

The first seven boxes of this collection include Machado's scripts and drafts, arranged in alphabetical order by the title of the play, and the eighth box contains materials related to his works, including correspondence, notebooks and journals, reviews, and programs. Box nine includes both photographs pertaining both to his personal and professional life.

CHC0557 Lucila Madruga Collection, c. 1938-1970Add to your cart.
The collection consists of 14 pencil drawings with text in ink by Lucila Madruga de Díaz Piferrer, a Cuban artist of international fame, made in 1938 and two note cards painted by Madruga in the 1960s and 1970s.
CHC0126 Estus H. Magoon Collection, 1925-1954Add to your cart.
The collection contains reports and photographs of Estus H. Magoon, a civil engineer who worked on various public health projects in Latin America and the Caribbean during the period of 1925 to 1954. In this collection are included notes on drainage engineering projects in Cuba, Nicaragua, Panama, Venezuela, etc. It also includes over 1800 photographs of Latin American and Caribbean subjects. About 70% of the photographs measure 4 1/2" by 2 1/2". Most of the photographs are of a technical nature showing construction sites and processes, but many views showing living conditions are included as well. The bulk of the photographs are from Cuba, Nicaragua, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia and Jamaica. The documents on drainage engineering projects were received as a gift in 1984. The photographs were purchased from David Holloway, a bookseller in South Miami, in 1989.
CHC5022 Jay Mallin Papers, circa 1950s-1990sAdd to your cart.

The Jay Mallin Papers contain materials relating to journalist Jay Mallin's work on covering Cuban politics and news. Materials include papers related to Radio Martí and T.V. Martí; and files, clippings, and reports related to his reporting on Cuba.

The collection is divided into three series. Series 1, Topical Files, contains clippings related to Cuba from the late 1950s-1960s and files, materials and reports related to Mallin's work as a journalist in Cuba. Series 2, Radio Martí, contains documents, clippings and correspondence related to Radio Martí in Washington, D.C. from 1985-1990. Series 3, T.V. Martí, contains memos, news releases, bulletins, correspondence, telegrams and transcripts related to T.V. Martí in Miami, Florida from 1986-1990.

A PDF Container List is available for this collection at the end of this finding aid.

CHC5099 Jorge Mañach Collection, circa 1920s-1950sAdd to your cart.
The Jorge Mañach Collection contains copies of clippings of publications written by and about Cuban writer Jorge Mañach.
CHC0127 Luis V. Manrara PapersAdd to your cart.

The Luis V. Manrara Papers contain the personal and professional documents of Cuban activist Luis Manrara (1907-2001).

The collection contains the personal and professional documents of Cuban activist Luis Manrara. They include news clippings, opinion pieces, correspondence, lecture and speech transcripts, magazine copies, and scholarly articles.

CHC5170 Mariel (Revista) RecordsAdd to your cart.
The Mariel Revista Records contain unpublished material, subscription lists, correspondence, advertisements and promotions, administrative documents, financial records, and clippings and articles from the Mariel, Mariel, Revista de literatura y arte magazine magazine. The collection also contains materials from a Mariel exhibit.
CHC5383 Mario Garcia Menocal Photograph Collection, circa 1910sAdd to your cart.
The Mario Garcia Menocal photograph collection contains photographs and memorabilia relating to former Cuban president Mario Garcia Menocal (1866-1941). The photographs are mostly of his family and military career.
CHC5133 Carlos Márquez-Sterling Papers, 1960-1989Add to your cart.

The collection consists largely of handwritten and typed correspondence dating from the 1960s to the 1980s between Carlos Márquez-Sterling and family, friends, and exiled Cuban political figures. The collection also contains postcards; unedited book manuscripts; event invitations, announcements and programs; audiovisual materials; photographs and clippings.

Notable correspondents include past Latin American presidents José López Portillo (Mexico), Joaquín Balaguer (Dominican Republic) and Otilio Ulate (Costa Rica), as well as Cuban political personalities like Carlos Prío Socarrás, Fulgencio Batista Zaldívar, Rafael Guas Inclán and José Miró Cardona. Márquez-Sterling also corresponded with such distinguished journalists and literary figures as José Ignacio Rivero, Arturo Alfonso Roselló, Horacio Aguirre, Gastón Baquero and Octavio R. Costa.

The collection also highlights important correspondence and documents from Márquez-Sterling’s involvement in Cuban exile organizations such as the Movimiento Patriótico Cuba Libre, of which he was delegate general, and these groups’ interaction with international and American political figures, to wit, Ronald Reagan, former US ambassadors to Cuba Spruille Braden and Earl E.T. Smith, and Nicaraguan ambassador to the United States Guillermo Sevilla Sacasa.

CHC0365 Dolores Martí de Cid Collection, 1942-1993Add to your cart.
The Dolores Martí de Cid Collection contains numerous works on Latin American theater and literature. The collection is arranged in four series.
CHC0453 Eduardo Martín Sansaricq Papers, 1894-1952Add to your cart.
The papers consist of correspondence with Generalísimo Máximo Gómez, General José Miguel Gómez as Governor of the Province of Santa Clara, and Colonel Benigno Alonso among others.  Also in this collection are included documents pertaining to different organizations, an album, edicts, photographs and memorabilia.
CHC5225 José Martín Papers, 1898-2007Add to your cart.

The papers document professional and personal activities of José Martín in capacity of a commercial artist and professor in Cuba and Miami.  Martín was a Professor Founder of the Koubek Memorial Center at the University of Miami where he taught for 10 years.  He also founded and headed Martín Technical College until 1979, and his commercial firm, "Martín-Studio Advertising," and founded APLA (Asociación de Publicitarios Latinoamericanos).  Martín's art expresses pain, suffering and joy of people searching for freedom.

The materials consist of autographed letter of Generalísimo Máximo  Gómez, Chief of the Cuban Army during the Cuban Independence War to Victoria Pedraza, dated September 22, 1898, postmarked envelopes with stamp of winning design featuring José Martí and Antonio Maceo by José Martín, postmarked envelopes with stamps of winning design featuring José Martí by Isidro Martín and stamps of first place awards granted to José Martín in a Postage Stamp Contest held in Cuba in 1948 and 1953.  The materials also include correspondence, clippings, post cards with award winning photographs by José Martín, drawings by Martín, photographs, awards, certificates, drawings showing various stages of advertisement, documents related to Commercial Art and Advertising College, information about programs offered in Koubek Memorial Center at the University of Miami, scrap book and DVD with Martín's art.

CHC5064 Manuel Martín, Jr. Papers, 1972-2000Add to your cart.

The Manuel Martín, Jr. Papers consists primarily of scripts, programs, clippings, and photographs of plays written by Cuban-born playwright Manuel Martín, Jr.

A container list is available for the first three series of the collection, which includes the papers donated by Manuel Martín, Jr. Series 4 contains the materials donated by Pedro Monge Rafuls.

CHC0234 Carlos Martínez Arango Papers, 1940-1982Add to your cart.
The papers document professional activities of Dr. Carlos Martínez Arango, a psychiatrist responsible for introducing the electroshock treatment in Cuba in 1945.  Materials include diplomas, certificates of Martínez Arango and articles about psychiatry  by Martínez Arango.
CHC0228 José Martínez-Cañas Collection, undatedAdd to your cart.
This collection includes materials collected by the Cuban-born art dealer and historian José Martínez-Cañas. It includes letters of the Cuban painter Fidelio Ponce (1895-1949); a letter written by General Calixto García and probably addressed to General Mario García Menocal during the independence war in Cuba ;and two postcards signed by Alfredo Zayas and Manuel Sanguily. The collection also contains texts and other materials related to the violin as an object and its history in Cuba. The Martínez Cañas family previously owned the 1715 Lipinski Stradivarius and the 1712 Hrimlay Stradivarius violins, among others.
CHC5414 María Martínez-Cañas collectionAdd to your cart.
The María Martínez-Cañas collection includes 1 portfolio of  Páginas del Viaje, including : Chine Colle Photogravures, 20 x 20 inches, in 1 complete portfolio of the Páginas del Viaje 1996 edition of 14 prints with 2 artists proofs, 2 printer proofs, 1 studio proof, 1 plate maker proof, and 1 BAT set. Each one of the 5 photogravures copper plates were mounted to aluminum, cancelled and presented in handmade portfolio cases with the first 5 edition sets.
CHC0221 David Masnata y de Quesada Collection, 1861-1979Add to your cart.
The David Masnata Collection contains research material on Cuban and Spanish genealogy, heraldry and family names.
CHC5079 Calixto Masó Papers, 1960-1999Add to your cart.
The papers document professional activities of Calixto Masó, Professor Emeritus at the Northeastern Illinois State College and Ex-Professor  of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters at the University of Havana.  Materials include manuscripts and typescripts of writings on topics of Hispanic  and Spanish culture, literature and history.  Materials also consist of clippings, pamphlets, notes and correspondence.
CHC5209 Augustus C. Mayhew, Jr. Photograph Collection, 1901-1952Add to your cart.

The Augustus C. Mayhew, Jr. Photograph Collection consists of black and white photographs of the Mayhew and McAbee families during their time living in the American colony of La Gloria in the province of Camagüey, Cuba. The photographs include views of La Gloria from 1901 to 1952, the Mayhew family and neighbors, and the Mayhew apiary "Bee Ranch" and orange groves.

NOTE: Two postcards were transfered from this collection to CHC0359: Cuban Postcard Collection.

CHC5023 Maricel Mayor Marsán Collection, 1959-2003Add to your cart.
The Maricel Mayor Marsán Collection includes correspondence, event flyers and programs, photographs, books, booklets, posters, and articles written by and about Cuban academic Maricel Mayor Marsán (b.1952). It also includes audiovisual materials.
CHC0344 Elena Mederos PapersAdd to your cart.

The Elena Mederos Papers contain documents pertaining to human rights and women's rights activist Elena Mederos (1900-1981).

Included are scholarly articles, clippings, manuscripts, official documents and certifications. Also included are documents from the School of Social Work in Havana, Cuba, where Mederos worked, as well as reports from United Nations panels on women's rights in Latin America, a report from the Comision Internacional de Mujeres, and a program from Mederos' memorial service.

CHC0548 Humberto Medrano Collection, 1973-1974Add to your cart.
The Humberto Medrano Collection consists of news crlippings, correspondence, and handwritten letters to and from Humberto Medrano (1916-2012) on the subject of Cuban political prisoners in the 1970s.
CHC5371 Natasha Mella Papers, 1860-2010Add to your cart.
The Natasha Mella Papers contain the personal papers of the Cuban exile intellectual Natasha Mella (1927-2014). The collection contains photographs and audio cassettes of radio programs, conferences, interviews, and other recordings relating to Mella's writings, primarily from her time in exile. There is also correspondence, clippings, and pamphlets which relate to Mella's research on Cuban politics and history as well as correspondence with fellow exiled Cubans. There are numerous speeches, handwritten notes both personal and for research, and essays and articles written by her on Cuban topics for various news and radio outlets, especially in Miami.
CHC0357 César A. Mena Collection, 1914-1991Add to your cart.

The César A. Mena Collection contains the documentation and research notes used by Dr. César A. Mena Serra to write his work Historia de la medicina en Cuba (History of Medicine in Cuba), which was published in two volumes by Ediciones Universal in Miami, Florida. The first volume, Hospitales y centros benéficos en Cuba colonial (Hospitals and charity centers in colonial Cuba), was published in 1992, and the second volume, Ejercicios y enseñanzas de las ciencias médicas en la época colonial (Exercises and teachings of the medical sciences in colonial Cuba), was published in 1993. Dr. Armando F. Cobelo was co-author of these works.

This collection also contains the galley proofs and illustrations of volumes one and two; the original manuscript of volume two; and an invitation to the presentation of the volume one in March 1992.

CHC0332 Luis Felipe Mencía Papers, 1907-1990Add to your cart.
The Luis Felipe Mencía papers contain correspondence, clippings about medicine and hospitals, as well as the Cuban Medical Conventions in Exile etc., one illustration of the Hospital Mercedes in Cuba, a roster and invitations to various events of the Cuban Society of Surgery, and pamphlets about surgery in Cuba.  It also contains historical issues of periodical publications related to medicine in Cuba and Cuban physicians.  The most important materials of this collection are a lecture offered by Mencía at the special session of the Ninth International Cuban Medical Association Congress, Miami, 1987, and the manuscript of Dr. Mencía's book: Recuerdos de la Cirugía en Cuba,  published in Miami in 1990.  In this collection we also find a photocopy of one speech by Dr. D. González Marmol.
CHC5189 Elia Rosa F. Mendia CollectionAdd to your cart.

The Elia Rosa F. Mendia Collection contains the personal papers of Cuban sculptor Elia Rosa Mendia.

The collection contains documents, articles, photos and newspaper clippings; a Lyceum Lawn & Tennis Club pamphlet; correspondence from sculptor Alfredo Tozano and others; and a booklet from the Cuban Museum of Art and Culture's exhibit on Cuban women.

CHC5032 Fernando Mendigutía CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Fernando Mendigutía Collection contains photographs, geneaological information, a Cuban Refugee Center operating procedures manual, Cuban Refugee Emergency Center papers and official documents, and Cuban Information Service periodicals.
CHC0374 Maria Mendoza Kranz CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Maria Mendoza Kranz Collection contains family photographs and clippings as well as clippings about Mendoza Kranz's work at an aircraft factory in Miami during World War II. The collection also contains a program with her involvement in the celebration of the International Women’s History presented by the Community Action Center in Hialeah, Florida.
CHC0553 Father José L. Menéndez Negative Collection, 1991-1991Add to your cart.
The collection consists of 108 negatives mostly taken from materials held in our archives to be reproduced for exhibit "Festival of Faith," which took place in the Archdiocese of Miami, December 4-9, 1991.
CHC5056 Ofelia Menocal Papers, 1956-2007Add to your cart.
The records document activities of Ofelia Menocal in capacity of a Secretary of International Relations of the Federación Mundial de Ex-presos Políticos Cubanos en Europa, as well as, the activities of the Federación.  The materials include correspondence, documents, clippings, publications, photographs of Lincoln Evicelo Brito, the Canal de Vento, the Salto del Hanabanilla project and one copy of La Configuracion del exilio cubano en España, by Roberto Soto Santana.
CHC5376 Merici Academy CollectionAdd to your cart.

The Merici Academy Collection documents the experiences of students of Merici Academy, a private, Catholic elementary and secondary school for girls. Established in Havana by American Ursuline nuns, the school operated from 1941 to 1961, when it was closed by the revolutionary government.

The collection includes yearbooks, photographs, programs, newsletters, awards, pins, medals, banners, CDs, a straw bonnet hat and beanie worn for school holidays, and the standard school uniform.

CHC5046 Joaquín E. Meyer Papers, 1946-1982Add to your cart.
The papers document professional activities of Joaquín Meyer, a prominent figure in Cuban sugar industry, the Alternate Executive Director of International Bank for Reconstruction and Development  for Mexico, Cuba, Peru, Uruguay, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua; a Representative of the Cuban Sugar Stabilization Institute in Washington and Financial Councilor of the Cuban Embassy.  Bulk of the materials consists of correspondence.  The materials  also include photographs, documents, reports, pamphlets, memorabilia, diplomas and albums with photographs and clippings.  The materials consist of reports on sugar cane industry, reports on World's sugar production, documents from Cuban Embassy in Washington DC, documents on US-Cuba relations and economic trade, memoranda about amendments to sugar legislature in US, clippings from 1959 about Fidel Castro, transcripts, international sugar reports, typescript of the International Sugar agreement.
CHC5122 José Miró Cardona Papers, n.d., 1943-2002Add to your cart.
The José Miró Cardona Papers consist of 21 boxes the administrative records of the Cuban Revolutionary Council (Consejo Revolucionario Cubano) under Miró Cardona’s presidency in the 1960s.  Central to this group of documents are those that relate to the Brigade 2506 and the Bay of Pigs Invasion.  The Papers also include 36 boxes of Miró Cardona’s personal and professional correspondence, his writings and speeches, clippings, photographs, memorabilia and materials related to his career as a law professor.
CHC5009 Antonio Molina CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Antonio Molina Collection contains historical materials, pamphlets, photographs, manuscripts, correspondence, published materials, and ephemera from across the Cuban diaspora, as collected by the UNESCO cultural center in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
CHC5265 Pedro Monge Rafuls Collection, 1977-2010Add to your cart.
Pedro Monge Rafuls is a playwright and the founder of the Ollantay Center for the Arts in Queens, New York and Ollantay Theater Magazine.  His papers include records of the Ollantay Center for the Arts in Queens, New York along with a collection of ephemera documenting Hispanic and primarily Cuban theater, literary, and other arts in the area.
CHC0297 Berta Montalvo Papers, 1929-2002Add to your cart.
The papers document activities of Gustavo Gutiérrez y Sánchez, a prominent Cuban exile.  In Cuba (before Castro) he was Secretary of Economy.  He left Cuba in 1959, when Fidel Castro seized power, and went to Argentina, Mexico and finally to Miami where he died in August 1959.  The materials include a typescript of "Exile" with original letters, photographs and documents compiled by Montalvo, a typescript of "Gromyko No Recibio Saludo" ( Un Error de la Associated Press) also compiled by Montalvo,  Official Records of the Third Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations, Part II from 1949, and a pamphlet authored by Montalvo.
CHC5045 Carlos Alberto Montaner Collection, circa 1980s-1990sAdd to your cart.
The Carlos Alberto Montaner Collection includes clippings, books, book reviews, pamphlets, speech transcripts, and an unpublished manuscript by Cuban author Carlos Alberto Montaner (b. 1943).
CHC5135 Hortensia Montero Papers, 1925-1991Add to your cart.
The papers document activities of Hortensia Montero (1909-1998), Cuban mezzosoprano and composer.  Materials include photographs, autographed notes, programs, diplomas, clippings and music scores.
CHC5091 Matías Montes Huidobro Papers, 1959-2002Add to your cart.
The papers document activities of Matías Montes-Huidobro in a capacity of a critic, playwright and a professor of the Department of European Languages of the University of Hawaii.  The materials include typescripts of Montes-Huidobro's play "Exilio," and of his essay, "Claves Significativas de la Literatura Cubana Siglos XVII, XVIII y XIX," as well as, clippings, booklets with writings by Montes-Huidobro and Theatre programs.
CHC5245 José Morell Romero Papers, 1933-2006Add to your cart.

The papers document activities of José Morell Romero.  They illustrate his entry into the fight against Machado as one of the leaders of the Directorio Estudiantil Universitario of 1930, his service as general counsel to the University of Havana and his service in the Grau administration as president of the Retiro Azucarero.  The materials also document Morell Romero's service in the Prío administration as president of the Retiro, administrator of the railroads, administrator of the bus lines and Secretary of Labor, as well as his service as a justice of the Cuban Supreme Court during the period 1950-1960.  Finally, the documents depict Morell Romero's  service as  a leader or member of various exile groups seeking to achieve the liberation of Cuba from 1960s until his death, and his service as provisional president of Cuba in exile under the 1940 Constitution.  The papers contribute to the documentation of the efforts of the Cuban exile community to regain the homeland.  Of particular interest in this regard are those documents that detail efforts that took place in the early 1960s and are being made available to the public perhaps for the first time. One can discern from these documents that the exiles were closer than most may have imagined to securing a post-Bay of Pigs action against the Communist regime.


The materials include documents, photographs, correspondence, meetings minutes, anti-Castro articles, notes, essays and course outlines.  From the Cuba period, the papers contain documents and newspaper clippings that were brought by José Morell Romero from Cuba.  Included in this group is his "Algunos Votos Particulares," a monograph of his dissenting votes during the Batista administration, as well as, dissenting opinions and newspaper clippings from the time period right before and immediately after his resignation from the Cuban Supreme Court in November of 1960.  These documents reflect the deterioration and ultimate destruction of an independent judiciary.

CHC5019 Movimiento Cristiano Liberación Records, 1988-1994Add to your cart.
The records document activities of Movimiento Cristiano Liberación, a movement dedicated to fighting Castro's dictatorship using peaceful measures.  The materials include reports on political, economic and social situation in Cuba, presentations and correspondence.
CHC0140 Alberto Muller Collection, circa 1960sAdd to your cart.

The Alberto Muller Collection contains materials relating to the Bay of Pigs invasion and the Mariel Exodus collected by Cuban writer and journalist Alberto Muller.

Documentation in this collection contains materials related to the Mariel Boatlift, Alberto Muller and the return of Brigade 2506 in December 1962.

CHC0237 Luisa Muñoz del Valle Collection, 1926-1987Add to your cart.
The collection consists of manuscripts, publications, books, clippings and photographs.  Of primary importance is the poetry of Luisa Muñoz del Valle, most of which is unpublished outside of Cuba.
CHC5295 Raul Murciano CollectionAdd to your cart.
This collection consists of various types of phonograph records documenting mostly Cuban and Afrocaribbean popular music, collected by Miami-born musician and composer Raul Murciano (b.1957). Many of the records included in the collection were manufactured in Cuba. Other styles of music represented in the collection: Brazilian music, Latin American Folk music, Jazz.
CHC5316 Music Scores Collection, circa 1850s-2013Add to your cart.

The Music Scores Collection contains publications dating from the late nineteenth century to the present day. It includes art music and popular music scores for various combinations of instruments, from piano or guitar solo to symphonic works with choir. This collection continues to grow as more music scores are added, in alphabetical order of composer.

Most publications in the collection include music by Cuban composers or authors. Others feature Cuban subjects or genres. Some publications are kept in the collection because they were printed in Cuba. Supports range from handwritten staff paper to commercially edited volumes.

The collection is arranged in three series. Series 1 includes all publications with works by a single composer. Series 2 includes all publications with works by multiple composers. Series 3 includes all oversize scores. The collection is distributed in three boxes. Box 1 contains series 1, A-K. Box 2 contains series 1, L-Z and all of series 2. Box 3 contains series 3. Folders within boxes contain all available copies of a single publication. A .pdf file with detailed information (title, composer, author, composition date, copyright date, date of publication, number of pages, genre, instrumentation and comments) about each publication is provided within this finding aid.

Some items in the collection seem to be only surviving copies of certain compositions. The collection offers insights into the music printing process in Cuba, and into the editorial policies followed in music printing after 1959. Art music composed after 1959 is well represented in the collection, as well as an important amount of classical danzones and contradanzas by Cuban masters Cervantes, Romeu and Lecuona.

CHC5394 My Family Project Conchita Espinosa Academy Collection, 2009Add to your cart.
The My Family Project Conchita Espinosa Academy Collection contains family reports and oral history interviews of family members by several students of the Conchita Espinosa Academy.

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