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CHC5074 Carlos M. Raggi CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Carlos M. Raggi Collection consists of the personal papers of Cuban historian Carlos Raggi. It includes manuscripts of his academic papers, as well as family photos, newspaper clippings, comics, diplomas and certifications, and Cuban memorabilia.
CHC5219 José Ignacio Rasco PapersAdd to your cart.
The José Ignacio Rasco papers contain the personal papers of Cuban politician, journalist and exile leader José Ignacio Rasco (1925-2013). Materials include newspaper clippings, correspondence, photographs, reports, scholarly essays, pamphlets, event documents, and handwritten notes, mostly relating to the Partido Demócrata Cristiano, which he founded in 1959 in Cuba and continued the organization in exile. Other materials include notes and essays that Rasco delivered at conferences, scripts from when he hosted Universidad del Aire on Radio Martí in Miami, and clippings of his articles and those of others published in a variety of newspapers and magazines.
CHC5378 Arnaldo Ravelo de Avellaneda Papers, circa 1950s-1979Add to your cart.

The Arnaldo Ravelo de Avellaneda papers contain correspondence, ephemera, clippings, diaries, writings, and photographs and slides of artworks related to the Cuban visual artist and writer, Arnaldo Ravelo de Avellaneda (1929-1979).

The collection of ephemera includes announcements, brochures and promotional materials for Ravelo’s work in galleries in Cuba and the United States. The photographs and slides in this collection visually catalog individual pieces of Ravelo’s painting and sculpture. Clippings from art magazines and newspapers document Ravelo’s work and career as an artist and writer.

Correspondence chronicles Ravelo’s time in Cuba during the late 1950s as well as his studies in Madrid, Spain and stay in Brussels, Belgium. Letters from the 1960s and 1970s document the period that Ravelo lived, studied, and worked in the United States, mainly in New York City and Miami. Correspondents include fellow artists and writers, especially those of René Cordero and Alba Venicia Marlene Zunzunegui, who became the executrix of Ravelo’s estate upon his death in 1979.

A collection of diaries dating from the period 1966 to 1978 contain short entries in date books on daily activities, along with some sketches and poetry. Ravelo also wrote essays, criticism and poetry, and a small group of manuscripts are contained in his papers.

CHC5092 Rosa Ravelo CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Rosa Ravelo papers include newspapers and clippings, mostly on prominent Cuban legal issues, from the Diario las Americas, El Nuevo Herald, and others. Also included are handwritten notes and correspondence, select Gaceta pages, periodicals including Representacion Cubana del Exilio, academic papers, academic certification, and an plaque awarded to Ravelo.
CHC0280 Juan del Regato CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Juan A. del Regato collection consists of theses, publications, awards, lectures, and general information pertaining to several Cuban medical students who graduated from the Université de Paris from 1929 to 1940, among other material found in Juan A. del Regato personal papers. This collection consists of five boxes, and is arranged in four series.
CHC5329 Ariel Remos Papers, 1970-2012Add to your cart.
The Ariel Remos Papers contain the personal papers of Cuban journalist Ariel Remos (d. 2013). They include extensive newspaper and online publication clippings, as well as essays, official reports, periodicals and pamphlets for which Remos wrote, correspondence with other writers and intellectuals in exile, photographs, and audiovisual material. The majority of the materials relate to Remos' time as a Cuban exile journalist and intellectual in Miami, Florida.
CHC5249 Juan Jose Remos PapersAdd to your cart.
The Juan Jose Remos Papers contain the personal documents of Cuban journalist and politician Juan Jose Remos. They include clippings, correspondence, books on Cuban literature and poetry, booklets, scrapbooks, photographs, posters, and unpublished manuscripts. The clippings and written material are mostly collected from Remos' time in exile, written by him and others, detailing Cuban exile culture and political sentiment in Miami. Some material from Remos' time in the Cuban government, mostly photos and correspondence, is also available.
CHC5257 Repertorio Español RecordsAdd to your cart.

The Repertorio Español records contain the organizational papers of Repertorio Español, a New York-based Spanish-language theater company active from the late 1960s to the present.

The collection contains audiovisual materials including DVDs with television commercials; media coverage; and excerpts, scenes and full performances as well as non-theatre related footage. The collection also consists of fundraising records, show files, photographs, clippings, programs and scrapbooks documenting the operation of the theater. A recent donation included audio and video cassettes.

Series one contains showfiles related to various Repertorio Español productions, which include clippings, ephemera, photograhs and some promotional materials and is arranged primarily by production name. Series two contains materials relating to productions on tour, which mostly contain administrative documents outlinging contracts, correspondence and publications detailing and publicizing the tours. Series three contains materials relating to promotion of Repertorio Español's productions and outreach to the greater community and is arranged by production name. Series four contains materials related to the fundraising that the organization did, including grant applications and outreach to funders. Series 5 contains correspondence files maintained by Repertorio on their interactions with community organizations, actors, writers and other artists; it is arranged by name of correspondent and organization. Series six contains clipping files maintained by Repertorio Españal on productions and news featuring the organization's work in the community; it is organized by publication title and date. Series seven contains audiovisual recordings of performances and recordings of media outlets on a variety of formats, including reel-to-reel, cassette tapes, VHS tapes, and DVDs. Series 8 contains files of slides and contact sheets of Repertio Español performances, actors, and events; this series is arranged by performance name and actor name.

The original order of these files as kept by Repertorio Español have been maintained in most cases. Some inventories of audiovisual materials are available; please contact the Archivist for more information.

CHC5321 Restaurant Ephemera collectionAdd to your cart.

The Restaurant Ephemera collection contains food industry ephemera including restaurant, bakery and cafeteria menus, brochures, flyers, clippings and miscellaneous objects from eating establishments in Cuba and its diaspora.

The collection also contains souvenir items produced by restaurants in Cuba including group portraits from restaurants and nightclubs such as Rancho Luna and Sans Soucí, coasters from La Bodeguita del Medio and Tropicana napkins (reproduced in exile).

CHC0162 Revista Cubana RecordsAdd to your cart.
The Revista Cubana records contain personal papers of Cuban historian Carlos Ripoll, as well as documents pertaining to the publication of the Revista Cubana. Included are correspondence, both personal and professional, subscription lists, publication content, scholarly essays and reports, library material, articles on Cuban library practices, and a plaque of earth from Dos Rios, Cuba, gifted to Ripoll from Luis Garcia Pascual.
CHC0513 Ralph Rewes Papers, 1986-1994Add to your cart.
The Ralph Rewes papers consist of unpublished manuscripts of books written by Ralph Rewes, Cuban exile living in Hialeah, Florida.  The manuscripts include "'America' Misunderstood",  "The Opinionated Memoirs of a Cuban Youth" and "El Diario de Frank Rodríguez - Mi Primer Día.
CHC0158 Rosario Rexach Papers, 1917-2002Add to your cart.
The Rosario Rexach papers document professional activities of Rosario Rexach, a deceased Cuban exile author of books and essays on Spanish and Latin-American literature and art with focus on Cuba's history and literature.  Materials include manuscripts, correspondence, clippings, typescripts from conferences, programs, certificates, articles and photographs.
CHC5416 Santiago Rey Pema papers, 1950-1992Add to your cart.
The papers include correspondence from Joaquin Balaguer, former President of the Dominican Republic (1960s-1970s) addressed to his friend, Santiago Rey Pema, in exile in Miami. The collection also includes Mr. Rey Pema's birth certificate, his curriculum vitae (up to the 1950s), a prison sentence for his son in Cuba (1961) as well as photographs and clippings related to Mr. Rey Pema.
CHC0371 Reynaldo Rey Collection, 1989-1993Add to your cart.
The Reynaldo Rey collection consists of programs, a poster and a music album of a Cuban singer, Reynaldo Rey, who has received several awards for his performances in Cuba, Latin America and in Miami.
CHC0287 Manuel Rionda Papers, 1881-1882Add to your cart.
The Manuel Rionda papers reflect activities of a sugar baron, Manuel Rionda, Spanish-born master of two important Cuban sugar mills and chair of the major U.S. sugar brokerage firm of Czarnikow-Rionda.  Rionda was a businessman associated with Cuba, New York and Santo Domingo.  The majority of materials include bills of ladings Rionda used to conduct his shipping business between New York and Cuba and Santo Domingo.  Correspondence and other official documents are also included in this collection.
CHC5267 Rafael F. Risco PapersAdd to your cart.
The Rafael F. Risco papers are comprised of documents regarding Risco's involvement with the Rescate Revolucionario Democrático counter-revolutionary organization in exile. These materials include biographical materials, photographs, and correspondence between members of the organization.
CHC0549 Valentín Rivas Photograph Collection, ca. 1900Add to your cart.
The Valentín Rivas photograph collection includes photographs of streets, fortifications and other Havana sites, ca. 1900.
CHC5309 Felipe Rivera Papers, circa 1930s-1940sAdd to your cart.
The Felipe Rivera papers contain fourteen manuscript theater scripts written by Cuban writer Felipe Rivera.
CHC0316 Pablo le Riverend CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Pablo le Riverend collection contains the personal papers of poet Pablo le Riverend. It includes books authored and annotated by le Riverend, articles written about him, unpublished manuscripts, and an event poster.
CHC5026 Marco Rizo Papers, circa 1950-1999Add to your cart.
The Marco Rizo papers contains materials related to Rizo's latter years as a musician and founder of SAMPI (The Marco Rizo Latin American Music Project) and his role as a composer and arranger of Cuban rhythms. A small of selection of audiovisual materials are also part of the papers.
CHC5362 Roberto Vale Ares Papers, 1962-1964Add to your cart.

The Roberto Vale Ares papers contain personal papers from late 20th century Cuban activist Roberto Vale Ares.

Vale Ares was a member of Comandos L and Alpha 66, among other Miami, Florida-based groups. The collection includes correspondence, clippings and notes from his guerilla operations, as well as statutes, articles, and propaganda from Comandos L.

CHC5053 Raquel & Ruth Robés CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Raquel & Ruth Robes Collection contains photographs of school life in pre-revoultionary Cuba, as well as school pamphlets and memorabilia. It also contains certifications for schoolteachers Raquel and Ruth Robes. Certificates and oversized materials are found in the poster drawer.
CHC0475 Jim Robinson Photograph CollectionAdd to your cart.
The collection consists of photographic reproductions of magazine covers and popular Cuban product advertisements, taken from the periodicals holdings of the Cuban Heritage Collection.
CHC0387 Erundina Rocha Music Papers, 1928-1992Add to your cart.
The Erundina Rocha Music Papers consist of music scores by Erundina Rocha, Ernesto Lecuona and other composers as well as clippings, photographs, pamphlets, programs and publications.  The collection is arranged into three series in five boxes.
CHC5323 Roberto Rodríguez de Aragón Papers, 1970s-2000sAdd to your cart.
The Roberto Rodríguez de Aragón Papers contains personal papers relating to Cuban academic and politician Roberto Rodríguez de Aragón (1927-2012). Materials include unpublished manuscripts of political discourse; family and professional correspondence and cassettes and video tapes of Junta Patriótica; various published writings, speeches, diplomas, funeral cards, clippings, books; and family and social photographs.
CHC5415 Alfredo Rodríguez Estévez papers, 1940-1961Add to your cart.
The papers include 1 diploma for Alfredo Rodríguez Estévez from Escuela Profesional de Comercio, Habana; 1 diploma for Rodríguez Estévez from Universidad de la Habana; 1 photo album from Casino de Capri, Havana; documents (1961) certifying the conduct and character of Rodríguez Estévez while he was an employee at the National Bank of Havana.
CHC0467 Justo Rodríguez Santos CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Justo Rodriguez Santos Collection contains the personal papers of poet Justo Rodriguez Santos, including manuscripts of poems dated 1937-1974, books including El Diapason del Ventisquero, Los Naipes Conjurados, and Las Operas del Sueño. It also includes a eulogy by Octavio R. Costa.
CHC5253 Delfín Rodríguez Silva Papers, 1959-2009Add to your cart.
The papers document activities of Delfín Rodríguez Silva as a reporter. The bulk of materials includes two scrapbooks with articles published by newspapers, mostly in New York and in other North-Eastern cities in the United States, about various Cuban organizations during the early years of exile.  The materials also include a report written by Rodríguez Silva and clippings about Cuban birds.
CHC5282 Antonio Orlando Rodríguez Papers, 1975-2008Add to your cart.

The Antonio Orlando Rodríguez Papers consist of original manuscripts, notes, and literary annotations related to Rodríguez's works; editorial contracts; prizes and awards; videos of interviews; publicity materials for the novels Aprendices de brujo (2005) and Chiquita (2007); and press releases.

This collection provides insight into the writing process of Rodríguez, giving the researcher access to the manuscripts, research materials and notes he compiled while writing four of his books: Abuelita Milagro (1977), Romerillo en la cabeza (2006), Aprendices de brujo (2005) and Chiquita (2008). Rodríguez also collected playbills, photographs and catalogs for theater and art exhibitions in the United States and Cuba.

CHC0335 Emilio Gaspar Rodriguez Papers, 1914-1939Add to your cart.
The Emilio Gaspar Rodríguez Papers consist of correspondence, articles, books, conferences, periodical publications, and photographs among other material. This collection contains 76 folders in 4 boxes and is arranged in two series.
CHC0163 Rodrigo Rodríguez Papers, 1902-1987Add to your cart.
The collection consists of photocopies of articles about the Dumois family and the heritage of the Banes Municipality in the Province of Holguín in Cuba.
CHC5304 Sergio Rodríguez Papers, 1988-2007Add to your cart.
The Sergio Rodríguez Papers contain booklets, pamphlets, and maps; periodicals; state and university reports; audiovisual materals and correspondence from Rodríguez's tenure at the University of Miami.
CHC5173 Alexis Rodriguez-Duarte in Collaboration with Humberto "Tico" Torres Photography Collection, 1993-2012Add to your cart.

The Alexis Rodriguez-Duarte in collaboration with Humberto "Tico" Torres photography collection contains exhibition material, photographs and published works created by Cuban-born photographer Alexis Rodriguez-Duarte (b. 1962) in collaboration with Tico Torres.

The collection includes biographical and professional information on Rodriguez-Duarte; press releases and invitations to exhibitions of the photographer's work; and copies of publications that have featured his photography. The collection also contains signed copies of Americanos: Latino Life in the United States (1999) and Presenting Celia Cruz (2004).

CHC5403 Julio Rodríguez-Luis Papers, 1966-1998Add to your cart.
The Julio Rodríguez-Luis papers contain correspondence from Roberto Fernández Retamar of Casa de las Américas in Havana, Cuba to Cuban exile Spanish literature scholar Julio Rodríguez-Luis (b. 1937). The letters and faxes discuss their work as writers and scholars. The correspondence also details Casa de las Américas projects with Cuban writers on the island.
CHC0458 Humberto Rodríguez Tomeu Papers, 1944-1994Add to your cart.
The collection consists of correspondence from a Cuban writer, Anita Arroyo to Julia Rodríguez Tomeu, letters from Cuban intellectuals, which were part of a personal archive of Dr. Néstor Carbonell, who was an Ambassador of Cuba in Buenos Aires, typescript of a play and short story by Rodríguez-Tomeu.
CHC5216 Teresa María Rojas Papers, 1953-2008Add to your cart.

This collection documents the activities of Teresa María Rojas in her capacity as a theater actress, theater professor at Miami-Dade College (MDC, also formerly known as Miami-Dade Community College) for more than 30 years and the founder of the Prometeo Student Theater Group.

The majority of the materials document Rojas' role as artistic director of the Prometeo Theater and the success of the students who performed in it.  Portfolios and reviews contain information regarding her teaching at MDC, in the capacity of the director of the Prometeo Theater and an instructor.  The papers contain scrapbooks chronicling her work as the director of the Prometeo Theater from 1985.  The collection also documents her professsional work as an actress in Miami, Cuba and other Latin American countries. Her performances in various acclaimed productions are documented by clippings and photographs.  Rojas measured her own success as a professor and artistic director of Prometeo by the success of her students.  She played the engaging and lighthearted role of Ofelia in "Ana in the Tropics".  As Ofelia, Rojas took on a similar matronly role as the one she had among her students at MDC.

Selected photographs, playbills, programs, letters, and clippings from the collection are available on the University of Miami Digital Collections portal under the CHC Theater Collections tab.

CHC5288 Rolando Moreno PapersAdd to your cart.
The collection includes three costume designs produced by Rolando Moreno in 1987. Drawn with watercolor and pen, the images provide insight into the director’s creative process.
CHC5339 Enrique Ros Papers, 1947-2013Add to your cart.
The Enrique Ros Papers contain the papers of Cuban historian, writer and activist Enrique Ros (1924-2013) primarily regarding his participation in the Movimeinto Democrático Cristiano (Christian Democratic Movement). This collection consists of one box of articles and scripts, pamphlets, clippings, photos and political and personal correspondence.
CHC5174 Ileana Ros-Lehtinen CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Ileana Ros-Lehtinen Collection contains clippings, brochures, and campaign material from U.S. Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.
CHC5275 Guillermo Rosales Papers, 1952-2004Add to your cart.

The Guillermo Rosales Papers contain writings and personal effects of Guillermo Rosales (1946-1993), late 20th century Cuban writer and journalist.

The collection contains manuscripts for various novels written by Rosales, including Júralo por Stalin, El Bunker Fantasma and El juego de la viola (1968), as well as articles and clippings written by and about him, respectively. The collection also contains correspondence; certificates and awards, including Rosales' first prize honor in the University of Miami's Letras de Oro literary competition; and an accompanying scrapbook with photographs of the event.

CHC5120 Teobaldo Rosell PapersAdd to your cart.
The Teobaldo Rosell Papers contain documents written and collected by Dr. Teobaldo Rosell, former President of Gulf & Western Industries. They include newspaper clippings on the activities of Gulf & Western, particularly in the Dominican Republic from 1967-1978, as well as a series of manuscripts entitled Discursos y Alocuciones del Dr. Rosell.
CHC0166 Roseñada CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Roseñada Collection consists of the personal papers of Cuban caricaturist Jose Manuel Roseñada. The collection includes photographs, paintings, caricatures and comics, original sketches, and a copy of Zig-Zag magazine containing the artist's work.
CHC5386 Rosendo Rosell Papers, 1930-2006Add to your cart.
The Rosendo Rosell Papers contain documents related to Cuban actor Rosendo Rosell (1918-2010). They include photographs, clippings, and reviews of his films and television shows, as well as articles and manuscripts written by him. The second donation of materials include plaques, cassette tapes, correspondence, theater ephemera, musical scores, posters, scripts, and magazines.
CHC0490 Eugenio Rothe Papers, 1992-2002Add to your cart.
The Rothe Papers consists of photocopies of conference papers and journal articles written by Eugenio Rothe, M.D., professor of Clinical Psychology and Behavioral Sciences in the University of Miami School of Medicine, about post-traumatic stress disorder and other psychological disorders among Cuban exiles in South Florida.
CHC0169 Carmen Rovira CollectionAdd to your cart.
The Carmen Rovira Collection contains the personal papers of twentieth century Cuban librarian Carmen Rovira. It includes library materials, editorial pieces, clippings, correspondence, documents from the Colegio Nacional de Biblotecarios Cubanos en Exilio, reports on libraries in Cuba and the United States, and an obituary.
CHC5305 Rubén Ortiz-Lamadrid ScrapbookAdd to your cart.
The Rubén Ortiz-Lamadrid Scrapbook contains a scrapbook of article clippings authored by journalist Rubén Ortiz-Lamadrid.
CHC0559 Rafael Rubio Padilla Collection, 1985-1995Add to your cart.
The Rafael Rubio Padilla Collection contains numerous news clippings on various subjects related to Cuba and the Cuban exile community, from 1985-1995.
CHC0411 Manuel Ruiz Barrera Photograph Collection, 1993-1994Add to your cart.
The collection consists of photographs of Camagüey, Cienfuegos, and Havana, Cuba taken by Manuel Ruiz Barrera, a professional photographer and part-owner of Imageland Photography in Miami.
CHC5054 Rumbaut Family Scrapbook, 1927-1966Add to your cart.
The scrapbook titled "Bienvenido Rumbaut" includes caricatures, photographs, autographs etc., of Cuban personalities.
CHC5293 Ruston Academy Records, 1928-2012Add to your cart.

The Ruston Academy Records contain materials related to the Ruston Academy, a bilingual American school founded in Havana, Cuba, in 1920. It also contains the administrative files of the Ruston-Baker Educational Institution, Inc., a group of alumni and friends organized to plan for a possible re-opening of the school in a post-Revolutionary Cuba. Other materials include photographs, programs, directories and correspondence documenting the history of Ruston Academy alumni reunions held in the United States from 1975 to 2012.

The Ruston Academy records are arranged into three series. Series 1, Ruston Academy, contains ephemera, publications, correspondence and alumni directories; Series 2, Ruston-Baker Educational Institution, Inc. administrative files documents the administrative history of the organization with correspondence, meeting minutes and subject files related to RBEI, Inc. projects; and Series 3, James and Sibyl Baker papers, contain personal papers related to Ruston Academy directors, James and Sibyl Baker, including anniversary and memorial tributes and the manuscripts for James Baker's book on the history of Ruston Academy, Ruston: From Dreams to Reality (2007).

Ruston Academy yearbooks from 1940 to 1960, ephemera and photographs of the school and school functions, school publications, and photographs from alumni reunions have been digitized and are availabe via the University of Miami Digital Collections.

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