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Arva Moore Parks collection, 1896-2005 | University of Miami Special Collections

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Collection Overview

Title: Arva Moore Parks collection, 1896-2005Add to your cart.

ID: ASM0464

Creator: Arva Parks

Extent: 19.0 Boxes

Scope and Contents of the Materials

Assorted publications: booklets, pamphlets, post cards, guides about Miami. The collection also includes books, magazines, photographs and maps about Miami and South Florida.

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[Box 20: Miami],

Box 1: MiamiAdd to your cart.
Folder 1: Brochures and Pamphlets, n.dAdd to your cart.
A Guide to Black Miami; Historical Adventures; Magic of a New Decade; A. Lowell Hunt's Florida Guide; Come Along with Miami (2); Downtown Miami Fascinating; Florida's Food-Fruits SealdSweet Oranges and Grapefruit; Welcome to Miami & the Beach; Important Visitor Information and Tips.
Folder 2: Brochures and Pamphlets, 1987, n.dAdd to your cart.
Now That You've Seen the Magic Kingdom; Accommodations, Dining and Attractions Guide, Mayors The Fine Art of Giving, The Geographia Map of West Indies, Miami's for Me, A Dade Country Country Home, Tropical Miami, Historic Places (2), Greater Miami Official Tour Map official publication of Miami-Metro department of publicitiy & tourism.
Folder 3: Programs/Brochures, 1990, 1991, n.dAdd to your cart.
Real Miami Tours; Downtown Miami Departments; Brickell The Address of Success; Miami You Belong in the City; The Beacon Council Honors Miami/ Dade County's Cornerstone Companies; Avision The Downtown Miami Master Plan; Coral Gables House.
Folder 4: Programs/Brochures, 1996,  n.dAdd to your cart.
Alhambra Towers; The Miami Centennial Hall, La Salle High School; 1856 Military Road map of South Florida; Birth of the New Miami; Downtown Development Authority; MIami Sunshine of America.
Folder 5: Stationary, n.dAdd to your cart.
The Forgotten Frontier.
Folder 6: Postcards, n.dAdd to your cart.
Assorted Christmas Postcards.
Folder 7: Newspaper Clippings, 1930-1972Add to your cart.
All related to Miami Events.
Folder 8: Miscellaneous Items, 1987, n.dAdd to your cart.
Flags, Drawing, and Program for Conserving Miami's Heritage.
Box 2: Miami 1AAdd to your cart.
Folder 1: Guide Books, 1997Add to your cart.
Greater Miami & the Beacher 1997 Visitors Guide; Miami Business Profile 1997.
Folder 2: Newsletter, 1991Add to your cart.
City News Miami DDA Spring 1991.
Folder 3: Beacon Council Convention Program, 1997Add to your cart.
The Beacon Council 1997 Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau Destinational Presentation World Press Institute.
Folder 4: Booklet, 1976Add to your cart.
A Summary of the Bicentennial Observation in Dade County, Florida 1976.
Folder 5: Guide Book, 1998Add to your cart.
Greater Miami & the Beacher Vacation Planner 1998.
Folder 6: Commemorative Program, 1976Add to your cart.
Hooray U.S.A Commemorative Program Miami Beach, Florida July 1776-1976.
Folder 7: Bumper Stickers and Book Pages, n.dAdd to your cart.
4 Bumper Stickers and 2 Book Pages.
Folder 8: Calendars, 1989,1994,1995Add to your cart.
1989 Miiami Memoirs Calendar; 1994 Miami-Dade County African-American History Calendar; Greater Miami Calendar of Events July-December 1995.
Folder 9: Brochures, 1991; n.dAdd to your cart.
Various Brochures relating to Miami attractions, mainly the beach.
Folder 10: Pamphlet and Printout, 1936, 1953Add to your cart.
Dade County Milestone Estelle C. Overstreet 1936, and Jackson Memorial Hospital School of Nursing Circular of Information.
Folder 11: Newsletters, 1998Add to your cart.
City News Volume 1 Issue 3; Volume 2 Issue 1; Volume 2 Issue 2; Volume 2 Issue 3.
Folder 12: Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau, 1997Add to your cart.
Miami Beach brochures and Map; Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau.
Box 3: Miami 1BAdd to your cart.
Folder 1: Pamphlets, 1997, 1998, n.dAdd to your cart.
Citizen's Guide to Miami-Dade Country Public School 1997-98 Adopted Budget; Florida Women's Hall of Fame; Statistical Highlights 1997-98; MDCPS New Directions June 1998; Key Biscayne Heritage Trail; Cape Florida Lighthouse; Progress Report 1988-1998; Greater Miami & The Beaches' African American/Caribbean Resource Guide; Vizcaya An Italian Palace in Miami; Viscaya Spend a Day in the XVI Century; Seminole Okalee Indian Village & Musuem; Everglades Jungle Cruise Combination Trip; Virrick Community Water Sports Center; New Uncle Sam Florida's Greatest Marine Cruise.
Folder 2: Brochures, 1998, 1999, n.dAdd to your cart.
Greater Miami Guide Book and History to The Magic City; Viscaya Dade County Art Museum (2); Viscaya The Spriti of An Era; Arts & Culture Calendar of Events in Greater Miami and the Beaches 1998; Arts & Culture Calendar of Events 1999 (2); Jungle Cruise Everglades Miami River Biscayne Bay; Looking Forward to the Past; HIspanic Heritage Festival October 1988; Everglades Hotel; Musa Isle Home of the Seminole Indians; Americas Miami.
Folder 3: Magazine, 1938Add to your cart.
Florida Keys Star Magazine Highway Edition
Folder 4: Performing Arts Center Foundation of Greater Miami, 1999Add to your cart.
Greeting Card Performing Arts Center Foundation of Greater Miami; Performing Arts Center Foundating of Greater Miami A Ground Breaking Gala Evening May 1, 1999 Folder.
Folder 5: Large Brochure, n.dAdd to your cart.
Two Tequesta Point on Brickell key
Folder 6: Programs and Brochures, 1995, 1998, 1999Add to your cart.
Urban League of Greater Miami, INC. 55; Art Deco Weekend Ocean Drive, Miami Beach Jan. 15-18, 1999; The Miami Circle- Miami Dade County Saving the past for the future August 31, 1998; Art Deco Weekend January 13, 14, 15, 1995; Brickell (2); The Miami Times Gala Program Hyatt Regency Miami Saturday September 12, 1998 (2); Dead Heritage Days First Annual Souvenir Program; Albita en concierto.
Folder 7: Newsletters, 1937, 1999, n.dAdd to your cart.
Florida Compliments of the State of Florida Department of Agriculture Bureau of Immigration; This Week in Greater Miami June 1937; Dade County Florida; Miami A City of Sound Investments; Street Talk Second Quarter 1999; City News Miami Volume 3 Issue 1-1st Quarter 1999; City News Miami Volume 3 Issue 2-2nd quater 1999; The Piculture Greater Miami 1999 (2); Blueprint Miami The One Community One Goal Project
Folder 8: Miscellaneous, 1937, 1947, 1948, 1998, n.dAdd to your cart.
Miami Edison High School Band & Orchestra 1947-48 Hand Book and Directory; 1937 Where Today? Let's See "The Sausage Tree"; Planning the Greater Miami for Tomorrow by George E. Merrick 1937; Save Miami Circle bumper sticker; Commencement Exercises of the Miami edison Senior High School Summer School; The First SIx Months The Oversight Committee's Report of Accomplishments July 1998; Map Crossroads Florida; Resourceful Rehab.
Box 4: Miami 1CAdd to your cart.
Folder 1: Guidebooks and Maps, 1949, 2000, n.dAdd to your cart.
Art Deco Weekend Miami Beach 2000; 1949 Miami & coral Gables Street Map and Shopping Guide; Greater Miami & the Beaches' African American/ Caribbean Resource Guide; Dade Heritage Days 2000; BayNanza Calendar of Events; Viscaya An Italian Palazzo in a tropical setting; Handbook of the House Formal Gardens and Fountains of Vizcaya; Mills' guide How to get there in Greater Miami; Miami at the Millennium a thousand years of change; Map of Metropolitan Miami; Flowing Florida.
Folder 2: Brochures, 1999, 2000, n.dAdd to your cart.
Miami Dade Calendar of Events November 1999; The Barnacle State Historic Site; Bridging Our Past to the New Millenium; Viscaya Membership; Univeristy of Miami Coral Gables, Florida; The First Annual Cuban Film Festival; In Miami Fabulous Viscaya; Forty Third Annual Viscayan Ball; Preservation Week national Trust for Historic Preservation.
Folder 3: Photos, n.dAdd to your cart.
John Gillan photography, photos in small folder/box
Folder 4: Calendars, 2000-2001Add to your cart.
Bob Graham Working for Florida 2001; 2000 Austin Weeks Calendar; Miami 2000; African American Hisotry 2000-2001; 2000-2001 Season Calendar of Resident Company Performances.
Folder 5: Magazines/ Newsletters, 1946,1947, 2000, n.dAdd to your cart.
The Villager September 15, 1946; The Villager January 15, 1947; The Villager September 1, 1946; The Villager October 1, 1946; Your Thoroughbred College; City News Miai Volume 1 Issue 1 3rd Quarter 2000; The Roxcy O'Neal Bolton Women's History Gallery;
Folder 6: Programs and Invitations/MiscellaneousAdd to your cart.
Third Annual Mayor's Ball to benefit our community through united way; The Women's Park Founders Committee celebrates Women's Equality Day August 26, 1996; Invitation to Bob Graham announcement 2003; Invitation to reception for Bob Graham 2003; Papaya The Tropical Tree-Melon (2); Dacing at the Biscayne Ballroom; Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce invites its members to a VIP cocktail reception; Miami Edison vs West Palm Beach October 16, 1941; Mayor Joe Carollo invites you to Clsoing Celebration 1999; Marlins Baseball Club intites you to Mayor Welcome Reception 1999; Second Century Fund please join us for an important announcement September 22, 1999.
Box 5: Miami 1DAdd to your cart.
Folder 1: Pamphlets and Brochures 2000, 2001; n.dAdd to your cart.
Park and Recreation Department Key Biscayne Golf Links; Greynolds Park; Official Program for the 15th annual Miami $10,000 open golf tournmanet; Venetian Diamon Ball February 2, 2001; Miami High Hall of Fame 9th Annual Induction Ceremonies March 4, 2000; Metrozoo Open Seven Days a Week; Tropical Miami Greater Miami and the Beaches; Key Biscayne Island Paradise; The Official Downtown Miami Walking Map & Guide; Shop Miami Your Guide to a Tropical Shopping Adventure; Sonesta Key Biscayne; See What's up! Miami Downtown Directory; The Ocean Club Key Biscayne; Miami Robert Clay Hotel; Downton Miami Partnership, Inc; Downtown Miami Parnership, Inc; Miami Museum of Science; Miami Museum of Science & Space Transit Planetarium; Art Deco Weekend January 21, 2001
Folder 2: Newsletters, 2000, 2001Add to your cart.
City News Miami Volume 1 Issue 1 2000; Florida Urban Renaissance Downtwon Miami Main Street; City News Miami Volume 1 issue 1, 2001
Folder 3: Information Books, 1997, 1999, 2000Add to your cart.
DDA Miami YEar 2000 Fast Track Transportation Initiative November 1, 1999; Chamber of COmmerce Directory 1997;
Folder 4: Maps, n.dAdd to your cart.
Map to the City of Miami; Univeristy of Miami School of Architecture;
Folder 5: Information Books, 1923, 1999Add to your cart.
American Builder; Greater Chamber Miami of Commerce Membership Directory 1999;
Folder 6: Miscellaneous, 2001; n.dAdd to your cart.
2001 Women's History Calendar; Envelope from City of Miami Florida Department of public facilities marine stadium (2); Breakfast Hotel Royal Palm Biscayne Bay Menu; Ad for Metal roofing
Box 6: Miami 1EAdd to your cart.
Folder 1: Pamphlets, 1981, 1983, 1988, 1989; n.dAdd to your cart.
Visitors Guide June 5-7, 1981 Miami Beach; Musa Isle Home of the Seminole Indians; Seven Seas SIghseeing Cruise Miami Beach; The New Island Queen Sighsteeing Cruise; Transition Miami Forum Club; Tropical Dreams the Historical Musuem of Southern Florida; OFficial map of Greater Miami 1983 (2); Miami's Rare Bird Farm; Sightseeing Boat Nikko II Cruising the Tropic Wawers of Biscayne Bay; Planet Ocean Miami Florida (2); Welcome 2 Miami downtown; Oak Leaves a magazine edited by William Feather; Th State of the City 1988-1989; Preservation Week may 10-16, 1998.
Folder 2: Flyers, 1997Add to your cart.
Range and Gibson Speak out on Miami's Black District 1997; Robert Parks on September 4, Vote 1997; Votomatic Sample Ballot; Don't Forget Thursday Septebmer 4th Vote Yes to Save Miami 1997.
Folder 3: Miscellaenous, 1998Add to your cart.
Zissens Bowery Drink Menu;  Summary Miami Model City Physical Program; World WIngs International 1998 Calendar-The Pan Am Family.
Box 7: Miami 1FAdd to your cart.
Folder 1: Pamphlets and Brochures, 1950, 2001, 2002, n.dAdd to your cart.
Downtown Miami Historic Walking Map & Business Directory; Viscaya Museum & Gardens; Dade Heritage Days 2001; Miami The Year 'Round City; Around the World with the Goodyear Blimps; Miami River the Working River; Everglades Exploitation Conservation 2002; Billie Swamp Safari Everglades Eco-Tours; Seminole Tribe of Florida Museum; Membership Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum; The Arc's of School SIte Selection (2); Heritage Tours Miami (2); Miami Guide and Pryor's Band Program; Souvenir of Miami MIami Beach and Coral Gables Florida; Flight 1950 Welcome to Miami Intenational Airport
Folder 2: Calendars, 2001, 2002Add to your cart.
UF Alumni Association Calendar 2002; Performing Arts Center Foundation of Greater Miami 2001-2002 Season; 2002 Women's History Calendar
Folder 3: Hotel Miller Items, n.dAdd to your cart.
Hotel Miller Letters with blanks sheets of note papers, hotel miller ad, and a thank you note
Folder 4: Programs, 1999, n.dAdd to your cart.
Viscaya Dade County Art Musuem; Edaw SUmmer Student Program '99; Where are you going to college?
Folder 5: MIscellaneous, 1996, 2003, n.dAdd to your cart.
UM School of Music Celebrating 75 Years of Musical and Academic Excellence; Acting Problems by Judith Berke; Invitation to the Miami Centennial Ball 1996; 2 membership cards to the Historical Museum of Southern Florida 2003; Invoice from Railey-Milam Inc. Hardward building material house furnishings; Letter from Young Men's Christian Association; Letter from McAllister Hotel; Revised Street Map of Greater Miami
Box 8: Miami 1GAdd to your cart.
Folder 1: Pamphlets and Brochures, n.dAdd to your cart.
MIami The S.S. H.F. Alexander; Nassau Miami Merchants & Miners Line; CocoWalk Shopping, Dining & Entertainment!; Diverse Galleries At One Commodore Plaza location; Monkey Jungle; Miami Dade County Voting Instructions; Summit Brickell; Newsletter Winter 2003;
Folder 2: Programs and Guides, 1939, 2001, 2002, n.dAdd to your cart.
Viernes Culturales en la Historica Pequena Habana; Indian river County Cultural Guide & Map; Miami Visitor's Map and Guide; See South Florida Summer 2002; Robert E. Lee vs Miami Edison 1939; Accent Miami Issue 1 2001; EcoGuide EcoWatch Environmental Awareness; The Miami Police Department Gala 1996; Revival! An Overtown Resource Directory
Folder 3: Reports, 1993-2001Add to your cart.
Miami Police Department Annual Report Miami 1997; A Comprehensive Guide to Metro-Dade County Park & Recreation; Striving for Excellence 1995 Annual Report; CIty of MIami Police Department 1993 Annual report; MIami Police Department Annual report 1999-2000; MIami Police Department 1994; Miami Police Department A century of Service 1996; A Bright, Great Bay Police Development Committee January 2001; June Miami 1995; An Exhitibtion Commemorating the Events of 9/11; Miami Police Department 1998 Annual Report;
Folder 4: Miscellaneous, 2002-2003, n.dAdd to your cart.
Vote No to discrimination bumper stricker September 10, 2002; 2002-2003 Season Calendar of Resident Company Performances; N.L.A.P.W Authors' breakfast menu; San Regis Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge;
Box 9: Miami 1HAdd to your cart.
Folder 1: Photo Album, 1940sAdd to your cart.
Our Honeymoon Album Miami Florida 1940s
Folder 2: Magazine, 1972Add to your cart.
Democrats in Convention 1972
Folder 3: Reports, 1995-2002Add to your cart.
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department September 1996; Port of Miami Official Directory 1995; Dade Community Foundation 2001 Annual Report; Dade Community Foundation 1997 Annual Report Our 13th Anniversary; "One City...One Future" State of the City Report 2002;
Folder 4: Calendars, 1999, 2003Add to your cart.
Greater Miami Calendar of Events 1999; Miami High's 100th Anniversary 2003
Folder 5: Miscellaneous, 2003, n.dAdd to your cart.
Invincible Miami-The Wonder City, Miami by the Sea; Program for Mayor Manual A. Diaz 2nd State of the City Address March 2003; Pictures + Description of mediterranean architecture in Florida John S. Swift, MIami Beach, FL
Box 10: Miami 1IAdd to your cart.
Folder 1: CalendarAdd to your cart.
Season Calendar of Resident Company Performances 2003-2004; 2004 Calendar United States Senate
Folder 2: 1932-2003Add to your cart.
Beach and Town Visitor the Resort Magazine of South Florida 1932; Variety Magazine 2003;
Folder 3: Programs, 1941, n.dAdd to your cart.
Greater Miami & the Beaches Map; The Viscayas celebates the 50th anniversary of Viscaya...the Musuem; Navy Day Oct. 27 1941
Folder 4: Cards, n.dAdd to your cart.
Cards, each have envelope
Folder 5: Brochures and Pamphlets, 1999-2003, n.dAdd to your cart.
A Self Guide to Miami's Riverfront Historic District; Tropical Everglades Visitor Center; Historic LIttle Havana Cultural Core; Miami Architecture; Brickell & Key Biscayne the Official map; Cultural Guide Greater Miami and the Beaches; Miami-Dade County Office of Historic Preservation; The Viscayans Newsletter Vol No. 90 Summer 2000; The Vizcayans Newsletter Vol. No. 87 Fall 1996; Committed Democrats; Tropical everglades Visitor Association; Calendar of Events October 2002-March 2003; Everglades; Everglades National Park; Art Fla Discover Florida's Real Treasures; South Beach Divers; Tropical Florida
Folder 6: Miscellaenous, 1935; 2003, n.dAdd to your cart.
2003 Greater Miami Convention & VIsitors Bureau; A Collection of Desire; Jeb Bush Bumper Stickers; Buyers rushing to One Miami; Florida Images (nd) (4); Air Guide for Miami Flroida 1935; Newspaper APril 23, 2003 Miamibeaches (2); SSP 2002 EDAW Make A Difference
Box 11: Miami 1JAdd to your cart.
Folder 1: Pamphlets and Brochures, 2004, n.dAdd to your cart.
A Self Guide to Miami's Riverfront Historic District; Catalog of the Miami Conservatory of Music; A Map & Guide the Best of Brickell & the Miami River 2004; Visitors MIami Map; Seaboard Railway; Miami Greater Miami & the Beaches Calendar of Events; Lignumvitae Key State Botanical SIte; Miami, Florida "The Magic City"; The Julia Tuttle Apartment-Hotel Fort Dallas Park Miami, Florida; Dade Heritage Days'  94; Jai Alai Biscayne Fronton;
Folder 2: Magazines, 2004Add to your cart.
Greater MIami & The Beaches Vacation Planner 2004; Art Deco Weekend 2004; A Speicial Publication of The Miami Herald 2003;
Folder 3: Photos and Tourist Information, 1930, 1932; n.dAdd to your cart.
Tourist and Travelers Information Dec 15 1932; Jacksonville Atlantic Beach Florida East Coast; Spend your Winters in Miami; Greater Miami Greeter 1930; Everglades National Park; Indian key State Historic Site; Florida Seminole Heritage Map; Box iof Scherley Busch photos; Box of School of Arts Photos and Paintings
Folder 4: Programs/Miscellaneous, 1988-2004; n.dAdd to your cart.
Silver Meteor Menu; Miami Design Preservation League (2); E.L Cotton Real Estate Sales Sketch; City of Miami Birthday Celebration July 28, 1994; Zissens Bowery Menu; Miami SSN775 November 12, 1988; Accoutning Sheet; Franklin Coleman Bush Pianist; Haulover Beach park historical landmark Marker Dedecation; 2004 Bond Program Building Better Communities;
Box 12: Miami 1KAdd to your cart.
Folder 1: Brochues/Pamphlets, 2005, n.dAdd to your cart.
Impact Volume 1 No. 1 January 2005; Art Circuits January 2005; Miami Destination Guide & Map; Miami PlayMiamiGolf; Real MIami Tours; Miami Greater Miami & The Beaches Calendar of Events; 83rd Annual Meeting Black History; Invitation to a luncheon; Graham for governor bumper sticker; Looking Forward to the Past; Funeral Service Deacon James Daniel; The Black Archives History article
Folder 2: 2004 Bond Program, 2004Add to your cart.
Folder with assorted flyers and information regarding 2004 Bond Program Building Better Communities.
Folder 3: Programs/Miscellaneous, 1916, 1926, 2002-2003Add to your cart.
Honoring a LIfetime of Public Service Gala April 26, 2003; Dade Community Foundation Annual Report 2002; The Site Plan BIcentennial ultural Park as Proposed; Florida East Coast Hotel Comples notepaper & envelope; Downtowner Newsletter 2003; The Poster September 1926; I Am Miami January 1916 Country Life in America;
Folder 4: Calendars/ Newsletters, 1959-2005Add to your cart.
Art Deco Weekend 2005; Miami MetroZoo 2005; Inaguration of Bob Graham Janurary 2, 1979; 1979 Calendar of Greater Miami's Historic Places; HIstoric Sites of Florid 1984 Calendar; 2004 President's Report; Black Hisotry Month 1959; News from Hollywood Pictures; Hava and Miami: Modernism and the City; Dade County Black Heritage
Box 13: Miami 1LAdd to your cart.
Folder 1: Brochures/ Pamphlets, 1950, 2001-2005Add to your cart.
Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau; Hotel Everglades Sun; Henry Morrison Flagler Museum; The Official Downtown Miami (2); Impact Vol 1 No. 3 November 2005; Map and Visitors Guide Fairchild Tropical Garden; Viscaya Musuem and Gardens; Flagler Music Musuem Seires 2001-2002; Hotel Everglades Sun Spring 1950; Miami Heritage; HIstoric Bok Sanctuary Map & Guide; Pinewood Estate at HIstoric Bok Sanctuary (2); Gay & Lesbian Greater Miami and the Beaches; Remember Ship; American Geographuical Society Miami; Arrival Guide Miami (2); Garden Campus January-May 2005; Greater Miami & The Beaches Calendar of Events
Folder 2: Newsletters, 2003-2005Add to your cart.
Legacy for the Future Historic Bok Sanctuary 2004 Annual Report; The Florida Governor's Mansion; Florida Musuem of Natural History; Downtowner Third Quarter 2003; Plans SUnswept Homes; Dr. MLK Boulevard Final Draft Submittal; UF Alumni Summer 2005; 2005 UM President's Report PowerHouse; Where Miami 7 Days & Nights; Where Miami June 2003;
Folder 3: Programs/ Miscellaneous, 2004, n.dAdd to your cart.
Miami 21 Your City Folder; Max Strang Architecture; Art Trends: Miami's Trek I; Miami in the Spotlight; Miami Boutique Hotels; Miami Chapter Endowment Fund Luncheon; Seminole Bookmark; 2004 City of Dania Beach Calendar; Pickin' Chicken menu; Arquitectonica; The Foundation for Villa Viscaya; Invititation from Arva Moore Parks; Florida Governor's Mansion; The Forgotten Frontier; Nurse Bray (2); Past Perfect Florida History (2); Miami Nurses, Miami High School bumper stricker; Viscaya Museum Invitation; Bob Graham small poster
Box 14: Miami Assorted Publications, GuidesAdd to your cart.
Folder 1: Reports/Magazines, 1978; 1991-1992Add to your cart.
Dade County aviation department 1978 annual report; Greater Miami CIty Magazine Summer 1992; South Florida Made Easy 1992; Miami Dining Out Guide; Inside Miami Greater MIami's Newcomers' Magazine 1991-1992; Greater Miami's Relocation Magazine.
Folder 2: Newsletters/Guides, 1988-1990Add to your cart.
Poster The Next Wave Miami; Building for Tomorrow Miami; A Guide to Greater Miami; Destination Miami January-March 1989; Destination Miami September 1989; Metromorphosis Wolfson Campus 1988; The Guide to Jewish Living in Greater Miami 1989-1990; The Answer Book August 1990; The City Slant
Folder 3: Brochues/Pamphlets, n.dAdd to your cart.
Greater Miami Residential Area; Greater Miami Official Tour Map; MIami and Metropolitan Dade County Florida; Official Arrow City Map; Florida official transportation map; Treasures of Greater Miami & the Beaches; Vizcaya Spend a Day in the XVI Century; Church of St. Bernanrd De Clairvaux; Miami where everybody catches fish; Greater Miami Historic Places; Greater Miami Beach Resort; Neighborhoods Greater Miami; Map of Coral Gables Florida; Miami Ft. Lauderdale West Palm Beach & The Keys; Downtown Fascinating; Official Visitor's Guide to Metropolitan Miami 1956
Box 15: Old PamphletsAdd to your cart.
Folder 1: Brochures/Pamphlets, n.dAdd to your cart.
Beautiful Venetian Way The Short-Safe; Miami Florida's Greatest Winter Resort; The Truth about Papaya; Burdines; The Strange Story of the Ancient Spanish Monastery; Where what and when in Greater MIami Magazine 1945; Official Program Miami Beach Yacht Club; New York to Miami in just about 1/2 the time
Folder 2: Magazines/Newsletters, 1964-1970Add to your cart.
Florida from the Air; MIamian September 1970;  75th Annual Conference of International Association of Fire Chiefs; Miss Universe 1964; Miss Universe Beauty Pageant 1965; Burdines Christmas Coloring Book
Folder 3: Books/Miscellaenous, 1935, 1958, 1973, 1979Add to your cart.
Fill up with Billups Banner; List of Contributions for United Fund of Dade County 1958 Campaign; 75 Years Rotary Club of Miami; Independence Celebrations July 1973 the Commonwealth of the Bahamas; The Lure of the Southland; The Country recorder 1979; Magic City Center Plan for Action; Junior League Follies 1935;
Box 16: Orange BowlAdd to your cart.
Folder 1: Brochures/Pamphlets, 1951-1998Add to your cart.
Pro Playoff Classic 1963; Orange Bowl Pageant 1970; 1963 Orange Bowl Classic; Orange Bowl Committee; The Orange Bowl Festival 1951; Orange Bowl Festival 1963; Orange Bowl Festival 1957; Orange Bowl Festival 1979; Orange Bowl Festival 1970; Orange Bowl Queen for 1967; Orange Bowl Festival Dec 25; Orange Bowl Festival 1952; Orange Bowl Festival 44th Annual; Who Will Weawr the Orange Bowl Crown This Year? (2); Greater Miami Orange Bowl Festival; Touch the Tradition; 1972-1973 Orange Bowl Festival; MIami's 1980 46th Annual Orange Bowl Festival; Orange Bowl Festival 1966; Who Will be the Orange Bowl Queen 1968; Miami Orange Bowl Festival 1959; Orange Bowl Festival 1958; Orange Bowl 74th Anniversary; Orange Bowl 77th Anniversary; Our 30th Orange Bowl Festival; New Year's Eve 1955; 1957 Theme Parade; Orange Bowl Festival 63; Orange BOwl Fiesta 1956; 1981 Orange Bowl Festival; Bowl Festival 1954; Orange Bowl Festival 1967; Orange Bowl 1971; Orange Bowl 1965; Orange Bowl 1955; Parade (3); Orange BOwl 1966; Greater Miami Resource Guide; The Story of the Orange Bowl; 1998 Orange Bowl; 1978 Orange Bowl; The Orange Bowl Stadium 1985; Various tickets related to Orange Bowl
Folder 2: Newsletters/Books, 1974-1998Add to your cart.
The Orange BOwl 50th Anniversary; Fedex 1998 FedEx Orange Bowl; Orange Bowl 1998; MIami Centennial 1996; Orange Bowl Parade 1997; King Orange 1974;
Folder 3: Books, 1990-2001Add to your cart.
Orange Bowl Parade 2000; Orange Bowl Parade 1999; 2000-2001 Orange Bowl Festival; Federal Express Orange Bowl 1991; Federal Express Orange Bowl 1990;
Folder 4: Miscelleanous, 1984-1994Add to your cart.
Orange Bowl 50 Celebration 1984; Various Orange Bowl Papers/Tickets; Federal Express Orange Bowl 1993-1994 Manual
Box 17: Miami Beach Magazines & Printed MaterialAdd to your cart.
Folder 1: Brochures/Pamphlets, 1940, 1990, n.dAdd to your cart.
MIami Beach Architetural Guide; Miami Beach Realty Digest; The Miami Visitor; MIami Beach; MIami Beach Art Deco; Miami Beach City Map; Miami Beach Architectural Guide; Miami Modern; First Annual Souvenir Program; Miami Beach 1940; The Present Time Past; Adrian Hotel's; Miami Beach House Parties; South Miami Beach Map & Guide; Avalon Hotel; Miami Beach Visitor and Attractions Guide; MIami Beach Visitors Guide; The Edison Hotel; Day and Night; Ocean Drive 1990; Cavalier Hotel Club; Miami Beach Blackstone Hotel and Cabana Club; Waldolf Towers Hotel; The Park Central Hotel; The Shelborne Beach Resort; MIami Beach Visitor Guide;
Folder 2: Newsletters/Flyers, 1979-1997Add to your cart.
Holocaust Memorial; The Adrian Hotels; A Guide to Miami Beach Wildlife; The Art Deco 1984; Assorted Miami Beach Postcards; Impressions 1987; Impressions Summer 1997; Impressions Fall 1997; Impressions June 1980; Impressions July 1979; Impressions March 1980; Waldoft Towers Hotel; The Village Voice; Impressions 1982; Miami Design Preservation League
Folder 3: Newsletters/Magazines, 1941-2001Add to your cart.
MIami Beach Art Deco Distrcit Time Future; Miami Beach; Society Pictorial March 22, 1941;Society Picotiral March 1941; Log of The New FleetWood; The Gonddolier February 1931; Portfolio Art Deco Historic District; Welcome to South Beach; 13th Annual Art Deco Weekend; Art Deco Weekend *6" Special Program Issue; Preview Issue Deco; 12th Annual Art Deco Weekend; Art Deco Weekend 1993; Art Deco Weekend 1997; Art Deco Weekend January 1998; Art Deco Weekend Program 2001
Folder 4: Newsletters/Newspapers, 1958-1994Add to your cart.
Winter Holiday Guide Miami Beach 1958; Saints and Sinners Parade; Miami Beach Vacation Planning Guide; Rendezvous February 1 Miami Beach; Art Deco Weekend 1994; Republic National Convention Miami Beach August 1972; American Preservation August September 1978;
Box 18: 1980sAdd to your cart.
Folder 1: Magazines, 1979-2001Add to your cart.
Person of the Century Time 1999; Sunshine April 1983 Air Florida's In-Flight Magazine; Special 1776 Time Magazine; The New York Time Magazine 2001; Miami Herald 1979; Miami Magazine 1981;
Folder 2: Magazines, 1980-1998Add to your cart.
Time Magazine 75 Years 1998; Miami A Sense of Place; National Geographic August 1982 Vol. 162 No. 2; The Journal of the Florida Medical Association Historical Issue 1980;
Box 19Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Photo Album, n.dAdd to your cart.
Assorted Photos in a Scrapbook from Florida. Picture seem to be from around early 1900s
Folder 2: Small Photos, n.dAdd to your cart.
Various photos in sheet protectors. All black and white. Photos of a wide varitety of things such as people, trees, lakes, houses, cars,  or a combination of one of those.
Item 3: Manila Envelope, n.dAdd to your cart.
Envelope with hundreds of pictures inside relating to essentially anything including family photos, pictures of houses, cars, items, horses, etc.
Folder 3: Miscelleanous Photos, n.dAdd to your cart.
Photos in Scrapbook paper or carboard of mainly people. Around 100 photos in total
Folder 4: Envelopes, n.dAdd to your cart.
Envelopes with pictures inside of Jacksonville, Georgia, and Pennsylvania
Box 20: MiamiAdd to your cart.
Folder 1: Photo Booklets, 1920, n.dAdd to your cart.
Miami Florida "The Magic City"; Miami Florida Beautiful Miami: The Magic City; Songs of the WInd on a Souther Shore George Merrick; Bryant, William Jennings Equal Opportunities for all Children Publication No. 28; Eva H. Bolton; Miami 1920 Jewel of the South
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East Coast of FLorida General Information 1909-1910 booklet; Miami Florida Beautiful 1924; Florida Beauties of the East Coast booklet with pictures; Sovenir of Miami and Biscayne Bay; The Floriea East Coast Company; Motorcade Map 1928 For Shrine Convention 1928;
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Chime the Magazine with a Peel Vol. LXIX No. 1; November 2, 2001 Inaguration Donna E. Shalala; Brochure of Archictecture of Miami Dade County; Registration Brochure Innovations 1999; Downtowner Spring 2006; Tourist News Greater MIami & the Beaches Hurrican Information Guide; Don't Forget Thursday Septebmer 4th Vote Yes Flyers; Looking Back Jan 1998; The Sunrise the Newsletter; Florida Moving Image Flyer 2006;
Folder 4: Large Photo Booklets/Map, n.dAdd to your cart.
Miami on the Trade Lanes of Land, Water, and Air; Annual Dade County Federation of Women's Organizations; Miami Florida Large Photo Booklet

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